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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Miso Ramen

I needed to get back into my fics, so I wrote this. It can be a one-shot, or have a second part. Depends.

Warnings: besides the usual, this also contains SPOILERS!! Yep. This contains spoilers for... about chapter 180 in the manga. And I'm absolutely sure the anime hasn't gotten that far. Also, there's Yaoi/Shounen ai... lime, but no lemon... and my fave, Sasuke x Naruto! (Also a mentioning of Zabuza x Haku)... that's about it... Oh, and slight angst. No fic is truly complete without it.

Miso Ramen

Author: Nazo

Naruto ran towards the front gate. He was worried by what Sakura had told him. He never realized Sasuke had been carrying Orochimaru's seal for so long. Even though he had assured Sakura that Sasuke was smart enough not to go seeking Orochimaru for power, he wasn't too sure. Sakura hadn't been there when Sasuke had found Itachi and his goon towering over him in the hotel, and Itachi hadn't wanted anything to do with his younger brother. Naruto wasn't stupid. He'd seen the spark flare in Sasuke's eyes when Itachi merely dismissed him. He saw the look in Sasuke's eyes when he had challenged him that morning, too. He didn't want to lose Sasuke, after everything they'd been through together, to some bastard who'd probably use Sasuke for his own means before tossing him aside like a rag doll. He heaved a sigh of relief when he got to the gate and found it both shut and devoid of any sign of life. Sasuke wasn't that stupid. Naruto had to give him more credit.

He turned around to head back when a figure, shrouded in darkness walked up to him.

"What are you doing out so late, Naruto?" The shadow asked, head down. Naruto's eyes widened when he recognised the voice.

"Sasuke!" He exclaimed. His eyes scanned over Sasuke's form and he winced when he recognized a large bag on his back. "No, don't go." He grabbed the teen's arm firmly, evading the question. "I won't let you give up your life for this blood-lust, for this search for infinite power. What happens when you kill Itachi?" Sasuke raised his head and glared at Naruto, trying to subtly dislodge the blonde's grip. "Will you become like Gaara, Sasuke- san?" He asked, purposely saying his name formally. The boy shook his head.


"I think you will." He went on. "I think you're going to become another monster just like Gaara. You always said your purpose was to become an avenger and kill your brother. What do you do when you've completed your ultimate goal?" Sasuke looked down. He obviously hadn't thought of exactly what he'd do then. "You're no better than Itachi. He took your family away. He murdered your loved ones. Have you even thought about the one's who love you? We're losing you because of this too." The dark- haired genin looked up, the glare back on his face.

"I've lived all my life for this. I know nothing else. Friends will only hold me back. Make me weak." He deadpanned. Naruto snorted.

"You may not remember this, but... when we were fighting Haku and Zabuza a lot happened. I thought you were dead. You had jumped in front of that attack." He took a deep breath and dropped Sasuke's arm, trusting that Sasuke would stay to hear him out. "I thought you were dead." He repeated. "I went berserker and was so close to killing Haku." Sasuke frowned in disbelief. Even after seeing Naruto in battles he couldn't believe the boy was capable of that, especially not when they were younger. Naruto ignored the look. "I was in so much pain. I couldn't think of anything but hurting him back, because of what he said to me. He told me you died to protect me. He said that to protect a precious person, knowing it was a trap, you were still able to save my life. And that pissed me off. I never wanted you to die for me. I wasn't worth it. And... I almost killed him." Sasuke lowered his head in respect.

"Who killed Haku?" He wondered aloud, only knowing that by the time he had awakened everything was over.

"Kakashi." His eyes widened. "But, even though he loved Haku, he didn't try and take revenge on Kakashi. It was only when that Gatou man came and disrespected Haku's death that he became truly strong. He ended up dying... but he died for a cause. You're going out for vengeance. If you die it will be pointless. You don't become stronger for revenge. Over these years I learned that. You grow strong for your loved ones."

"Do you really believe that?" Sasuke wondered.

"Hai." Naruto smiled warmly at Sasuke. "Over the past few years I've had things to fight for. Like Konoha village. Sakura. You. Tsunade-sama. Kakashi and Iruka. I've even fought for Hinata and Rock Lee." He stepped back and sat on the bench that he remembered from many years ago, when he tried to pass off as Sasuke and get a kiss from the girl. Sasuke followed, dropping his bag to the ground beside him, but stayed towering over him.

"When we were fighting against Haku, how come you became so strong?" Naruto rolled his eyes.

"For you." He muttered. "Because you nearly died for me. Hell... you're the reason I went up against that snake of Orochimaru's. And you're half of the reason for me going after Gaara. You become strong for people who are precious to you. Loved ones. That's why I'm trying to stop you now." Sasuke stayed above Naruto unmoving, face shadowed by his bangs and the moonlight at his back.

"Stay with me." Naruto whispered, slightly frustrated at the lack of response on Sasuke's part. "Stay and train with me. I'll teach you everything I know. Summoning. Rasengan. Kage bunshin. I know you hate me, but I don't want to lose my rival, my best friend..." He trailed off, looking down, slightly ashamed. Sasuke thought about this for a second before:

"Miso ramen."

Naruto looked up, confused.

"Nani?" He asked. "What does that mean?"

"That's what you tasted like." Sasuke tilted his head, making his smile apparent to Naruto. "The kiss." Naruto blushed, cursing the moonlight for giving him away. "You remember that?!" Sasuke nodded.

"Am... am I your precious person?" He asked cautiously.

"Of course! Except for the loved one's thing, I am also always trying to become more powerful to earn your approval."

"You do it for me?" Sasuke's eyes widened in surprised. "What about Sakura?" Naruto turned his vulpine face up to Sasuke, narrowing his eyes as if studying the boy in front of him.

"What about Sakura? She's in love with you. You'll break her heart if you go."

"And you?"

Naruto hesitated before answering.

"...Mine too." He whispered, hoping it was quiet enough that Sasuke didn't hear. No such luck. Sasuke leaned forward, resting his hands on Naruto's thighs and brought his face in as close to the blonde's as possible.

"Miso ramen." Sasuke whispered, his lips ghosting across the other boy's before lunging forward, kissing Naruto with as much passion as he could, smirking when Naruto's eyes went as wide as they had for their first kiss, only this time, Sasuke closed his own and pressed forward.

It took Naruto a couple of seconds to get over the shock, before he flung his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, pulling him closer so fast that he lost his footing and fell into the eager boy, pressing their bodies flush against each other. Naruto was thrown off balance by the sudden weight and ended up lying beneath Sasuke's body along the length of the bench. Throughout their clumsiness, however, their lips never separated. Sasuke, who had been holding up his weight with his palms and knees, let his legs give out, thrusting his lower half into Naruto's body. This impulsive move shocked Naruto and he broke the kiss to gasp desperately for air. This slight distraction gave Sasuke the incentive to let his lips do some exploring as he began nibbling and licking along his jaw.

"Sasuke." Naruto hissed out in an impatient whisper. He had been waiting for this for so long. Sasuke stopped and brought his face to eye level with Naruto once more before allowing another smirk.

"You did a great job at pleading me to stay." He replied, earning him an undignified snort.

"Pleading?" Naruto cried out, trying to keep his voice down. Sasuke ground their hips together, causing the blond to arch his back slightly, eyes rolling to the back of his head. "Okay... maybe just a little pleading." He laughed at Naruto's willingness and went back to his ministrations.

There's actually a second part to this but I figured I haven't written anything for a while and I really need to post SOMETHING. Unfortunately this is crap for my first Naruto post... I actually have another few Naruto stories... but they're in the process of being revised to take into account the... er... rest of the series... I had only gotten to about the end of the Haku arc when I wrote them. Anywho... hope it was okay... for a rushed job... and sorry about the spoilers. ONE-SHOT... unless you really really want more. Then I have to edit the next part.

It's a shame it was Sakura who tried to stop Sasuke from leaving. I can't believe she actually said she'd kill for him... well, they made up for that whole Sakura x Sasuke mush with her saying:

"I couldn't do it... I couldn't stop him. The only person... who can probably save Sasuke-kun is you... Naruto. Only you..."

cheers Total character development for Naru-chan!! Whoo hoo!! That plus it's got so much shounen ai potential. I swear Kishimoto-sensei really knows how to satisfy us fangirls.

Oh and disclaimer... I own a Naruto and a Sasuke plushie... that's about as close as it gets.



A Naruto Fanfic By Lackey H

Six years ago.

"Happy birthday to me."

One candle, two candles, three candles.

Naruto's tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth as he fiddled with the tiny wax candles that he was busy fishing out of a somewhat grotty little metal tin.

"Happy birthday to me."

They were small, thin things. Each one no longer than his thumb, and no wider than a throwing needle. They were, however, brightly colored.

Some were blue, some were red, some green and there was even the odd pink one.

There always was. To Naruto, it was a complete mystery as to how the pink candles appeared in his little tin. Heck, when he bought a packet of the things he had even made sure that there were absolutely no pink candles present.

And yet. he still ended up with more than a few in his tin.

Well, it wasn't as if the color mattered much to him really.

It wasn't like anyone was actually going to see them after all.

"Happy birthday Uzumaki."

Four candles, five candles, six candles, seven candles.

As he fished each candle out, Naruto carefully stuck it into a little metal candleholder and then jabbed the whole thing into a rather large chocolate muffin. It wasn't much but, really, it was all he needed.

After all, he had no-one to share it with.

"Happy birthday to me."


Three years ago.

"Happy birthday to me."

One candle, two candles, three candles.

The small was rods were lying on a nearby counter-top as Naruto stared at the object he held in his arms.

A present.

How. strange.

Naruto cradled the small box in his arms like a mother would cradle a child. This particular box was small and rectangular, like a small shoebox. Bright shining and shimmering paper had been wrapped around the bow and, very carefully, tied off with a dark blue ribbon and bow.

As he tilted it in the light, Naruto marveled at how the wrapping caught the light and sent thousands upon thousands of little colored sparkles reflecting off into the ether.

Eight candles, nine candles, ten candles.

"Happy birthday to me."

A card had been attached to the box when he had found it on his doorstep that morning. The card was, unlike the box, plain and simple - containing only a few small words written in a neat, precise script.

'Please, don't cry.'

The ten-year old ninja smiled and clutched the card to his chest for a moment. Tears began to roll down his cheeks as he did so - tears that he quickly wiped away with the back of his sleeve.

After all, whoever had sent him this present had asked him not to cry.

Speaking of which.

Naruto poked a small hole in the wrapping paper with a dull kunai. Inserting his finger, he carefully tore along the side of the box - reasoning that he should savor the feeling of opening this present. After all, it was the first one he had ever received.

Granted, Iruka did treat him to a fancy meal now - he had done so since he had turned eight and had been put into Iruka's care. In fact, Naruto loved the meals Iruka took him out to - since just being with the older man made him feel somewhat less lonely.

But this.


"Happy birthday Uzumaki."

This was from someone who wasn't Iruka.

This was a gift that had been sent by someone who had wanted to send him a gift. It wasn't something that someone had been ordered to do for him.

Peeling open the wrapping paper, Naruto stared at the box for a few moments before opening it, his face lighting up like a small sun as he saw the contents.

The next day, Naruto happily left his home wearing a brand new pair of goggles - the same ones he'd been dreaming about since he'd seen them in one of the village shops.

So pleased and excited was he that he never noticed the single white-eyed young girl who watched him as he left - and smiled at Naruto's happiness.

"Happy birthday to me."


This year.

"Happy birthday to me."

One candle, two candles, three candles.

Naruto rummaged around in his tin of candles, pulling out thin wax sticks of every color - including pink.

Around his head was not the forehead protector he had become used to wearing but instead goggles he had received three years ago this very day. They were old now, a bit scuffed, a bit scratched and the strap that held them on was thinning somewhat around the back.

Still, to him they were as precious as any treasure - especially on this day.

Naruto's voice was barely a whisper as he sung under his breath, his hands busy with pulling candles out, stuffing them into candleholders and jabbing them into a chocolate muffin.

"Happy birthday to me."

Eleven candles, twelve candles, thirteen candles.

His day, thus far, had been rather bad. First he had turned up to practice even later than Kakashi had and, so, was forced to run several laps around the village as a lesson.

An attempt to hug Sakura had gone horribly wrong when she had kneed him in the stomach before smacking him in the head with one fist.

Sasuke, of course, had done his usual trick of making Naruto look useless compared to everyone's favorite Uchiha.

"Happy birthday Uzumaki."

Well, that was in the past now. All that mattered to Naruto at this moment was himself and his muffin - with the thirteen smoking candles he had jabbed into it and lit.

"Happy birthday to -"

A knock at the door made the young genin blink in confusion. Who the hell would want to see him now?

Grumbling he extinguished the candles and traipsed over to the door. Swinging it open he prepared to yell at the poor fool who had dared interrupt his birthday muffin.

The moment the door was open, however, a large chocolate cake was thrust in front of his face. Upon the cake was his name in white icing, surrounded by thirteen orange candles.

"Happy birthday Naruto!" Congratulated Sakura, as she Kakashi and Sasuke pushed past the stunned Naruto and into his dining room.

The blonde-haired genin stood there in shock for a few moments, vaguely realizing that a few other people were brushing past him - Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba and Shino to name only a few.

Finally though, he was bought out of his stunned silence by a timid, shy voice that originated from in front of him.

"Hi-" He began to say, but soon cut off as two gentle lips pressed against his for the barest fraction of a moment.

"H. Happy birthday Na-Naruto-kun." Stammered the now wildly blushing Hinata as, behind her, a laughing pervert sennin nodded at the two - his hand pulling back from where it had pushed Hinata forwards slightly.

Naruto blushed in a mix of shock, surprise and embarrassment as Jiraiya - closely followed by a grinning Iruka - slipped past the two genin.

From behind him, Naruto could hear the sounds of his 'guests' beginning that well known song.

"Happy birthday to you."


Authors notes:

Well, there it is. A little thing I decided to write up after seeing someone's comments on a message board.

shrugs To be honest, I don't have much to say about it actually ;;

Ah well.

Lackey H - wishing he had a kiss from Hinata for his birthday P

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect
Author: Arcynic

Rain splattering against the windowpanes. That was the first sound Uzumaki Naruto heard as he awoke from a dreamless sleep. Groggily rubbing his eyes, the blonde youth let out a long yawn before lazily getting out of bed. An icy coldness shot throughout his entire body as his bare feet hit the tiles lining the floor. Repressing a shiver, for a real shinobi should never show any sign of weakness, Naruto made his way to the bathroom, still half asleep.

Groping blindly for his toothbrush and toothpaste, for his normally bright blue eyes were still closed, Naruto brushed his teeth to the rhythm of the falling rain. Opening one eye groggily, Naruto happened to glance at the corner of the mirror in front of him, where he saw the reflection of a small circular clock... reading 8: 30...

The time having effectively woken Naruto up, he promptly spit out the toothpasty foam from his mouth, rinsed, changed, and ran out the door as fast as humanly possible... or perhaps a bit faster...

Now if we were to look at this objectively, Naruto, as well as the rest of team 7, should realize that their teacher, Hatake Kakashi, is not the slightest bit punctual in their meetings, and therefore, one could take a leisurely stroll to the bridge of Konoha, perhaps taking along an umbrella if it were raining outside, as it was today.

If we were to look at this subjectively, however, we then realize that when in panic, Naruto goes by instinct, and not by thought... of course... the times that Naruto ever goes by thought are few and far between. In any case, Naruto ran all the way to the meeting place of team 7, the Konoha Bridge, in the freezing rain which began to fall harder and harder by the minute. Out of breath and somewhat tired, Naruto walked onto the bridge to face... no one. He was confused for a brief moment until he recalled a conversation among team 7 yesterday.


"All right team, tomorrow there will be no missions, understood?" The gray haired jounin told his younger genin students.

"Why not Kakashi sensei?" Haruno Sakura asked green eyes alight with mild curiosity. Naruto was far more expressive however...

"WHAAAAAT?? HOW COME??" To the young blonde's outburst, all Kakashi could do was shrug noncommittally.

"Just don't forget, all right Naruto?" Kakashi asked him, his one visible eye crinkling merrily. Naruto in turn frowned sulkily as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Yeah yeah, like I'd forget."

End Flashback

"Guess I forgot." Naruto mumbled to himself, now thoroughly soaked by the rain. Shoulders slumped from the disappointment of no new and exciting missions for the day, the young genin walked slowly back into town.

'Maybe I can con a bowl of ramen out of Iruka sensei then...' Naruto thought to himself, drool already mixing with the endless water pouring onto him from the skies. Now renewed with vigor from the thought of a steamy bowl of miso ramen, Naruto began to run to the residence of his former teacher. It was halfway there that Naruto recalled another fleeting memory from a few days ago.


"Ehm... Naruto?" Umino Iruka asked the younger boy next to him.

"Humgh?" Naruto looked up at the older chuunin; mouth stuffed with slippery ramen noodles.

"I'm going to be gone for a few days, okay? So you behave yourself."

Naruto gulped down the rest of the noodles and looked at his ex teacher in mild annoyance. "I'm not a little kid anymore, sensei." He grumbled in a way that didn't prove his point.

Iruka smiled sheepishly, "I guess not." but he patted Naruto on the head affectionately nonetheless, as a father might do to his child.


Slowing his run to a slow paced walk Naruto gave a slightly remorseful chuckle. "I guess today is all about forgetting things." Changing direction with a new resolve, Naruto smiled his trademark fox like grin.

Who said he couldn't eat ramen all alone? It wouldn't hurt to pay for himself once in a while... With those thoughts in his mind, Naruto once again power ran to his favorite place ramen place, the Ichiraku.

He arrived there quite quickly, fueled by the thought of mouth watering ramen, steaming hot to get rid of the chilling cold that came from being out in the rain so long. However, upon trying to open the door, Naruto found that he couldn't. Perplexity and irritation spread through him like wildfire as he spotted a white piece of paper attached to the door, though nearly as soaked as Naruto himself, the paper was still legible.

"October 10th-- The Ichiraku will be closed for renovations until the 15th. Signed, Satoshi Ichiraku."

Naruto smiled tightly as he finished reading the paper aloud. 'Of course... there had to be something else I had forgotten right...? Like my own birthday?' He laughed hollowly as he slowly made his trek back home.

'I should have guessed it... after all... Kami sama doesn't see me fit enough to have a loving family, so why should I expect even a nice happy birthday for once in my life?'

Feeling warm water running down his face and knowing instantly that it wasn't from the rain, Naruto angrily wiped at his face as he suddenly began to run home... After all, a real shinobi should never show any sign of weakness...

Naruto arrived home soaked to the bone from the ice cold rain, with his blonde hair matted to his face, and usually cheerful azure eyes replaced by somber and red rimmed ones. Not even bothering to change into a clean and dry pair of clothes, he walked straight into his bed, knees curled slightly. He didn't even seem to notice that his whole bed was becoming waterlogged, and even if he did, he didn't move an inch. It was then and only then that Naruto let his suppressed tears flow freely as the rain fell steadily down upon his roof.


Knocking, knocking and the ever present sound of rain were what Naruto woke up to for the second time today. He buried his head into his pillow and pulled the still damp covers over his head, shivering.

"Naruto! Naruto?"

He blinked. 'Sakura chan?' Naruto rose slightly from his bed, turning in the direction of the door. Upon catching his reflection in a mirror however, he grimaced at the bloodshot and slightly puffy eyes. 'I don't want Sakura chan to have to see me like this.' And with that thought, Naruto curled back into his bed, hoping against hope that she would think he wasn't home.

"Narutooo!" Sakura's voice was slightly muffled through the door, although it didn't hide the note of worry in her voice. Despite that fact, however, Naruto continued to ignore her, though not without feeling a twinge of guilt. There was a shuffling outside the door and then a deeper voice mumbled something incoherent.

'Sasuke's out there too? Then there's no way I'm gonna let him see me either.' Naruto stated firmly to himself, after all, his pride was on the line.

He heard Sakura's voice mumble something back to Sasuke, and then hesitantly, Sakura called through the door once again. "Naruto... we have food."

His ears perked.


His stomach grumbled, Naruto hadn't eaten all day.

"Miso ramen."

With this statement, Naruto's stomach finally rebelled against his mind and he found himself hungrily walking towards the door.

'Traitor' His brain grumbled to his stomach, which could only growl back in meek protest. Naruto opened the door tentatively.

"HAPPY BI..." Sakura's happy greeting died in her throat as her green eyes widened. Never in the entire time she had known Naruto had he ever looked in such a state of despair. Sasuke too was surprised, though he hid it much better than Sakura did with his emotionless onyx eyes. Naruto on the other hand, had his eyes fixed on the bags they both held in their hands, for once not having the courage to meet their eyes.

A slim hand was placed on his shoulder and Naruto curiously looked up toward Sakura. "Why don't you go and take a shower? We'll fix everything up, isn't that right Sasuke kun?" She asked, placing a small smile upon her face. He could only nod after seeing Sasuke do the same.

Turning the nozzle in his shower, Naruto was suddenly met with a blast of steamy water. He stood there for a moment, relishing in the warmth that the water provided him with.


"Sasuke kun..." The pink haired kunoichi trailed off as she began to chop up various vegetables while also preparing the noodles. Feeling Sasuke's dark eyes on her back, she continued knowing she had his attention, "Have you ever seen Naruto look so..." She frowned not knowing exactly how to word it.

Fortunately, Sasuke seemed to understand what she meant, for he stopped cutting his own vegetables and replied, "Aa... I've never seen it either, or even thought it was possible." That answer didn't seem to help Sakura any, thought she doubted any answer would have. They both paused as they heard the shower stop abruptly. Sakura sent one last worried look at Sasuke before they both resumed their chopping.


Naruto idly wondered what he was going to do about his clothes. They were still damp and it would not do him well to wear them after just having gotten warm again. He contemplated asking one of his 2 team members to get some clothes for him and opened the door cautiously. What he found was a clean pair of his usual orange jumpsuit folded neatly under a black fishnet shirt.

He smiled.


Upon entering the kitchen, Naruto was met with the lovely aroma of miso ramen. Sakura was busy ladling the soup into 3 bowls while Sasuke brought over glasses filled with water onto the table. Sasuke noticed Naruto's presence first, and poked Sakura softly on the back to notify her. She blinked, then smiled.

"Oi, Naruto! Perfect timing! Let's eat, ne?"

"Itadakimasu!" They all said together before they dug into their ramen. Naruto's eyes widened the moment he swallowed a mouthful of the ramen.

"Sakura chan! This tastes just like the Ichiraku ramen... no... Better!" Naruto exclaimed.

The pink haired kunoichi blushed slightly and held out a victory sign, "I took lessons from Satoshi Ichiraku himself after all." As Naruto busied himself with his ramen, Sakura sighed under her breath. Naruto was... well... Naruto again, and Sakura couldn't be happier.

'Sasuke is happier too I'll bet.' Sakura smiled to herself as she also began to dig into her ramen, after all, her diet could allow this small splurge today.


"It's time for presents!" Sakura exclaimed happily as the trio put their empty dishes and glasses into the sink. Naruto blinked. "Presents?"

"Of course! Today is your birthday after all!" Sakura exclaimed excitedly as she held out a pastel pink wrapped present towards Naruto. He took it wordlessly, for he had no words to say. He couldn't believe that Sakura and Sasuke had remembered his birthday, hell, he was surprised they knew it at all!

"Sakura chan... ari-"

There was a sudden rustling of leaves as a familiar gray haired jounin appeared in front of the three, cutting off Naruto's thank you.

"Kakashi sensei?!" Naruto exclaimed in surprise.


"You're late!" Sakura yelled at their jounin instructor, who merely sweatdropped.

"Oi Naruto! Happy Birthday!" He said to Naruto, flinging a neatly wrapped present in his direction.

"Now Sakura chan, where's the food?" Kakashi asked eagerly, smiling through his mask.

"There's none left."

"What? How could you be so cruel Sakura chan?"

"You were late." She deadpanned monotonously.

Naruto chuckled as he watched the exchange, his spirits having been greatly lifted over the past hour or so. He heard a snort next to him and Naruto took a sideways glance towards Sasuke who was smiling for a change.

"Kami sama must really like us." Sasuke's voice was soft but Naruto heard it clearly.

'It's true... even though... even though Sasuke and I grew up without a family... in some strange way... these are not just my comrades or friends... team 7... is my family. Sakura always looks out for me like a mother or a sister... Kakashi sensei is like an older cousin of sorts... and Sasuke... We fight and argue a lot, and we're constant rivals... but... we're also like brothers... Team 7... really is the best gift ever given to me...'

Returning the smile, Naruto nodded, "Aa... he must like us a whole lot."


"Hm...?" Without looking at him, Sasuke tossed a somewhat strangely wrapped present at Naruto.

"Happy birthday..."

Naruto's azure eyes widened in shock, but slowly softened as his mouth quirked upwards into a half smile. All of team 7 was here to celebrate his birthday, he had just eaten the best miso ramen in the world, and even Sasuke was being nice to him... Naruto's birthday had just gone from horrible to... perfect...



Well... almost perfect.

And outside, the sun shined brilliantly against a field of blue... perhaps one last gift from Kami sama...


Bunni: Well... I overdid it again... This was supposed to be a short oneshot... maybe 5 pages at max... but well... here we are at 10 pages...! I suppose it's all right, considering that this is my first Naruto fanfic. Why a birthday fic for Naruto though? Because today is Uzumaki Naruto's birthday of course! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!

Well, I hope you enjoyed it and I'd also like to know your opinions on how I did for my first try. I'm sorry for the ooc-ness as well as the name of the Ramen place which completely eluded me so I'm not sure if it's right... I try to stay away from ooc-ness but I haven't watched or read Naruto for a while... and plus... I like my version of Sakura better than how she really is...

Reviews would be greatly appreciated and cherished!

A Little Crush, a Lot of Bugs

Um.. Heheh.. What to say.. Um.. I suppose I could simply say that this was one of those ‘spur of the moment’ things. Got a cute idea for a drawing, sketched it, and a few months later decided to turn it into a oneshot. Yep. Go me.

This really has nothing at all to do with the storyline, just some made up event during Sakura’s childhood years. Well, it amused me, so my job's done. Tah-tah! Farmer Blob

A Little Crush, a Lot of Bugs

Author: Farmer Blob

“Ino-chan! It flew too high!” Sakura called to her best friend who was a few feet behind her.

Ino approached Sakura and they both watched the dragonfly shimmy through the wind. Sakura hung her head low, as though it saddened her.

The young, blonde girl attempted to sound cheerful, “Hey now.. It’s only a bug. I’m sure there’s.. plenty.. around here.. somewhere.”

Shuffling her feet, Sakura nodded as she watched dragonflies and butterflies flutter within the lush trees. The two girls began to make their way back to the village, when suddenly Sakura gently poked Ino on her shoulder.

“Hm?” Ino was brought to her attention.

“There’s a kid over there,” Sakura lightly whispered, pointing to their left. Ino turned around and squinted.

“Hehe.. I know who that kid is,” she looked back to Sakura, “He… really… likes bugs.”

Sakura leaned over and studied him as he rested against a tree; hands behind his head, one leg crossed over the other.

Ino suddenly gleamed, “He could probably help you catch a dragonfly! Or one of those pretty butterflies…!”

Sakura smiled, “Wow! You really think so?”

Ino grinned and they both giggled loudly to themselves, covering their faces to hide the blush.

From a distance, the boy opened his right eye and looked at the two, giddy girls. Hoping they would leave, he ignored them.

“Sakura! Why don’t you go talk to him? Ask him to help you!” Ino gently pushed her ahead. Sakura suddenly became stiff.

“A-a-lo-alone?” she stammered. Ino looked at her oddly.

“You can do it! Besides, this would be the perfect chance to help you boost your confidence! Go on!” Ino lightly patted her back.

“But, but, Ino-chan! What would I say…?!” Sakura turned around.

“C’mon, you don’t want to be shy forever, do ya? B’sides! That kid wouldn’t hurt a fly!” she paused, “…literally.”

Sakura looked back over her shoulder, when suddenly Ino grabbed her arms and forced her to turn around.

“I-Ino-chan!” Sakura seemed to almost yelp.

“I have faith in you!” and with that, Ino pushed her a few feet in front of her, waited until Sakura moved on her own, and then dove behind a rather wide tree.

Sakura almost tripped over her own left foot as she slowly, but surely, made her way up to the boy. Once she stood almost 4 feet in front of him, she stopped.

Behind his sunglasses, the boy opened an eye and looked up. Sakura blushed and tried to talk, but no words would come out.

Meanwhile, Ino clawed at the bark of the tree, waiting for Sakura to say something.

After a few moments, the boy spoke.

“…What…?” he asked with both eyes open all the while raising an eyebrow.

“Ah, um… I.. uh.. could.. I.. you.. You see…” Sakura’s hands seemed to become itchy as she tried to speak. She looked over to Ino’s tree and squinted her eyes to see Ino motioning her to sit down.

The boy looked at Sakura funny, and then turned in the direction she was facing quick enough to see the young blonde quickly dive back behind the tree.

Sakura started to stutter again, “I’m.. I.. I.. I’m… Gonna sit.” With that, she quickly sat next to the boy, and they both remained silent for a few more moments.

“…Did you want something?” he asked, looking over his shoulder.

Sakura fumbled with her hands and swallowed, “Y-yes.. My friend.. told me.. you liked bugs.. I like dragonflies.. And butterflies.. And I wanted to catch one… But I can’t.. But I want to.. And she said you could help.. Because I can’t.. And… I was hoping.. Maybe you.. could help…,” her voice seemed to fade as she ended her sentence.

She looked over and attempted to smile, however, suddenly, Sakura saw a small, spider-like, black insect crawl up her arm.

“AAAIIII!” she shrieked as she quickly thwacked it off of her arm and crawled a foot away. Suddenly, she saw a whole squad of the little buggers crawl out the boy’s clothing and from underneath him.

Sakura fearfully scrambled to her feet and jumped back. She shakily held her hand up to her face as though she thought she was the only one who could see them.

“…You ok?” he asked, somewhat concerned.

“Y-ye-.. N-n..o.. No!” she quickly, “Ah…! Sorry! Very sorry!! Excuse me!!”

With no time to spare, she sped off back to the dusty road to meet her friend, “INO-CHAAN! You’re so mean!!”

Shino watched the girl with the pink hair shake herself off. Her friend put her hand over her shoulder and praised her for being brave.

He couldn’t help but smile the smallest of smiles as they continued to follow the path.

Momentary Happiness

Momentary Happiness
Author: PockyReiko

That is my way of the ninja

Rock Lee sighed. He was stuck in this boring white hospital room, with nothing to do, and all the muscles in his body were throbbing. He has tried to sleep away the pain, and it worked for a while, until he woke up. Of all people, why was he the one to fight Gaara? Gaara must've been the toughest opponent during the exam and Lee had put up a heck of a fight. Gaara had gotten no damage. And yet...everyone he knew had gotten stronger. Lee wondered what Tenten, Neji, and Gai were doing right now. He wondered what /Sakura/ was doing.

His fine hand reached behind his head and played with the hair on the nape of his neck. Lee wanted to get up and leave now. He wanted to for a while. But he couldn't. He'd make his team worry, Gai worry, Sakura worry...why was he thinking about Sakura right now? Because even during the Chuunin Exam he couldn't protect her like he wanted to. How was he supposed to know? He had a pretty big chance of death right about now. Right now, death didn't look so bad, actually.

Sakura was cheering for him so much during the fight. How was it that a Chuunin Exam fight could lead to this? They said that some people might not come back alive...but he thought they were just joking. Atleast everyone who had been sent to the hospital was up right now.

Sakura, I want to protect you

Suddenly, it became colder in the room. He checked the window, it was closed. He checked the door and Sakura's worried eyes looked back at him.

Oh great

The last thing he wanted to see right now was Sakura's pity. He didn't want her to see him like this, suffering.

"Lee-San? Are you going to be all right?" Sakura asked softly.

"Of course, Sakura-San! Couldn't be better!"

Sakura eyed Lee suspiciously. Keeping his cheerfulness at a time like this...was it a trick? Of course it was, no one could be able to stand an awful situation like Lee's.

"Can you be serious with me?" Sakura asked.

Lee sighed once again. "Sakura-San, I don't see how I can right now."

"I heard Tsunade's coming soon." Sakura changed the subject.

"Really? That's great!"


"It's nice to see another visitor."

"Hmm? You mean Tsunade?"

"No, I mean you."

Sakura blushed at the comment. She had always visited her friends when they needed visiting. But she had gained a new sort-of respect for Lee.

"That's very sweet, Lee. So do you think you'll be up soon?"

"Tsunade's a wonderful doctor, isn't she? I bet I will be."

"And then what will you do?"

"Fulfill my nindo!"

Sakura laughed. "Of course, your nindo! And what is - "

Sakura stopped talking when she realized Lee was crying so softly. Worry crossed her face and she reached her hand over to Lee before he swatted it away.

"Sakura, what if I'll never be able to fight again?" He looked up at Sakura with sad eyes. Sakura looked shocked, for one, Lee wasn't calling her Sakura-San, and two, how could he think things like this?

"Of course, you will, Lee-San! Don't worry!"

"I was supposed to protect someone precious to me..."

"You'll be up soon, Lee-San."

"My nindo..." Lee plucked the crutches that were lying by the side of his bed and lifted himself off the ground, wobbling.

"Oh, don't push yourself!"

"I'm not pushing myself, it's just been a long time since I've been up. Do you know how hard it is to steer myself around on these?"

"Not really..."

"And those stares everyone always gives me..."

Sakura didn't understand Lee's emotion right now. People had always gave him stares, why was it so important now? She always thought that he thought of it as a compliment. Or maybe it was because...they were only giving him stares because he wasn't regular anymore. She didn't know why, but the emotion on his face matched her's at the moment. Tears streamed down her face. Maybe sadness was contagious like how happiness is.

"Oh, Lee, don't feel sad."

"How can I /not/ feel sa --?"

Lee's lips were closed tightly together while pink ones lay on top of his. His eyes were open ever so widely, contemplating this very strange moment.

Sakura was kissing him.

He dreamt of this moment so many times, but never in a place or time like this! Why was she kissing him now? Ah, that wasn't important now. He kissed her back.

It was particularly strange how when two people are kissing, they're bodies moved on their own. Sakura's body pushed Lee's limp one onto his hospital bed, leading his lips in a rhythmic motion. Her tongue swept over his bottom lip, and he opened it without thinking, their tongues touching. It felt weird, but pleasant. A gentle hand brushed onto Lee's broken arm and he pulled away, emitting a low "Ouch."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Lee-San!" Sakura gasped. She picked up her hand to help him when he just waved her away with his fine one.

"No, it's ok, Sakura. You really gave me a wonderful time today."

Her smudged lips traced into a smile and more tears fell down her cheek.

"Do you want me to leave now?"

"I need time to think."

"Ok, Lee." Her hand swept over the golden knob on the door before the swung the door open and left to go join her team. A look of momentary happiness graced Lee's face.

AsnGothic: How is it that whenever I think I do a good job, I get lame reviews? ;; Do you guys not like me? Waiii!

Kasumi: Crybaby.

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The Cast of Naruto Travel the Oregon Trail

This story came about after playing a game of Oregon Trail after watching episodes 49-51 of Naruto. For those of you who've seen those, you'll understand why I needed to get my mind off of the episodes after they were over. So I hope you enjoy: "The Cast of Naruto Travel the Oregon Trail!" But sadly enough I don't own Naruto. Oh but if I did..

The Cast of Naruto Travel the Oregon Trail

Author: Bizzaro Mikey

Kakashi and Gui argued with the townsfolk over trading materials.

Naruto pouted, "Hmph, this is BORING!!"

Sakura hit him, "Shut up. This is no time to yell. We'll be leaving soon."

"Well we did it," Kakashi walked up with a huge smile on his face, I think, and Gui was also quite happy. "We'll be heading out on the trail with 40 oxen, 4000 pounds of food, 100 sets of clothing, 6 wagon wheel, axles and tongues, 1000 boxes of bullets and 1000."

"How did you do that with starting with only 800?" Rock Lee questioned.

"Ninja trading abilities," Gui responding with a huge thumbs up. Rock Lee responded with one of his own and the two started laughing. So the wagons were decided. Gui would be taking Rock Lee, Neji, Ten Ten, and Hinata. Kakashi would be taking Naruto, Sauske, Sakura, and Ino.

Naruto leapt onto the back of the wagon. "How pounds of Ramen did you get?" Simultaneously he was beaten by both Sakura and Kakashi.

So the two wagons headed out to Oregon. They traveled at a grueling pace but ate filling rations. Near the start of their trip they we're stuck by a severe snowstorm. They had to wait a week to start moving again. During that time, Sakura and Ino fought of Sauske who trained furiously. Sakura was fought over by Rock Lee and Naruto who was watched in the distance by Hinata. Kakashi just read his ahem books and Gui made sure no one froze to death. After they were able to travel again, they came to the Big Blue River.

"How deep is it?" Kakashi asked.

"Appears to be about four feet," Gui was up to about his chest is the rushing waters.

"Think we can ford it?"

"No problem!" Gui gave another thumbs up.

So the crew headed right into the water. However, no one saw the log traveling at a high rate of speed and right for them. Sauske saw it first, it was barreling at Hinata who was blissfully unaware of the danger she was about to face. Sauske pushed her out of the way and took the log as it his the side of the wagon and broke through.

"Sauske!!" Sakura watched as the man she loved fell unconscious into the water. She prepared to leap.

"Sakura, NO!" Kakashi yelled. "If you jump we will only lose you too."

"I apologize Sensei. But I must," Sakura leapt into the water. No one saw her head come up again.

Along with Sauske and Sakura, the party lost 1200 pounds of food. 3 axles and a wheel. On the other side of the river, they constructed a memorial for the two lost ninjas. They would be missed. They waited for a day then continued.

At the next stop, Kakashi and Gui went off to bargain for the supplies they had lost. Not only did they get the supplies but another 500. Just after leaving Ino caught the measles and Rock Lee got bitten by a snake. Both healed but not before Naruto was also bitten by a snake. Right after Naruto healed Rock Lee was bitten by another snake and killed. Another memorial was made to honor them. On the trail they had found a few abandoned wagons and pillaged them for the supplies they needed. Soon after Ino was bitten by a snake and she died as well. At the memorial of her, Naruto was bitten by a second snake as well.

They had traveled almost all the trail now they were heading out on to the home stretch. Naruto had been bitten by a third snake a few days prior. Then just before getting to the last hurdle, Naruto was simultaneously bitten by two snakes and dropped dead. Now all that remained were Kakashi, Gui, Ten Ten and Hinata. They eventually made it to the river that would lead them to Oregon. They built a raft and abandoned one of the wagons. They put the other wagon on the raft and set sail. They traveled for a good portion of the river before it turned to rapids. They crashed into a rock and Ten Ten was thrown from the raft. They watched in horror as her body was beaten against the rocks. They crashed into another rock, this time defying all logic known; Kakashi was thrown from the raft and killed on the rocks as well. Finally they had made it to Oregon. They had lost all their friends. But it was time some ninjas finally made it all the way.


Hope you enjoyed it. As with everything in life: REVIEW IT!!

Naruto Shippuuden 063

Naruto Shippuuden 063

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