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Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Mess With Sakura

A/N: Sasuke: Misty doesn't not own Naruto, if she did I wouldn't be an avenger.
Me: good job Sasuke, anyways not with the story, and I fixed it so you people will stop complaining about the name I originally gave him geez
Don't Mess With Sakura
by: Juliet Found Her Romeo
"Kenji Uchiha! " Sakura yelled running down the hall after her 4 year old son. Sasuke walked in the front door, as his son ran around him."What's going on Sak-"smack, Sakura ran into Sasuke. Both fell to the ground.
"Sakura what's going on?" Sasuke asked, Sakura rubbed her head.
"Kenji that's what happened" she said and sighed getting up.
"What this time?" He asked getting up.
"Oh nothing but put dye in my shampoo" Sakura said, Sasuke was trying not laugh at Sakura's newly dyed blue hair. Sakura glared at Sasuke, Sasuke looked the other away liked he didn't do a thing. Sasuke headed for the stairs, when he heard Sakura's laughing he stopped. "I think our son could out do Naruto " Sakura said taking a stick note off Sasuke's back. Sasuke took it and read it, 'please kick me hard' Sasuke tore it up and threw it away. Sasuke continued walking up to their room.

"Sasuke where are you going?"
"To scare the living shit out of a 4 year old" he replied, Sakura's hand hit her fore head it was going to be a long day. Sakura shook her head and slipped on her shoes and walked outside. The sun shine was bright, but she went on and walked towards Hinata X Naruto's house. They too had a son, Kiyoshi Uzumaki and he was probably just as good as Kenji when it came to pranks. Though Naruto being Kiyoshi's Dad didn't help much.
Sakura knocked at the Uzumaki place, Hinata answered of course.
"Oh Sakura, did you come for Kenji?" she asked
"Yes, did the hair give it away?" Hinata started to giggle
"Yes, Naruto!" she called Naruto came a few minutes later.
"Hey Sakura, what happened to you're hair"
"Kenji "she said Naruto laughed
"He's up to it again "
"You don't help matters" she said
"Uncle Naruto who's that?" Kenji said coming into view, Sakura reached out grabbed him by the shirt.
"Got ya" Sakura said, Kenji gave a pleading look to His Uncle and Aunt, Naruto looked away. Hinata walked back into the kitchen. "Thank you Hinata, Naruto "Sakura said
"Gomen Kenji I wish I could help you but Hinata-Chan would kill me "Naruto said, Kenji frowned
"Later Sakura" Hinata called from the kitchen.
"Right" Sakura replied and walked back towards the Uchiha district "By the way your father found your note "Kenji gulped which isn't good.
Later that night, Kenji found that Sasuke left a spider in his bed. How it was crawling on him. Of course Kenji went running to Sakura and she smacked Sasuke for doing it. Though Sasuke found if funny, how I have no clue. Thought little did Sasuke know his son was plotting play back in his head which Sasuke would find out the next got up looked in the mirror and cursed. "You Little Shit Kenji!" Sakura woke up wondering what happened. Though all she had to do was look at Sasuke's hair, most of it was gone except for maybe about an inch. Kenji had a head start on his Dad, though he went somewhere else this time for a hide away. Sasuke threw a shirt and shoes on and chased after Kenji, Kenji ran to guess where the Hokage's office. This also happened to be Naruto's office due to the fact that he is Hokage, Kenji hide behind Naruto.
"Kenji what di-"Naruto's question was answered before it could be asked by Sasuke walking in, Naruto start laughing again.
"Nice look Sasuke "
"Dobe shut up "Sasuke replied then an Idea hit him "hey Kenji want to go see sensei's Gai and Rock lee?" Kenji shook his head rapidly no, remembering the last time he spent with them. He never forgot 'Power of Youth 'again. "Fine then you'll go Kakashi sensei" Sasuke said
"But he teased me with his book last time "
"So Kids aren't supposed to read it anyways" Naruto replied
"And how would you know?" Sasuke asked
"Umm I tried back in the academy but I was caught by The Pervy Sage"
"Let me guess though you have one in you're hands and were trying to read it just now "
"Yeah "
"And I thought Kenji was bad, come on" Sasuke said grabbing Kenji.
AT Kakashi sensei's Kakashi answered the door, to find Sasuke holding Kenji in the air.
"Am not taking the demon child "
"Am not suggesting that "he said pointing to his hair
"Oh he got you good didn't he Sasuke?" Sasuke glared at his former sensei
" Am just saying if you know a way of making sure he doesn't do it again " Kakashi thought for a moment , even though he had his mask on Sasuke could tell he was smirking him . "Kakashi he mitt enjoy that "Kakashi frowned
"We could just lock him a white room with those people with the straightj-…" Kakashi stopped because he was getting a death glare from Sasuke. "Target practice" Sasuke's glare Intensified
"Any other bright Idea's "
"No but he is a demon child "Kakashi said "What about Jiryia sensei"
"You're not Kakashi sensei "A cloud of smoke appeared and Naruto was in his place "Nar-U-To"
"Oh uh"
"Where is Kakashi sensei"
"Yo" he said from behind Naruto "I probably don't want to know"
"No do you have any ideas how to get him to be normal"
"Nope nice hair "Sasuke got an idea again and whispered something to Kakashi, he went and returned later with a bottle.
By the time Sasuke returned with Kenji Sakura was up, Sasuke let Kenji go.
"Sakura make sure Kenji washes with this tonight "he said handing her the bottle.
Sasuke was trying to sneak out while Sakura was giving Kenji a bath. "SASUKE UCHIHA GET UP HERE NOW!" Sasuke sighed knowing he was dead.
Sasuke walked into the bathroom and started laughing when he saw Kenji. He was pink, his skin and hair. Kenji pouted, not finding it funny.
"Think it's funny now Kenji?" Sasuke asked
"You're both in trouble "Sakura said and Sasuke left.
A few minutes later Sakura was dragging Both Sasuke and Kenji to a room, not just any room the room Naruto suggested earlier. Yes a nice, white room with no windows and one door.
"Stay in here until you can behave, or in you're case Sasuke act you're age "With that Sakura closed the door.
That day both of them learned something, Don't Mess With Sakura.

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Dealing With Their Son

 Dealing With Their Son
by: Kiitty-chan

Sakura, Sasuke, and their five year old son, Kenny, are sitting on a bench waiting for their car to be fixed. Sakura looked anxious. Sasuke had a bored expression on his face, and Kenny was tapping his figure on the bench impatiently.
"Mommy, I'm thirsty!" Kenny whined.
Sakura sighed. "Kenny, there's a machine over there." Sakura said, pointing at the drink machine. Kenny looked confused; he had never used a machine before.

Sakura sighed again. She got up and started walking with Kenny. "Sasuke-kun, are you coming?" Sakura asked, looking back at her husband.
"Hn," Sasuke grunted.
Sakura and Kenny walked over to the drink machine. Sakura showed her son how to use it while he kept saying, "Ah." Or "I see." Trying to sound smart.
So Kenny got a plastic cup and got some water by pressing the button. He did that ten times until finally, the water container ran out.
A big man walked over to the drink machine with a big mug. He pressed the tea button. Kenny looked confused. He had thought that the man pressed the water button. He also wondered where he got the big mug.
"Ecuse me sir, but where did you get that mug?" Kenny asked.
"In the staff room," the man replied.
"Ah, and where is that located?" Kenny asked trying to sound convincing. He thought the machine only worked with big mugs now.
"You don't work here." The man said in a rude tone.
"Yes I do!" Kenny lied.
"If you're a staff, then you would know where the staff room was." The man said, glaring at poor little Kenny.
"So where is the staff room located?" Kenny asked again.
'Wow this kid is stupid!' The man thought.

Sakura was watching her son talk to the stranger. "Hey Sasuke-kun, do you think that ma-
"No Sakura, he wouldn't hurt Kenny, because if he did, he would have to deal with you." Sasuke said, cutting her off.
Sakura glared. "He would have to deal with you too."
"Bastard." Sakura muttered.

The man started walking away, ignoring Kenny's question. "Fine, don't answer me mister deep voice!" Kenny shouted.

"No..." Sakura said slapping her hand on her forehand.
"Seriously Sasuke,"
"What did you say?"
"I said, fine, mister deep voice!" Kenny shouted again.
"Hey, at least my voice doesn't sound like a little girl. Who's you're dad? A fag?" The said in a mocking tone, then laughed.
"Ok now it's on!" Sasuke hissed.
"You are one selfish bastard."
"Hn," Sasuke grunted.
"Well don't just sit there, go beat that guy up!" Sakura yelled.
Sasuke and Sakura walked over to their son. Sasuke was glaring at the man, with his famous death glare. And Sakura was cracking her knuckles while smirking evilly
"I'm not a fag!" Sasuke hissed.
"Wait, you're his dad? But you're Sasuke Uchiha, one of the toughest guys around." The man stammered. Then he started laughing. "Who did you marry, a dumb slut?" The man laughed.
Sakura pushed Sasuke aside. "What did you call me?" Sakura growled.
"It ok mommy and daddy. I can handle this." Kenny said, pushing his parents aside.
"No it's not ok. Nobody calls my wife a dumb slut. That would ruin the Uchiha name!" Sasuke hissed.
"The Uchiha name, is that the only reason you're mad?" Sakura asked in an angry tone.
And so, Sasuke and Sakura walked back arguing with each other.

"Now, where were we?" Kenny asked. "Oh yea! Well at least I'm not fat!"
"Look who's talking?" The man said chuckling.
"Ecuse me? I am not fat. I am just averagely round." Kenny said, nodding.
"Ecuse- I mean, excuse me? Why are you here anyways?" The man said glaring.
"Oh, I'm here to get a drink!" Kenny exclaimed.
The man got a cup and filled it with hot tea."Here."
"Fine your highness, with a fat highny." Kenny glared.
The man blinked. "And why were looking?" He asked.
"Just give me my damn water?" Kenny hissed, and then he gasped. "I said a bad word."
The man gave Kenny his 'water' then left muttering bad words.
"Sasuke... do you think Kenny's unusual?" Sakura asked in an anxious tone.
Sasuke snorted. "He's an Uchiha." Sasuke said proudly.
"But sometimes... never mind." Sakura muttered.
Kenny stood there for a while.
He stood there for another minute.
Until he finally realized that it was hot tea. "Ow, ow, this water is hoooooooot!" Kenny yelled stretching out hot like he meant it was hot.
Sakura gasped. She dragged Sasuke with her ready to confront her son. "Kenny, you think the water is hot?" Sakura asked in an anxious tone. (she didn't know it was tea)
"No mommy, I think it's very hoooot!"
"Does water turn you on?" Sakura asked looking like she was about to have a heart attack.
Sasuke was standing behind her with an emotionless face but inside... 'No, imposible, my son is turned on by water?'
"Well, it does help me go with the flow." Kenny said while making wave motions with his hand.
Sakura almost fainted.
"Hey, why is my water green?" Kenny asked, confused.
"Green?" Sakura asked. She took the cup from him."Kenny this is tea and it's pretty hot." Sakura said.
"What?" Sasuke hissed
"No, I mean, it's hot tea, not hot." Sakura explained.
Oh, so where's my water?" Kenny asked, confused.
"And you still don't think he's unusual?" Sakura whispered to Sasuke.
"Hn. Maybe we got Naruto's kid." Sasuke whispered back.
"But he looks exactly like you."

Their car was fixed and everything was ok.
"Mommy, are we in the car?" Kenny asked.
Sakura turned to look at her odd son. "Yes dear, we're in the car." Sakura answered while Sasuke drove.
There was silence.
"Mommy, are we in the car?" Kenny asked again?"
"Are you sure we got the right baby?" Sasuke asked.
"Sasuke!" Sakura scolded.
"Are we in the car?" Kenny asked for the third time.
Sakura got annoyed. "No Kenny, we're in a tractor!" Sakura said sarcastically
"Oh cool! Are we going a farm?" Kenny asked.
Now she was getting really annoyed. "Yes Kenny, you'll fit right in with the pigs."
"What's that suppose to mean?" Kenny asked.
"It means-
It means you're fat!" Sasuke said, cutting Sakura off.
"Ecuse me? For the last time, I'm not fat, I'm just averagely round!" Kenny exclaimed.
"Kenny, what do you think round means... and it's not ecuse me, it's excuse me" Sakura said.
"It means skinny." Kenny said.
"Where the hell did you get skinny out of round?" Sakura asked.
"Round means skinny." Kenny said
"...Maybe he's the dope." Sasuke muttered.
"Where did we go wrong?" Sakura whispered.
"We could sneak into the Dope's house and steal his ba-
"Don't even think about it!" Sakura exclaimed.
More silence.
"Are we in the car?"
Sasuke and Sakura groaned.

The Immortals

The Immortals
by: a spark of insanity

Naruto didn't like hospitals, and always would mentally cringe when the word was mentioned. Over the years he built a tolerance for dull colored walls and the smell of antiseptic.
He shuddered, ugh, heebie jeebies.
And though being in the hospital was commonplace for shinobi, Naruto was an atypical case. Some of his earliest memories were of stark white sheets, bandages, blinding lights, and the smell of his own blood. The healing touch of the medic nin would cause him to flinch and black out into a panic attack and he would scream—No. He shook his head and pushed those grim thoughts back to the furthest recesses of his mind. Naruto was supposed to be happy, is happy, but happiness for him is always fleeting.

The halls of Konoha's newly constructed hospital are quiet as he trudged through them; Naruto was tired, beyond tired—bone weary. Physically he was fine, perfect health, mentally though, he was staggering. After a three month mission, he wanted to sleep for a month and a day, but as he took in the sign that read maternity ward, he felt a new kind of adrenaline and quickened his pace.
Naruto's eyes widened as he walked towards the glass and lifted a trembling hand to its cool surface.
Despite being a walking slogan for optimism, neon colors and all, yelling his motto from the Hokage monument. "Believe it!" He didn't quite believe. Even though he was seeing—barely, his eyes were blurring with tears.
Seeing was believing, right?
They were here, finally and their hair was red. Ka-san….
Naruto was grinning, that lunatic grin of his, and he began to laugh. Which soon turned into sobs of joy, and he was probably scaring passerby's, but he didn't care. All was right in the world, because they—his son and daughter—were finally here after nine months. Overwhelmed by emotion, he ran a hand through shaggy blond hair, blinking away tears to take them in amongst the other sleeping infants. Cocooned in their blankets, their bassinets side by side, Naruto felt his disbelief giving into awe. Naruto never thought… he never assumed. Kami, I have a family now. Tears fell anew.
Briefly, a warm hand touched his on the window, Naruto jumped, startled. A quiet laugh met his ears, and his wide eyes took her in. She smiled beatifically and through his raging emotions he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
"You went into labor early!" He said incredulously.
"They were impatient just like their Tou-san," She said calmly, and Naruto felt another wave of awe settle over him at the word. She came to stand beside him and took in his tattered jounin vest and haggard appearance—a cursory check over to make sure he was fine. Always worried for the wellbeing of others. She then peered into the window to see their babies, with an expression that Naruto could only call contentment settling over her porcelain features.
"The labor lasted for f-fourteen hours," Hinata, began quietly, Naruto was a mess of emotion and knew he couldn't be counted on to ask the right questions. "Our daughter was first; weighing 6.4 pounds, then three minutes later our son, weighing 6.9 pounds. They were both quiet, wailing only for a moment, but I cried for the whole experience. Our daughter has a b-birthmark on the back of her left calf that looks likes the leaf insignia on our hitai-ate; a shinobi born and bred…" She laughed, which gave way into coughs.
"You're voice!"Naruto blurted out again, his head was still spinning, but at least he managed to sound concerned.
Hinata waved him off, "Oh I have a c-cold, my throat is sore and my chakra is low so I can't heal myself—see?" She held up her hand and a barely there green spark emanated from it, "Thankfully it isn't contagious, but whatever Sakura gave me to drink isn't working fast enough-" She squeaked out, when the wind was all but knocked out of her.
Naruto had tackled her, crushing her to his chest, his touch desperate. He was intense and probably frightening her, but he couldn't help it. When one had been met with scorn the majority of his life and finally had the acceptance of receiving of affection, it was a godsend, a lifesaver. But to initiate affection, with walls mighty in their great height and miles long in their width surrounding and protecting his heart, was a breakthrough. Hinata's stiffened form relaxed and she slowly raised her arms to embrace his neck, and like always she got it, she always would. So accepting….
"Thank you," He rasped into her ear, "thank you so much. I'm so, so happy. I'm can't find the words, but you've given me the world and you are awesome, so awesome and, and-"
"I know, Naruto-k-kun, I know," She stuttered out thickly.
Naruto loosened his arms, but didn't let her go, "I'm sorry I wasn't here for the birth, the mission took an unexpected turn."
"It's okay, you've just been securing us for the next year, and b-besides the labor came as much as a surprise as the pregnancy."
Hinata was right, it was a whirlwind; the whole situation caught them underhanded. In the midst of war, where death surrounded them, on its coattails rode in grief, whose presence consumed them all. Naruto needed comfort and familiarity after witnessing the deaths of friends and allies alike. And so to the one who claimed to love him, he had reach out and she had accepted without hesitation. Hinata had been convenient, and Naruto was able to feel a touch of his humanity again. But what was supposed to be a onetime encounter, turned into multiple. Eight months later in post war, surprise, surprise. He had been shocked, Hinata had been in hysterics—her father had disowned her for not terminating the pregnancy, despite Naruto being a war hero, the war hero. Quickly though as if tackling a new jutsu, Naruto rushed in like the fool he was, with all his usual enthusiasm. And with Naruto's infamous words of support Hinata jumped onto the bandwagon, expecting the journey to be difficult.
"Do you want to hold them?" She asked quietly.
"Yah …O-okay." Naruto's arms tightened around her once more, before dropping limply to his sides. Hinata took his hand and led him inside.
At nineteen Naruto is a father, and while it may seem young to some, amongst shinobi it was typical. Ninja lived fast and died young. He hadn't been a child since he earned his hitai-ate, nor an innocent since he first drew blood. But as he's being instructed on how to hold his son properly, and adjust his arms to support the babe's head, Naruto realized he had another reason to live. His son yawned and blinked owlishly up at him with Hinata's eyes and his eye color. Yes he definitely has a reason to live longer and survive.
"They're beautiful," Naruto murmured and turned his attention to Hinata and their daughter. Hinata was singing a lullaby under her breath, her eyes were closed and her expression serene. Motherhood becomes her.
"Have you thought of any names?" Naruto asked, fascinated by his son's iron grip on his finger.
"Yes, maybe after your father for him?"
"No," Naruto responded automatically, "I want him, both of them to have their own identities." Having to fill someone else's shadow and not be one's own person was too much to ask, particularly if that shadow was the fourth Hokage's.
Hinata nodded and smiled, "Okay we'll figure it out."
For a moment he watched her, transfixed. Hinata cuddled their daughter close, and dropped a kiss to her brow. It's like she already had it figured out, but really with a clan as large as hers, of course she would. There've been examples for her to follow, hands on experience. Him on the other, well that was that a conundrum that had finally revealed itself. Hell until two years ago he hadn't even known he had parents, that were pretty much Konoha royalty. Naruto studied his son, and held him close, burrowing his nose in the downy red hair that graced his head. And he wondered can he really do this—parenting, fatherhood!
"Hai," She replied absently, their daughter was fussing and Hinata had begun shifting her to and fro to quieten her.
"…I'm afraid," Naruto nearly whispered, and Hinata seemed to already know his greatest fear.
"As am I, but Naruto we have the chance your p-parents and my mother never had, that my father took for g-granted." And suddenly her gentle tone and expression become fierce, "I'm along for the ride, are you?"
Naruto stared at her, and then shook his head in the positive, "Yah, every step of the way."
"Good," she softened and said those fated words. "I love you, remember that."
Naruto paused, and felt his heart clench. He respected Hinata, after fourteen hours of labor to bring him the greatest gifts of his life, it just increased tenfold. Hinata was awesome—fucking awesome; she was the mother of his children. Naruto was very fond of her and felt affection he supposed, that came from friendship and constant championship.
Did Naruto love Hinata?
...No, he didn't know what love was.
Sure in those brief encounters with his parents' ghost, he felt a blinding warmth that had always been absent in his life. But those were just moments, pinnacle moments, but moments nonetheless that barely reflected a major bond, that all his other relationships were supposed to be based off of. And though he made companions everywhere he went, Naruto's trust was fragile, no matter how willingly he gave it. His walls of defense were impenetrable, and openings appeared to those who fortified his trust and to those who broke it, found themselves facing a fortress covered by a façade of grins and stupidity. But this defense wouldn't work anymore; he had a family now, both a vulnerability and now his greatest strength.
"I know."
And Hinata nodded in acceptance, she understood his shortcomings, and all of a sudden he felt inadequate. She was constantly meeting him half way and beyond, she had destroyed so many of his walls, and is within reaching distance of his heart. And while that would usually scare him, he felt strangely happy, maybe this is what love is.
Naruto reached out, callused skin to her smooth, and kissed her.
The words wouldn't form, but his actions always spoke louder. It would take patience to undo a lifetime of distrust, but for his twins and Hinata, he knew he could do it. For them he would.
Believe it!

The Immortals:
The Will of Fire continues for
and thus making us


By: Hime-Love-97(in fanfic.nt)
hello there everyone!
welcome to my 1st ever 1-shot (i think) bout naruhina! WOOT!
Disclaimer: i dnt own Naruto and i might never will

Naruto couldn't believe it.
He was in a state of pure shock.
He only left for 7 minutes and THIS is what happened.
You could see the emotions written on his face. There was shock, anger, confusion, and if you looked very closely, you could see fear.
Naruto Uzumaki, the man who beat the akatsuki and Madara Uchiha, brought Sasuke back, married the person he loved the most, but was too blind to see, and the dead last of his class who became Hokage, was scared.
The very thought of what his wife would do to him scared the living shit out of him. Standing right before him, in his office was his 2-year old son, beautiful faded red hair (he got it from Naruto's mom) all perfectly in place except for a bald spot at the top of his head, and his twin 4-year old daughters, with a pair of scissors, looking at him with same blank expression written on their faces.
"W-w-what h-happened?" said Naruto, unable to form the correct words. "We just wanted-" started Nasuko. "to cut Hikaru's hair" finished Nasumi calmly, something the twins did all the time. Naruto ran his hand through his golden blond locks, something he did when he was under stress. 'Hinata's going to be so pissed' he thought, remembering the last time he got her pissed.

FLASHBACK: (He took the newborn twins out for a stroll)
"H-Hey H-Hina-Chan…"
"Hey…a-are you ok, Naruto-kun?"
"U-Umm (insert gulp) Hinata, you know I love you right? Well I truly do-"
"What did you do?"
"W-well… onegai, onegai, onegai don't get mad but I kind of sort of lost the twins, and I was wondering if you could help me look for them? "
At that moment Hinata had upper-cut him.
"What do you mean if I can try to help you look for my children? I SWEAR TO GOD if you don't find them, I will cut off your Balls. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?" Hinata said calmly with so much venom dripping from the last few words. With that said our little sweet Hinata walked away swearing, evil aurora surrounding her.
Later on that day, Naruto found the twins at Ichiraku Ramen, giving the old man a hard time. When he returned home, Hinata took the kids away from him and forced him to sleep on the couch.
Naruto shuddered at the sudden memories that flashed before him. 'If that happened to a normal Hinata, imagine what would happen to a pregnant one?'
Yes, Hinata Uzumaki, former assassin, wife of Naruto Uzamaki, girl who lost her shutter, mother of 3 about to be 4, and Hyuuga Head was pregnant and had BAD mood swings when she was angry.
"Daddy?" called Hikaru snapping Naruto out of his trance, "what wrong?" "Um nothing nothing's wrong, let's go look for a hat ok?" Naruto said. "Ok" replied the red headed boy.
Hikaru Minato Jariya Uzumaki, son of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki,brother of Nasumi Uzumaki and Nasuko Uzumaki, has red faded hair and bluish- Hyuuga eyes, age 2, was currently rubbing the bald spot on the top of his head, enjoying the softness and watching his sisters.
Nasumi Kushika Uzumaki, daughter of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, twin sister of Nasuko Uzumaki and sister of Hikaru Uzumaki, has blond hair with dark purple tips and whiteish-lavender eyes with a tint of blue, age 4, was playing rock, paper, scissors with her sister and was currently loosing.
Nasuko Hinako (the name I gave Hinata's mother) Uzumaki, daughter of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, twin sister of Nasumi Uzumaki and sister of Hikaru Uzumaki, has dark purple hair with blond tips and whiteish-blue eyes with a tint of lavender, age 4, was playing rock, paper, scissors with her sister and was currently winning.
"Ok, where here" said Naruto. The family was at a local clothing store about to buy a hat for Hikaru. The reason they were at this store was because they didn't own suitable hats at home. Why you ask? Well because they all had beautiful hair. Naruto turned to face his daughters. "Ok Sumi-chan, Suko-chan, I need you two to look for a hat for Hikaru, got it?" Naruto asked. "Ok daddy" said the twins said at the same time. As they were looking, Sakura and a pregnant Ino happened to pass by and notice them. "Oi! Naruto what's-"Sakura noticed the child's hair. There was a bitter-sweet silence.
"BAKA Ittai nani ga mondaidesu ka? Naze anata wa jibun no kodomo ni kore o okonau ni wa kibōdesu ka? Watashi wa anata ga mondai o shitte ita, kore wa chōdo hakujakudesu!" Sakura yelled, punching him in the process. "Sakura- chan think of the children…" Naruto wined in pain. "hey Ino" Naruto said recovering "how's the pregnancy?" "It's going great, arigato for asking" Ino said smiling but then she started to laugh. "Naruto" started Ino "a hat won't cover it up."
N: "I was hoping it would"
I: "well it won't"
S: "Naruto how DID this happen?"
I: "yea?"
N: "the twins"
S & I: "oh…"
N: "yea…can 1 of you help?"
S: "well I have to work at the hospital, but Ino can help"
N: "really Ino?"
I: "of course I can help; even you don't deserve Hinata's fury"
They all shutter.
Naruto told Hikaru and the twins, Plan: Hikaru goes with Auntie Ino and fixes his hair before okaa-san comes home and shows ALL of us Hyuuga Fury.
"ok then, Ino you can take Hikaru and drop him off at the house later on, about 6:30-ish? ok?" Naruto said. "I'll be there" said Ino. "arigato Ino!" Naruto called out before disappearing in a puff of smoke.
Later on that night I was 6:50, Ino wasn't there and Hinata was coming in 10 mins. "where is she!" Naruto said to himself. "where is who Naruto-kun?"ask Hinata as she came into the living room. "Hinata-chan!" Naruto said in surprise, kissing her…passionately
"okaa-san!" the twins said hugging her legs.
"hello Suko-chan, Sumi-chan…where's Karu-chan?"asked Hinata.
"he's asleep, okaa-san" said the twins.
"ok, I wanna see him-"
Hinata starred at him.
"I mean I'll get him Hinata-chan" Naruto said hugging her.
"arigato, I've been busy all day" Hinata said smiling sweetly at him. Naruto knees felt like jelly. Hinata's smiles were the only things that make him feel like this. They showed love, care, and honesty towards him… even if it was just from T the pregnancy. It pained him that he was keeping such a secret from her. He walked up the stairs thinking of an excuse for the missing Hikaru when there was a tapping at the window. There at the window was Ino and Hikaru.
"where have you been? Hinata's here and she wants to see Hikaru" said Naruto as he took a sleepy Hikaru from Ino. "Gomen, I would have been here sooner but I saw Hinata coming this way so I just ran." Stated Ino. "Naruto looked at Hikaru and couldn't believe his eyes. It looked like he never got his hair cut in the first place. "wow Ino…how-"but he was cut off. "makeup" exclaimed Ino happily. "arigato Ino, I owe you one…now go before she finds you." Ino was gone. "lets go say 'konnichiwa' to okaa-san" said Naruto.
Everyone was in or her own bed fast asleep while Hinata was being held by Naruto. "Naruto" she started. "hmm?" Naruto said happy that the extra weight was lifted of his chest. "Don't…Ever…Keep a secret from me again concerning the children Ok?" she said with a serious face. Naruto was shocked. He turned to look at her but she was fast asleep.

Konoha's Angel

Konoha's Angel
By: Surashi (in fanfict.nt)

Each Character in this fic is about 20-22 years old. So please do not send me reviews that say "their to young to be married".

The Sensei's are even older as you can probably guess.
I would die without you… He thought I love you so much. He wiped away one of many silent tears that seemed to be strolling down his face. You are the only one that kept me going for the last 5 years. We have so much…I have so much. I don't want to lose you, because that would mean losing everything. He sat, waiting for the sun to rise. He waited for his loved one to wake up. What am I going to tell our son? How am I going to take care of Kyo myself? You made it possible for us to have a son in the first place. A small smile slid it's way across his face. At the thought of him, their son, and her together again, it just made him happier every second. Knowing that you won't come back is to frustrating to deal with. He closed his eyes, and silently wished for his dearly beloved to come back to life like magic. But she didn't. His chair was pulled up right next to her hospital bed. His eyes remained closed as more tears strolled down his face and onto her bed. He lifted her now-lifeless hand to his face, expecting warmth and comfort, but did not feel such a thing. He laid his head down on her bed, drifting off to sleep with her for the last time…ever.
"Naruto…" A soft whisper entered his ear. A hand placed upon his back. His eyes opened slightly to notice Tsunade waking him. "Naruto, you have to go home. I'm sorry." Naruto lifted his head, and stood up. He glimpsed at the clock to find the big hand on the 6 and the little hand on the 10, making it 10:30 a.m.. He then noticed his wife laying on the hospital bed in front of him.
"Yes, I know." His voice was low. Lower than normal. Tsunade just felt horrible that she just woke him up, disturbing the last few moments that Naruto would have with her. She felt guilty.
"Naruto…I'm so sorry. We did the best we could, we didn't know her life support would give out."
"I'm sorry to…Can I just have 5 more minutes." Tsunade nodded and walked out with silent footsteps, closing the door behind her. He stood there. He stared at her. He wished that she was still alive. But there was nothing he could do.
Before he knew it, 3 minutes had gone by. Only leaving 2. I love you. I think you know that. How am I going to tell the others… 1 minute left. Me and Kyo love you. Always have and always will. I promised, when we got married, that as long as I was with you, I was bound to happiness forever…That promise still stands. Naruto walked over to his wife and gently placed a kiss on her forehead. He touched her hair, taking in one last moment with her. Trying to gain as much memory of her as possible, before he headed home. Tsunade opened the door to find the blonde just staring at her. Several tears leaving his eyes, to travel to the floor.
"Naruto…I'm sorry." He walked out of the room, not giving Tsunade the slightest glance, and headed for home.

Naruto stepped into his apartment door and saw Iruka reading a children's book to Kyo.
It was several seconds before Iruka actually noticed Naruto standing in front of him.
"Daddy!" Kyo ran into his fathers arms and Naruto wrapped him in a huge hug. It was 15 seconds before the caring father let go of the 5 year-old son.
"Kyo" Naruto whispered "Why don't you go play in your room for a little while? Me and Iruka-Sensei need to talk." Kyo did exactly that, and left the two Ninja to talk. They both sat on the couch.
"So Naruto…how is she?" Naruto could only stare down at the floor. Iruka's face slid into a more depressed structure, scared to ask what had happened.
"She…Her life support gave out yesterday around 5 o'clock."
"Oh my god…" Naruto brought his hands to his face. "Naruto…I'm so sorry."
"I don't know how I'm going to tell the others."
Naruto got up from the couch and answered the phone.
"Hey Naruto." Naruto thought deeply for a moment, but couldn't figure out who the voice belonged to.
"Who is this?"
"It's Neji and Sasuke" Another voice clouded the phone.
"Neji…and Sasuke?"
"Yeah. Neji has speaker phone." Sasuke's voice apparently.
"Oh, well what is it? I'm in the middle of something." Iruka got up and gave Naruto a 'who is it?' look.
Neji's voice took over. "Oh. Sorry to disturb you. We just called to ask if you and Kyo wanted to come over." Naruto stared at his feet
not knowing what to do.
"I think I need to be in my own house tonight…sorry."
Sasuke's taunting hooked the phone "We were thinking of going out for ramen."
"Sorry guys. Maybe some other time."
"Come on. You haven't been out in a while. Why not? It wont hurt to have one night out will it?"
"Then what's the damn problem?"
"I have to talk to my son tonight."
"...My wifes life support gave out yesterday. I haven't told Kyo yet." Iruka was very, very curious by now. Silence took over the phone.
"Naruto...I'm so sorry." Sasuke's voice. Neji stayed silent
"It's okay. Can you tell Gai's Team? Kurenia's Team is already aware."
"Yeah, sure. I'm sorry Naruto. We understand." Neji stayed silent
Sasuke hung up with an "Okay…bye". Naruto put down the phone and went to sit back down on the couch.
"Who was it Naruto?"
"It was Sasuke and Neji. They wanted me and Kyo to come over for a while." Iruka gave a sad look once again.
"Naruto, if there is anything I can do, let me know. I have to go. My class starts at 11:30" Naruto looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:15 a.m.
"Okay. I'm going to take Kyo out to play for a little while." Iruka nodded and walked out the door.
"Kyo! Would you come in here please?" Kyo came running to his father with a toy duck in his right hand. Naruto sat on the couch.
"Hi daddy! Iruka-Sensei taught me some things while he was here."
"Oh really? And what would those be?" The proud father picked up his son and put him on his knee.
"Well, he said that you were one of the most powerful shinobi in the village!"
A smile leapt across Naruto's face "Well you know your father! The best of the best!" He gave out a 'hi-five' hand to Kyo and Kyo gladly gave him one.
"Iruka also said that mommy was a great ninja also! He said you guys got to fight as a team a lot." Naruto's big smile faded into a soft smile.
"She was a great ninja. Me and your mother used to go on A ranked missions together."
Kyo's face lit up "A RANKED MISSIONS! But you don't have any injuries."
"I did. But they healed."
"Did Mommy's heal to?"
Naruto hugged his son "Uhh…Hey! Let's go play at the park. I'll take you to Ichiraku's" Having the small attention span of the 6 year-old he was, Kyo went to get his coat. Of course, being Naruto's son, he lived for ramen, so he was more excited than usual.
6:00 p.m.
Naruto and Kyo came back home after a fun-filled afternoon. 3 hours of playing at the park, an hour at Ichiraku's, and several other activities. Naruto also stopped by Tsunade's to send out an alert of Mrs. Uzumaki's funeral. Tsunade gladly did so within 15 minutes and Naruto and Kyo headed home. After about another 15 minutes of walking, he started seeing villagers stop and bow to him in respect for his parted wife. He gladly returned nod rather than a bow. It took him a few seconds to figure out why everyone was bowing. When he figured it out he let a soft smile come to his lips. He didn't run into anyone he knew except for Shino. Shino bowed and told Naruto that he would be at her funeral and that he was very sorry for his loss. Kyo didn't have any idea what Shino was talking about, but he forgot about it a couple seconds later.
Naruto and Kyo finally arrived home and Kyo dashed to his room with a smile on his face.
A very loud "THANKS DAD!" was heard from the room. All the time that Naruto spent with his son made him very happy. But that happiness was broken when he realized he still had to tell Kyo about his mother. Quite a few times he thought about it, but never really thought of what to say. I guess I'll just have to wing it. he thought. But this isn't going to be easy."Kyo!" Naruto sat on the couch, his hands over his eyes.
Being the 6 year-old that he was "Can I talk later? I'm playing with pat." He tended to have imaginary friends.
"Tell pat you'll talk to him later. I have to talk to you about your mother." Kyo suddenly forgot about his invisible friend and ran over to his father.
"What about mommy?" Naruto picked Kyo up and sat him on a cushion next to him and looked him in the eyes.
"Kyo…mommy…h-has…" Naruto felt tears stream down his face.
"Why are you crying daddy? Big people don't cry…"
Naruto smiled slightly "even th-the toughest people and ninja need to c-cry sometimes"
"Yes. Now I want you to listen for a minute. This is important…" Kyo looked up at his father, whose eyes had become filled with small tears.
"Kyo…You mother has…p-passed on." Kyo gave a confused look to his sobbing father.
"What does that mean?" Naruto froze. He had a hard enough time telling his son this, but explaining what it meant was more painful.
"umm…We-Well…" Several tears hit the floor and formed a very small puddle.
"Kyo, your mo-moth-mother…Has died." Kyo's confused look turned to a sad, depressed look. Kyo stood on his feet and closed his hands into fists. Not tightened fists like you would think them to be, but they were slightly closed. Gentle.
Naruto shut his eyes as more tears were rolling down his face, and now Kyo's. Many tears left Kyo's eyes and hit the floor, over and over again.
"Mommy lo-loved us…right daddy?" Naruto opened his eyes to find Kyo standing right in front of him.
He looked up at his face "Of course she did. She loved us very much."
"I know we both loved her as well…What did you call her?" Naruto looked in puzzlement for a moment. Then he realized what kyo was talking about.
"I called her my angel." Naruto smiled and Kyo sat on his fathers knee. Both of them still had tears traveling down their faces.
"I love mommy so much…Can't she come back?" Naruto looked at Kyo in surprise not at the question, but at the fact that Kyo had said Love instead of Loved.Naruto came up with the best answer he could "I love mommy to…And if I could bring her back I would. But that's not possible."
"I wish it was." Kyo grabbed Naruto's shirt and hugged his father tightly. So do I…"Daddy…How did mommy die?"
"She another ninja…" Knowing that life support was to hard to explain to a child, he decided to leave the hospital out of the conversation.
They sat there for about 5 minutes before Kyo broke the silence.
"Daddy, what time is it?"
Naruto looked to the clock "…6:59 p.m."
"I want to go to bed early. Can you put me to bed?"
"Sure." Naruto picked his son up and walked down the hall and into Kyo's bedroom. The walls were painted white the floor was flooded with toys. Naruto laid Kyo on his bed and tucked him under the blue covers. Kyo bent over the side of his bed to get a teddy bear from off the ground. Naruto shut the blinds and paced a kiss on his sons forehead.
"Kyo, mommy's funeral is tomorrow. Do you want to come?" Kyo nodded and Naruto shut the door behind him and saying goodnight.
Kyo laid, facing the ceiling. Tears began to fill his eyes at the thought of his lost mother. He turned to his side and closed his tear-filled eyes and fell asleep. Naruto decided to go to bed also. Funny thing is: He did exactly what his son did. He crawled into bed, and started to cry. His tears fell against his pillow. He turned over to his side and closed his eyes, he fell asleep. He even had a teddy bear in his hands. They both dreamt of her and her beautiful smile.
8:00 A.M. (At Outside Funeral)
Amazingly, Tsunade was able to arrange a funeral in just one day, send out notices and invitations, get security, and a bunch of other things. Shizune could barley believe it.
All the chairs were set up in two separate rows of four with black lace hanging off the back. With roses of white clasped in their hands, everyone that was expected was present. Sasuke and Sakura. Kiba and Shino. Ino, Shikimaru, and Choji. Neji, Lee, and Tenten. Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, and of course Jiraiya. Hiashi and his younger daughter Hanabi were also there along with many, many other villagers. The total people that were present rounded to about one hundred and fifty, including Naruto and Kyo, who were sitting in the front row. Naruto placed Kyo in the chair next to him. All the men were dressed in black suits, while the women were dressed in black dresses.
Tsunade stepped up the the podium that was in front of a black casket that held Naruto's wife and Kyo's mother. The casket had fine details and was covered in red rose pedals.
"Excuse me, if everyone is ready, we are ready to start the ceremony." Everyone was as ready as they would ever be, so everyone took their seats. Sakura sat next to Kyo and Sasuke sat next to Naruto. Kiba, Shino, and Lee behind them. Neji was standing in the back. Shikimaru, Choji, and Ino could not be seen. And the sensei's were in the separate row except for Jiraiya, who was standing beside Sasuke.
"If everyone is ready, we will begin." Shizune announced. Tsunade stepped up to the podium and started reading off of some cards she wrote just the night before.
"Today we gather, to remember a 21 year-old mother, a great jonin, a caring friend and a loving wife." Naruto felt several tears streaming down his face. It was 1 minute into the ceremony and Sakura, Naruto, and Kiba already had started crying. But it was silent crying, there was no look of emotion. Just streams of tears traveling down their faces as they listened to their Hokage.
"…She was indeed a brilliant fighter and a brilliant friend at that." Tsunade went on, telling about their former friend as Lee, Tenten, and Kurenai started crying. Sasuke placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto looked over to him but Sasuke just nodded and a smile let it's way across Naruto's face. Sasuke's nod, said a silent "Everything's going to be fine" sorta thing.
It was 8:20 and Tsunade was almost done with her speech.
"…Everyone loved her very much. If anyone would like to say a few words, please make your way to the stand." Naruto was about to stand when he felt a small hand tug on his sleeve.
Kyo grabbed his fathers hand "Can I go up?…Please?" Naruto was so surprised he nearly fell backwards into his chair, but instead, gave his son a nod. Kyo made his way up to the podium as everyone stared. Their heads filling with curiosity. Well, well, what do we have here? Kakashi continued to stare at the 6 year-old, waiting and watching. Kyo turned in front, seeing many, many, eyes staring back at him. Most of those eyes were filled with tears. Kyo looked at his father who smiled at him.
"Hi…" Sakura smiled at his adorable voice. " My mommy isn't here today. And that makes me very sad. I love my mommy a lot, I want her back here with me and daddy. But I'm old enough to know that it isn't possible for her to ever come back. However, I think everyone will remember her." Kyo let a small smile form on his face. "Daddy loves mommy also. He loves her a lot, and no one could as much as daddy does. Not even me." Naruto smiled and was proud of his son. He didn't know his son knew how to talk like this. After all, he is six.
Tears rolled down Kyo's eyes. "I remember the last time I talked to mom. She was in the hospital. Daddy took me there to see her once, and she was awake. She told me she loved me and that she would do everything she could to get better. After that she fell asleep and daddy took me home. That was the last time I even saw her. That was the last time I heard her talk. I miss hearing her voice. She used to sing me to sleep when I couldn't fall asleep on my own. She used to hug me and kiss me. Like she did to daddy." Naruto let more tears drown his face, but with a smile. "Only when she kissed daddy, it was different. I don't know how but it was. But her hugs were the same." Sasuke smiled, wishing he had a son just like Kyo. Kakashi gave a smile that was hidden under his mask. Even Shino was giving a soft smile, they couldn't help it.
Kyo concluded his speech. "Daddy called mommy his angel. I don't think that will be something he needs to call her anymore." Sakura and Tenten gave confused looks on their faces. "Because I think that it's obvious to everyone that she is Konoha's angel." Sakura and Tenten let grins come across their faces, as tears began to fall to the cold ground. Neji even let his foolish pride drop and let himself cry. Really cry: not in silence. He could only be heard by a couple people.
Kyo finished and made his way back to his seat. Naruto hugged him tightly and let him sit back down. Naruto himself made his way to the podium and said a rather short speech.
"I love my wife. She was stunningly beautiful and a wonderful partner. She was a great ninja and a splendid fighter. I agree with my son 100 percent. She is indeed Konoha's Angel." Naruto stepped down and sat back in his seat. His son rested his head on his fathers arm.
Several other people said wonderful things about Naruto's wife. Neji, Lee, Kiba, Tenten, sakura and Kurenai all made short speeches. Then finally the funeral came to an end. By that time, it was 9:52 A.M.. Naruto looked over at his son who was asleep. Naruto didn't bother waking him. He just picked him up.
"So…You must be proud." Naruto found Kakashi standing next to him. He grinned and nodded.
"I am very proud of my son. He did very well."
"And you?"
"I'll live on. But I'm glad Tsunade-sama was able to pay for all of this. I would be toast if she didn't." Naruto laughed. Kakashi smiled under his mask and walked away.
"Hey, Naruto. How are you feeling?" Sasuke approached them.
"I'm a little depressed, but I'll be fine."
"That's good to hear. Your son is pretty cool. He reminds me of you when you and I were 12 and 13. " Naruto grinned an even bigger smile "Only there's one difference." Naruto looked at Sasuke in puzzlement.
"He's more mature then we were put together."
"I can't disagree with that one." Sasuke and Naruto parted and everyone traveled to the burial ceremony. Again it was filled with tears and long speeches, But Kyo slept through the whole thing and Naruto had a soft smile on his face the entire time. Both of them looked peaceful…Like father, like son.
It had been a long day, but everyone was finally in their own homes. It was 12:00 P.M. and it already seemed like it should be night fall, but somehow it wasn't. Kyo and Naruto arrived home and Naruto immediately headed for the couch, laying on it.
"What do we do now?" Naruto closed his eyes and spoke. A thing many fathers do when their tired.
"Well, I'm going to take a nap."
Kyo smiled. "Can I take a nap with you?" How could a father refuse that? So Naruto nodded and Kyo crawled on top of his father laying his head on Naruto's chest. He felt Naruto's steady heart beat connect with his; they were moving at the same pace. Their breathing was the same also. Before They both knew it, they were asleep with Naruto's hand on top of Kyo's head.
3 Days Later
"Hey, Naruto" Sasuke ran to Naruto with a smile lighitng his face.
He waved his hand slightly "Hey Sasuke. What's up"
"Nothing. I was actually hoping Kyo would be with you. I promised him to teach him some Tai-Jutsu today." Naruto smiled looking down.
"Well don't teach him anything to dangerous. He could kick my ass in no time! Haha!" Sasuke gave a light smile.
"Speaking of which, what does Iruka have to say about his skill-levels?"
"Well, his Nin-Jutsu is average. But his Gen-Jutsu and Tai-Jutsu are 'Incredible'. Iruka also said that he's at the top his class. When he turns 10 he will be as strong as you were when you were 12." Sasuke raised an eyebrow.
"Really? Impressive. Where is Kyo anyway?"
"He's playing with one of his classmates at the school." Naruto let his smile fade.
"Well, why don't you come with us? I'm sure you need to get your mind of certain things."
"Nah. I'll just stay here for a couple more minutes." Sasuke nodded and walked off to find Kyo.
Well, well. Looks like I'm going to have to let this go for now. Naruto let his eyes close. His body relaxed and he opened his eyes to look down once more before going to find Sasuke and his son. Before him was a tombstone for none other than his wife. I love you…As much as I hate to leave, I'm going to have to. I'll be back tomorrow. Naruto turned and walked away about 6 feet before looking back once more. He turned back, running with a smile on his face.
A loving Mother, Wife and Friend.
Above all, Konoha's Only Angel.
Hinata Hyuga