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Friday, May 2, 2008

To be Wanted

Hey!! Yep another update from yours truly…I’m very happy about this oneshot though it has nothing to do with my Naruto/Ino series it was just another story about how they got together, I hope you all find it enjoyable and review if you really like it!!


I don’t own Naruto…luckily you don’t either…evil laughter….

To be wanted

Author: Evil Thoughts of an Emo Gurl

Ino moved through the woods with grace as her other teammates, Shikamaru and Chouji followed behind. They had just got done with a B-rank mission. It was just a simple escort mission. Some merchant wanting protection while heading to Kumogakure, village hidden among the clouds. He apparently had some special poison that some missing nins would love to get their hands on. They didn’t really have much trouble with the missing nins, it was more with the Sound village which they had to cross near to get to the hidden cloud village. Konoha and the Sound village still had some anger towards each other even after Orochimaru was killed. It was pretty obvious why the Sound village hated Konoha because it was named one of the greatest villages created, and the fact that Sound was made up of missing nins too.

Ino sighed as she avoided low running branches. The mission wasn’t that hard. Though the sound nins did give them some hard time her, Chouji, and Shikamaru made it through alright and so did the merchant as well. Ino was now 22 years old without a boyfriend and though she had her own apartment she was slightly living off her father. She was beautiful she heard it all from the boys of Konoha, but for some reason none of them asked her out. Temari who was Shikamaru’s girlfriend told her they didn’t want a girl who could kick their asses. Shikamaru evidently did for he stayed with Temari. She also said that Ino didn’t need a guy who was intimidated by a strong girl. So Ino stayed single, and it wasn’t all that fun.

Chouji found himself a girl too. She was pretty, nice something that made Ino happy for her best friend. Though they did date at one time, Ino was still very happy for Chouji. He finally found someone who liked him for who he was, Ino did like him for who he was too but their relationship was not what they thought. So they broke it off and stayed as best friends, no hard feelings; nothing. Ino dodged a branch while landing on another. They were very close to the village now, they all could see smoke coming from different houses.

Shikamaru sighed before calling out to the two others.

“Ino! Chouji! Let’s take a rest for a minute. We’ve been running non-stop for two hours now.” Ino and Chouji both stopped and back tracked to where Shikamaru landed on the ground. He relaxed against a tree to catch some needed breath. Chouji opened up a bag of chips and munched down, like Shikamaru said it had been two hours since they last stopped. Ino was a little fidgety, she really wanted to get home and sleep. It was November, and it was getting colder out and much winder. Ino pushed herself to a tree and wield herself to relax.

“So where are you two going after we stop by the Hokage tower?” Shikamaru asked trying to get a conversation started while closing his eyes. Chouji grunted before setting his chips aside to speak.

“Well I’m gonna go home to my girl. She makes the best dinners! You guys should come and eat over, I know Maya wouldn’t mind.” Chouji offered to his long time teammates. Shikamaru shook his head.

“Nah, sorry Chouji. Temari is getting in tonight to visit as she says.” He sighed. “I’ll be busy with her up my ass bothering me.” Though he didn’t mind he slightly smirked thinking of other things they could be doing while she was up his ass. Ino shivered from the cold and his smirk.

“What about you Ino?” Chouji asked putting three chips into his mouth. Ino shrugged.

“I guess just go home and sleep. I would love to join you and Maya, but I haven’t been sleeping well for the last couple of days.” Ino gave him a smile. Chouji returned it before shrugging.

“Your guys lost then.” After that was said it became silent again. The cool night air moving through the atmosphere. Ino sat back up and started stretching. She then looked to her teammates with a smile.

“Well come on you two! Let’s get going, I wanna make it there before it gets too cold.” Shikamaru nodded, knowing Temari might already be at his house probably allowed herself in no doubt. Chouji got up wanting to get there to see his beloved girlfriend and her cooking. They were soon off again running back to their village…

Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru walked up to the tower. They made it around 9 at night. All three were tired and just wanted to go home. Shikamaru scratched his head before yawning. Ino watched her teammates for a minute before sighing.

“Hey guys, why don’t you two go home and I’ll give the Hokage the report. You both have someone waiting there for ya, I basically don’t.” Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at his blond friend. He then shrugged.

“Ya sure?” He asked watching her carefully. Ino smiled; nodding her head.

“Yeah you two go.” Chouji smiled before giving Ino a quick hug and thanks before walking off with Shikamaru who thanked her as well. Ino watched her friends walk off before turning back to the tower. With an exhale of her breath she walked up the steps and entered the building.

There weren’t many people running around at this time at night. Ino knew the Hokage would be up still looking over documents or something of the sort. She walked through the halls, before coming upon the big set of doors. She slapped her cheeks to make sure she was awake before knocking. She heard a ‘come in’ and opened the massive doors. Ino entered the room and closed the doors behind her. She turned to see the Hokage himself, or the 6th Hokage of Konoha.

He was happily eating ramen while reading over something. His hair was slightly longer making him look like the 4th Hokage though one had a fox demon in them. The 4th they all found out was his father. The 6th was none other than Naruto Uzumaki himself. His whiskers were more stretched across his cheeks making them more noticeable. He was wearing his Jounin clothes with the Hokage coat on, the hat set aside. Naruto looked pretty good as the Hokage. He had grown up more, though he was still immature at times like eating ramen while reading a one of a kind important document.

Ino knew if Sakura was here she would have decked him. Sakura had trained hard as a medic nin and soon enough there really wasn’t anything else she could learn from Tsunade or anyone else she surpassed her sensei and was the best. Though Ino had learned about being a medic nin as well she only learned enough to keep herself and others alive for more back up like herself. Sasuke returned to Konoha, only after he killed Itachi. Ino heard that he didn’t succeed, but he came back for whom else Sakura and his best friend, Naruto. That’s what he said too. There were no other names attached and it killed Ino inside. All she wanted was for him to notice her, to see her there. Ino knew the moment Sakura was assigned to his team that she would never get a chance with Sasuke.

Now the two were happily married and expecting a child soon. Ino still felt slightly bitter about it all, but she was still Sakura’s best friend and so she had to suck it up and find some nice guy. Lee who was devastated about the news found a lover in Tenten. She was with Neji at one time, but sadly his uncle arranged him to marry a princess of another village, so Tenten was out of luck there. She soon found Lee to be very much her type. Hinata knowing she would never have the guts to tell Naruto of her true feelings went to another person who was just like him.

Kiba was that lucky man. Though her father forbids it, she still stayed with him. Hanabi was now their clan leader seeing as Hinata left the clan to be with Kiba whose mother and sister welcomed her with open arms. Hinata was too expecting a child soon, god only knows what he/she would be like with both their clans mixed. Kakashi fell for Anko of all people. He said they were lovers, she said they were fuck buddies. Whatever they were they were really something. Asuma-sensei and Kurenai were married and had a child of three running around. Shizune found a great lover in Genma who thought she was hott as hell, his words not Ino’s.

Then Tsunade found that Jiraiya was actually a nice, though perverted person, and now were on their honeymoon, Ino hoped to God she never got to their age and married her best friend out of desperation. And now she felt totally unwanted. Seeing as so many people were with others, her friends married and popping out babies. But sadly she couldn’t even get a boyfriend; at least she wasn’t a virgin. Chouji gladly took care of that for her. Ino smiled, she told him after they broke up that she would rather have her best friend take her virginity than some guy who could break her heart. It was true and till this day she was happy it was him.

Now that Ino thought about it, she looked up at Naruto who was still eating his ramen. He didn’t have a girlfriend. Well he has had one before, but right now he didn’t. He probably knew how she felt. At that thought Ino dismissed it. Yeah right, Naruto was the Hokage, he was hott and powerful, like he was unwanted. Half the fucking village girls wanted him in their fucking pants. Ino glared at the ground, it was just her who was sadly alone. Naruto finally looked up and smiled briefly to Ino before setting his ramen aside and putting the document to the other side of his desk.

“Hey Ino! How was the mission?” He asked waiting for her to tell him all about it. Ino took a seat in front of his desk.

“Well we killed two missing nins from the grass, and we had slight trouble with the Sound village otherwise everything went pretty smoothly.” Naruto nodded absent-mindedly.

“Good, good. Where is the report?” He then asked smiling his Uzumaki smile. Ino blushed slightly at it before going through her bag and pulling out the report, she handed it to him. Their fingers meant for a second before Ino pulled her hand away and Naruto took the report. He looked over it recognizing Shikamaru’s hand writing. He read over it quickly before setting it aside like the document. He turned his attention back to Ino who fidgeted under his stare.

“So no problems at all? No one hurt?” Naruto asked crossing his arms across his chest. Ino shook her head. “Where are the others?” Naruto then questioned raising an eyebrow. Ino sighed.

“Chouji went home to his girlfriend for food, and Shikamaru was expecting Temari tonight so I told them to go home.” Naruto nodded his spiky hair swaying to his movements.

“Yeah, so do you have somewhere to be? Anyone waiting for you at home?” Naruto gave her a friendly smile. Ino was confused at his questioning. Why would he want to know if she had anyone? Ino then shrugged it off. It didn’t matter, he was just making friendly talk and they were kind of friends, in some form of the word.

“No, no ones waiting at home for me. Just my bed.” Naruto laughed at the small joke.

“Yeah I know how ya feel. No one waiting for me at home either. Though I’m pretty use to the silence.” Naruto commented quietly. Ino watched his face grow sad for a split second before his smile came upon his lips.

“You know Naruto I don’t understand why you don’t have a girlfriend?” Ino said feeling none close to confident about where she was going with this conversation. Naruto raised an eyebrow looking at her.

“Well most girls want to be with me for my title. None really want me for…well me. Ya know the type of fangirls; I know you have quite a few fanboys yourself.” Ino laughed.

“Yeah, but none will come near me because their intimidated by a strong girl.” Ino commented scowling at the floor. Naruto laughed.

“Yeah well at least you don’t get the girls that try to use you for money and your title.” Ino rolled her eyes.

“Probably because I don’t have much of a title like you.” She shot back with a smirk. Naruto returned it.

“At least your fanboys keep a low profile.” Ino glared at him.

“Well at least your fangirls show that they want you instead of hiding away like you’re gonna bite their heads off!” Ino was starting to feel like this was a competition between the two of who had better fangirls/boys. Saying the other had better fans then they did. Ino really had no idea where this was going now. Soon they were both standing up glaring at each other.

“Your fanboys still want you for yourself!” Naruto pressed his hands into his desk watching Ino; waiting for her next move.

“Well at least your fangirls make you feel wanted!” Ino yelled at him with slightly watery eyes. She gasped out loud realizing she was now crying over it. Ino felt like an idiot, and now Naruto was staring at her with concern.

“Er…Ino you okay?” Naruto questioned circling around his desk to her. Ino pulled away from him looking down to the ground in shame. She didn’t understand why she was crying, it was just so stupid. She should remember that a ninja never shows emotion for anything. Naruto raised an eyebrow while standing in front of her. Ino kept her eye sight down trying to avoid him. Naruto sighed before grabbing her chin softly and lifting it so she would look him in the eyes.

“Look Ino I’m sorry if I offended you or something. I thought we were just joking around, I didn’t know it was that personal.” Ino pulled away from his grip with an angry frown.

“It’s not personal!” Ino shouted at him. “It’s just that I’ve been alone for so long…it’s really none of your business.” She turned around heading to the door. All Ino wanted was to get home and cry herself to sleep. Naruto intercepted her blocking the door.

“Sounds pretty personal to me.” Ino glared at him, hating him for blocking her only exit. Naruto returned it crossing his arms.

“Just let me go!” Ino shouted out to him before trying to force him out of her way. She pushed him to the side trying to make him move. Naruto was pretty stunned at how strong she really was, but he didn’t move very much. He then grabbed her wrists to keep her from doing any damage to him. Though he was stronger than her, if Ino was just like Sakura she could still throw a mean punch.

“Ino calm down!” She thrashed at him pulling her wrists away from his grip only failing. Naruto growled before pushing her against the wall closest to the doors. His hand caught her head before it could smash against the cement wall. Naruto sighed looking down into Ino’s deep blue eyes. She looked up at him anger running through her veins, but it was just fake. She knew Naruto was just trying to help; he wasn’t trying to be mean.

“Ino, I’m sorry. Please just calm down.” Naruto said holding her wrist in his left hand while his right hand held her head. Her hair was soft to his touch and he had a very great urge to run his hand through it. Her blond hair use to be very long, but she got it cut again after her and her teammates failed a mission concerning her long hair. Now it was if she pulled it out of her ponytail about to her shoulders and a little lower. Naruto smiled down to Ino showing her teeth to her. Ino blinked staring up at him.

She looked down again, but this time with a blush painted on her cheeks. Ino then felt his hand go through her hair pulling the rubber band out letting her hair cascade down to her shoulders. She looked up at him and slightly glared.

“Why the hell did you-.” Ino started to say before Naruto cutted her off with a kiss. His soft lips molded on hers. Ino went to pull away, but couldn’t with the wall behind her head and his hand keeping her head in place. Naruto moved his lips upon hers deepen the kiss more. Ino pushed up against him loving the feel of his lips on hers. Naruto’s hand let go of her wrist and sank down her side to her hip. Ino’s hands raked through his blond spiky hair as they made out. It was well over five minutes before they broke apart from each other for air. Their breathing was irregular and were more of gasps for air.

“What the hell Naruto?” Ino said trying to regain her breathing. Naruto just laughed a little before backing away from her. Ino glared at him before placing her hands on her hips.

“I always wanted to kiss you ever since I returned from my training when we were 15. I…guess it was now or never.” Ino’s brows creased as she glared heatedly at him. She would never tell anyone, but that was the best kiss she had ever had in her life. It was so passionate, and sweet. Her lips were still tingling from the pressure of his. She looked up into his blue eyes to see them sparkle with happiness in them. He kept his foxy grin on while walking closer to her.

“Come on Ino, one night you and me. You won’t be alone.” Naruto whispered before placing his hands on her hips. Ino looked down not really knowing what to say to his offer. Yes she had gotten to know Naruto over the years, she thought of him as a great friend. But something more, she then shook that thought away. It was a one night deal, nothing else. A one night stand to him. She then looked back to his face.

“Say one word about this and I’ll break your neck.” Naruto chuckled before nodding furiously.

“You have my word Ino, just between you and me. Like this night never happened.” His lips then descended upon hers. They touched lightly before deepen quickly into another passionate kiss. Ino moved her hands up his arms to his shoulders. They lips attacked each other with hunger. Naruto’s hands moved up and down her sides before they disappeared underneath her shirt. Soon Ino opened her mouth allowing Naruto’s tongue to invade her mouth.

Their tongues touched slightly before rubbing up against each other. Ino let out a throaty moan. Their tongues then wrestled each other both trying to be victor. As this went on Naruto moved his right hand up her stomach before taking a hold of Ino’s breast. She gasped in his mouth and pulled away from him. Naruto smiled and kissed her chin before moving down her neck. His tongue lashed out licking up and down the side of her neck. Ino squirmed in his touch and her breath became more hitched.

Her hands moved from his shoulders to his hair, she pulled the forehead protector off his forehead and dropped it to the ground. Her hands they ran trails through his hair. It was soft, fuzzy almost like fur. Ino could only guess it was because of the fox demon inside him, but either way she loved it. Naruto gently bit her neck loving her hands through his hair. He nipped around her shoulder before squeezing the breast in his right hand. His other hand moved slowly up and down her back before grabbing the hem of her shirt.

Ino gulped and raised her hands up as Naruto pulled off her shirt dropping it over his forehead protector. He smiled looking at her exposed body. She was wearing a purple bra that matched her purple outfit. Ino seemed self-conscious about her body and wrapped her arms around her chest with a tinge of a blush on her cheeks. Naruto smirked and leaned into her body. His mouth stopped at her ear.

“You’re so beautiful Ino, better than anyone I know including Sakura.” Ino rolled her eyes and let her arms dropped when he tugged at them. He smiled before kissing her cheek. He then kissed her lips again where she immediately responded to him. His right hand came back up grasping her breast again with a tight squeeze. Ino moaned lightly as she again ran her hands through his fuzzy hair. Naruto let his left hand drift to her back where he lightly skimmed his fingers up her back.

Ino shivered from the sensation of his cold fingers moving lightly up her warm back. His hand got right to the clip of her bra. He quickly unsnapped it and ran his fingers up the rest of her back before grasping the nape of her neck. Pressing her lips more firmly against his, Naruto pushed the bra down her shoulders till he had it off her body. Ino was too in to the kiss to notice it was gone till Naruto touched her breast. She was a little shy about him touching her before ignoring the stupid feeling and letting him do what he wanted.

Naruto planted his palm on her breast. It was big enough that his whole hand couldn’t hold it, but small enough that he could put his palm against it. His palm lightly touched her nipple making it grow a little hard. He then moved his fingers over her nipple and pinched it with his fore finger and thumb. Naruto pulled out of the kiss and look down her body. He gave her another foxy grin before leading her backwards till her butt landed on his desk. She laughed lightly not believing they were gonna have sex on his desk. It really made her think if the other Hokage’s have done it before, well the men not Tsunade.

Naruto pushed everything on the desk to the ground including his ramen that spilled every where luckily not on any important documents. He then laid her back till Ino was lying on the desk. Naruto leaned over her body before dropping his lips to her neck again. His hands cupped her breast and fumbled with her nipples. Ino let out some moans and other noises as she gripped Naruto’s hair. His lips moved down her neck and to her shoulder. He nipped at different spots on her skin causing her to squirm more.

He then moved his right hand from her breast where his mouth landed in. He sucked on her nipple and flicking it with his tongue. Ino yelled out trying not to be loud, she didn’t want to alert anyone about what they were doing. Naruto felt her resistance to yelling. He pulled away from her breast to say.

“Ino no one is here, that and the walls are sound proof yell as much as you want.” He winked at her before pulling her nipple into his mouth with his teeth. Ino gasped from the strange feeling, Chouji never did that before and moaned deeply. She knew by the end of tonight her throat would be sore tomorrow. Naruto moved from that one to the next biting it before sucking it into her mouth. His tongue ran over the sore, harden nipple. Ino pulled her hands out of his hair to grab the hem of his shirt.

Naruto got the message and pulled off the Hokage coat, then his Jounin vest, and last his shirt. Ino mesmerized every detail in his chest as she lightly dragged her fingers over the muscles. He was well muscled not enough to look nasty, but enough to make him a god. Ino started to wonder why he didn’t actually have a real girlfriend. But she pushed it aside when she felt that her skirt was being removed. His fingers lightly pricked her skin as he pulled the skirt off her body. He grinned up at her as the skirt came off.

He seemed pretty proud of himself that was for sure. Ino rolled her eyes and moaned lightly when his warm mouth kissed her ribs. Her arms stretched back as she gripped the ledge of the desk. Naruto’s hands skimmed down her belly towards her underwear which happened to be purple like everything else of her’s. Naruto gently kissed her hips while tugging her underwear down her legs. Ino mewled at the attention while stretching her back out.

Naruto kissed the insides of her thighs keeping away from her core. He laughed lightly when she seemed to complain about. He then kissed up her right thigh before his mouth sucked up her folds. Ino’s hip rose up as she gave out a throaty moan. Naruto gripped her thighs to keep them from choking around his head. His tongue ran up and down her folds feeling the slickness of them. He then plunged his tongue pass her entrance and into her. Ino shouted out with surprise and pleasure. Her hands left the desk to take hand full of Naruto’s hair. Her head shook side to side as his tongue pushed deeper into her core.

His tongue moved side to side and up and down touching Ino’s slick walls. He winced slightly when her grip on his hair tighten, but he could handle the pain. After giving a quick lick inside her he pulled his tongue out. Ino whimpered a little when her nether regions felt the coldness of the room. Naruto’s mouth then descended upon her clit. He sucked slowly at it while gripping harder at Ino’s thighs as she thrashed around. Her voice echoed through the room and it made Naruto very happy to know that the room was sound proof.

He lightly poked her clit with his tongue before giving a hard suck. After that Ino released her grip on his hair before pulling at his shoulders. He allowed himself to be dragged back up her body before her lips attacked his. The kissed was clumsy and hott. Ino pushed her tongue pass his lips and felt around the walls of his mouth. Naruto let out a loud groan and slammed his hips into Ino’s causing her to moan inside their mouths. After a minute of non-stop kissing they let go to breath. Naruto was grinning like a fool was Ino looked daze by their actions.

She then suddenly rocked her hips into his making Naruto groan once again. The sound satisfied her to which she did it again making his voice become louder. She was torturing him with her hips for her own pleasure. Naruto groaned again and set his forehead on her shoulder sweat came down his cheeks as he breath harder.

“Ino…” He groaned out grabbing her sides to keep her from going any further. Ino laughed lightly loving what she did to him. Naruto then picked up his head and looked at her. His face held a smirk as his hands quickly pulled down his pants along with his boxers. Ino looked down staring at his harden member. He looked bigger than Chouji ever was, and it caused Ino to blush as she compared them. Naruto kissed her shoulder before positioning his shaft to her entrance.

“Ready?” Ino nodded and smiled up to Naruto. He returned it and slammed his hips into hers. Ino gasped from the intruding feeling she got before relaxing her body. Naruto kissed her neck nipping in certain spots before lifting his body from hers. Then pushed back into her hips. Both of them moaned out loud with pleasure. Ino rolled her head to the side as a sweet feeling ran through her veins. Naruto pulled his shaft out of her before thrusting back in then out and back in.

The place was slow before slowly gaining speed. Soon Ino was meeting his thrust with the same vigor as he had. They speed picking up rapidly as their pleasure roamed through their bodies. Sweat dropped off Naruto’s body landing on Ino’s then running down her smooth skin to the desk. Ino bit her bottom lip as a huge scream ripped from her throat. She felt her body explored as she orgasmed. The pleasure hit her body hard her hands shook uneasily while her head couldn’t comprehend what was going on around her.

Naruto felt her orgasm on his member making him come as well. He swore he saw stars everywhere he looked as his body crumpled to pleasure. He couldn’t seem to hear anything for the first couple of seconds before his body landed heavily on Ino’s. Soon he could hear her harsh breathing and her rapid heart beating. Ino was slowly running her hand through Naruto’s hair as she stared up at the ceiling. Though she had only done this once with Chouji, she had to say this was the best sex she had ever had.

Chouji was too slow and shy of what he was doing. Naruto….fuck he knew what the hell he was doing alright. Ino blinked a couple of times trying to wear away the blackness in the corners of her eyes. Her vision was doted a little before she forced her eyes shut then back open. Naruto’s breathing slowed till it wasn’t panting, but slow, shallow breaths. Ino sighed contentedly as her hand ran through his hair still. After a minute of his head lying on her shoulder he lifted himself up taking his member out of her body and stood in all his glory.

“How was that Ino?” He stared into her still dazed eyes. She sat up and smiled happily.

“Are you sure we didn’t die and go to heaven?” Naruto laughed before pulling up his pants, she looked so adorable with the soft smile and dazed look in her eyes. Naruto looked down and picked up the Hokage coat. Ino stood up about to put on her clothes when Naruto wrapped the coat out her body pulling her arms through the sleeves of the coat. Ino looked up at him to see a sweet smile on his lips. He then wrapped his arms around her waist holding her to his lean chest.

Ino sighed and leaned against his shoulder. Her eyes closed and she relaxed for a while. Naruto leaned down to her lean and whispered in it.

“Ino…You do know that this wasn’t some one night stand right.” Ino frowned and opened her eyes. Did he really just say that? She turned her head till she could see his face; he was smiling brightly at her and winked.

“What do you mean? I thought this night never happened?” Ino slightly smiled at his confused look before he remembered what exactly he said before everything started. He scratched his head and shrugged.

“Well…I never thought it would mean so much to me. Er…is it too late to ask you to be my girlfriend?” Ino laughed and shook her head.

“Get me in a bed to sleep in and I’ll tell you in the morning.” Naruto grinned happily.

“No problem!” He yelled out before they poofed away….

The next morning Naruto walked through the doors of the Hokage tower with a huge grin on his lips. He felt like life couldn’t get any better. Some people were taking back by the happiness he showed when usually he was kind of grumpy to do work during a nice day. Sakura raised an eyebrow as she walked aside him.

“Naruto? Did you win a life time of ramen or something? I never seen you this happy in the morning!” Naruto grinned over to her his smile never ceasing.

“You could say something like that.” As he opened the door he heard Sakura gasp. He looked over and went wide eyed. He totally forgot about Ino’s clothes in the office. He turned his head towards Sakura to see her blushing madly with her hands on her hips. Her glare then meant his face.

“Naruto!” He winced at the loud volume of her voice.

“Now Sakura! Don’t do anything rash! It can’t be good for the baby!” Naruto ran as Sakura chased after him.

“I’ll show you rash! Having sex in the office! And with my best friend as well! I’ll kill you!” Naruto now knows, he will never have sex in the office…and he will never neglect to tell Sakura that he’s involved with her best friend….

So evil aren’t I?? poor Naruto get his butt whipped by a pregnant lady…hehehe…I am so evil to him…Well I hope you all found this funny and good, this is actually one of my favorite oneshots I did for these two, I find it very fun to read and I hope you all did too…So please review!!

Check ya later…

Emo Gurl

The Lost Scene: NaruHina Lemon

Author: Sarah Rebecca
Disclaimer-Naruto is the brainchild of Masashi Kishimoto

Author’s Note: OK, so putting off studying again is never a bad thing for you guys. I just keep on writing. So, I finally decided to do it. Write the lemon that you guys didn’t see in my story.



Hinata and Naruto hadn’t moved for the past ten minutes. After being shoved in the room and locked in, the still sat in their original positions, Naruto on the edge of the bed, Hinata up against the pillows.

Naruto sighed.

“A-Ano, I-I guess we should g-get s-s-started,” stuttered Hinata, poking her index fingers together.

Naruto only scrunched his brow. She was nervous, he could tell as much, and probably didn’t even want to do this.

They should have just left when they had the chance.

“Hinata, we don’t have to do this,” said Naruto, moving up next to her so that he was leaning on the pillows as well.

There was a long silence that followed. Naruto sighed again.

“Look, Hinata-”

Naruto was cut off by her soft lips pressing on his lips. Hinata drew back and gave him a glance of exasperation.

Naruto cocked his head at her look.

“You don’t understand Naruto, I want this really badly, I-I’m just scared because I want it so badly and I’m scared about…” Hinata trailed off, casting her eyes downward.

“What are you scared about?” asked Naruto, putting his finger under her chin and lifting it upwards so that she was staring at him right in the eye.

Hinata drew her lips closer to his and barely touched her lips to his.

“My father and Neji-niisan,” whispered Hinata against Naruto’s lips.

The act sent shivers up and down Naruto’s spine.

“Well, they’re not watching now, are they?” whispered Naruto against Hinata’s lips.

Hinata shook her head in response, a permanent blush seeming to mark her face.

“Go slow, OK?” whispered Hinata.

Naruto only nodded before closing the gap between their lips. He continued to kiss her soft lips gently, soon prodding her lower lip with his tongue, begging for entrance.

Hinata obliged and let him explore the cavern of her mouth. Hinata timidly touched her tongue to Naruto’s, making him almost moan with the pleasure from it.

They continued on until Hinata and Naruto were fighting with their tongues, playing a game of cat and mouse.

Naruto started to panic when he realized what he would have to do next, as they had been making out for quite a while now.

Take off her shirt.

Oh, he’d love to just rip it off of her right now, but she for him to go slow. He’d be patient, he’d wait forever if it made her happy.

Hinata broke away from his mouth and Naruto went into a frenzied mode.

Did he do something wrong? Was he going to fast?

“Naruto-kun,” whispered Hinata, grabbing the sides of his face, so that he was looking into her mesmerizing lavender eyes, “I said to go slow, but if we keep going at this pace, we’ll be dead before we ever get to the sex part of this.”

Hinata giggled at the blush which splattered Naruto’s face.

Naruto grinned devilishly.

“As you wish, my dear princess,” Naruto teased, before crashing his lips down onto hers, this time with more aggression than before.

Naruto fumbled with the edge of her shirt as he continued to dominate her mouth. Naruto finally found the zipper to her shirt and zipped it down quickly, removing her shirt and throwing it into the corner of the room.

Naruto felt Hinata whine into his mouth when she began fumbling with the edge of his shirt. He temporarily broke the kiss long enough to pull his shirt over his head, before crashing his lips down onto hers again.

Hinata smiled into the kiss as she played with Naruto’s abs, running her fingers up and down his well-trained abs. The sensual shivers continued to go up and down Naruto’s spine.

Naruto felt the soft, pale skin of her stomach, feeling her shiver from the act. Naruto moved his mouth away from hers and began to give her butterfly kisses on her chest and neck.

Hinata moaned at the kisses, which only urged Naruto to go further and further down. Hinata played with the tussle of his spiky, blonde hair as he continued to move down her chest.

Naruto was prohibited by the black bra Hinata was wearing. Naruto fumbled with the hooks of her bra, while Naruto moved his mouth up to hers again.

Naruto growled when the hooks just wouldn’t come undone.

Hinata pulled away from the kiss and giggled at Naruto’s actions.

“How do girls do this all the time?” mumbled Naruto, still fumbling with the hooks.

Hinata grabbed Naruto’s hands and led them behind her back, guiding him in unhooking the straps of her bra.

Naruto slowly removed her bra and threw it across the room.

Naruto looked down at Hinata, who was staring up at him, with expecting eyes. He took in her whole upper body.

He looked at her hard soft, pink nipples and her plump breasts which he couldn’t take his eyes off of.

She was even more beautiful than he fantasized she’d be.

Naruto crushed his mouth down upon hers and began playing with her nipple with his thumb, going in a circular motion.

Hinata gasped and began to breathe shallower.

Naruto continued to do that with his right hand, while his left hand started to unbutton her pants.

Hinata understood and removed her hands from his hair and unbuttoned his pants as well. Hinata pulled them down off of Naruto, as he did to her.

Naruto moved to her other breast, using his thumb to make circular motions there, causing her to moan in ecstasy.

Then he moved his mouth down onto her right nipple and began to suck on in. Hinata almost screamed in pleasure, she never knew Naruto could bring her so much pleasure.

“Mmm…Naruto keep going,” moaned Hinata, as Naruto moved onto her other breast.

Hinata began to fumble with the edges of his boxers, wanting them off.


Naruto grinned when he felt Hinata slowly slip down his boxers.

“Not fair, I’m naked before you are,” whispered Naruto, removing his mouth from her breast.

“Fix it then,” moaned Hinata.

Naruto reached down to her underwear and could feel her wetness leaking through her underwear.

Naruto moved his head down to her underwear and slid them off with his teeth.

“There, now we’re even,” laughed Naruto.

Hinata giggled at his antics.

Naruto moved his mouth onto hers again as she ran her fingers up and down his abs. Hinata continued to do so, not knowing what was about to come.

Unknown to Hinata, Naruto was slowing moving his fingers to her womanhood and was devilishly grinning into their kiss.

Naruto suddenly thrust his two fingers up her womanhood, earning an orgasmic scream come from Hinata.

Naruto pulled his fingers out and licked them. Man, did she taste good.

Hinata pouted.

“That was mean Naruto,” she mumbled, averting her eyes away from him.

Naruto grinned sheepishly.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he mumbled, scratching his head.

Hinata blushed profusely.

“Will you do it again?” whispered Hinata, her face seemingly getting redder by the second.

Naruto grinned and brought his mouth down to hers and took his fingers and put them in her again. This time though, he removed them and pushed them back in, pumping them in quickly and then removing them.

Hinata moaned and scratched her nails softly on Naruto’s back.

Naruto removed his fingers and licked them again. He looked at Hinata, who was breathing deeply.

“Hinata if you want to stop-” began Naruto.

“No, I’m ready, I realize this’ll hurt, but it’ll be worth it, besides we’ve already come this far,” said Hinata, smiling up at him and tracing the lines on his face.

Naruto only nodded.

Naruto moved his throbbing member down near the entrance of her womanhood. He slowly pushed into her, making sure to take it slow.

Naruto felt himself reach her hymen and knew this was going to put her in pain, and prepared himself.

He thrust into her harder, enough to start going through her hymen. Hinata screamed and dug her nails into his back, making his bleed, but he didn’t feel the pain.

Naruto winced at her painful screams, but kept going, reminding himself that she wouldn’t be in pain forever.

Naruto kept going until he felt her hot core, Hinata’s orgasmic screams propelled him as he pulled his member out of her and thrust into her again, this time harder, no hymen blocking his way.

He thrust into her again and again, realizing that she was reaching her climax.

Naruto thrust into her one more time, her walls clamping down on his member, causing him to groan in pleasure.

Naruto thrust into her a bit farther and Hinata felt as though her hot core exploded as she came and screamed Naruto’s name.

Her walls became so tight then that Naruto screamed as well and came into her, reaching his climax as well.

Naruto and Hinata lay in a sticky, sweaty mess. The blankets were strewn everywhere and the room smelled of sex.

Naruto removed his member out of her and pulled the covers up over themselves. Hinata was still deeply panting at his side.

Naruto grabbed Hinata’s waist and pulled her up against his bare chest. She curled up against him and sighed.

“That was…different,” Hinata panted, a smile painted on her face.

“You wouldn’t object to trying it again, would you?” asked Naruto.

“Just give me a few minutes to breathe.”


Author’s Notes: I hope that wasn’t too bad for my first lemon . I just thought that I needed to write it, since so many people are always like, “write lemons!!” So I did. Happy now? XD I hope that it didn’t suck.

I picture Sakura losing her virginity at lot different from Hinata losing hers. Because I mean come on this is Hinata we’re talking about. And plus, Naruto is not Sasuke. I don’t think that NaruHina lemons are supposed to be possessive and dark…but whatever if you think they are


Title: Sweat
Author: desbutterfly
Pairing: NaruIno
Genre: smut
Rating: MA for sex
Summary: Ino examines the benefits of making Naruto sweat.

She didn’t think she would like it, the sweat.

It had never seemed that enticing when it clung stubbornly to the panels of Shikamaru’s jounin vest, or Chouji’s shirt, stinking up the cramped tent and making Ino long for a stream to push her sweaty boys into until they came up smelling like something more suitable for her delicate nostrils.

But it was different when she could smell it on his skin, feel it slip across her fingers as she dug them into his back and shoulders. For some reason, the smell didn’t bother her so much. Not when the scent was almost overwhelmingly male and heavy with sex and the way it would cling to her hair until she washed it the next day made her remember.

She liked to feel his body heat and strain and redden on top of her, loved the way the small beads of liquid slid down his neck, pooled at the small of his back, or in the hollow of his throat.

She liked to taste it then, her tongue rough against his skin as she took in the salt of him, what she figured his come would taste like if she ever let him release anywhere except inside of her.

And then, when he’d hurry, when he’d finally stop pretending he had control and just drove into her as fast and as deep as he possibly could, she’d lift her legs and hook them around his hips—feel her heels slide on the flesh of his thighs, toes curled tight tight—and twist her fingers into the sweaty blond locks around his cheeks to pull his mouth down to hers.

If her lips were pressed fast to his, she couldn’t scream his name when she came. He’d have to do it again just to get her to shape the syllables—Ah god, Na-ru-to, fuck yes—and then he’d grin and lick the sweat from his upper lip and take her shaking hips in his hands and squeeze…

Ino wasn’t stupid.

She knew how to get exactly what she wanted.


Romance, on a Whim

Romance, on a Whim
Author: akalae

It started with a kiss.

It had come from nowhere, a quick peck on her forehead, a surprising end to an otherwise mundane mission.

Ino had been shocked. She had never expected one, never wanted one, least of all from…

Startling blue eyes, soft, yellow hair….

He wasn’t interested, she had thought. He was too busy chasing the hussies of Konoha, or professing unrequited love for her lifelong rival. So why…?

She had never known, never expected that it was merely a harbinger, a small token of far greater things to come, a whirlwind that would carry her to new, faraway lands, of romance, of love.

All with a tiny kiss.

A mission. A routine assassination, of several high-profile moneylenders. Murder was normal, for both of them now. Hardened hearts, earned by a lifetime of training, thwarted the revulsion that accompanies life taking.

Security had been low. They passed, unseen, through a handful of guards, then passed back, grimly satisfied, and faintly amused at the blind oblivion of the guardians, unaware that their charges were dead.

Then, there had been the strange conversation that they had had on the way back.

“How’s Shikamaru doing?” he had asked.

She had declined to answer. He knew very well, that Shikamaru was feelingquite fine, gallivanting off on another sexual escapade, with the sand-harlot, Temari.

He had grinned at her sullen unresponsiveness. “I see. Well, if it’s any consolation, my love life isn’t doing much better.”

She had laughed at that. “partly because you don’t have one.”

“hey! Now that wasn’t very nice. I’ll have you know, that I have had quite the bevy of willing

female consorts, although the reason quite escapes me…”

“yes, since you’ve got all the romantic appeal of roadside carrion”

“patently untrue. Or, maybe too true. Anyways, they say it has something to do with stamina. Known for it, don’tcha know.”

“men. Always thinking with their dicks”

“nowthat is definitely an untrue declaration. I’ll have you know, that there is a secret romanticist within me, clamoring to escape from my cruel mental chains. Should I choose to unleash it, I assure you, it would quicken the breath, and heartbeat of every woman in this city.”

She had scoffed then, unbelieving. And hearing that scoff, he had leaned in…

Leaned in…

Grasped her chin…



Shocked, unbalanced, and not the least bit dizzy, she had lurched her way back home, blind to

the sly smile that followed her back.

What was she going to do now? Holed up in her room, refusing any more missions with him, she was acting like an adolescent.

She straightened. Two days, it had been. She was not going to mope about it any longer. Opening her door, she strode out of her apartment, and marched towards the hokage’s office.

“So,” drawled a voice behind her. “are you going to tattle?”

She spun. There he was, with that infuriating smile. “No, just voice a formal complaint, perhaps even a grievance.”

“So, in other words, tattling.”

Shehated that tone. So…so smug! “what else would you have me do? I’ve just been sexually assaulted by a repugnant, vile--creature! Yes, a foul beast!”

“aren’t you taking this a bit far? It was only a kiss.”

Only a kiss?! To you perhaps, but--” she clamped her mouth shut, but far too late.

“to you…?” his eyed widened. “Could it be, that the great ice queen of konoha has finally melted?”

“Not on your life!” she cried. “Under no circumstances would I ever even consider a liaison with an insincere, smug, romantic!”

“two out of three. Not bad. But--” he swirled, and appeared behind her, with his arms wrapped tightly around her. “who ever said I was insincere?”

Her eyes became lidded. His breath was hot against her skin, and--

No. She would not lose this battle. She slapped his arms aside, and pushed him back. “Please, don’t delude yourself. You’re just looking for some fun.”

“and how do you justify that?”

‘we have nothing in common. Your interest in me is sudden, and no doubt follows right on the heels of some imminent rejection by Sakura, probably the third, or fourth one this week.”

He blinked. “Sakura? What on earth gives you that idea?”

“It’s common knowledge, dear foxboy. You’ve been chasing her ever since the academy days. Lord knows why you even persisted after Sasuke’s death. It’s strictly look but not touch with her now, and she’ll never make an exception, I’ll wager.” Now she was in her element.

Exchanging insults was a simple task for her.

“yes”. he said, “but why would I be interested in her anymore?”

“well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? She’s charming, graceful, beautiful, a talented medic, and probably next in line to inherit the hokageship.”

“don’t remind me.” he kneaded his eyes. “but nonetheless, you’ve forgotten one important attribute.”


“she doesn’t love me. All that other stuff just sort of falls by the wayside, in comparison to that, eh?”

Ino frowned. “But-- I thought--”

“I had this conversation with myself, months ago. After one of her crueler dumpings, I asked myself, ’why?’, and to my surprise, found myself without an answer. So, I guess you could say that I’ve…graduated. Emotionally, anyways.”

“in that case, you should remember that lesson, and leave, right now!” Ino glared at him. “I’m no more interested in you than she is!”

He reached out, and before she could stop him, stroked the side of her face.

“you shouldn’t glare like that, m’dear. It’s terrible for the complexion.”

She almost lost herself, then and there. He was simply too charming, too--

“don’t you dare ignore me.” she managed to choke out. “I--I--”

“love you?” he inquired, sweetly.

“no! stop! Right…this…moment…” she faltered. He was cupping her cheeks now, boring into

her with his startling azure eyes.

“if you really wanted me to stop, Ino, you would have stopped me, forcibly, a while ago.”

“not if you decided to force me.”

It was his turn to frown. “oh, now, don’t be vulgar. There’s no point to romance if you force it.

Now hold still.” his arms threaded behind her, and a hand ran down to cradle the small of her back. “I think I’m going to kiss you now, and it’ll take all the concentration I’ve got. After all, second kisses make the best impression, don’t they?” his gorgeous lips came in, nearer and nearer to her face.





An explosion of taste, of sense. His was a kiss that shocked every one of her nerves, in unison.

Her body seemed to sing with unrestrained energy.

He released her. “there you go, Ino. The next move is yours.” he grinned. “Still think I’m insincere?”

She blushed furiously, like a twittering schoolgirl.

“y-you still haven’t given me a reason.” she stammered.

“ever since we were children, I’ve been infatuated with you.”

“don’t lie. Sakura--”

“was a cover. What do little kids do to the ones they really like? They play pranks on them.”

“so the buckets of paint, and those indelible markers--”

“don’t forget the beetles in your desk.”

“that was you?!”

“yes, all those pranks were, but the point is, they were a direct result of my inability to just out

and tell you that I liked you.”

“and you have mysteriously decided, ten years down the road to rekindle that romance.”

“well, not suddenly, really. You must admit, what with the war with sound, and the various squabbles of attrition, not to mention that nasty civil war, I couldn’t really try for romance.”

“but why now?”

“war’s over, Ino. Hopefully for a while. So I decided to mosey on over to you, just to see whether or not you might harbor any secret feelings…”

“which I most assuredly do not!

He nodded “if you say so.”

“Ido say so.”

“but then why…” he traced a finger along her face again. “why is your heart racing so?”

“I’m…I’m just exhausted. I’ve had several rough missions--”

“three days ago”

“I’m still tired, then.”

“in that case--” he lifted her up, easily. “I’ll take you somewhere where you can relax.”

“how dare you--” she pounded on his back. “release me, at once!”

Her protests, however were half-hearted. Being in such close proximity with him, feeling his protective warmth spread across her body, was far too reassuring.

“oh hush. I’m not going to do anything untoward.” he leapt for the forest. “it’s just, I’ve got this terrific secret spot, and I want to show it to you.”

They moved swiftly through the trees. Ino shuddered, at his smooth, gliding movements.

Finally, they reached a clearing. “here we are!” He said, setting Ino down on a soft patch of grass.

Ino looked. Several strangely bent trees surrounded a clear, pristine pond, fed from mountainous snowmelt.

“a bunch of trees, and a puddle.” she said, dryly.

“no, just wait, sunset is almost here.” He made a few seals with his free hand. A chill wind gathered in his palm. “let’s see now…up!” he jerked his hand. Several measures of water floated up, and attached themselves, in flat panels, to the trees. Then, the wind froze them into frigid mirrors. “there we go. Now, wait.”

The sun had been creeping stealthily across the sky. Now, it set, in brilliant glory, a splendid death, to call for the night.

Rays of orange sunlight reflected across the pond and the mirrors, resulting, for a bare moment, in a dance of dying sunlight. Gentle beams shot across the clearing, making a heavenly stage for the remnant light to play.

Ino gasped. “so…beautiful…!”

“isn’t it? The second hokage must have frequented this place, I think. His mastery over water probably helped. It took a bit of ingenuity to replicate his efforts with wind, but I managed it, somehow.”

“do you-” she gulped. “do you come here all the time?”

“oh yes. it’s the secret to my success. After a hard mission, I can come here, and watch the show that nature puts on for me.”

“and now me too. Since, I am the only other person to see this, am I right?”

“women. Beauty first, then exclusivity. Yes, Ino, you are the first to come here with me.”

“well…thank you.”

Naruto stood shocked. “did I hear words of gratitude from your tongue?”


“well, in that case, thank you, for coming with me, however unwillingly.”

The light faded. The sun had gone, far behind the horizon.

“I’d like to see that again” Ino mused.

“I’ll meet you here, every evening, if you so wish it.”

“I think I do. You are really beginning to intrigue me, Naruto.”

“One of my better qualities, Ino. Now, I believe that you were on your way to the hokage’s office?”

“yes” she said. “But now, for a different reason.”

“what?!” Tsunade bellowed. “And where does this mad request spring from?!”

“Nowhere particularly,” said Ino, calmly. “I’d just like to be scheduled for missions with Naruto, whenever possible.”

“You realize, of course, that that man is anathema to everything women hold dear?”

“Yes, but he’s also handsome, charming--”

“oh god” Tsunade massaged her eyes. “you’ve fallen for him”

“Not yet,” replied Ino, slyly. “But I want to.”

Three weeks later, they were on a mission, alone, to grass country.

“so,” he said. “I hear from the Konoha grapevine, that you’ve asked to be with me on as many missions as possible.”

“out of curiosity, nothing more.”

“but, we could make it much, much more, the two of us.”

She had been practicing, just for this occasion. When the blush rose to the surface, she tamped it down, through sheer force of will. Only the slightest tinge of pink reached her cheeks.

Still, nothing slipped by Naruto.

“are you tired already? You look a bit flushed” he teased.

“well, I think I am,” she said. “Your blustering, after all, is enough to tire anyone.”

“witty riposte, you mean”

“hot air, is what I mean.”

He smiled, prepared a witty comeback, and then froze, suddenly. “did you hear that?”

She did. A rustle of bushes, not twenty meters to the right. A metallic scraping--the telltale

sound of a drawn kunai.

“amateurs” she whispered under her breath. “easy detection.”

“maybe not” he said. “There are three more, approaching silently from the west. Just barely

caught them, in my peripheral chakra sense.”

“can you take them?” she asked.

“no reason why I can’t.” he answered.

They both shot forward. A hail of kunai buzzed towards them, thudding brutally, into--

Wood. Kawamiri.

A few muffled curses burst from the western treeline. Three attackers tried to break off into the forest.

“now now,” said Naruto, blurring into sigh before them. “that wasn’t very professional.” they were dead, before they hit the ground.

A scream erupted from the bushes.

“Be careful Ino” he called. “I don’t want any more of those messy castrations that you’re so fond of. Leave at least one alive for questioning.”

“Wrong” said a harsh male voice.

Naruto spun.

Ino was being held by her throat, by a large, intimidating brute. To Naruto’s immense surprise, she wasn’t struggling, or kicking. Poison, he concluded.

“Ino!” He cried. “how--”

“the how doesn’t matter, wise guy. She’s going to be dead, in another thirty seconds, so let’s cut the crap. You have papers, concerning the defense layout of Konoha. I want them.”

“very well” said Naruto. He tossed the papers over to the brute.

His opponent’s eyes widened. “So quickly? What about your loyalty to the hidden village?”

“oh, you assassins for hire would never understand,” he sighed. “there are some things that are far more important than petty loyalties. Now, is there anything else?”

“yes. What time are you available tomorrow night?”

“What?!” spluttered Naruto. “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t--”

The brute burst out laughing. “J-jutsu-- r-realease!” he managed to giggle out.

Then, he dropped dead, as Ino picked up where he had left off.

Realization came to Naruto like a flash. “That was absolutely underhanded! I thought you were going to die, for a moment there!”

“Just a prank,” she gasped. “I thought you needed to be taught a lesson. Still, I liked your decision. No hesitation, I‘m very impressed.”

“Your father taught you the body switching technique to protect yourself with, not scare the living daylights out of people!”

“I don’t think he would begrudge me protection against a possible male suitor, wouldn’t you say?”

Naruto sighed. “you know, I’ll expect a lifetime’s worth of dates, as payment for this, right?”

“well,” she said, tilting her head playfully, “let’s start with the one, and then see where we get from there.”

“the one” happened to be a very nice date indeed. The two of them had met at a coffee shop, and spent the rest of the day wandering the Konoha market district. Ino had been out of touch for so long, that she could barely recognize the place.

“when were all those skyscrapers built?”

“Many of the buildings here were razed in the civil war. We used the indemnities garnered from the previous wars, to rebuild them, twice as high. Don’t you remember? For god’s sake, Ino, how could you miss them?”

He was right, as always. She had thrown herself into the missions, after Sasuke’s death. She hadn’t paid any attention to the changing world around her.

Until now. She glanced up at Naruto, reveling in being near him. Tentatively, he reached her hand into his.

Grinning, he grasped it, tightly.

The rest of the day fell neatly into their schedule. They both discovered, to their respective delight, that there was finally a use for their hoarded mission pay. Gifts were bought and exchanged, and various ninja exchanged knowing smiles. It was about time, they concluded.

Those two had been made for each other from the start.

When Ino remarked at the pointed lack of amusement parks in Konoha, Naruto came up with

an idea. For ten minutes, he disappeared completely, leaving a baffled Ino, waiting on a park bench. Then he reappeared.

“what was that all about?” she asked.

“you’ll see,” he answered

Dinner proved to be…interesting. Naruto broke out a variety of cooking implements, and showcased a series of hitherto-unknown cooking skills, resulting in a perfect picnic dinner. Packing a bag, and a blanket, he had held Ino tightly, and flashed to their secret spot in the forest.

“it’s still beautiful, even the umpteenth time around” Ino marveled.

“of course. Some things never lose their beauty, no matter how many times you look at them.”

Ino glanced at him slyly. “are you trying for a compliment there?”

“Was it not obvious enough? Fine. You never cease to amaze me with your beauty, despite the fact that I’ve known you all my life.”

“better” she said, smugly.

“better?!” asked, affronted. “my dear, that was a compliment that should have burst every

blood vessel in your cheeks by now!”

“I don’t blush for trivial compliments,” she sniffed, “try again.”

Naruto swept an arm across her shoulder. “how’s this then? Looking at you, is like an ocean, of fresh purity. I could stand in your waters, and fall forever into your depthless eyes. Your voice is clear crystal, your skin, softer than linen. And all I want to do is hold you till the end of time.”

Her cheeks were a rushing cherry red. “well, what are you waiting for, then?”

“good point” he held her.

And for that brief embrace, the world froze, and shrunk, into a space with only the two of them.

He walked her home, of course, as expected. At her door, however, he made it clear, that their

repartee was not yet over.

“are you sure about this?” he asked.

“about what?”

“returning to your apartment.”

“Why not?”

“well, it looks cold, and unlivable. I think you would be far better off, if you accompanied me, back to mine.”

“is that…an invitation?” she asked, widening her eyes in mock-surprise.

“only if you want it to be.”

She turned. “well, in that case, I’ll be going in now. Don’t think that a splendid first date accords

youeverything Mr. Uzumaki. I have my limits, you know.”

He let a faint smile grace his lips. “well, I’d very much like to see those limits of yours, Ino. In fact, I’d like to take you up, and past those limits, until you can barely stand.”

“Now who’s the one being vulgar?” she asked, blushing. She rushed into her apartment, and closed the door behind her. Then, hurriedly, she opened it again. “I’ll call you, to schedule our next date.”

“no need,” he said. “I have one arranged for us. We have a dual mission together in three days. Wait for me, until then.”

He ducked under her guard, and gave her a heart-pounding kiss. “I promise you, it will be very


Ino quickly slammed her door, before he could see her face, which had gone a curious shade of


“interesting…?” she whispered to herself. “I have no doubt.”

The next mission was simple surveillance. Several wealthy exporters had been complaining of crop thieves, and the village sent the both of them, to enforce a martial presence.

“there isn’t any real work to be done,” assured Naruto. “mainly, we just stand around, and look buff.”

“buff?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“well, I’ll look buff. You can stand and look pretty.”

“Pretty dangerous you mean.”

“let’s settle on a compromise. Pretty, and dangerous. Beautifully deadly.”

She liked that. But what she liked most of all, was that the city they had been sent to, had an amusement park.

“so this is what you were up to…” she muttered.

“yes,” he admitted. “I pulled some strings. I figured you could use a vacation, after working nonstop for five years.”

“I’ve had vacations!” she protested.

“yes, I read up on those.” He pulled out a notepad. “flower arranging ceremonies? Weddings? Children’s birthday parties? Ino, you’ve been going, merely because you had to go. Now it’s time for you to have some fun.”

“with you.”

“well of course with me! Who else would put up with you?”

She squinted at him. “That was low! I happen to be a very tolerant, rational, temperate--”

“oh look”, he said. “the Twister is open.”

‘the twister’ was a monstrosity of iron and steel. Stretching over two-hundred and fifty feet into

the air, just the sight of it was enough to terrify any normal person.

Of course, the couple that now stood before it was anything but normal.

“you know,” said Naruto, “you can always back out.”

“you’re joking, of course. Roller coasters are the only reason that one comes to an amusement park.”

“Well, then, lets go!”

The gate opened. They both strode confidently into it. Ino, in particular, felt no anxiety at all.

After all, she thought, how bad could it be?

Five minutes later, she had her answer. Speeding down a metal rail, at unbelievable speeds had been one of the most terrifying experiences of her life.

It had also been one of the best.

The second they got off the ride, she kissed Naruto with every ounce of strength she had left. “that was amazing! Fantastic!”

Naruto was dumbfounded. “well, if this is how you’re going to act after each ride, I think we should try it again! Make that a hundred times!”

Her heart still pounding, Ino decided for a bolder step.

“you know, if you want a kiss, you only have to ask.”

“Hm. I’ll remember that.” he stretched his arm around her, and they strode off to the Ferris wheel.

It was another mind-boggling experience. From the top of the wheel, the city shone, in unimaginable splendor.

“now that,” Naruto said, is a fantastic view.

“I wish I could see it for a moment longer…” Ino sighed.

Naruto smirked. “only if you ask nicely.”

Ino didn’t like the sound of that. “Naruto, you aren’t planning to do something stu--”

He threw open the Ferris wheel doors, grabbed her tightly, and threw the both of them off the side. Hand seals flitted across his fingers.

A burgeoning gust of warm wind blew them upwards. Air collected, in gentle pools beneath them.

“Naruto, you-- you--” She grabbed him tightly, afraid to fall.

“It’s all right, he said. Just don’t look down.”

She didn’t. she merely buried her face in his chest, and felt the warm caress of the thermals.

“now,” he said. “look”

They were a mile above the ground, so far up, that even the Ferris wheel seemed like a child’s toy. Everything in the city was spread out, like a growing jewel, to her eyes.

“beautiful…” she said.

“look up.”

At their height, the stars were a pristine symphony. The firmament was laid bare, in all its shining glory.

It took her breath away.

“w-words escape me.”

“then don’t speak.” his lips closed over hers, in the best kiss between them yet.

After a few minutes, Ino began to feel the cold seeping back in. the thermal air was flowing back to the west, from whence it came.

“it might be time to go down now,” she said.

“all right”

The wind slackened, and gently blew them downwards, where they landed, feather-light, within the amusement park. Incredulous stares were met with nonchalant smiles.

“I bet I’m a better dagger-shot than you are” he murmured, sweetly.

“Not on my watch, you’re not!” she exclaimed.

He was, in fact, a better dagger toss than she was. He had a stuffed pink bear to prove it. His attempts to give it to her, were met with vehement disgust, as she hated the color. He won her another one, a blue one, instead.

She was rather skilled at the bullwhip. It became an extension of her body, an extrusion of her self.

She managed to win a dashing cowboy hat, which she promptly handed to him. He tried to protest, but surrendered in the end, allowing her to mount it on his head.

The night was a compendium of capering. Naruto turned out to be a cotton-candy glutton, stealing bites of hers while her back was turned. She, on the other hand, grew adept at plucking kettle corn from him. They jested playfully, over the other’s kleptomania.

“Ah! How did you bite that piece? I was looking at it the whole time!”

“I am a master of provision-thievery, love. You’re a thousand years too early to try and withhold food from me!”

“Oh? Then why is that kettle corn bag of yours so light?”

“It is not--Hey! How did you--?”

“the same way that you did. Mysteriously.”

They laughed until tears came to their eyes.

Finally, the park closed. They drove up the hotel that their employer had reserved for them, and spoke with the concierge.

“I believe that there are accommodations here, for us?” Naruto said politely.

“Yes sir. A one-bedroom master suite, near the top floor.”

“one-one b-bedroom?” Ino choked. “But we specifically informed our employer that--”

“you informed him that there were two of you. A man, and a woman. He made the reservations accordingly.”

“merchants…” muttered Naruto. “frugal to the point of despair.” he held out his arm. Well, then, my lady, I suppose I’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight.”

“Now what makes you think that, dear sir?” she responded, as they made their way to the suite.

“’tis a cold night, and I do believe I may require some company, to stave off the frigid breezes

that blow, upon occasion, through the windows..”

“is that…an invitation?” he said, in a perfect mimicry of their previous conversation.

“only if you want it to be” she whispered.

“I do”

They came to the room door. A swipe of a keycard opened it.

The furniture was luxurious, but neither of them saw that. Both pairs of eyes were on the soft, four-poster bed. It was large enough for a roomful of people, much less a couple.

“I am having the hardest time, not throwing you on to that bed right now.” he said.

“do it then.”

He did. Then he kissed her.

Ino was determined, this time around, to take control. Forcefully using her tongue, she wrestled for dominance, in their tongue-tussle.

To her dismay, she found that he was slowly gaining the upper hand. With quick, darting movements of his tongue, he sent thrills through her mouth, causing her to whimper slightly against his lips. Finally, she was completely under his thrall, writhing sinuously as he made her insane with passion.

“No fair,” she breathed, “how come you’re always in control?”

“Because,” he said, “I know how to use it best.” He sent another wave of bliss shivering through her.

Naruto could feel a growing wetness spreading down her leg, as she slowly began to grind her hips against him.

“You seem excited.” he said

“you have no idea.”

With his two index fingers, he circled her breasts, causing her to freeze momentarily, in shock. Then, he caressed them, hearing the expected moans of pleasure.

“Ah!” She panted softly.

While still caressing, he moved his mouth downwards, breathing in the sweet, thick scent of her pubis. He rested his lips briefly there, in a comforting kiss, then let his tongue snake out, to lift her hood.

Her eyes shot open, as the pleasure attacked her, like a wild beast. Her hips began to buck rapidly, almost against her will. Her gasps of pleasure became almost a cry, as he continued to caress her, to lick her, to fill her with a sensation she had never felt before.

Naruto could feel it, like a dam, close to breaking. Her stifled cries grew louder and faster, her hips bucked at a blurring pace, her arms, no longer limp, but forceful, mashed his face against her wet, dripping sex.

He squeezed her breasts, tightly, and let his tongue swirl into a frenzy.

With a cry, she came. Her body stiffened, stretching to its fullest capacity. She trembled, letting loose a feral scream. Then, she let go all over him, her juices swelling into his mouth, sweet, and fluid.

“I love--“ she began,

“No need to say anything, love. I know.”

“But I need to--”

“What did I just say!?” He asked teasingly. With a quick flick of his tongue, he silenced her,

sending her into another wordless ecstasy.

That night, she lost herself in a sea of pleasure. Naruto’s quick, flitting tongue sent thrill after thrill of bliss through her, over and over again. She lost count after the first two.

The entire hotel rang out with the sound of their lovemaking, from midnight till dawn. By the time they were finished, she could hardly breathe, from the strain.

The morning found the two lovers, one spent beyond all belief, and one nursing a very tired jaw.

“That was amazing,” she whispered.

“Mm,” he said, cradling his jaw. “But, I think I won’t be able to eat for a while.”

“That’s to be expected,” she said, “after all, you made me come, what? three? four times?”

“five” he said, thickly. At her incredulous stare, he asked, “what? I counted. Is that so wrong?”

She laughed throatily. “No, not at all. But I was wondering…maybe you could take me up to six? And since you can’t use your jaw, you’ll have to use…other means.” She widened her eyes, to convey exactly what she meant to him.

“I see,” he said. He picked her up, bridal style, giving her buttocks a firm squeeze. She giggled, and responded with a kiss.

The stumbled into the bathroom, slipping quickly into the shower.

“Come to think of it“, he said, “this will be the first time we’ve showered together.”

“Well“, she responded, “lets make it a memorable first time.”

“Exactly how memorable would you like--” his question was smothered by her mouth. “Ah. Well that answers my question.”

In short order, the bathroom window steamed up, blocking all sight.

Sounds, however, came out quite clearly

“So, then, my lady, perhaps its time to--”

“Not this time, Naruto. It’s my turn to be on top.”

“For god’s sake, we’re in the shower! There is no top or bottom in-- Ah! I-Ino, slow down a bi--”

“Calm down you big oaf, I’m not doing anything you don’t like…”

“but I swear, I think you twisted something!”

“then how’s about I un-twist it? And then…”

“I don’t think so, little lady!”

Throaty moans, and piercing cries, all hidden by the steam.

Hearing this was arousing.

Feeling it was paradise.

When they emerged, wet and dripping, Ino could barely stand. Her sex, swollen and tender, made her steps mincing. Her face was flushed, glowing from within, almost ruddy with pleasure. She stood uncertainly, wondering if her legs would support her weight.

Naruto, noticing her predicament, swept her up in his arms, kissing her gently. He toweled them both off, paying special attention to her tender spots. He grinned widely as she laughed from the tickling sensation he gave her whenever he brushed the towel there.

He then lay her softly on her back, with her legs, ready, willing, folded in the air.

“Oh…“ she moaned.

“So how about it, love, do you think you have room for, ”he ticked off on his fingers, “number

eight? I promise, this one’s going to be extra special.”

Biting her lip, she nodded weakly.

First, he spread her legs. Then, massaging her inner thighs gently, he tickled the smooth, creamy inner skin of her thighs with his index finger.

Her sex, still tender, thrilled at the contact. Her breathing became shallower, as he continued to tease her.

“Mmm.” She moaned.

“Now,” he said, rubbing his hands, “here’s the special part.”

His light fingers danced over her, making her burn at every nerve of her body, crying out from the heat of her arousal.

Then he kissed her, as he thrust his fingers into her, fondling her, and them searching, probing upwards, until they found a rather special spot…

Lips still locked, Naruto and Ino both shuddered, one from pleasure, and the other one out of happiness.

Her face, flushed, and happy, waxed saintly in the dawn light.

“I wish I had a camera…” he said.

“No need,” she said, “I’ll remember this for the both of us.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll remember twice as much!”

“Five times as much!”

“A hundred times!”

“A thousand!”

He growled in mock-frustration, and nuzzled her tender sex. Her witty repartee disappeared into a series of tight, quick gasps.

“Stop that!” she said indignantly. “I’m still sensitive down there!”

“Yes,” he said, seductively, “Yes, that’s the point!” His nose tickled her down there again. She erupted into giggles. As she halfheartedly tried to push him away, he nuzzled all the more, eventually resting his head just before her sex.

“Admit it darling,” he said, breathing heavily. “You love me.”

“yes,” she said. “yes, I finally think I do. I think, that after years of bad relationships, I’ve finally gotten lucky!”

He cut her off by blowing on her sex. She gasped.

The lucky one, he said, is me. Then, he tickled her, making her laugh until tears fell down her face.

“you are,” she said, “a fantastic cuddler.”

“but an even better lover.”


A single kiss was all it took. But with just that, Yamanaka Ino found paradise.

Riverside Secret

Author: Lord Geryon

Riverside Secret

It was a bright, sunny, summer day in Konoha. Birds could be heard chirping happily, and the occasional fish would make a splash in the lake out by the training grounds. That particular lake's shore was wooded for the most part, except where the training grounds sloped gently into the lake. This slope was occupied this day, by two lazing shinobi, a man and a woman.

Both were blond and both were looking into the sky with half lidded eyes. The woman, who was lying perpendicular to the man with her head resting on his stomach, blinked her pale blue eyes slowly and murmured sleepily, "Naruto?"

The man, his bright eyes halfway closed to block out the sun, replied with a curious, "Yes, Ino?"

The girl yawned widely before giving a response. "Can we go home? I don't want to fall asleep out here."

The man chuckled and said, "Sure, Ino. Let me guess, you want me to carry you too?"

She turned her face to him, and gave him a big grin, somewhat spoiled by the yawn that interrupted it. "Yep! So, get to packin', Uzumaki."

Naruto sighed, and sat up forcing Ino to sit up as well. "Fine, fine." He stood and stretched, his back popping a couple times. Leaning down, he scooped her up into a bridal style carry, and began to walk away from the lake. "Sometimes, I think my only use is to pack your rump around Konoha."

That statement earned him a not so gentle jab in the chest. "You weren't complaining about my rump last night when you were sticking your dick in it," Ino replied, grouchily.

Naruto shivered in rememberance at that, a good shiver. He had to admit, she was right. Then again, that was the reason he packed her around all the time in the first place. And she was the first girl he'd ever found that would talk dirty in and out of bed. That was the first thing that had attracted him to her, and she knew it. So, she'd developed the habit of trying to blindside him with lewd comments, no matter where they were.

After seeing Tsunade turn red in the face when Ino had blurted out one of her comments, something about combining one of her body parts and one of his with the effect that she'd have to pry him of the ceiling afterwards, he had discovered the windows in Hokage Tower are not as flimsy as Tsunade makes them look.

"Yes, well, it had an actual use then. Now it's just deadweight." Pause for a beat, in which Ino opened one eye, fixing him with a glare that dared him to say it. "And it's a lot of deadweight."

Even though he was carrying her, she still felt no compunctions at cocking a fist and punching him the chest, as hard as she could. "Oof," Naruto grunted, then chuckled. She was so easy to rile.

"Put me down, Naruto," Ino huffed, folding her arms and glaring at him.

Naruto shrugged, and hopped up on the railing of the bridge they were crossing at the time. "Sure, Ino-chan."

"No, don't you-eep!" She was cut off as she was gently lobbed into the stream, uttering a high-petched squeal in the half second before she entered the water.

Naruto stood on the railing and laughed as Ino stood in the water glaring at him, soaked all the way through. He stopped laughing when she started to do handseals though. Um, crap.

He turned to flee, but was too late when Ino called out, "Suiton: Kyaccha-Hazubando!" A thin rope of water shot out from the surface of the stream, and encircled Naruto before he could even hop off the railing. With him captured, she caused the water to pull him to her. When he was held in front of her, she growled at him angrily, and drew back her fist, lashing forward to gut punch him. "That was for throwing me in the river." She let the water release him, dumping him in the stream and prepared a defense, in case he was mad about the punch.

He doubled over in pain, she hit hard. After a moment, he straightened enough to meet her eyes with his own, a angry gleam in them, then pounced on her without warning and almost getting punched again in reflex. She emitted another 'eep' and was bowled over backwards, going back in the stream with him atop her. He wasn't trying to drown her, though, just overpower her. And he succeeded, easily. With a bit of maneuvering, he ended up sitting on the bank, with Ino bent over his knees.

Ino's face went red, and she started to struggle in embarassment. She couldn't win free, however, and jumped when his hand suddenly descended on her rump with a sharp smack. "Ow, Naruto, what the hell are you doing?"

"Something your father should have done a long time ago," Naruto growled, still mad about being punched in the gut. With that, he spanked her, hard.

When he first started, Ino struggled harder, her face red with anger at such humiliation, and also embarassment. After a few minutes, though, she began to squirm in discomfort and wince everytime that hand came down. It was really starting to hurt. And, after a while, she began to beg Naruto to stop, she'd never hit him again, please just stop, it hurts.

And when tears where in her eyes, he did stop, letting her slide off his lap. Naruto was surprised at what came next. Because, she didn't give him a glare, she didn't threaten to kill him, she didn't hit him. What she did was threw herself at him, and buried her face in his chest as her arms slid around him. Then, she apologized. "I'm sorry, Naruto, I won't hit you again, I promise." Then she began to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you, I won't ever hit you, I'm sorry." She began to babble at that point.

Naruto was dumbfounded. He had spanked her just to make her madder cause he liked seeing her pissed off, not to achieve this kind of response. Not knowing what to do, he put his left arm around her, and began to stroke her hair with the his right hand. "Shhh, Ino, it's ok. Calm down, Ino-chan, calm down. I love you too, you know that, shhh." He continued to make comforting noises as she started to calm down.

After several long minutes, she finally quit crying. Not wanting to break contact with him, but really wanting out of the water she was kneeling in, she slid into his lap, wincing at the pain from her tender behind, where she promptly put her arms around his neck. Raising her face to look into his bright blue eyes with her own paler ones, she murmured, "Nobody else, Naruto. Nobody else has ever spanked me before." She tilted her head slightly, and asked, "Why? Why did you do it?" When he shrugged, she leaned forward and kissed him softly. "Well, I'll tell you something... the deepest darkest secret about myself." She kissed him again. "What you just did to me is what I've always dreamed about. Every time I've acted bitchy, or mean, or whatever, I've always been hoping that someone, a man, would get fed up and do what you just did. Put me over his knee and spank me until I cry."

Naruto, once again, was dumbfounded. "Uh... why?"

Ino smiled. "It's simple. I've always dreamed about a man that was strong enough to make me submit to him." Another quick kiss to her beloved. "And you're him. Nobody else can do it." She gave him her sultriest smile. "And it really, really turns me on."

Naruto, confused about all this, was still able to realize that this was a good thing, and in a flash of inspiration, he gave her the fiercest look he knew how. "And, if you act up again, you'll get the same," he growled, doing a fairly good imitation of his Kyuubi-state.

Ino's eyes widened, and she shivered. "God, Naruto." She kissed him again, this time intensely. "If you don't get me back to our bed, right now, I'm going to rape you right here." Naruto simply smiled and didn't move a muscle.

And so, when people began to comment on Ino's suddenly altered behavior, she'd simple smile a little secretive smile and suddenly burst out with the lewdest and most vulgar comment she could think of. And when she admitted to her husband what she'd done that day, a shiver would go up her spine when he gave her that growling command to bend over she loved so much.

Ok, that was something that just popped into my head. Like it? Not? Say so.

Oh, the jutsu that Ino used was a badly cobbled together attempt at 'Husband Catcher.' Since, you know, they play fight all the time.

Occupational Hazards

Notes: Just to warn in advance this is my first, I repeat my first NaruHina fan fic I have ever written, so please be gentle if my characterization is a bit off. Also some citrus apperception should be expected since there is some slight sexual theme to this one-shot, so you have been warned!

Disclaimer: If it appears in the Naruto anime/manga then it does not belong to me.


Occupational Hazards

Author: Blue Quartz Foxy

Never in a million years would have Hinata imagined that she would have the last name of Uzumaki. Never in her wildest dreams did the young woman picture the ring on her finger, the wedding or what happened afterward…

Hinata had enough grace to blush. Okay so maybe she had at one time or another imagined what it would be like to have sex with her beloved blond-haired husband/former childhood crush.

Well now the young woman could say that she didn’t have to imagine what that would be like anymore.

However, Hinata had to admit that her husband had a rather odd fetish that he had always wanted to play out.

Big blue eyes stared up at her pleadingly, hands clasped as if in begging prayer, that cute wibble like pout on his lips.

He was making it very difficult for her to say ‘no’.

Still the former Hyuuga heiress shook her head, though both noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to graciously decline.

“Just once…please?” Naruto began.

Hinata’s lavender eyes glanced apprehensively as the desk. It looked rather stiff and uncomfortable especially with the important documents and scrolls that her husband, and Hokage, should be working on rather than pestering his wife for a special birthday favor.

Despite her reservations, Hinata was starting to feel the combined sting of guilt and Naruto’s pleas.

Seeing that Hinata’s will was gradually waning the blond kicked the begging up a notch by loosely wrapping his arms around her kimono cladded body, his nose gently nuzzling her neck causing Hinata to shudder pleasantly.

Naruto moved his mouth to kiss the side of her neck and gradually up to nip at the delicate shell of a pale right ear before whispered huskily, “Please? It is my birthday after all, and this is really the only thing I want.”

Hinata was torn between wondering why her husband couldn’t ask for a ‘normal’ birthday gift, and the desire to give him just about anything he wanted.

While Hinata was thinking Naruto leaned in to lightly nibble on her earlobe again, electing a shiver from the young woman.

Darn him and that cute little ear-nibble trick! Must be the fox in him that inspired that wicked little move.

Before she had even fully nodded her head Hinata gasped as she felt the tie to her obi being unknotted causing the light violet kimono to part open to the cool air of the office.

Naruto started muttering ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’s’ into the side of her neck as he licked and nibbled his way down the side of her neck.

Hinata shivered. God he knew just the ‘right’ places to touch her. However not wanting to be completely passive in their lovemaking the young woman turned to face Naruto, her fingers fisting tightly into his robes, giving a bold and very un-Hinata kiss to the Hokage.

Blinking wide blue eyes at his usually timid and shy wife’s sudden desire to dominate the kiss Naruto grinned a little before returning her efforts by boldly nibbling on her lips, lightly skimming his tongue over parted lips as the kiss deepened.

Hinata could feel her feet backpedaling; but rather than breaking the kiss in order to see where she was going the young woman trusted her husband’s guidance as their tongues started a slow and sensual dance as they ‘fought’ for dominance via the kiss.

However all fight seemed to leave Hinata when Naruto plucked the woman off her feet and laid her tenderly out on top of his desk, clearing off the papers and scrolls in a hurry.

Breaking their kiss Hinata glanced up at her husband, who grinned at her with that same cute ‘fox smile’; the mischievous expression that always told her that he was up to something.

She couldn’t help but smile back, even while trying to catch her breath, “What are you smiling about?” Hinata asked.

Naruto just shrugged, “Nothing…but you,” he leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead, tip of her nose, and a light chaste kiss on her lips, “what are you smiling about eh?” he asked in kind.

“You,” she said honestly however her answer ended in a soft moan as Naruto’s kisses trailed down her neck to settle on her chest, which he was trying liberate from it’s cloth confinement.

Naruto frowned at the piece of cloth. It was taunting him, holding his wife’s sizable soft breasts from him.

Hinata couldn’t help but giggle. Naruto and her undergarments never did see eye to eye since the sixth Hokage was powerless whenever he went toe-to-toe against the back clasps of her bra.

“Here…” she began, lifting off the desk enough to maneuver her hands back to undo the clasps on her bra and slowly removed the offending garment, the flush returning to her cheeks as Hinata felt the cold air hit her pinking nipples.

Naruto all but purred in contentment at seeing the soft flesh. First he nuzzled the valley, causing his wife to be tickled into laughing, giggles quickly melting into moans as a tongue skimmed over the sensitive skin, gravitating right for the rosy nipple.

“Ohhh!” Hinata responded as her fingers reached to wind among Naruto’s unruly blond hair as his lips enclosed around her breast, lavishing her nipple with his tongue and suckling on it.

And it only got worse as Naruto’s mouth went away from her breasts.

Breath coming out in small hurried pants Hinata glanced curiously as she felt the fabric of her kimono being pulled away from the rest of her form.

‘What is he doing?’ she wondered, only able to understand Naruto’s intention after a calloused finger lightly pressed against the thin cloth of her panties.

For a moment her vision swam. It felt so good!

Biting her lower lip in frustration Hinata was honestly starting to forget that this was her birthday present to Naruto, not the other way around.

“Naruto-kun,” Hinata whimpered slightly her wide lavender eyes, her slender arms reaching out to pull her husband closer for another kiss.

With another tug Naruto was coaxed to kneel on the edge of the desk, joining Hinata on top of the flat surface, one knee pressed between her legs as Hinata’s hands reached around Naruto’s robes.

“Whoa Hinata slow down.” Naruto teased, his grin making the whisker markings along his cheek stand out.

Face flushed the Hyuuga woman slowly pulled back, realizing that indeed she was rushing things a bit.

“Gomen…” she started only to have Naruto cut off her apology with yet another kiss. Closing her eyes Hinata loosely wound her arms around Naruto’s neck, pulling him toward her as they both leaned back on the desk.

And in a move worthy of Uzumaki devious cunning, Hinata broke from the kiss to lightly nibble on Naruto’s right ear.

“…copy-cat,” the young man grumbled, nuzzling the side of Hinata’s neck as the unapologetic woman smothered a small chuckle. However Hinata was no longer laughing when the door to the office opened…

“Hokage-sama I have some papers for you to look at before…” the voice trailed off as pale eyes drank in the sight of the Hokage-and his wife- lying sprawled out on the desk.

Utterly mortified Hinata ducked her head, trying to hide among the very long sleeves of the Hokage robe that she had tried to get off Naruto’s frame earlier; her face changing at least three shades of red before settling on a rather interesting shade known as ‘cooked lobster’.

“Uh…hehe good morning Neji.” Naruto greeted, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head with his right hand, the left hand still supporting his frame above a nearly naked Hinata-chan.

For a moment the Hyuuga genius just stared…and stared…and stared some more, before retreating back behind the door and slamming it shut.

Wincing from the resounding slam the door Naruto considered about going after Neji to at least explain…

But before the Hokage could even think about moving Hinata instantly tugged on his robes; pulling her husband’s attention back to the beautiful and nearly undressed female body underneath him.

Oh well…hopefully Neji would be available to accept an apology.


Actually strike that.

Much later.


“…Tenten, may I borrow a kunai from you?”

“May I ask why?” the brown-eyed weapon mistress inquired, after all Tenten was very possessive over her 'toys'.

“I need something sharp to gorge my eyes out with.” Neji replied in a deadpan voice.

Notes: I know that this was a rather short and pointless one-shot, think of it as my self-introduction to writing NaruHina fan fics along with the all the crack pairing plot bunnies I’m currently chasing. Anyway thanks for reading!

Like a Diamond

A/N: This struck me after talking with a girl who lives in a town not too far away from me. She's only lived there for six months, and she's fucked almost all of the guys from about age sixteen to about twenty-four. And after talking to her, this pops in my head. Weeeird... Anyway... Oneshot. Nuff said.

Disclaimer: Don't own the properties mentioned in this fic.

Warnings: Implied sexual acts and language.

Like a Diamond

Author: master anime

"Nngh!" a male grunted in the darkness.

"Mmm..." a female moan accompanied his vocalization.

Naruto collapsed on the form below himself panting and trying to regain his senses. It was awesome, every time he did this, he was flooded with feelings. Feelings he tried to comprehend, yet failed to understand the depth of.

He rolled off top of the figure, which was decidedly feminine, removing himself from within her. He slipped one arm under her and the other over her, enclosing her in a hug. He also snuggled his face into her ample bosom.

They laid like that for many minutes, basking in their sex session. While Naruto would call it "making love" his opposite would call it "fucking". He was about ready to fall asleep when a rough shake on his shoulder roused him from the verge of sleep.

"Hey. Kid. C'mon, you can't fall asleep now. I've got a date in an hour, you need to leave now," the female remarked to the male.

"Why? Why do you do this?" Naruto asked the woman. "Every time. You hurt me every time. Why?"

The woman sighed and placed her hand on his head. "What're you talking about? How have I hurt you? If I recall, you said this was one of your most pleasurable times."

"You don't understand do you?"

"What exactly am I supposed to understand?"

Naruto shifted so that he was about face-to-face with the woman. He buried his face in her purple hair and inhaled the scent of it. "Every time you call me to come over to do this, you get me excited, anxious to be with you. I get all riled up, but in the back of my mind... I know that you'll just tell me to leave afterwards. Then you'll go out and bring another guy, or girl, back and do the same thing... And it hurts me."

The purple-headed female sighed and rolled her eyes. "Kid. You don't know what you're saying. This relationship is purely physical. Nothing more, maybe less. If you weren't big for your age, and didn't have your insane stamina, I probably wouldn't look twice at you."

"Is that what it boils down to? I'm just a quick fuck and when you're satisfied, you throw me out until you need another fix?" Naruto asked scathingly.

"Basically, yes," the woman replied matter-of-factly.

"And what of my feelings?! What if I feel that this is more than that? What if I want it to be more than that?" Naruto asked desperately, trying to get her to see what he wanted her to see.

"Kid, this won't be more than it is now."

Naruto suddenly got frustrated with her and her refusing to see it the way he sees it. With speed belying his age, he was positioned back over the woman, looking directly into her light-brown eyes. She looked back into his, clearly not amused. She opened her mouth to tell him off, but that's when he struck. He placed his mouth over hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, trying to make her understand. Trying to convey his feelings for her in that kiss. She wasn't very responsive to his advances, so he cut the contact.

"Seriously, leave. Now."

Naruto found himself on the floor, as she pushed him off, dragging the sheets with him. He stood, naked as the day he was born, and faced the equally naked woman as she swung out of the bed and walked the short distance over to her chest-of-drawers and pulled out the top drawer. Naruto walked up to her, and stood at her side. He had to look up a bit to meet her gaze.

"Kid. Get dressed. And leave. Or I will end this relationship for good," she said while turning to face him full on.

"Goddammit Anko! Why won't see that I love you!" Naruto finally yelled out as tears shined in his eyes. "Why won't you let me love you? Why?"

"Kid, you don't know what love is. Besides, you can't love me," Anko said sternly.

Naruto growled. "Who are you to say who I can and can't love? Are you so cruel that you'll damn me to a life of solitude? I love you! I don't think I can love anyone else the way I love you! You are too special to me..."

Anko looked down at the kid she had started a physical relationship with. She was a bit unnerved that his feelings ran that deep for her. She had been worried that something like this would happen when she had started it. She thought she'd be able to stave him off, but it looks like she was wrong.

"You don't know what you're saying kid. I'm twice your age. You can't love me. You have your whole life ahead of you to find someone to love. I'm someone that no one's supposed to love. I'm tainted. Damaged goods. Unholy for love. Besides a shinobi's life isn't the best life to lead if you want to be tied down to one person for the rest of your life," Anko stated rather coldly.

"Don't say that... don't say that about yourself. Because the way I see it... You're like a diamond..."

Anko's eyes widened a bit, before returning to a neutral gaze. "How so?" she questioned.

Naruto sighed and dropped his gaze to the floor. "Because... A diamond isn't perfect to begin with. It's rough, and sometimes contains impurities... But those can be changed. The diamond just has to find the right craftsman to delicately smooth out the roughness and carefully remove the impurities," Naruto then returned his gaze back to Anko's and he grinned softly. "Because in the end, the diamond, no matter how long it takes, will always shine brightly, despite how it it started out in the hands of the craftsman."

Anko's gaze softened considerably. She could feel tears prickling at the back of her eyes, something she hadn't felt in many years.

"You are my diamond in the rough, Anko. And I'm the craftsman willing to put in everything I've got to make you shine brilliantly. But I can't do that if you won't let me..." Naruto said softly, with a sad smile.

There they stood. Both stark naked. Gazing into each other's eyes. Both sets containing unshed tears. One of hope, the other of happiness. Finally, Anko stepped forward hesitantly. She reached out and brought his head to her chest, where her heart beat with a new feeling. She hugged his head to her bosom, and he wrapped his arms around her slender waist. She buried her face into his hair and felt some tears escape her.

"Kid... Naruto... If you really feel I'm worth it... I'll cancel my date," Anko said into his hair, releasing him enough so that he could speak.

"I promise, you're worth it. I love you. I won't let go. I'll do everything to make you happy. I'll do everything to make us happy, to make us work. I've got something to be happy about, something to protect. This bond. I won't let it break. For once in my life... I've got something to truly to be happy about," Naruto said with his face still buried in her chest.

Anko smiled lightly. She finally pulled back fully, and Naruto released his hold on her. She stepped back a step and looked at Naruto, who in turn looked back at her. She gave a seductive smile and walked back to the bed, sashaying her hips, to get his attention on her ass. She climbed back into the bed, and pulled the sheets back on. She then gave Naruto a come-hither look, and beckoned him to her by curling her right index finger.

He walked over to her with a bit of a dazed expression and happy smile. He was already hard, so when he finally climbed under the covers, he was ready to "make love" as he put it. He was unaware that his partner also called it that now.

They both knew that their relationship would be frowned upon by most of the general populace, but they didn't care. For once in both their lives, they truly had someone to love, and someone to love them. And they would protect that with their lives. For everyone knows, diamonds are worth keeping in your heart.


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