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Friday, May 2, 2008

Like a Diamond

A/N: This struck me after talking with a girl who lives in a town not too far away from me. She's only lived there for six months, and she's fucked almost all of the guys from about age sixteen to about twenty-four. And after talking to her, this pops in my head. Weeeird... Anyway... Oneshot. Nuff said.

Disclaimer: Don't own the properties mentioned in this fic.

Warnings: Implied sexual acts and language.

Like a Diamond

Author: master anime

"Nngh!" a male grunted in the darkness.

"Mmm..." a female moan accompanied his vocalization.

Naruto collapsed on the form below himself panting and trying to regain his senses. It was awesome, every time he did this, he was flooded with feelings. Feelings he tried to comprehend, yet failed to understand the depth of.

He rolled off top of the figure, which was decidedly feminine, removing himself from within her. He slipped one arm under her and the other over her, enclosing her in a hug. He also snuggled his face into her ample bosom.

They laid like that for many minutes, basking in their sex session. While Naruto would call it "making love" his opposite would call it "fucking". He was about ready to fall asleep when a rough shake on his shoulder roused him from the verge of sleep.

"Hey. Kid. C'mon, you can't fall asleep now. I've got a date in an hour, you need to leave now," the female remarked to the male.

"Why? Why do you do this?" Naruto asked the woman. "Every time. You hurt me every time. Why?"

The woman sighed and placed her hand on his head. "What're you talking about? How have I hurt you? If I recall, you said this was one of your most pleasurable times."

"You don't understand do you?"

"What exactly am I supposed to understand?"

Naruto shifted so that he was about face-to-face with the woman. He buried his face in her purple hair and inhaled the scent of it. "Every time you call me to come over to do this, you get me excited, anxious to be with you. I get all riled up, but in the back of my mind... I know that you'll just tell me to leave afterwards. Then you'll go out and bring another guy, or girl, back and do the same thing... And it hurts me."

The purple-headed female sighed and rolled her eyes. "Kid. You don't know what you're saying. This relationship is purely physical. Nothing more, maybe less. If you weren't big for your age, and didn't have your insane stamina, I probably wouldn't look twice at you."

"Is that what it boils down to? I'm just a quick fuck and when you're satisfied, you throw me out until you need another fix?" Naruto asked scathingly.

"Basically, yes," the woman replied matter-of-factly.

"And what of my feelings?! What if I feel that this is more than that? What if I want it to be more than that?" Naruto asked desperately, trying to get her to see what he wanted her to see.

"Kid, this won't be more than it is now."

Naruto suddenly got frustrated with her and her refusing to see it the way he sees it. With speed belying his age, he was positioned back over the woman, looking directly into her light-brown eyes. She looked back into his, clearly not amused. She opened her mouth to tell him off, but that's when he struck. He placed his mouth over hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, trying to make her understand. Trying to convey his feelings for her in that kiss. She wasn't very responsive to his advances, so he cut the contact.

"Seriously, leave. Now."

Naruto found himself on the floor, as she pushed him off, dragging the sheets with him. He stood, naked as the day he was born, and faced the equally naked woman as she swung out of the bed and walked the short distance over to her chest-of-drawers and pulled out the top drawer. Naruto walked up to her, and stood at her side. He had to look up a bit to meet her gaze.

"Kid. Get dressed. And leave. Or I will end this relationship for good," she said while turning to face him full on.

"Goddammit Anko! Why won't see that I love you!" Naruto finally yelled out as tears shined in his eyes. "Why won't you let me love you? Why?"

"Kid, you don't know what love is. Besides, you can't love me," Anko said sternly.

Naruto growled. "Who are you to say who I can and can't love? Are you so cruel that you'll damn me to a life of solitude? I love you! I don't think I can love anyone else the way I love you! You are too special to me..."

Anko looked down at the kid she had started a physical relationship with. She was a bit unnerved that his feelings ran that deep for her. She had been worried that something like this would happen when she had started it. She thought she'd be able to stave him off, but it looks like she was wrong.

"You don't know what you're saying kid. I'm twice your age. You can't love me. You have your whole life ahead of you to find someone to love. I'm someone that no one's supposed to love. I'm tainted. Damaged goods. Unholy for love. Besides a shinobi's life isn't the best life to lead if you want to be tied down to one person for the rest of your life," Anko stated rather coldly.

"Don't say that... don't say that about yourself. Because the way I see it... You're like a diamond..."

Anko's eyes widened a bit, before returning to a neutral gaze. "How so?" she questioned.

Naruto sighed and dropped his gaze to the floor. "Because... A diamond isn't perfect to begin with. It's rough, and sometimes contains impurities... But those can be changed. The diamond just has to find the right craftsman to delicately smooth out the roughness and carefully remove the impurities," Naruto then returned his gaze back to Anko's and he grinned softly. "Because in the end, the diamond, no matter how long it takes, will always shine brightly, despite how it it started out in the hands of the craftsman."

Anko's gaze softened considerably. She could feel tears prickling at the back of her eyes, something she hadn't felt in many years.

"You are my diamond in the rough, Anko. And I'm the craftsman willing to put in everything I've got to make you shine brilliantly. But I can't do that if you won't let me..." Naruto said softly, with a sad smile.

There they stood. Both stark naked. Gazing into each other's eyes. Both sets containing unshed tears. One of hope, the other of happiness. Finally, Anko stepped forward hesitantly. She reached out and brought his head to her chest, where her heart beat with a new feeling. She hugged his head to her bosom, and he wrapped his arms around her slender waist. She buried her face into his hair and felt some tears escape her.

"Kid... Naruto... If you really feel I'm worth it... I'll cancel my date," Anko said into his hair, releasing him enough so that he could speak.

"I promise, you're worth it. I love you. I won't let go. I'll do everything to make you happy. I'll do everything to make us happy, to make us work. I've got something to be happy about, something to protect. This bond. I won't let it break. For once in my life... I've got something to truly to be happy about," Naruto said with his face still buried in her chest.

Anko smiled lightly. She finally pulled back fully, and Naruto released his hold on her. She stepped back a step and looked at Naruto, who in turn looked back at her. She gave a seductive smile and walked back to the bed, sashaying her hips, to get his attention on her ass. She climbed back into the bed, and pulled the sheets back on. She then gave Naruto a come-hither look, and beckoned him to her by curling her right index finger.

He walked over to her with a bit of a dazed expression and happy smile. He was already hard, so when he finally climbed under the covers, he was ready to "make love" as he put it. He was unaware that his partner also called it that now.

They both knew that their relationship would be frowned upon by most of the general populace, but they didn't care. For once in both their lives, they truly had someone to love, and someone to love them. And they would protect that with their lives. For everyone knows, diamonds are worth keeping in your heart.


A/N: Well... there it is. Ah Magoo... you've done it again... But seriously, this was a bit of a hard oneshot to write. But the reason I wrote it is a bit of a selfish gain. The reason I wrote this is to encourage some aspiring authors out there to write a good NaruAnko fic! I've got my hands full with both my new fics, and my old one that my brother didn't finish fixing... And I really need a new, good, NaruAnko fic. I'd really appreciate it if someone would do that for me. I'll even write a oneshot with a pairing of your choosing, dedicated to you! But anyway... Yeah. That's about it. I'll catch you all later. Updates soon to come for my other two fics.

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