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Friday, May 2, 2008

Occupational Hazards

Notes: Just to warn in advance this is my first, I repeat my first NaruHina fan fic I have ever written, so please be gentle if my characterization is a bit off. Also some citrus apperception should be expected since there is some slight sexual theme to this one-shot, so you have been warned!

Disclaimer: If it appears in the Naruto anime/manga then it does not belong to me.


Occupational Hazards

Author: Blue Quartz Foxy

Never in a million years would have Hinata imagined that she would have the last name of Uzumaki. Never in her wildest dreams did the young woman picture the ring on her finger, the wedding or what happened afterward…

Hinata had enough grace to blush. Okay so maybe she had at one time or another imagined what it would be like to have sex with her beloved blond-haired husband/former childhood crush.

Well now the young woman could say that she didn’t have to imagine what that would be like anymore.

However, Hinata had to admit that her husband had a rather odd fetish that he had always wanted to play out.

Big blue eyes stared up at her pleadingly, hands clasped as if in begging prayer, that cute wibble like pout on his lips.

He was making it very difficult for her to say ‘no’.

Still the former Hyuuga heiress shook her head, though both noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to graciously decline.

“Just once…please?” Naruto began.

Hinata’s lavender eyes glanced apprehensively as the desk. It looked rather stiff and uncomfortable especially with the important documents and scrolls that her husband, and Hokage, should be working on rather than pestering his wife for a special birthday favor.

Despite her reservations, Hinata was starting to feel the combined sting of guilt and Naruto’s pleas.

Seeing that Hinata’s will was gradually waning the blond kicked the begging up a notch by loosely wrapping his arms around her kimono cladded body, his nose gently nuzzling her neck causing Hinata to shudder pleasantly.

Naruto moved his mouth to kiss the side of her neck and gradually up to nip at the delicate shell of a pale right ear before whispered huskily, “Please? It is my birthday after all, and this is really the only thing I want.”

Hinata was torn between wondering why her husband couldn’t ask for a ‘normal’ birthday gift, and the desire to give him just about anything he wanted.

While Hinata was thinking Naruto leaned in to lightly nibble on her earlobe again, electing a shiver from the young woman.

Darn him and that cute little ear-nibble trick! Must be the fox in him that inspired that wicked little move.

Before she had even fully nodded her head Hinata gasped as she felt the tie to her obi being unknotted causing the light violet kimono to part open to the cool air of the office.

Naruto started muttering ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’s’ into the side of her neck as he licked and nibbled his way down the side of her neck.

Hinata shivered. God he knew just the ‘right’ places to touch her. However not wanting to be completely passive in their lovemaking the young woman turned to face Naruto, her fingers fisting tightly into his robes, giving a bold and very un-Hinata kiss to the Hokage.

Blinking wide blue eyes at his usually timid and shy wife’s sudden desire to dominate the kiss Naruto grinned a little before returning her efforts by boldly nibbling on her lips, lightly skimming his tongue over parted lips as the kiss deepened.

Hinata could feel her feet backpedaling; but rather than breaking the kiss in order to see where she was going the young woman trusted her husband’s guidance as their tongues started a slow and sensual dance as they ‘fought’ for dominance via the kiss.

However all fight seemed to leave Hinata when Naruto plucked the woman off her feet and laid her tenderly out on top of his desk, clearing off the papers and scrolls in a hurry.

Breaking their kiss Hinata glanced up at her husband, who grinned at her with that same cute ‘fox smile’; the mischievous expression that always told her that he was up to something.

She couldn’t help but smile back, even while trying to catch her breath, “What are you smiling about?” Hinata asked.

Naruto just shrugged, “Nothing…but you,” he leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead, tip of her nose, and a light chaste kiss on her lips, “what are you smiling about eh?” he asked in kind.

“You,” she said honestly however her answer ended in a soft moan as Naruto’s kisses trailed down her neck to settle on her chest, which he was trying liberate from it’s cloth confinement.

Naruto frowned at the piece of cloth. It was taunting him, holding his wife’s sizable soft breasts from him.

Hinata couldn’t help but giggle. Naruto and her undergarments never did see eye to eye since the sixth Hokage was powerless whenever he went toe-to-toe against the back clasps of her bra.

“Here…” she began, lifting off the desk enough to maneuver her hands back to undo the clasps on her bra and slowly removed the offending garment, the flush returning to her cheeks as Hinata felt the cold air hit her pinking nipples.

Naruto all but purred in contentment at seeing the soft flesh. First he nuzzled the valley, causing his wife to be tickled into laughing, giggles quickly melting into moans as a tongue skimmed over the sensitive skin, gravitating right for the rosy nipple.

“Ohhh!” Hinata responded as her fingers reached to wind among Naruto’s unruly blond hair as his lips enclosed around her breast, lavishing her nipple with his tongue and suckling on it.

And it only got worse as Naruto’s mouth went away from her breasts.

Breath coming out in small hurried pants Hinata glanced curiously as she felt the fabric of her kimono being pulled away from the rest of her form.

‘What is he doing?’ she wondered, only able to understand Naruto’s intention after a calloused finger lightly pressed against the thin cloth of her panties.

For a moment her vision swam. It felt so good!

Biting her lower lip in frustration Hinata was honestly starting to forget that this was her birthday present to Naruto, not the other way around.

“Naruto-kun,” Hinata whimpered slightly her wide lavender eyes, her slender arms reaching out to pull her husband closer for another kiss.

With another tug Naruto was coaxed to kneel on the edge of the desk, joining Hinata on top of the flat surface, one knee pressed between her legs as Hinata’s hands reached around Naruto’s robes.

“Whoa Hinata slow down.” Naruto teased, his grin making the whisker markings along his cheek stand out.

Face flushed the Hyuuga woman slowly pulled back, realizing that indeed she was rushing things a bit.

“Gomen…” she started only to have Naruto cut off her apology with yet another kiss. Closing her eyes Hinata loosely wound her arms around Naruto’s neck, pulling him toward her as they both leaned back on the desk.

And in a move worthy of Uzumaki devious cunning, Hinata broke from the kiss to lightly nibble on Naruto’s right ear.

“…copy-cat,” the young man grumbled, nuzzling the side of Hinata’s neck as the unapologetic woman smothered a small chuckle. However Hinata was no longer laughing when the door to the office opened…

“Hokage-sama I have some papers for you to look at before…” the voice trailed off as pale eyes drank in the sight of the Hokage-and his wife- lying sprawled out on the desk.

Utterly mortified Hinata ducked her head, trying to hide among the very long sleeves of the Hokage robe that she had tried to get off Naruto’s frame earlier; her face changing at least three shades of red before settling on a rather interesting shade known as ‘cooked lobster’.

“Uh…hehe good morning Neji.” Naruto greeted, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head with his right hand, the left hand still supporting his frame above a nearly naked Hinata-chan.

For a moment the Hyuuga genius just stared…and stared…and stared some more, before retreating back behind the door and slamming it shut.

Wincing from the resounding slam the door Naruto considered about going after Neji to at least explain…

But before the Hokage could even think about moving Hinata instantly tugged on his robes; pulling her husband’s attention back to the beautiful and nearly undressed female body underneath him.

Oh well…hopefully Neji would be available to accept an apology.


Actually strike that.

Much later.


“…Tenten, may I borrow a kunai from you?”

“May I ask why?” the brown-eyed weapon mistress inquired, after all Tenten was very possessive over her 'toys'.

“I need something sharp to gorge my eyes out with.” Neji replied in a deadpan voice.

Notes: I know that this was a rather short and pointless one-shot, think of it as my self-introduction to writing NaruHina fan fics along with the all the crack pairing plot bunnies I’m currently chasing. Anyway thanks for reading!

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