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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Mysterious Girl From The Land of Water

The Mysterious Girl from the Land of Water

Author: MadienOfTheMoonlight17

It was a hot summer day in the land of fire. Three young ninja sat around a campfire pit in the middle of a clearing. Two boys and a girl. The oldest of the boys wore a forest green jumpsuit with white pinstripes. His arms and legs were wrapped in tape, probably from intense training and his thick black hair blew in the wind. The girl sat in between the boys. She was fairly tall but small in stature. Her soft pink hair had a unique sheen to it and her green eyes reflected off of her red top and white shorts. The youngest of the boys looked a bit naive and wore a cunning smile. His blue eyes and messy blonde hair were prominate features upon his handsome face. He wore orange and black pants and jacket that looked a bit worn. They were the best and brightest of the Hidden Leaf ninja. Rock Lee, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki.

“Why did grandma send us on this mission anyway? I mean this girl isn’t that big of a deal to her right?” asked Naruto laying back on the grass. “Oh, no.” said Sakura sarcastically. “She’s just the only heir to the Avalon clan.” “Yes, we must find and return Terra to the Village Hidden in the Leaves or else her clan could collapse.” Said Lee. “Alright, fine. I’ll find the brat.” Said Naruto looking at the picture of the girl given to him by lady Tsunade. The girl in the photo looked to be 12 years old with black hair and dark blue eyes. “We should all split up. Sakura, take the area north of here, Naruto, you take the river, and I’ll patrol the area west of here. Meet back here in one hour.” Said Lee looking at his watch. The three ninja ran in different directions. Naruto walked a path that led to a river. He followed it for quite some time, and soon found himself tired. He knelt by the edge of the water to drink and then saw a reflection in the water. He gazed hard at the image and found it belonged to a tall, beautiful girl with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. “Who are you?” asked Naruto as he stood. “Who am I? You’re the one that’s ignorant to the lands.” Said the girl looking at his headband. “I’m Naruto Uzumaki, and I’m here on orders from the Hokage from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I’m looking for a girl, about 12 years old.” Said Naruto handing the girl the picture he was carrying. “So, you’re looking for her?” asked the girl. “So, you know her?” asked Naruto in excitement. “I might.” Said the girl and she started to walk off. “Hey, wait!” Shouted Naruto as he ran after her. Just as he was about to reach her, she disappeared.

“What the…?” said Naruto in shock. He looked everywhere in the surrounding areas for the girl whom he had just met, but with no luck, he headed back to the campsite. As he came into the clearing, he saw that he was the only one. He sat down against the tent. Then a voice from above him said, “Looking for me?” Naruto jumped to his feet and saw the girl whom he had just met standing ontop of the tent. “Who are you? And how did you find me?” demanded Naruto. “You’re one of the famous hidden leaf ninja I’ve heard so much about. Your team mates are Sakura Haruno and Rock Lee, correct?” asked the girl. “How do you know that?” asked Naruto. “I have my sources. Did you really come all this way just to find that girl in the picture?” asked the girl. “Yes, it’s a mission from Lady Tsunade.” Said Naruto. “The new hokage, I presume.” Said the girl. “Yeah, and you’re interfering with ninja orders.” Said Naruto. “No, I’m not. The ninja law states that interfering with ninja orders falls under the category of tampering with evidence, kidnapping of officials, threats of any sort, false information, trickery or bribes” said the girl. “Wow, she’s good.” Said Naruto to himself. “Hey Naruto!” shouted a voice from across the area. Naruto turned to see Lee and Sakura returning from their search. When he turned around to see if the girl was still atop of the tent, she was gone again. “Who were you talking to?” asked Sakura as she looked around the campsite for other persons. “I met this girl at the river who seemed to know who we’re looking for.” Said Naruto. “No kidding?” asked Lee. “Where is she now?” asked Sakura. “I don’t know. She was here a minute ago, but when you two showed up, she vanished.” Said Naruto. “Oh, really.” Said Sakura doughtfully. “I’m telling you the truth. She just vanished.” Said Naruto. Little did Naruto or the others know, the girl was watching them from the treetops just a few feet above. “So, father wants me to come home.” Said the girl. A few hours later, Naruto, Sakura and Lee walked into a nearby town. The sign outside the village read, ‘Laogai Village’. It was a small, discreet town with friendly locals. The ninja then wandered into a tavern on the edge of the town.

They sat down at the bar and a middle aged woman approached them. She stopped in front of Lee and said, “What can I get you handsome?” “Some information. Do you know this girl?” asked Lee handing her the picture of the girl. “Oh, you mean Terra. Didn’t hardly recognize her, she had to be 12 when that was taken.” Said the woman. “What do you mean, she had to be 12?” asked Sakura. “She’s 17 now. That’s the age she was when she came here. She lives just a few blocks away from here with a young water ninja couple.” Said the woman. As they got up to leave, the woman then called out to them, “You better watch yourselves, she’s a very dangerous person to mess with.” “Is she really that dangerous?” asked Lee. “Oh, yes. The last person to face her in battle was old man Ding. He accused her of trespassing on his vegetable garden and she threw him for a loop. Amazingly, she knows an array of water and fire jutzu. I think she comes from a different land than the land of water.” Said the woman as she walked away.

Naruto, Sakura and Lee walked a few blocks down the path and they came to a small cottage. A young woman was working in the garden in the front of the house. She looked to be about 27 with dark brown hair and copper colored skin. Her dark blue eyes were like sapphires among onyx. The ninja entered through the gates of the house and approached the woman. She looked up in surprise and said, “Can I help you?” “We are ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and we are on a search and return mission. We are looking for a young girl, named Terra Avalon, heir to the Avalon clan.” Said Lee. “You just missed her. I sent her into town to fetch some herbs for my garden. Won’t you come in to wait for her? She should be back soon.” Said the woman. She led the ninja into the living room of her small house. It was adorned with treasures of all kinds from the land of water. “My name Is Eria and Terra came to us 5 years ago, when I and my husband Sokka were newlyweds. She was about 12, very small and distraught. We asked her what had happened to her to make her leave her home in the land of fire, but she wouldn’t say. All that she said was that she had a fight with her cousin and it broke her heart.” Said Eria. “Oh, that’s horrible.” Said Sakura. “Yes. But she has grown into a fine ninja. She already had mastered several fire jutzu and my husband and I have taught her all the water jutzu we know.” Said Eria. “Wow, a master of both fire and water.” Said Lee. “She is a very strange girl but very loving and obedient.” Said Eria. Then the back door to the cottage slammed and the girl whom Naruto had met at the river walked into the living room. “You!” shouted Naruto as he jumped up from his seat. “What’s your problem?” shouted Sakura as she pulled Naruto back down. “That’s the girl that I met at the river. “said Naruto. “But that’s impossible, Eria just said she was running errands.” Said Sakura. “Actually, it’s not so impossible. I did meet Naruto at Lake Laogai.” Said Terra. “What were you doing their?” asked Eira. “I was practicing my water dragon jutzu.” Said Terra. “You know you shouldn’t wander that far from the village.” Said Eria. “Oh, come on. I’m not a little kid anymore. I can handle myself. In fact, why don’t I prove it to you? Any of you three want to battle me?” asked Terra looking at the hidden leaf ninja. She looked very confidant, like she knew what the three were capable of. “Sure, I’ll take you on.” Said Naruto standing up. “Naruto, don’t be an idiot, you heard the old woman in the tavern. She’s very dangerous!” said Sakura warning him of his stubborn move. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. She may be strong, but I’m stronger still.” Said Naruto. “Good, we can have our battle out in the back.” said an excited Terra. She led Naruto, Sakura and Lee to a battle field made of dirt and rocks. Lee stood on the outside of the arena with Naruto and Terra standing at either end. “The rules for this match is anything goes. The match continues until you conceive defeat or can no longer continue. Begin!” shouted Lee as he jumped back and awaited the first few blows. “I don’t want to blow you away too quick, so I’ll let you have the first move.” Said Naruto cunningly. “That’s sweet, but I’m afraid your outmatched.” Said Terra closing her eyes. She then started making hand signs. “What is she doing?” asked Lee observing her hand signs. “Those signs don’t do anything. Ocean, wave, bird and… siren?” asked Sakura as Terra made her last sign. “The other signs aren’t a part of any jutzu, but the last one, it’s the sign of the siren, a mythological but deadly mermaid that uses her voice to entrance sailors and make them sail their way to their death among the sharp coral reefs.” Explained Sakura. “What could she be planning?” asked Lee. “I’m afraid, it’s not good.” Said Eria. “That particular jutzu takes a while for her to use, but she has another talent that your friend may not be able to withstand.” Said Eria. Sakura and Lee watched in curiosity as Terra began to reopen her eyes. Chakra began to pour into the areas surrounding her eyes causing the vessels to swell. When her eyes were fully open, Naruto stood in amazement as her once blue eyes were now blood red with the Sharingan symbols surrounding her pupil. “What the…!?” asked Naruto. “Surprised? Well you should be. I’m not an ordinary kunoichi.” Said Terra as stood before Naruto. “She wields both the byankugan and sharingan?” asked Lee and Sakura together. “Yes, I wield both. You see, I’m both an Uchiha and a Hyuga. My family is a result of merging both clans.” Explained Terra. “But enough with the explanations, let’s continue our battle.” Said Terra as she reached into her pack and pulled out three kunai. Naruto braced himself for an attack, but just before she was to make contact with Naruto’s flesh with her knife, she vanished. “What? Where did she go?” asked Sakura looking the battle field over for Terra. “Looking for me?” asked a voice from above the battle field. Naruto looked up and saw Terra standing on a tree branch. “What are you doing up their?” asked Naruto. “Just warming up.” Said Terra and she tried her water dragon jutzu. A clone appeared just a few meters from the tree she was standing in. “Twin water dragon jutzu!” shouted the two Terras. Then, the water in the air started to come together in droplets. Suddenly, the droplets started to gather in the middle of the field. The water grew more and more with every passing moment. The water dragons had been assembled and its attack was aimed at Naruto. He thought quickly and used his shadow clones to take the full blunt of the attack. “Nice diversion, but there’s no way you can avoid this with some cheap trick.” Said Terra and she folded her hands in the sign of the siren and opened her mouth. She closed her eyes and began to sing. A beautiful and angelic melody filled the air. It penetrated Naruto’s thick head and intranced him. He fell to his knees with a blank stare upon his face. Sakura and Lee fell vulnerable to the melody as well. “It’s so beautiful.” Said Sakura. Lee nodded his head in agreement. Terra stopped singing and Sakura and Lee’s head cleared. Naruto still slumped over himself in the middle of the training field. Terra jumped down from the tree branch and walked over to Naruto. She lifted him up by his shirt and said, “You put up a decent fight kid, but it just wasn’t good enough.” Said Terra. Then, the boy she thought she was holding vanished and a log appeared in its place. “A substitution!” shouted Terra and she turned to see the real Naruto coming at her with his rasengan blazing. She quickly activated her byankusharingan and dodged it. “That was unexpected.” Said Terra stopping to catch her breath. She then came at Naruto again, this time, with no ninja weapon. She used her index and forefinger of her right arm to block Naruto’s chakra points. Naruto fell to the ground writhing in agony. “What did you do?” asked Naruto in a muffled voice. “I shut off your main chakra points in your arm so you can’t use that pesky jutzu again.” Said Terra and Naruto conceived defeat, knowing he couldn’t move, let along continue to fight. Lee announced that Terra was the winner and he and Sakura helped Naruto to his feet and took him inside the house. Just as they laid him on the couch, Sokka, Eria’s husband walked through the front door. “Oh, dear. What happened?” asked Sokka as he observed Naruto lying on the couch completely motionless. “Terra had a little battle with this boy.” Said Eria. “Terra, what have we told you about picking fights?” asked Sokka with his arms crossed. “I know, but I wanted to prove to Eria that I’m not a little kid anymore and that I can handle myself.” Said Terra in defense. “We can see that, but you should be more careful about flaunting your powers. Your byankusharingan is the most deadly of all ninja kekegenki. Not to mention your siren wail.” Said Sokka. “Siren wail?” asked Naruto in a weak voice. “Yes, what was that unusual jutzu you used earlier?” asked Lee. “I guess I do owe you an explanation. My siren wail is something that I developed on my own. It’s a special technique that emits chakra waves using my voice. The chakra enters my opponents mind and causes all electrical impulses that control bodily movements to shut down.” Said Terra. “Wow, no wonder Lady Tsunade wanted you to come home to take over your clan.” Said Sakura. “She wants you to do what?” asked Sokka in astonishment. “Lady Hokage asked us to come here to the land of water to retrieve Terra so she can take over her clan. Her father, the head of the Avalon clan wishes to retire soon and Terra is his only child, so she needs to return to the land of fire immediately so she can assume her title.” Explained Sakura. “But Terra is only 17, she can’t presume that much responsibility.” Said Sokka. “Age doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s a matter of blood and who can best represent each clan.” Said Terra. “I know I must journey back with you. I’ll miss my family here in the land of water.” Said Terra hugging Sokka and Eria. “I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me.” Said Terra between sobs. Naruto was just then coming around and sat up on the couch. ‘What happened?” asked Naruto holding his head. “You took a pretty big hit by Terra’s siren wail.” Said Lee. “Her what?” asked Naruto confused. “She has a remarkable ability to emit chakra waves using her voice. It penetrates her opponents mind and causes the nervous system that is responsible for movement and reflexes to shut down.” Explained Lee. Naruto watched as Terra said her last goodbyes to her foster family and she went to pack her bags. “Make sure she gets back alright.” Said Eria as she sought the young ninja out. “Oh, we will ma’am” said Sakura. Terra walked out of the house and followed Lee, Sakura and Naruto down a twisting path through the forest. Not long after they exited the thick foliage, the gates to the Hidden Leaf Village came into view. “I haven’t seen those gates in over 5 years.” Said Terra. “Come on, you have a lot of new friends to meet!” shouted Lee as he took her hand and led her through the golden gates.

By Olivia Wrenn age 17 12-28-08

With her

Author: Omigo


Second: The song is "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion

Third: I hope you enjoy this one shot story :D It's a NaruSaku for those who didn't already know!

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

She slowly opened up her eyes, only to meet a blue par that belonged to blond, energetic boy how was turning 17 soon. She smiled and so did he. The silence between them weren’t awkward, more the other way. They didn’t need to say that much to either to understand the other one. Since they had grown older both had become more mature and the relationship between them had almost become unbreakable. They were more than friends, but still not lovers. They where something in between since both there to stubborn to admit something else or to realise how much they needed either.

She had come to love him, as a brother, as a team mate, as a friend and as the one how where always there for her. Yet she could not admit to her self that she probably loved him so much more, that she wanted him so bad but the fear has holding her back. The fear of risking everything for such a small thing as love.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

“Naruto”, she whispered

“What is it Sakura-chan?”, he asked and gave her a worried look.

“What do you want for you birthday present?”, she smiled towards him, convincing him not to worry with her smile.

“I don’t want anything special, except for maybe a whole year of free ramen”, he said and laugh a bit, “… But as long as you keep on smiling on that day, I’ll be happy”

“I see”, she mumble and stared walking down the streets.

He returned her smiled and began to walk beside her. People in the village often came up and ask her when she and Naruto would go on a date, always saying that they where such a lovely couple. She ignored them most of the time, but sometimes it was like someone stabbed a knife in her heart. She didn’t know why. It was used that the feeling of fear attacked her again. Of all the things in the world, she was most afraid of that someone would take away Naruto, Sai, Yamoto and Kakashi. She remember so well that day that Sasuke had left them. Every time she thought about it her eyes would tear up and a horrible pain rushed through her body. She could not help but, to still, think like one of the reasons that he left was because of her and she hated to feel like she had betrayed him. Not being able to be good enough, nor strong enough to stop him. All that she wanted back then, and now, was to help him. But after a couple of failed attempted to bring him back to Konoha she had, at the moment, giving up on the thought that he could come back to them.


She snapped out of her thoughts and turned her head at the direction she heard his voice. He looked at her with worry in his eyes. Yet she smiled at him and waved her hand in front of her like there was nothing to worry about.

“I was used thinking about the past”, she said, turning around and started walking again.
Then she felt how he took a steady grip around her arm and turned her around, facing him. He looked deep into her eyes but she only looked down, at the ground.

“You thought about him again, didn’t you?”, he whispered

She looked up at him, shocked but still. The shock didn’t last long. She felt her tears swelling up and she felt herself crashing into him. Hugging him hard. He responded with a sweet smile what she didn’t see and his arms holding her tight against his chest.

“Don’t worry”, he whispered and his hand touching her hair, gently brushing through it, “You still have me, Sakura-chan, and I won’t walk out of your life that’s easily”

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

She closed her eyes, and took in his scent from her nose. He smelled sweet, like orange mixed with vanilla. A smile appeared on her lips. And a thank you was whispered in his ear as she slowly was letting go of him. When they broke apart she took a deep breathe and took his hand in hers.


She smiled and laughed at his reaction. People around them started whispered to either and pointing at them. She didn’t care. All she did was to hold his hand tight and then they continue to walk down the street. Still holding hands and they didn’t let go until they reached theirs goal, Narutos apartment.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me


She stood in the doorstep, looking at him laughing with everyone and thanking them for coming. The surprise party was Hinatas idea. Since the other ideas weren’t that great they had quickly agreed on a party. Here they were now. Sakura still stood at the door, she felt like everyone needed there own time to congratulate Naruto. Besides, she had been with him for the whole day already and the present that were waiting for him could always wait a bit longer.


She turned her attention away from the birthday boy and to Lee. Lee looked at her but her eyes still did not meet his.

“What is it, Lee?”, she smiled like she always did, still not a real one but it was good enough.

“You look a bit lonely”, he said, trying to get her to open up for him, “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong”, she answered, “I just thought that I step a side for a bit so that everyone get there own time to congratulate Naruto”

Lee looked at her, one part confused and one part full of admiration. He admired her used because what were she said, it sounded wise and right at every time. She had grown into a beautiful and mature woman. But still, he knew that something was missing, something important. A dream, a bit of hope, a piece of romance.

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

She continued to watch everyone the rest of the evening. She didn’t feel like talking to anybody right now. The silence that lay around her comforted her in a strange way. A small smile appeared as she walked out of the kitchen.

The sight that appeared in front of her eyes didn’t really surprise her, only that her heart took a jump. Hinata was being hug by Naruto, probably because of the present she had given him. The other girls stood around, and laughed at Hinatas reaction. It probably would take long before she would faint. Kakashi and Yamato stood a bit outside the crowd that was surrounding Naruto. She walked up to them and poked Kakashi on the arm.

“Hey there sensei”, she said, looking into his dark eye

“Well hello there Sakura”, he answered, “I haven’t seen you in a while”

“I was just in the kitchen”

“Preparing for your gift perhaps?”

“Not quite”, she said and looked down at the floor, “I already have prepared for it”

“Sounds interesting”

She looked up at him. She could only guess, but he was probably smirking under that blood damn mask. If only he could show them his face sometime. She really wished to see it, almost as much as she wished that everyone could go home now. It was evil, she knew, but if they didn’t she would never have the time to show Naruto her present.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

She had given up. Everybody was still in there, in his apartment. A sigh was heard and she opened the door to the roof. The wind took a steady grip around her body and she nearly had some problems getting out, on the roof. That was how strong the wind blew tonight.

“Naruto”, she whispered into the night

The sunset was beautiful. If only he was there to see it with her. That was going to be her surprise. He had always said that he would like to se the sunset together with her so she thought that if would have been the perfect gift. Her eyes were closed. She was near to tears; she didn’t know why only that she missed him. She missed his warming smile and safe arms around her body.

Suddenly she felt selfish. After all this was his birthday and all she had did so far was to think of herself. Perhaps it would be best it she walked back to the party. It was not like no one would notice that she had been gone. They never did anymore. It was only Naruto how did those kind of things. Naruto? Oh hell, he would notice it. He would certainly go and see where she had gone. Fuck, why didn’t she think of that before? Of course that idiot would walk after her; even it was his party downstairs. This wasn’t good, not good at all.

Suddenly she heard how the door was opened. She eyes were immediately there and used as she had expected a par of blue eyes appeared and a blonde hair where visible.

“You idiot”, she whispered but could not help to feel a bit happier now that he was here, with her.

“Sakura-chan”, he said as he watched her walk towards him

Both were smiling as they stood before one and another. Smiling for real.

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

“Naruto”, she whispered as she slowly took him in for a hug.

The wind on the root top started to increase and it was playing with their mixed hair. The sunset was gone and the moon shined brighter than ever, lighting up their reflection. She pulled a bit away from him, only so that she could face him. Their faces there inches away from one and another and she could easily feel his breathe on her face. A smile appeared. Then there were two, and some words where whispered before lips closing in on either. Finally her cold lips crashed into his. Her eyes were closed but she could feel that he was looking at her. She then opened her eyes and broke away from his lips.

“Sakura…”, he whispered and look confused at her

“Shut up and kiss me, you idiot”, she mumble

First he looked really shocked but then she got her wish granted. Her first kiss belonged to the only one that came to deserve is. Her body so close to his. Their tongues playing with either, fighting over how was going to control the kiss. A moan heard and lust building up. When they broke apart, breathing for air and looking into either’s eyes.

“Sakura-chan I lov…”, he begin to say but was interrupted but her words.

“I know that, stupid”, a smiled on her lips, “It’s because you loved me what I’m standing here, before you, asking you to just to keep on loving me like you do”, he smiled at her and took her in for another hug, “And I will do my best to keep on loving you, Naruto”, her words touched his heart like a explosion and he used couldn’t keep himself from kissing her like crazy.

After all, this was the moment and the words he had been longing to hear his whole life.

I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

The End


Disclaimer: Yeah, Naruto isn't mine.


By: N3L

When Hinata had initially confessed to Naruto, it broke Naruto’s heart.

Contrary to popular belief, he did notice the fair girl’s affections for him (well, eventually), he just couldn’t bring himself to address the issue. It may have gone against his very character, but this was an unwanted new and foreign issue that he couldn’t deal with by using his fists. It may have taken a while, but her actions always did puzzle him for a few years, till it hit him. At the age of 16 going 17, he definitely knew. It grew more glaringly obvious to him as it did to everyone else, and he had to wonder at the fact of how blind he was.

What else did he miss?

But currently, he hoped that he’d never have to confront her about it and she’d move on.

However, as things were going, it was actually quite amazing the amount of dedication she had toward him. Really, it was. Naruto definitely respected her in that aspect.

But it simply hurt.

He realized what was coming to him when it was much too late.

None of the warning bells in his head should have gone off, when she approached him, all quiet awkwardness, yet with a certain curious blend of nobility unique to those who shared the Hyuuga blood.

“Um…Na-Naruto-kun. M-May I talk to you please?”

Damn his slow unwitting mind.

“Sure, Hinata! What d’ya need?”

He waited patiently as she turned various shades of red, as was per usual for Hinata’s behavior around him. It was the way she’d always acted around him, and that is and always was his impression of her. Plums and cherries.

Her fingers gravitated toward each other in her old habits, but she drew them back quickly, startling herself almost. Hinata dipped her head and spoke in soft words.

Nearly everything about Hinata was soft.

“Ah…can we…go s-somewhere more…quiet?”

“…Alright.” By then, he finally felt that something was off. But he complied with her wishes and they ended up within the forest.

“So, what’s up, Hinata?” His brows furrowed with worry, “Is there something wrong?”

Her large light eyes widened and she protested profusely. “O-oh no, nothing’s wrong! Nothing at all!”

She averted her gaze away.

Well, that seemed suspicious.

“Um…I just wanted to’s been a while…and um…I…”

That’s when it hit him. And the little voice in his head went ‘oh shit.’

“I…Ireallylikeyou!” Her confession came out quick and in a messy jumble, but he understood it just fine.

He blinked, his expression blank and worked on digesting the confessed information. Then his eyebrows drew together in an awkward despair as he looked at Hinata.

She was beyond nervous, and he saw her make to bolt away from him like a startled doe.

Naruto held on a hand and steadied her quivering shoulder. Then he smiled a small smile that did not reach his eyes. A genuine smile of gratefulness, but also of regret.


It hurt. It hurt like hell. It hurt looking at Hinata in all her loveliness right here in front of him. With her exotic light complexion and dark hair. And those soft glittering eyes that were so different from Neji’s.

Yeah, it hurt.

He looked at her straight in those doe eyes of hers and for once, his voice was in a whisper that was hardly heard by anyone.

“Thank you,” he meant it, with all his heart, but his smile widened and the ends mixed into the slight actions of a grimace, “But…I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same way.”

He felt their two beating hearts break together, each for a different reason, and released her shoulder.

A small noise rose from her throat, Hinata nodded mutely then dashed away, her figure flickered in and out of his sight between the bodies of the trees.

Naruto remained where he stood, bathed in the yellow sunshine with his broken heart. It was a bitter irony.

All his life, he longed for love. His entire life was based on it. Love, love, love. He loved his friends, he loved life, he loved love itself and basked in the glory and pain of it. Love was his life, and he longed for love all his life. He lived for it.

And for once, when this sort of romantic, endearing, admirable, remarkable kind of love was pitched his way…he couldn’t accept it. Bitter bittersweet irony. Hinata with her large liquid doe eyes, and blushing cherry skin and dark plum hair and sweetness.

He didn’t feel the same way about her the way she did him. And it hurt, because he sure as hell wished he did. But Naruto wasn’t the sort of person to lie to himself. He stayed true to himself, because he was Naruto, and that was simply how he was.

Hinata is quiet. She is sweet and thoughtful and overall adorable. She is also most likely very devoted and loyal. And so many other things that Naruto didn’t know, but what he did know, was that sadly he could not see her in that light.

And it broke his heart.

A Patient Love Blossoms

Author: MadienOfTheMoonlight17

Hello, everyone this is my first fanfic! I hope you enjoy! I love the Naruto series and have even created my own character! Please be aware that i don't own Naruto, wish I did, though. Her name is Terra Avalon and she is cousin to Hinata, Neji and Sasuke. She has long midnight black hair and eyes that are the deepest cerulean. Her special jutzu is a very special one, the forgetful voice. She sings a melody that shuts down her enemies nervous systems preventing them from using any jutzu. Later on in my fanfics, she will eventually fall for Kiba, the dog nin. Well, hope you enjoy my first fanfic, now on with the story!


A Patient Love Blossoms

It was late spring, almost summer in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. A 19 year old Naruto stood on a clif over looking the village square. The scent of apple blossoms filled the air and the occasional dandilion would blow past him. He was dressed in a wrinkled white tux shirt, black dress pants and a black jacket thrown over his shoulder. His messy blonde hair blew in the wind and his blue eyes sparkeled in the evening sun. "About time they got married." said a voice from behind him. Naruto turned to see a 22 year old Terra Avalon comming toward him from the forest behind her. "Oh, yeah. I'm happy for them." said Naruto. His mind then drifted to that afternoon's wedding. He was best man to his best friend, Sauske Uchiha. He and Sakura Haruno tied the knot that day. They both looked to be soo happy together. Terra had been maid of honnor to Sakura. Her shoulderless pale pink dress and her shoulderlenght black hair blew in the wind. "The wedding was beautiful. Definatly one of the most extravagant this village has ever seen." said Terra. Naruto nodded in agreement. "All except for Lee getting drunk at the reception." laughed Naruto. "Yeah, he can't hold his liquor very well." laughed Terra. "You're one to talk. You got a little tippsy yourself. You even came on to Shikamaru." said Naruto with a grin. Terra blushed at the remark and noticed Naruto's solomn face. He wanted to be happy, he really did, but one thing was bothering him. His mind kept thinking of the woman he had lost to his best friend.

"I know you still have feelings for Sakura, it's ok. Your heart will get over her eventually. Maybe, you'll find someone you'll like even more." said Terra. "Sure, who would marry me? I've got that damned fox inside of me. Everyone in the village knows now. And besides, if I do find a girl that loves me, her family would surely contest the marriage." said Naruto. "Don't be so hard on yourself." said Terra putting a hand on his shoulder. Even though he was at least a foot taller than she was, he still felt small when standing next to such a strong and noble woman. "You'll find the woman for you. Who's to know, maybe she's closer than you think." said Terra looking back at the forest. Naruto couldn't see into the darkness, but with Terra's byankugan, she could see Hinata Hyuga just fine. She was hiding behind a tree near the opening of the forest. "What do you mean?" asked Naruto as Terra started to walk off. "Oh, you'll find out in time." said Terra. She walked back into the forest leaving Naruto by himself on the ledge. She approached Hinata and talked kindly to her cousin. "Go, this is your chance. Everyone knows except him, and i'm sure things will go nicely." said Terra smiling. Hinata was still nervous about revealing her true feelings.

She had liked Naruto for many years but her withdrawn personality had prevent her from making her feelings known. She then swallowed her douts and with a face as red as blood, walked out into the clearing where Naruto stood. She stopped just 3 feet short of Naruto. He senced someone's presence and turned around. "Hinata. You scared me for a minute." said Naruto smiling. Hinata blushed even deeper and mustered up a grin. "What are you doing way out here?" asked Naruto. "I uh, I uh wanted to tell you something." said Hinata. "Ok, what?" asked Naruto. Hinata cluched the skirt of her dress, which was identical to Terra's. Her eyes remained on the ground and wouldn't dare look at him. It was getting late and a cold gust of air hit her bare shoulders. She shivered. "Let me walk you home." said Naruto putting his jacket around Hinata's shoulders. "You can tell me what you need to tell me then." said Naruto leading her into the forest. They walked onto the streets of the village and Naruto asked what it was that Hinata had wanted to tell him earlier.

She thought to herself, "I can't possibly tell him the truth. I just don't have the confidance." She then thought of something elce to tell him. "You remember the mission we had 6 years ago, the one about the scent beetle?" asked Hinata. "Yeah, what about it?" asked Naruto. "Well, uh, you mentioned to Kiba that you saw a girl under the waterfall that night." said Hinata. "Oh, yeah. She was beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful girl i'd ever seen." said Naruto. This made Hinata blush even more. "Well, I wanted to tell you that I saw her to. I got up in the middle of the night and I saw her while I was taking a walk around." said Hinata. "Oh, ok. So i'm not crazy. She was thier." said Naruto. Hinata smiled and looked at him for the first time that evening. They had reached the Hyuga mansions about 7 that night. Hinata's house was only a few steps away when Hinata took off the jacket and handed it back to Naruto. "So, I guess I'll see you around." said Naruto as he took the jacket from her. "Ok." said Hinata shyly. He turned to go, when she felt a little more brave. She walked quickly to get in front of him and gave him a hug.

She had never had the guts to do that before, but something gave her the strength to do it. Naruto was a little stunned at the gesture, but it was a welcome one. He didn't know quite what to do, except hold her. He kindof liked it, for the first time, a girl hugged him and wouldn't let go. With both of them blushing, Hinata let go and walked briskly to her house.

The next morning, Naruto lied awake in his bed looking at the old acadamy yearbooks. "It's been along time since i've seen her. I can't belive she's grown soo much. She's more of a woman now." thought Naruto looking at a picture of Hinata. He always thought of her blushing when he's around was her way of being wierd, but not anymore. He dosen't quite know what to think of it. He's never been around many girls, except Sakura, whom was not like Hinata at all. She let her feelings be known. "I think i'll pay her a visit today." said Naruto jumping out of his bed. He fumbled around his room for his pants and jacket, for he was walking around in nothing but his boxers.

Later on that day, Naruto went by the Hyuga estate. He gazed up at the tall mansion that lay before him. Naruto walked up to the door and knocked gently. A few seconds later, a small girl, whom favored Hinata opened the door. "Can I help you?" asked the girl. "Uh, is Hinata here?" asked Naruto. "Oh, you're the guy that she's in love with." said the girl and then Hinata quickly pushed her away. "Sorry about Hanabi, she can be a handful sometimes." said Hinata blushing. Naruto didn't think much of her sister's words. "You, uh, wanna hang out?" asked Naruto with his hands rustling around in his pockets. "Sure." said Hinata with a red face. Naruto took her hand and the two ran far from the house. A few blocks down the street, they encountered Terra, Kiba and Shikamaru comming back in from a mission. "Hey guys, look who's on a date!" teased Terra as she saw the couple comming down the street. Shikamaru and Kiba both smiled at the sight. "Well, it's about time, all I can say." said Shikamaru with his arms folded. "Cut it out you guys." said Naruto blushing. "Well, is it? Come on Naruto, you know you can't lie to us." said Terra putting her arm around Naruto's shoulders. "Well, I can't say for sure." said Naruto with his face almost as red as Hinata's.

"Call it what you want." said Kiba walking over and putting his arms around Terra's shoulders. She stepped back and put her arms around his neck with his arms around her waist. "Looks like your the ones on a date." said Hinata looking at Kiba and Terra. "Maybe." said Terra laughing. Kiba nuzzeled her neck and licked it from the base to her hairline. He could feel her pulse rapidly increasing and her breath come quicker and quicker. He loved to arouse her this way. "Well I belive we'll leave the two of you alone for a while." said Shikamaru reading her body language. When Shikamaru, Naruto and Hinata were long gone, Kiba remarked, "I thought they'd never leave. Now we can have some time to ourselfs." as he moved in closer to touch her lips.

Naruto walked with Hinata for what seemed like hours, but was really only for 30 minutes. "Where are we going?" asked Hinata timidly. "To my favorate place in the village." said Naruto as he pulled her along by the hand. She blushed at his remark thinking that he really did think of this as a date. They finally came to a river that was supplied by a huge waterfall. "Oh, Naruto. It's beautiful!" exclaimed Hinata as she gazed upon it. "Yeah, I come here sometimes to practice my jutzus." said Naruto. The two of them sat and talked for hours and fell asleep in each other's arms. Hinata woke about 10 that night. She moved slowly away from Naruto and walked to the other side of the waterfall. Not long after this, Naruto woke and noticed she was gone. He got up and went looking for her. He followed a path that led around the waterfall and to the other side of the river. He then noticed a bright blue light comming from under the waterfall. He turned to see the same woman he'd seen the night he was looking for the scent beetle 6 years ago. "She's even more beautiful now." said Naruto to himself. He used his walking on water technique to slowly and quietly approach her. She spun around in the water and water seemed to engulf her form.

He was about to say something when he slipped and fell forward. He landed directly on the mysterious woman. He opened his eyes to see Hinata soaking wet and wearing nothing but a dark blue bikini. "Hinata?" asked Naruto. "So you were the mysterious woman this whole time?" Hinata mummbled a faint "Yes." and turned bright red. She nervously looked up at Naruto's face and noticed his blue eyes were shining bright among the water. He then felt more brave than he ever had before. Suddenly, he attacked Hinata's lips. She was surprised and happy that this had happened. Following Naruto's bravery, she gently thrust her tonuge inside of his lips. It was a welcome gesture and Naruto had wished for this movement. His actions followed Hinata's.

He picked her up from the water's surface and walked with her in his arms to the bankment. He laied her down again on the soft grass. Thier hands and mouths did most of the work that night. Striped down to his boxers, Naruto held her in his lap while the both of them fell asleep while thier lips were still attached to eachother. Naruto knew that Hinata didn't want to take the relationship further than it already was and he respected that, even though he could hardly contain himself from untying her top. Once during the night his fingers pulled at the strings but Hinata's sudden sharp intake of air and her pulse increased, he finally managed to bring himself to let go. He won't deny it, he wanted her, bad. But he knew he would have to wait. The morning sun shone gently through the leaves of the trees until the rays were directly ontop of the young couple's eyes. Naruto woke first, and then Hinata. "We were here all night were'nt we?" asked Hinata timdily. "Yes, but it was so worth it." said Naruto with a big smile. Hinata blushed and looked away. Naruto noticed this and he said, "You don't have to be embarrased. I'm yours now and that won't ever change." said Naruto as he put his lips to hers again. Hinata had finally heard what she had waited almost 7 years to hear. She knew then that her dream had finally come true. She had Naruto as her boyfriend.

WIth thier clothes back on thier bodies, Naruto walked Hinata home. On the way, they encountered Kiba and Terra. Thier hair was abnormally messy and thier clothes were loosely placed. "Looks like we weren't the only ones who had a good time last night." said Kiba looking at Hinata and Naruto. "Hinata, have you been out all night?" asked Terra. She nodded and Terra looked worried. "Oh, no. If your father finds out what happened, he will be really mad. I'll walk you home and say you spent the night with me." said Terra taking her cousin's hand and led her in the way of the hyuga mansion. WIth the girls gone, the guys were free to talk. "So, you and Hinata are finally together?" asked Kiba. "What do you mean?" asked Naruto. "I just mean that she's liked you ever since we were 12. You never thought it was strange that she would only blush and faint every time she saw you?" asked Kiba. "I never thought of it that way, but I guess it makes sense now. So, you mean she's loved me for over 7 years?" asked Naruto. "You got it." said Kiba leaning back on his feet, almost proud of what happened the night before with his girlfriend. "Wow, I never knew that." said Naruto. "Yeah, everyone knew you didn't. But all the rest of us knew. But we swore to Hinata that we would let you figure it out on your own." said Kiba. Naruto then felt kindof bad. Hinata had let her feelings go unnoticed for years and he stood by and was oblivious to it. "Don't worry about it. If you had as much fun as we did last night, she won't give it a second thought." said Kiba walking off.

Later on that day, when he and Hinata had gotten some sleep, he had walked to the Hyuga mansion to ask Hinata out on another date. He knocked on the door and this time, Hinata opened the door to greet him. His first reaction was to take her in his arms and kiss her. After he had let her go after a few minutes, he asked her if she wanted to greet Sakura and Sauske at the village gate when they returned from thier honeymoon. "You mean like a date?" asked Hinata with her face red. "Not like a date, a date." said Naruto. Hinata nodded her head to agree to his terms and he took her hand and led her off the porch. He was happy he had Hinata as his girlfriend. Not only did he have a woman that loved him, he finally had what everyone elce had, another person to share thier lives with. Almost all of his friends he had back at the acadamy are grown and caught up in missions and relationships. The only people he sees daily are Terra, Kiba, Tenten and Neji. He missed not having his gang together, but Hinata was more than enough to distract his attention.

That night, after Sauske and Sakura arrived back in the village, Naruto and Hinata sat just outside of his apartment complex. "I've been thinking..." started Hinata. "Yeah?" asked Naruto with her sitting in between his legs with her back against his chest. "I love you." said Naruto. "I love you to, i've always loved you." said a shy Hinata. "Yeah, I know that now, and I intend to be worthy of that love." said Naruto kissing her. "I know what you wanted to do last night." said Hinata. Naruto was a little shaken by Hinata. "You do?" asked Naruto embarrased. "Yeah, and i'm ok with it, but you know, not all the way." said Hinata clutching her hands tightly. Naruto smiled and said, "Are you sure? I mean if it's not what you want, don't try to force it on yourself just because of me." said Naruto. "No, it's what I want. I'm almost afraid to tell you this, but i've imagined it ever since we were kids." said Hinata so red in the face Naruto thought all the blood in her body settled in her face. He turned almost as red as Hinata, but felt strangely aroused. "Then I'd better not disapoint." said Naruto taking her in his arms and carried her up the stairs to his apartment. Naruto made quick work of his jacket and shirt. He thought he would leave the essential clothes to Hinata. He slowly unzipped her jacket to reveil nothing but mesh and her well endowed chest. Thier lips meshed together. Naruto had gotten the jacket off of her, and he was waiting for Hinata to start pulling at his clothing. "What's wrong?" asked Naruto looking into Hinata's worried face. "Don't be afraid, you can do what ever you want, this is yours." said Naruto laying on his bed completely vulnerable to what ever Hinata decided to do to him. She felt a little better, and with nervous hands she removed his headband and threw it on the floor where his jacket and shirt layed. She then drapped her body over his and began to kiss him again. Finally, she was able to get his pants off, now he was almost nude, with the exception of his boxers. Hinata's pants came off quite easily, due to her small frame. The mesh top was also easy. With the both of them stripped down to thier underwear, the night would only get more interesting. Naruto let out a sharp hiss when Hinata tried to remove his boxers, fore the waistband had caught on his erection. Hinata giggled slightly and quickly freed it and continued on. Naruto unhooked her bra kissed the skin in between her breast and licked a wet stripe up until he reached her chin. She let out a small sound of pleasure and this aroused him even more. Hinata ran her fingers over his abdomen and felt his mustles expand and contract as he breathed, this strongly aroused her and then got more brave. They had wrapped themselfs up in his sheets and proceeded. Both shinobi seemed to know just how to please the other, fore the sounds of pleasure were almost deafining. What occured wasn't full blown passion, but it gave each of them pleasure just the same. It many times better than what she had imagined and Naruto felt the same. The couple knew then that this relationship was permanent, dispite whatever may come along in the future. They needed no one elce but eachother.


Author: L'Homme Poubelle

“Ah! NO! Stop it, Naruto-kun, onegai!”

“Shh, Hina, the pain will be gone soon enough!”

“Please, let go of me! Please!”

And there he woke up every night, sweating and feeling a strange urge to vomit.

All of his 19 years, Naruto Uzumaki slept as peacefully as one with a life like his could. Never once had he thought of his fellow ninja, heiress of the Hyuuga clan, in an intimate way. He couldn’t get, couldn’t understand Hinata. In fact, he never tried to focus his attention towards her. Further more, why in the world would he nick-name her?

All of a sudden, the dream, the nasty, never ending dream, where he would ravish the girl against her will came and made him see himself in a new light, one that he found disgusting above anything else. It played every – freaking – night, making him engrossed to the core.

At first, he shoved it off, thinking he would never do such a thing. But in time his confidence shattered. He didn’t know what he’d do or don’t anymore. His mind was pitch black, a total mess.

Naruto got of bed and looked around. He jammed his fist into the nearby wall and cursed loudly.

“I will never do such a thing!” He muttered his mantra, desperately trying to convince himself, but failing again.

The ninja ran outside, ran as fast as he could, silently hoping that his childish action could posses the power to put an end to it all.

Reaching the forest, he climbed up the first tree he distinguished through the night’s black.

Jumping from a tree’s branch to another, he shortly reached the river. Still running, he threw his clothes onto the ground and let himself fall into the cold water, not feeling the temperature.

Naruto floated on his back, watching the sky, wondering how could it be so peaceful when he held a tsunami of emotions inside of him.

He remembered how hard she cried the other day, when he glared at her like it was her fault he kept dreaming such embarrassing, yet cruel and dishonorable things.

The poor girl wasn’t able to move or say a word until her cousin, Neji, came and brought her home. No matter how many times Naruto apologized, she just sobbed and cried and trembled.

“What’s with you, making her react like that?” Neji asked angrily.

A slight movement woke him from his reverie, making the man fully aware of a second presence.

“Who’s there?” he shouted, swimming out of the water. Small droplets poured down his highly chiseled and scarred body. The moon’s rays caressed his skin, making the ninja look more like a Greek god than a human being ever had the right to.

“I’m warning you…Show your face!” Naruto shouted again, crossing the landscape with his view.

A loud thud indicated the place where the unknown person was : behind the large rocks.

“Now I’ve got you!” he said victoriously, making his way towards the said place. “How ‘bout you tell me why you were spying on – Hinata?!”

A look of pure confusion struck his face at the sight of the woman lying on the ground unconsciously.

Having all the years of experience behind him, Naruto understood it was useless to try waking her. He clothed himself fully and raised Hinata in his arms, keeping a tight grip on her to prevent a possible fall during the run.

Uzumaki Naruto had enough brains to comprehend the fact that he wasn’t welcomed around her clan. If he dared take her home, especially at that late at night, he risked not only his head, but a lot of other parts as well.

He figured out that the best way was to bring her to his place and ask Neji to help him with it.

A scream announced Naruto that his unexpected visitor had woken from her unexpected slumber.

He came out of the bathroom, where he was vigorously drying his hair with a towel.

“Um...Hey, Hinata!” he greeted, putting on his goofy smile, although he didn’t actually feel like it.

Her eyes widened.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” He hushed her, seeing that he wasn’t receiving any reaction.

“N-Na…Naruto-kun…” she cried, covering herself with the sheets.

“Hinata, I’m not going to do you any harm…” he replied, lowering his voice until it became a whisper.

“I…I know.” Hinata cried again.

“Then why are you hiding? And most importantly, why were you out at such an hour?” Naruto asked concerned.

“C-C-Couldn’t sleep.” Came her answer from her hiding place.

“Curious, I couldn’t sleep either.” The man sighed.

Hard silence fell.

“Can I see you?” he asked suddenly.

No answer.

“Please?” he tried again.

This time, Hinata raised the sheets a little over her head, just enough for her eyes to be seen.

“Better.” The ninja smiled. “How about a little more?” he insisted. To his shock, she obeyed.

“I believe you’re tired, so I’ll let you sleep. I’ll snooze a bit over there, in the corner.” Naruto offered.

“No!” a high voice struck confusion on both the ninjas. Naruto couldn’t believe his ears and Hinata couldn’t believe herself.

“No?” he asked, doubting he heard well. The situation itself was ridiculous.

“N…No.” she replied.

“Then…?” the blonde tried to end his confusion.

Making it increase, she uncovered the portion of bed next to her.

Hinata’s heart was pounding faster than any normal being’s would have. Her rational self screamed at her to accept his proposal of not sharing the bed or, better, run away from there. But it seemed she decided to screw all the left pieces of reason, all of the sensible, practical voices inside her head.

“You sure?” Naruto whispered. He didn’t quite know why he was using such a low tone.

She nodded.

“Well…Um, okay.” He said, sitting carefully on the bed. Just as slowly, he lowered his back on the mattress and put his head on the pillow.

The Kunoichi wasn’t facing him, but just standing next to her was enough to see how hard she was shaking.

He stretched his arm out to touch her hand. She jumped a little, feeling her face get redder.

“Kami, Hinata! You are as cold as ice!” the man stated. “ And you have a fever!” he continued, touching her forehead.

“I’ll have to keep you warm.” At this, she jumped even more.

“Just for a little while. Neji will come ‘round 4 to take you home.”

“O-Okay…” Hinata whispered.

Naruto hugged her to his chest, using all his chakra to warm her up.

“Ne, Hinata…” he paused. “Sorry for not bringing you home myself. I wasn’t so sure you’d like to be seen ‘round your house in my company.”

Sobs were heard through the darkness.

“Hinata, what is it? Are you still cold?” he asked desperately.

“I…I wouldn’t ever…ever mind…being seen…with you, N-Na-Naruto-kun…” she sobbed.

He was left wordless.

“Wow, I…I guess I didn’t see that coming.” He replied, swallowing hard.

No word had been passed between the tow since then.

When Naruto woke up, the woman wasn’t there anymore.

“Neji must’ve come. Hope she’s feeling better.” He thought to himself while dressing.

A note from Tsunade came, announcing him he had to be present in front of the Hokage immediately.

As he waited for her to enter the big room, he over thought the last events. And then it hit him.

“It’s gone! It really is GONE!” the Shinobi shouted the last word, gripping his fist and making a victory sign in the air.

“I hope it’s not about your marbles, because you’ll need them right away. I’m giving you a new mission. Solo.” Lady Tsunade said, walking in and settling at her desk.

“I want you to deliver this to Sunakagure. Right away.” She continued, handing him a sealed note.

As he took it, Tsunade spoke again :

“I don’t know what’s with you these days. It’s a five day mission, but it won’t take you that long to get there. Use the remaining time to clear your mind.” She said, looking him straight in the eye.

He nodded and left, silently thanking her.

It didn’t take him much to complete it. Until night came, he was done.

“Just a piece of cake!” he thought. But there still was a thing that bothered him.

“It’s back! My dream is back…How come when she was near me, it suddenly went away, and now… Maybe, just maybe thatis the key!” Naruto said to himself.

If there was one thing he wanted more than to finish 30 bowls of ramen in a row, it definitely was putting an end to his internal torment.

“Hey, Uzumaki, wake up!” spoke a voice.

The said ninja just started snoozing, lost deep in his thoughts. He jumped on top of the nearest branch of the tree he was laying his back on and got ready to attack.

Naruto was just about to strike, when he saw that the voice belonged to one of his fellow ninjas : Hyuuga Neji.

“How come you’re here?” the blonde asked, while getting down from the tree.

“Tsunade told us to talk to Gaara.” Neji replied precisely.

“Oh…Wait a minute! What do you mean ‘us’?” the other man said in slight confusion.

“I mean Hinata and me.” He said and sighed. “Look” he continued “I don’t know and don’t have the wish to know what is going on with the two of you. It’s your business and your risk.”

Naruto wanted to say something, but Neji stopped him.

“Let me finish. I’ll go to Sabaku no Gaara by myself and I’ll be back by tomorrow. Hinata is somewhere around here. Go find her and straighten things out.”

Again, the blonde man was stopped before saying a word.

“I do not have the desire to be part of your affairs. Good bye.” And he ran to his destination.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and sighed, watching his figure as it loosed itself in the forest.

“Affairs.” He mocked.

Hinata had her eyes closed, half sleeping, when a simple “Yo!” made her heart jump out of her chest. She wasn’t wearing her jacket, fact that made her more embarrassed. She sunk her face into the ground, knowing she used her life dose of courage the other night.

“Are you still feeling unwell?” the same person spoke, his big grin fading in an instant.

Hinata considered it was enough to shake her head a couple of times.

“Sorry, I couldn’t quite understand.” He replied to her non-verbal ‘no’.

“N-No…” she whispered.

“Say, Hinata, why exactly are you hiding?” Naruto asked, knowing he won’t get an answer.

“If I…If I turn my back, will you get up?” he asked again.

“H-Hai…” Hinata spoke in another whisper.

She turned as well and squeaked when she felt Naruto’s back befriending hers.

“Gomen, Hinata.” He apologized.

“It’s…okay…” she said, a bit more louder this time. Her face lost a shade of red, but her heart was still pounding madly. She sensed it was going to be a long time before her shyness would disappear.

Naruto’s body was as unforeseeable as the last events. His heart was racing as well, a little at first, but as seconds passed, it increased its speed. He was slightly shocked, lacking the capability of understanding what was going on with him, but calming himself by thinking that it must be normal, since he dreamed of her like he dreamed of nobody else.

“Ne, Hinata…My heart is beating a little too fast.” He voiced his thoughts.

The woman froze. Her mind froze. For her, the time stopped that moment and was never going to restart.

“Mine…t-t-too.” She finally replied.

“Are we ill? Or…something like that?” Naruto asked, feeling the need to say something, knowing that their conversation would end if he didn’t.

“Baka.” She sobbed, bitter tears stinging her eyes.

He heard the change in her voice. The man caught her by the wrist and turned her around.

Pain caught in his chest, seeing the tears escaping her eyelids and rolling slowly down her cheeks. Again, he did not understand the reason of the uncomfortable feeling.

Stretching his free hand, Naruto wiped some of her tears with his thumb, but stopped dead in his tracks. For the first time he was mesmerized. For the first time he noticed that the girl facing him was not just pretty, she was actually beautiful, gorgeous.

Hinata inhaled sharply and moved her watery view to his face, watching him shyly, light pink covering her cheeks. And then he lost it.

Naruto lowered his head little by little. Hinata knew what was coming and her mind was bawling at her to back off, but her heart had the last word. She silently prayed not to faint.

His lips brushed against hers. It didn’t even last a full second, but it was enough to send his mind spinning.

“Can I…Can I do it again?” he asked, sensing his face go redder.

Hinata nodded, blushing hard.

He almost touched her lips when he stopped and whispered against them.

“You know…You are my first person to kiss.”

His breath against her lips was the most beautiful thing she ever experienced. Wanting to feel more of it, she leaned in as well.

Their lips touched and remained like that, unmoving, watered by Hinata’s last tears.

Unforeseeable for both of them, Naruto moved his lips against her, creating their first real kiss. It was like his mouth had a mind of her own. He let go of her wrist and entwined her fingers with his. The other went to her face, caressing it sweetly.

Hinata tried to mimic his actions, feeling bolder. The friction between their lips, the way Naruto was caressing her cheek, it was pure bliss.

The Shinobi lowered his weight on her, gently pushing her to the ground.

He tried tasting her upper lip, discovering it had a delicious flavor.

But his sense of reason kicked in, determining him to get off her as fast as his limbs permitted.

“Onegai, Hinata! Dunno what’s gotten into me…” Naruto said, while he slammed his fist into his forehead.

As he was rising off her, Hinata caught him by his sleeve. Her boldness amazed her again. She decided to kill all the timidity in her, all the practical, reasonable nonsense, at least this once to not let go of what she truly wanted.

Hinata pulled him back, making his balance disappear. Naruto landed on top of her whit a thud, taking away both their air.

“Gomen.” He smiled his goofy smile.

“It’s nothing.” She smiled back.

The blonde let his fingers travel through her silky dark hair. Lowering his head, he stopped again.

“Can I kiss you?” he questioned.

Hinata nodded, blushing a bit, but never letting go of her whole heartedly smile.

So he obliged. An idea crossed his mind, while touching her lips for the third time that night. He thought about what the Pervy Sage told him over and over about the ‘art of kissing’, as he called it.

He touched her lower lip with the tip of his tongue.

The new feeling made Hinata produce a little ‘ah’ sound. It created enough for him reach within her mouth. Little by little, he explored it, savoring the experience.

Another little moan escaped Hinata as he went further with the kiss. Again, she tried to mimic his actions, finding them not difficult at all.

Breaking for air, Naruto felt Hinata nestle her head on his shoulder. He raised her face by her chin and look her in the eyes. Impressed by the amount of emotions he found there, he started planting butterfly kisses on her jaw. He traveled towards her neck. There, he lingered longer.

Hinata’s ‘ah’ sounds increased. Her breathing stopped when he bit on the portion where her shoulder started and her neck ended. Apparently, he found one of her sensitive spots.

Naruto left a mark there. His hand left her hair and fell upon the edge of her fish net shirt.

“May I?” he asked, not wanting to ruin the moment by doing something too bold.

“H-Hai.” She replied, blushing again.

Naruto snuk his palms inside the article of clothing, up her flat stomach. After a few seconds, he dared go further. The ninja rested his hands on her bra covered breasts, making her gasp.

“Is it…okay?” he asked, moving his palms a little. He obtained another low moan as an answer, determining him to grow harder. It excited him, for he never thought that the shy Hinata could make such sexy sounds. Hell, he never thought that he would ever be the one to hear them.

Hinata’s hands left the ground and rested on his shoulders. She pushed his jacket down, sliding her hands down his muscled arms. The black haired woman then pulled a little at her own shirt, showing him what exactly she wanted.

Where did all that boldness come from? They both thought the same thing, but deciding the answer wasn’t important at all.

Naruto’s hands grabbed her shirt and pulled it off slowly. He loved what he saw. Wanting more, he reached under her, pecking both her still covered breasts.

He managed to unclasp her bra and brought the straps down her shoulders, leaving a trail of kisses on them too.

Naruto became infatuated with the taste of her skin, the smell of her hair, the way she gasped from time to time, responding to his ministrations.

The moment he tossed her bra away, Hinata became self-conscious. She immediately covered herself with her arms, only to be removed by Naruto a second later.

“I want to see you.” He said, a kind smile on his face, but pure desire in his eyes.

To encourage her, Naruto left a trail of kisses from her navel to her chest. There, we tried fondling one of her breasts. Another sexy ‘ah’ sound told him that he was doing just fine.

Hinata felt as she died and went straight up to Heaven when his hot breathing came upon her nipple. A crazy variety of emotions shook her as he took the little lump in his mouth.

Her hands went to his sunny hair, where she pulled lightly.

Naruto stopped to throw his shirt away and lower her pants to the point where was no longer wearing them. Accidentally, he caught her panties too.

Feeling her nudity, Hinata blushed harder than ever, and so did he.

“Go-Gomen. I didn’t – ”

“It’s…Okay.” She interrupted him. Not getting a reaction, she continued, her voice shaking. “Onegai…”

Onegai. Where did he hear that? Did she ever say it with such a tone?

Naruto’s face seemed to be thunderstruck. Cold drops of sweat covered his forehead, his breathing being caught in his throat.

“Na-Naruto-kun?” she whispered.

“Hinata, what are we doing?” he replied with a question of his own, not looking at her.

She did not answer.

“We must stop. Right now.” He added, unmoving.

“Naruto-kun…” Hinata felt the tears sting her eyes again, but she wasn’t going to let them fall. She wasn’t going to show him how bad she felt at that moment.

“I…I don’t want to…stop.”

He was shocked. She didn’t, no, couldn’t ever understand that it was for her own good. He already knew what was going to happen if they went any further.

“You don’t understand! I’m going to hurt you! Badly. I…I know this because I…I had a dream. Every night I had the same dream. We…Yeah, we must end it here.” Naruto stated, nodding.

“No.” Hinata replied. For the first time, speaking out her mind wasn’t hard at all.

“What do you mean ‘no’? Haven’t you been paying attention to what I was saying? It’s for your own good!” he desperately spoke.

“I don’t care, Naruto-kun. This time, I simply don’t care.” And to prove her opinion, she snaked her arms around his neck, where she entangled them. Hinata leaned back on the ground, taking him with her and kissing the man of her dreams so deeply, so passionately, making him understand that ‘no’ was not an option.

Her palms then traveled over his chiseled chest and muscled stomach. The tips of her fingers went inside his silly orange pants and pulled them down a little. Naruto finished the job for her. It was like he totally forgot all of his arguments against the naked woman he shared a kiss with.

Hinata’s fingers caught in the hem of his boxers.

They broke their intimate kiss, both gasping for air.

“Are you sure?” Naruto asked, looking at her face very concerned, searching for a sign of doubt, but not managing to find any.

The Kunoichi nodded. It was now or never for her. She wasn’t going to have so much courage twice, and she knew it.

Naruto unclothed himself fully, but still wasn’t sure what to do.

“All the way?” he questioned.

“H-Ha-Hai.” She replied, shutting her eyes.

“It is going to hurt, you know.” He tried again, silently praying she won’t change her mind.

“Hai.” She said once again.

Naruto nodded, as to let her know he was starting. He could feel her heart beating like crazy, as crazily as his.

He reached for her leg, and put it around his knee for better entrance. The woman encircled his neck and took one last breath in.

Naruto touched his lips to hers, trying to distract her from the pain that was about to come.

A slight stitch struck her lower area as his tip went in. The stitch transformed into a real ache every second that passed. Although he tried with all his might to go slowly, it still hurt. A lot.

“Gomen ne.” he said, covering her mouth with his as he took away her virginity, thrusting as hard as he could. Naruto figured it was better to do it faster, even though he knew it was going hurt much more.

Hinata screamed into his mouth. This time she couldn’t control her tears.

He let her cry, kissing the tears away and caressing her face in a soothing manner.

She sobbed, but moved her hips.

“Go.” Her shaking voice whispered in his ear.

Naruto nodded once, moving his hips as well. It only produced her more pain, but she was determined to hide it.

He withdrew a little and pushed in again, repeating the movement a couple of times before a low pleasure sound escaped Hinata’s lips.

She tried to move with him, but failed. None of them could match the other’s rhythm. It was still pleasurable, nothing compared to what they ever felt. They were clumsy, inexperienced, but they were in Heaven just like that.

Hinata would hold on to him for dear life and he would kiss and nibble and lick from her ear to her neck.

Naruto tried going faster. And deeper. That made her moans intensify.





“Ah! Na-AH!-Naruto-ku-AH!”

Deeper thrust.

He loved the sounds she was making, loved the smell of her arousal, loved the feeling of intense wetness and tightness he found within her.

Hinata brought her other leg around his knee, granting better access.

Her back started hitting the ground, but she did not care. All that mattered was them and the pure, intense connection they shared. Never in her wildest dreams could she picture this moment. Yet it felt so good, it made her think that possibility of it all being real was equal with zero.

Naruto reached a wild speed. One of his hands fondled her breast, as the other was still holding the back of her neck, supporting him while he was kissing from her lips to her jaw to her neck and then again to her lips.

Her lover’s new movement send her of the edge of the high mountain she climbed the last 30 minutes.

“NARU…” she screamed, lacking the capability of finishing his name, collapsing in his arms.

Na-ru. It echoed in his ears, cramming his hearing. The little slapping sounds of skin against skin became inaudible and so did their ragged breaths.

Na-ru. Na-ru. NARU! And he fell from the high peak.

“Hina…Hinata…” he gasped and spoke into her neck.

Naruto embraced her, holding her exhausted figure as close to him as he could. He finally understood that he, well, he loved her. As childish, ridiculous and stupid as it sound, he loved her.

Naruto smiled ear to ear at the thought of his discovery. It soon turned into laughter.

“I found out something new.” He whispered in her ear. “I love you.”

Through almost closed eyelids snaked big tears. Hinata laughed with all her heart and caught his lips.

“Me too.” She said.

Naruto’s smile widened, if possible. Tracing her swollen lips with his forefinger, he captured them again.

Neji was taking his time returning back. He walked through the woods, not bothering to use his byakugan to find the place where his cousin and fellow ninja where at. Something deep inside him told him it was better not to hurry.

Lost in thoughts of his own, Neji’s eyes accidentally fell upon a sight he never wished to see.

Turning as fast as he could, he jumped from branch to branch outside the forest. Indeed, it was better to let them find him.


Author: Music 1s my s0ul

Hi!! Jeebus, it's been a while....I missed doing this....anyway-

Yeppers, it's me again, and I've got a nice, pretty, brand-new oneshot!! It is Numero un of FOUR onesots.

That will take forever and a day to publish them all, so I hope you stick with me to read them all....

So, to start it off, I decided to do my most hated season first: winter. And it is winter, too, so...why not??


Disclaimer: I own jack shit. 'Cept the plot. Yeah. I own that.

‘Click-Click, click-click’

The sound of shoes echoed through the dark, empty halls of the mansion, her mansion.

Well, for now, at least.

There was a reason that she came to this lonely, empty place…and her reason was just beyond the door. Slipping inside, she stared first at the ivory walls, the oak floors, and the large mahogany vanity, her eyes roving, taking the place in. Then they landed on the large, white bed, the gauzy curtains drawn.

Quietly, with a grace she’d been born with, she moved closer, raising a hand to pull back the curtains, and stare at her treasure inside. She tenderly brushed back the choppy bangs on her daughter’s forehead away from her closed eyes, smiling. She took in every feature, her peaceful expression, her closed lids, and every breath she took.

Knowing that soon, she would be like this forever. ‘Oh, my heart, my life…’ she sighed mentally, ‘I’m so sorry…but I can’t live this way anymore…’

She pressed her lips to her daughter’s forehead, her violet eyes fluttering closed, as she prepared herself for what she was about to do.

She placed her hand right over her daughter’s heart, the other on the crown of her head, and began to speak.

Hinata,” she whispered against her forehead, “I’m so, so sorry, love…but…I can’t. Not anymore. I was never happy with-with your father. You were the only good thing in my life…” Her breath hitched, but she continued, blinking back tears, “Hinata…my love, my light…. I’m sorry that I must leave you like this. But I can’t let you stay with your father. I just can’t.”

She exhaled slowly, sending wintry breath across Hinata’s forehead.

She didn’t even stir.

Sleep, my daughter. Sleep deeply and, never wake. Not until he finds you. I can’t-I can’t let you end up with the life I have-the life I had.”

She pulled backwards slightly, staring in grief, as Hinata’s breathing got fainter and fainter, before disappearing altogether.

But she knew she was still breathing; she knew her daughter was still alive.

Slowly, she left the bed, still stroking her twelve-year old’s face, finally letting her tears fall.

She couldn’t do this, it would kill her; she can’t leave Hinata behind.

‘Ahh…’ some tiny part of her moaned, ‘but this is all for her…for her own good. We don’t want her to end up like us….’

And that was true. So, with an extremely heavy heart, Mizuki left the mansion, and her light, behind.


December 27th

Winter…again. It snows…all the time…’

A tiny exhale filled the empty room, frosting the window over with ice. Lavender eyes stared at the white flakes floating to the ground, and tried to wish them away.

Summer…I want summer…especially on my birthday…’ If anyone outside looked at the empty, white mansion, they would’ve thought that it was haunted. And, if they stared a bit longer, they would’ve seen a white apparition twirl away from the window with a small huff.

Soon, the empty halls were filled with humming, a haunting lullaby bouncing off the walls. Slowly, a figure appeared, leaping and twirling in the halls, a lonely dancer. Her white skirts flared around her legs, which just didn’t seem to touch the ground, her feet hovering at least a few inches from the oak surface. A curtain of dark, midnight hair moved in time with her, like a cape. He lavender eyes were now closed, and her ivory heart-shaped face was full of some peace.

This haunting apparition was Hinata.

She’s been like this for as long as she could remember, forgetting how she came to…be. She could only remember tiny flashes: lips on her forehead, a cold wintry breath, and then a voice, “My love, my light…I’m so, so sorry…” And then, she woke up, just like…this, like a ghost, yet not so; more like a mental projection.

And today, I am now sixteen…but I’m still unhappy’

All she wants is to get away from this house, to find someone who can save her, and take her to a place where the sun shines all the time, and it never snows.

She’s been wishing for that since she’d turned thirteen.

Wishing and wishing for something that might never happen, while remembering her old life in the process. She thought of her mother, how much she looked like her, and how much she misses her. She tried to think of her father, but he always escaped her, because he was never around anymore after her tenth birthday. All she knew about her father was that she had his eyes, but instead of a cool gray color, they mixed with her mother’s violet tint, and was a creamy lavender color instead.

Her mother was the head of her home village; the queen, you could say.

Her family was consisted of an important line of vampires in the village of Fuyu, and Mizuki’s father, Hinata’s grandfather, sat up an arranged marriage with a human clan; the cold and noble Hyuga’s. This was a problem, because vampires belonged to one person, and one person only: their True Mate.

And Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata’s father, was not Mizuki’s True Mate.

So in result, her mother was miserable, completely unhappy with her new, frigid husband.

When Hinata was born, she had brought just a little of the light in her mother’s eyes.

But it seemed that it wasn’t enough.

Her mother was gone, her village had fallen, and she was now here, stuck, and all alone.

At least she thinks so.

She’s been hearing noises lately; footsteps, doors slamming closed, and she thought that she once heard a voice…. with that, Hinata knew.

Someone else was in here with her, and the mere thought of it sent her heart soaring.

Once, she even searched the house, looking through all of the rooms, but she could never find her mystery guest.

It’s almost like-like hide and seek…’ Hinata smiled at the childish thought, and vanished, re-appearing inside of the empty dining hall. Sighing, she hovered over to the window, staring the snow that would never seem to stop falling, falling, falling….

Please,’ she prayed, ‘please let me get away from this never-ending winter soon…’

‘Please let me see the sunlight…just once….’


Meanwhile, as Hinata prayed for summer, a boy was creeping among the shadows, searching. His azure eyes scanned the area, his nostrils flared, as he searched for a scent that he was never able to find. It was a delectable scent, the smell of vanilla, lavender, and freshly fallen snow.

It was intoxicating; and he had to find the source. For all the years he’d been in this house, he was never able to find the source, but it was everywhere, in the halls, in all the rooms, like someone had just entered the rooms, and left just as quickly.

The chase was maddening.

The boy flicked his blond hair out of his eyes, which were now narrowed, annoyed.

He was so frustrated with himself; he has sharp senses, his eyesight and hearing better than anyone’s, his father was Kyuubi no Yoko, for God’s sake! Why could he not find the one, single person?! He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, ‘Calm down, Naruto…you’ll find it. Just calm down, and-

His thoughts were silenced, as soft humming brushed his ears.

It was soft, so soft he almost missed it, but it was there. Quickly, he followed the sound of the humming, and noticed, with a jolt of excitement, that the scent grew stronger as he got closer. When he found the source, an old dining hall, he peered inside.

And then he saw her.

It was small glimpses, a pale hand, a white dress, long dark hair, but he saw her.

And he knew that he found his mystery person, because the scent was at its strongest in here. As Naruto stared, questions began to from in his mind: who was this girl? What was she? A ghost? A projection of the mind? There were many, many possibilities that he could think of about this person. His head was spinning; spinning, spinning, spinning…and his chest grew warm as he continued to stare, stare, stare…

He had to leave. Now.

And Just as Naruto turned to leave, he saw two lavender eyes, staring straight at him. They were soft, intelligent, filled with wistfulness and curiosity. And staring right into his eyes. Staring, staring, staring; pulling him deeper, deeper, deeper…. until he was lost.

When he was finally able to turn and run, Naruto felt as though he had just left a piece of his soul behind.


Hinata was soaring; she finally saw him.

Her mystery guest.

He was tall, about six feet to her five foot four, with spiky, gold hair that just wouldn’t stop falling into his eyes, which were a bright, azure blue, and tan skin, with three lines on each of his cheeks, like whiskers. To her, he looked warm and bright…

Just like summer.

Hinata’s eyes widened, and she clasped her hands to her chest; had her prayers finally been answered…? She wished that he didn’t leave; aside from the feeling that he took a piece of her soul with him, she wanted to talk to him, become his… friend.

In a snap-decision, she quickly left the room, trying to see her guest again.

But he’d vanished, there was no trace of him; it was like she’d never seen him at all…. the thought brought traitor tears to her eyes, and a stone of loneliness in her chest. Taking in a determined breath, Hinata wiped at her eyes. She was not going to think like that; she was going to wait, and let him come to her if he wants to. Nodding to herself, Hinata vanished, and re-appeared in her room.

Valiantly avoiding the large, white bed in the middle, Hinata floated over to a cot that she stole from the last person that tried to stay in the ‘haunted’ house for a night, and curled up onto it. She was exhausted; she hadn’t slept for days, already having taken a weeklong hibernation to regain her strength. Now, she was to take another long nap, and Hinata closed her eyes. Soon she was floating, floating, floating; heading to a place that on one could ever reach.

When she finally drifted off, she dreamed.

She dreamed of her mother, her home, the feel and smell of summer, an endless blue sky, just beyond her reach…. a sky that was the exact color of her mystery guest’s eyes. She dreamed of him, too, there with her, smiling, standing in the warmth and light and all that sky…all that happiness, so close, yet so, so far…


It’s been a week since Naruto saw her.

One hundred sixty-eight hours, thirty-five minutes, and fifteen seconds.

He’s dying to see her again, and he slowly began to loose his mind because of that. Two days after he saw her, he roamed the halls, searching for her scent, trying to see some glimpse of her; to see anything…

But it was like she just fell off the face of the earth, and that scared him. His worried thoughts scared him; he didn’t even know this person, yet he was searching for her like a madman.

But, day after day, hour after hour, he searched the house, over and over and over…checking rooms, the dining hall, the basement, the attic…Every single room, searching, searching, searching…but always finding nothing, nothing, nothing…. He was now getting desperate. Naruto quickly turned into another corridor, and then froze, nostrils flared. The hall was saturated with her scent, absolutely thick with it. Hope burning, he practically ran down the hall, and quickly entered the room where the scent was strongest.

Inside, there was a mahogany vanity, and a large, white bed, surrounded by curtains. And there, on a cot in the corner…. was her. She was in the process stretching, looking like she’d just awakened, but was now looking straight at him, frozen with shock. Naruto was frozen too, staring straight into her eyes, unable to find anything to say. Finally, the first thing that came to him was his manners, and he bowed low, the way his father taught him.

“H-hello!” he blurted out, “my name is Naruto. It’s…uh…nice to…meet you…” He fell silent, feeling foolish, staring at the ground furiously. ‘Idiot!’ he yelled at himself, ‘that’s the first thing you could think of?! Of all the things-’

She giggled softly, and Naruto jerked upward, stunned. The girl was now in front of him, her transparent cheeks a bit more opaque, signifying a blush. Grabbing the ends of her dress, she curtsied deeply, a small smile on her face. “My name is Hinata,” she greeted shyly, looking at him through her lashes, “it’s really nice to meet you…Naruto”

Somehow, his name sounded a lot better when she was saying it.

And so, finally, it began.

They began.


After that day, Naruto and Hinata were practically attached at the hip.

For hours, and hours, they would just talk and talk and talk…. They would tell each other anything, and everything. They talked about wishes, dreams, their likes and dislikes… But both of them were holding back one question; a question that was one and the same. Sure they knew everything about each other, but they both wanted to know one specific thing about each other.

Finally, one night when they were talking in Hinata’s room on her cot, Naruto caved.

“Hey, Hinata?” he spoke quickly, “what was your family like?”

Hinata fell silent, looking down at her lap, and Naruto flinched, expecting her to snap at him. But, instead, she sighed, and laid her head on her knees. “Well,” she sighed, “my mother…I remember lots about her. She looked just like me, for one, and she was the head of our village; kinda like the queen.” She twirled a lock of hair around her finger, “she loved roses, especially white ones, and liked snowy days. Mama loved snow…” Her brown then crinkled, “I don’t remember much about my father…he was never around much. But I had a little sister. Hanabi. And one of my cousins lived with us, too. Neji.”

Her head still on her knees, Hinata turned to him, “what…what about your family…?” Now it was Naruto who was lost in thought, “hmm…”he mused, “I…don’t remember much about my mom, honestly. All I remember about her was her smile; she had a pretty smile…” He smiled softy, “my father, on the other hand…I know lots about him. He was tall, really tall. He rarely ever smiled, but had a good sense of humor; it was really rare to see him smile.” Running a hand through his hair, Naruto tried to dredge up more memories, “ he was a good dad, all in all. But…he just got so depressed one year. Nothing could’ve brought him out of it…” His eyes darkened, “then…one day, he just couldn’t go on anymore.”

Hinata sucked in a breath, and reached out to him, wishing she could touch him, but he smiled, shaking his head. “We all knew it would happen; it was a matter of time…everyone knew that my mother wasn’t my father’s real mate. Really it was…” Suddenly, Naruto turned to her, “Hinata…do you know…Mizuki?”

Hinata froze, her eyes wide with shock, ‘Mizuki…Mizuki…Mizuki…’

“M-my mother…” she breathed, confused; how was her mother involved-


Their eyes widened simultaneously, their faces radiating the same shock.

“M-Mizuki was...your mother?!” he had been struck dumb by this information, “my father’s real mate was your mother??” Hinata shook her head, “I-I never knew!!” she cried out, “I never- my mother’s True Mate was your father?! Kyuubi no Yoko?! The-the King of the Demons?!” Hinata felt faint; this couldn’t be true, it just…. she gasped, as something just came to her. “My…my mother was unhappy…” she whispered, “so, so unhappy…. maybe-what if-”

Hinata…” a voice, her mother’s voice, echoed in her mind, as the fuzzy memory turned sharp, the reality painful, “my love, my light…. I’m sorry that I must leave you like this….”

I’m so, so sorry, love…but…I can’t. Not anymore. I was never happy with-with your father. You were the only good thing in my life…”

Sleep, my daughter. Sleep deeply and, never wake. Not until he finds you. I can’t-I can’t let you end up with the life I have-the life I had.”

It was too much, too, too, too much…

Her mother did this; sent her into such a deep sleep that she had to project herself to move, to see, and left her all alone. “She...she did this to-to me.” Hinata breathed, placing her hands on her cheeks, “she left me like…. and I can’t…” She threw a longing glance at the large, curtained bed.

“Hinata…” Naruto asked slowly, “…What’s on the bed?”

Biting her lip, she looked back at him, “…. I am,” she finally answered.


“…I am.”

Naruto was confused; Hinata is on the bed….? But she was right there; how could she-

“Follow me” Hinata rose, and glided over to the bed, running a transparent hand over the curtains, unable to touch them. “Open them, please?” she asked softly, “I…I can’t touch them” Naruto stared at her, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes, so he turned to the bed, slowly reached out a hand, and jerked back the curtains. He looked down at the surface of the bed, his face expressionless. Then, he looked at Hinata, the bad, and back again.

Hinata bent down, and tried to touch the living replica of herself on the bed, but she skipped backwards, like she’d been shoved roughly. “I can’t…go back…inside” she whispered, “not until…” Her voice trailed off, and Naruto continued to stare at the bed, and the person in it. It was Hinata, but this one was so still; it was like she was dead. But she wasn’t because her skin was still that healthy ivory, a pink tint in her face.

“My…my mother…” Hinata began to explain; “she sent me into a sleep…a sleep so deep, that I might never be able to wake up. Not until….” Her voice died again, before once again gaining strength, “she didn’t want me to go through the same thing she went trough…She wanted my…my True Mate to find me…. but…” The sentence hung in the air, unfinished, but Naruto knew what she was going to say: ‘but I don’t think he’ll ever find me…Not in a place like this...’

But she just might be wrong. Naruto thought about her scent, vanilla, lavender, and fresh snow, and the effect that it had on him; he thought about the pull she had when he first saw her, and he let out a small exhale in shock.

Heh.’ He chuckled, ‘Mizuki’s daughter. Man, I should’ve known…. I’m just as bad as dad…’

He stared at Hinata’s motionless form, her peaceful expression, and reached out, grabbing one of her hands and squeezing it softly. Behind him, Hinata gasped softly, clutching her left hand to her chest as it exploded with warmth, and her transparent form began to fade a little more, “no…is-is it-”

Well…here goes…everything…’ He wrapped his free arm around Hinata’s waist, pulling her to his chest. Hesitantly, slowly, he cradled her limp head, and gently pressed his lips against Hinata’s unresponsive ones.

Warmth bloomed in Hinata’s stomach, and she pressed a shaking hand to her lips as she vanished completely, her body feeling heavy, so, so, so heavy….

Naruto began to worry as Hinata stayed unresponsive, and began to pull away.

But, slowly, she began to respond; at first, it was tiny movements, her hips shifting, her hand weakly squeezing his own. Then, she really moved, slowly bringing up her free hand to grab him by the back of his neck, pressing him closer.

And Naruto grinned; as he took in the first breath she’d taken for years.

Outside, it finally, finally stopped snowing, and the sun slowly began to show through the trees.

Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses

Couple: NarutoxHinata

Author: Copied.Luck.



"Yo," A man with his feet on top of his desk, leaning his chair back threatening to fall. His nose was in his book as always as it seems whenever he appeared late.

"You're late Kakashi-sensi," Sakura commented as she handed in homework at his front desk. He peered from his book to catch a glism of Sakura's work. He nodded as approval as she retreated to her seat. The line that formed by itself proceeded forward, following the same routine with similar comments.

"Hey, I was helping a old lady with her groceries. Besides this is the earilest I ever came to class,"

"I'm sure you were," Sasuke murmured as he handed in his paper. Kakashi didn't reply back until everyone was at their seats,

"It's true," Kakashi scanned the room quickly. He spotted two empty desks, one beside the window, the other in the back.

"Hm, plus I don't seem to be the only one late. Where's Hinata and Naruto?"


"Hina-chan! Wait up," A flash of yellow and orange hollered across the hall. Soon in seconds, just like -finger snap- that, the sun-kissed soon-to-be hokage appeared beside the Hyuuga heiress. Her face grew crimson quickly, luckily her violet locks covered her beet red cheeks.

"H-hello Naruto-kun," He nodded in respond, not really paying attention to what she was saying. He unzipped his bloated orange jacket which seemed like a artificial colored marshmallow, revealing his black skin tight muscle with a neon green broken heart in the middle. His orange-green cargo pants hung loosely around his waist, only being held up by his oversized sweater tied tightly around his waist. Hinata quickly skimmed up and down at the fool of a boy. Her cheeks heated up while she looked away. Naruto eyed her carfully before turning on his ipod on, his DJ head phones around his neck. His music blasted loud enough for Hinata to hear it. She tightened her grip on her books, still blushing different shades of red.

"Hinata, looky what I got!" Naruto pulled off her multi-colored wool hat, running off with it. Hinata ran after him, still gripping her books. After she caught up with him -a few doors away from their home room- he looked at her with a pleading look. She heavly sighed, accept his apoligy. The tips of their fingers touch as he handed Hinata her hat, she felt her face heating up. How many times was that today? She mentally cursed at herself for being so shy, and took back her hat. As they reached the doorknob, the Hyuuga dropped her books.

"Lemme' help you with that Hinata," Naruto quickly dove down to pick up her books. In the rush he bonked heads with her.


"Oh! Sorry Hinata. Here,"

"Naruto, We better get to class. Kakashi is probably there already,"

"Ha! Yeah right, he's never there!" He paused in thought, as a ear-to-ear grin crept on his face.

"Hina! This is my favourite song," He claimed as he boomed through the door. He started to dance along to the song, soon singing out the lyrics.

"Nice legs, Daisy Dukes,
Makes a man go (whistles),
That's the way they all come through like (whistles),
Low-cut, see-through shirts that make ya (whistles),
That's the way she come through like (whistles),"

"'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down,
'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down

Naruto continue to sing the song, Hinata continued to gasp. Her mouth was in a perfect imitation of a cheerio. Kakashi-sensi was right behind him, completly amused. A line forming behind his mask, she noted that was probably his smile.

"I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without
leaving my fingerprints out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce,
How do I say I'm sorry 'cause the word is just never gonna come out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce"


"Tight jeans, double d's makin' me go (whistles),
All the people on the street know (whistles),
Iced out, lit-up make the kids go (whistles),
All the people on the street know (whistles),"


"'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down,
'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down"


"I think I should-Oh..Kakashi. Wasn't expecting you here," His nervous laugh erupted around the classroom, failing to stop the chills running down his spine. Kakashi placed a strong hand on Naruto's and Hinata's shoulder. The blood ran from Hinata's face as Naruto sighed.

"Dentention. After school," Naruto groaned already too familier with this routine retreated to his seat. Kakashi nudged the frozen-in-place Hyuuga.

'Dentention, Dentention, Detention. With Naruto. Don't Panic! How would Father think of this? Oh Lord.'

"Hinata? Hinat-" The voices swirled into the mixture of colorful blurs. Panic stirred around her, but as usual it swished pass her mind. I mean really, why should she care right now anyway? She's the one thats becoming unconsious. Really selfish people. Really.


"B-bye Shizune-san," Hinata waved as she exited the nurse's office. The door shut quietly as Shizune hollered best wishes for valentine's day. Hinata murmured to herself more then Shizune a reply. She did get Naruto something..But maybe she shouldn't give it to him. She shook her head, making those thoughts disappear. When she reached her locker to put away her books, she only got to close her locker in a rush since the bell errupted in a high pitch ring introducing the lunch period. The timid Hyuuga was carried away by the wave of stutdents exiting their classrooms heading towards the catfiteria.


"Hina-chan, Happy Valentine's day! It's Valentine's day!" Hinata's friend, Sakura screech waving her hands facaitlly. She hugged her tightly around her neck singing a random tune about all the love in the world and it's corny goodness. She lead her towards a table near the exit. There sat the usual small group of friends, Ino jabbering Shikamaru's ear off; Tenten and Neji slightly talking now and then about random things; Naruto and Sasuke just arguing like always. Sakura nudged Hinata. She whispered something only Hinata could hear, but it did raise a few brows from the sharp eyed people.

"So, did you get Naru-chan a little somethin' somethin'?" Sakura sang as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, nudging the timid and innocent. She giggled, letting the Hyuuga know it was a joke. Hinata bit the inside of her cheek as blood rushed to her face, once again. But even though she paused before she nodded. Sakura took a few bites of her burger before continuing.

"So what is it?" She elbowed her ribs for her to continue. Hinata scooted closer to Sakura and whispered in her ear.

"It's a secret," Sakura bounced up and down on her seat. She squeled and wiggled her butt. She shot Hinata a pleading look for her to continue.

"Ramen and chocolate, it's not great bu-"

"Aww so cute! My two ears of corn are growing up," Sakura beamed taking a sip of coke, the empty sound of the can noticed. Then sniffled.

"You too are growing up too fast," Sakura wailed, fake sobs escaping her. She grabbed her shoulders- shaking her furiously- for dramatic effect, "Stop growing! You here me?! Stop! For the love of humanity!" All eyes lead to them, as Sakura aburtly stopped and pounded her large forehead on the table.

"I take it you're trying out for the play?" Hinata questioned. Sakura raised her head with a evil aura radiating off her. Her eyes was a glare boring into Hinata's well being, giving her chills up and down her spine. A scowl that seemed like it could never be removed crawled onto her face. Sakura snorted. Then all of a sudden her lips curled into a kitty grin while her threating fist transformed into a peace sign.

"Yups, see that was my Saucey glare, right Sasu-kun?" She asked the silent form beside her. Without a respond; not even his signature trademark. A groan excaped her throat before she stuffed down the rest of her sandwich.

"So, you're going to try out for Juliet because Sasuke is going out for Romeo?"

"H-hinata! I'm shocked. How dare you think so lowly of me! But yes," Sakura snickered blushing lightly. Hinata tsked at her playfully. Suddenly the bell rang. Hinata looked down at her tray of food, untouched. Hinata groaned.

"No worries, I'll finish that for you!" Sakura laughed, slapping her back lightly.

"Good luck with Sas.." Hinata thoughts trailed off as she saw two forms alone connected together. She secretly grinned.

She better tell me all the details after school.


"Detention.." Hinata let out a low whimper. It has only been 5 mins but the tension in the room was too much for her to bear. Naruto didn't even arrive yet. Hinata glanced at the clock, biting her lip.

Where was he?!


Hinata's Notes.


After school; Dentention

8 minutes passed.

Still no sign of Naruto.

Where is Kakashi anyway? Wasn't he suppose to be here to watch us?

This is confusing!

I wonder how I'm going to explain to Father.

There's tension everywhere even if I'm the only one here.

I must not panic. Oh no, that already happened!

I'm scared.

This is the type of scene where a crazy murderer goes to a random school to take hostages. But they all evenuatually die, except the single soul that actually killed the killer!

It's too gory and ironic for me! I mean seriously, who're the idiots (no offence) that wrote something like that? The killer gets killed.

You. Suck. (Not the fact that you'll care but I'm pretty moody -as you might tell- since Naruto isn't here because I was going to give him his gift).

But now since he's not here... I'm gonna eat it.

I'm hungry.

Oh, but I wont let myself do it!

What about if he comes in the last seconds?!

... Yeah right..


Hinata's Notes


I think I stayed a little too overtime. This really isn't fair. I don't think I'm suppose to be here anymore.

I suspect they tricked me.

I suspect I'm right.

Although I didn't eat it. Yet.

But I'm leaving.

Oh wait. Someone just opened the door.

I'm scribbling as fast as I can! It's Naruto!


He kissed me.