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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'll Wait for You

Language: English

2 Years...

She waited two long years just for him. She said to herself that she would wait forever. And She would.

Her heart was dying. She knew that he would come back. She believed in him... But in her dreams... He never did come back... In her nightmares... He was dead.

Hinata sat in her room and gazed out the window, waiting for her team mates to arive. Every day since he left she thought of him. Worried about him. Longed for him.

"Hinata! You in there! Come on we have training!" Kiba yelled from outside her window. She jumped up from the bed and brushed her hair quickly before running out of the room.

Shino and Kiba were leaned up against the side of the building looking as borde as ever.

"Sorry to Keep you waiting..." She mumbled quietly, looking down at her feet.

"Whatever, We should really get going..." Kiba shrugged and ran off with Akamaru. Shino followed behind with her, watching her small footsteps.

"Don't worry Hinata, I bet he's fine..." Her face suddenly lit up, tinted a bright red.

"W-What do you mean Shino?" She asked silently. But he gave no answer. She knew what he said she was just to afraid to admit it... Thinking her hopes would be shattered if untrue.


The long day of training went by and the 4 were wiped out. Kiba yawned loudly, patting Akamaru on the head.

"You did good today boy! Come on! Race you home!" He yelled out, sprinting ahead of the now large dog.

Shino glanced over at Hinata who was still slightly tired from training. "Go get you're rest Hinata..." He mumbled quietly before walking away, leaving her dumbfounded.

She nodded to herself and looked back down at the ground. "R-Right..."


Hinata sat up in her bed unable to sleep or even blink. Something was wrong. Something deep inside her was telling her that. But she had no idea what it was.

The thought of him came back into her mind as a small crescent of a smile appeared on her face. "Naruto-kun..." She mumbled quietly under her breath, plopping back down in her bed.

As she closed her eyes all the memories seemed to come rushing into her mind.

The first time she saw him. The first time she had the courage to talk to him. The first time she fought in front of him. The first time she impressed him. The first time he held her in his arms and the last time he said, "I Swear... I will become Hokage! And I will bring Sasuke Back!"

His voice echoed in her mind, bouncing around until finally exciting.

There was a sudden rustling in the bushes. She sat herself up and peeked out her window. But there was nothing.

A Few minutes passed and there was another russel. Curiosity took her over as she jumped out of bed and quietly made her way down the halls of the Hyuga residence.

The cool night time air rushed through her hair as she stepped outside. The whole village was quiet and tranquil. Until quiet whispers flooded her ears.

"Over here..." Someone whispered quietly from the trees above and suddenly leaves flashed by as they jumped to the tree's down the road. For some reason, she wasn't scared. She was hopeful.

The silence of the village fell back in place as she rushed down the road following the breeze of air that still lingered in air.

"A little closer..." The muffled mumbles said, now zipping into a small courtyard behind the ramen restaurant. She looked it over once or twice, her heart almost skipping a beat.

She crept behind it carefully, clutching a dagger by her person, just in case. She never liked killing so, at this moment, the missing fear had just found it's place.

"W-who's there?" She asked, her voice almost trembling. 'What have I gotten myself into...' She thought to herself, clutching the dagger tighter.

Warm arms wrapped themselves around her neck as someone began gently breathing down her neck, making her completely freeze.

"Don't be Scared... I'm not gonna hurt you..." The person whispered quietly.

Her eyes widened. She knew who it was.

"It... It can't be... N-N-"
"Don't speak... It's me... Believe it..." He chuckled quietly, his arms now rapping themselves tighter around her neck. She felt as if she was going to faint, but something... Something inside her was keeping her standing.

"I had to come to you first... Since... I missed you the most..." He whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"This... This can't be..." Hinata mumbled to herself, her eyes now watering up.

He spun her around and gazed into her eyes. She looked back into his, the deep blueness of them seeming to gleam in the darkness of the night.

"Don't cry Hinata-Chan..." He whipped her tear away with his thumb, feeling the hotness of her cheeks. "While I was away... I've learned a lot... And one thing I learned was..." He leaned his closer his lips almost barely touching hers. "Never let the good ones go..."

A sudden warmness came over her as their lips clashed. This is what she desired. Not the kiss. Not the fact that he was touching her. But him. Just him.

He pulled away slowly and gazed back to her. She was slightly lightheaded but she had the courage to look back. "I've been waiting a while to do that Hinata-Chan... there's something else I've been waiting a while to do..." He whispered quietly, nuzzling his nose onto hers. She blushed even harder.

"W-What is it N-Naruto-kun?" The sound of his name echoed through her ears.

"Tell you that... I love you Hinata-chan..."

Her heart literally stopped in place and she looked into the now smiling boys eyes.

"Stop trying to say it Hinata... It's only gonna make it worse..." She looked down at her feet and then shot her eyes quickly back up at his.

"Make what worse?" He gently pressed his lips back on hers and she felt as if she was flying on thin air. She wanted this moment never to end... Sadly...


Hinata Sprung up from her bed, breathing heavily as she spun her head around. "Naruto-kun?!" She called out. but there was no answer. Her eyes began to water. "How real that dream was... how real it felt..." She was just about to move her hand to her eyes when she felt something between her fingers. She glanced down and her eyes shot open.

The Uzumaki sign had been written on a small piece of paper that was folded neatly. She carefully opened it as tears ran down her face.


I'm sorry It's taking so long... I promise I'll be home soon... I promise... And When I do get back... Boy, Well We have a lot to talk about, Believe it!

And please...Wait for me...

-The 6th Hokage of the Leaf Village... To the girl that always believed in me...

She grasped the note tightly in her hand, trying not to let any of the tears that feel upon it wash away the words.

A Hearts Long Painful Journey (A Naruto Hinata Love Story) Ch 2 Well This Hasn't Happened Before

Language: English

Hinata was walking back to her home, when she ran right into her father.
"Where have you been?" He asked coldly.
"T-training father." She cowered back from her fathers gaze.
"Training? Then show me."
"I-I haven't p-perfected it yet."
"Well show me what you've been doing!"

Hinata winced at the force of his voice, and nodded. She turned, and looked around for a good place to show him. She saw a tree in the distance, and smiled slightly. Hinata walked towards it, glancing back to see her father was following her.

She paused in front of the tree, closed her eyes and crossed her fingers in front of her.

*Focus all the chakra. Imagine it all in my left shin. Then play what you want to happen in your head.* She thought. Her chakra tightened in her shin. She was planning to do what she had done in the forest, not ten minutes ago. Her chakra had began to rebuild slightly, and she had just enough.

Hinata snapped her eyes open, and ran froward. She grabbed the closest branch, and pulled herself up. Her leg met with the limb before she could realease her chakra, and she heard a dull *crack* before she flipped around, and fell to the ground, and sat. She thought the pain before was bad, but this was extruciating.

Hinata cried out as soon as she hit the ground. Her entire leg was twisted around so that her foot was almost flat to the ground.

"That's what you've been practicing?! It's seems to cause more trouble than help, and it isn't one of the Hyuga tecniques! As the heir you need to learn OUR tecniques! Not something that would get your leg broken!"

"Hey cut her some slack!" A voice called from the other side of the tree. Hinata was clutching her leg, trying to ease the pain.

"N-Naruto? I thought y-you went h-home?"
"Well, I did, but then I thought that the ankle would probably pop back out of place." He said stepping out into the open. "Guess I was half right." He looked at her sincerely, causing her to blush, causing her father to fume.

"Naruto Uzimaki! You shouldn't even be here!"
"And you should be more caring to your own daughter. That tecnique is effecting, but you make her so nervous, that she can't preform right!" He yelled, stepping closer to her father.

*Why did he follow me? And why is he yelling at my father? He shouldn't be here, he'll get in trouble!* She thought, though her thoughts were still muzzy.

"She is just that, MY daughter, and the heir of her clan! You have no busniess telling me what I should and shouldn't do. All you are is a demon." He said the last sentence quietly.

"Hrumph, shows just how much you really know. I've heard that all my life, and to tell you the truth, it doesn't effect me anymore." Then he turned to Hinata.

"You okay?" She nodded, wincing when it jarred her leg.
"Hmm...Tsunade could probably help. Since it's too long for you to walk at the moment, theres two choices. I get her to come here, or I carry you." Hinata's eyes widened in shock. Her? See the Hokage because of a broken leg? Surely it wasn't that bad!

"Hinata." Naruto said quietly.
"I don't think that Granny'll be able to get out of the office. Something about paper work. I'll take you there."
"N-no Naruto! You w-were going to t-train before y-you saw me." She started to push her index fingers together nervously.
"And I d-d-don't want t-to stop you."
"C'mon, it's not a big deal, and besides, that's a bad break." He smiled brightly."And I'm sure it hurts. If you want to get that move right, you need both legs. Trust me." He winked, then carefully gathered her in his arms.

"What are you doing?!" Her father yelled.
"More than you are." Naruto said, glaring at the man, then bagan running along a short cut he found to see Tsunade.

Hinata stared in shock at Naruto as he ran through the trees. He was going slower so he wouldn't jarr her leg. She blushed, and buried her head in his chest when her leg turned painfully.

"Sorry, I'll try to her there quick."
"Why are you d-doing this for m-me?"
"Because you're hurt. You need to be healed. Besides, you helped me at the chunin exams." She blushed deeper, and fought to hide it.
"Hey! Tsunade!! I need a favor." Naruto called out from the other side of her office door.
"Of course you do. What is it?" She said, putting her hand up to message her temples, attempting to calm her headache.

Naruto walked through the door, Hinata in his arms.
"Whoa! What happened?" She called, standing up and walking aroung her desk, never taking her eyes off of Hinata.

"T-t-this really nessecary Naruto." Hinata wailed for atleast the tenth time since they entered the building.

"Naruto, what happened? Did something go wrong again with her organs?"

"Hokage, really i-it's nothing." Hinata whispered.
"I j-just broke my leg."
Tsunade sighen in relief, and looked at her leg. She hissed in air, then whistled.

"I suppose you want me to help, eh Naruto?" Hinata let out a soft cry when Naruto smiled, and laughed, shaking her leg painfully.

"Ok, ok. Take her down the hall to one of the spare rooms, I'll be right there."

Naruto nodded, and walked out the door and down the hallway.

"This is gonna be a long day. THE OTHER HALL NARUTO!!!!" She yelled, and saw Naruto pass in front of the door again.

"Yup. NOT THAT ONE EITHER!! Just...wait." She sighed again, and walked out the door

A Simple Mistake

Language: English

Hinata walked down the streets of Kohana happy to be out of the house. She was tired of being a disappointment and always felt better when she was out. She heard a loud shout from a head of her. She looked up in horror to find Naruto and Sasuke on top of one another K-kissing?!?! She took a step back.


Then she turned around and headed for the forest crying.


She heard a voice from behind her, but she kept running.


Shouted Naruto trying to get his feet untangled from the mess of rope that caused him to trip and land on Sasuke.

"GET OFF OF ME IDIOT!" growled Sasuke.

This was the second time he had been violated by this...this retarded piece of monkey crap and he wasnt going to let him sit on top of him and try to untangle the rope he tripped on.

"DAMN IT SASUKE!" yelled Naruto pointing an accusing finger at him "NOW HINATA THINKS I'M GAY!"


Naruto just ruined it. he was planning to ask Sakura on a date ,but now Naruto had made the mistake of being clumsy today.

"Damn it Naruto." Muttered Sasuke who ran off to find Sakura.

Naruto however was still hopelessly tangled in the mess of rope he looked in the direction Hinata had ran his eyes filled with sadness.

Kiba, tired of Narutos stupidity, finally told him how she felthow she always felt.
Naruto looked down in anger "Sasuke." he muttered

He whipped out a kunai and cut the rope.

"HEY!" yelled the store keeper who had watched the scene from his small store.

"I'll pay you back." Naruto yelled over his shoulder running after Hinata.

Hopefully it wasnt too late.

"Damn kids and their homosexuality." muttered the old man returning to his shop.

Hinata ran as far as she could go, until she tripped.

Still crying she looked at her ankle it was tangled in the roots of an old tree, and it was most likely sprained.

She heard Naruto's shouts not to far off.
She wouldn't let him see her like this she didn't want to be weak anymore, at least not in front of him.

Brushing away the tears streaming down her face she cut the root entangling her.

She knew what she had to do.
If Naruto was gay then she would do anything just for him to love her.


Naruto searched wildly for Hinata.

"Damn it were is she?" he muttered
Still searching he fell over something on the ground.

"Damn it I dont have time to be falling over crap!" He exclaimed

He quickly got up and found it was a person he tripped over.

"Eh? What are you doing here?"

'How did Sasuke get here so fast? he thought

'This is my chance.' thought

Grabbing Naruto's collar she pulled him down to eye level

"S-sasuke?" stuttered Naruto

She pulled him closer and kissed him letting go of the transformation as she did so.

Naruto pulled away, "Sasuke what do you think your do- H-hinata?"

She looked away shyly.

With a blush planted brightly on his face he said, "I'm...not that good at this kind of stuff...but-"

Kneeling down to eye level again he hugged her from behind.

Surprised she looked into his eyes.

He leaned in close and whispered "Im not gay."

Title: A Hearts Long Painful Journey (A Naruto Hinata Love Story) Ch 1 Unusual Visit

"AHH!! HOT HOT HOT!!!" Naruto yelled, fanning his tounge. A bowl of steaming ramen sat in front of him.

"I warned you! Here." The man behind the counter said. (a/n I can't remember his name =P)
He handed Naruto a cup of water, who gulped it down to cool his throat off.

"Eh, sorry about screamin'. I've gotta learn to be more careful." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head.
"Don't worry about it. Eat it when it-" The man started, but stopped when he saw Naruto lifting a large clump of noodles to his mouth, and blew on them gently.

"Or you can do that." He said, shaking his head, and walking off toward the back.

Naruto finished his ramen, and put some money on the table, and walked off.
"Heh heh, now that I'm full, I can go train!" He said, putting his hands behind his head, and walking off to his normal training spot in the woods.

*C'mon! It's almost perfect!* Hinata thought, backing up away from the tree she had been kicking.

*Focus all your chakra into what you're hitting with, and make a mental image of what you want.* She closed her eyes, and crossed her fingers.

She saw herself kicking one of the branches of the tree. She ran threw the kick over and over again, with every repition winding her chakra tighter into her left leg.

She snapped her eyes open, and dashed forward to the tree. She pushed herself up, barely bending her knees. She grabbed a branch in her right hand, and threw her left leg over to a thick branch.

*Release the chakra!* She let the chakra unwind in a snap. It gave her leg an extra boost when she impacted with the branch. The chakra she had wound around her leg doubled back to her, and she used it to keep her self balanced on the branch she held onto.

She hung there for a second, then yelled, and pumped more chakra into her leg, and pushed it through.

She heard a dull *crack* and smiled. Hinata spun so she was holding the branch with her left hand, and dropped to the ground.

A few feet in front of her, the branch she had kicked lay. It was fairly large, and it had a long crack down the middle.

"Hmm. Need to fix that." She murmmered to herself as she walked over to it, and began to absorb the small amount of her chakra that hung onto the branch.

"Hinata! That was amazing!" Naruto yelled. She had been where he normally trained, and he kinda wanted to see what she was doing. He had seen her snap the branch off the tree.

"N-Naruto!" She stuttered, stepping back, feeling very exposed in the clearing.
"H-how long have y-you b-been watching?" She asked, stepping back again, and tripped over the branch.

She uttered a small cry before hitting the ground hard on her butt. Hinata's legs were bent across the branch, turned log, and her eyes were shut. She had brought one hand out to brace her fall, and the other came up to her head.

"Ow." She muttered to herself.
"You okay?" Naruto asked walking around to her side.
"Y-yeah! Just....Just a l-little fall." She said turning her eyes from him.

She tried to get up, but when she put pressure on her left leg, a pain shot up her leg to her hip. Hinata sat back down, blushing.

"Hurt your leg? Can you stand?" Naruto asked, looking at her leg.

*What do I say!?*
"Ano...I'm fine. Over, over worked m-my l-l-eg." She said quietly, kicking the log out from under her leg with her right one.

She tried to stand again, but this time, the pain webbed through her lower body.

She cried out shortly, and was about to fall back again, when Naruto caught her mid-fall.

"No, you're hurt, aren't you?"
Hinata blushed deeper. She was hurt, her ankle had twisted slightly, but it still hurt.

"'s not really...t-that bad." She said, gently lowering her self back to the ground.

"Just need to use chakra to keep some of the weight off" She said, shocked that she hadn't stuttered, or repeated her self at all.

"Well, I'll help you home. It must've took alot of chakra to do that." True, her chakra was almost completely gone, and it was a long way home.

"O-okay." She said, smiling shyly.

He helped her up, then gently wrapped an arm around her waist. She blushed deeply, and Naruto blushed lightly.

"Heh, not exactly usual huh?"
"Not...really." They walked across the clearing, and through a trail Hinata had cut to get home.

"Father's not gonna be happy." She whispered softly enough that she thought Naruto didn't hear.

"Why? Will he be mad that you were in the woods?" He asked, still blushing.

", that I g-got hurt."
"He'll be mad you got hurt! It wasn't your fault!" He yelled, causing Hinata to flinch.

"Ano...I really shouldn't have been away in the first place."
"Oh. But still, he shouldn't be MAD you got hurt!"
*How on earth did I end up in this situation?!* She thought frantically.

"Will you be okay? Was it just a sprain? Or did it break?"
"Either a bad sprain, or broke. I hope it's sprained." She whispered.
"He'll be even more mad if it's broken huh?"
"Yeah." Naruto stopped walking, jerking Hinata slightly.
"Well then, I'll check." He smiled widely, and tugged at her to sit down.

She did, and extended her leg, not really sure of what he was going to do.

He gently took her leg, and felt her ankle, and took notice everytime she flinched. He saw that the bone was slightly out of place.

"'re not gonna like this."
"It's broken. I'm so clumsy."
"Nah, I can put it back in place, then it would just take a few healing jutsu's and it'll be good as new!" He smiled.

His smile fell, and his face was serious.
"Well...I would have to twist it back in place. Then push the bone in. It hurts." Hinata sighed.
*Either I let Naruto put it in place, or be yelled at by Father.*

She sighed, and ripped off a peice of cloth, wrapped it into a small rectangle, just big enough to fit between the top and bottom row of teeth.

"Do it. I can preform the jutsu's." Hinata shook slightly. She hated pain, but it would be over soon.

"Alright, I'll count to three, and on three, I'll move it. I'll try and be quick." He said, then took her ankle in both hands.
She put the cloth in her mouth, and bit down gently.

"Ok, ready?" She nodded, and closed her eyes.
"One...Two..."He looked up at her, then back down.
"Three!" He yanked her ankle over to his right, and pushed it in roughly.

Hinata bit down on the cloth hard, and still managed to cry out quietly. She could feel a tugging at her ankle when he turned it. She had felt that once before, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Then she realized, that Naruto was using his chakra to ease the pain. She opened her eyes, and looked down at him.

Sure enough, blue chakra surrounded his hands, and her ankle.

She took the cloth out, and said,
"Thank you, Naruto. I'll do the healing, and then you can go train like you wanted to." She said quietly.

*When did I get this much confidence around him! I've never...felt like this before!*

"Oh, don't worry 'bout that. I'm healing in completely now." He smiled, and let her go.
"There, try and stand." Hinata got up slowly, and put wait on the leg.
A dull throbbing was all that she felt.

"It's better, thanks." She looked at him, and into his eyes. Normally, she would have snatched her head away from him, but this time, something was different.

Naruto didn't know how to speak anymore. She had just looked at him, and now he could barely breathe! What was happening to him? Hinata had always been shy and quiet, and this was probably the most time he had spent with her.

"Uh, I should be getting home. Bye Naruto!" She said, and ran off through the trail.

As soon as she was out of sight, Naruto shook his head violently, and mentally cursed himself.

"Gah! What is wrong with you!? She was hurt, you helped her, that's all! I need to go home." He jumped up in the nearest tree, and made his way home.

He needed to clear his mind, and get some sleep. And when he got home, he did just that. Well...he slept that is.


Language: ENGLISH

You were walking around as you saw the boy you liked, though you'd never admit it, you were to shy.
You blushed as you saw him.
As you were passing the ramen bar you heard you name being called out.
"Hey Hinata!"
You turned around and grew very red, starting to feel faint.
"N-N-N-Naruto!" You said very softly, you could bearly hear it.
You being really shy just ran away.
*Why am I so shy, I hate it!* You thought to yourself sitting against a tree.
"Hey Hinata!" Said Kiba
"H-hi K-Kiba." You stuttered
"What's wrong?" He asked
"N-nothing." You lied
"Look I know there's something wrong,"
"Well I-I'm just really shy a-and it's a-annoying." You said fast
"Well that's a part of who you are." He said
You sighed, wanting to change yourself and stop being so shy.
You took and a deep breath and told Kiba, that you would talk to him later, and thanked him for trying to comfort you.
*I'm gonna do it, I have to* You said to yourself as you walked to the ramen bar, Naruto was eating there as usually, you took and a deep breath, but your legs lost all feeling, and you couldn't move
*Move! Move!* You willed youself but you couldn's so you gave up.
"Hey Hinata!" Naruto said walking up to you
"H-Hi N-Naruto!" You said nervously
"Why did you run away earlier?" He asked
"W-well." She gulped she didn't know if she could bring herself to say it, she couldn't no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get those words out her mouth
"Are you okay?" He asked
"I-I" She tried her hardest
"I'm in love with you!" She yelled out so fast, that her words came crashing into one another, she had surpised herself
"Really?" Naruto said smirking.
She nodded her head fast, while, being the darkest shades of red.
"That's good, because I like you to." Naruto said smiling
You looked at him shocked at the words that had just left his mouth.
"Really?" She said thinking maybe it was some type of joke
"Yes really." He said grabbing her chin and moving it so her face was right next to his, next he moved it in closer, and she could feel his warm breath on her skin, and he kissed her.
She was so sure that this was a dream, she never wanted to wake up.

NaruHina (2) The finale one!

Language: English

Naruto slowly layed Hinata on the ground and whispered angry: "You're gonna pay for what you've done to Hinata!"
Then he ran very fast towards Sasuke.
Sasuke was shocked. "This.. is Naruto?" he thought to himself.
But before Sasuke could do anything, Naruto punched him really hard in his face then Sasuke fled off in the air (or how do you say that?). Naruto jumped after Sasuke and punched Sasuke one more time, but this time in the stomach. Sasuke hit the floor really hard and coughed blood. "Naruto... sto-" but he was cut off by Naruto who jumped on top of him and grabbed Sasuke's shirt.
"This is for Hinata!" Naruto screamed and wanted to punch Sasuke.
"Stop, Naruto!" Sasuke said a bit shocked.
Naruto got angry and whispered angry: "Why should I stop? You've taken away the one I love!" then he wanted to finish Sasuke with a powerful punch, but then he heard someone whispering his name.
Naruto turned his head around to see who whispered his name, he was shocked to see Hinata who was trying to stand up, the red chakra that was flowing around his body, dissapeared slowly.
Hinata shook her head to Naruto and whispered: "Naruto-kun.. Please don't.. do that..." then she fell to the ground again.
Naruto turned his head back to Sasuke. "You're lucky today... But next time I'll defintely (spelled good?) get you!" he said and rushed off to Hinata.
"Hinata!" he screamed. "I'm glad you're still alive..." then he hugged Hinata tightly. "Thank.. you... Naruto-kun..." Hinata whispered and fell asleep in Naruto's arms.
--- Fast forward to the hospital ---
Hinata slowly waked up and saw Naruto who was asleep in the chair next to her bed and Naruto was holding Hinata's hand.
Hinata smiled to herself and gave Naruto a quick kiss on his forehead.
Naruto slowly opened his eyes and whispered: "Hinata-chan.. ?"
"Sleepy head." Hinata giggled.
Naruto smiled big and grabbed Hinata wrists, pulled her face close to him.
"You know, Hinata... I love you." he said. Before Hinata could react, Naruto kissed her very passionate.
Hinata broke the kiss and looked deep into Naruto's eyes.
"I love you, Uzumaki Naruto." she whispered.
"I love you too, Hyuuga Hinata." Naruto whispered back.
Then he standed (or was it 'stood' ?) up.
"I, Uzumaki Naruto, promise myself that I will love and protect the one I love, Hyuuga Hinata, FOREVER!" he screamed.
Hinata giggled. "Thank you, Naruto-kun." she whispered.

So, what did you think of it?

Beautifully Graceless

Language: English

Hinata waited silently at the deserted altar. Everyone's eyes were glued to her, until their unsympathetic stares began to affect her vision. She shuddered violently in her pretty, white gown; the bouquet in her grasp rattled emptily. All she could see now was a veritable sea of blank pools, all watching her foolish dream fall from grace.

He was not coming. His happy blue eyes did not peek from the stony audience with childish endurance; he was simply not here, and not coming.

Hinata fought back the flood of tears threatening to spill over in this wrecked occasion. How stupid she was to have hoped and believed. But she believed in him and he...

Not a single soul sensed her desolation. Oh, they knew, and a cruel, laughing derision flitted through their eyes.

How pitiful. A bride abandoned at the altar.

Hinata saw their eyes crinkle at the corners with a secret knowledge she knew not; laughing, they were laughing.

Hinata cringed visibly, lowering her hurt gaze to the beautiful carpet beneath her feet. She could not see it for the tears.

She could hardly believe he was standing her up. Even he, who had never ridiculed her, did so now. Not him, not Naruto. But, she reminded herself, what more was there to expect? Hinata was not a woman of happy endings.

The evening was a disaster.

She stood there for what seemed like hours, when only thirty minutes had passed. She felt weak in the knees. She couldn't stand it anymore--being alone, abject symbol of failure. Stumbling with what seemed like stiff, jelly legs, she took tentative steps off the dais and haltingly tripped back down the altar's ethereal carpet.

Surprise registered in her audience's eyes, but she could see beyond the astonishment; she could see their amusement. How could they be so cruel?

"Hinata," Tenten called--a little reluctantly. Tenten was donned in an iridescent bridesmaid's dress, looking so much more beautiful than she. Hinata shook her small head; Tenten had the same look in her eyes.

Hinata felt like a freak. Ridicule, it was in everyone's eyes, everyone who beheld her tragic state.

Even her Naruto must have been roaring with laughter at her now. To think he had ever loved her; it was an illusionary dream come to an end. He always did like to play games, but this...?

"I'm sorry...everyone," she tried in a low mumble of burning ignominy. She was going to call it off, call off the wedding. It was about time to stop hoping.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. Hinata's heart leapt with hope, but crashed down immediately.

"I'm so sorry I'm late!" the man cried, looking disheveled. "It was--the preparations--"

Even the wedding cake was late. Hinata bit her lip, trying to keep herself from telling the flustered delivery boy that it was no longer necessary; no one was going to cut the cake with her...

"Ah!" His eyes alighted on her, standing a few steps from the altar. "Miss Hyuuga!" He hurried forth, wheeling the enormous, towering cake toward her with a bright, oblivious smile.

"" she managed, weakly making motions to decline.

He stopped right in front of her, giving her a grin that reminded her of someone who was not here. "I hope I'm not too late; please, Miss Hyuuga, have some cake!"

Hinata stared, horror-struck. He couldn't possibly...! How foolish, how wrong she would look accepting the cake herself!

Incinerating humilation threw her cheeks into flame. Did they enjoy seeing her this way? She...she wouldn't give them the pleasure of watching her cry. No, not anymore.

"No, I'm sorry," she murmured quietly, with a barely perceptible shake of her head. She started to push past him, when she was halted by the pleading, begging look in his eyes. He'd gone through so much trouble just to deliver it--if she didn't accept it--he could get fired--ruined, everything was ruined.

Despite the bitterness, Hinata could not find it herself to deny this boy.

Stupid. She was being so stupid.

So, what if she did cut the cake? This boy, in his haste, did not realize that it was no longer a delightful celebration, but rather, a satirical farce. He was so blind. If only he had taken a clear look at her face--her quivering lips, her brimming eyes, her burning cheeks...

What was she doing?

'Hinata Hyuuga,' Hinata lambasted with self-disgust, 'you are weak. You are a hopeless case. A push-over.'

At least, in this one forced gesture, she could spare this worried delivery boy some humilation, even at the cost of her own.

With shaking hands, she took the broad cake knife and slit it into the fluffy texture. Oh, how the world laughed at her so.

The quivering steel sailed effortlessly through the golden texture; Hinata struggled to hold in her tears, at least until she could get away, out of view.

Suddenly, Hinata Hyuuga yelped, crashing unceremoniously backwards.

The red-ribboned knife clattered to the floor.

The cake had jiggled, then exploded.

There was a mortifying silence.

Hinata was completely caked in what once was a magnificent confectionary.

There was no laughter; but Hinata saw--they were grinning.

Hot tears scraped like daggers down her cheeks. 'Wh-why are they s-so mean--'

An exurberant blonde burst from the confides of the ruined dessert--where there laid a hidden cavity; he, too, was covered absurdly by golden pieces and white frosting.

But his face was glowing.


Hinata was robbed completely of her mind. She wasn't even aware of getting to her feet. She just stared dumbly at her fiance as if he had been a vagrant taken straight off the streets to leap from her wedding cake and send her into shock.

Everyone's faces betrayed the secret; they had known.

They had known.

It was all some elaborate plan of her unorthodox inamorato to make their union unforgettable. (However touching that particular thought was, it was still poorly-designed. Really. This was an important ceremony, after all, and, of all the women, Hinata's feelings must have been the most frangible.)

It finally made sense; the late delivery...and most importantly, manifested mirth from her guests' was so...

Well, unforgettable it was.

Mentally scarred Hinata, that's what.

Naruto grinned cheekily at her, his sparkling blue eyes narrowed from all the happiness he was emanating., his arms thrown out at his sides to emphasis the grandeur of it all. Judging from his unparalleled radiance, Hinata dimly realized Naruto honestly thought he was being brilliant.

"Will you marry me, Hinata?" Naruto questioned suddenly, with an uncharacteristic note of apprehension. He flushed faintly, holding out the wedding band for her.

To Naruto's utter and complete horror, Hinata bowed her head and started...sobbing, her tiny fists clenched and shaking at her sides.


Naruto hurried quickly out of the ruins, stumbling and reaching for his fiancee. "Hi-hinata--" Naruto felt so dirty. He just made Hinata cry. Oh, gods.

When he motioned to pull her into one of his beautiful, strengthening embraces, she actually--visibly--flinched from him. To say the least, it absolutely broke Naruto's heart.

"Hinata..." he croaked, "I'm...I'm so sorry." His expression looked like that of a kicked puppy, and tears were fast gathering in his own eyes.

"N-naruto..." Hinata gasped. "Please...please don't cry."

"No, Hinata, I'm really sorry...I shouldn't have...I should have known that...I'm so stupid. So stupid! I just--"

Without a word, Hinata flung herself bodily at him, her face buried in his chest. His arms automatically encircled her petite form; they fit together like a two-piece puzzle.

"I was just...just so scared, Naruto..." Hinata's familiar gestures instantly relieved Naruto. He tried to wipe some of her drying tears away.


"I...I thought," she hiccuped, looking terrified of whatever flitting thought had just crossed her mind, "I thought you didn' me." She looked ever-so-vunerably at him.

"No! ...No, never, Hinata," Naruto assuaged. Naruto's cheeks rounded again as he grinned. "You're always so silly, Hinata."

"Na-naruto, how could you...accuse me of being silly when you..." She blinked blearily at the extraordinary set-up. She buried her face back in his cake-encrusted tuxedo.

"Hinata..." Naruto's arms tightened instinctively around her. He leaned closer, whispering into her ear. "Will you marry me?"

A choked sob? A laugh?

"O-of course, I will, Naruto..."

Of course...Hinata didn't totally let that incident go. She wasn't that much of a push-over.

She got him back a year later, when Naruto found out he was going to be father...while hosting a very public Chuunin exam tournament.

He screamed bodily--and incoherently--at the Kazekage Gaara next to him--terrifying him in the meanwhile--and then passed out with a silly, blissful expression on his face.

Yes, unforgettable, indeed..

NaruHina (1)

Language: English

Hinata and Naruto were fighting Sasuke (don't ask me why...).
But they were both pretty beaten up already. Hinata fell on her knees because she was tired because of the pain.
"Hinata! Let me help y-" but Naruto was cut off by Hinata. "No Naruto... I won't give it up. Just like what you never do. Please, believe in me! Then I'll be fine!" Hinata said.
Suddenly, Sasuke threw kunais to Naruto but Naruto didn't see that.
Hinata jumped in front of Naruto and took all of the damage and was about to fall on the ground when Naruto catched her.
"Hinata... Why did you do that!?" Naruto said a bit angry, not too angry.
Hinata coughed blood and smiled a little to Naruto, then started to talk: "It's because.. I... love.. you...." then she closed her eyes. Naruto's eyes grow wide and filled with tears. "Hinata... Damn it..." he whispered to himself. "I SWEAR THAT I WILL AVENGE YOU, HINATA!!!" Naruto screamed while the tears were rolling down his cheeks.
Sasuke started to laugh.
"You moron. True mens don't cry and-"
"Shut up!" Naruto interrupted (spelled good?) Sasuke. "You don't know what love means! And you will never understand!".
Sasuke got angry and shouted back:
"IDIOT! You're the one who doesn't understand it! I did have a family... We lived really happy, until the day my brother killed my clan..." he whispered the last words so Naruto could barely hear it.
"You're right. I don't understand how it is to have a family. But now... I have someone I love. And I will protect her until the day comes that we'll die together!" Naruto shouted.
Red chakra started to come out of Naruto's body.
"This isn't good..." Sasuke muttered to himself.

Did you like it?
Part 2 will come out sooner or later or veeeeeeeeeeery later... Just kidding. It will come out VERY soon. XD

Help Me Find My Light (A NaruHina one shot)

Language: English

Why does this always happen? Every time Im near him...I loose myself...
Its been really cold lately, which is weird since were next to a desert. I dont mind it much, but apparently the two girls i'm talking to do.
"Arghhh, this chill is killing me!" Ino whined, hugging herself.
"*sigh* If I was in Sasukes arms I wouldnt be this cold." Sakura gushed, getting starry-eyed.
"You go ahead and dream Billboard-Brow." Ino retorted.
I sighed quietly, not wanting them to think I was annoyed at their fighting, even though I was. I guess- scratch that- I know I should speak my mind more, but I just cant for some reason. Im not even really sure how I ended up walking to the ramen shop with Ino and Sakura.

When we arrived, the heat of the little shop allowed us to shed our winter jackets, and attempt to warm up. Apparently we werent the only ones who were trying to get cozy. There were only a few seats left, so we hurried over, and grabbed a seat. We ordered our ramen, and while we waited I heard the chair next to me move as someone took a seat.
"Whew! It feels great in here old man! Ill take a pork ramen please!"
I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see the boy I had liked for years, Naruto Uzumaki.

Ino nudged Sakura, and they both snickered seeing me next to him. I knew my face was turning red, and to make matters worse, he looked over at me with a confused face.
"Are you getting sick Hinata? Your face is turning red."
I thought I would melt if I stared into those crystal blue eyes any longer, so I looked away, and felt my face warm up even more. Sakura shook her head, and looked at Ino, who sighed. A lot of people know about my feelings for Naruto, but no matter what I do, I dont think he notices me at all.

"I-Im fine, t-thank y-you, N-Naruto-kun." I stammered, never taking my eyes off my ramen bowl.
Uhhh, okay then. He grinned, rubbing the back of his head.

~After Lunch~

We were walking to the mall now, and on the way, Ino looked at me questioningly.
"Why do you like that baka Hina-Chan?"
I could feel my face burning up again.
"Because," Sakura began, "Its been years since you first started liking Naruto, and pretty much everyones realized it but him. We just want to help~"
"OI! Hinata, wait!"
I turned around to see said-baka running down the street down the streets to me.
"Naruto?" I blushed, wondering what he wanted.
He stopped in front of me and put his hands on his knees, breathing heavy, "H-hang o-on!" he gasped, holding up a finger.
"Naruto, you realize you just ran like four miles right?" Sakura pointed out.
"Y-yeah b-but I had t-to give Hinata...this!" he wheezed, holding up my purple pen
"You d-dropped it at the r-ramen shop."
"You ran four miles to give her a pen?!" Sakura asked, holding her head in her hands.
"I think its cute." Ino whispered to her.
"You d-didnt have t-to do that N-naruto-Kun." I insisted, feeling my face cool down.
"Yeah but, you always said that this was your favorite pen." He replied, his breathing back to normal.
"You r-remember that?"
"Of course I do, I always listen to you, why wouldnt I?"
"Arigato Naruto-Kun" I smiled.
He grinned back, "Well, I gotta go, Ill talk to you later Hinata!"
He ran back off in the direction of the ramen shop, waving back at me.
At that moment, the sun came out from behind the clouds, warming us upbut I didnt care. The only sunlight I need has blonde hair and blue eyes.

I'll Always be here

Language: English

As the wind grew harsher and colder, the young ninja stood a distance away from him. Even far from here she could see the look on his face. It was a look that broke her heart, almost sending her into a shower of tears.
It was a look of...what? Many things actually, all of which weren't happy in the least.
Look of, hopelessness, loneliness, and well a look that basically said "I give up".
I wish...I wish I could help...but I just feel so helpless.
Hinata felt a horrible sinking feeling inside as she watched a single tear fall down his face.
Sighing she walked away slowly, before giving once last glance toward the sad Naruto, who surprisingly didn't notice her this whole time.
Yet another thing that crushed her so...

"Ramen ramen ramen!" Naruto cheered, running toward the ramen stand with great speed. The sun was out and bright, and he knew ramen was the perfect thing now, especially since this morning.
Naruto had no money to buy ramen today, and he felt himself get even more depressed, that is...till he went outside.
After getting ready for the day, he opened his door to see an envelope on the mat. Out of curiosity he picked it up and opened it to reveal...MONEY! And lots of it!!!
Holding the money tightly he cheered, "YATTA!" It was then he noticed a small piece of paper fall of of the envelope and gently flow to the floor.
"Nani?" he murmured, bending down to pick it up.
"I thought you could use some money for ramen, since you eat it everyday and love it so much...I hope this helps with other things to.
Signed, a friend.." Naruto read aloud.
A friend? Who could have written this for him?
A smile crept on his face. Sakura-chan! Maybe she wrote it!
Naruto you're late!
Naruto your really slacking off!
Such a baka Naruto!

The smile instantly vanished.
No...she...she'd never do that. As much as I hope for it, she never do something like that for me. She's to focused on pretty boy Sasuke, Naruto thought angrily.
I mean nothing to anyone.
Wait, I do! I must mean something to someone for anyone to even do something like this for me!
Despite being small, this was such a great feeling for him...that..he meant something to someone. That...someone here didn't view him as a monster, or idiot.
So now he arrived at the ramen shop, banging the money on the counter.
"I'd like 10 beef ramen today old man!"
"Right away Naruto!" the chef spoke brightly.

Hinata felt a smile make its way to her face. He seemed so happy. And just because he got ramen.
But I know, she thought. I know he is still sad underneath...he smiles at times, but mostly to hide the pain he is going through.
Naruto-kun...I wish I could help more. I may...I may not be able to get rid of all that pain that's hidden within you but...I can at least soothe it, as best as I can.
"10 more beef ramens!"
Hinata felt her smile widen, as she sighed and walked away.

"Why are you so happy?" Sasuke asked Naruto as he hungrily slurped up ramen.
"Oh,nothing!" he replied, keeping the wide smile plastered on his face.
Yes. He was happy, and for a good reason too. The money was just the beginning. Every day he would somehow find many gifts on his door mat, like candy, packs of ramen, baskets of fruit, stuff like that. Despite his extreme curiosity of to who was sending these gifts at the same time he didn't care. Someone cared about him! That was something better then all these gifts combined.
Someone cared.
Not only did the fact that he was receiving these gifts everyday prove someone cared, but the notes did as well. Yes, with every gift, came a small,but kind, note.
Here's a gift...You really deserve them...and although I can't erase all your pain, I can help make you happy. To me, it's really amazing and great to see you smile. I want it to be that way forever.
Signed, a friend.
As he walked away from the table he murmured to himself quietly, "I wish I knew who you were exactly...friend..."
Sighing he continued walking toward his home, wishing he knew who this friend was.
She felt herself smile was she watched him walk away smiling.
Hinata, your doing good, she thought. He's...he's happy.
Seeing him happy, definitely made her happy.

"What are you doing?"
"Ahhh!" Hinata screeched, almost dropping the basket of ramen and fruit. "K-kiba, what are y-you doing here?"
"Oh, just randomly coming to see if he was awake, he has training today after all. But more importantly..." he got right in here face with a smirk. "What are YOU doing here?"
"And why do you have that basket of fruit and...ramen hm?"
Hinata grew more nervous by the second, "I-i well...I..."
Kiba started laughing, "Hinata! Calm down!" He backed up smiling. "Naruto kept blabbering on to people about how some unknown person was bringing him gifts every morning. And he didn't know who.." Kiba said. "But well..*smirk* Guess I know who now."
Hinata gasped, "Kiba, please don't-"
"DON'T WORRY!" he interrupted. "I'm not going to tell..."
Hinata sighed in relief.
"That's really nice of you too." She looked up surprised as Kiba spoke. "You giving him gifts, it's really nice. You're showing him there's someone out there who cares. That's something he really needs."
Hinata nodded. "I...I just hate seeing him sad.."
"Yeah, well, despite how kind this is...I think you should tell him you are the one who's been leaving him gifts."
She gasped and shook her head furiously, "No! I can't Kiba!"
Kiba sighed aloud, "Fine fine...I think it be better if you did...but fine. I'll see ya later Hinata."
Hinata watched as Kiba walked away. She let out a breath and but the basket down, along with the small note.
These gifts were ok and all but...what was she going to do tomorrow?

==Next Day==

Naruto rubbed his eyes, still feeling tired. Though he managed to sit up in his bed.
Today..what was today?
Today was..
Yes! It was Naruto's birthday!
For awhile he sat there with a happy smile...till he realized.
It didn't matter that it was his birthday. No one cared, no one celebrated, why should he look forward to it?
"It..doesn't matter..." he mumbled, feeling the hot,wet tears flow down his face as he mumbled over and over, "it doesn't matter.."
Though despite his depressed mood, he wiped the tears away and went to get ready for the day. He knew he couldn't stay cooped up in his house for long.
After his headband was on he sighed then tried his best to smile. A fake smile, but a smile none the less.
As he opened his front door he sighed once more...that is, till he looked down.
"NO WAY!!!" he screamed.
Tons of gifts...and food, all over his doorstep. There were nicely decorated packages, and fruit, with more ramen. Even a cake! He couldn't believe it!It was just so amazing!
In his extreme happiness he almost forgot about the envelope that was placed in the middle of it all.
Opening it he read,
Happy birthday Naruto. I hope you like the gifts..and..I hope they make you happy. I know I can't completely rid you of the loneliness and unhappiness. But I want to try my best to do so. Others may not celebrate this day. They may glare at you, and make you feel like you don't belong..yet...yet you hang on. You smile everyday, always try your best, and never give up. I truly admire that about you. So with these gifts, celebrate the day that an amazing, talented, and bright ninja was born. Happy birthday once more.
Signed, a friend.
Naruto smiled widely.
Well, whoever you are, friend...all this means more to me then you know, Naruto thought, holding the note close.

Hinata walked silently through the forest toward the fields. It was a beautiful day, perfect for his birthday too. She hoped to herself that the gifts she gave him today made him happy. She hoped so desperately that he was happy TODAY, on his birthday.
She had meant every word on the note..on every note in fact.
Sighing once she leaned against a tree, and gasped.
Several feet away, sat Naruto. He had a cloth set out, and appeared to be having a picnic with all the food she had given him today. She hid behind the tree and watched as the blond smiled happily, and took a bite of an apple, then slurped up ramen.
As he took a deep breath he laughed happily, causing her to smile as well.
He was happy, and that made her happier then she had ever known.
"So what's up?" a voice spoke behind her making her jump.
"N-Naruto-kun!" she cried out. She glanced back to see the picnic area empty then looked back at the smirking blond.
"So Hinata, whatcha doing?"
"Uh..well I was g-going for a walk, Naruto-kun." Hinata stuttered.
"Oh well, I'm celebrating my birthday and eating some food someone got me..thing is I don't know who."
Hinata went along with it, trying not to stutter as much. "O-oh, really?"
"Yeah." he spoke, pacing a little, "Someone has been leaving me these gifts every morning. And this morning TONS more then usual...since it's my birthday." he explained.
"That's great Naruto-kun."
"Well, wanna eat with me Hinata?" he asked.
Hinata felt her heart almost stop. Eat with Naruto??
"Uh..s-sure." she managed to squeak out.
As they sat down he handed her some cake which she slowly took while blushing.
"Cake is good huh?" he asked happily.
"Oh. h-hai." she replied taking a small bite of the cake she had made.
It was silent for awhile, except for the faint breeze that blew, making the trees' leaves rustle about.
Naruto looked at Hinata with a smile, "Thanks Hinata."
Hinata gasped and blushed, looking away. "F-for what?"
"For eating with me of course!" he replied still smiling.
"Oh, h-hai." Hinata said.
"Annnnnnnd..." he mumbled.
She turned with question and gasped to see Naruto right in her face, which instantly grew red.
"Thank you for all the gifts Hinata."
"What?!" she asked, falling back.
"Kiba told me Hinata."
Curse you Kiba, she thought in frustration.
"You have some cake on your face." he spoke, sliding a finger by her cheek, then licking the frosting off his finger.
She knew by now she had to be redder then a fire hydrant.
And without another word he kissed her, putting both hands on her arms.
As he stopped he pulled her into a tight hug.
"T-thank you for caring means more then you will ever know."
Usually she'd be freaking out in this situation, till she felt her shoulder get wet, and instantly she knew he was crying.
She pulled away with a concerned look and wiped his tears away.
"Sorry." he murmured, wiping his face.
Hinata felt for once the shyness disappear as she hugged him.
"I'll always be here Naruto-kun.."

Single Lavender Rose

Language: English

It was a nice, quiet, February night, well, February the 14th, to be exact. Valentine's Day.

Hinata Hyuuga had finally accepted the fact that Naruto hadn't gotten her anything for Valentine's Day, and so she started on her long trek home from the deserted park where Naruto was supposed to meet her. "Naruto-kun...where are you?" She whispered, as she watched her breath file out in little plumes in front of her.

She had just reached the sandbox when something glittering in the moonlight caught her eye. She turned towards it and stared in bewilderment. "A-A rose? Who's it for?" Hinata didn't usually pry in other peoples' stuff, but she wasn't in a great mood and curiosity had taken over her senses.

Carefully she reached down and picked up the light lavender rose. But when her hand touched it, she jumped in astonishment. "The r-rose! It'!" She raised it up to examine it closer. Something had been carved on the side, but it was blurry, as if the maker had been in a hurry and left out half of the letters. Her mouth formed in a tight smile.

If only Naruto-kun could have gotten something like this...She stopped. What is she thinking? They aren't going out or anything! So why does it matter? It doesn't. She decided. Naruto-kun had just asked her to meet him, he had the right to change his's not like it mattered...right?

She tucked the rose safely away in her woolly pocket of her coat and started on her way home again. When she reached the end of the playground, she couldn't help but turn asround. She knew Naruto-kun wouldn't be there...but, there's always a slight possibility...Her eyes scanned the perimeter of the swings and the rest of the deserted old school yard. She sighed. Who was she kidding? Of course he wouldn't actually come, not when he could go to Sakura's...

Hinata turned around and nearly ran right into the person standing in front of her.

"Hey Lady what cha doin' out here all by yourself?" A man with a dark gray suit on whispered in her ear, his breath ranked of stale bread and rotted fish.

"I-I-I'm waiting f-f-for m-my b-b-boyfriend!" She said as fast as she could. Naruto-kun isn't my boyfriend! What am I saying? She thought, angry for dragging Naruto-kun into this.

"Oh, is that right? Well, maybe you should come with me a while. I really know how ta treat a lady!" He started to yank on her arm and Hinata felt like she was going to faint from fright. Tears streaming down her face she started struggling as hard as she could, trying to get away from this creep!

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing to Hinata-chan?!" A voice Hinata had not been expecting filled her weary ears. Her heart soared with hope. Naruto-kun! Is it really you?

"Are you her boyfriend?" the man snickered. "Hmph, you don't seem like much."

"Er, you better watch yourself! Hurt one hair on Hinata-chan's head and I'll kill you myself!"

"N-N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata screamed. He's here! He's here! He came!

"Well, we'll just see how tough you really are!" Hinata suddenly felt a sharp object pressing down on her neck. She stopped moving.

"Agh! Hinata-chan! Don't worry! I'll save you, beleive it!" Hinata's heart seemed to completely stop, as the world started turning black, she saw Naruto-kun defeat that creep and his arms reaching out to catch her.

"N-Naruto-kun..." She whispered.

"I'm here Hinata-chan!" He said, and that was the next to last thing she heard before the darkness completely engulphed her. "I-I love you, Hinata-chan."


When Hinata woke up, she was in her room, and the alarm clock, though blurry, seemed to read 5:00...P.M.! Without thinking Hinata rushed over just to make sure. "F-Five o'clock?! How long have I been asleep?" All of the sudden she realized she wasn't alone.

"Hinata-chan! You're okay!" An estatic Naruto-kun yelled running over to give her a surprisingly gentle bear hug.

"Her cheeks flushed. "N-Naruto-kun!"

"Hinata-chan! I was so worried about you," He pushed her out so he could look at her neck. "Hinata-chan..." His fingers lightly stroked a bandage, that she just realized was there, on her neck. "He almost..He was going to..." His face took on a look of pain, although it was clear Hinata was the one hurt.

" came! Last night, you finally came! I was so...happy...that you came..." She looked away as she felt her cheeks turned even brighter.

A cheesy grin apeared on his face, "Um, about that.." Hinata felt her face drop, about what, Naruto-kun? "Well, you see, I had to get you the BEST present, beleive it! But, I accidentally lost the present...then when I found it I didn't have enough time to engrave what I wanted on then I had to get ready and by time I was, I had already lost it again..." He looked at her, a light blush apearing on his face. "I'm sorry I lost your present Hinata-chan."

She looked into his soft blue eyes, hers filling up with fresh tears. "Oh Naruto-kun!" She gave him a bone crushing hug, holding him with alll her might, afraid to let go.

"Hinata-chan...I'm sorry I ruined your Valentines Day."

She looked at him startled. "But, you didn't ruin my Valanetines Day. In fact, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had a Valentine's Day at all." She smiled. She suddenly felt a slight draft on her shoulders and realized that she was in her bra and underwear. "EEK!" She shreiked and grabbed her coat and practically threw her arms through it. When she looked back at Naruto-kun, she realized his face was even redder than hers...odd. That's when she felt the weight of the lavender rose she had found at the park last night. She pulled it out to examine it in the daylight.

As it sparkled and shimmered, Hinata saw Naruto-kuns face brighten. "That's it Hinata-chan! That's the present I got you! See," He turned it over where the writing was, then he turned it upside down. "I accidnetally wrote it upside down, hehe."

Hinata slowly read the writing, "To Hinata-chan, Love Naruto. I hope you have the best Valentines Day ever! Beleive it!" She smiled. "Naruto-kun,"

"Huh," he looked at her. "What is it Hinata-chan?"

She pulled his head down to her height, "I love you Naruto-kun!" then she slammed her lips into his. A few seconds later, she felt Naruto-kun return the kiss.

"I love you too, Hinata-chan!"