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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Language: ENGLISH

You were walking around as you saw the boy you liked, though you'd never admit it, you were to shy.
You blushed as you saw him.
As you were passing the ramen bar you heard you name being called out.
"Hey Hinata!"
You turned around and grew very red, starting to feel faint.
"N-N-N-Naruto!" You said very softly, you could bearly hear it.
You being really shy just ran away.
*Why am I so shy, I hate it!* You thought to yourself sitting against a tree.
"Hey Hinata!" Said Kiba
"H-hi K-Kiba." You stuttered
"What's wrong?" He asked
"N-nothing." You lied
"Look I know there's something wrong,"
"Well I-I'm just really shy a-and it's a-annoying." You said fast
"Well that's a part of who you are." He said
You sighed, wanting to change yourself and stop being so shy.
You took and a deep breath and told Kiba, that you would talk to him later, and thanked him for trying to comfort you.
*I'm gonna do it, I have to* You said to yourself as you walked to the ramen bar, Naruto was eating there as usually, you took and a deep breath, but your legs lost all feeling, and you couldn't move
*Move! Move!* You willed youself but you couldn's so you gave up.
"Hey Hinata!" Naruto said walking up to you
"H-Hi N-Naruto!" You said nervously
"Why did you run away earlier?" He asked
"W-well." She gulped she didn't know if she could bring herself to say it, she couldn't no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get those words out her mouth
"Are you okay?" He asked
"I-I" She tried her hardest
"I'm in love with you!" She yelled out so fast, that her words came crashing into one another, she had surpised herself
"Really?" Naruto said smirking.
She nodded her head fast, while, being the darkest shades of red.
"That's good, because I like you to." Naruto said smiling
You looked at him shocked at the words that had just left his mouth.
"Really?" She said thinking maybe it was some type of joke
"Yes really." He said grabbing her chin and moving it so her face was right next to his, next he moved it in closer, and she could feel his warm breath on her skin, and he kissed her.
She was so sure that this was a dream, she never wanted to wake up.

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