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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Disclaimer: i don't own Naruto.

Author : ricebunnyy
Sasuke was coming home from a long mission. 'Finally I can relax with my Dobe.' He smiled to himself. He and the blonde began to live together at the Uchiha Mansion after being together for a year. 'I wonder how the Dobe is… I haven't been spending time with him because I'm so busy.' Sasuke sighed but smirked at how long the two haven't had sex. 'Knowing the Dobe, he must be sex deprived.' He smirked. He hasn't had the time to even have a quickie with the blonde because of all the missions Tsunade keeps assigning him. She wouldn't assign a mission for him and the blonde together because we'd get distracted. 'Hn… I bet the Dobe has been complaining to her. I'll have to thank her for the vacation.'
Once the raven reached his and Naruto's home, he hid his chakra so the blonde won't sense him and to surprise him. He walked silently to the door of their room and was about to open it until he heard a noise.
"Uhnn! Yes! Right there!" a voice screamed in pleasure. Sasuke smirked thinking his Dobe was touching himself until he heard their bed creaking. 'Naruto can't make the bed creak like that unless someone…' Sasuke moved back to the front door and yelled, "I'm home!" He walked back to their room and opened the door to find Naruto under the blanket reading scrolls in his boxers.
"Suke!" He exclaimed excitingly, jumping off the bed to hug the raven.
Sasuke returned the hug and inhaled Naruto's scent. 'There's no scent of this person just the Dobe's… Maybe he really was jacking off.'
"How bout we have some fun?" Sasuke smirked wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist, trailing kisses down the boy's neck.
"Nah Suke… I'm tired." Naruto yawned and got out of Sasuke's hold and into bed.
"Why are you tired?"
"Long day… Tsunade made me help her with Shizune's job because she's sick." Naruto said before closing his eyes.
Sasuke raised a brow. 'Does the Dobe think I'm stupid?' He growled. He went into the bathroom to get dressed for bed and as he came out he noticed a white cream spot on the floor. He glared at the cream and then to Naruto. 'I'm going to find out who what's happening soon.' He got into their bed and slept.
The next morning, Sasuke lied about having a short mission, but not technically lying, he really is on a mission, just not the mission the blonde was thinking. He followed the blonde wherever he went. Naruto went inside the Hokage tower and noticed him yelling at the Hokage, who was currently sleeping. 'I guess he was telling the truth about helping the Hokage.' Sasuke sighed and watched the blonde, that is, until Kakashi showed up behind him.
"Sasuke? Why are you stalking Naruto?" The man smiled while holding his 'book'
"I'm trying to find out if Naruto is cheating on me… and if he is I want to find out whom so I could kill them." Sasuke growled.
"What makes you think that?"
"When I got home from my mission, I was going to surprise the Dobe but I heard him moaning and the bed was creaking." The raven looked down.
"Well then, let's find out." Kakashi smiled and watched with the raven 'This is going to be interesting.' The silver haired man laughed inside.
The two followed the blonde from the Hokage tower to Ichiraku to the grocery store and lastly back to the Uchiha mansion.
"Sasuke I don't think he's cheating." Kakashi said.
"C'mon let's go to the window." Sasuke ignored the man and went to the window of the couple's room. Kakashi sighed and followed the boy. Luckily, the window was open, helping them see well.
They were hiding on the tree looking inside the room. The blonde was alone in the room looking at a picture of him and Sasuke. Naruto sighed and began to talk to himself.
"Sasuke why are you never home anymore?" He sighed again.
"Every time you come home you just leave again…"
"I'm always alone here and freaking horny as hell." He growled.
"I always have to take care of this myself…" He growled and took off his clothes leaving him nude. He got into bed and spread his legs to jerk himself off.
Sasuke and Kakashi's eyes widened at the site. The two felt the blood rush up to their faces and felt themselves getting hard. Without the two noticing, the blonde made some hand signs and made a clone of himself.
"Again?" asked the clone of himself.
"Please…" Naruto moaned. The clone smirked and stroked the blonde with his hands making him arch his back begging for more. The clone replaced his hands with his mouth and sucked the blonde off. He noticed the two out the window and smirked.
"I'm close!" Naruto moaned before cumming into his clone's mouth.
"Mmm… Delicious." Said the clone before putting lube onto his member. He positioned himself in front of Naruto's entrance before thrusting himself all the way making the blonde scream in pain and pleasure. He let Naruto relax before he pushed himself against the clone's length indicating him to move. His clone complied and began thrusting slowly letting the blonde get used to it.
"Faster!" the blonde growled. His clone didn't need to be told twice and began to thrust faster into Naruto's hole. Without the blonde noticing, his clone put a cock ring on him and gestured the two outside to come quietly. The two outside poofed themselves inside not taking their eyes off the erotic site in front of them. Naruto's clone flipped the blonde so that he was now on his hands and knees. Naruto then noticed his lover and his Sensei right there watching himself get fucked by… his clone… who was him. He blushed and attempted to cover his face but fail to do so as his clone thrusted back into him and came inside. Naruto's clone gestured Sasuke to take his place and fuck the blonde before poofing away. Sasuke didn't need to be told twice to fuck his lover and left his sensei there watching. Sasuke got behind his lover and thrusted into him without saying anything.
"It's been so long Naruto…" Sasuke purred into the blonde's ear who was moaning in pleasure.
"Sa-Sasuke!" The blonde arched his back wanting to release but couldn't because of the ring.
"Naruto!" The raven's thrust became faster and harder making the blonde scream in pleasure. It was then, Naruto remember Kakashi was right there watching them.
"Sensei…" Naruto moaned looking straight at his sensei.
"What is it Naruto?" Kakashi asked still watching his students fuck. He saw Naruto telling him to come to them. Sasuke growled and was about to say something but Naruto interrupted him.
"This will be a one time thing Suke…" Naruto pleaded
"Hn… Fine only because I'm here." Sasuke grumbled before thrusting into him again.
"Ugh Naruto!" Sasuke moaned feeling Naruto's walls tighten around him making him cum inside his lover.
"Un… Suke…" Naruto panted before turning to his Sensei again with a smirk on his face.
"Sensei come here…" Naruto purred. Kakashi felt his groin twitch and did as his blonde student said.
"Let me help you with that problem of yours Sen-sei." Naruto said seductively. Once Kakashi sat on their bed, Naruto pulled his teacher's zipper down with his teeth and pulled his teacher's erection out.
"So hard Sensei… Do I turn you on?" Naruto smirked before giving his Sensei one lick on the head of his member. Kakashi gasped at the feeling making the blonde smirk more.
"It's so big Sensei…" Naruto said while stroking it with his hands. After a few seconds Naruto dove in for the silver haired man's member and began to suck him dry. Kakashi moaned his student's name and found his hand grabbing the blonde's hair forcing him to go deeper.
"Damn Naruto… Fuck…" Kakashi moaned. Sasuke growled feeling a little possessive of his lover.
"Don't worry Sasuke, you're little lover said this is a one time thing with me." Kakashi smiled behind his mask as he began to thrust into Naruto's mouth. His hand, which was still in the blonde's hair, pulled him closer with his thrust. Before the two knew it he came into his student's mouth moaning Naruto's name.
"Hn." Was all the Uchiha said. 'Sasuke's jealousy is so hot…' the blonde thought as he listened to the two. An idea popped into his head.
"Sensei…" Naruto smirked at his sensei telling him to play along. Kakashi smiled back understanding what the blonde is doing. Naruto crawled on top of Kakashi leaving Sasuke there glaring at their Sensei.
"I wonder how it feels having Sensei's big dick inside me." Naruto teased while rubbing his entrance against the tip of Kakashi's dick.
"Oh no, that's going to far Naruto." Sasuke growled pulling HIS blonde off their Sensei.
"But Sasuke, you said it was okay, this is a one time thing." Naruto pouted.
"Yes, I said that."
"I'm not letting you get fucked by our Sensei." He glared at their Sensei who was smiling at them.
"Are you jealous Suke?" Naruto smirked.
"Tch in your dreams Dobe." Sasuke said making the blonde pout again.
"Well if you're not jealous then you wouldn't mind if I had some fun with Sensei too."
"Why not Suke?" Naruto asked innocently.
"Uchiha's don't share." Was the raven reply.
"In his language, he's jealous." Kakashi said.
"Tch." Sasuke blushed making Naruto smile and kiss Sasuke's cheeks.
"Sensei don't you have something to do?." Naruto hinted.
"Ah yes, I do indeed. Anyways, thank you for you kindness to help me with my 'problem'." Kakashi smiled before poofing away.
"Now let's make up the time of our fun since you were always gone leaving me here sex deprived, making me go that far as to use my own clone to help me with my problem." Naruto huffed.
"Sorry Naru… Well we have all the time now because Tsunade-sama gave me a vacation because of all your complaints." Sasuke kissed his blonde's nose apologetically. Naruto pushed Sasuke away, moving away from him to lie down. He spread his legs for Sasuke.
"Let's start making up our time together… now." Naruto smirked before Sasuke pounced on top of him and fucking him till he can't walk anymore.


A/N: The title for this was actually inspired, in a sense, by my family's attitude towards birthdays. Basically, at my childhood home, when someone had a birthday it was there 'day off', so to speak. Meaning they didn't have to do any chores or help around the house and could basically do as they pleased. So, I pretty much just applied that concept to NaruHina. This will be a two-shot, so expect a follow up! There will be a chapter for Naruto's birthday, which I'm posting today on October 10th; by GMT + 10 time; and one for Hinata's; which will be posted on December 27th.
This first chapter is also rated for a lemon. It's my first time doing one for this pairing, and my second one overall (in detail, that is), so I hope that it turns out okay. If not, let me know!
Anyway, I hope that you like this! Happy birthday to Uzumaki Naruto! :D
Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, not me.

Author : spyder-m

Chapter 1: October 10th.
"Naruto-kun," the dark haired, Hyuuga heiress admonished; as a distinct slurping noise resonating from the fridge behind her raucously. "You know you shouldn't drink the milk straight from the carton."
The white, steel door was then swiftly closed to reveal the blonde, who had previously been stooped within its confines. He turned to face the woman standing across from him sheepishly, the aforementioned pale liquid coated his upper lip clearly.
Uzumaki Naruto; a young male who, on this day, had just turned twenty, but still did behaved in a manner that did not appear a day older, or more mature than he was as a twelve year old Genin.
"Why not? It's my birthday, afterall," he countered eventually with a smug grin, milk trickling slowly down his chin, as he brandished the cardboard receptacle in a triumphant manner. "I should be allowed to do what I want."
Oh, he'd trumped her there alright. There was no way his sweet, loving girlfriend would be able to deny him of what he wanted on his birthday. Yep, he sure was right about that.
Although, that appeared to be half the problem.
"Alright then, Naruto-kun," Hinata replied simply, feigning innocence "If that's the one special thing you want to do today."
Yes, there was indeed no way his sweet, loving; and not to mention gorgeous; girlfriend would be able to deny him of what he wanted on his birthday.
No sooner had those words left her lips, when the milk cartoon fell abruptly from Naruto's grip, as he suddenly grabbed the young woman's hand in a heated manner.
"I thought you'd never ask," he beamed cheekily, unable to contain his obvious excitement as he practically dragged his stunned girlfriend to the bedroom they shared.
Yes, apparently it appeared that Naruto's intuition was among the sharpest when it came to that area.
His lips descended upon her neck roughly; once he'd reached their desired destination, of course; as he unfastened the knot of her forehead protector hungrily, exposing more of the creamy flesh to him. Hinata threw her head back with a euphoric gasp, only working to encourage the blonde's ministrations further. It was moments like these that the Hyuuga heiress was thankful for her habit of wearing her forehead protector around her neck. It proved to be more than sufficient in covering the bright, markings her boyfriend was no doubt determined to leave, which would otherwise be clearly visible.
The young man lip's continued to trail down her supple, smooth skin, as he clenched his teeth around the zipper of Hinata's jacket. Naruto worked the fastener open gradually, letting the thick, bulky material fall away from her body, in a sensual, erotic display. Even after having been intimate with the young woman on numerous occasions before, Naruto couldn't help but gawk at her stunning, gorgeous figure whenever he saw it. Her creamy, white skin; that contrasted significantly to the vivid, pink flush that crossed it underneath his voracious gaze; the shimmering curtain of dark hair spilling erratically over her shoulders, the breath-taking lavender of her wide, eyes; consumed by the significant lust and desire she felt for him; the shapely, voluptuous curves of her hips, her pert, bountiful breasts, barely contained by the material of her black bra, her toned abdomen and lithe arms, trim from her years of vigorous ninja training. She was truly a sight to behold.
"God Hinata-chan, you're so beautiful," Naruto whispered in awe, his hands tracing over the familiar, yet still incredibly invigorating plains of her body.
Hinata shuddered deeply, as Naruto's warm, strong hands took hold of her waist, pulling her flushed, half-naked body up against his own. She couldn't help but pout over the fact that he; unlike her; was still fully clothed, as she thirsted for the contact of his hot, bare body against her own.
Hinata moved boldly to wrap her arms around Naruto's neck, before claiming his lips in a deep, fervent kiss. An uncharacteristic smirk crossed her features, as it soon became his turn to convulse under her touch; the sensation of her tongue flicking lightly at his upper lip sending electricity coursing through the rest of his body. It was a move that, throughout their time together, she had learnt that would never fail to elicit a passionate response from him. Naruto growled in response, returning the kiss ardently. He opened his mouth in response to the way she teasingly nibbled at his lips, allowing her to slip her tongue inside his cavern, massaging it against his own.
Moving forward, Naruto lowered her tenderly down against the surface of their bed; never breaking the heated contact of their lips; before positioning himself on top of her. He reluctantly drew away momentarily, in order to quickly fist his hands in the material of his own shirt, swiftly pulling it over his head, as if reading his girlfriend's earlier undisclosed yearning. Hinata fingers danced fervently over the tanned, muscled flesh of his upper body, zealously exploring the callous, rough plains; his muscled back, his powerful, scarred chest. Naruto cupped her breast in his left hand in response, gingerly massaging the generous mound, as he worked to unfasten the zipper of her pants with his right.
After succeeding in unhooking it, Naruto slipped her pants down swiftly, exposing the matching dark undergarments she wore beneath them. The passionate caresses and fiery brushes suddenly ceased, as Naruto froze to gaze at the sight before him.
"Can I unwrap my present now?" he smirked teasingly, his hungry, mischievious eyes feasting upon the full, shapely figure of his girlfriend; flushed, panting, and spread provocatively out beneath him.
A light blush dusted Hinata's pale cheeks at the man's crude insinuation, but she nodded softly in compliance. She gasped, as he suddenly advanced upon her; before mewling in pleasure, as the young man slowly, delicately untied her damp underwear. Naruto smirked impishly, once again resorted to using his teeth to pull the material away, revealing her womanhood.
Naruto trailed kisses down her body lovingly; worshipping her with his very touch; before delving his tongue within his paramour's folds, tasting her. Hinata's breathing grew sharp and erratic as he licked at her sensitive nub, clawing at the bed sheets beneath them. She bite her lip in order to stifle the rhapsodic moans threatening to erupt from her throat, as Naruto wrapped her legs over his shoulders, allowing him to increase his pace further. Hinata could feel an intense pleasure building in her belly as she clenched the blonde's hair, and he gripped her hips firmly. Hinata's panting continued to grow heavier, and she no longer fought back her moans, allowing them resonate ecstatically, becoming louder and louder until she finally let go. Her thighs tightened around his head at the sheer ecstasy she was experiencing from her release. She could feel Naruto greedily lapping up the juices flowing freely from her womanhood as she climaxed, savouring the taste.
Naruto smirked at her with a cocky grin, as lay Hinata before him, breathless and overcome with rapture as she came down from her peak. His ego swelled considerably at the notion that his actions had left her in this state of total, utter bliss. Hinata returned the expression, with a genuine, thankful smile of her own. Once she had managed to summon enough strength back in her limbs to rise, she got on her knees before Naruto, pushing away him away benevolently and reaching down to remove the rest of his ninja attire as well.
Hinata slipped his pants of hastily, giggling at the sight of the tent Naruto's throbbing member had formed within the confines of his boxers; which now felt significantly tighter and more uncomfortable to him than they had a moment ago. Hinata took pleasure in Naruto's euphoric grunts that sounded above her, as she slowly released him from his cloth prison. His groans becoming strained and frustrated when her fingertips inadvertently brushed the tip of his head slightly.
Naruto twitched eagerly once he was released, sighing in relief as the cool air hitting his pulsing erection soothingly. His took in a sharp intake of breath however, when this feeling was replaced by Hinata's steady breath caressing gently over his manhood. Her long, dark tresses of hair spilled over his body, tickling his thigh as she lowered her head further, before taking him into her mouth. Naruto grunted, his fingers running through her luscious hair gently, guiding her head into a steady rhythm as she took him. He could feel pressure steadily in his abdomen, and he moaned blissfully, as her soft hands began to delicately massage the base of his lower anatomy, all the while continuing to flick her tongue heatedly at his head. Naruto still struggled to believe it. For a woman who seemed so exceptionally shy, innocent and self-conscious of her own skills, Hinata was unbelievable when it came to pleasuring him.
Her head bobbed as she continued to suck on him, maintain a stable, fluid rhythm; his encouraging moans building her confidence, stopping only when she felt him grow close; much to the dismay of the man in question.
"Shit Hinata," Naruto grunted hotly "If you keep doing that I'll-"
He was broken off mid-sentence as Hinata removed his firm member from her mouth, realising he was ready. He sat up, kissed her roughly, before pulling away, to retrieve something from the edge of the bed.
Hinata watched; curious and the blush on her face still evident; as Naruto leant naked over the side of the bed; his firm buttocks clenching; as he fisted clumsily through the pockets of his pants for something. She then saw him turning around, ripping open a condom and sliding it over his girth, showing her that he to was ready to feel himself inside of her.
Position himself above her once more, Naruto slowly eased his way inside of her, gritting his teeth at the feeling of her wet, hot walls tightly surrounding his shaft as he steadily lowered inside of her completely. Hinata began to rotate her hips in a circular motion, grinding his member against her inner walls. Naruto groaned, holding onto her hips tightly, as he began to thrust in and out of her, pounding her faster and faster as she struggled to keep up with his rhythm.
"N-Naruto-kun, don't stop," she managed to shriek out between laboured breaths as he pounded her relentlessly. Her voice shrieking higher and louder than it ever had before.
"Kami Hinata, you're so tight," he laughed as he complied with her request, as he continued to ride her until she was eventually pushed towards release.
Hinata's walls clenched tightly around his member, and she cried out his name in bliss, as a shattering orgasm tear through her being. Her face was lost in ecstasy coupled as her inner walls continued to contract and squeeze around him, soon pulling him over the edge. Hinata could feel his erection pulse and her name erupt from his throat in a deep, exulted growl as he came, his seed spilling in the condom. He came, long and hard, the overwhelming love and pleasure the two shared guiding them to the threshold of divinity, as they were unaware of anything else in the world except for one another.
Collapsing, his body completely drained, Naruto pulled the warm, curvaceous form of his lover closer to him. She nestled securely within the crook of his neck; her head resting comfortably against his chest, lulled by the soothing sound of his heartbeat. Naruto kissed her hair lightly, with a sigh; smiling contentedly at the overpowering, foral scent of the tresses.
Naruto used to hate his birthday.
It marked the anniversary of the death of his parents, as well as the sealing of the Kyuubi inside of him; both on his first day alive; and the years of hatred and rejection he would experience from the village because of the latter.
But most of all he hated never having anyone to spend it with.
Now, however...
"Naruto-kun," Hinata whispered softly, her head resting against the firm, muscled plains of his chest as her arms surrounded him.
"Hmm?" he answered, his eyes still remaining closed as he held her, his fingers lightly caressing the creamy, lithe contours of her arm.
"Happy birthday."
"Thanks, Hinata-chan."
You might say his opinion on the matter had swayed somewhat.
Now that he had someone to spent it with.

Chapter 2: December 27th.
"I've brought you some cinnamon buns, Hinata-chan. Would you like one?"
"Do you need any more pillows?, Hinata-chan"
"How does that feel, Hinata-chan? Higher? Lower?"
Hinata giggled softly, opening her pale lilac eyes to observe the small team of exuberant blondes surrounding her; busily pampering her as she lounged comfortably against her futon.
Following the incredibly pleasurable treatment he had received from his girlfriend just over two months ago, Naruto had sworn emphatically to Hinata that he would return the favour come her birthday. Unfortunately, Naruto had been called to an important meeting by the Hokage on the night of Hinata's birthday. Despite the immediate outrage this information elicited within Naruto, Hinata; being the polite, and abashed individual she was; insisted that he go. Even though there was a small, more selfious part of her that wished he would stay.
So, as a compromise, the young woman now found herself relaxing amongst lightly fluffed pillows and cushions, as silver trays of her favourite pastries were presented to her, and lithe hands rubbed away at her shoulders, working out any tension and kinks they could find. Naruto had indeed been adamant that if he wasn't going to be around for her birthday, he would utilise the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, to provide Hinata the company and affection he had originally promised her in his absence.
"Thank you, Naruto-kun," Hinata answered the first Naruto clone, graciously accepting one of the many sweet pastries he offered, before moving to nibble at it lightly.
Her gaze was then meet by a duplicate pair of her paramour's cerulean blue eyes, as his second carbon copy gazed at her inquisitively, holding a small pile of cushions and other head rests in his grasp.
"No, I'm fine thank you, Naruto-kun," she responded to the second "I've got enough pillows here."
Looking slightly dismayed by her response, the clone nodded, before moving off to return the linen back to the closet he had just ransacked.
Hinata sighed, her tone more laced with dissapointment than pleasure, as she settled herself back down against the futon once more.
While she was very much enjoying having her every need satisfied by the group of blondes before her, Hinata couldn't help but feel dismay at the realisation that none of them were actually her boyfriend.
"Ano, a little bit lower please, Naruto-kun," Hinata said, glancing over her shoulder at the third replica of the blonde, who was massaging her shoulders.
"With pleasure," the deep voice of the clone rumbled against her shoulder, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively.
Hinata laughed softly once more, enjoying the childish antics of the blonde, before shuddering in pleasure at the sudden sensation of a pair of warm lips descending upon the curve between her neck and her shoulder blade.
She moaned audibly, caught in the moment, as the familiar warm hands of the man behind her, swept away the soft locks of her dark hair, in order to allow his lips more access to the fine porcelain of her skin. Turning to face him, Hinata's lips meet his in an ardent, longing caress, expressing the desire and need she felt her the man before her. It was almost as if she had momentarily forgotten that this particular blonde male was actually a replica. His right hand lowered to gently caress the tantalising swell of her breasts, as his left teased its way along the full, luxurious contours of her hips. It wasn't long before his fingertips were beginning to pry at the zipper of her jacket, wanting to savour of the feeling of her bare flesh against his own.
Hinata obliged without thinking, raising her arms above her head, assisting the male in practically stripping the lavender jacket from her suddenly very flushed, hot body. The feeling of his hands moving hungrily over her skin gave Hinata goosebumps.
She arched her back and moaned, delirious, as his right hand delicately cupped the pale, shapely mound of flesh that was her breast, before moving to trace his tongue teasingly over her rosy nipple. Hinata shivered in pleasure at the sensation, feeling her nipple harden as his teeth tugged at it. He then drifted over to her right, nibbling on the velvety bud, before softly sucking it. Hinata's fingers clenched tightly into his spiky locks of hair, as his the amorous brush of lips descending from her breast and trailed down her abdomen.
Hinata gazed down at the man before her. Her eyes were hooded and clouded with lust, as a small, euphoric smile worked its way across her face. His lips worked their down her soft, supple belly, as his hands slid down to her thighs, slowly drawing them apart.
It was at that moment that Hinata heard the door creak open loudly, as he eyes snapped towards the door, her heart pounding heavily against her chest.
"What the fuck?"
"Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed in shock, as she saw her boyfriend; her real boyfriend and not a clone, that is; enter the room, glaring murderously at the man currently ravishing her.
If looks could kill, Naruto could be considered suicidal right now.
Hinata leapt out of the arms of the clone, immediately putting as much distance between it and herself as possible. She grabbed at her jacket desperately, pulling the material up to cover her naked flesh, her arms all the while flailing about wildy in defense as she stuttered out a response.
"Th- this isn't what it looks like, I promise!"
Her words however, were nowhere near enough to calm the livid Naruto. He immediately stormed into the room in hot pursuit of the bunshin.
"Okay lover boy, that's enough." Naruto practically seethed, his hand a vice capturing the replica of himself by the shoulder. "I'll take it from here."
"Eh?" the clone protested indignantly "B-but I was! she- I mean... We were-"
"Yeah, yeah, I don't want to hear it!" Naruto yelled, as he preceeded to forcefully drag the clone out of the room "I only gave you one job, and somehow you still manged to screw that up!"
"Hey, shut up! If I messed up it's just because I'm meant to be exactly like you!"
"What was that asshole?"
"You heard me."
"Oh, that's it. You've asked for it."
Hinata winced at the loud crashing sound that emanated from outside of the room, as the two blondes grappled with each other amongst a haze of flying fists and limbs.
"Naruto-kun..." Hinata sighed.
Once the rather tumultuous altercation between the two appeared to have settled; and she was fully dressed, once again; Hinata was able to summon the courage to go outside and face the irate Naruto. As she timidly creaked her bedroom open, she found him pacing back and forth, muttering to himself in a quite clearly agitated manner.
"Damnit, why couldn't he have just keep his hands to himself?"
"I suppose it's my fault really- No wait! It's actually all Ero-Sennin's; rest his soul. He made me like this! He and Kakashi-sensei. If I hadn't-"
He was startled from his stupor by the sound of his girlfriend's voice, and immediately glanced over his shoulder in inquiry.
"Are you okay?"
"... Yeah. I'm fine."
"Are you sure?"
"Did you really almost just get into a jealous fist-fight with a copy of yourself?"
"Did you really almost just get it on with a copy of myself?"
"Point taken."
Hinata's face brightened vividly at the mention of what she had just done. She couldn't believe it! She was so embarassed. Naruto had just been trying to do something nice for her and she felt like she'd completely ruined it. Had she no self restraint?
"I'm sorry Hinata-chan," Naruto began after a moment of silence, kneading his hand against the back of his head sheepishly. He'd never been particularly good with words.
"No, I'm sorry Naruto-kun," Hinata replied almost immediately. She didn't want Naruto to feel like he had done anything wrong.
"Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all," Naruto sighed "It's just, I really wanted this to be special for you."
"I know, Naruto-kun, and this was very thoughtful of you." Hinata answered, move to close the distance between the two of them, and wrap her slender arms around his waist. "But you don't have to go to such drastic lengths for me. I'd much rather just spent this day with you... The real you."
"Why are you here anyway?" she asked, as she leant her head against his chest, feeling the calm, steady rhythm of his heartbeat. "I thought you had an important meeting?"
"We were just in the middle of actually," he answered, sifting his fingers tenderly through her soft locks of hair. "But I left early... I wanted to see you..."
Hinata felt her heart warm at those words, as she pulled away from his caress momentarily to gaze lovingly into his breathtaking, azure orbs.
"Thank you Naruto... That's all I really wanted."
"I love you, Hinata-chan." Naruto spoke softly, a soft red tinge forming across his tan cheek, as he attempting to look anywhere but into her gorgeous, lilac eyes.
"I love you too, Naruto-kun." Hinata answered, giggling at his uncharacteristic bashfulness.
Naruto's gaze meet hers once more, observing the candour written into her soft eyes. A goofy grin light up his features at the sincerity of her words, as he pulled her ecstatically back into his loving embrace.
Hinata sighed, breathing in the dark, musky scent of his body. Basking the strength and affection of his embrance. She was finally content and where she wanted to be.
Everything was perfect.
Well, that is, everything except for...
"How did you manage to convince Tsunade-sama to let you go?"
"I didn't," Naruto chucked in response. "As far as she's concerned, I'm still there. I left one of the clones in my place. I can't believe I didn't think of that before!"
"Don't you think she'll be able to see through that?"
"Yeah, probably... Okay, she's going to kill me. But right now, I don't care."
Hinata smiled softly, before leaning closer into the soothing touch and warmth of Naruto's tanned fingertips tracing over her cheek. However, he moved abruptly from her embrace without warning, prompting her to gaze up at him in confusion.
"Besides," Naruto added, his lips suddenly curving upward into a mischievious grin, as he sauntered over to Hinata's futon. "I can't let my clones have all the fun now can I?"
Hinata suddenly found her pale skin of her cheeks lighting up considerably at his implication.
"Why don't I just take it from where he left off?" Naruto said as he patted his hand down on her futon, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively.


Story summary: The infamous trio are in our Universe, and, after watching a movie on alternate realities, consciousness as a person and how thinks can be seen are discussing the possibilities that in another life, they could have been stars of a TV show. So, in other words, they spend a couple of hours at the local park, and discover that none of them have what it takes to become a particularly good movie critic.
Warning: contains randomness.

Author : Idoshi

Uzumaki Naruto yawned, and stretched his body out onto the park bench, blond hair partially glowing from the sunlight that was cast through the foliage above him.
Beside him, Haruno Sakura sat, back pressed against the table and sitting outwards, earphones dangling from her collar and across her chest, muffled beats echoing from the speakers, and gazing towards the sky. The person across from her, however, had gone with the more antisocial approach and had buried his nose in a book, dark hair falling across his forehead and caught in the collar of his dark brown trench coat, whose tail was trailing on the grass. For the moment everything was still, as it was only early afternoon, as their English professor had decided to slack off work and go and visit his girlfriend instead, leaving his class with a good sixty minute early leave, which was how they had ended up near the playground in the first place. Honestly, Naruto was just pleased that there were no under fives there, or else the raven never would have agreed to stay for as long as he had. Despite the tranquility of the moment, however, his concentration on the vegetation that was blocking out large portions of the natural light was destroyed by when thoughts of the film they had watched in their very small double literature lesson chomped their way through his mind. Of course, they had only seen it because Kakashi-sensei had rented it out and was still carrying it in his bag, because it was overdue, but it had still awakened several new and interesting arguments in the depths of the blonde's subconsciousness.
"Hey, do you think you've lived before, ina different dream?" He asked suddenly, breaking the silence and causing Sakura to lower the volume of her music so that it wouldn't interrupt his voice.
"As what, a rabbit?"Sasuke said, eyes never straying from Charles Dickens's written text,but his ears pricked, to show that he was listening. His pink haired friend gave a muffled giggle at his bored tone, and the scandalised look that now adorned the Uzumaki's face, as if a topic such as reincarnation in that of a dream sequence should have very little if nothing, to do with lagomorphs.
"No, I mean like an alternate life, where you were Cleopatra or something, or you were an alien from another planet who migrated to Earth, like, several squillion years ago, or-"
"I think you've strayed too far from the TARDIS." Sasuke replied, still not looking up.
"..." Naruto no longer had a clue as to what he was talking about.
The Uchiha sighed. "It's from Doctor Who."
"Hey, don't compare to a ten thousand year old time... king."
"Yeah, you're right. You're not intelligent enough."
"But doesn't the main character have some weird ability that makes him spontaneously combust and then turn into a different person?" Sakura asked, turning around and propping her elbows up on the table. "So technically, it's kind of the same thing."
"Ha! See, teme? Sakura's on my side!"
The raven sighed again. "It's called regeneration, not reincarnation. And he still contains the same contains the same consciousness, he's not a whole new person. Jeez." And then he turned his focus back to his book.
There was a silence where Naruto merely stared at him with a mixture of unspeakable horror and shock, his mouth so wide that it was almost comedic. "My best friend's a geek!" He screamed, leaping off the table and beginning to run aimlessly in circles. "My life is over! I'll never be able to show myself at a ramen bar again!"
Birds screeched and launched themselves from where they had been roosting on the branches of the elm trees that dotted the park, as Naruto's yells of fury escalated in both sound and pitch. By this point, Sakura's laughs had increased so much that she had nearly fallen off her chair, tears rolling down her face. Sasuke merely rolled his eyes and tried to make it look as though he had no idea who the blond idiot was, and instead snapped the covers of his book shut and pulled out his iPod, browsing through the music and turning the volume up as far as it would go, mumbling under his breath. "That dobe had better hope that Tchaikovsky calms me down."
Sakura wiped her eyes dry, and grinned, before turning to Naruto. "Come, on, sit back down. Wait else were you going to say?"
But Naruto crouched down on a slab of concrete, about six metres away from the picnic table, wrapping his arms around his knees. "I'm not going anywhere near him." he said in a shaky voice, raising a trembling finger to point in the direction of Sasuke, as if he were some kind of contagious disease.
"Oh come on, you're making way to be a deal out of this." Sakura snorted, and looking at the Uchiha, who was blissfully unaware of the terrified looks that Naruto was continuing to give him, and then proceeded to sneeze. He glanced over at them as if sensing something, but made no move to speak. "What do you think, Sasuke?"
Sasuke said nothing, merely pointing to his headphones, and then back at his companion. The girl side, and then reached across and tugged the cord out of his ear.
"Oi!" The Uchiha said indignatly, reaching down to put it back in but Sakura clung on.
"I would have thought that you'd want to save your dignity." She said. The raven scowled at her, but stopped moving.
"You've ruined my life." The blond whispered suddenly. "I hate you."
Sasuke snorted. "Well it's good to know that the feeling's mutual, Usuratonkachi."
There was a pause as Sakura began to reconsider her next move to get them to have some kind of contact with each other. Unfortunately, the trio were interrupted when a woman and her daughter rounded the corner and the child, upon seeing the playground, leapt out of the stroller she had previously been sitting in and rushed forward with a scream of joy. Sasuke's teeth gritted together, and a glare began to steadily build up on his fce as the woman pushed the pram over to another table and sat down, never taking her eyes off the girl who was now causing serious damage to Sasuke's eardrums. He gave the adult a full on I-really-wish-you'd-just-piss-off Uchiha glare, and the woman instantly reacted by looking slightly shocked, and then retaliate with an equally powerful scowl, which made Sakura nearly double over again, but she managed to contain herself.
It took them more than half an hour to get Naruto back onto the table, and that was only down the very end, as far away from Sasuke as possible. The mother had also distanced herself from the Uchiha, and was now across the other side of the swings, nose buried in the midst of her tapping fingers as she typed out a text, probably complaining to a close friend how the youth of today were going to bring society to their knees in agony. Becauseafter all, Hitler,the Ice Age and current politics shrunk in comparison to the deeds done by adolescents on a day to day basis. They were a clear menace, and should be dragged out into the street and shot. Sakura had figured that both Sasuke and herself were sharing very similar thoughts, (yes! her inner voice screamed. We're perfect for each other! Cha!) because she could almost hear his perfect teeth grinding together.
"I think we could be a TV show."
Okay, that solved it. Naruto was mentally insane, and his speech were impossible to predict.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Sasuke snapped, clearly still annoyed.
"Like there could be secret cameras!" The blond replied enthusiastically, standing up on the table and swaying dangerously as the uneven legs tipped at the sudden change in weight. "I mean, like, we could be the main characters in something, like we're actually undercover superheroes!" He held his hands out in front of him, as if holding an invisible camera, and swung them around to first shine on Sakura's face, then Sasuke's. "I mean, we could be anything! I had a dream once that we were ninjas!"
Sasuke sighed, but Naruto chose to ignore him. "Imagine, this could be a whole other reality for us, where we're secretly ninja crime fighters, and we can fight with knives and stuff! And we'd throw them and get missions and it would be awesome!"
"Of course Naruto. I had a dream once that I was a truck driver. Whoops, there goes my career as a lawyer." Again, Naruto chose to pretend that his friend hadn't even opened his mouth.
"Or...or... we could be a whole other species! And here," he said, putting on a thick British accent that sounded a strange amount like David Attenborough when discussing the reproduction tendencies of a killer whale, "We see the Uchiha Sasuke, in its natural habitat. Take note of the duck butt hair, and the way his anti social attitude may have lost him a mate, even at this young age. See how, when provoked, he raises his fist, and-OW!"
Sakura frowned at him, and rubbed her now sore knuckles against the soft material of her jacket. "Stupid baka. Don't insult Sasuke like that!"
Naruto whimpered, arms clasped over his head, whch was now sporting a large, baseball sized bump. Sasuke gave a little snort of contempt.
"Ninjas? Are you serious?" He chuckled. "And they'd let you go near sharp things? Not bloody likely. You'd probably end up killing yourself by accident, or killing yourself. Although," he leaned back, and looked the Uzumaki in the eye, "if you did that, I'm sure that everyone would be in you everlasting favour."
The blond felt a vein pop in his forehead. "And what is that supposed to mean, bastard?"
"What I mean, dobe, is that no one but your perverted guardian would be sorry to see you go!"
"Oh, you did not just say that!"
"Get your ears checked." Sasuke picked up his book again, acting oblivious as Naruto began to roll up the sleeves of his school sweater, smoke nearly trailing out of his ears.
"I would have imagined that we'd be in a soap opera." Both of the boys looked at Sakura, and saw that she was leaning on her hands, green eyes bright. "You know, becuase then it would be less likely for us to know that it wasn't real."
Naruto nodded his head eagerly. "Great idea! And we'd all be next door neighbours."
"Yeah," Sakura agreed, glancing over at Sasuke, trying to see his reaction, "and our characters would be so-"
A snort from Sasuke cut her off. "Right, right. Characters. And let me guess, since it's a soap opera, Naruto would be the idiotic teenager who expresses naive optimism to random strangers and be the first name listed in the credits, you would be the world wise rich girl that lives in Beverly Hills and who people write fanfictions about, and I'd be the self-abusive stepson who disappeared for two seasons, and then reappeared with no apparent warning in episode fifty four, after having some kind of relationship with a young woman from New Jersey called Kate, who's secretly Jillian's half-cousin. But don't worry," he said, rolling his eyes, and picking up his book again. "We don't find that out until Bill marries Maureen and then has an affair with Great Auntie Fanforondala."
There was a pause. "Wait, who's Kate?"
Sasuke shot him a look. "How the hell should I know? You were the one who started this conversation in the first place."
There was a longer, slightly more drawn out moment where Sasuke returned to his book, and Sakura and Naruto merely looked at each other, not really sure about what to say.
"I don't like this conversation anymore," Naruto said, standing up from the bench and swinging his rucksack onto his shoulder, "it's starting to destroy my views on reality."
"Right. But I'm sure that speaking in this conversation, and having to use that old brain of yours for once was the real cause of damage," Sasuke said evenly, snapping his book shut and stretching as Sakura pulled her bag off the floor where she had been sitting.
"I'm going to ignore that comment," Naruto replied in a huffy voice, beginning to walk and then slowing so that his friends could catch up to him.
"Good for you."
Shut up teme!"
They had reached the entrance the park, with its large, wraught iron gates, light cast on the shined surfaces from the setting sun, before Sakura finally voiced her thoughts.
"I think Leonardo Dicaprio is hot. That was totally the high point of that movie for me."
"Hn." Sasuke couldn't care less.
But Naruto decided to rub it in his face."Ha! See Sasuke! Sakura really doesn't like yo- OW!
"Hn." The Uchiha turned and began walking in the same direction as Naruto, leaving Sakura to walk to the left. The blond was cradling his now badly bruised shoulder as his walking was much more pain filled, and he began muttering insults under his breath.
"I hate you! I hate that stupid movie! Why couldn't he just take the stupid spinning top, and spin it! For the love of god-"
"Naruto?" Sasuke asked.
"Yeah, teme?"
"Shut up."
And The sun cast the shadow of the fallen boy across the pavement, as his friend continued on, single chess piece fingered in his pocket.


Author : Elle Q. Kaye
It was a busy day at the fruit market. Well, not really. It was about three in the afternoon and a freezing 10degrees Celsius or, you know, 50 Fahrenheit. Wherever you live.
"Watermelons! Om nom nom..."
"Naruto, don't eat that, you haven't paid for it."
"B-but, Kakashi-sensei...!"
"Come on, we're here to get some medicine for Sakura's cold. Going through the fruit market is just a short cut—"
"OH LOOK! ROCK MELONS! Om nom nom..."
"Let's go."
"Hey, is that Shikam—IT'S A PINEAPPLE! Om nom nom..."
"Come on!"
"Stop it. I know you can't afford these, so it means that I'm the one who's going to have to pay!"
"...Orraaanngesss. Om nom nom..."
Kakashi sighed and walked off without a regret.
"Kiwi! Om nom nom... Strawberries! OM NOM NO—Hey, where'd you go?"
~An hour later~
"Sorry about the delay, Sakura. Someone stopped fourteen and a half times to go to the toilet."
"Yeah, and someone kept yelling at me while I was trying to pee. Dude, you know I have to concentrate!"
"Umm...Well, thanks guys. I feel so much better with the soup and medicine. So how's life outside?"
"Freezing! But, you won't believe it, the fruit market is still open! AND IT'S FRUIT SEASON!"
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah, watermelons, rock melons, pineapples, mangoes, oranges, kiwi fruit, strawberries and I think I might have seen raspberries!"
While Naruto was ticking the fruit off his fingers, he failed to notice Sakura cowering more and more. When he finally mentioned raspberries, she burst into tears and threw him out the window.
Kakashi looked at the Naruto shaped hole.
"Oh, would you look at the time? I think I ought to—Yep, I left my oven on—And I have to feed my cat. Hope you get better, Sakur—"
~Three stories below Sakura's apartment~
"Holy mother...What the hell?"
"Naruto, you deserve it."
"What? HOW?"
"Well, you know how sensitive Sakura is about the size of her breasts."
"SAKURA'S BREASTS! Om nom nom..."

Sick Days

Summary: Naruto and Sai find it a little strange that Sasuke and Sakura are repeatedly missing training due to sickness, on the same day, several times a week. So they investigate, and can't believe what they find.

Sick Days
Author : ChibiCHICKENluver

"But Sai, think about it! You don't find it the least bit weird?"
Cerulean eyes stared straight into much darker, brown ones, as the owner gave a pouty look. He ran a tan hand through his spiky blonde hair. The other person, Sai, shook his head.
"Dickless, Sasuke-kun's consumption of tomatoes aren't any of our…concern." He nodded matter-of-factly.
Naruto rolled his eyes. "The guy eats like…3 bushels a day at the minimum. Something's not right with that!"
Sai's eyebrows furrowed slightly. "Speaking of Sasuke-kun…shouldn't he be here? He is usually not one to be late for our strenuous training activities. And Ugly is late as well…"
Naruto's tone turned defensive and hurt. His eyes got big and his mouth opened to a small frown. "Don't call Sakura-chan ugly! She's beautiful."
Sai tilted his head to the side. "But aren't you betrothed to Hinata-san?"
Naruto nodded. "Yes, but Sakura was my first true love…no one can replace her."
Sai was silent for a moment, and then opened his mouth to speak. "Naruto-san…don't you find it a bit of an oddity that Ugly doesn't have a partner? I mean…a girl her age should, shouldn't she?"
Naruto gave Sai a blank look. "Sai…Sakura-chan is 17. It's rare if kunoichi have boyfriends, let alone get married." He gave an annoyed huff. "Besides, she just got over that Uchiha. It will take her some time to get dating again."
Sai's eyes widened slightly. "Sasuke-kun and Ugly were…together?"
Naruto shook his head feverishly. "No, nothing like that. It was more one-sided if anything."
As if summoned, both teenagers heard the familiar sound of shoes pounding against the floor of the bridge, and they turned to see Sakura, running up to them.
"Hey!" She panted out, gripping the railing with one hand and bracing herself on her leg with the other as she fought to catch her breath.
Naruto looked her up and down, one blonde eyebrow raised. "What happened to you?" He asked while she straightened out, running her nimble fingers through her long pink hair. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and exhaled loudly.
"Sorry I'm late, but I won't be able to go to training today."
"Why Ugly?" Sai asked, mimicking Naruto's eyebrow movements.
Sakura gave him a quick glare and turned back to Naruto. "I've got a doctors appointment…" Naruto looked confused. "But…you're a medic nin…why do you need a doctor?"
A look of concern washed over his features, and he reached out to touch her. "Are you alright?"
Sakura nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, I'm fine! It's just a check up. Tsunade-sama wanted me to go to someone else to make sure I was really going. She's under the strange impression that I," she used air quotations for emphasis. "'Put myself last.'"
Naruto chuckled under his breath and shook his head. "Now where would she ever get that impression?"
Sakura smiled. "Right? Well, I'd appreciate if you told Kakashi that I can't come to training today…" Naruto grinned. "Of course."
Sakura turned to leave, but stopped when she felt a hand on her wrist. She stared at Sai's hand, and then her gaze traveled to his expressionless face. "Is Sasuke-kun not coming to training today either?"
Sakura's face was stoic as she mumbled a quiet reply. "I think Uchiha is sick."
Then she was gone in a puff of smoke, and Naruto looked at Sai smugly. "You see that? If you had asked her 5 years ago, she would have been drooling with hearts in her eyes at just the thought of Sasuke."
"Dickless…why do people fall 'out of love'?"
Naruto sighed. "I'll tell you if you stop calling me dickless…"
Two weeks later…
Naruto looked around the empty training grounds, save for Sai and Kakashi, and frowned. "This is the 5th day in 2 weeks that Uchiha and Sakura-chan have missed training! They never miss training! Sasuke didn't seem that sick yesterday…"
Kakashi looked up from his ever-present porn and shrugged. "His face was red all day yesterday. He must have had a fever. But you have to remember, Sasuke's never been one to complain." He looked back down and giggled like a school girl.
Naruto pouted. "Well…then where's Sakura-chan? She never misses training…"
Kakashi sighed when he was forced to turn his attention away from his book. "Sakura is on a solo-mission. Just don't worry about it and do one-on-one for now." He waved them off onto the training ground, Naruto grumbling to himself.
"Sasuke's got a fever, my ass! I bet he's sitting in the Uchiha Manor, watching TV, eating like a pig and laughing at the thought of us having to train while he does nothing!"
Sai gave Naruto a confused look. "Dickless, Sasuke-kun does not 'eat like a pig'. Sasuke-kun takes his health to the utmost importance…does he not?"
Naruto glared at Sai, and continued ranting, kicking a rock under his foot. "And poor Sakura, on a mission all by herself…I hope she'll be alright!"
Sai nodded in agreement. "Me too. It would be unfortunate to be on a team without a med-nin…right?"
Naruto gave Sai a look that said, 'are-you-fucking-joking?' "Sai, that is not the main concern. If Sakura were to die, I would die. Sakura-chan is very special to me!"
Naruto turned to Kakashi, who was blushing, nose buried in his book. "Kakashi-sensei…when is Sakura supposed to come back from her mission?"
Kakashi looked up again, uninterestedly. "Hm? Oh. Sakura should be back in a few hours. She just needed to return a borrowed scroll to SUNA."
Naruto got close to Sai's face, and whispered. "Or, maybe her and Sasuke are both watching TV, laughing their asses off at us!" Without waiting for Sai's reply, he jumped back and began pacing. "Why else would they both be out on the same exact day, every time?"
Sai's eyes widened. "Maybe they are plotting the downfall of Konoha!"
Naruto gave Sai a skeptical look. "Sakura's parents live here, and Sakura-chan loves her parents, and Sasuke could have done that while he was a missing nin." He turned on his heels, stretching his arms behind his head.
"So it's settled. We'll visit Uchiha's and Sakura's house, and we'll expose them for the lazy frauds they are!" He gave an annoyed glance in Kakashi's direction. "But how do we get passed the old man?"
"Kakashi-kun!" Sai called, waving his hand around. Kakashi gave a loud, frustrated sigh. "What!"
With a fake smile, Sai pranced up to him. "Dickless and I will be heading to Uchiha-san's house, to wish him good health, if that's okay with you!"
Kakashi rolled his visible eye, grunted a 'whatever', and continued reading. By the time he looked up again, Naruto and Sai we're gone.
"Okay Sai. So we'll hit Sakura-chan's apartment first, and then Sasuke's. If they're both gone, or if Sakura-chan is gone and Uchiha is sleeping, then they both told the truth and they've been really busy and we'll let them off the hook." He frowned. "But if they're watching TV, there will be hell to pay!"
Both boys dashed down the bustling street, dodging people and darting in and out of alleyways. They had to stop once or twice to regain their composure, but it wasn't 10 minutes later when they reached their first destination.
Sakura's apartment.
"Okay, Sakura lives on the top floor so we'll just go onto the roof and work our way down."
Once on the roof, Naruto focused his chakra into his feet, and calmly scaled down the building, barking at Sai to keep watch for anyone who might have a problem with them.
While he was inching downward, he was reminded of a much simpler time in the Land hidden by the Mist, where he, Sakura and Sasuke spent hours trying to climb those damn trees.
He had loved them both so much back then. Before Sasuke left the village, and before they had to go looking for him.
He shook the thought out of his head when he stood directly above the window he recognized as Sakura's living room window.
He stepped onto the window sill with a 'tap' and crouched down to peer inside. It was neat and clean, with nothing out of place. Feeling adventurous, he reached down to grip the window pane, and pulled it upwards.
He was shocked to find that it easily slid open. He was sure Sakura was more careful to keep her windows locked when she was away.
Clue number one, he thought to himself. Sakura would have locked her windows if she were really on a mission.
He climbed inside after signaling to Sai that he was going in.
Sakura sure was a hell of a lot cleaner than he was. After scoping out the kitchen, dining room, and living room, he made his way down the hall, poking his head in rooms as he passed, making sure Sakura wasn't in any of them.
He opened her bedroom door just a crack, before poking his head inside.
"Damn," Naruto said aloud. "She might keep the front of her house clean, but her room is a mess!" He carefully stepped over miscellaneous magazines and CD's, but his foot caught on a shirt, and he landed face first onto her bed.
He groaned when his face came in contact with something that wasn't a soft, over-cushioned pillow. He lifted his head up, and his eyebrows rose along with his interest.
Sakura's cell phone.
He flipped it open casually, and scrolled through her messages. They were all from her mother, Tsunade, Ino and Shikamaru.
He looked through her pictures. A cat, a flower, her and Ino in front of a mirror in dresses in a changing room, another cat– Damn Sakura was boring.
He put her cell phone down, and checked her bathroom, before climbing back out the window, and up the building, where Sai was impatiently waiting.
"Well?" He asked, tapping his foot. "Is Ugly there or not?"
Naruto shook his head. "Nope, but that doesn't mean that Sasuke isn't! To the Uchiha Manor!"
The Uchiha Manor was quiet—a little too quiet for Naruto's liking.
"This is very suspicious." He told Sai, sliding along Sasuke's front porch. He looked up at the balcony that attached the Sasuke's room. "Alright Sai, I'll look in the living room and make my way up to Sasuke's bedroom. You go around back."
Sai nodded and took off to the other side of the house.
Naruto found that Sasuke's place was just about as clean as Sakura's, minus the bowl of tomatoes lying on the kitchen counter. Naruto knew Sasuke had a tomato problem.
He looked in every room, like he had in Sakura's house; even if there were much more rooms in Sasuke's.
He tip-toed upstairs, cursing quietly at the way one of them creaked. He decided to climb up the banister. It made the task of getting upstairs much more difficult, but it made less noise.
The first place he headed to was Sasuke's bedroom. It was only a short distance from the landing, and it made the most sense to Naruto to check there first.
He slid along the wall, being sure not to bump into any pictures hanging. Then he noticed a picture already torn off the wall.
It looked recent.
He looked down at the picture and frowned. It was their team seven picture. With Naruto looking annoyed at Sasuke, who looked irritated about Sakura drooling over him. And Kakashi faked a smile, but when you were a Kakashi expert like Naruto, you could tell he was itching to get back to his porn.
He smiled softly. The good old days.
He reminded himself of the task at hand, and looked at Sasuke's door, which was already open a crack.
He peered inside, taking in the clothes strewn about. He passed over them like it was nothing, and then did a double take when his eyes wavered passed a tan medic skirt, followed by a lacy pink bra. A red shirt soon followed, and then a lacy pink thong.
They all led to Sasuke's bed, where Naruto couldn't believe his eyes.
Sasuke—who was naked, was on top of Sakura—who was also naked, and arching her head back, and moaning, and doing all these things Naruto could only describe as the main reason for his sensory overload.
And probably his heart attack.
He watched in sick fascination as Sasuke brought his head down to bite Sakura's neck. In turn, Sakura clawed at Sasuke's back, leaving angry, red scratches.
Sasuke gripped her thighs and sat up, taking Sakura with him. She bounced on his lap, arms wrapping around Sasuke's neck.
"Mm…faster Sakura."
Sakura complied, slamming down onto Sasuke's dick harder and faster each time. Sasuke groaned loudly, and placed his hands on her waist, lifting her up to slam her back down.
He rushed off of the bed, Sakura still on him when he stood up. He pounded into her once her soon-to-be bruised back found his bedroom wall.
"Ahh…fuck me Sasuke…yeahhh, harder!"
Sakura's voice hitched with every slam of their bodies, but it didn't stop Sasuke from giving a rough, animalistic pace.
Sasuke bit Sakura's lip hard, and Naruto saw blood trickle down Sakura's chin, only to be lapped up by Sasuke a second later.
Naruto also noticed that Sakura's moaning got louder, and higher pitched, and Sasuke's low grunts and groans, were becoming closer together until they were a long stream of unabashed, heavy moans and encouragements for Sakura.
"Come on Sakura," Sakura panted through gritted teeth. A moan escaped his throat before he could continue. "Come for me."
In any other circumstance, Naruto was sure that Sakura would have beaten the shit out of any guy that used that demanding tone with her, but Sakura, in response, wrapped her legs around Sasuke's waist, causing him to go into her deeper.
"Sasuke…" Sakura moaned loudly, biting her own lip. She grabbed onto Sasuke's arms, digging her nails into them. "Sasuke…I'm gunna—"
Her voiced thought was interrupted when Sasuke captured her lips with his, and gave a few quick, panicky thrusts before Sakura moaned so loud Naruto though his ears were going to bleed.
Sasuke's thrusts became more frantic, and as he came, he muttered Sakura's name quietly, into the crook of her neck.
He gave a few lazy thrusts, before stopping his movements all together.
The only thing Naruto could hear was Sasuke's heavy breathing mixed with Sakura's quiet murmurs, and his own heart beating in his ears.
"So Naruto," Sai's voice came from behind. Naruto whipped around and clamped his hand over Sai's mouth. "Shh! Sasuke's sleeping!"
They hurried out of the house, and once on the street, Sai smiled.
"So I guess Uchiha-san was sick after all!"