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Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Reply

A/N: Eh... I'll admit that I don't usually like reading songfics very much. I have given many of them a chance and have almost always been disappointed. I think the lyrics generally break up the flow of the story which kind of bothers me in some weird way. I also find that if the song is not one hundred percent meaningful to the story it takes away from the work as a whole. If I read the lyrics and if they really bring meaning to the story, though, I happen to like songfics a lot. I think I have found the perfect song to fit the mood of this story. Every time I hear this song I want to cry.. The name is "No Reply" and it is by the Seatbelts. It is from Cowboy Bebop. I suggest you all download it if you like poignant and meaningful songs. I just hope I managed to justice to both the song and the story here (

And by the way, I promise that after this I will go back to working on the sequal to Underestimation. If you all must know, I already have about a quarter of the first one shot (the Haku arc) written out on paper, so you may get it as early as next week. Anyway, I hope you like my fic. Please read and review either way ) Reviews encourage the writing process! ;)

Warnings: Mild references to shonen ai. It could be read as a friendship/rivalry thing though for those of you who chose to read it that way. Massive spoilers for the manga from like chapter 174 on.

Disclaimer: As I'm sure you could have all guessed, Naruto's not mine, nor are any of the characters found therein. The song, again, is No Reply by the Seatbelts. Since I am not the Seatbelts, the song is not mine either!

No Reply
 by Ailetoile

Like the perfect ending

It won't be too long

Till everything I've ruined has seen me gone

In time, I pray you'll forgive

Now you know the man I am

Can you forgive me?

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Slumped. Shaken. Beaten down by...

What the hell was wrong with him? He'd almost gotten himself killed. Had their sensei not stepped in when he did, he WOULD have killed or been killed. No... He could not have killed his opponent. His rival would have killed him.. He would have died. That much was obvious upon seeing the aftermath of their aborted battle. He would have been gone. Dead.

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

I fall

Like the sands of time

Like some broken rhyme

At feet no longer there

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Numbness... Darkness... The very idea of the absence of life seemed so precious. So welcoming. Perhaps that had driven his need for a fight. For this fight. Never in his life had he welcomed the prospect of death as he did now. Always in the past he had stood up from the blows that had been dealt to him. He had gotten up and gone on and damn the odds to hell. Without fail he had kept his face and heart clean of emotion. Void of anything but a passion for revenge. His focus had been unwavering. He knew what he had to do and he had worked towards that goal with everything he had.

Perhaps it was his tattered pride, his newly shattered ambitions, his twisted dreams which prompted the desire to fight the other boy. Perhaps it was the shock that had settled comfortably on his shoulders as a result of the recent... Developments... Perhaps it was the seal on his neck which marked him as cursed. Owned. He certainly had not been himself since he became property. His actions, his very thoughts seemed distant... He was more emotional than he would have allowed himself to be otherwise. More evil. But not him. Not him...

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

If only I could call the rain to melt and wash away the pain you feel

I would

You gave yourself to me and showed me what the truth could be

For that, I say thank you

This was my life

It never made much sense to me

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Triggering a fight... A battle which would not end until death halted it... Provoking the other boy to share the hatred that already blinded him. Driving them both to murderous intentions... Was he suicidal? He could not feel that mark on his neck any more than he could feel the burning hatred that had fueled his very purpose for being until... Until..

It hurt. Oh God did it hurt, but he never let it show. Never let the pain that defined his existence show... Until today. Until he lost control of himself, lost track of his purpose in life, and challenged his rival. What had he been trying to do? To prove?

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

With every lie that I lived

Part of me would fade

Into this empty shadow I've become

And now I feel so numb

I no longer know myself

But I still know you

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Or was he wrong? Was the goal he had lived for, the destiny he had driven himself to achieve wrong? Had he been wrong all along? The only moments of clarity... The only moments in which seemed to be himself any longer since the second test of the Chuunin exams all centered around that boy. Around his rival.

Deep down he was not an evil person. Deep down all he wanted was justice, revenge, and then nothing else mattered. Nothing... Deep down he knew that his sensei had the right of it. The new... Awareness... Which often welled up inside him filled his mind with bubbled laughter at the thought. Did that laughter originate from the seal? It was as though a demon had taken up residence within his consciousness and was now taking over, slowly but surely. He was losing himself...

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

I call

And there is no reply

Like some phantom cry

On ears too far away

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

His teammate was so much stronger than he ever thought he could become. Already, he has grown so much from the idiot that he graduated with... His rival had... Surpassed him. The admission did not come easily. And yet... Despite everything that had happened... He would not acknowledge that growth. It was all that the boy, his companion, his teammate, his friend wanted, it was all he wanted to DO, and yet... He could not bring himself to acknowledge... He would not! The power to become better, to once again pull ahead lay at his fingertips. Embedded in a seal on his neck. No acknowledgement was necessary. Not yet...

Maybe his sensei had been correct. Maybe he had the right of it, but the man did not live HIS life. He had to follow his own path and chose his own destiny. Perhaps someday some good would come of his decision. Of his betrayal.

The confrontation with the enemy was not unexpected, nor was the proposition they delivered. He knew it for what it was: a summons from his new master. If he ignored this call, another would follow. And another. And another until he gave in at last. Until he followed the path of power. Until he took up the mantle his brother had left for him and completed his purpose in life.

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

I close my eyes and watch as my life passes by

The only thing I see is you

For all the times you walked the line for me and standing by my side

I say thank you

Here lies my life

It never felt that real to me

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

A picture, lying in its cracked and broken frame on the floor and a heart full of memories. The only things of any worth that he left behind as he packed.

He left behind everything he valued that night.

He had almost been able to resist the lure of power. Almost allowed this chapter of his life to extend indefinitely. In another life he could have been happy here, like this, forever. In another life, he could have listened to his heart.

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

You'll always mean so much to me

And there's no reply

And there's no reply

You'll never know how much you meant to me

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

How many lives would be destroyed this night? He couldn't think. Couldn't let himself think. An avenger could not be held responsible for his actions. He had his own path to walk. His own battles to fight. He could never be like them, like his teammates. His friends... Their futures were so bright...

He felt dead inside. None of this seemed real... But of course it was not real. By leaving, he had thrown the only reality that could ever exist to the wind along with common sense, caution and virtue. He had thrown away all that defined him.

All he had left now were doubtful morals, a spirit burning for vengeance of any obtainable sort... And a curse to show him the way.

There could be no other path.

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

If only I could call the rain to melt and wash away the pain you feel

I would

You gave yourself to me and showed me what the truth could be

For that, I say thank you

I close my eyes and watch as my life passes by

The only thing I see is you

For all the times you walked the line for me and standing by my side

I say thank you

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

There weren't supposed to be any goodbyes. A clean cut was best for all. She wasn't supposed to be there. Not her.

She was not the one that he saw every time he closed his eyes. Not the one his heart ached to find peace and closure with...

She has been closer than she knew. Her words had not fallen on deaf ears. The curse had not yet eaten away at all of his feelings. Had she been another... Had she been another... If she had been that annoying, loudmouthed idiot, that piece of sunshine -

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Here lies my life

It never felt real to me

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

-Perhaps he might have reconsidered. Perhaps he would have let the words touch his heart and wash away the black hatred and the cursed taint. Perhaps he might have stayed...

Until the next time the promise of cursed power beckoned, burned its way into his conscious thoughts and ate away at his will until he complied. Until he gave in and obeyed his new master's summons.

It was better this way.

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

You in my life

It all meant so much more to be

.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.

Her presence strengthened his resolve. She would never know what he meant by his cryptic thanks, but that was fine. She had served her purpose in guiding him towards the correct path and he would always remember her for that. Thank you...

They would wake up in the morning to find him gone, never to return... Would they miss him? Sakura would cry, but would Naruto? Or would the blonde simply grow to hate him for his treachery? It was better this way...

If it Makes You Happy

Rating: R

Warnings: Yaoi lime, mild kink

Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke...Naruto/Naruto?

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: Not mine
Title: If it Makes You Happy

Author: Triste ()

"No. No, no and no. That's just too weird, Sasuke."

"How is it weird?"

"It just is, okay?"

"So you're saying you won't do it?"

" it's weird!"

"Yes, you said that already."

"But it is! Where the Hell did you come up with an idea like this anyway?"


"I knew it! You've been stealing Kakashi-sensei's books again, haven't you? You're even more perverted than he is!"

"...So, will you do it then?"



Naruto pursed his lips and frowned deeply. Normally, he didn't have a problem saying 'no' to Sasuke, but occasionally, there were times when his team mate actually asked nicely whenever he wanted something from him. Of course, those occasions were few and far between and Naruto could count the number of times Sasuke had said 'please' on one hand, but still...

Sasuke just continued to stare at him and Naruto felt his resolve waver. 'Manipulative son of a bitch!' Naruto swore silently. Sasuke knew exactly how to push his buttons and damn, it pissed him off!

Sasuke looked almost...normal right now, sitting on the edge of Naruto's bed without a frown, without a scowl. Okay, so he wasn't smiling, but he rarely ever did. He was just sitting there and staring...and staring...and staring...

"Stop looking at me!" Naruto yelled, stamping his foot.


There it was again. Naruto bit down hard on his lower lip. Dammit, he refused to say yes! Sasuke was just being crazy and perverted and there was no way he'd go along with something as insane as this, but...


The blond-haired shinobi curled his hands into fists and then let out a deep and shuddery sigh. "Fine," he said sulkily. "But you'd better treat me out to ramen after this!" Sasuke nodded and Naruto sighed again, straightening his posture. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

There was a poof of smoke, which cleared away a few seconds later to reveal an identical copy of Naruto, glowering at Sasuke with his hands on his hips. The real Naruto looked over at his copy and narrowed his eyes. The copy frowned back at him and Naruto nibbled at his lip, wondering exactly how he was supposed to start this.

Dammit, he felt like a moron and it was all Sasuke's fault! He'd never be able to do the Kage Bunshin again after this!

Naruto cocked his head to one side and the clone mirrored his movements. It looked vaguely confused and Naruto couldn't really blame it. He only ever pulled this move when he was fighting and he usually made more copies than this, but Sasuke had requested just the one.

'Stupid pervert...' Naruto thought to himself, glowering again. He purposely ignored Sasuke and stepped closer to the shadow clone. Predictably, it tensed and raised its fists, but Naruto merely moved nearer and gingerly placed his hands on its shoulders.

The other Naruto's eyes widened in shock and the real one shuddered slightly before leaning in and placing his lips over the ones that belonged to his mirror image. Both he and the clone stiffened in shock and Naruto wondered why he hadn't just killed Sasuke immediately for even suggesting this idea.

Here he was, essentially kissing himself in front of the person he called his boyfriend. Why had Sasuke been so eager to see something like this anyway? Naruto didn't find the idea of kissing one of his clones very sexy. If he wanted to kiss someone, he'd have just kissed Sasuke. Sasuke happened to be a damn good kisser, even though Naruto would never have admitted it out loud and he tasted better too.

This clone tasted like...well, it tasted like himself. In other words, it tasted like the beef ramen he'd eaten only an hour and a half ago. It was different from kissing Sasuke in that it didn't feel nearly as nice. It didn't make his toes curl or his stomach flip or anything like that.

Naruto pulled back slightly to see that his clone didn't look all that impressed with what had just happened. That pissed Naruto off for some reason. The person in front of him was just him and only a copy at that, but still, he couldn't help but feel insulted. It reminded him of the way Sasuke had looked when they'd first kissed. Or had he looked that way the second time he'd kissed? Either way, he hadn't looked all that thrilled and the other Naruto was giving him a look that clearly said 'that was just pathetic.'

The real Naruto fumed. How dare this copy accuse him of being pathetic?! He blinked, suddenly confused. Hadn't he just insulted himself or something? Naruto frowned again. Thinking had never really been his strong suit, so instead, he preferred to do what he did best and just dive in head first, regardless of the consequences.

The second kiss was better, but still felt pretty damn weird. Naruto wondered how all this must look to Sasuke, but he tried to block all thoughts of the other boy on his mind as he settled on kissing himself senseless.

This kept getting weirder and weirder...

'Dammit, don't think! Just do it!'

Naruto tilted his head slightly to the left and pressed his lips more firmly against the other's. He decided to mimic what Sasuke often did with him whenever he wasn't feeling particularly in the mood by just gently brushing his lips over the ones that belonged to his other self before drawing back a little and repeating the movement.

After a moment or so of this treatment, the other Naruto seemed to relax a little and the real Naruto flinched in surprise when he felt a pair of warm, slender arms wrap around his shoulders. He pulled away to see the other version of himself staring back at him and looking slightly curious.

It felt odd to be on an even height with someone for once. Naruto was still the shortest out of all the boys he knew and even though Sasuke was only a few inches taller than he was, it still gave him a crick in the neck just to lean up and kiss him for any prolonged period of time.

The face that he saw every single day reflected in the mirror was watching him coolly and again, Naruto cocked his head to one side. Unlike a reflection though, the clone didn't do exactly what he did. Instead, it inched forward and kissed him softly, causing Naruto to jerk a little in shock even though he'd been expecting it.

As before, he told himself to stop thinking and just go with it, however bizarre it might be. The other's lips were warm and just a little chapped and Naruto gave into the urge to moisten them, slicking the tip of his tongue over the mouth that was so close to his own.

Glossy lips slid and bumped against each other, tongues peeking out every now and again to add a new sensation. The other still had its arms twined around Naruto's neck and Naruto moved his own to wind carefully around his copy's waist.

He knew he'd have to be gentle, otherwise the clone would disappear with a cloud of smoke. Naruto didn't know how long they'd been at this, but it would kind of be a shame if it were to end now.

Naruto groaned when he realised that he was now officially even more perverted than Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei put together, but he didn't have too long to dwell on that thought though. The other Naruto shivered in response to the groan that the real one had just made and ran a hand up into his hair, tugging on the blond strands.

Naruto couldn't help but shiver himself at the feeling of warm fingers sifting slowly through his hair. Okay, so maybe this was kind of nice, now that he was getting into it.

He parted his lips and let the tip of his tongue creep out again, nudging it against the other's mouth. The clone opened up to him, allowing him to slip inside and explore. The taste of ramen was even stronger now and Naruto found himself wanting more as he slanted his lips more firmly against the copy's, his tongue pushing in deeper, so deep that he could almost touch the other's back teeth.

It was then that Naruto allowed himself to think of Sasuke again. Was he getting off on this? A little jolt of excitement sparked inside Naruto's stomach, causing his crotch to jump to life. What was Sasuke doing through all of this? Was he touching himself?

Naruto moaned as he pictured Sasuke leaning back on the bed, legs spread wide with one hand down between them, rubbing over the front of his shorts and panting softly. He wanted to look and see what he was doing, but he also didn't want to break the kiss. The copy of himself solved the dilemma for him though by drawing back just a little so that Naruto was deprived the contact of its lips.

Naruto meant to glance over the clone's shoulder and see what Sasuke was doing, but for some reason, his eyes seemed fixed on the one who was standing in front of him. Cloudy blue eyes bored into his and Naruto stared into them, transfixed. The other version of himself was watching him just as intently, lips slick and swollen, chest rising and falling in synchrony with Naruto's.

Was this how he looked when Sasuke kissed him? Eyes half-lidded, cheeks darkened in a pale pink blush and mouth parted in a welcoming pout? Was this what Sasuke saw whenever he looked at him?

The mirror image of himself smiled lazily, causing its eyes to crinkle at the corners. For a while, they both continued to stare, but then the other Naruto leaned down and nuzzled at the real Naruto's neck. Naruto gasped at the feeling of warm, wet lips skipping over his skin, then moaned at the hot, scalding tongue that slid silkily over the spot that had just been kissed.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed softly, moving one hand up and placing it on the back of the copy's head, pushing him closer in a silent plea. He cried out in shock though when he felt sharp teeth nip mischievously at his skin and moaned again in displeasure when the other moved away.

Naruto scowled deeply when he saw the cheeky grin his other self was wearing and he narrowed his eyes dangerously, grabbing a fistful of the other's hair and yanking on it hard. The clone whimpered and Naruto smirked, pleased, as he decided to give the other a taste of its own medicine.

He nipped and nibbled and sucked and all he could hear was the sound of his own heavy breathing and the pitiful little cries his other self kept giving out. He let go of the other's hair and ran his hands down the copy's back, stopping when he reached its buttocks and squeezing them sharply.

The other Naruto dug its nails into the back of the real one's neck and arched its back, whining impatiently when their hips began grinding together gently.

All logical thought had completely flown out of the real Naruto's head at this point and he began backing the other one over to where he knew the bed would be. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice was telling him that he was getting slightly too carried away with himself, but he refused to listen.

Sasuke rarely ever let him be the dominant partner for some reason. Naruto suspected that it had something to do with the fact that he could get pretty power-crazy sometimes and he also seemed to be obsessed with proving how superior he could be.

For the first time, Naruto could understand how arousing it was to be the one wielding such power, to be the one in control. He had the power to make another squirm, arch and cry out for him like this and it really was rather sexy. It didn't even matter that the person he felt this power over was in fact himself. The only thing that mattered was that it felt good and now that Naruto had had a taste of that power, he was extremely reluctant to let go of it again.

His body seemed to have a mind of its own though as he pushed the copy over to the bed and shoved it down onto it. For a few seconds, Naruto was able to relish the feel of having a warm and willing body trapped underneath his own, but then his other self vanished with a poof of smoke and Naruto was left looking startled and confused.

It took him a moment for him to gather his wits, but once he did, he glanced over at Sasuke and licked his lips when he saw that the other boy was exactly how he had pictured him earlier, breathing heavily with his right hand mercilessly rubbing over the bulge in his shorts.

They stared at each other briefly before Naruto made his move, pushing himself up and tackling the other boy onto his back. Sasuke gazed up at him in surprise and Naruto grinned down at him deviously.

"What are you doing, idiot?" Sasuke asked breathlessly.

"What does it look like, dumb ass?" Naruto snorted as he slid a hand down between their bodies and cupped it over Sasuke's crotch. Sasuke groaned and arched into the touch, but Naruto pulled back almost immediately, smirking smugly.

Sasuke panted heavily, trying his best to clear away the fog of lust that was clouding his mind so that he could give Naruto the glare that he deserved. As it was though, he just looked slightly dazed and disorientated, something which amused Naruto immensely. "Why'd you stop?" he asked irritably.

"Because I could?" Naruto replied with a shrug. Sasuke gave a warning growl and Naruto laughed throatily, leaning down to brush his lips over Sasuke's, then pulling back again before the dark-haired boy even had the chance to get a proper taste. Naruto growled again and this time, Sasuke did manage a glare.

"Stop being such a moron," he hissed.

"I don't want to," Naruto said with a pout. "It's too much fun."

"Dammit, you're an idiot!"

"You are too, so that makes us even!"

"You're a pain!"

"And you're a pervert!"

"So are you!"

"Then I guess we're even, huh?"

Sasuke sighed, realising that he was defeated. "Just shut up and get on with it already."

"Okay then."

And Naruto did just that.


Hawo Bean

A/N: OO So people liked my fic. ; Well thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :

Now, I know some wanted a sequel to Matterhorn Bobsleds, but I don’t like sequels, as I’ve stated in my profile. Instead, I decided to write you an original Naruto x Sasuke fic. So I hope you like it!

This is dedicated to all my great fans but most of all, to my lovely friend, Emi-chan! After all, she took me to Disneyland (well, her mom) and inspired me XDD We were the ones sitting in the bobsleds, haha. And she encouraged me to write it, soooo (sorry I forgot to put this in the Matterhorn bobsleds fic!! XDD I’m sucha bad friend /whacks self/) And our conversations had tidbits that inspired me with parts in the story, so… ;

Anyhoo, um, since I’m not too keen on the whole age/ninja special thing, I’m just gonna have Team 7 (that’s Naruto’s team, right…? See, I even suck at this XDD) be Chuunins but still do their missions under Kakashi’s order, though Kakashi doesn’t accompany them on every mission, if that makes sense. I think that’s how it goes for Chuunins, isn’t it…? Don’t ask about age. I dunno how old they are. Erm, think 15-18ish, then. /shrug/

Oh, and if anyone read the manga and went beyond… well, beyond—I’m not gonna follow up on that. Because I don’t like what happened with some people, so… It’s Naruto—my version! Haha.

And like before, I’m only gonna use “-sensei”, meaning teacher. Well, okay, I’ll add in “jutsu” which everyone should know and “-san” which the formal way to greet someone. And I think there will be “seme”, meaning the dominant one.

Flames are welcomed, but as always, compliments are the best. ;

Hawo Bean
Author: the original Kuroi

Naruto groaned and flopped on his belly. There was actually not going to be training today due to some kinda ‘Hawo Bean’ celebration and yet someone was still knocking on his door, early in the morning. Naruto grabbed his pillow and covered his head with it. He slowly dozed back to sleep and his annoying knocker seemed to have gone.

“Get up, dumbass!” With that said, Naruto was promptly pulled from his warm bed and fell flat on the wooden floor.

“Kyaaaa!” Naruto scrambled to get up. “Sasuke! You idiot! What the hell are you doing?!” He glared at his teammate and rubbed his head.

“Get dressed,” Sasuke ordered. “We have training to do.”

Naruto crawled back into bed and yawned. “We do NOT. Kakashi-sensei said we get today and tomorrow off due to that Hawo Bean party.”

“Halloween, dumbass.” Sasuke pulled the shorter boy up by his shirt collar and pushed him against the wall near the bed. “And I meant, we,” he leaned in against Naruto. “Have training to do…” his right hand slid up Naruto’s shirt and his index finger drew circles on Naruto’s bare back. Naruto shivered and pulled Sasuke close. He closed his eyes and his head tilted up…

“Forget it, idiot.” Sasuke pulled away. “I’m not kissing you when you haven’t brushed your teeth yet.” He walked into the kitchen, ignoring Naruto’s indignant cry.

“Stupid Sasuke,” grumbled Naruto and stomped into his bathroom. “You better be cooking ramen!” He shouted at the dark-haired boy before locking his door. He stripped himself of his pajamas and opened the water faucet. Minutes later of showering himself, he got out and dried himself. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he unlocked his door and wandered over to Sasuke cooking. “That’s not ramen,” he pouted as he looked into the pot.

“Screw your ramen,” Sasuke went to the fridge and looked for some drinks.

“I rather screw with you,” Naruto grinned. Sasuke snorted and threw a can at Naruto’s head. Caught by surprised, Naruto barely caught it in time. “Stupid.” He stuck his tongue out at Sasuke and then went over to his closet to get dressed. “Don’t peek,” he called over.

“Moron,” muttered Sasuke under his breath. Even with that said, he snuck a look at the blonde and turned away before he was caught.

“Ne, Sasuke,” Naruto called out as he struggled to get the shirt over his head.

“Hm?” Sasuke stirred the soup slowly and then bought a portion of it to his lips.

“Are you going to the Hawo Bean party?”

“Halloween, for the second time, dumb--”

“Ass, yeah, yeah, whatever. Are you?”

Sasuke snorted at Naruto’s question. “Of course not.”

“But it sounds like fun,” Naruto said, scratching his head while he walked back to the kitchen, fully dressed. “Dress like anything or anyone you wanna… and just party.” He pulled a chair out and sat on there, his arm propped up to support his head.

“It does sound fun.” Sasuke said after a while. He stared at Naruto. “For an idiot.”

Naruto growled and stuck his tongue out. “Be that way. You stay home and I’ll go to the party. I’m gonna be ramen in a bowl. Maybe Hinata could go with me and be chopsticks. With that fur coat of hers, I can’t tell if she’s skinny enough.”

Sasuke glared at Naruto. “If you go with Hinata, you’d not only put the idea that you’re with her in the village’s heads, you’ll put that in her head.”

“No, it wouldn’t. I’ll ask her as a friend-date.”

“That’s not what other people will think.”

“Let them think what they wanna think.”

“Don’t,” Sasuke said.

“Why not? Jealous?” Naruto cocked his eyebrow up. He smirked at Sasuke. “You are, aren’t you?”

Sasuke’s glare deepened. “Shut up, stupid. I am not jealous. Just don’t do it.”

“You are jealous! Jealous!” Naruto pointed at Sasuke and jumped off his chair laughing his head off. “Sasuke is jealous! He’s jealous!”

“Stupid!” Sasuke ran after the blonde and prepared to tackle him.

“JEAAAAAAAAAAAAAALOUS! JEAAAL—AHHHH!” Sasuke pounced on Naruto and both fell over.

“Finally you shut…” Sasuke paused. Naruto was breathing heavily and he was under him. It was a chance to finally try that thing he saw on TV. He leaned down but stopped. He groaned and got off Naruto. Their legs still tangled together, he sat on opposite side of Naruto.

“Why didja stop?” demanded Naruto. “I already brushed my teeth.”

“I can’t do this with all your posters hanging around,” grumbled Sasuke.

“What do you have against my posters?” Naruto glanced to a side. “They look great!”

“They stare.” Sasuke said. Naruto stared at him. This was one of the few times Sasuke talked like a psychotic person. Sasuke sighed. He already guessed what the blonde was thinking. “God, I’m not crazy! It’s just that… like your Ichiraku ramen poster has dancing ramen cups with eyes. And they stare.”

“You’re not kissing me because of dancing ramen cups with eyes staring at us?” Naruto continued to stare. He decided Sasuke had to go see a psychiatrist. Perhaps his past did scar him more than he let on.

“Not just those. It’s that feeling that someone is watching us… like that Kakashi-sensei poster. Wait—why the hell do you have a poster of Kakashi-sensei?!”

“Are you seeing things? I don’t have a poster of Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto felt Sasuke’s forehead. “You seem to be feeling normal.” Sasuke slapped Naruto’s hand away.

“You have it right there! By the windo…” Sasuke’s eyes widened and scrambled up. “Gah! Kakashi-sensei!”

Naruto backed an inch away. “Sasuke, you’re scaring me.”

“Stupid!” Sasuke grabbed him by his collar and pulled him up while he whirled him around. “Kakashi! Sensei! There!” Naruto yelled and fell on his butt.

“What are you doing here?! Get out! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?!”

“Takes too much of my time,” their teacher replied. He held up a hand in greeting. “Yo!”

“Don’t ‘yo’ us! How long have you been there?” Sasuke growled.

“Long enough to finally answer Sakura’s question on why you both insist on training so late every night.”

Both chuunins panicked. Kakashi is gonna tell Sakura and the heartbroken pink-haired girl will then tell—

“Relax. I won’t tell—I’m only here to say that you have to go to the Halloween party tonight. And make sure to dress up in some kinda costume.”

“Are you trying to blackmail us?” Naruto asked suspiciously.

“That thought never crossed my mind yet—thanks. But no, it’s courtesy of Sakura. She’ll hunt you both and skin you alive if you guys don’t go. Well, Naruto, in any case.”

“What? But I’m the one who actually wants to go!” Naruto stamped his foot in fury. “Stupid Sasuke! You always get it off easy!” Sasuke shrugged.

“That seems to be all, so, bye.” With that, Kakashi fled the house from the window. Naruto seethed after his jumping form. Sasuke, on the other hand, walked back to the kitchen to rescue his burning soup.

He called back to the blonde, “Well, you heard the man.”

“Eh?” Naruto turned his slitted eyes toward Sasuke and wandered over. “Whaddya mean? Course I heard him.”

“Good. Then we gotta go find your costume.”

“Wait—what about yours?”


Sakura fixed up the flower by the door and smiled at the people who came by. They smiled back and went inside. Sakura looked down at her nurse costume and smoothed down the ends of her skirt. Tapping her foot, Sakura checked her watch and sighed. Where could Lee be? After all these years, she knew it’d be worthless asking Sasuke and Hinata would have her head, despite her gentleness, if she went with Naruto, so she went with the next best choice. However, he was late. Probably doing last-minute training with Gai-sensei. Well, it’s only fifteen minutes so far. That’s not that bad…I just hope he doesn’t forget to wear his costume… Sakura’s eyes wandered around and then her eyes bugged. Sasuke was here?? Sure she had told Kakashi-sensei to threaten him to come, but she didn’t think Sasuke would take it seriously.

Sakura straightened and stared at Sasuke. There was a blonde tailing behind him… did Naruto come with him? She could have sworn Naruto mentioned Hinata when they said dates. She squinted and then stopped. The blonde was girl--that was for certain. She had long hair and she looked really pretty… Sakura frowned. After so many rejections, she, and every other girl, had thought Sasuke was asexual and here he was, proving everyone wrong. She shook her head. Well, this holiday is about weird and scary things… perhaps Sasuke was just trying to fit into the mood, but that didn’t seem like him. Of course, he didn’t wear a costume, but still.

Sasuke and his mysterious blonde came closer and they greeted Sakura. She smiled and waved. “Hey Sasuke—who’s this?”

“This is Naru--” Sasuke stopped and paled. Oh, that was not a smart move. So much for being one of the few Konoha’s geniuses. ”Um, Naru. Naru, this is Sakura.”

“Naru?” Sakura stared at the girl. The girl smiled uncertainly. “Oh. Uh, wow. Hi there, Naru-san! Never seen you around here before… though you do look familiar…”

“I—“ Naru squeaked and cleared her throat a few times. “I live on the other side of Konoha…”

“Oh… well, it’s nice to meet you. Hope you have fun!” Sakura paused. “By the way, have you guys seen Lee? Or Naruto, for that matter. Hinata’s already here in her kitty costume—she looks so cute! Maybe he’d wanna hang around with her.”

“Uh, no,” both of them quickly shook their heads. “Sorry,” added Naru as an afterthought. Sakura nodded slowly.

“Okay… well, see you two later then.”

“Bye, Sa—uh, H-Haruno-san,” Naru said softly when she passed. Sakura frowned. I thought Sasuke only introduced me as Sakura. How would she know my last name?


Sasuke glared at the group of boys swarming around Naru. Wasn’t she supposed to be with him? He scowled as he saw Naru blush and grin at the male offering her a cup of punch. Sasuke uncrossed his arms and walked over. Without a single word, he took Naru by the hand and led him to the dance floor, ignoring the looks he received. He stopped near the middle of the floor, surrounded by all the other couples and encircled her waist.

“You’re supposed to be my partner, moron,” Sasuke spoke into Naru’s ear as he pulled her closer. A light giggle came from the girl.

“Jealous,” she sang gently and blew a raspberry at Sasuke. He glared at her and shook his head. Giving a sigh, he closed his eyes and rested his head on Naru’s. “I know Hawo Bean is about scary things, but you’re just plain freaking me out here,” Naru said as she spoke into his shirt.

“Shut up,” murmured Sasuke. They scuffled around as the music droned on. After a while, Naru spoke up.

“Hey, Sasuke?”


“Do you think--” A cry from the left stopped Naru from asking her question. Both teens turned toward the direction. They saw Ino in her angel ‘Chi’ outfit, standing up and shaking her fist at Shino who was miraculously dressed in a bee costume.

“Get your bugs away from me!” she cried.

“They like sweets,” Shino said, shrugging.

“Sweets?! I’ll give them sweets!” Ino picked up her plate of cake and threw it beyond Shino. Another cry sounded out.

“Get better aim, brat!” a bowl of teriyaki came flying into Ino’s face. It slowly dropped off as Ino’s face scrunched up, steam ready to burst from her ears.

“Don’t. Ever. Do. That. To. Me. Again.” She picked up Chouji’s plate of food despite his protests and threw it in the same direction. Another plate flew back but hit someone else instead. Soon, food was flying all over the place. Sasuke could only stare at Naru who was happily throwing food around and yelling out profanity.

He looked around, seeing everyone (excluding Gaara whose sand was protecting him) was covered in food bits and actually throwing it around (excluding Chouji who was trying to eat it all). This is exactly why I choose to stay home… he thought, rubbing his head and dodging the potato that came his way. He frowned when he saw a guy take a hit for Naru. Another guy came running and pushed the previous guy away. The current one grabbed Naru by the wrist and spun her around to avoid her getting hit by sushi. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as a third boy came over. Cursing out loud, he prepared his fire jutsu and aimed it for the ceiling. Pieces of char fell down on the murderous Sasuke while the onlookers looked at him in shock.

“Now I know why Halloween’s so scary. Sasuke proves he’s not asexual and he burns a hole in a roof,” Sakura whispered to Ino.

“Stop trying to protect her or attract her! Dammit, Naru’s actually a boy! She’s Naruto! Naruto, I say, Naruto!” Sasuke ranted as he stalked over to Naru and shook her until she released her jutsu. Everyone stared at Naruto in the clothes Naru wore. Wearing a sheepish smile, Naruto waved at everyone.

“So all along… you were trying to play a joke on us?!” roared one of the boys that were ‘protecting’ Naru(to). “That’s just sick!”

“Not a joke,” Sasuke said through gritted teeth. “That is technically Naruto’s costume.”

“But you—and him—and the dancing—“ Sakura spluttered. “You’re gay?!” Her team members nodded. Ino, still wide-eyed, leaned over to Sakura.

“You were wrong. Halloween’s scary cause Sasuke’s gay and he burns a hole in the roof for Naruto.”


Sasuke moaned as the light hit his eyes. Was it morning already? He opened an eye to peek out and slowly got up. All he remembered from last night was spilling the fact that he and Naruto were gay that were together and then having half the town’s teen boys chase them around for making them think Naru was really a girl, causing most of them to make a fool out of themselves.

Shuffling over to his bathroom, Sasuke relieved himself and then went over to the sink. After washing his hands, he put paste on his toothbrush, looked into the mirror, and yelled.

All over his face were markings of “Naruto’s bitch” and “I’m not seme! I’m the uke one!” Horrified, he looked down and saw his legs and arms were covered in similar phrases. Did the boys… no, he and Naruto lost them halfway through. And this writing looked too familiar…



A/N: That… was amazingly stupid. . And I thought Matterhorn Bobsleds was stupid. This is ten times worse. And ten times more lame. Good god. Water makes me think funny. Or at least, the water in this house… I thought it was purified!! /runs away crying/

Open Your Eyes

Hiya minna!! I LOVE reading fanfics… and well, here is my lil try!! This is my first fanfic EVER.. so be easy on me! Hides in fear please?

Warning: YAOI! Sasu x Naru! (C’mon, it’s not a warning… we all know you people DO like to read yaoi fanfics.. mwahahahaha converts them while they are distracted writing flames) OH OH OH! It’s confusing and it’s weird and it’s depressing. Don’t read if you don’t like ; (But give it a try… you might not find it so confusing cough XD) UMmmm there was something else… OH yeah! SPOILERS! Well not really.. well yes kinda… lol.. If you aren’t current with the Manga storyline, and you are SUPER-PICKY about spoilers, please don’t read ahead I warned you -O oooooooh and one more little thing... lol this warning is LONG! XD there is not explicit adult material and I’m new with this rating stuff… but I think P-G13 should do it I think it’s pure fluff (um more like two lines… LOL) what I wrote, so no worries! saves all the citrusy parts for later… LOL OK I’ll shut up now!

Disclaimer: YAY! Hn? …Me? No.

Open Your Eyes

By Saori-Hime

The cold air swept through the small cabin as if trying to push it down, angry that it was in its way. The wind moved the trees from side to side and the trees moaned in silence as they let through their tormentor. The moon shone with a placid radiance that covered the forest in a white velvet carpet, which fell upon the cabin coldly.

It was ok, really. He was used to it by now. He had always received the cold stares, the cold faces, and the cold gestures—all with a smile on his lips. His blue eyes stared at the beautiful moon, and it was almost as if he was entranced. Blue orbs were illuminated in white, making his bronzed skin paler than usual. Much more paler. Maybe it wasn’t a result from the moonlight after all. His gaze didn’t waver, even though he should have blinked by now. He was thinking. He never did like to think. Not that it was something difficult for him to do—like everyone else thought—but because it made his smile flicker on and off. It made his security walls crumble piece by piece until he was left exposed. Raw.

Why was he doing it then? Why wasn’t he pacing around the room, cracking his knuckles, and challenging the whole world with his normal energy? He had tried… earlier in the day, before that person left, and even after the person had long been gone, his spirit churned him on. He had really put his mind into it, tried to be as obnoxious as he could, as loud as he could, as active and lively as his body could be. Like he was before.

He blinked, the stinging of the moonlight on his eyes finally ordering his brain to react.

But the day stretched on and his bouncy spirit opted for a jog, which later turned into a walk until it was reduced to a crawl, and ultimately it failed to remain moving. And here he was, sitting on this small bed, looking up at the night sky. The moonlight penetrating the darkened room made the white sheets covering the bed shimmer in ecstasy, as if they enjoyed being on the spotlight. Naruto’s bare chest moved slowly up and down, almost as if he was trying not to exert his muscles too much, and his tilting face continued to face the moon as his thoughts undermined his defenses.

Why wasn’t that person here yet? Naruto knew it was late, even if there weren’t any clocks around him. The position of the moon told him so, and yet—Sasuke wasn’t back yet. That asshole was still out there, in the forest, doing who knows what. Well he did know what he was doing. Fueling that damned cold-heart of his with revenge and at the same time freezing out any kind of emotions that he still had—as if the cold wind could help him with such a task. His heart was probably so frozen stiff that only a miracle kept the blood from freezing over.

As if on cue, the trees howled outside, shadowing his precious moonlight ever so slightly. He cringed, but his blue orbs soon focused on the white sun once again.

He never did like dark places. And this room was so fucking cold and dark. He was alone too. He hated being alone—why… why did that person continued to stay outside? Why wasn’t he coming? What if the moon left him too, and Sasuke wasn’t back yet?

Naruto cringed again, and stared at the moon with more resolve.

Maybe—if he caught her with his eyes she wouldn’t leave him. She would keep him illuminated, and keep the darkness away. But he wouldn’t keep her captive forever, just until Sasuke returned. Then it would be ok, but that bastard was probably enjoying himself too much to come back. If he could only tell him that he was afraid. But he couldn’t. He wouldn’t loose to Sasuke. Never. And anyway, it wasn’t like the bastard would give a damn. He would probably stay outside longer just to see him fret.

Naruto’s eyes softened a little, and he allowed himself to let go of the moon. He reclined on the squeaky bed, relieved that the moon stayed by his side even if he wasn’t holding her.

Sometimes, he allowed himself to think Sasuke would care though. After all, he had cared before. Many other times actually. But that was before the incident. He really should stop indulging himself in the past, he knew he should stop thinking then, and allow himself to close his eyes.

His eyes flickered open again, and he stared at the wall. There was nothing else to stare at… for the room was completely empty except for this bed. Oh.. there was also a chair—but it was on the other side of the light. He couldn’t dare to turn his head and gape at the darkness. Konohamaru would laugh at him if he knew he was afraid of the dark, but then again, even that kid had a family to depend upon, to feel protection from. While he—he had always been alone in his little apartment.

He really shouldn’t think about it, but it was nice, to daydream about what he once had. His features hardened a little as he scolded himself. Fuck no! What I still have, I just need to beat some sense into that cold-hearted bastard and I’ll be back eating ramen inside my apartment. He tried to sit up, but sighed as his body refused to obey his commands. Maybe he had gotten too comfortable; it was his fault for being such an idiot.

“Usuratonkachi...” He could almost hear his cold voice retort, and for some reason, he smiled. It had been a long time since he had last heard him say that. Maybe that’s why he had to scold himself once in awhile, to make up for the lack of putdowns his selfish teammate had caused. It was funny really—how he actually missed him calling him that. But he also missed so many other things.

He missed the boy he once knew as Uchiha Sasuke. The one that scolded him, yelled at him, and encouraged him—in his own way—to get better. He tried so hard to catch up to him in power. Hell if he was gonna let that pretty-boy genius beat him. During all his hard work, however, he always managed to make that bastard look good. Always rescuing him when he was falling from a tree, or down a waterfall, hell, anything really. He hated him for that! Damn him stealing his opportunity to show the village just what an incredible Hokage he will one day become!

…Now that all that had stopped, he finally realized just how much he enjoyed it. Not only the thrill of the adventures, but also the security that he was protected. He didn’t have a family—but nonetheless, he was being protected. Even if he did make a fuss about how much he hated it, the other boy continued to do it.

One of Naruto’s hands gripped the bed sheet slightly, so slightly, he probably didn’t even notice.

That time, when he thought Sasuke had actually died, something snapped in him. A feeling he had never felt before—so immense and overwhelming it even awoke the Nine-tails. It happened again, during the Chuunin second exam, and once again, after meeting with Itachi. No one else had such an effect on him, not even Sakura-chan. Only him.

His eyes softened as he remembered her pale face and the stream of tears that didn’t seem to stop flowing from her red, puffy eyes. She really did care for Sasuke, so much that he could feel it stabbing him, chocking him. Sasuke—that cold-hearted asshole, he was making her cry so damn much, and he didn’t give a damn.

Naruto closed his eyes tight suddenly, as if he didn’t want something to get out.

What had he done wrong? He only wanted to become strong enough to come face to face with him. He only wanted his acknowledgement. So he trained and learnt many things thanks to that Perverted Sennin. He fought, and almost got himself killed against that no-brow sand guy. He sought him out, and here he was for him. All for him. Everything he had done so far—everything he wanted to accomplish was for Sasuke.

Why then, did he look at him with so much hate? Why did he stare at him so sternly, like everyone else in the village used to, when they stopped to glance at him before walking on disgusted. He had become one of them—Another hateful face with goading eyes and murderous intentions.

“Were you trying to kill Naruto?” Naruto clenched his teeth as Kakashi’s words echoed in his mind. Those eyes, those fucking Sharingan eyes. They sent chills up his spine each time he looked at him like that. But he didn’t show it. He just furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. He rarely saw his soft, black eyes anymore. It was always those damned hateful red eyes.

Before—when he still had the energy to complain, to punch him in the face, and quarrel with him till he was satisfied—he was able to get through him. His eyes would fade to black, and he would whisper something irrelevant in his ear, while caressing his cheek with his hand. He would look at him and kiss him until he had forgotten his purpose. Until his body had been infected with his. Until he could feel his heartbeat slow down, and wrap himself around him for comfort, for reassurance, for hope.

That was such a long time ago it seemed, maybe he was hallucinating and it never happened. Fuck no, I know it happened, I just—well I’m just tired.

How long had he been here anyway? Weeks? Months? He had lost track, somehow. He thought he was winning the battle, but it resulted that this battle was far from won. Now Sasuke seemed to take longer and longer to get home—if you could call this home—Training, pushing his limits, crossing the line, dripping more and more blood from his never-closing wound. All for revenge.

Naruto’s eyes were slightly open, and his blue orbs looked out the window in fright, the trees were covering his moonlight. The cold air swung the tall green branches making his moonlight dance around in the darkness of his room, and he watched with urgency. He could almost hear the demon inside him laughing and his breath quickened as his eyes tried to focus on the light.

His demon. It was what kept him tied to Sasuke now. Sasuke knew that Itachi would come looking for him, and he would be waiting, to slaughter the man he once called his brother. His demon just laughed, as if mocking his stupidity. He could almost hear it cackling in the darkest part of his soul, shattering his hope, his hope that Sasuke would let it go, and let them return home to the people that they had abandoned, all for his stupid revenge. Maybe he was the stupid one for believing this—but then again, he did tend to put himself down now that Sasuke had stopped doing it.

“Sasuke...” I said almost in relief as the last strand of moonlight disappeared from my sight. “You took forever this time, you selfish bastard.” His light footsteps descended on the tatami floor slowly as he made his way to the bed. I heard a soft plop and I assumed he had taken his shirt off. Not one word. I suppressed a sigh. I was not going to give up. Not yet. His body came down on the bed, making it grunt in protest. He turned over, so his back was facing mine. It was dark now, but I was ok, since he was here. Why then, was I trembling?

I sat up, maybe it was because I didn’t have my shirt on, and my orange pants were not enough to keep me warm. I wrapped my arms around myself, and quivered a bit. So cold, I gritted my teeth. I wasn’t going to appear weak in front of this bastard, so I got up. I could feel the good ol’ spirit waking up, and I plunged into the darkness towards the bathroom. I was about to cross the frame of the door when he spoke.

“Where are you going?” His voice was so stern, yet his question betrayed him. A smirk crossed my face for a second, “Worried I’ll leave?” That shut him up, much to my surprise. After all, he had just arrived, and leaving right in front of him would be like asking to get thrown back inside. “Can’t I fucking go to the bathroom without feeling like I’m staying against my will!?” I could feel his red eyes on my back, and maybe it was the wind, but I heard the small hiss the skin makes when burned.

I walked inside the bathroom, which didn’t have any windows, and felt a little bit more concealed from the merciless wind. I sat down on the tatami floor and brought my clothed legs closer to my chest. My chin rested on my knees as I peered mindlessly at the wall. I was sure fond of the wall. I could almost dream about walls now. But I didn’t need to—for I hadn’t had a goodnight sleep for a long time now. But who was keeping the record? I wondered if Gaara felt like this. This uneasy feeling building up, which makes you stare at the walls just to make it go away. At least the trembling had stopped. Mou… why had it gotten so cold when Sasuke entered the room? The bastard had probably left the door open for a while on purpose, just to let the chilly wind come in.


“Open your eyes Naruto,” I heard him whisper faintly, and I pondered the question in my head until it finally clicked. My eyes flew wide open, as I realized I must have closed them for a second. Dammit.

“What is it you want, Sasuke?” I asked tired, but haughtily, “You ruined my staring contest with the wall,” He didn’t say anything and I would have clenched my teeth if I just didn’t feel so damned tired.

“Why?” I heard him whisper.

“Hn?” I said, and mustered enough energy to look up at him. His face was shadowed by his bangs to my disappointment; I really wanted to see his face.

“Why didn’t you leave?” I would have blinked, but I was afraid that if I closed my eyes, it would be too hard to open them again.

“Why didn’t you leave?!” He yelled and I said in a monotonous voice, “Excuse me for burdening you, oh great Uchiha, but I wasn’t gonna leave without you.” Why did his question hurt? Didn’t he know why? Hadn’t he shown him why?!

“No,” Came his reply and I was really confused, “Then what the fuck do you mean, you asshole?!” I tried to yell, but it came out just as loud as my last response. At least I had intoned each word differently unlike last time.

“Why… after I left so many times, why were you still here! Dammit, you dimwit, you could have left. You should have left.” A small smile crossed my lips as my head turned back down to rest on my knees.

“Because I made Sakura-chan the promise that I would bring you back. I don’t back down from my words. That’s my ninja way.” I shivered, why was it so cold again? Why couldn’t I talk louder? I was so tired. Just a little blink. Just one second I would let my eyes close.

“Naruto,” A faint whisper from above, “Open your eyes, you moron.” An insult. “Can’t you do anything, right you idiot.” He knelt down beside me, and that’s when my senses decided to start functioning again. There was something wrapped around me…a blanket. “Sitting on the bathroom floor wasn’t going to help you keep warm, Dobe. I had to get you a blanket, so open your eyes,” His sweet voice… for him, I could try again. I wasn’t going to be defeated. My eyes fluttered open slowly, to meet the wall. For a brief second, I wondered if the wall had imitated Sasuke’s voice, but the slight intake and outtake of air beside me helped me figure out that Sasuke was sitting by my side. My head turned, and I met his warm, liquid black eyes, and a small smile touched my lips.

“About time you figured red wasn’t your color,” I murmured tiredly, sleepily, and I could see a trace of worry igniting from those beautiful black shadows. His face was so close to mine, his eyes were so close to mine. Why then, did I feel so far away?

“Naruto…” I heard him whisper as his lips came in contact with my forehead. He was so warm! Or maybe—maybe I was just too cold. His lips fluttered down the right side of my face, and I sighed, too tired to utter anything else. My eyes threatened to close, and I heard him say it once again, “I’m here now, so keep your eyes open, Naruto. I won’t leave you alone anymore.” My eyes, now mere slights, searched for his, and after I found them, I could see he meant it. I was happy, oh so happy.

“Promise?” I whispered, and for a moment I wondered if he heard me. His hands wrapped around me, and I regretted the fact that I had this blanket around myself. “I promise.” He said in my ear, and I let my head fall against his shoulder, snuggling up close, letting my senses drown in him.

“I won’t let go of you, I promise, but you have to keep your eyes open you idiot.” I felt so secure then, so light, “We’ll go back to the village. I’ll forget about my past—because I have you. For you—I’ll do it for you. I promise.” I had won, I really had, I was happy. “So just don’t close your eyes,” Sasuke, “Naruto, I’m sorry.” Don’t be, because I’m happy. “Please, just keep your eyes open longer.” Don’t cry. “Stay here, stay with me.” I will, I am. “Naruto—Naruto!” It’s ok—just one second, I promise. Just let me sleep one second.

Maybe, when I open my eyes, I’ll realize this was just a dream.


DAMMIT NO! LOL how could I write something like this! Bangs head against the wall TT WAH! I hate sad stories! WHY! TT wails WHY!

Sigh OK I blame this on POINTS AT SASUKE that’s what you get for being a mean BASTARD! Throws him Manga vol. 20 and smacks him on the head Sigh… I also blame… POINTS AT CHERYL-CHAN TT reads Breath again And and.. I also blame! POINTS AT THE WEATHER so gloomy! TT

Now.. POINTS AT creator of NARUTO you keep drawing Mr.! And you better make me HAPPY!

Now, don’t you hate authors that leave you hanging, wondering just what the hell just happened? And why is Naruto acting like this? Or why is Sasuke training outside in the woods? And how long have they been there? And just exactly -where- is there? And why did it end like it did? Well. Hate me. That’s why it’s on the Mystery section XP!


Naruto: OI! oi… you overreact too much, Sasuke had a back-up plan! The bastard is a genius after all. He took out Da Secret recipe, and boy, did I wake up or what!

Sasuke: Shut up, Dobe, and I’m not cooking for you again!

Naruto: resumes eating his ramen made by Sasuke with love don’t make me die on you again

Sasuke: sigh

Sakura: WAHHH Sasuke-kun!! YOU are ok! I’m so HAPPY!

Naruto: Oi.. the one who died was me! Sakura-chan! TT

Sasuke: annoyed sigh


Written 10-24-03

Revised 04/02/04

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Fairy Tale

Disclaimer: :swims in the nonexistent sea of money:

Author’s Notes: Lalalalalala… It was a result of boredom. I SO want to make a mini-Naruto shrine to house my ranting about the series. Now if only I was good at designing graphics…

In case anyone screams, this has implied shoujo ai and shounen ai. (Well, depending on how you see it.) You might be able to miss it, but you can still see it if you look.

SPOILERS for most recent chapters

Summary: She always thought kisses were supposed to be more romantic. Sequel to “Admiration”.

Fairy Tale

Written by Ayako

A fairy tale started with an evil witch taking the kind, beautiful princess away from her family. Skip a few years and the princess would be in a tower waiting for her prince. Now, she wasn’t limited to just a tower. There were many places she could be: a cottage, a castle, or even the woods. But for the sake of simplicity, she was in a tower. It wasn’t that she met a prince sometime ago, told him she would be imprisoned, and gave him instructions. After all, she was taken away before she ever had the chance to meet one. And yet somehow, she knew. She would wait even if it would take a hundred years.

By some demented turn of events, the evil witch gave her an apple for lunch that caused her to sleep. It wasn’t until a hundred years later until she was revived with love’s first kiss. Upon awakening, the princess would cry tears of joy and hug the prince, telling him to never leave her, to stay with her forever. He would agree instantly, embracing her with promises of happily forever after.

When Sakura was a child, she always wanted to be a princess. But because she was always made fun of because of her large forehead, it seemed impossible. Before that, she never thought her forehead was really different from everyone else at the time. Sometimes she was even tempted to measure it to see if it were true.

“It’s only because you’re trying to hide it… You have a cute face, Sakura. You should show it.”

Somehow, she never got around to doing it.

Sakura wasn’t sure if pink hair and green eyes were much of a combination. She never really felt beautiful until Ino had given her confidence in her appearance. Chinese-style dresses and red ribbons-no, blue headbands. She always wanted to have a more princess-like appearance. Princesses usually had golden hair and bright, blue eyes.

A princess wouldn’t forsake her friends for love… She was just too nice. So how was it a princess never seemed to have real friends in stories? Each one either had none in the first place or left them with her prince.

What Sakura learned from fairy tales was that for love, you had to leave many things behind. You had to leave behind what you once had to pursue the other things in life like love.

Sakura remembered a time when everyone declared they would marry their best friend. She was never sure why they wanted to. It didn’t work with the rules of a fairy tale and she knew that every girl wanted to be a princess. Everyone wanted to be someone that was beautiful and loved by all except the wicked ones. A best friend was usually not involved in the equation—if not ever.

How? Just how did it fit?

“Life isn’t a fairytale, Sakura. We aren’t ever going to be princesses.”

The prince was usually a kind, gentle man. In some cases, he was cold and emotionless. If he fell under the second condition, the story would go on with its ups and downs until the princess met her doom. Upon discovering her condition, he would be horrified. His emotions in turmoil, he becomes a broken man, lost to unfamiliar feelings. Helplessly wishing for her to awaken, he hugs her close to him and cry to make up for those years he had forgotten. … And then she would open her eyes.

“I don’t see why you like him…”

Sakura saw Sasuke as a person that could do anything. He was handsome and talented just as Ino was beautiful and well rounded. She wanted to be able to do anything she put her mind to. She was more of a book person; it was a lot easier to absorb over the many days it took to train physically.

A princess didn’t give up. Sakura decided that the accelerated heartbeat meant she was in love with Sasuke. If she thought of it in a different way, she would’ve thought she was having a heart attack. No mistake, she told herself. A princess had long hair and from rumors, he liked that. It was another way to back up the idea of Sasuke being a prince.

Sasuke seemed to warm up a little. He didn’t look as irritated as he used to during their academy days. She never saw him smile, but a confident smirk was good enough. His face seemed to come to life and his eyes seemed to glint at a challenge.

She used to hope that he felt that way simply because of the friendship the three of them shared. Only, out of them, she was probably spoken to the least.

Rivalry seemed to spark the oddest of changes. She always thought love was what gave people happiness.

But wasn’t it her rivalry with Ino that gave her what she needed? What made her feel alive? Every time she did something, it felt like she was being recognized for being Haruno Sakura.

With two stamina-crazed boys, it was hard to get any recognition.

“I never even considered you my rival.”

Ideas of princesses and princes disappeared when Sasuke refused to stop when she pleaded. A spark of hope had appeared the instant he gave her his customary smirk and the words she never thought she’d hear him say. That was all she got out of everything: shorn hair, “Thank you”, and a punch in the stomach.

The only time he ever listened was when the seal had taken over his body.

She didn’t know why she asked Naruto to accomplish what she couldn’t. He was the idiot, the clown… but somehow, he had something that she didn’t, something that drew even the most regal and most silent of princes.

“I’ll protect you with all my strength.”

Lee was definitely not the definition of prince.

He didn’t have the right kind of hair, the right kind of eyes, or the right kind of face. He didn’t have the perfect nose, chin, or maybe even anything. But somehow… she noticed him.

Sakura always planned to wait for Sasuke. She refused any offers and leapt away in disgust if anyone dared to come close. If there was anyone that she’d notice, he’d be tall, dark, and handsome—just like Sasuke, but never coming close.

Like she said, Lee was definitely not the definition of prince.

He was determined to reach for his dreams regardless of the obstacles. His strength was something truly admirable. Never giving up, always trying so hard…

The words of a boy that would never feel the same way she did killed her motivation. And yet, he continued to stand by her side, promising to protect her even though he was the injured one.

“I told you I would protect you… always. Even twenty years from now when you’re married to someone, I’ll remember. I never forget my promises.”

It was simply a brush on the cheek. A warm feeling that disappeared as quickly as it came.

A kiss from a prince was usually romantic. Lee wasn’t her prince, so she never did expected it to be if it came from him, but…

“We aren’t ever going to be princesses. We’re shinobi.”

If a girl couldn’t be a princess, she couldn’t have a prince… so how did it work in this case?

In order to be a princess, you had to be beautiful and kind and leave everything behind that you used to have. Maybe that was why she could never be a princess. She tried, she honestly did, but she felt horrible. A princess had no need for motivation after she got her prince because she already got what she wanted: a happily ever after.

Maybe Princesses were sixteen for a reason. You were either too young to understand or understood it too much. Even after those years of watching, thirteen years old wasn’t enough to understand.

“… There’s a difference between admiration and love, Sakura.”

She remembered how dead Sasuke seemed to look after the exam when he was separated from his rival, his friend.

She remembered how lonely she felt when again her advances were ignored without a friend to laugh with or to cry with.

Maybe that was why she asked Naruto to bring him back. In some strange, fascinating, un-logical way, friends did that sort of thing. She could never see a boy comforting another boy; they probably felt too manly for that sort of thing.

Luckily for her, she was a girl.

Ino wouldn’t call her a wimp if she cried.

“Why are you crying? He’s not worth crying over!”

Lecturing her was a different story.


Noises from the Bedroom

Author's Notes: Just me and my 'innocent' ideas, and the most innocent Sakura I've ever heard of! Thoughts will be like this: /blah/ Erm... Since someone asked whether this is a one-shot, here's my answer: Yes it is. Reviews please!

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime series Naruto in any way... as much as I wish it was mine. ;; sighs

Warnings: The beginning of this fic may make a person's mind wander off to the gutter... Hehe.. + snickers

Pairings: Up to your imagination.. evil grin

Noises in the Bedroom
Author: Kuroi Hikari

THUMP! THUMP! Noises were coming from the ceiling where Haruno Sakura was reading her shoujo manga. "Sasuke!" came a muffled voice that followed the thumps. Sakura looked up at the ceiling and started to worry. /What's going on up there?! I hope Sasuke and Naruto aren't trying to kill each other! I should get Kakashi-sensei.. just in case../ She scrambled out of the chair she was sitting in, and ran up the stairs of the house. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were currently spending their weekend at Kakashi's house for some R&R.(1)

THUMP! Sakura paused infront of the door to the room Naruto and Sasuke shared. The door was closed. She pressed her ear to the door and froze. All she heard was heavy breathing. /Ah! They really must be trying to kill each other! What if one of them succeeded?! They're so quiet!/ Her eyes widened as her brain supplied her with a mental image of Sasuke standing over Naruto's dead body.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!!" yelled Sakura as she swung open the door to Kakashi's bedroom. A very surprised Iruka looked up from the spot where he was reading a newspaper, while Kakashi quickly hid his book under a cushion. Sakura had caught a glimpse of the title of the book of what Kakashi was reading. It said 'Babes in Paradise' and had a picture of a woman wearing very skimpy clothing. One of Sakura's eyebrows twitched for a few seconds before she recomposed herself. "Kakashi-sensei! Come quickly! I think Naruto and Sasuke are trying to kill each other!" Sakura led Kakashi and Iruka to the room Sasuke and Naruto shared.

"Owww!! Could you be a little gentler?!" came Naruto's voice through the door.
"Stay still and stop squirming, dobe!" came Sasuke's reply, and a series of grunts and straining sounds followed.

Iruka blushed at this, while Kakashi looked amused. Sakura's mouth hung open in shock. /MASAKA! No way! Nonono.. Sasuke and Naruto would never.. Noooooo!/ Well, at least no she knew those two weren't trying to kill each other..

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! "Saaasukeee! Hit it harder! Hit it harder!" shouted Naruto. THUMP! "AH!" yelped Naruto, while Sasuke let out what sounded like a sigh of relief. Then, everything in the room went silent. Outside, Kakashi, Iruka, and Sakura had their ears pressed to the door, listening tentatively.

"Naruto, you're so noisy." came Sasuke's voice. Then the moaning and straining sounds started again. Sakura and Iruka's faces turned beet red. Kakashi shook his head and smiled. He was about to walk away, when suddenly.. "SHIT!" Sasuke swore. Kakashi froze.

"W-What's the matter, Sasuke?" Naruto sounded worried. There was a long pause. Then...

"I think I'm stuck." Sasuke said in disbelief.

"WHAAAT?!" yelled a frustrated Naruto, and a string of curses came from both Naruto and Sasuke, accompanied by frequent yelps of pain from Naruto. Outside the room, Iruka's eyes widened and stared at Kakashi incredulously. Sakura looked like she was ready to faint. Kakashi looked slightly dazed, but quickly snapped out of it. He knocked on the door.

"Is everything alright in there?" Kakashi asked loudly.

"YES!" yelled a panicked Naruto.

"NO!" Sasuke yelled at the same time, and an argument between the two ensued. Kakashi quickly took a lock pick out of his pocket and picked the lock on the door. He swung the door open and stepped into the room, with Sakura and Iruka right behind him. All three stopped in front of the washroom door that was wide open.

The sight that greeted the three ninjas was a sight they would all remember for the rest of their lives. The washroom was a mess. Shampoo bottles were knocked all over the place. What was most amusing was that Naruto was sitting on the toilet seat with his pants down to his knees. A towel covered his private part. Sasuke was fully dressed, but he was on his knees in front of Naruto. Sakura fainted. Kakashi and Iruka just stared.

"We can explain!" exclaimed Naruto and Sasuke simultaneously. The two of them immediately tried to explain at the same time.

"Naruto wanted to pull a prank on me, but his plan backfired."

"Sasuke was suppose to fall for it!"

"He super glued the toilet seat."

"He was suppose to sit on it!"

"But he slipped and fell."

"That wasn't part of my plan!"

"So now he's glued to the toilet seat."

Kakashi shoulders started to shake with suppressed laughter while Iruka rolled his eyes and sighed. "So what was all the thumping and yelling all about?" Iruka questioned. Again, Naruto and Sasuke tried to answer at the same time.

"While Naruto was stuck to the toilet seat,"

"This HUGE ugly cockroach came out of nowhere! And-"

"He told me to kill it."

"Sasuke used MY shoe to hit it, and he kept missing!"

"Naruto kept shrieking at me to hit the damned cockroach harder, so I did."

"HE was doing all the thumping!"

"The dobe actually screamed when I finally hit it."

"Then, he tried to help me off the toilet seat."

"Naruto, you should have known superglue is really strong."

"It hurts! Iruka-sensei! My skin is glued to the toilet seat! Sasuke was pulling me so hard too!"

"Unfortunately, I got some of the glue on my hands."

"So now his hands are stuck to the sides of the toilet!"

"It's not funny."

By now, both Iruka and Kakashi were both laughing openly with Sasuke and Naruto glaring daggers at them. After finally getting his laughter under control, Kakashi performed the 'ansutaku no jutsu'(2) and freed the two distressed boys. Later, Sakura finally woke up, and the whole incident was explained to her by a still laughing Iruka. Afterwards, Sakura laughed so hard, she vowed she'd never let Naruto live it down. Of course, she spared Sasuke. Out of kindness? Nah...

A/N: (1) That's a sucky way to spend your weekend. sweatdrops (2)Hehe. I made that one up. if you read 'ansutaku' as japlish, you'd get 'unstuck'... REVIEW PLEASE!!

No One Will Ever Call Me Sweet Heart

No One Will Ever Call Me Sweet Heart

A One-Shot Naruto Fanfiction by Aoi Kami Sarah

The rain patted in a staccato rhythm on the pane just to the left of Naruto’s head. A comforter was bunched at his feet and the thin sheet covered only his midsection. Despite the chilly weather, Naruto snored comfortably through the night.

But when he woke, the rain had not lifted. The boy sat up slowly, rubbed his eyes and remembered it was Sunday. “Day off,” he murmured and fell back on his pillow. Unfortunately, he was already awake. His eyes barely open, he looked out at the grey morning. The sound of the rain filled the room. He sighed and pulled the discarded comforter up around his chin. If anyone could have seen the soft frown on his face, the pinch of flesh between his arched brows, they wouldn’t have thought this melancholy baby was Uzumaki Naruto; anyone perhaps but Umino Iruka.

Iruka zipped from awning to awning, artfully avoiding the rain as he made his errands: somen noodles from the fancy pasta store on Vine, some Jordan almonds for Anko from the confectioners, and a quick jaunt to the bodega on Broadway and 6th for some cup ramen for a certain former student of his. Through the gloom of early Sunday morning, Iruka smiled.

At eleven Naruto was roused to the sound of knocking on his door. He knew there was only one person it could possibly be. Wordlessly, Naruto opened the door and turned back to bed.

“Ohayo!” Iruka chimed cheerfully. His smile drooped from the less-than-warm welcome. Not to be deterred, the teacher scuffed his feet on the mat and let himself in. “I brought cup ramen!” When Naruto didn’t come running out of his bedroom, Iruka began to worry. He stuck his head in the doorway. “Naruto, daijoubu?”

“I dunno…” came the muffled reply. His friend sat on the edge of his bed and waited. Iruka was often short tempered with the boy’s rebellious ways, but he could also be endlessly patient when necessary. After a few minutes the covers squirmed and a blond head emerged.

“There you are,” Iruka smiled. “Come on. Let me make you some ramen.” He shook one of the cups for emphasis. Naruto shrugged but did finally slide out of bed.

Iruka busied himself with the teakettle and threw some expired items out of Naruto’s fridge. He washed a few dishes until the water was ready then prepared two of the cups he had brought with him. He set them in front of Naruto and himself and pulled a chair up to the little kitchen table.

“Ne, Iruka-sensei…” Naruto mumbled, watching steam rise through the gap in the paper lid. “How old were you when…?” he began, but lost his nerve.

Iruka straightened up a little in his chair. He reached out and warmed his hands on the little paper cup of Sapporo Ichiban Miso ramen before him. “I was thirteen when I lost my parents.” He chose his words carefully; unsure of what Naruto wanted to hear.

“So you remember them?” Naruto too laced his fingers around his cup, but kept his eyes on the steam emanating from it.

“Yes I do.”

“Do you miss them?”

“Of course.”

“Would you miss them if you had never known them?” he asked quickly but quietly.

Iruka’s heart twisted. The apartment seemed suddenly very quiet. The rain had stopped. “I don’t know,” he replied.

“Doesn’t make much sense, does it?” Naruto added and looked up as if he wanted agreement.

“It’s only human.” The teacher fidgeted a bit. He tried to think of the right thing to say. “Even if you never experienced it, you long for it.”

“Were my parents killed by the Nine Tails, too?” the boy asked softly.

“I don’t know, Naruto,” he admitted.

Naruto sighed and took the cover off his ramen. His eyes fixed on the pale noodles. “I like to think that’s what happened,” he said as he mixed the soup up with his chopsticks. “I don’t wanna think they abandoned me, but sometimes I feel like they did…”

“Naruto…” Iruka whispered, his heart breaking.

“When the kids an’ even their moms and dads look at me like they do… I think I’m not any good for anything. So maybe that’s what my parents thought and so they dumped me.”

“That’s not true!” Iruka gripped the edges of the table and struggled to find just the right words. “No one would do that to you, besides, you were just a baby…”

The boy’s lower lip quivered. “I just wish I knew, Iruka-sensei. It sucks to be alone…” A few tears patted down on the tabletop. Involuntarily, the teacher pushed his chair back and stood up. Naruto continued to look down, unable and perhaps today unwilling to put on a brave face. “It sucks.”

His mentor crouched next to his chair. “Naruto,” Iruka put his hand on his shoulder. “You’re not alone.” The boy sniffled and without hesitation launched himself at Iruka, knocking him on his ass. The teacher wrapped his arms around him and let him cry it out. Slowly, Naruto caught his breath, but still clung to Iruka’s shirt. The clouds grudgingly parted and let some sunlight into the little apartment. “Hey now.” Iruka patted his back reassuringly. “Your ramen’s getting cold.”

Naruto choked out a laugh and nodded. They ate their lunch wordlessly. When he had finished, Iruka cleaned up and invited Naruto to come out with him.

“Uh uh,” Naruto grunted as he scratched his hair. “I gotta train. Wasted almost the whole day already.”

Iruka grinned. “There’s a good boy. You call me if you get bored,” he advised, still choosing his words with ultimate care.

“Arigatou, Iruka-sensei.”

“Any time.”

Well after dark Naruto dragged himself home and fell into bed with his clothes on. His chakra almost completed depleted and his body bearing a number of cuts and bruises from a rigorous session against his own shadow clones, he was asleep in moments.

Just before he dropped off to sleep, Naruto listened to the silence of his apartment. The things he contemplated that morning, which he thought he had gotten over, came back to haunt him.

This place he called home had no soul. There was no one waiting for him when the day was over, no one to wake him when it began. No smell of food waiting for him, no din of conversation or laughter like he had heard coming from other people’s houses. Maybe he should get a cat, he thought.

That was crazy. He’d probably malnourish the thing to death. No. He didn’t need something to take care of. He needed someone to take care of him. But did he need it? He got along all right by himself. He hadn’t burned the place down or even ever locked himself out before. He didn’t need it; he wanted it. He wanted ‘welcome home!’ and ‘how was your day?’ and ‘time to wake up now, Sweet Heart.’

“Sweet heart,” he muttered. “No one will ever call me Sweet Heart.” Not even his own mother whom he had never known. Iruka, and even that jerk Sasuke had known their mothers… Naruto felt the tears come again and curled up into a ball. “Kaasan…” he whispered, just to see what it would sound like. It didn’t help. He pressed the comforter to his eyes and wept like a child, all the while forgetting he was still just that: a child.

And weeping, Uzumaki Naruto fell to dreaming.

The pond was familiar. It reminded Naruto of one in the upscale northwestern area of town, relatively close to the Uchiha Ichizoku. A steady but calm breeze gently pressed small waves that undulated across its surface. He looked up at the sky; cerulean blue with perfect, crisp white clouds ambling from left to right.

Didn’t he have to be at the bridge to meet up with Kakashi-sensei, Sakura and Sasuke soon? Surely yesterday was Sunday and he’d have to be there, but something in the air made the day feel so much like a Saturday.

A lone willow tree dipped its branches into the water and under its dappled shade sat a young woman who stared out at the water. Her face was obscured by a large sun hat but even from a distance and not seeing her expression, Naruto could tell she was happy.

The feeling was contagious. Without even thinking about it, Naruto gravitated towards her.

“Ano… ‘scuse me, Nee-san? Mind if I join ya?”

She turned her head to look up at him. The large hat framed her round, heart-shaped face. Her eyes were a pale green and her hair even paler blonde. It lilted around her like strands of silk thread in the ever-present breeze. Her skin was alabaster and her limbs were delicate. She seemed a living statue, such was her perfection. So when she spoke, Naruto almost fell over with surprise.

“Sure! It’s great to have company on such a nice day!” A bold, confident voice boomed from her slight frame. She patted the ground with one of her thin, china-like hands and smiled. When she did, her eyes turned into the most adorable crescent shapes. Naruto blushed, falling instantly in love and without hesitation sat down beside her. She faced the pond again, the contended smile hanging on her lips. Naruto stared at her, unable to look away. He wanted to memorize her face. Something about her seemed fleeting, as though if he blinked she would blow away.

She must have felt the intensity of his gaze because she looked back to him, but rather than scold him for staring, she grinned, amusedly. “Do I know you?” she asked.

Naruto shuddered. “N-no! I mean I don’t think so…”

“Really? You sure I don’t know your family?”

“I… don’t have one,” he admitted.

For the first time, her features drooped. “I’m so sorry…”

“No! It’s ok! I mean… It was a long time ago… I never knew them.”

She bit her lip. “That’s horrible. There’ve been so many wars, and so much loss and sadness in this village. Sometimes I wish I had never been born into a shinobi clan.”

“You’re a ninja?” Naruto asked tentatively, unable to imagine her giving or receiving any sort of violence.

“No.” She rubbed her thin hands together. “Because my body’s too weak, I can never be a ninja…” When he didn’t respond she looked up. “I’m sorry! Now I’ve made you upset!”

“Uh? Oh no, no! I just don’t know what I would do if I could never be a ninja…”

She smiled again. “Now I know why I think I know you,” she said and pointed into the distance behind Naruto’s shoulder. “You remind me of him.”

Naruto craned his neck and looked for a person, but all he saw was the mountainside about five miles to the south and the four faces etched upon it. “What, the Hokage?” When he turned around he was blushing even redder. “I’m gonna be up there one day, you’ll see!”

“You will?!” she asked, excitedly.

“You bet! Everyone will know me and look up to me!” he stood and shouted.

“Ah! Sugoi!” The young woman used the trunk of the willow to help herself up and got a good look at the 12 year old.

“So, Nee-chan? Which one do I remind you of? Nidaime? Please don’t say Sandaime!”

“No, silly. Isn’t it obvious? Yondaime!”

Naruto’s chest puffed out. “Honto?!”

She laughed. “Even your attitude! You sound a bit like him too.”

“Ne, how do you know so much about him?”

“He’s my fiancĂ©e!” she said proudly and beamed at him.

The world seemed to stop. The clouds no longer raced across the sky. The water didn’t glisten. Naruto felt something akin to nausea and fear with a mixture of confusion and sadness sweep over him. “Oh, Nee-chan…”

“He’s so amazing. Have you met him?”

“Uh… no…”

“He only just became Hokage last year but already they have the mountain carved. He’s going to be the best, most famous Hokage, no the most famous kage the world has ever seen! And I don’t have to worry about being a good ninja because I’m going to be the world’s best wife.” She brushed some dirt off of her kimono and walked to the water’s edge. “We’re going to have children too, as soon as possible! I want tens of them!” She crouched and dipped her fingers in the cool water. She patted her face lightly and took a deep breath.

‘Children…’ Naruto thought. Had Yondaime had any children? How long had he been Hokage before he died? He wished he had studied harder when Iruka-sensei taught him History of Konoha. “I was just a baby…” he whispered.

The young woman turned quickly. “What did you say?” she asked.

“Uh, never mind…” Naruto tried to think of something to say to change the subject.

“Do you think…” she started, but the words ran out of breath. The pale green eyes rolled back and her legs gave out.

“Nee-chan!” Naruto shouted and caught her in plenty of time. “Daijoubu, Nee-chan!” Her face was so pale, he felt like he was holding a doll the size of a grown woman. Not having any idea what to do for her, Naruto started to panic. “Nee-chan, please…”

As if she heard him, the green eyes fluttered open. He offered to help her up, but she asked him to let her lay her head in his lap till the spell passed. “It’s all right, I just fainted. I stood up too fast.” She laughed a little. “I get so excited when I think about the future. Do you think I’ll make a good mother?”

“Yeah,” Naruto whispered. “The best.”
“I think so too,” she smiled. “I’m a great cook!”

“You are?”

“Mmhm! You should come over for dinner some night and I’ll show you!” she chimed as she slowly sat up.

“Kozue!” a man’s voice called from the distance. “Doko?” A long coated, spiky haired silhouette was just visible on the horizon.

“Hai! Coming!” the young woman answered. “I have to go. You understand, don’t you?”

Naruto nodded.

“I’ll see you later, then!” Naruto shook his head. The sky was almost dark. The clouds seemed to have piled up on each other in the last few tense moments. His shoulders slumped. Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but just didn’t have the heart to tell her. “I’ll see you right there, ne?” He turned and followed her pointing finger once more just as the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the monument to the first four Hokage.

Naruto’s face brightened. “Mm!” He nodded. “I’ll be the best Hokage the world has ever seen! You’ll see.”

The young woman named Kozue bowed and kissed him on the cheek. “I know you will, Sweet Heart. Ja, mata!” She waved. Clouds flew past. Water rippled and willow leaves swirled in a never-ending breeze.

The sun shone bright and warm through the pane just to the left of Naruto’s head. The comforter and sheet were wrapped tightly around him. Despite the warm weather, Naruto had snored comfortably through the night.

When he woke, he sat up, rubbed his eyes and realized it was Monday. “What happened to Sunday?” he murmured and squinted into the sunlight. Across town, four sets of stone eyes watched over his village. He opened his own eyes wide, grinned, threw off the covers and charged headfirst into the new day.

Anyone who could have seen the curl at the corner of his lips, the sparkle in his cool, blue eyes would have know this boy was Uzumaki Naruto: future Hokage of Konoha.

“You’ll see! I promise!” he shouted to the sky and ran out the door at top speed to beat Sakura and Sasuke to the bridge.



thanks to leslina for listening -aks

song of the unknown child

Well, poo.

Miri here. New to Naruto fandom, but still a fanfic vetran coming from a six-month writer's block with some pretty sorry fare. (Apologies in advance) However, Sakura NEEDS to be written as more than just a pink-haired bimbo. This is my apology to her for EVER assuming as such.

This was SUPPOSED to be a drabble. Of course, things never work out the way I want them to. I'm longwinded, and the idea kept changing.

Methinks it's shut-up time. So . . . no real warnings; if you don't like angst, go away. If you don't like the idea of having probably one of your favorite characters be dead by some gruesome, messy way, I bear you no ill will. If you like the idea of an underrated character not sucking too badly, come inside. Standard disclaimer, Kishimoto-sensei won't share, but I sneak them off when he's not looking. Shikamaru is teh excellent. Yondaime is TEH HOT. Enjoy the show.

song of the unknown child
Author: miriya v.

- you must admit the land is now in good hands

Sometimes, a shinobi is born of Kohona that surpasses all expectations -- a child destined to become the next legend, whether it be a tale of horror or triumph. It is natural, even perhaps traditional, for the village to bet quietly among themselves as to who that child would be. Through this, it is rare for many to be surprised by the outcome.

Some bet that the Uchiha boy would go mad -- a prodigy, yes, but Itachi moreso. Any ninja with half a brain understood that to face the missing-nin was suicide, and yet this boy devoted his life to his relentless pursuit of that exact death. They said, quietly amongst themselves in their somber kitchen gatherings, that the house of Uchiha would lie in ruins forever.

Some bet that the roles within the house of Hyuuga would be reversed by the ruthless power of young Neji -- truly, the boy was great among the greatest, and there was nothing but tradition and perhaps a bit of some stubborn sentimentality keeping his branch from domination. Perhaps, they said, it would be for the best.

Some bet, albeit drunk or grudgingly (and Iruka was not entirely blameless for this), that the vessel of the kyuubi would rise to be the best Kohona had ever known. That despite his seeming incompetence, his insistence of becoming Hokage would come to pass. Some trained for that day, because secretly they believed death was better than being directed by someone who was nothing more than a servant of the demon fox. They said the blood of the Yondaime running through his veins would only grant him so much safety amongst them. Their village was stronger, this time around -- to defeat the fox would certainly be easier (though not without their own losses); to defeat the fox while inside the boy easier still. After he grew, none raised a hand to him. No one save his friends ever offered to help him, either.

In the village of the hidden leaf, there is a monument to the fallen.

Mothers tell their young the stories of those shinobi, the heroes who died for the protection and glory of their village. Stories that hold sadness, pride, and sometimes . . . sometimes regret.

They tell the story of clan Hyuuga, whose most exceptional shinobi set aside his resentment and laid trembling hands on the face of his hime with blank eyes full of triumph even in death, proud to have given his life for that which his house had protected for generations. They speak reverently of how the quiet girl had avenged his death and then laid down where he died, just lying there, just staring at the sky. She had not risen for a week, but she had never showed her tears.

They never think to tell the story of the pink-haired girl who sat by silently, holding the Hyuuga's hand when she was allowed, leaving only to return with food and water that she knew would remain untouched until she had convinced the grieving girl to continue living.

They tell the story of the last scion of the Uchiha clan, pulled from the grip of a blood-curse by his comrades only to fall prey to a surprise attack by a missing-nin. There had been no warning, nothing but blood on the cobblestones and the walls of a ramen stand and a dead man with a kunai lodged in his throat. He'd raised the alarms, though, and the anbu had dispatched the intruder within the night. He was given a hero's ceremony, and those who cared enough to go mourned the death of a great clan.

They never think to tell the story of the girl who loved him fiercely and unconditionally, the one who had claimed him from youth first as a crush then as a brother and comrade, who cared for his empty home though there would be none to claim it. (The villagers spoke in hushed tones that a curse had long fallen upon the house of Uchiha, that the house was haunted. And though they did not tell her story, they looked to her as one who spoke with those ghosts, who may have perhaps loved them more than the living.)

Rarely, they tell the story of Uzumaki Naruto, who despite all efforts had been taken by the Akatsuki group for unknown reasons. They don't tell of his escape, and they refuse to speak of the way he returned to them, broken but happy before he was hunted and killed by those who had failed to control him. They don't need to, because they all remember the way his blood had burned into the trees and the ground and never went away, how it forever marks the place where one of their own died. They do not tell this story, because there is no need -- they remember, and they regret. He had died a proud Kohona shinobi, and not the monster they all feared him to be.

They do not tell the story of the girl who risked her life to set him free, knowing her death was inevitable should she be caught. They do not tell of how she had learned to love him after being raised to hate him for reasons she could never understand until she dared to question them. They do not tell of how he died protecting her as she lay unconscious among the leaves, how in death his will had merged with and dominated the kyuubi to shield her. They do not tell this story, because they do not know. All they remember is her return to them, carrying nothing but a cracked hitai-ate and the heavy burden of grief in her doll-green eyes. And they remember the scream -- some say they wake, hearing it again in their darkest nightmares.

She left them some years after the funeral, slipped away into the forest and never returned. The Hokage did not bother to list her as 'missing' -- in the records of the shinobi, Haruno Sakura is dead.

And they do not understand, though perhaps some primal piece of them can sympathize.

In the village of the hidden leaf, there is a legend told.

Quietly, in the tea houses and around the winter-fires, they speak with awe clear in their voices of a kunoichi who lived among them for years. They sometimes wonder how they never really noticed her; how they never realized the wisdom and power of the girl they had raised within their walls. Those who knew her shake their heads -- they understand that she'd never truly needed it. Those who she wanted to acknowledge her had already done so, and she'd loved them dearly, and she'd never asked for more than that.

Sometimes, though, those who remember her, and those who are young enough to believe, say that she still lives, protecting her home from outside their village walls. The young, when brave enough, will speak of her -- they swear, sometimes, that they can see an unfamiliar shadow at the edge of the village, whispering through the grasses. In the morning there are always fresh flowers at the stone, even in the dead of winter. Sometimes, there is fresh blood in the forest, and signs of battle. Kohona village is safe.

No one seeks to follow that ghost anymore, but sometimes there are stories.

Those that remember her smile. They say she, too, can tell stories.

october 21, 2003

First fic in almost 6 months. Crap-fuggin'-tacular. --;;

But I like Naruto. I feel the need to play with the characters . . . there's so freaking many of them, and they're all so impressive in their own ways. Apologies to all the children I killed -- I loved them, but this was all about Sakura. Who, dammit, rocks when she doesn't have her Sasuke!Lust on.

Comments/Criticism greatly appreciated.