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Sunday, July 6, 2008

If it Makes You Happy

Rating: R

Warnings: Yaoi lime, mild kink

Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke...Naruto/Naruto?

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: Not mine
Title: If it Makes You Happy

Author: Triste ()

"No. No, no and no. That's just too weird, Sasuke."

"How is it weird?"

"It just is, okay?"

"So you're saying you won't do it?"

" it's weird!"

"Yes, you said that already."

"But it is! Where the Hell did you come up with an idea like this anyway?"


"I knew it! You've been stealing Kakashi-sensei's books again, haven't you? You're even more perverted than he is!"

"...So, will you do it then?"



Naruto pursed his lips and frowned deeply. Normally, he didn't have a problem saying 'no' to Sasuke, but occasionally, there were times when his team mate actually asked nicely whenever he wanted something from him. Of course, those occasions were few and far between and Naruto could count the number of times Sasuke had said 'please' on one hand, but still...

Sasuke just continued to stare at him and Naruto felt his resolve waver. 'Manipulative son of a bitch!' Naruto swore silently. Sasuke knew exactly how to push his buttons and damn, it pissed him off!

Sasuke looked almost...normal right now, sitting on the edge of Naruto's bed without a frown, without a scowl. Okay, so he wasn't smiling, but he rarely ever did. He was just sitting there and staring...and staring...and staring...

"Stop looking at me!" Naruto yelled, stamping his foot.


There it was again. Naruto bit down hard on his lower lip. Dammit, he refused to say yes! Sasuke was just being crazy and perverted and there was no way he'd go along with something as insane as this, but...


The blond-haired shinobi curled his hands into fists and then let out a deep and shuddery sigh. "Fine," he said sulkily. "But you'd better treat me out to ramen after this!" Sasuke nodded and Naruto sighed again, straightening his posture. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

There was a poof of smoke, which cleared away a few seconds later to reveal an identical copy of Naruto, glowering at Sasuke with his hands on his hips. The real Naruto looked over at his copy and narrowed his eyes. The copy frowned back at him and Naruto nibbled at his lip, wondering exactly how he was supposed to start this.

Dammit, he felt like a moron and it was all Sasuke's fault! He'd never be able to do the Kage Bunshin again after this!

Naruto cocked his head to one side and the clone mirrored his movements. It looked vaguely confused and Naruto couldn't really blame it. He only ever pulled this move when he was fighting and he usually made more copies than this, but Sasuke had requested just the one.

'Stupid pervert...' Naruto thought to himself, glowering again. He purposely ignored Sasuke and stepped closer to the shadow clone. Predictably, it tensed and raised its fists, but Naruto merely moved nearer and gingerly placed his hands on its shoulders.

The other Naruto's eyes widened in shock and the real one shuddered slightly before leaning in and placing his lips over the ones that belonged to his mirror image. Both he and the clone stiffened in shock and Naruto wondered why he hadn't just killed Sasuke immediately for even suggesting this idea.

Here he was, essentially kissing himself in front of the person he called his boyfriend. Why had Sasuke been so eager to see something like this anyway? Naruto didn't find the idea of kissing one of his clones very sexy. If he wanted to kiss someone, he'd have just kissed Sasuke. Sasuke happened to be a damn good kisser, even though Naruto would never have admitted it out loud and he tasted better too.

This clone tasted like...well, it tasted like himself. In other words, it tasted like the beef ramen he'd eaten only an hour and a half ago. It was different from kissing Sasuke in that it didn't feel nearly as nice. It didn't make his toes curl or his stomach flip or anything like that.

Naruto pulled back slightly to see that his clone didn't look all that impressed with what had just happened. That pissed Naruto off for some reason. The person in front of him was just him and only a copy at that, but still, he couldn't help but feel insulted. It reminded him of the way Sasuke had looked when they'd first kissed. Or had he looked that way the second time he'd kissed? Either way, he hadn't looked all that thrilled and the other Naruto was giving him a look that clearly said 'that was just pathetic.'

The real Naruto fumed. How dare this copy accuse him of being pathetic?! He blinked, suddenly confused. Hadn't he just insulted himself or something? Naruto frowned again. Thinking had never really been his strong suit, so instead, he preferred to do what he did best and just dive in head first, regardless of the consequences.

The second kiss was better, but still felt pretty damn weird. Naruto wondered how all this must look to Sasuke, but he tried to block all thoughts of the other boy on his mind as he settled on kissing himself senseless.

This kept getting weirder and weirder...

'Dammit, don't think! Just do it!'

Naruto tilted his head slightly to the left and pressed his lips more firmly against the other's. He decided to mimic what Sasuke often did with him whenever he wasn't feeling particularly in the mood by just gently brushing his lips over the ones that belonged to his other self before drawing back a little and repeating the movement.

After a moment or so of this treatment, the other Naruto seemed to relax a little and the real Naruto flinched in surprise when he felt a pair of warm, slender arms wrap around his shoulders. He pulled away to see the other version of himself staring back at him and looking slightly curious.

It felt odd to be on an even height with someone for once. Naruto was still the shortest out of all the boys he knew and even though Sasuke was only a few inches taller than he was, it still gave him a crick in the neck just to lean up and kiss him for any prolonged period of time.

The face that he saw every single day reflected in the mirror was watching him coolly and again, Naruto cocked his head to one side. Unlike a reflection though, the clone didn't do exactly what he did. Instead, it inched forward and kissed him softly, causing Naruto to jerk a little in shock even though he'd been expecting it.

As before, he told himself to stop thinking and just go with it, however bizarre it might be. The other's lips were warm and just a little chapped and Naruto gave into the urge to moisten them, slicking the tip of his tongue over the mouth that was so close to his own.

Glossy lips slid and bumped against each other, tongues peeking out every now and again to add a new sensation. The other still had its arms twined around Naruto's neck and Naruto moved his own to wind carefully around his copy's waist.

He knew he'd have to be gentle, otherwise the clone would disappear with a cloud of smoke. Naruto didn't know how long they'd been at this, but it would kind of be a shame if it were to end now.

Naruto groaned when he realised that he was now officially even more perverted than Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei put together, but he didn't have too long to dwell on that thought though. The other Naruto shivered in response to the groan that the real one had just made and ran a hand up into his hair, tugging on the blond strands.

Naruto couldn't help but shiver himself at the feeling of warm fingers sifting slowly through his hair. Okay, so maybe this was kind of nice, now that he was getting into it.

He parted his lips and let the tip of his tongue creep out again, nudging it against the other's mouth. The clone opened up to him, allowing him to slip inside and explore. The taste of ramen was even stronger now and Naruto found himself wanting more as he slanted his lips more firmly against the copy's, his tongue pushing in deeper, so deep that he could almost touch the other's back teeth.

It was then that Naruto allowed himself to think of Sasuke again. Was he getting off on this? A little jolt of excitement sparked inside Naruto's stomach, causing his crotch to jump to life. What was Sasuke doing through all of this? Was he touching himself?

Naruto moaned as he pictured Sasuke leaning back on the bed, legs spread wide with one hand down between them, rubbing over the front of his shorts and panting softly. He wanted to look and see what he was doing, but he also didn't want to break the kiss. The copy of himself solved the dilemma for him though by drawing back just a little so that Naruto was deprived the contact of its lips.

Naruto meant to glance over the clone's shoulder and see what Sasuke was doing, but for some reason, his eyes seemed fixed on the one who was standing in front of him. Cloudy blue eyes bored into his and Naruto stared into them, transfixed. The other version of himself was watching him just as intently, lips slick and swollen, chest rising and falling in synchrony with Naruto's.

Was this how he looked when Sasuke kissed him? Eyes half-lidded, cheeks darkened in a pale pink blush and mouth parted in a welcoming pout? Was this what Sasuke saw whenever he looked at him?

The mirror image of himself smiled lazily, causing its eyes to crinkle at the corners. For a while, they both continued to stare, but then the other Naruto leaned down and nuzzled at the real Naruto's neck. Naruto gasped at the feeling of warm, wet lips skipping over his skin, then moaned at the hot, scalding tongue that slid silkily over the spot that had just been kissed.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed softly, moving one hand up and placing it on the back of the copy's head, pushing him closer in a silent plea. He cried out in shock though when he felt sharp teeth nip mischievously at his skin and moaned again in displeasure when the other moved away.

Naruto scowled deeply when he saw the cheeky grin his other self was wearing and he narrowed his eyes dangerously, grabbing a fistful of the other's hair and yanking on it hard. The clone whimpered and Naruto smirked, pleased, as he decided to give the other a taste of its own medicine.

He nipped and nibbled and sucked and all he could hear was the sound of his own heavy breathing and the pitiful little cries his other self kept giving out. He let go of the other's hair and ran his hands down the copy's back, stopping when he reached its buttocks and squeezing them sharply.

The other Naruto dug its nails into the back of the real one's neck and arched its back, whining impatiently when their hips began grinding together gently.

All logical thought had completely flown out of the real Naruto's head at this point and he began backing the other one over to where he knew the bed would be. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice was telling him that he was getting slightly too carried away with himself, but he refused to listen.

Sasuke rarely ever let him be the dominant partner for some reason. Naruto suspected that it had something to do with the fact that he could get pretty power-crazy sometimes and he also seemed to be obsessed with proving how superior he could be.

For the first time, Naruto could understand how arousing it was to be the one wielding such power, to be the one in control. He had the power to make another squirm, arch and cry out for him like this and it really was rather sexy. It didn't even matter that the person he felt this power over was in fact himself. The only thing that mattered was that it felt good and now that Naruto had had a taste of that power, he was extremely reluctant to let go of it again.

His body seemed to have a mind of its own though as he pushed the copy over to the bed and shoved it down onto it. For a few seconds, Naruto was able to relish the feel of having a warm and willing body trapped underneath his own, but then his other self vanished with a poof of smoke and Naruto was left looking startled and confused.

It took him a moment for him to gather his wits, but once he did, he glanced over at Sasuke and licked his lips when he saw that the other boy was exactly how he had pictured him earlier, breathing heavily with his right hand mercilessly rubbing over the bulge in his shorts.

They stared at each other briefly before Naruto made his move, pushing himself up and tackling the other boy onto his back. Sasuke gazed up at him in surprise and Naruto grinned down at him deviously.

"What are you doing, idiot?" Sasuke asked breathlessly.

"What does it look like, dumb ass?" Naruto snorted as he slid a hand down between their bodies and cupped it over Sasuke's crotch. Sasuke groaned and arched into the touch, but Naruto pulled back almost immediately, smirking smugly.

Sasuke panted heavily, trying his best to clear away the fog of lust that was clouding his mind so that he could give Naruto the glare that he deserved. As it was though, he just looked slightly dazed and disorientated, something which amused Naruto immensely. "Why'd you stop?" he asked irritably.

"Because I could?" Naruto replied with a shrug. Sasuke gave a warning growl and Naruto laughed throatily, leaning down to brush his lips over Sasuke's, then pulling back again before the dark-haired boy even had the chance to get a proper taste. Naruto growled again and this time, Sasuke did manage a glare.

"Stop being such a moron," he hissed.

"I don't want to," Naruto said with a pout. "It's too much fun."

"Dammit, you're an idiot!"

"You are too, so that makes us even!"

"You're a pain!"

"And you're a pervert!"

"So are you!"

"Then I guess we're even, huh?"

Sasuke sighed, realising that he was defeated. "Just shut up and get on with it already."

"Okay then."

And Naruto did just that.


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