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Monday, May 26, 2008


Disclaimer: If only I owned Naruto… If I did, then well, this wouldn’t be a fic, it’d be featured in the anime and fans would be flaming me for copying the material.

Author’s Notes: I don’t think Kyubi would attack the village without reason. When I heard the word Nine-tails (Kyubi translation), I thought of Pokemon. Well, I don’t mean in a bad way, because Nine-tails are kitsune. According to some information I’ve looked up, the Kyubi are the most powerful and the oldest of kitsune (besides “The Lady”). And um, etcetera… So I was thinking, what led Kyubi to attack in the first place?

If you’ve heard of Yu Yu Hakushou, this story may seem a little familiar-I got some of my inspiration from it.

Sources for Some Information:

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cough I used a lot of creative license… Kitsune are more of loners, from what I’ve read, but… hey, I’m funky. Bring on the nice kitsunes and a form of hierarchy! I haven’t written in third person for a while, so this will be rougher than usual. Well, not that you guys would know how my usual work is. ;; The number count on tails aren’t meant to be stared at and divided by or anything-I put them there randomly and mixed up numbers… It confuses me…

Summary: Naruto knew how it felt to be different. Sasuke knew how it felt to be compared. But there was someone else that knew the pain of both.


Written by Ayako

Four tails was not something to be proud of, he decided. He was higher up on the hierarchy than most of the other kitsune, but he was stuck with four tails. He knew that his parents weren’t too proud of his current tail count seeing that the pair had nine. When they were his age, they already had six tails. He didn’t see how big a difference of two was… he would prefer to gain a tail every hundred years (which was the rough estimate for every kitsune) rather than work hard to get another. That, and he already had an extra tail just from his parents’ good deeds. He wasn’t sure why he got something out of their work, but his assumption was that it was rare, even for Kyubi, to reach ten tails. In the end, he took it as a form of consolation.

However, his parents were well received in the community. It was rare, even for gifted kitsune, to gain nine tails at the age of five hundred. At the moment, his parents were around eight hundred years old, and himself, three hundred. Sometimes he would fall into a less than cheerful mood at how slow his development was, and how little he contributed to the community when his parents had done so much at their young age. He knew that everyone expected him to do better, and it was difficult for him to keep up with his, “I don’t care” attitude. He did well, but he wasn’t outstanding. Out of twenty, he was rank eight. Now, rank eight would be good if he lived in a more normal kitsune family, but it was expected that he be at the top. He knew his parents were not impressed. He had been told that his parents had always excelled, even when they didn’t put in an ounce of effort in their work.

It wasn’t fair that he was born into a family that held high expectations. It wasn’t fair that he was born into a family that didn’t have to try to do well. It wasn’t fair that he wasn’t what they wanted.

He was tired of staying cooped up in a place where he didn’t feel wanted. He was bored of the community and the repetitiveness of life. He had asked them earlier in the day if he could venture out in the human world, but they had explained that The Lady only granted kitsune with seven tails permission to explore the other side. After that, he had started to think about his tails. If anything, the only reasons kitsune wanted more tails were to show off their power, and to have additional perks.

It seemed… awfully boring.

He had heard tales of the human world. Often times, kitsune would go out and play tricks, starting from seduction and leading onward to drama. In fact, the human world sounded like a source of entertainment for them. All he got to do was learn techniques and study. He heard that humans weaved stories of the kitsune automatically achieving the power over time, which was unbelievable. After all, how could they learn without a basis for idea? If that were true, well, it wouldn’t be necessary for the community to have existed in the first place.

The world he lived in was just order and discipline. Once he passed through to the other side, he would have so much more. There were so many choices, so many sights, and so many different people. Not all of them would think the same, not all of them would act the same, and not all of them would expect the same. Humans were so stubborn, which made them fascinating. They never acknowledged that their strength could have an end, that at a point in time, they would reach a limit, and be unable to go any further. Kitsune were powerful, but when they felt they reached their limit, they would give their knowledge to the rest of their line. On the other hand, humans continued to train, even when their pupils were all grown up. Sure, Kitsune made sure their skill would never diminish, but they never tried to see if they would learn anything new.

He was intrigued, and he knew he had to go.

It was what he was meant to do.

He was never meant to be with his own kind. He knew he wasn’t the first to think of the situation, but to continue living in the form… to perhaps, even die in it, to not transfer into another before it was too late… it was strange.

As expected, the mother grew sick after he inhabited her unborn baby.

He grew to be a strong man, and he tried his hardest to be as strong as he could be, perhaps even beyond that.

Many years later, he would greet his father.

He wanted to be there when his wife had given birth, but he knew she was gone now… The stress of the attack had been too much for her, especially when she had a baby on the way.

He wanted to be able to hold the boy in his arms, but he knew that there would be no time.

He would show him what the human world had to offer. The feelings of true loneliness, the feelings of true happiness… everything that the protected unit never had to experience… Then, he would know, and he would understand why.

He knew the hierarchy would crumble once news broke out that one of the most powerful had been sealed by a mere human, by a traitor, by a four tails that was in danger of losing all of his tails for his preference of human life, for abusing the gifts he had been given when the humans had not requested his help, had not offered him royalties when some knew of what he was.

He wished that his son would never experience the pain he did.


True Feelings

A.N: Hi guys, waves first I'd like to apologies for not updating 'HE HATES ME' I'm having writer's block . well not exactly, actually I have so many ideas and I don't know which ones I should use. I'll update soon, I promise. Thanks a lot for all the review too, I love youuuu

This sis a one shot fic I wrote at 4 am in the morning, I'm too lazy and sleepy to edit it too much so sorry if you find any mistakes. I think it should be rated 14A hehe. I was going to make a lemon but I changed my mind since this is the first time I'm writing something like that. And anyways I have to end it short because my parents are bound to wake up and I'll get in a lot of shit. Sasuke seems a little evil in this one.. I just felt like making him like that. And Sakura, well she's evil too because I don't like her, so I made her mean and annoying because that is the way she is in my eyes ehehehe. Well enjoy this then. Ja!

I do not own Naruto, If I did my fics would be all animated Especially this one SasuNaru drool


Author: Naomi-chan4

It was another one of those nights when Naruto could not sleep even though he was dead tired. He was quite satisfied of how the day went; he had a good rest the night before, ate Ramen for breakfast, enjoyed a challenging but rewarding training session with Kakashi and the rest of his team, and actually got to go on a date with Sakura ... even if it was a forced date.

Although one thing did bother him a little. During the usual warm up that morning, Sasuke had acted particularly strange. Surprisingly, no putdowns came from his mouth each time Naruto did something very stupid. To a regular person this would not mean much, but to him, a day with no harsh putdowns was like a day with no Ramen . Not that it was a bad thing, just unusual.

Perhaps Naruto was just making a big deal out of a small insignificant matter. However, that was not the only unusual thing to happen that day.


Nearing the end of team 7's training session Sasuke took Naruto aside, telling him there was an important business matter to discuss. Naruto did not think about it much, and agreed without question. The two scanned the area to find a more private spot.

Soon Sasuke noticed a beautiful Sakura tree across the lake. Deciding that was going to be the place of their meeting, Sasuke gently grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled it towards himself.

"There," he motioned towards the opposite shore of the lake.

They hastily walked around the fair sized lake towards the mesmerizing cherry tree. As they walked, Naruto suddenly realized that the two were still holding hands. He hesitated and quickly removed a trembling hand from Sasuke's gentle grip.

"Oh . uh, sorry," Sasuke murmured. Blushing he sped up to walk in front, leaving the fox boy to follow in the dust.

It did not take long for them to reach the desired spot. Sasuke arrived a few minutes earlier due to his unusually brisk walk. The Sakura tree was breath taking. As Naruto approached the almost glowing pink tree he called out. "Wai, Sasuke! What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Um, well," Sasuke hung his head as if in shame and walked a little closer to Naruto.

"Sasuke, huurryyy!! I'm hungry and I might as well go get some Ramen if you're going to take all day!" Naruto whined and folded his hands across his chest.

"Naruto," he finally said looking up and laying a shaking hand on the shorter boy's shoulder. "I've been meaning to tell you this for a very long time now . I think I lo - "

"Sasuke-kuuun!" He was interrupted by a cheerful high-pitched voice.

"Oh, am I interrupting something?" The pink haired girl ran up to the awkward couple and positioned herself between the two boys; facing Sasuke, while giving the confused Naruto a cold-shoulder.

" I came to invite you on a date, Sasuke-kun!" She squeaked blushing a deep red.

"No thanks." Sasuke rejected blankly and pushed her aside.

"Oh.sorry then," Sakura muttered, choking down the tears bubbling up in her eyes.

Seeing his beloved Sakura-chan in a state of sadness, Naruto jumped in front of Sasuke.

"Oi! Sasuke! Why you always have to be so mean? She was just trying to be nice! And besides a date means food right? This is a great chance to fill up on some Ramen, especially if she's paying," Naruto grinned and sheepishly placed his hand behind his head. "So how about it Sasuke, give her a chance, ne?"

"No." He replied once again crushing Naruto's efforts of trying to make Sakura happy. Sasuke turned to Naruto.

"Looks like we can't talk right now. We'll meet tomorrow, when I hope we will have more privacy and no rude interruptions!" He glared coldly at Sakura before placing his hands inside his pockets and heading of into the direction of the village waving a swift 'Ja ne' before disappearing among the trees.

"Don't worry Sakura," Naruto came to the rescue. "I'll go on a date with you!" He grinned and watched Sakura's face turn from one of heartbreak to one of disgust.

"I can't believe I've come this low," she mumbled under her breath, making sure Naruto did not hear. Sakura stomped of with a happy Naruto bouncing behind her.

-End of Flashback-

Naruto's strange encounter with Sasuke played over and over in his head. 'I think I lo-' it continually repeated like a broken tape player. Naruto turned over to his side and dug his face into the blankets breathing in the scent of freshly dried sheets, trying to clear his mind to get some rest.

The quiet drumming of raindrops on Naruto's window brought him to a long awaited state of serenity. He relaxed and let the soothing melody of the rain rock him to bed.

Loud, impatient knocking on the door woke Naruto from his peaceful sleep.

"Who the hell can it be?" he mumbled and glanced over to his bedside clock.

3:30 am

"Agh! Wait 'til I get my hands on the bastard who woke me up in the middle of the night!" he lazily climbed out of his bed sliding a cold pair of fuzzy slippers on his feet. Naruto shuffled toward the door cursing under his breath.

A few more loud bangs.

"I'm COMING!!" He yelled and cursed out loud.

Approaching the door he opened a crack to see who the jackass was that woke him up. A dark, cloaked figure was standing in the pouring rain. Naruto squinted his eyes trying to recognize the stranger on the other side of the door. A flash of lightning soon revealed the cloaked figure to Naruto. It was no one else but Sasuke.

"Well, aren't you going to invite me in?" he said coldly.

Naruto opened the door wider and stepped aside allowing the dark haired boy to enter. Motioning Sasuke to sit, Naruto shut the door and leaned against it trying to find a reason for his guest to arrive at such a late hour.

No words were said; Sasuke remained standing not too far from the door. He removed his wet cloak and flung it towards a nearby chair. Naruto approached the lamp, which was positioned, beside the chair with the damp cloak on it. He turned on the dim light sending long shadows across the room.

Suddenly, Naruto became acutely aware of the boy behind him. The room seemed to shrink, leaving barely enough room for the two of them. The atmosphere became thick with tension. The air was heavy and uncomfortably warm. The house grew silent.

Sasuke moved closer. Naruto felt him there even before he placed his hands on Naruto's shoulders. Naruto shivered as Sasuke's warm breath crept up his neck.

"What are you afraid of, Naruto? Are you afraid of what you're feeling?" Sasuke continued to breath down his neck.

"I'm not feeling anything." Naruto replied trying to sound confident.

"Sure you are ." Sasuke lightly brushed his fingers against the back of Naruto's tender neck.

"This feels good, doesn't it?"

"N...NO!!" Naruto replied with emphasis, choking down the tears that were ready to stream down his flushed face.

Naruto's reply seemed to anger Sasuke and he reached into the boy's hair closing a tight fist around a golden lock. A small whimpering sound escaped Naruto's through, he was helpless.

With his free hand, Sasuke roughly turned Naruto to face him and stamped his own mouth over the innocent boy's, hard and unyielding. Sasuke drew himself closer to Naruto pushing him against the back wall. Naruto's hands made futile attempts to push him away, but Sasuke's unbelievable strength would not give in.

His heart thumped, echoing loudly in his head. Or was that Sasuke's heart? They were so close it was hard to tell. Now, Naruto knew nothing but the pressure of the taller boy's lips against his.

When Sasuke angrily lifted his head, Naruto gasped, "No, Sasuke-kun, please" he pleaded.

"Open your mouth."


"Kiss me."

"I can't."

"Yes you can."

"No, please."

"What are you afraid of? I'm not going to hurt you, dead-last."

"I'm not afraid."

"Then kiss me! You know you want to."

Sasuke's mouth claimed Naruto's once again; this time it encountered no resistance. His lips parted. Naruto's, obeying a will more powerful than his own, responded. Then Sasuke's tongue was there, seeking and finding Naruto's. He tasted him thoroughly, until they fell apart gasping for breath.

Hotly, Sasuke pressed his open mouth against the arch of Naruto's throat.

"I can't believe I'm kissing you," Sasuke breathed.

"Please, don't . this is wrong." Naruto panted back.

"But if feels so right. You're even kissing me back."

"No, I'm not!" Naruto shut his eyes tightly and violently shook his head.

"Oh, but you are, Naruto."

Sasuke's mouth brushed Naruto's skin with light airy kisses, pausing to pant heated ones at the base of his neck.

Naruto clung to him, and at that moment, to him, Sasuke was the only reality left in the world.

"Is it even possible that you could want me?." Sasuke whispered unbelievingly.

" Sasuke ." he began, but stopped.

". because I want you."

Alarmed Naruto tore from Sasuke's tight embrace. "No! Don't even think - "

Sasuke cupped the golden haired boy's face between his hands.

" I want more than this, Naruto. I know this is sudden, but I've fallen in love with you."

Naruto's eyes shot open and he sprang from his bed panting.

" . a dream?" he whispered out of breath.

Some how, Naruto had a feeling he knew what Sasuke had been hiding for so long. And perhaps, there was something, even if it was very tiny, something hidden inside Naruto's confused heart too. It was going to be a lot harder to face Sasuke the next day.


You like? No? Review and tell me what you think. If I get bored I'll write a sequel hehe. Flames are welcome; it's still feedback so it's all good. XD Well, review then. JA!! yawn

Catching Leaves

Catching Leaves

Author: Kaminiko


We are young and we are old, we're falling like leaves...
- Lucky Love (Ace of Base)


The forest was bright with the light of the noonday sun dribbling through its branches. Though the sunlight was a welcome addition to the usually more sombre forest, none of the associated heat pierced through. It was a cool autumn day, perfect for a solitary walk through the woods to gaze at the beautifully coloured leaves, or maybe to have a picnic with friends and loved ones while the leaves fell around you.

Or, if you were a team of rookie ninja on your way to becoming masters, a day like this was perfect for training.

A three man group was doing just that, whirs of thrown shuriken, whooshes of fists flying though air, and grunts of concentration sounded as three dark haired genin trained their young bodies. The one girl on the team was tossing about a massive amount of weaponry, originating from points unknown, as if it were child's play. Her dark hair was pulled back into two large buns on either side of her head, and her pink Chinese styled shirt stuck to her body where she was sweating visibly. She trained vigorously as indicated by the flush of her cheeks, but judging by how heavily she was breathing, she was reaching her limit. Tossing a few more kunai around, she finally crashed to the ground with a huff.

"Maaah!" She said, her cute voice tinged with fatigue, "I've had enough for today you two, I'm heading home!"

From somewhere to her left, a young boy with a bowl shaped haircut stopped his vigorous katas, "Ahhh, TenTen! Why so early?" He whined, his large, round eyes turning to regard his friend. "We've only been at it for a few hours. Usually we're all together for much longer!" Tenten sighed, smiling softly at the indefatigable boy, before getting up and walking towards him.

"I'm tired, Lee," Tenten replied shaking her head, "and my mother wants me home early to help with some cleaning, so there's nothing I can do. I'll be back again early tomorrow morning."

Lee pouted slightly at her response, but waved the girl off as she lightly bopped him on top of the head, "And no fighting Neji, either, you'll just get yourself busted up again, then I'll bust you up for trying."

Lee's pout grew heavier as he stuck out his tongue at her retreating figure. 'No fighting Neji, eh? Humph. What a waste...'

"Bye bye, Neji!!" Tenten called to the other male on their team, not bothering to wait for a response, knowing that while Neji meditated there would be none. She gathered her weapons before running off.

Neji sat there against a tree, his eyes closed, the very picture of serenity. The tip of his long dark hair where it was tied into a low ponytail, fluttered in the breeze. He had his hands pressed together in some sort of seal, but he did not move a muscle. He was in intense concentration.

Lee glared at his lone companion, sitting so still. Half the time the trio trained together, Neji would find some quiet spot to mentally hone his byakugan, the other half of the time, he'd be practicing his fighting techniques alone. Or, in that last remainder of time that Lee managed to persuade him into, Neji would be wiping the floor with the other boy, proving himself a superior fighter time and time again. It didn't make a difference to Lee if he lost every time they fought, because he used Neji as a measuring stick, a way for him to get stronger. Even if he lost every time, he'd inch along every time and eventually be able to beat the other boy. 'Yoshi!' Lee thought, clenching his fists in determination, he'd keep training to kick the other genin's ass.

He glared some more at the other genin, his rival, and took the time to study the other boy's features. Lee had to admit that when Neji was meditating, he looked far less severe than he normally did. Gone was the intense light of his pale eyes, the slight furrow in his brows when he thought about his cousin, or the half-smirk he wore when he made fun of Lee. Actually, when he was relaxed like this, soft wispy hairs around his face, he was actually kind of pretty...

'Gah!' Lee's mental slap came. 'This was Neji, he was thinking about, Hyuuga Neji! The guy he hated more than anything, and swore right and left he'd defeat some day! He was not pretty! Sakura-chan was as pretty as hell, but there was no way that Neji could be thought of that way.' Lee began to smack his head with his palms. 'Not Hyuuga! Not pretty!'

"Oi, when you're finished staring at me, could you start concentrating on your own training? You'll need it." Came the voice of the longhaired boy, "Unless you want to fight?"

Lee stopped his hands in mid-slap, "I was not staring!" He yelled hotly, his cheeks flaming at having been caught, "Who would want to stare at someone as ugly as you!?" Neji arched a brow before opening his eyes to regard the other boy, a slight smirk on his face.

"You're one to talk."

Oh that was it. Lee stomped his foot once in anger, before getting into the lotus stance, one hand behind his back, the other outstretched in a 'bring it on' position.

"I'm gonna kick your ass, Hyuuga!" He exclaimed, before tucking his head slightly lower to his chest, his body tense for a fight. Neji only smirked wider.

"What was that I heard TenTen say before leaving? Something about not fighting me or she'd bust you up?" Lee blinked. Darn, he'd forgotten about that. He thought back to other instances in which TenTen knocked him out for fighting with the dark-haired genius. Certainly he was stronger than her, and could take her out easily, but there was something so wrong about beating on your female teammate, even if she beat on you. Besides she only really did it when he did something outrageously stupid enough to cause her to worry, which wasn't that often. Lee was a smart guy. But still, he really didn't want to hear her cute voice tinged with sadness when he disappointed her. He really didn't want to put up with the hassle.

"Ch-, fine!" Lee said, quickly turning on his heels, and stalking back to his poor beaten tree, "I don't want to fight you anyway."

Lee went back to his steady punching. 300, 301, 302... it wasn't like he was missing out on much when he didn't fight Neji. 312, 313, 314... So what if the jerk was probably laughing at him right now. 327, 331, 335... He could just see that superior smirk. 375, 382, 389... How he wanted to wipe it off his face. 426, 437, 448... A falling leaf crossed his vision.

Lee whipped around towards the other rookie, his finger pointing, a battle cry on his lips, "All right! I challenge you!!" Neji smiled, his blank eyes eerie, as if he'd been waiting for Lee. Lee shook it off.

"This isn't going to be a fight, we're going to catch leaves!" Lee exclaimed triumphantly. Neji closed his eyes briefly, before returning his critical gaze to Lee.

"What are you talking about?" Neji asked, the beginnings of exasperation in his voice.

"We're going to catch leaves! A lot! Like, 50, no, 100, no, as many as possible! And we're going to see who can catch them fastest!" Lee shouted again. Neji, once more, closed his eyes before answering the other boy somewhat sarcastically.

"Ok, I'll just start running around to grab them off the ground..."

"No, no! We're going to catch them before they hit the ground!" Neji looked at him, a bit intrigued in spite of himself,


"Yeah," Lee continued, his mind racing as the challenge came together, "We're going to pit your eyes against my speed to see who can catch the most leaves in a minute. We'll collect them in, in..." Lee looked around the forested area, wildly. Where could they... "Ah! In our belt pouches! We'll turn them so they're in front of us instead of behind, and then we'll shove the leaves we catch into them! How does that sound?" He asked, facing Neji. To his surprise, Neji had already emptied his pack while he'd been talking, and had it attached to his belt in front of his body. He had his arms crossed in front of him, looking a little bored.

"Well, I'm ready."

Lee silently fumed, his hands clenching into fists. He emptied his pack as he thought of some rules.

"We can't leave the clearing we're in, and we can't take leaves off the ground. We can only catch those still airborne, and, and..."

"What'll I get if I win?" Neji asked. Lee paused momentarily. Now that was a good question. What was the point to a challenge if you didn't get a prize?

"Umm..." Lee was a bit stumped.

Neji watched the other boy carefully, as if trying to see into his very soul, those clear eyes of his as open as they were mysterious. Lee thought it was quite unnerving.

"How about... I'll do whatever chores you have for the next little while, and you can-"

"Oh come on," Neji interjected, "I think you can come up with something a little less mundane than that."

Lee was fuming.

"Alright! If you're so smart, why don't you come up with something!?" Lee asked, hands fisted on his hips. Lord he hated that Hyuuga jerk, always making him feel so inferior. He glowered at his teammate, a million thoughts of murder flashing through his head. Neji smirked.

"How about," The longhaired boy began, thoughtful. "If you lose, you have to become my personal slave for the next month," Lee rolled his eyes, wasn't that what he'd said? "You also have to stop talking about that Haruno chick for the same month," Lee winced. Damn it. "And lastly, you must dress like a maid while you are my slave, whether you're doing something for me or not. It's only proper of course."

"What!? You gotta be kidding me! What is this some sort of lame joke!?" He yelled incredulously, "What're you? Some kind of a perv?"

Neji glowered at Lee's furious accusations, but there was a sparkle in his blank eyes, "I find it amusing, is all," he replied, and Lee had a horrible sense of foreboding.

He flopped to the ground. 'Dress like a maid... for an entire month? How embarrassing would that be?' Lee pictured himself getting ridiculed by half the ninja in the village, particularly Team 7. He could see Sasuke's smirk, and hear Naruto's braying donkey laugh and jabs of "thick-eyebrows", but worst of it would be his precious Sakura, tittering at him, but always like an angel... with a devil's horns. 'Oh, Gai-sensei, be with me!' He prayed, tears of determination streaming down his face, and fire in his eyes. 'I'll run around the town 50 times if I lose!'

"What'll you do, if you lose," He asked finally, shaking himself from his reverie. He noticed Neji was looking at him strangely. The pale-eyed genin cleared his throat.

"How about I... run around the village nude, while singing 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts' at the top of my lungs," Neji began, "that way it just about evens our embarrassment level." Lee perked up at that.

"That sounds great!" He yelled, jumping to his feet. He was rather pleased at the response, and secretly thought it was harsher than his own. 'Yoshi! Yoshi!' He thought, stretching and preparing to jump into the air, 'He would laugh so hard when he won.' Suddenly, a dignified, ahem, sounded. He turned to look at his companion, knees bent in mid-leap, "Huh?"

"What will we use to time ourselves?" Neji asked, yawning. 'Damn,' thought Lee, 'I hadn't thought of that. Unless...' Quickly, he searched the pile of belongings he'd tossed from his belt pouch.

"Aha!" He exclaimed, "Here's the stopwatch I use to time myself when I'm running laps around the academy! It makes a loud ringing noise once you set its alarm."

"Fair enough," Neji replied, "Go set it somewhere, so we can get this over with." Lee gripped the stopwatch tighter.

"Alright..." Lee ground out, before attaching the watch to a nearby tree, "Are you ready?" Without waiting for a response, he started the watch and began hopping through the air.

It was exhilarating, really, this combat. Certainly it wasn't a fist to fist, or fist to eyes as it were, fight, but the thrill of the chase was still there. Surrounded by falling leaves in red, brown and gold, jumping from tree to tree, sometimes crossing each other, sometimes mirroring each other, it was like a dance among a million burning flames.

'The dance of the burning leaf.' Lee thought, and his home was brought to mind. 'The village of the Hidden Leaf, within the country of Fire...' He never saw it more clearly than he did now, burning inside, burning outside, pushing himself to new limits as he faced his challenge head on.

Suddenly, he felt a pressure at his waist, and it took Lee a moment to connect Neji's smirking face to the few leaves in his grip. 'Had Neji just...?'

"Heh heh. You should be more watchful of your property, ne?" Neji said, condescendingly.

"You're such a jerk!!" Lee yelled, enraged, "What are you doing!?"

"Well, you never said we couldn't snag leaves from each other." Neji said, as he jumped back from Lee's furious punches. He had a smirk the size of the Hokage monument on his face, as his hands continued to whip around blindingly fast. Lee gritted his teeth, and prayed to every god above and below, to keep him from breaking his promise to TenTen. He concentrated on how ridiculous he'd look in the maid's outfit, before diving into the task of grabbing leaves. This time he'd be more careful, and make sure to take note if Neji the bastard were near him. 'Besides, they were running out of time,' Lee thought, glancing at the fast ticking stopwatch. 'Twenty seconds left...? Shit, he'd never make it!'

Suddenly, Lee was greeted by another surprise as a kunai whizzed above his head and hit the branch of one of the trees in the clearing. With a thunk, another bunch of leaves came showering down, and Neji jumped above to catch them. 'Shit! Shit! Shit!' Lee thought, 'Damn you, Neji... I won't let you win!' Jumping, Lee started to grab at the remaining leaves, his hands moving in a blur, when he heard the alarm buzz.

Landing lightly on the ground, he turned to see Neji was already seated, and was pulling out his leaves one by one, tallying his total. Lee fumed.

"You're not gonna cheat on the count, too, are you?" He asked, snippily, before dropping to the ground and counting his leaves with a vengeance. Neji didn't even look up at him before responding.

"I wouldn't need to. I definitely caught more than you did." Opening his mouth to retort, Lee snapped his teeth shut instead and went back to counting. He wouldn't give Neji the satisfaction of a response. Although he bet that the creepy-eyed freak was gloating over his final word... He was probably laughing at Lee right now... Maybe already laughing at how he would look in a maid's uniform. Opening his mouth to yell at the other genin, he was cut short by Neji speaking first.

"192." He said.

"Huh?" Was Lee's only response, a little confused as to what the other genin was talking about.

"192," he repeated, "I have 192 leaves." Lee glared.

"Well that's just good for you!" He said, before returning to his count. He paused a moment, before taking up his pile and counting again. When he picked it up to count a third time, Neji shouted at him to just say what he got. Swallowing thickly, Lee mumbled a response.

"What was that?" Neji asked, cupping a hand to his ear, a smile in his voice, "I couldn't. Quite. Here you."

"191!" Lee shouted, his face red, as he pointed a finger trembling with rage at his rival. "191 leaves, you filthy, cocky, gloating bastard!" By this time, Neji had his arms crossed, and eyes closed, and seemed to be completely ignoring Lee.

"Well!? No response?" Lee asked, his fingers drumming angrily against his thighs. He was trembling slightly in agitation.

Slowly, Neji opened his eyes, "I'm just picturing you all dolled up. Is all." He replied, and Lee could have sworn he saw a smile playing on the other's lips. Turning even redder, bordering on purple, Lee was about to shout another response, as he was bitter about his loss, when Neji shocked him.

"You missed one, though," the other said, indicating with a flip of his chin a spot above Lee's head, and Lee felt a faint tremble in his chest. Reaching up with agonizing slowness, he placed a hand on top of his head, and indeed, resting on top of his smooth, bowl cut, was a single, red-orange leaf.

Lee was stunned. 'How...?' and he remembered the thunk of Neji's kunai, and everything fell into place.

"Wait... You... knew how many leaves I had, knew how many more I would catch..." Lee began, ticking points off on his fingers as he stood up and began pacing, "When you threw that kunai, you knew exactly how many would fall and at what angle, so you caught enough for us to be even, as long as I found the one on my head...?" Lee saw Neji's face twitch.

"Well, no one said you weren't smart..."

"You bastard!!" Lee yelled, stomping towards him, "That leaves us in a tie! Which means..." and Neji shifted his eyes to the right, away from the other boy's piercing gaze. Lee felt a warmth tingle outwards from his chest, radiating through his body. 'Condescending bastard, making sure we'd tie...' Lee thought, and yet the flutter in his stomach, and the smile on his face couldn't be dampened.

"You're still a jerk, you know," Lee said, crossing his arms in a huff. "Who are you to decide who wins or loses, huh?" At which point, Neji did smile, hopping to his feet and shoving his hands into his pockets. It was a cheeky grin, full of knowing something that Lee didn't, and Lee was stunned if still utterly annoyed.

"What, are you laughing at me?" Lee asked, tentatively, and Neji tossed his head back and did let out a bark of laughter, before gently shouldering Lee to the side, and trotting in the direction of the village. Lee stood there staring, jaw slack.

"O-Oi!" He yelled, and the other dark-haired genin stopped. Lee didn't know what to say.

"Are you coming," Neji asked. "I'm getting hungry, and I hear they've got some lunch specials in the market today."

Lee just looked at his teammate, his rival, his friend, and shook his head. Whatever went through that guy's mind, he didn't understand, and somehow he didn't really want to. It was a rare moment to see Neji like this, just a little bit happy. Who was he to question it? He just laughed quietly to himself, a blush along his cheek, and ran to catch up.

"You know, technically we both lost, so we should both be doing our punishments..." Neji began.

"No way!" Yelled Lee, "You just want to see me in a dress!"

"Uh... Neji?"

And the other genin just laughed as they made their way towards Konoha.

AN: I originally wrote this for a challenge, but I finished it way too late (blasted summer school!), which is alright, because I wanted to do another NejiLee anyhoo. This was more of a friendship fic really, I just hope I didn't make either too OOC.


author's notes at the end of the story - contains explanations, in case you don't understand the story

disclaimer : NARUTO and all the characters and stuff related to it, are not mine.

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by anata

I hate Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I hated - no ... I was jealous of the fact that he was a social reject that had eventually managed to gain the other reindeer's acceptance. Why the stupid reindeer? Why not me? I don't have something as stupid as a red nose. Oh wait - yes I do. I have these weird lines on my face. They sure as hell won't wash off no matter how hard I scrub, and believe me, I've tried. Stupid, useless marks - maybe they're tatoos? Sigh, at least Rudolph's nose was able to save the day. I ... well, I haven't been able to do much on the ' saving the day ' department. I try, I really do, but being 8 years old, it's really hard.

Did I mention that I hate Christmas too? You would too if you never got any gifts, if you spent Christmas just watching other kids spend the day with their families, eating and having fun. Note the key word - FAMILIES. Just for the sake of attempting to feel what Christmas is, every year, I make a Christmas list. I don't ask for much. I don't need much, and I know that it's unlikely for me to actually get what I want. But every year, I still write. As expected, every year, my hopes are dashed to the pieces. Who cares? It doesn't matter. I sure as hell don't. ... no wait. I do. I just have to believe that I don't, but It gets harder lying to myself year after year.

A few more days to go before Christmas. I can practically feel the excitement running through the veins of all my classmates. Bright lights adorn the store windows everywhere. Flashy displays of toys and gifts are everywhere. Even Hokage-sama got into the spirit of Christmas by swapping his normal head gear with a Santa hat. Everyone is so happy. Why can't I be as well?

This sucks. Grade two sucks. I hate feeling sorry for myself.

Today is actually the second to the last day of classes before the break. I guess I should be relieved. I can finally get out of the stuffy classroom and spend time doing what do I do every Christmas break. Feel lonely. Eat tons of ramen and hope I still fit in my orange jumpsuits when school starts. Cry. Wait! Did I say cry? Men don't cry; therefore, I don't cry either. My eyes just get really red and puffy as I blow my nose occasionally. I just can't wait. Really.

I looked at my Christmas list one last time before crumpling it into a ball and throwing it into the wastebasket. It would be best if Iruka didn't notice that I hadn't been paying attention to his and some other teacher's joint lecture on how to transform into a Santa lookalike, and instead, I had been scribbling down my pathetic dreams on a piece of blue scrap paper I had found on the floor. It had something written on it, but based on the dirty and crumpled appearance of the paper when I found it, I assumed it was garbage. Maybe I should have put it in the recycling bin instead of the trash can. I could have at least saved a tree, seeing as how I can't save lives as efficiently as most can. By 'most', I'm referring to Mr. Perfect himself - Sasuke.

Whoops. Iruka is asking for a volunteer for a demonstration in relation to the lecture. I had better sit up straight and pretend to actually be paying attention, so that he won't pick me. I wonder who the poor sucker will be? Please don't let it be me. Why the hell would I need to learn to look like Santa Claus? I wonder why anyone would want to look like some fat hair old man wearing red clothes? Really, orange is a much better color for clothing.

Anyway, I don't find Sasuke handsome or anything like that. Actually, I even spent years wondering why the hell do the girls find him so attractive. He has skill, talent, and all that - but to me, he has always been nothing but an annoying pain in the ass that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But then again, who am I to judge him. At some point in my life, I realized that I never really hated him. I just wanted to be HIM. He never asked for his amazing abilites, nor did he ask for the girls' adoration. He was given the blessings, and he worked hard to develop them. Surely, I can't blame him for that. Sasuke had managed to transcend the 'Rudolph' image. As for me ... I don't quite know.

One thing I do know is that school is my saving grace. More specifically, the people in the school are the ones who prevents me from losing hope, from giving up. They may not know it, but my classmates and teacher are the only links between me and the world. They remind me that I am still alive. Outside school, all I have is myself. I may be only 8 years old, but I'm not stupid. I never understood why the people in town ignored me. I never realized how much they hated me, to the point of silence. Silence, compared to beatings, may sound like nothing. But really, silence is painful. It hurts to be ignored, and in a way, it hurts more than any physical torture possible. That is why I appreciate my schoolmates. Even if they think I'm annoying, even if they call me names or hit me occasionally, I am grateful for all of them - Shino, Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Hinata, Kiba ... even Sasuke.

Speaking of Sasuke, I wonder why he's skulking around the classroom? There he goes now crawling on the floor. Doesn't he know Iruka is in a middle of a lecture? Maybe Sasuke's brains fell out or something for once. Ha! I wish. Now that I think about it, he looks as if he were looking for something. Strange.

Hahahaha! Iruka thought Sasuke was volunteering! This is hilarious! I should have started watching the demonstration earlier. There's Iruka, although it's hard to tell it's him since he's now all fat and hairy. There's Sasuke as well, now transformed into an ELF, complete with the pointy ears! Boy, Sasuke sure looks upset. He's even digging through the garbage to look for it. Anyway, he seems to have found whatever he was looking for ... and there's the other teacher, Kakashi-sensei I think? Good lord, Kakashi-sensei is sitting on Iruka's lap and asking for some 'sugar'. What the hell is that? We're too young for that sort of thing, I mean, we're just in the second grade! It must be the Christmas spirit, right?

This is one of those moments in my life that I hope will remain in my memory for a long time. It's a time when I can laugh - really laugh, and feel somewhat happy. Too bad I'm very forgetful.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes for this year. Tomorrow is the day people will give each other presents. I, of course, will get none, just like all the previous years. I'm used to it already. I spend every year hoping against hope that maybe someone will give me a gift. It doesn't matter how small a token - just to show that they care about me even a bit. Hope is really overrated. This year, I want it to be different. I know I won't get anything, but I want to give something to my classmates to show them that I appreciate them. I will give without expecting anything in return. As I said, I hate feeling sorry for myself. So, I might as well do something about it.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I have enough money to buy something decent for them? Maybe they like ramen as much as I do. With my current shopping budget, let's just hope that they do.


The next day, I came to school early, armed with a bundle of gift-wrapped cup noodles. . I wanted to be the first one there, just to make sure that no one actually saw me putting the gifts on their desks. What would they think? How would they react? With utmost care, I gently set down a package for each and every classmate. I made sure to buy an extra one for Iruka. Beef, chicken, seafood, pork - I didn't quite know what flavors they preferred, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I decided to sit on my favorite swing while waiting for everyone else to arrive. It would be useless and boring for me to just sit in the classroom by myself. So I sat there, allowing the gentle breeze to sway me just a bit, in order to pass the time. My feet can't reach the ground yet, while I sit on the swing, so I have to content myself with the wind. One day, when I'm tall enough, I will swing high into the air. I will soar into the sky. But not now.

In less than an hour, the moment of truth, and possibly major humiliation, would arrive. I should be feeling nervous, but instead, I felt a sense of happiness. It was fleeting, but it felt nice. For all I know, my gifts to them would merely be discarded or set aside. Did that matter to me? I have to admit that it does, but I would accept it.

By the time I got back to the class, practically everyone was there. Each and every desk had a number of presents, with Sasuke's desk containing the most impressive mound of gifts. Of course. I didn't dare look at my own desk. With a deep breath, I walked hesitantly into the room. Everybody was staring at me. I wonder why. I doubt my gifts had much, if any, impact at all to them. So why are they all looking at me as if I had just sprouted fangs and claws?

When I got to my desk, I realized why.

On my desk was a cage. Inside that cage was a bunny. An orange bunny, painted with a mixture of food coloring and water. I was almost too afraid and excited to believe that I, Naruto, had actually received a gift. I felt a certain sense of awe, by just looking at it. Who would possibly have given me a gift? I felt happy - truly happy. For one moment in time, I felt accepted. I forgot all my thoughts about hating Rudolph and Christmas. Heck - I love Christmas now!

Tucked under the cage was a piece of paper. It a crumpled blue paper that was all too familiar. As my trembling hands held it up, I reread what I had written on it just the day before. 'All I want is a friend. Just one would be fine.' Beneath my messy handwriting was a short note : 'I want one too.' There was no name written. The handwriting used was unfamiliar.

Who could have picked it out of the garbage bin? Why would it have been picked out? There were so many questions running through my mind, when suddenly, I remembered. Yesterday, I had noticed that there was something written on the back of the paper. I quickly turned to the back of the paper, my eyes scanning what was scribbled there.

What was written there was : 'I should save my lunch money so that I can buy mommy, daddy, and Itachi Christmas presents.'


I never did figure out who gave me the bunny, nor did I figure out who Itachi was.


author's notes

( just in case you didn't get it ) :

1. this fic is in naruto's point of view

2. he's only 8 years old ( so it's a bit AU since the setting is a few years back )

3. nope, this is not yaoi or shounen-ai ( i love yaoi, but i didn't feel like incorporating any romance here )

4. so it's not a romantic fic ( but there's a very teeny implication of kakashixiruka )

and in case you read the fic and are wondering :

1. WHO gave naruto the gift? ... it was sasuke

2. WHY is it sasuke? ... sasuke was digging through the garbage because he was looking for the blue

piece of paper, and what is written on the back of the paper ( ... buying presents for

itachi and parents ) indicates that it's sasuke's paper

3. WHO is itachi? ... sasuke's older brother ( so this fic is set before itachi murdered sasuke's family )

REVIEWS would be lovely. - anata


This is a submission to Kinu-uni’s contest ending July 29.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

Pairing: SasuNaru

Warnings: Shounen-ai, abuse

Summary/ Notes: This is a dark piece. If you absolutely can’t see Naruto being hurt, don’t read this. It’s from his point of view. Don’t worry, though… it’s not as bad as it seems.


Author: Morien Alexander

This time, when I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t see the wounds healing. Usually, the bruises around my neck would be gone by the time I got up just before sunrise to look at them. The red scratches down my chest would be all but gone. Even the swollen, bloody bites along my neck would have sealed together into strands of pale pink skin. I never really questioned why- as I had always healed fast. But this early morning, they were standing out, vivid and throbbing and hurting with more than just physical pain.

I had trained harder than usual that day and by the time I got home, I was worn out. When Sasuke came by, I told him that I didn’t feel up to doing anything, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He tends not to. Instead, he pushed me down onto the bed and took me, biting and scratching and throttling. As always.

It’s not that I don’t love him- I do. I always have, I think, in my own way. I love him and I know he loves me. He always makes sure that my cupboard is stocked full of ramen and that I have a clean bathroom. He will take me out to dinner and bring me little gifts occasionally. He tells me that he loves me and during the day he will kiss me with such utter tenderness that I feel like I am melting. During the day he is the perfect boyfriend. At night he is worse than the demon living inside me.

I don’t know why he does it, or why he doesn’t remember anything in the morning. All I know is that after each night we lay together, I will look down at my body to find large blue prints of his hands around my neck… deep red scratches down my body… blood welling up from violent bites… and a broken heart vibrating through every seam of myself. All of the physical wounds heal quickly. Often I remember being hurt in certain areas that are nothing but clean pink flesh when I look at them in the mirror.

In the morning, Sasuke always rolls over, hugs me around my middle and murmurs “Good morning, Naruto,” into my stomach. He will kiss me and sometimes we make love in the stripes of sunlight that stream through my shades. Then, he is just as tender and loving as…as if he didn’t remember.


I turned around to see Sasuke standing in the door, rubbing at his eyes. He was beautiful, as always. His hair was ruffled and dark and his eyes spoke of deep dreams. There were little creases around his mouth where the pillow’s folds had pushed into his skin. A pair of his dark blue flannel sleeping pants hung off his slender hips. His chest was bare. Perfect. I said nothing, but turned to face him.

For a minute, he was silent, a frown growing between his beautiful brows. Then, he cautiously reached out a hand to touch my chest.

I pulled back. “Don’t. It hurts,” I said, my voice falling blankly against the bathroom’s tiles. I didn’t know what else to say.

“I did this, didn’t I.” It wasn’t a question. His chin began to rumple. “I did this to you, didn’t I.”

I didn’t answer. But I suppose that was enough.

“Naruto…” Sasuke slumped down to the floor, not able to take his eyes away from the prints that his own malice had left on me. I wasn’t sure if he was close to tears or if he was going to hurt me again. And I knew that if it was the latter, I would let him.

Perhaps you would call it my weakness that I let him hurt me that way. Sometimes, though, I felt that I deserved it. I was, after all, the Nine Tailed demon. He knew I was. I had told him. You can’t love someone and not tell them the deepest parts of your heart. So one day I told him. I showed him- standing in the kitchen- the swirling mark about my navel that kept it inside me. He had touched it reverently, as though I was pregnant. Then, he had kissed me thoroughly. I had thought that meant he forgave me.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out. “I didn’t want you to see this…”

He looked angry, then. Angry and fiercely jealous. I have never seen him with such an expression in his beautiful dark eyes. He stood up. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry! Don’t ever be sorry for… for… this…” His voice caught slightly. “I did this.”

“It usually heals,” I offered lamely, leaning against the sink. Its porcelain chill soaked into my skin. “It usually heals very quickly.”

“I know.” Sasuke looked away from me, and I could see the shine of tears beginning in his eyes. “That way I could fool myself into thinking that I hadn’t hurt you. That way I could believe that I was a good person.”


“I’m not a good person, Naruto. I’m not like you. I can’t shine with your radiance- I can’t make people smile like you can.”

“In case you’ve never noticed, people don’t smile at me,” I snapped, stinging from the comment. He should have known that it would wound me.

“You make me smile…” and he burst into tears. “Why do I hurt the one thing that I love? Am I that much like… you…”

For a minute I thought he meant me. Then I realized he was thinking of Itachi.

“I love you, Naruto. I think you’re the only thing that I can love. You’re the only person who can make my blood rise. The only person who can make me laugh... You’re the only person that I can’t live without. I am not Itachi!!” he shouted suddenly, punching a hole into the wall with his fist. Plaster dust rose like ghosts of his wrath from the rupture. “I am not Itachi,” he repeated softly “but I act just like him.”

I was quiet. The demon inside me roiled… and I was quiet.

“I’m sorry, Naruto. I love you. I love you.” And he looked at me with those eyes that I can never resist. “I love you,” he whispered despairingly.

I flung my arms around him and dragged him down to the floor. We clung together, him crying and me trembling with uncertainty on the white tile floor. He ran his fingers gently across my wounds, through my hair, over my skin. I huffed short, pained breaths into his soft hair. He was hurting me, healing me, hurting me again.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said, my voice muffled and strained.

His sobs became louder, and I clutched him to me, afraid that he would break apart. “I don’t want to hurt you again!!” he cried. “I don’t want to hurt you! I love you!!”

I held him until the sunlight from my room crept into the bathroom and pooled around us on the floor. He began to smell of sun and tears and me. I buried my nose in his hair and inhaled. His tears slowly ceased and there was no sound but his occasional hiccup and my own raspy breathing.

“What now?” he asked finally, pulling away from me and looking unbeautiful in his post-tear state. I had never loved him more in my life.

“Now… you love me the way that you always meant to,” I said softly.

Sasuke studied my eyes and then nodded. He leaned in and kissed my mouth, pouring his chakra into me through our link. I opened up under him like a hungry animal, feeling my wounds beginning to seal shut and the bruises vanishing. He would be exhausted after this, but it would be all right. I could take care of him that day and no one would ask after us. I could cradle him in a swath of blankets and curl around him and love him. And when he was healed, we could make sweet love in a spot of sun on the bed.

I picked him up and carried him to the bed, his head resting against my shoulder and his legs dangling limply over my arm. I lay him in the sunlight and watched as he relaxed, pulling me down with him. He cradled my head against his chest and tiredly pet my hair.

It was then that I began to cry.


Notes: I’m surprised that I actually ended up writing this. I usually don’t write things that deal with abuse- particularly between characters that I am so fond of. However, I think that it could be possible that if Naruto and Sasuke ever got together, Sasuke might have some serious problems. Ah well. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.

You Lose One, You Gain One

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Kenshin: Oro ;; When Ino finds out that Sakura had finally claimed the heart of her beloved Sasuke-kun, she finds solace in the arms of a certain someone...well, you shouldn't be reading this fanfic if you don't like the coupling: ShikaIno.

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You Lose One, You Gain One
Author: LilSasamiGrl

Ino's POV

"This is it, Ino...everything that you worked hard for...everything that you fought bravely...competed against Sakura and her big forehead, it's gone down the drain," I sighed, my eyes misty. No, a shinobi never shows was too much. Sure, I never imagined Sasuke-kun would end up with me...but who would have thought Sakura-chan would?

I drooped my head, tears slowly slipping down my face. Maybe it wasn't really 'love'...maybe it was just an infatuation of puppy crush but why did I feel broken then?

"Sasuke-kun..." my head sunk into my arms; I cried for a little while, remembering the events earlier on today.


"Ino pig, guess what?" Sakura grinned, sticking her face at me. I was quite tired and had almost fallen asleep. It was actually a good thing she woke me up before Asuma-sensei found out.

"What, fat forehead?" I groaned. Sakura had her arm linked with Sasuke's, and he didn't have a disgusted look or anything.

"Notice who I'm with? Anyone special? Anyone in particular?" Sakura asked, grinding the fact down. I just grinned back.

"Sasuke-kun, isn't Sakura so annoying? I mean, she knows you don't like her. Yet, her arm is with yours as if you two were a couple," I laughed. Sasuke turned away from me, a frown forming. "Sasuke-kun?" I was worried for him.

"Ino pig, we are a couple...I finally admitted my feelings for Sasuke-kun," Sakura said with a blush appearing. It made me sick to even listen to her. "And he always knew. He was just waiting until I admitted to say he loved me back," Sakura smirked. My shoulders slumped.

" you Sakura-chan?" I asked, every word throbbing out painfully.

"Gomen, I do," Sasuke said. He glanced over at Sakura, a look something...something so weird and un-Sasuke-like showed up...was it affection? No!! Iie!! I ran out of the academy...I couldn't take it anymore. Sasuke-kun had chosen someone with a big forehead over me...I was prettier...I was better than why Sakura...?

End of Flashback

"How troublesome," a voice muttered next to me. My head snapped up. Of course I knew who it was, the complainer in my team, but how long had he been there?

"What are you doing here?" I asked rather harshly.

"You're crying over that Sasuke guy? He was bound to end up with Sakura- chan. You know that. Being on the same team with her would have made them closer together," Shikamaru shook his head.

"That's not true!" I knew it was though. I just needed a reason... "And why are you here anyways? Don't you have anything else better to do?" Truth is, I really didn't hate either of my teammates. They were both ok...but right now, I didn't feel like talking. I looked over at Shikamaru with a tear- stained face. He shrugged. He quickly stood up, with a slightly angry face.

"Ino, have you really been that clueless?" Shikarmaru asked. I gave him a confused look. Clueless? What was I missing out on? He shook his head with another sigh.

"Never mind, just go on crying your pathetic heart on Sasuke," he muttered leaving me behind. What was his problem? Did he just like tormenting me or something?

Shikamaru's POV

How could she be so...clueless? We are on the same team; I thought she'd know about it after a while. And since when did this actually happen to me? Since when did I start...liking Ino?

Sakura was right. Ino is a pig. And how I ended up with a crush over her, I don't know. It wasn't her looks; that's the last thing I'd care about. I plopped down on a bench nearby.

After being on the same team, I realized that Ino is just like everyone else. She is a stuck-up girl. She fights hard with all her strength. She's just...remarkable. Staring up at the sky, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning around, I was somewhat surprised to see Ino there.

"What's up? I know something is bugging you. We're teammates, I can read you by now," Ino said with what appeared to be a cross between a smile and a frown.

"Nothing," I responded simply. "If you're that naïve not to notice, I guess it's something you don't have to know," There was a long pause.

"Shika, I know that you like me," Ino said after hesitating a while. What??

"How did you-...why haven't you told me you knew before...??" I was red from embarrassment and anger. It was really a rare sight. Me? Red? Ino smiled at me, seeing the red in my face almost made her laugh.

"I was waiting for you to tell me. But I'm not clueless or naïve," Ino said crossing her arms.

"So now you know," I turned back around, my back to her.

"Shika, you never let me finish," Ino said crossly.

"Ok, finish then," I said under my breath. I was still kind of mad at Ino. And it was funny actually. I was first mad at her because she was too clueless to notice that I liked her. But now I'm mad at her because she actually knows that I like her. What is it with hormones, and why do they have to affect me?

"I..." started Ino. I turned back around once more to wait for what she was going to say.

Ino's POV

When did this happen? I guess it was sort of hidden...maybe I had liked Shiikamaru all along but it was just covered up by all the attention I was giving to Sasuke-kun. After realizing that my 'love' for Sasuke was probably an idolism way, I knew Shikamaru was the one I really liked. Maybe it was because he was never popular...and I hated myself for thinking how other's would feel if they knew I liked him. But I couldn't let Shika take all the embarrassment right now. He admitted after all, why should I?

"I like you too...Shika-kun," I said with a smile. To my surprise, he just sighed again. "What??" I asked, a veing popping on my forehead.

"You don't have to lie to me," Shikamaru replied.

"Eh...and I thought you knew me better than that. We're you think this is something I would lie about?" I asked more gently. He turned around, facing me again. Staring into my eyes, he shook his head.

"Iie," he replied, a smile slowly forming on his face. In a way, I guess I'm glad Sakura and Sasuke-kun...err...Sakura and Sasuke, I mean, hooked up...because I've just gained something even greater...

Shika-kun took the initiative step; taking my chin in one of his hand, tilting my head as his lips brushed against mine, and as we parted, I leaned my head against his shoulde while he held me tight.

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Learning To Swing Again

Warning: Only a few swears, I swear!
Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, I wouldn't be starving for the next Shonen Jump issue right now! The withdrawal!!

Well, you guys asked for it, so here it is! The sequel to Of Swings and Headbands. It's funny, I actually stopped on the way home from summer school at a park and sat down on one of the swings. The first line of the story is exactly what I thought at the time. ;

You'll notice the style is different and a little more...dark. That's because Naruto's older, and thus, victim to...:dundundun:...teen angst! Bwa..ha..ha..ha..:choke:

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Quiet you.

Learning To Swing Again

Author: Inaho

I had forgotten what it was like to swing.

Granted, it isn’t like I have much time anymore for such a thing. It isn’t like there are no missions (more like errands) to complete. It isn’t like Kakashi-sensei doesn’t drill us every chance there is until we’re ready to drop. It isn’t like I don’t train myself day in and day out in order to become better, because who needs to train when you’re already so great, ne?

And it definitely –isn’t- like I actually want to swing anyway.

I lied. I –do- want to swing. Perhaps that’s why I’m standing here at my old hiding place (even though it was right out in front of the Ninja Academy), gazing at this worn piece of wood on two ropes. It looks as if no one’s touched it since I graduated, probably because they know it’s mine.

A smirk made its way across my face, and I know it’s out of bitterness. Here, alone, I did not have to hide myself. I did not have to act the clown.

Nothing has changed over the years, despite my hopes. The same looks are there, everyday and everywhere. It has even infected the children, my classmates, who understand nothing and yet, do not hesitate to cast their contempt upon me. I just said ‘children’ didn’t I? Kami, I must be losing it. It’s not as if I’m any older than they are…

…but I feel old…no, tired.

It barely registers in my mind that I’m sitting, the bright spring grass contrasting against the orange of my pants. I notice a hole starting to form at the left knee, and I realize just how long these clothes have been with me.

There I go, reminiscing again. You would think I were some old geezer like Hokage-sama, thinking back on better days. Only there aren’t many of those for me. Kami, when did I get so depressing? Uzumaki Naruto does -not – get depressed.

Okay, maybe another lie. This is why I hate silence; it allows me to start thinking. You would think that would be a good thing, but no, my mind’s traitorous; it only brings up the bad things, which mind you, I have plenty of. I think it’s a teenager thing. Damn hormones.

I hate thinking dark things; if you keep thinking of them, they’ll start running your life. Kami knows we don’t need another Sasuke around. Really, that jerk is so moody! With his I’m-better-than-you attitude and I-don’t-need-you-stay-away-from-me eyes. And the way he calls me dobe, it’s so frustrating!! I hate him.

I was wrong. Things have changed. Things have changed a lot, and I can’t explain it. You would think he had never smiled before, the way he acts, nor that he was capable of smiling. But I know better, because I had seen it for myself. That one day, the first day someone talked to me, touched me, -smiled- at me…

…and imagine my surprise when I saw him again, years later in my class. Imagine my surprise when I discovered what a cold bastard he had become, the fierceness of his glare striking my heart like ice shards as his low, monotonous voice slowly, calmly, told me to never touch him again.

I stopped swinging that day.

A breeze passed by, gently pushing the empty seat, swaying back and forth slowly, teasing me with its easy movement. The wind seemed to laugh gaily, like children, as it rode carelessly upon the wooden plank, before carrying on in its freedom.

Yes, I hate Uchiha Sasuke. I hate him for being better than me. I hate him for having everyone’s attention and praise. I hate him for not caring. But most of all, I hate him for giving me hope, for coming to me that one day when no one else would, for killing something in me that day with only his eyes and his words.

I hate him for smiling at me.

And I hate him for calling me dobe, just like how that little boy did so many years ago. How dare he call me dobe like that, when that little boy, who gave me that name first, is dead and gone, killed by a bastard with his eyes and his face but will never be the same?

“Hey, dobe."

I don’t tear my eyes away from the old swing; I don’t need to.

“I am not a dobe.”

“Of course you are.”

My breath stopped.

“Otherwise…” A pair of beige shorts walked into my view before settling themselves upon the wooden swing. Dark eyes looked into mine, and Time seemed to halt.

“…you’d be swinging.”

It couldn’t have been more than a moment, but something flickered behind those eyes, something warm, and then it was gone. As soon as he has sat down, he stood up again, walking back the way him came. I remembered to breath again.

“C’mon, dobe. Kakashi’s called a team meeting.”

It took a few seconds before my mind processed the words, and I scrambled to my feet, ready to race after my teammate and rival, but a small movement at the corner of my eye stopped me. The swing.


He stopped, already some yards ahead of me, and turned around. A sense of déjà vu struck me, but I ignored it. This, the present, was more important.

“…you never had a chance to swing.”

The silence stretched, and I thought he would turn away and say nothing. I felt myself deflating. It had been stupid, to think that—

“Maybe next time.”

And then, he smiled.

It had been small, but a smile nonetheless. Something grew in the depths of my heart, something light and threatening to burst, and it spread into a wide grin on my face, remaining even as I chased after Sasuke’s retreating back.

Yes, perhaps next time, he’ll swing.

Hell, maybe even tomorrow.

My smile grew.

— Owari —

Author's Note: Heh...somehow, dobe turned into a term of affection for me...don't ask why. ; Oi, I have a feeling I made them a little OOC...if you can't tell, I'm not as happy with this one as the other one. Sequels tend to...not be as good the original. I'm sorry if it's not up to par. I hadn't planned to make a sequel, but your wonderful people kept asking for one, and this plot kept biting me in the butt...

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Memories of Sound

Memories of Sound
Author: Lady Cosmos

It was a cool summer night; a dull moon hung in the sky as a warm breeze drifted up and down the streets, playing with the few drapes hung on shops. The soft chirp of crickets and a few night birds told the village that the night would be a peaceful one. The few sentries posted around the walls dozed, half-alert to any strange sound or movement. Everything seemed suspended in a cozy listlessness.

For some reason, Sasuke found he couldn’t sleep that night. It was the perfect setting for a deep, comfortable sleep, yet a strange restlessness stirred him, keeping him awake. He had long since given up hope of rest and was currently sitting by the window, allowing the breeze to caress his bare chest.

Thoughtfully, Sasuke touched the instrument in his lap. Just as he didn’t know what was keeping him awake, he didn’t know what had made him take the thing out. Usually, it only brought back painful reminders of what he had lost; it had been his mother’s. So he had hidden it for years. Now that it was out, however, Sasuke found that the memories didn’t hurt as much this time. He could look back on them with a sort of wistful fondness.

The flute had been his mother’s favorite. She had loved the soft, weedy sound of it and practiced hard at its mastering. When the children had been born, it had been Sasuke that was pressured into learning it. Itachi had flat out refused, saying it would get in the way of his training and it was stupid, anyway.

Slowly, Sasuke raised the instrument to his lips, looking out at the moon as he blew softly into the mouthpiece. An off-key wail issued forth causing him to wince and take a glance back at the bed; it would be wrong to wake someone with bad music. He adjusted the mouthpiece and tried again. Closer. One more adjustment and it was as in tune as it would get.

Closing his eyes, Sasuke took a deep breath and began to play a song he would have claimed he had forgotten.

In some regards, his mother had been more rigorous and forceful in his training on the flute than his father had been about his shinobi training. Two hours every day in practice and scales, finger exercises, breathing exercises, tongue exercises and then, some of the damn hardest songs she could find. Then he had to clean the thing, making sure there was no water, spit or fingerprints in or on it; this was to keep it in perfect condition.

He had hated it, come to despise it, but it made his mother happy to listen to him play and improve. So he kept playing.

Back then, he had been ashamed of his skill and had kept it a secret. How would anyone respect him if they knew he played the flute? Not some great, intimidating instrument like a drum, but a flute!

The song ended and Sasuke took a few deep breaths, feeling as if he had just sprinted a few miles. He was sorely out of practice. Just a couple of days were enough to make you out of breath after a few simple songs; a couple of years were certainly worse.

A moment later, he raised the flute to his lips again.

He was barely four notes into the song when a soft moan and the sound of rustling fabric stopped him. A disheveled head of hair poked out from underneath the sheets, barely noticeable in the soft light. Sasuke lowered the flute as he turned his attention on the newly woken person.

“Sasuke,” a sleepy voice drawled, “what’re ya doin’?”

“Did I wake you?” Sasuke played with the instrument in his lap as the other person turned towards him, eyes squinted as if in an attempt to keep from being too awake.

There was a loud yawn before the answer.

“Not really.”

Sasuke stared for a moment before letting his eyes wander back out the window.

“Wha’ ‘ere ya ‘oin’?” The question was muffled by another yawn.

“Nothing.” Sasuke’s fingers tightened around the flute.

“Qui’ lyin’.” Came the petulant reply, sounding a tad childish.

Sasuke smirked as he turned towards the bed.

“You should be asleep, Naruto.”

“And so should you.” Naruto sounded more and more awake with each reply. There was a moment of silence as Sasuke regarded his bedmate.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He finally admitted, turning to face the breeze coming in the window.

Naruto just hummed in the back of his throat, not pressing the issue. Sasuke couldn’t tell if he was glad about that or not. When nothing was said after awhile, Sasuke assumed Naruto had fallen back asleep. Stifling a sigh, Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair, scratching at his scalp as he did so, then leaned back against the window frame.

He was just about to lay the flute on the ground when Naruto’s voice startled him.

“Play something.”

“What?” To say he was a little surprised by the request would have been an understatement.

Naruto just stretched, uncurling some as he blinked lazily at Sasuke.

“I liked what you were playing before. So play me something.” It was more of a demand than a request. Sasuke smirked as he looked out the window.

“Yeah, whatever.” He pressed the instrument to his chin; he frowned as he thought.

What should he play? Most of the songs he had learned had either been forgotten or he never liked them enough to learn them properly. Also, he really wanted to play a nice song for Naruto.

Sasuke took a breath and began to play.

It had been his mother’s favorite; he could still remember hearing it as he fell asleep. A soft, low melody, never quick but yet not slow either. He had thought it was sad at first; to an extent, he still did.

He had come to like the song because his mother made it pretty. She had always seemed most at peace when playing it. He remembered how she would play it for him during his practicing, and he would just watch her, content. In those moments, he felt special – like what he was doing was important, that he would one day be able to bring that look to his mother’s face by playing so sweetly. That one unguarded look from his mother did more to motivate him than any show of appreciation from his teachers or father. It was something only he saw.

After his family was gone, he had tried to play the song again in some vain hope it would bring them back; or, at least his mother. Because it was her favorite. But he would never get it right and it became just another painful reminder - sharper than the others.

So he had stopped playing.

He didn’t know what had made him find the flute that night, or why he was playing. But whatever the reason, he was glad.

The sound of snoring surprised Sasuke. He jerked his head around to stare at the source. Naruto was sleeping, again. Only louder this time.

Sasuke hesitated for a moment before lowering the flute. He watched Naruto for a while, deep in thought before raising the flute once more, taking a breath and continuing. Although he knew he should be annoyed at Naruto, Sasuke found he wasn’t too greatly bothered.

He was playing as his mother had.

AN: This is my try at a subtle introspective piece. The idea came from a chat with Ky – actually, I should say it was stolen. Ugh…I really hate Author’s Notes. I really don’t have any more to say about this piece. The ending isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’ll do for now. I’m currently working on a bunch of stories and have lots of ideas for fics once I get a chance to write them. I’d always love any feedback; feel free to contact me for anything…like, maybe if you have tips for Author’s Notes . Please?

Hello brother

Language: Indonesia

Author: H2P

Hello Brother

Hello Saudaraku

Naruto melangkahkan kakinya lebih cepat. Sudah jam 8 pagi, tapi Gaara belum juga menjemputnya. Naruto menggedor pintu rumah Gaara yang berwarna serba coklat tanah.

“Gaara nii-chan! Bangun… nanti aku terlambat nih, lagian nii-chan kan harus kuliah.”

“Hai Naru-chan!”


Gaara bergelantungan di pintu dengan kaki di atas dan kepala di bawah dan tepat di depan wajah Naruto.

“Nii-chan apa-apaan sih?” Naruto mengembungkan pipinya ngambek ceritanya…

“Maap… ayo berangkat. Tadi aku harus membersihkan rumah jadi telat hehehe…”

“Bilang aja telat bangun. Alasan kreatif dikit napa ya?”

“Hehehe… Naru-chan tau aja. Jadi pengen punya malu ama Naru-chan.”

“Nii-chan…anter aku sampai depan kampus ya? Soalnya udah hampir jam 9. nanti aku bisa telat.”

“Buat Naru-chan apa sih yang ga? Naik gih.”

“Nii-chan. Kenapa nii-chan ga’ kuliah di kampus yang sama denganku sih? Malah ngambil Universitas yang ada dikota sebelah.”

“Hahaha… apa boleh buat kan? Dulu kan emang disitu sekolahku. Cuma pindah rumah karena ingin liat Naru-chan lebih deket…”


“Hahaha…ya sudah ayo aku anter.”

Naruto naik motor Gaara yang keren abis. Model motornya Hua Ce Lee yang di film mars, warna… Coklat tanah? tetep aja… iramakan kayak ‘apa kabar dunia? Tetep asik…’. Setelah sekitar 15 menit, akhirnya sampai juga di Universitas of Konohagakure UK?.

“Nanti aku jemput ya? Naru-chan ga pulang telat kan?”

“Ga’. Nanti pulang seperti biasa.”

“OK! Bye… kalau ada yang ganggu bilang, biar aku sabaku, mati dia.”

“Iya… sudah sana! Pergi kuliah.”

“Bye Naru-chan.”

“Bye Gaara nii-chan.”

“Bye Naru-chan cup-cup-muaaaahhh……” Gaara langsung ngebut, mengejar waktu yang sengaja dia buang tadi.

“Dasar Gaara nii-chan.”

“Hai Naru-chan…”

“Hai Sakura-senpai. Maaf telat…hehehe.”

“A…tidak apa-apa kok. Gimana sketsanya? Sudah selesai?”

“Ya…” Naruto mengeluarkan skeetbook-nya dan memberikannya pada Sakura yang merupakan seniornya dikelas Seni.

“Bagus sekali… kau pandai membuat sketsa.

“Hehehe makasih.”

“Hallo Sakura-san, Naru-chan…”

“Ah… Neji-senpai dan Itachi-san. Pagi…”

“Seperti biasa ya? Naru-chan?” Itachi berjalan mendekati Naruto dan memegang dagu Naruto dengan tangan kirinya dan mengangkat wajah Naruto. “Cantik sekali…”


wuuussshhh prang dueng dash kompryang dhuaaarrr dezinggg cring cring brruumm bruumm nngeeeennggg buumm

“Nejiiii… Lepasin aku…” Itachi meronta-ronta di tembok ruang jurusan Seni dengan kunai melekat di setia psisi bajunya. “NEJIII…”

“Maaf Itachi, tiba-tiba ada serangganya shino nyasar ketelingaku.”

“Gak nyambung dong koi…”

Wusshh duar… Gedebuuukkk…

“Diem ga?”

“Iya…” Itachi cemberut.

“Ngomong-ngomong Lee-san mana Sakura?” Neji bertanya menghadap Sakura sambil melepas kunai-kunainya yang menancap di baju Itachi.

“Dia di jurusan Sport. Dia kan ingin jadi Atlit.”

“O… Tadi Naru-chan dianter siapa? Ganteng juga…pacar?”

“Bukan. Namanya Gaara nii-chan.”

“Nii-chan? Kakak Naru-chan? Kok ga mirip? Naru-chan jauh lebih cantik, manis lagi… dan..”


“Diem ga? Jangan sok tau yang liat kan hanya aku.”

“Hix hix Iyax…”

“Gaara nii-chan bukan kakak kandungku tapi aku sayang banget sama dia. Hehehe.”

“OO… Gimana sketsa kalian berdua?”


“Aku pulang… Sasuke kau ada di rumah ga?Hellooo… ototou… baka ototou.. kakakmu yang paling ganteng ini udah pulang dengan wajahnya yang masih sempurna gantengnya dan…”

“Apaan sih? Aku sedang ngerjain tugas, jangan bicara hal yang tidak perlu dan sangat mengganggu pendengaranku seperti itu.”

“Hik…hik… kakakmu pulang ya mbok kamu sambut toh…ini malah di omelin…”

“Berisik…aku sedang kesal nih.”

“It’s there any problem?”


“Wuiih… ya udah deh. Banting tuh pintu kamar.gue mau mandi…entar wajah yang super ganteng dan mengagumkan ini hilang karena wangi ketekku…”


“Hello… mahasiswa terpandai dan mendapat beasiswa serta mendapat berbagai penghargaan karena prestasinya di bidang akademis maupun non akademis…”

“Hmm?” Sasuke memalingkan wajahnya dan dilihatnya Gaara berdiri dengan wajah menyeringai dan kedua tangannya menyilang didepan dadanya. “Mau apa kau?”

“Ya… hanya ingin menyapa saja.”

“Gaara sepertinya president kita ini tidak suka diganggu…hehehe” Shikamaru smirked.

“Sepertinya begitu. Tapi mahasiwa pintar begitu masa’ ga sadar kalau baru saja dikerjain kakak seniornya. Makanya periksa dulu lokermu… ayo pergi Shikamaru.”


“Loker?” Sasuke kembali ke ruang loker dan membukanya. “Huuuaaahhh…” semua buku dan baju yang dia simpan telah porak-poranda.

End flashback

“SIALAAAAAANNNN…Pasti dia juga salah satunya.” Sasuke berteriak-teriak sambil menendang tempat tidurnya. “Sabaku no Gaara, mahasisiwa jurusan teknik…… AWAS KAUUUUUUUUU…!”

Naruto berjalan bersama Gaara menuju halte bis dan juga Tsunade terlihat berjalan di samping Naruto.

“Kau tidak apa-apa pergi sendiriran? Meskipun kau bilang bersama anggota jurusan Seni lain…”

“Ga’ papa kok Gaara nii-chan, ga’ usah khawatir. Kan Cuma acara training biasa untuk nyari objek yang bagus.”


“Gaara sangat khawatir padamu Naruto… iya kan Gaara?” Tsunade tersenyum menghadap Gaara,kontan wajah Gaara memerah.

“Ah…Busnya udah datang. Sudah dulu ya? Aku berangkat, aku pulang 3 hari lagi.”

“Hati-hati.” Naruto menaiki Bus yang segera melaju.

“Pasti sangat membosakan. 3 hari setelah ini.”

“Aniki…kau sudah berangkat?” Sasuke menuruni tangga rumahnya dan melihat sebuah surat di atas meja ruang tamu.

To Sasuke my Baka Ototou

Hei Sasuke, honey body sweety darling sweet heart dll, aku mau pergi sama my koi, Neji. Untuk mencari objek baru bagi tugas kami selanutnya. Pulang…mungkin aku ga’ mau ngasih tau. Kamu jangan nakal ya…jangan berkelahi…dan jangan ngompol waktu tidur, pergi kekamar mandi dulu sebelum tidur.

From the most handsome boy in the world

Your nice Brother Itachi Cruise Pitt Carey.

“Huueeekkkqqq…gguueehhkk…” Sasuke membuka mulutnya dan menirukan gaya orang muntah, kemudian dia menyadari sesuatu pada surat itu.”Brengsek… dia pikir aku umur berapa? Pake di kasih tau jangan ngompol segala…awas kau Anikiiiiiiiiiii……”

Setelah memarkir mobilnya Sasuke bergegas menuju kelasnya tepatnya jurusan Kriminalitas. Sasuke khan mau jadi polisi hahaha.

“Hm?” Sasuke menghentikan langkah kakinya. “Sepertinya ada orang dikelas jurusan Teknik?” Sasuke membuka pintu kelas Teknik “Bukankah hari ini mereka libur?”

“Dasar…dia pikir siapa dia itu…”

“Kalian…”Sasuke melihat beberapa mahasiswa dengan seragam kelas Teknik sedang memakai Narkoba. “Sedang apa kalian? Hah!” Sasuke melihat ada seseorang tergeletak di sebelah gerombolan mahasiswa tersebut.

“Apa yang kalian…”


“A…apa?” BRUK… Sasuke jatuh tersungkur dengan tubuh berlumuran darah.

Sasuke perlahan-lahan membuka matanya. Rasanya dia sudah lama sekali dia tidur. Hal pertama yang dai lihat adalah wajah Itachi.

“Kau sudah bangun. Bagaimana perasaanmu?”

“Aniki…aku.?” Sasuke mengedarkan pandangannya. Semuanya tampak berwarna putih.

“Kau tertembak. Penjaga kampus-mu menemukanmu di ruang kelas Teknik. Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi?”

“Aa…” Sasuke mengingat kembali apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. “Ouch…” Sasuke memegang dada sebelah kirinya. Sakiiiiiitt…

“Kau tertembak tepat dijantungmu. Kami pikir kau sudah tidak terselamatkan, tapi untungnya ada jantung yang cocok denganmu.”

“Lho…Aniki…bagaimana dengan trainingmu bersama…”

“Aku minta izin pulang lebih dulu.mereka akan pulang besok. Kau istirahat dulu setelah itu makanlah makanan-mu.” Itachi menunjuk makanan yang ada di atas meja yang berada tepat disamping tempat tidur Sasuke.”Aku akan menunggu diluar.”

Itachi beranjak keluar kamar Sasuke dan berusaha tidur di bangku kayu yang terletak di sebelah pintu kamar rumah sakit Sasuke.

Malam hari…

Hello…Uchiha Sasuke?” Sasuke berusaha membuka matanya untuk melihat siapa yang berani menggangunya yang sedang tidur.

Saat matanya terbuka sepenuhnya.Sasuke melompat kaget. Gaara berdiri disamping tempat tidurnya dengan posenya yang biasanya tangan menyilang didepan dadanya dan dengan tersenyum licik.

“Mau apa kau? Kenapa kau bisa masuk?”

Kenapa ya? Entahlah tiba-tiba saja aku tersesat di jalan yang namanya kehidupan trus diloncati kucing hitam, kemudian aku dikejar kaktus berjalan..dan menemukan mata air, setelah minum seteguk selamat deh aku. Gitu…”

“Hheeee?” Sasuke menganga. ‘apa sih maksud kata-katanya tadi?’ “Ah…aku tidak perduli! keluar sekarang jugaaaaaaa!”


“Ada apa Sasuke? Kenapa kau teriak-teriak begitu?” Itachi mendobrak masuk.

“Aniki kenapa anak ini bisa ada di kamar ini?” Sasuke menunjuk ke arah Gaara.

“Anak yang mana?” Itachi bingung melihat arah yang ditunjuk Sasuke.

“Anak ini… lho?” Sasuke baru menyadari bahwa Gaara sudah hilang dan tidak ada dimana-mana.

“Siapa yang kau maksud Sasuke?”

“Sabaku no Gaara, mahasiswa fakultas Teknik di kampusku.”

“Sabaku no Gaara? Anak dengan rambut merah? Memilki tato di dahi sebelah kirinya… dan…”

“YA! Itu dia. Benar kan tadi dia barusan masuk kesini…”


“A…ada apa?”Sasuke melihat keanehan pada wajah kakaknya itu. Setelah Itachi sepertinya berpikir sejenak, dia beranjak keluar kamar dan sesaat kemudian dia datang dengan membawa dokter dan suster.

Sasuke dibantu untuk duduk di kursi roda. Dan di ajak kesuatu ruangan yang dingin. Terdapat banyak lemari seperti loker di kampusnya. Dokter berbicara dengan seorang polisi yang berdiri disamping loker-loker itu dan kemudian membuka satu diantaranya dan menariknya. Ternyata bukan loker, melainkan tempat penyimpanan mayat yang sangat diperlukan oleh kepolisian.

Itachi ,mendorong kursi roda Sasuke mendekati loker tersebut. Dia berusaha berdiri agar dapat melihat isi dari loker tersebut. Mata Sasuke melebar dan bibirnya tidak henti-hentinya bergetar.

“Ga…Gaara…?” Tubuh Gaara yang sudah mengeras terbaring di dalam loker itu.

“Ya…selain kamu, penjaga kampus menemukan tubuh lain. Itu adalah tubuh Gaara. Sepertinya dia juga tertembak sama sepertimu, tetapi Gaara tertembak di bagian perut dan dada sebelah kanan.”

“Hah! Orang yang ada di

“Maksud Aniki…jantung ini…”

“Milik Gaara…”

Sasuke merinding dan berusaha mengingat keadian yang barusan terjadi.kalau Gaara sudah mati…berarti yang menemuinya tadi…



Hello Brother Bagaimana? Wajahku masih tetap ganteng kan sekalipun aku udah mati? Fuuuhh…” Gaara meniup leher Sasuke.


Saat itu aku bermaksud menyelesaikan pekerjaanku. Aku pikir daripada nganggur di rumah dan tidak mengerjakan apa-apa lebih baik aku pergi ke kampus dan menyelesaikan semuanya.”

“Jadi…mereka semua temanmu?”

Bukan. Mereka sama sekali bukan temanku.aku bahkan tidak kenal mereka.”

“Lalu kenapa mereka membunuhmu? Mereka punya dendam kali…Kamu banyak musuhnya kali…atau banyak orang dendam karena pernah kamu kerjai…kali…”

Lu pikir gue siapa ha?”

Usil Person nombor one…”


“Ouch sakit gila…”


Gaara bermaksud melangkahkan kakinya ke dalan ruang fakultas Teknik sampai dai mendengar suara dari dalam.

Gaara membuka pintu ruangan dan melihat segerombolan mahasiswa sedang pesta narkotika.

“Hei siapa kalian? Sedang apa di ruang fakultas Teknik?”

“Kami yang seharusnya bertanya. Siapa lu. Hm? Dari seragamnya sepertinya lu mahasiswa fakultas Teknik ya? Bukankah kalian semua sdang Libur? Napa lu ga liburan bareng yang lainnya?”

“Heh gue bilangin ya…terserah gue dong gue mau libur kek mau kagak kek. Emang urusan ama kalian apa?”

“Brani ya lu?”

“Kalian sedang pesta Narkotika ya?”

“Emang kamu bisa apa? Ngelaporin kami ke polisi? Coba kalau bisa.” Gerombolan itu langsung mengelilingi Gaara dan menyerangnya.

Sejauh ini Gaara bisa melumpuhkan beberapa orang jangan salah Gaara tetep aja Gaara, tapi ini khan versi orang biasa yang ga’ punya cakra. Tetapi orang terakhir menembak perut dan dada Gaara berkali-kali, dan Gaara kehabisan darah.

“Huh! Rasakan.”

End Flashback

“Jadi..kau sama sekali tidak tahu siapa mereka?”

Ya…bukannya sama sekali…mereka itu khan mahasiswa yang mengobrak-abrik lokermu…”

“WHAT? Beneran?”

Yup” Gaara mengacungkan jempolnya dengan tersenyum licik. “Jadi…bagaimana Saudaraku…”

“Aku bukan saudaramu…”

Hei! Jantung yang ada dan menclok di badanmu itu milikku, dan sekarang darah yang sama dengan darahku mengalir di badanmu itu.” Gaara terbang ke atas tempat tidur Sasuke dan duduk disamping badan Sasuke yang sedang berbaring sehabis pingsan tadi. “Hei,aku punya permintaan.”

“Apa? Emang aku pembantumu apa?”

Tolonglah… ini masalah orang yang sangat brarti untukku. Satu-satunya orang yang aku cintai. Setelah itu aku ga’ akan mengganggumu lagi, dan jantung itu milikmu.”

“Seseorang itu sangat berharga untukmu?”

Lebih dari nyawaku sendiri.”


Naruto turun dari Bis yang membawanya training. Dia sudah kembali bersama semua mahasisiwa Fakultas Seni kecuali Itachi yang pulang duluan. Naruto berjalan kerumah Gaara dan melihat banyak polisi dan rumah Gaara dikelilingi kertas pembatas polisi.

“A..ada apa ini?”

“Siapa anda?” Seorang polisi menanyai Naruto. “Kau mengenal orang yang tingga di rumah ini? Anak muda?”

“Saya Uzumaki Naruto, tentu saya mengenal orang yang tinggal disini. Rumah ini rumah kakak angkat saya. Sabaku no Gaara.”


“Tsunade baachan.sebenarnya apa yang terjadi?.” Naruto bertanya pada Tsunade yang berdiri terpaku dengan wajah sedih.

“Kemari Naruto…akan kuceritakan semua…”


“Ti…ti…tidak mungkin. Baachan bohong. Gaara nii-chan tidak mungkin meninggal…dia janji mau mengajakku jalan-jalan…”


“Sekarang tubuh Gaara nii-chan ada di mana?”

“Polisi masih menginginkan tubuhnya. Kami tidak berani mengambilnya, mungkin lebih tepat tidak bisa.”

“Orang-orang desa…. Tapi…setidaknya aku berharap kalau Tsunade Baachan tidak begitu.” Naruto beranjak pergi.

“Naruto kau mau kemana?”

“Mengambil tubuh Gaara nii-chan dan memakamkannya dengan layak dan terhormat.” Naruto meninggalkan Tsunade yang sedang terdiam sesaat sebelum dia berlari menyusul Naruto.

Tolong berikan tubuh-ku pada seorang anak laki-laki di desa sebelah bernama Uzumaki Naruto. Itulah permintaanku Sasuke.”

“Hei Aniki.kau tahu tentang seorang anak bernama Uzumaki Naruto dari kota sebelah. Kau kan kuliah di kota sebelah dengan Koi-mu.”

“Naru-chan? Kau kenal Naru-chan?”


“Iya… dia salah satu mahasisiwa Fakultas Seni sama sepertiku. Tapi dia baru semester 1. Bagaimana kau tahu tentang dia?”

Sasuke mengarahkan pandangannya pada Gaara yang sedang Flying without wing dipundak Sasuke dengan tersenyum-senyum licik. “Dari seseorang…yang Aniki ga’ perlu tau.”

“Naru-chan…dia sangat manis dan cute…”

CUTE?” Gaara dan Sasuke berteriak bersamaan. Sasuke sih kaget Anikinya bisa bilang seseorang cute. Dia kan biasanya hanya memuji dirinya sendiri kok sekarang bisa memuji orang lain?

Lain lagi Gaara…dia berteriak dengan INTONASI dan expresi Marah besaaaaaaarrrr. ‘Beraninya dia bilang Naru-chanku Cute? Akan kubunuh dia…yang boleh bilang Naru-chan cute dan manis itu Cuma aku..GRRRRR!’ Sasuke takut-takut melihat kearah Gaara. ‘Kalau Gaara masih hidup…Aniki pasti mati…Pasti seru banget…hehehe”

“Aniki…bisakah kita memberikan tubuh Gaara pada Uzumaki Naruto?”

“Sepertinya kamu peduli sekali pada hal ini…tapi itu wajar ya? Sebab ini juga menyangkut kamu, ya sudah aku Bantu. Ah… susah jadi orang ganteng, ga’bisa nolak permintaan orang yang lebih jelek.”

Kalau dia bukan kakakku… dia bakal kubunuh.’

Itachi keluar kamar Sasuke rs. Sasuke melihat Gaara yang masih mengeluarkan aura membunuh yang ga’ bisa diungkapkan dengan kata-kata. “GRRRR… I will kill you…I’ll kill you…just kill you…so you can know how good the feel if many knife oin your body…GRRR!”

Gaara…! Hentikan! Gitu-gitu dia kakakku…”’Meskipiun aku juga mau melakukannya,sudah dari dahulu kala malahan…’ pikir Sasuke.

Peduli amat! Amat aja ga’ peduli.”

Hei! Denger ga’ she lokh? Kakakku akan membantu kita mendapatkan tubuhmu.”

Bagus kalau gitu.”

Dasar ga’ jelas…”


Itai…” Sasuke meringis sambil memegangi kepalanya yang benjol.

Pemakaman Gaara dilakukan di Konoha, kota tempat tinggal Naruto. Gaara menyuruh Sasuke untuk memakamkan tubuhnya di Konoha suapaya dia deket terus sama Naru-channya?

Emang yang mana seh? Yang namanya Naruto, Naru-chan, itu? Kok kayaknya Aniki sama hantu penasaran ini saying banget sama dia?’

Sasuke mengikuti upacara pemakama ini dengan perasaan boring. Dia agak heran mengapa Gaara tidak mengganggunya lagi, tidak terbang di dekatnya sambil mengolok-olok. Sasuke terlonjak kaget melihat Gaara terbang dan berdiri di sebelah seseorang dengan rambut emas dan mata biru. Gaara tampaktersenyum bahagia.

“Aniki…” Sasuke bertanya pada Itachi yang berdiri tepat disamping kursi rodanya. “Siapa anak itu?” Sasuke menunjuk lurus kearah Naruto yang ada di arah sebaliknya.


“Eh? Naru-chan?” Jadi dia anak yang sangat dicintai Gaara.


Sasuke merasa jantungnya berdetak lebih kencang. Entah apa yang terjadi, tapi dia merasa sangat bahagia sampai-sampai dia tersenyum sambil tetap melihat kearah Naruto yang sedang menangis.

“Aneh banget deh Sasuke, masa’ dipemakaman seseorang seperti ini dia tersenyum? Apa perlu aku panggilkan Dokter RSJ?” Itachi merinding melihat Sasuke yang sedang tersenyum-senyum sendiri.

“Ayo Sasuke aku kenakan dengannya dan dengan koi-ku Neji.”

Itachi mendorong kursi roda Sasuke. Jantung Sasuke kembali berdetakkencang setelah Itachi menyebutkan nama Naruto.


“Ah…Itachi-san. Terima kasih mau datang.”

“Kau tidak apa-apa kan? Baik-baik saja kan?” Itachi memegang dagu Naruto dan mengangkat wajahnya.

“Hm…aku baik-baik saja. Terima kasih.”


“Hai koi.” Itachi memeluk Neji yang baru datang dan bergabung dengan mereka. Dengan bajunya yang serba hitam, serta rambutnya yang dibiarkan terurai Neji kelihatan sangat cantik dan seksi?

“Hee?”Sasuke tidak menyangka kalau Anikinya bisa memeluk orang seperti itu. ‘Jadi itu tipe Aniki ya? lumayan.’

“Oh ya kenalkan ini adikku, Sasuke.”

“Hai… Sasuke. Itachi banyak cerita tentangmu. Namaku Hyuuga Neji. Aku…”

“Tunangan Aniki…benar kan?”

“Aniki? Hahaha persisi seperti yang kamu ceritakan.”

“Iya kan?” Itachi mendengus kecewa. “Dan Naru-chan kenalkan ini adikku.”

“Uzumaki Naruto.” Naruto membungkukkan badannya.

“U…Uchiha Sasuke…” Sasuke merasa wajahnya seperti kepiting rebus yang sudah terlalu matang.

“Hmmph…” Nei berusaha menahan tawanya dan hanya tersenyum melihat tingkah dan wajah Sasuke. “Kami pergi dulu ya? Kalian mengobrol dulu.”

“Iya… makasih Neji-senpai dan Itachi-san.”

“Untuk Naru-chan apapun akan kami lakukan, jadi…jangan sungkan.” Neji meletakkan satu tangannya di pipi Naruto, kemudian pergi.

“Yang tabah ya? Naru-chan?”


“Kalau perlu apa-apa bilang kita saja. Gaara juga teman kami. Sekarang kewajiban Gaara kami yang lanjutkan.” Shikamaru membelai rambut Naruto yang berlikauan bagai sinar matahari itu.

“Terimakasih Shikamaru-kun.”

Sasuke mengamati Naruto yang sedang berbicara dengan Shikamaru? Siapa dia? Kenapa terkesan dekat banget dengan Naruto-ku? …Tunggu…apa kubilang/ Naruto-ku/

Hello saudaraku” Gaara muncul tepat dibelakang Sasuke dengan senyum liciknya yang biasanya. “Kau tertarik pada Naru-chan ya? Boleh saja…tapi asal tau aja siapapun yang mau PDKT dengan Naru-chan dan berniat untuk memilikinya…aku akan menghantuinya seumur hidupnya…Huhuhuhuhuhu”


“Ada apa Uchiha-kun? Ada masalah?”

“Hah!” Sasuke terkejut melihat Naruto sudah di depannya. “Ti…tidak ada apa-apa.”

Naru-chaaaaaaannaku disini lokh…” Gaara terbang kesana kemari didepan, samping kanan, belakang, dan samping kiri Naruto.

Sasuke kembali melihat ke arah Naruto dan berpikir kalau Naruto adalah seorang yang sangat cantik, manis, anggun, cute abis, dll, dll. ‘Coba kalau aku bisa menjadi pacarnya’ pikir Sasuke.

“Ada apa? Apa ada sesuatu di wajah saya?” Naruto menjadi salah tingkah di lihat Sasuke terus menerus.

“Ah…tidak ada apa-apa.” Sasuke sedapat mungkin memasang wajah coolnya di depan Naruto. Mereka berdua berjalan menuju rumah Naruto dan Naruto kemudian memperkenalkan Sasuke pada Tsunade.

“Silahkan Uchiha-kun…mari duduk dulu di dalam. Maaf rumah kami tidak terlalu besar…” Tsunade mempersilahkan Sasuke masuk.

“Ah…jangan bagitu Bu…” Sasuke mengedarkan matanya ke seluruh ruangan dan dengan di bantu Tsunade dia duduk di ruang tamu rumah Naruto, ‘ Rumah yang sangat indah’.

“Maaf membuatmu menunggu.” Naruto menuruni tangga dengan memakai T-shirt dan celana jeans.


“Ada apa?” Naruto kelihatan bingung dengan perubahan ekspresi pada wajah Sasuke.

“Kamu… laki-laki?” Sasuke tidak mempercayai apa yang dilihatnya. T-shirt yang dipakai Naruto ketat, berbeda dengan baju yang di pakinya saat pemakaman kelihatan deh dadanya rata.

“Emang. Kamu pikir aku ini cewek?”

“Ah…” Sasuke menundukkan kepalanya karena malu, wajahnya merah.

Huuu…aakhahahahahahahahahaha…” Gaara tertawa terbahak-bahak dibelakang Sasuke.

Diam kau…kau tidak bilang kalau Naruto itu anak Laki-laki.” Sasuke berbisik.

Tapi…biar begitu dia tetep cantik kan? Banyak kok yang salah ngira, termasuk aku dulu juga salah mengira dia perempuan.”

Lalu kenapa kau bilang kau mencintainya?”

Memang aku mencintainya kok. Bahkan sangat mencintainya.” Ekspresi wajah Gaara menjadi serius sambil melihat Naruto yang duduk di depan Sasuke.

“Boleh bertanya sesuatu?” Naruto memulai pembicaraan.

“Ya…tentu saja.”

“Apakah anda mengenal Gaara nii-chan?”

Sasuke melihat Gaara yang melihat Naruto dengan ekspresi sedih, kemudian mengangguk pada Sasuke. “Ya…”

“Kami sama-sama kuliah di University of Sunagakure US?. tetapi kami lain jurusan.”

“Gaara nii-chan memilih fakultas Teknik. Dia suka sekali membantu penduduk kota yang sedang kesulitan masalah Teknik dan lainnya.”

Siapa dulu dong…gue gitu lokh…kita khan kalau nolong rang musti konkrit konkrit konkrit…gila cool banget ga sih gaya gue?” Gaara bangga.

“Pasti boong…” Sasuke berbisik. ‘Liat aja tingkahnya. Walau udah mati tetep aja belagu.’

“Uchiha-kun anda bicara sesuatu?”

“Ah… enggak kok…maksud saya senior yang mengatakan Gaara bukan anak baik berarti boong ya?”

“Rasanya ini sesuatu yang ganjil. Padahal beberapa hari lalu Gaara nii-chan mengantarkanku ke halte bus dengan senyumnya yang biasanya, aku tidakmenyangka kalau dia…” Naruto menggigit bibir bawahnya untuk menahan agar air matanya tidak mengalir di depan Sasuke.

Sasuke melihat Naruto yang berusaha menahan air matanya, wajah Naruto merah. ‘Sekarang aku tahu mengapa kau mencintainya, Gaara’. Sasuke melihat Gaara yang sedang memeluk Naruto dari belakang walaupun tidak akan terasa.

“Kau sangat menyayangi Gaara?”

“Hah!” Naruto tersentak. “Ya… sangat.”

“Kau ingin tahu siapa yang membunuhnya?”

“Ya… aku ingin tahu, sangat ingin tahu.”

“Kau ingin menyelidiki siapa pelakunya kan?”


Sasuke jangan biarkan dia melakukan hal itu…dia bisa mendapat masalah, bahkan bisa terbunuh seperti aku. Pokoknya JANGAN BIARKAN DIA TERLIBAT DALAM MASALAH INI!”

Berisiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk! Emang aku siapanya dia berani melarangnya?’


I can’t hear you…’



“Hei! Kalau Gaara masih hidup dan mendengar kamu mau melakukan hal ini apa yang akan dia katakan dan lakukan ya?” Sasuke bertanya pada Naruto dengan menopang dagunya dengan tangannya.

Eh?” Naruto dan Gaara sama-sama bingung mendengar Sasuke mengatakan hal itu.

“Kalau boleh bertanya…apa yang Gaara lakukan saat kau mau melakukan atau telah melakukan hal-hal yang membahayakan dirimu?”

“Ah…” Naruto teringat setiap dia mau melakukan sesuatu yang bahaya sedikit saja, Gaara pasti memarahinya habis-habisan.

“Lebih baik serahkan masalah ini pada polisi. Biarkan mereka yang menangani masalah ini.”


“Sasuke…kau di sini?” Itachi berteriak dariluar rumah Naruto.

“Ya! Aku pulang dulu, lain kali aku boleh main lagi ke sini kan?”


Naruto mengantarkan Sasuke sampai mobil Itachi tidak kelihatan lagi.

Sasuke turun dari mobil di Bantu Itachi, kemudian Itachi mengantarkannya sampai kamarnya. Sasuke merebahkan tubuhnya ke atas tempat tidur dan meletakkan kedua telapak tangannya di atas matanya.

Hei Sasuke…thanks sudah melarang Naruto.” Gaara terbang dan duduk di samping Sasuke.

Oh..rupanya kau…aku pikir sudah pergi ke neraka.”

Brengseeeekkkkau ini ya…rugi aku berterima kasih padamu.”

Heh! Aku juga ga’ minat sama permintaan maaf yang ga’ tulus.”

“…Hei kau tidak berniat untuk menyerahkan semua masalah ini pada polisi seperti katamu tadi kan?”

Emang napa kalau beneran?”

“…………Engga’ papa sih…”

Sasuke nyengir kuda melihat ekspresi Gaara yang seperti orang mau mati aja emang udah mati ya.



Kau pikir aku akan memaafkan begitu saja orang-orang yang berani mengacungkan senjata padaku?” Sasuke beranjak dari tempat tidur dan mengambil sebuah baju dari lemarinya. “Lagian orang-orang itu telah membuatku bertemu dengan hantu menyebalkan dan merepotkan sepertimu ini.”

Kau…! Tapi kumaafkan deh…”

Ngomong-ngomong Gaara…Aku suka sama Naruto dan aku akan memintanya menjadi pacarku.”

Oh begitu? Terserah kau saja lah…” tik…tik…tik…tik…tik… setelah 5 detik… “NANI?”

Baru sadar dia…”

Sasuke…kau tidak boleh melakukan hal itu…” Gaara langsung sewot dan mulai terbang ga’ beraturan.

Ayolah Gaara…kau tidak boleh terus memonopoli Naruto. Kau tidak membiarkan Naruto bergaul dengan banyak orang karena kau khawatir dia akan memilih orang lain selain dirimu kan? Kau tidak boleh egois begitu.” Sasuke mulai berceramah sambil membetulkan letak topi golfnya tepatnya memiringkan.


Hei! Ayo!mau ikut ga’?”

Ke mana?”

Kampus…mencari data tentang mahasiswa-mahasiswa itu. Aku yakin ada informasi tentang mereka.”

Tapi tentang Narkotik itu pasti tidak ada kan?”

Memang…tapi yang aku butuhkan Cuma data lengkap mereka.”

Setelah itu?”

Liat aja nanti gimana jadinya.”

Sasuke menuruni tangga dan mengambil kunci mobilnya. Itachi berusaha melarangnya tetapi langsung di tendang Sasuke sampai masuk kamarnya. “GOOOLL!” Sasuke berteriak dan meninggalkan Itachi yang sedang memegangi perutnya.

Naruto membereskan barang-barang Gaara dengan di Bantu Neji dan Hinata.

“Terima kasih kalian mau membantuku, Neji-kun…Hinata-san.”

“Jangan sungkan Naru-chan…lagian kita juga tidak ada kegiatan yang bisa di lakukan. Benar kan Hinata-sama?”


“Yah…walaupunh abis ini Hinata-sama ada janji kencan dengan Kiba…” Neji melirik Hinata yang wajahnya sudah merah.

“Ne…Neji nii-san.”


Naruto membereskan foto-foto yang terpampang di sepanjang dinding rumah dan kamar Gaara.

“Poster, poster, poster, Foto Gaara nii-chan, foto Gaara nii-chan dan Poster.” Naruto sudah membereskan yang di ruang tamu, tinggal yang di kamar Gaara.

“Wuuuuaaahhh!” Neji berteriak dari dalam kamar Gaara.

“Neji-kun? Ada apa?”

“Lihat deh…”

“Ah…ini…” Naruto tidak mempercayai apa yang dilihatnya. Semua foto yang terpampang di kamar Gaara hampir semuanya foto dirinya, hanya 2 foto yang merupakan foto Gaara.

“Sepertinya dia sangat menyayangimu…” Neji memeluk Naruto yang menangis. “Sudah…jangan nangis lagi. Lebih baik cepat selesaikan ya?”


Sasuke memarkir mobilnya dan segera bergegas memasuki gedung utama kampus. Setelah memberi salam pada beberapa dosen yang menanyakan keadaannya dan beberapa murid yang melihatnya dengan pandangan ‘Bagaimana begitu’, akhirnya Sasuke sampai pada sebuah pintu yang bertuliskan ‘Dilarang masuk’.

Ini kan Kantor utama para dosen.”

Ya…di sini tersimpan segala macam informasi tentang semua hal yang menyangkut Kmpus ini. Sayangnya aku tidak tahu bagaimana membuka pintu dengan kode rahasia ini.”

Gampang…pinjam tanganmu.”

Eeee?” Sasuke tidak sempat bertanya apa-apa saat Gaara mengambil alih tangan kanannya dengan cara menempelkan tangan Gaara dengan tangannya sendiri.

Cetik!cetik!cetik!cetik! SREEEGG!


Ba,bagaimana bisa?”

Kita itu kan harus bisa memecahkan segala sesuatu dengan konkrit konkrit, dan konkrit, GILA! Cool banget ga sih gaya gue?” Gaara mengusap kepala bagian kanannya dan berpose seperti seorang model.

Nyesel gue nanya. Sudah ayo!”


Setelah sampai di dalam ruangan itu, Sasuke segera duduk di depan sebuah komputer yang paling depan sendiri. Ruangan itu hanya berisi beberapa komputer yang di atur seperti sebuah kelas.

OK! Data mengenai para mahasiswa Universitas ini…” Clek! “Got you!”

Wow…keren juga…gua suka gaya lu membobol komputer Kampus.”

Diamlah…aku terpaksa melakukan hal ini.” Sasuke mengeluarkan cd dan mengkopi semua data yang dia perlukan. “Ayo! Kita sudah selesai di sini.”

Mumpung di sini kita masukkan firus komputer aja ke komputar kampus ini!”

Kau ini…”


Sasuke dan Gaara segera meninggalkan Kampus dan kembali ke kediaman Uchiha. Di sana mereka melihat Itachi bermesraan dengan Neji.

Wuuuaawww ngiri gue!”

Sudahlah…aniki memang biasa begitu, kalau sudah bawa pacar baru ke rumah. Tapi…kapan tunangan Aniki itu datang ya? Sudahlah bukan urusanku.”

Sasuke melangkahkan kakinya kekamarnya dan menghidupkan kopmputernya setelah menendang pintu kamarnya keras-keras. Sasuke mulai membuka file yang tadi di copy nya dari komputer kampus.

Mereka bernama Sakon, Ukon, Tayuya, Kumo, Kimimaru, dan kabuto. Mereka semua bekerja di tempat seorang pengusaha mainan anak-anak bernama Orochimaru’s Present.”

Orochimaru?” Gaara kelihatan kaget dengan perkataan dan data yang di bawa Sasuke.

Ada apa Gaara?”


“Bos semua barang sudah aku antarkan.”

“Bagus Gaara, hari ini kau suah sukup lelah. Pulanglah dan gunakan uang ini untuk keperluanmu.” Orochimaru menyerahkan sejumlah uang pada Gaara.

“Aku permisi dulu Bos.”

Gaara mengeluarkan motornya dari belakang gudang pabrik pembuatan mainan Orochimaru. Saat itu Gaara mendengar sebuah percakapan.

“Kau tahu Gaara? Dia bekerja sangat rajin ya?”

“Tanpa tahu apa sebenarnya barang yang dia antarkan.”

“Kalau dia tahu entah bagaiman perasaannya. Dia kan anak yang jujur…tidak seperti kita-kita ini.”

“Kasihan sekali ya dia?”


“Ap sedang mereka bicarakan?”

Gaara menyelinap diam-diam ke dalam pabrik pada malam hari dan memeriksa semua produk yang merupakan mainan anak-anak itu. Ternyata isi yang berada di dalam mainan anak-anak itu adalah Narkotika jenis HEROIN.

End Flashback

Karena itu…aku berhenti dari pekerjaanku mengantarkan barang anak-anak dan kuliah.”

Jadi…jadi…jadi…kamu…kamu…kamu…dulu…Sumpeh lokh?

Sumpeh deh!.” DUAK! “Anak kurang ajar…aku udah serius ceritain malah becanda lagi.” Gaara mengepalkan tangannya.

Sorry…sorry…habis kau tidak pantes bicara serius begitu.”

Sialan lu...”

Jadi…target utama kita…Orochimaru?”

Jelas lah! Awas kau Bakoro……”


Baka Orochimaru…”

Ooh…huuuahahahahaha! Bagus juga.”

Naruto baru saja kembali dari rumah Sakura, memperbaiki sketsa yang di peroleh saat Training. Saat akan masuk rumah, Naruto mendengar seseorang memanggilnya.

“Hei! Uzumaki…”

“Hm?” Naruto memalingkan wajahnya. “Uchiha-kun”

“Panggil Sasuke saja…kalau manggil nama keluarga rasanya bagaimana begitu...”

“Kalau begitu panggil aki dengan Naruto atau Naru-chan saja.”

JANGAAAAAANN! Yang boleh manggil Naru-chan kan hanya aku.” Gaara mulai sewot lagi.

Diam bentar napa ya Gaara?’

“Silahkan masuk Sasuke-kun?”


Sasuke mengikuti Naruto masuk rumah. Narutomempersilahkan dia duduk dan kemudian meninggalkannya untukmengambil minum dan makanan kecil ‘katanya…’. Beberapa saat kemudian Narutodatang membawa minuman dan makanan kecil yang dia janjikan tadi.

“Maaf…hanya ini yang dapat kami suguhkan…buatan tangan lagi.”

“Buatan tangan?aku pikir ini buatan pabrik…” Sasuke memandang kue-kue kecil yang berada di atas beberapa piring besar.

Naru-chan kan pandai sekali memasak berbagai macam makanan. Koki kelas ataspun kalah kalau di bandingin dengannya.”

Yang bener Gar?’

DUAKK! “Jangan menyingkat namaku!”


“Silahkan dimakan Sasuke-kun, tapi maaf kalau tidak sesuai selera.” Naruto mempersilahkan Sasuke memakan makanan yang dia suguhkan.

Nyam…nyam…nyam… “Hm…enak banget.padahal aku tidak suka makanan manis, tapi makanan ini kok beda ya?”

“Beda? Maksudnya tidak enak?”

“Justru sebaliknya…sangat enak.”

“Hehehe Makasih…Sasuke-kun.” Naruto menunjuk hidungnya dengan wajah merah. ‘Aneh…padahal aku tidak pernah merasa semalu ini waktu di puji Tsunade Baachan atau lainnya.’

“Em…Naru-chan…” Sasuke memerah waktu memanggil Naruto.


“Sebenarnya…aku mau mengajakmu…ah!Maksudku… mengundangmu datang ke rumahku, Malam ini.”

“Ke rumah Sasuke-kun? Memang ada acara apa?”

“Sebenarnya…kemarin saat tunangan Aniki, Hyuuga Neji, datang ke rumah…ternyata untuk membicarakan pesta untuk merayakan 1 tahun mereka bersama.”

“Benar juga ya? Tapi…emang harus di rayain ya?”

“Namanya juga Aniki.”

“Boleh juga sih…tapi aku pergi sama siapa ya? Mau pergi sama mobil…ga’ punya SIM…”

“Akan aku jemput. Acaranya jam 8 malam, nanti aku jemput jam 6.”

“Apa tidak merepotkan?”

“Tentu tidak…”

Jangan ragu gitu dong Naru-chan…anak kayak Sasuke ini memang sudah kewajiban kita untuk merepotkannya…kita kalau ngerepotin orang kan harus konkrit, konkrit, dan konkrit, GILA! cool banget ga’ sih gaya gue?” Gaara mulai nyerocos lagi dan terbang ke sana kemari di samping Naruto.


“Baiklah…kalau begitu Sasuke-kun.” Sesaat keheningan menyelimuti mereka sampai akhirnya terdengar sebuah getaran yang sudah pasti mengagetkan mereka. “Hp-ku.” Naruto meraih jaketnya yang diletakkannya di pegangan sofa,dan mengambil hp-nya.

“Halo? Oh…Tenten-san? Ada apa? O…soal pesta Neji-kun nanti malam? Ya aku sudah tau. Berangkat sama-sama? Tapi…” Naruto melihat ke arah Sasuke yang memandangnya dengan tatapan memelas. “Maaf…sudah janji mau pergi dengan Sasuke-kun. Iya…Adik Itachi-san. Makasih Tenten-san. Bye.”



“Tenten-san? Perempuan?”

“Yup! Cantik…seksi…putih…lemah-lembut…perhatian…pinter…dll.”

“Kau…suka dia?”

“Suka sekali…”


“Kau baik-baik saja Sasuke-kun?” Naruto melihat Sasuke yang memegangi dadanya.

Checkmate…huahahahaha! Kena kau Sasuke…! Tapi…Naru-chan…beneran suka sama Tenten?” Gaara sewot.

“Iya…Tenten-san sangat cantik…makanya Shino-kun merupakan orang yang sangat beruntung bisa mendapatkan Tenten-san.”


“Iya! Tunangan Tenten-san?”

“Jadi…Tenten-san itu…sama Shino-kun itu…”

“Tunangan…emang ada apa?”

“Ah…tidak apa-apa.” Huff… “Ngomong-ngomong aku pulang dulu ya? Mau Bantu mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya di rumah.”

“Baiklah…aku antar.”

“Sampai jumpa nanti sore…Naru…-chan…”


Sasuke segera memacu mobilnya meninggalkan halaman rumah Naruto yang tidak begitu luas.

“Uwaaaahhh…… Besar bangeeeett!” Naruto berteriak saat tiba di rumah Sasuke.

Heh! Sasuke…ini bukan rumahmu yang kemaren itu kan? Kok berubah?” Gaara meletakkan kari telunjuk dan ibu jarinya di dagu, berlagak seperti seorang detektif.

Yang kemaren itu rumah buat kami main…ini rumah asli kami.’

Kami?” Gaara melongo.

Aku sama Aniki…’

“Mau masuk sekarang? Atau mau menunggu sampai masuk angin, Naru-chan…? Sasuke bertanya pada Naruto yang berlari kesana kemari.

“Eh? Hehehe…maaf…”

Saat Sasuke dan Naruto memasuki rumah itu, sudah banyak orang yang datang dan pesta sepertinya sudah di mulai. Maklum…perjalanan dari kotas Naruto dan kota Sasuke lumayan jauh…ya…maskipun itu juga karena tadi Sasuke sering mencari alasan untuk berhenti di tengah jalan.

“Wuaaahh…Sasuke-kun, benar-benar pesta yang sangat mewah.”

“Begitulah…” Sasuke tersenyum simpul melihat tingkah Naruto yang sepertinya belum pernah melihat pesta saja.

Apabenar pasta sebesar ini hanya untuk merayakan 1 tahun bersamanya kakakmu itu dengan Neji?”

Sebenarnya sih…’

“SASUKEEE!” Itachi berlari ke arah Sasuke dan menggeretnya ke tempat Neji berdiri yaitu di tengah-tengah ruangan. Sasuke menarik tangan Naruto yang mengikutinya dengan perasaan Bagaimana…begitu

“Perhatian semuanya…” Itachi mengambil mikrofon dari mc Kiba dan berbicaradengan suara lumayan… “Seperti yang kita ketahui…pesta ini dimasudkan untuk memperingati 1 tahun kami bersama.” Itachi memeluk Naji yang berdiri tepat disampingnya.

“Tetapi disamping itu, pesta ini jugauntuk merayakan hai ulang tahun adikku- Sasuke yang ke 21. kami tidak memberitahukan hal ini karena Sasuke tidak suka membuka kado katanya…”

“Ulang Tahun Sasuke-kun?” Naruto melongo… ‘Gimana nih? Aku ga’ bawa kado lagi…’ Naruto sibuk dengan pikirannya sendiri.

Jadi…hari ini ulang tahunmu? Hei saudaraku?”

Ya! Dan jangan panggil aku dengan “Saudaraku”’

Emang napa? Lagian kita memang jodoh lo…hari ini tepat 1 bulan aku mati…bagaimana kalau kau cantumkan juga tentangkematianku ini di daftar perayaan hari ini?”

Jangan bercanda kau!’

“Sa…Sasuke-kun…” Naruto menarik lengan baju Sasuke. “Ma…maaf… aku tidak membawa kado.”

Sasuke melihat Naruto yang berbicara dengan wajah kecewa. Sasuke tersenyum kecil, kemudian memegang dagu Naruto dan mendongakkan wajah Naruto sampai bertatapan dengannya. “Aku tidak perlu kado…”

Sasuke apa yang akan kau lakukan?” Gaara mulai sewot karena Sasuke mulai mendekatkan wajahnya dengan wajah Naruto.

“Sa…Sasuke-kun? Apa yang…Hmph…” Mata Naruto berubah pucat, saat dia merasakan sesuatu yang lembut dan hangat di atas bibirnya. Naruto melihat wajah Sasuke tepat di depan wajahnya, Sasuke menutup matanya.

Wuuuaaahhh…Sasuke…beraninya kau mencium Naruto…”

“Wuuuiihhh…Baka ototou berani juga melakukan hal itu.” Itachi melihat dengan wajah mupeng.

Beberapa saat kemudian Sasuke menjauhkan bibirnya dari bibir Naruto dan melihat Naruto yang masih shock. Naruto menatap Sasuke sesaat sampai dia sadar apa yang barusan terjadi…Dia…BERCIUMAN…dengan…SASUKE?

“Ah…” Naruto berusaha menutupi wajahnya yang merah. Sasuke smirked.

“Aku tidak butuh kado darimu, aku hanya butuh dirimu.” Sasuke menggenggam tangan Naruto. “Aku suka padamu, maukah kau menjadi kekasihku? Naruto?”

“Ke…kekasihmu? Tapi…aku…kan…”

“Anak laki-laki! Aku tidak perduli!yang aku perdulikan adalah perasaanku sekarang, aku mencintaimu dan aku ingin kau menjadi kekasihku.”


“Kau lihat kan kakakku dengan Neji? Mereka berdua laki-laki. Ga’ masalah kan?”


JANGAAAAAAANNNN! Sasuke kurang ajar kau…”


“Bagaimana Naruto?”

“Ayo jawab!jawab!jawab!” semua orang berteriak.

“Iya atau tidak? Naruto?”


“Hn…” Naruto menganggukkan kepalanya dengan wajah memerah.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”Gaaramerasa jantungnya copot. emang udah ga’ ada tapi baru kerasa sekarang.

“YEAH!Thanks Naru-chan.” Sasuke mencium Naruto lagi di depan banyak orang, tapi kali ini lebih ……… pikir diri.


“AH!” Sasuke dan Naruto memerah.

“Kalian ini ya? Aku jadi ga’ dapat giliran dong? Padahal aku kan mc…malah ga’ diperhatikan. Hik…hik…hik…”



Kan KALAH! Sasudaraku’


HAHAHAHAHA! YES! Akhirnya aku bisa menang melawan hantu ga’ tahu diri ini…’

“Baiklaaaahh…Ayo kita lanjutkan pesta ini…”

“Hei Kiba! Sepertinya tuan muda Sasuke masih ingin menyampaikan sesuatu tuh.” Shikamaru menunjuk Sasuke.

“Baiklah…apalagi sekarang? Silahkan…” Kiba pout.

Sasuke mengeluarkan sebuah kotak kecil dan membukanya. Di dalamnya ada sepasang cincin pertunangan.

“Oalaaaahh… Ngerti aku. Sini Naru-chan…”

“Ya?” Naruto melongo ga’ ngerti apa-apa.

“Ulurkan tanganmu…” Kiba mengambil tangan kiri Naruto dan menjulurkannya pada Sasuke. Sasuke Blushing, kemudian memasangkan cincin ke ari manis Naruto, Naruto melakukan hal yang sama blushing.

“Dengan ini saya nyatakan kalian berdua sebagai pasangan Kumpul Kebo!


“AMPUUUUNN!” Kiba memgangi kepalnya yang hampir hancur.

“Yoo! Gue Dj Shino akan menggantikan Kiba melanjutkan pesta ini. Ok Baby…Show Time…”

Biarkanlah pesta mulai apa adanya , kita liat dulu keadaan pasangan kita yang baru saja…tau kan?

“A…ano-sa? Sa…Sasuke-kun…”



“Suka sekali!.”

Sasuke memeluk Naruto dan menciumnya sorry…seperti kita ketahui gue ga’ terlalu bisa menulis adegan seperti ini…Cuma bisa mempraktekkan. Setelah beberapa saat…sasuke melonggarkan pelukannya dan melihat Naruto yang sedang blushing.

“Kau terlihat sangat cute kalau sedang malu begitu.” Sasuke smirked.

“Jahat!” Naruto mengejar Sasuke yang berlari ke arah taman.

Setelah cukup lama kejar-kejaran…akhirnya mereka terjatuh bersama mungkin kerena capek. Mereka tidur bedampingan di tanah dengan rumput hijau yang indah. Sasuke memeluk Naruto.

“I Love You Naru-chan…”

“I Love tou too Sasuke-kun…”

Sementara keduanya asik berduaan dan bermesraan, Gaara yang pergi entah kemana mengumpat-ngumpat Sasuke.

Gue bunuh lu mati Sasuke!” Gaara terbang ke sana kemari di dalam kamar Sasuke sambil ngomel pada Sasuke. Sasuke dengan santainya memakai baju…dengan bersiul lagi.


Iya aku dengan Sasudaraku’ Smirked.

Sejak kapan kamu memanggilku…”

Sejak Naru-chan jadi milikku. Hehehe’


Temper…temper…’ Sasuke berusaha menghindari pisau-pisau yang beterbangan karena kemarahan Gaara padanya.

Hei BrotherAyo pergi…’

Hm? Kemana?”

Orochimaru’s Present.’


Semangat deh…’

Sasuke memacu mobilnya dan menuju ke sebelah selatan kota. Sampai juga di perbatasan antara Suna dan kota di sebelahnya, tempat dimana Orochimaru’s Present berada. Sasuke memarkir mobilnya, kemudian memakai kumis palsu ? dan merubah model rambutnya seperti bapak-bapak.

Wuuuaaaaahahahahahahhahahaahaha COCOK Banget jadi Bapak-bapak. Jangan-jangan kamu emang udah tua Sasuke?”



Sasuke memasuki wilayah pekerja dan bertemu dengan salah satu mahasiswa yang menembaknya, Kabuto.

“Maaf tuan…Anda ingin bertemu siapa? Kalau tidak ada keperluan…saya harap tuan segera pergi dari tempat ini.”

“Namaku Jimmy, aku dengar dari seorang teman kalau Orochimaru’s Present ini dapat menyediakan sejumlah barang untuk pelanggan.”

“Barang…? Dari siapa kau tahu?”

“Dari Ricardh, seorang pelanggan dari Luar Negeri.”

“Mr. Ricardh? Baiklah…silahkan ikut saya menemui Bos kami.”


Sasuke melangkahkan kakinya mengikuti Kabuto yang berjaln di depannya dan menuntunnya akan menuju tempat Orochimaru berada.





Sasuke dan Gaara deg-degan saat memasuki kantor Orochimaru. Cklek!


Sasuke dan Gaara berteriak melihat apa yang seharusnya tidak mereka lihat. Kimimaru duduk di atas paha Orochimaru…dan mereka sedang…Tiiiitt.

“Tidak usah kaget begitu Mr. Jimmy…sudah biasa lagi cobain aja.” Kabuto tersenyum manis ke arah Sasuke.

Gila kali nih orang ya? Sasuke?”

Kayaknya sih…’

Masa’ Tiiit… Di liat orang lain ga’ papa”

Jadi pengen deh ama Naru-chan’


Berani lu? Nyentuh aja gue Bunuh!”


Kabuto mempersilahkan Sasuke duduk, sementara Orochimaru membetulkan jasnya dan Kimimaru memakai bajunya.

“Jadi…anda mau memakai jasa kami untuk mngantarkan barang anda?”

“Dan membelinya dari kalian. Kudengar dari Ricardh barangmu kualitasnya sangat menjamin…” Sasuke bertingkah seperti orang dewasa.

Sasuke memjamkan matanya seolah dia sedang berpikir, lalu manggut-manggut. Saat mmbuka matanya, Sasuke kaget setengah mati setengah hidup melihat wajah Kabuto tepat berada di depan wajahnya.

“A…ada apa?” ‘Gawat kalau dia sadar ini akuu…’ ‘Gimana neeeehh?’ Gaara mulai khawatir seperti halnya Sasuke.

“Anda terlihat masih sangat muda. Berada usia anda?” Kabuto tersenyum.

“Tahun ini 45…”

“Wajahnya kelihatan seperti usia 20-an.”

“Semua orang juga bilang begitu…hahahaha” Keringat dingin mengucur…

“Begitu ya?” Kabuto action mikir… “Ya…sudahlah…”

“Kabuto ajak tamu kita ini melihat-lihat produksi kita…da…Kimimaru… kita selesaikan dulu yang tadi…” Orochi mupeng


Sasuke dan Gaara jatuh bersamaan ‘Gila kali ya? Orochimaru ini?’. Setelah melihat-lihat bagaimana produksi mereka, Sasuke pulang dengan membawa surat yang berisikan pesanan ? barang Narkotika dari Orochimaru.

Sesampainya di rumah bermain, bukan rumah untama yang buat pesta Sasuke langsung melempar sepatu dan dengan sukses membuat sepasang kekasih yang lagi making out kaget.

“Sasuke jangan ngegetin orang bisa ga’ seh?” Itachi manyun dengan bajunya yang terbuka ga’ dikancing.

“Ku pikir ga’ bisa denger apa-apa kalau lagi seru seperti itu. Justru Aniki yang harusnya hati-hati kalau lagi making out pintu kamar ya mbok di tutup apa susahnya sih?” Sasuke berkata dengan santai menaiki tangga dan menuju kamarnya meninggalkan Itachi yang sedang merah dan diiringi oleh kekehan Gaara dan Neji.

Sesampainya di kamarnya, Sasuke melemparkan tasnya ke atas tempat tidur kemudian merebahkan diri. Gaara melongo melihat tingkah Sasuke yang masih bisa santai amat, padahal amat aja ga’ bisa santai lagi kalau liat gimana jalannya produksi Orochimaru yang besar banget seperti itu.

Woi kamu kok santai gitu seh? Kalau gini terus kita ga’ bisa mengungkapkan tentang usaha Bakoro itu kan? Lagian kalau aku jadi kamu pasti tadi aku udah ambil sample dari barangnya…dan…”


Sasuke meletakkan sesuatu berwarna putih yang di bungkus rapi dengan plastik putih transparan…

Srekk! Sasuke merobek benda itu dan meletakkan telunjuknya ke dalam benda itu…

Slrup! Sasuke menjilati telunjukknya

Beh! Cuih! Huueekk! Byorr byorr! Sasuke meludah dan muntah?

“Hm…Narkotika jenis Heroin…Karena bentuknya bubuk dari mudah di selundupkan…”


Buta ya lokkh/ ini barang bukti…’

kapan kamu….tapi…kan..kamu…kan…ga’…pernah…ngambil… Sumpeh lokh?

Sumpeh Loooookkxxx!

Kapan kamu ngambil itu?”

Waktu kamu sibuk muter-muter pabrik dan waktu Kabuto nyerocos aja nerangi. Langsung gur ambil aja sebagai barang bukti…’

Kok ga’ ketahuan ya?”

Gaara…kamu tahu aku punya julukan…’

Apaan?” Gaara penasaran…

Hands of God’

Hebat! Gue suka gaya lo!”

Gue ga’ suka gaya loo…’

Jadi…kita sudah bisa menghajar si BAKORO itu kan brother?”

Kayaknya belum deh…’


Liat aja’

Sasuke merapikan kembali Heroin yang di dapatnya dengan menggunakan jurus Tangan Dewa dan membawanya turun untuk di berikan pada Itachi, jangan salah Itachi adalah anggota dari pasukan rahasia kepolisian lho…

“Woi Aniki…sudah selesai making out-nya?” Sasuke melangkah gontai menuju Itachi dan Neji yang sedang duduk di meja makan sambil ngobrol.

“Ah…Sasuke-kun bisa aja…jadi bener-bener pengen bisa punya malu deh kita.” Neji sok malu. ‘Bener2 pengen bisa punya malu? Emang dia ga’ bisa punya malu ya?’ Gaara dan Sasuke mmbatin.

“Ada apa Sasuke? Sepertinya ada sesuatu yang mau kau ceritakan.”

“Yap! Sangat ada…Begini…ini kisah say…”

“Langsung aja deh…”


“Ayo pergi Neji…”

“Wuuuahh…tunggu dulu…Aniki… aku mulai deh…”

“Dari tadi kek!” Itachi duduk di samping kursi aNeji dan mendengarka dngan serius.

“Bla…bla…bla…begini begitu begono ngomong ngomong bicara ngobrol sfftt ppssssttt hhuukkklalalalalala bla bla bla bla gini neh gini neh…bla bla bla bla…Huuff ngomel ngomel bla bla bla jelasin ngejelaskan jelasin bblaa cuuihh bbllehh hhuueekk b;a b;a cccuuiihh #N&HTVJG j HHHuuuuffff…Begitulah…” Sasuke mengakhiri ceritanya dengan gaya ninja yang habis ngatur pernafasan.

“Wwuuuiiihh” Neji, Itachi, dan Gaara kliyengkliyeng ngedengerin cerita Sasuke.

“Ngerti kan? Apa yang harus aniki lakukan..?”

“Ngerti…mulai sekarang aku harus mengawasi jalannya produksi milik siapa tadi? Oro-bernyanyi? Oro-berbunyi? Kilat-berbunyi? Bubur-teririss? Kilat-menyambar? Guntur-bernyanyi? Di tabraaakk… menggali…”

“Terserah lah…”

“Serius dikit napa ya? Itachi?”

“Hahaha khan Cuma bvecanda…Koi kau juga jangan marah dong…”

“Aku ga’ marah kok Cuma pengen selingkuh dengan Kankurou deh…”

“JANGAAAANN! Baik aku lakukan deh…”

“Bagus!” Neji mengerling ke arah Sasuke dan bibalas dengan senyum licik Sasuke. ‘Thanks ya? Kakak Ipar…’

“Jadi…hari ini kita mau kemana? Sasuke-kun?”



“Becanda…Naru-chan…kok kaget banget sih?”


“Aku ga serius kok…mana mungkin aku serius kan? Naru-chan nanti pikir aku cowok ga’ bener…”


“Aku tidak bisa melakukannya pada Naru-chan kalau Naru-chan belum siap…”


“Apalagi kalau dalam keadaan begini…” Sasuke membatin sambil menoleh sedikit kebelakang kepalanya dan melihat Gaara terbakar dengan memegang kapak besar yang siap diayunkan menuju kepala Sasuke. “Ngeriiiiii…Coy!”

“AH! Mau ice cream?”


“Nah…Naru-Chan duduk dulu di sini…” Sasuke menyuruh Naruto duduk di bagku dekat taman tepat di bawah sebuah pohon, sementara dia berlari menuju sebuah mobil penjual es krim.

Hei Gaara…Naru-chan suka rasa apa?’




Kau kenapa? Marah masalah tadi?’

Engga’ Cuma inget dulu aku suka sekali membelikan Naru-chan es krim coklat…bahkan sampai kami sakit perut kebanykan makan es krim.”

Emang banyak banget?’

Satu mangkok besar…”

Hm…Begitu ya?’Sasuke melihat Naruto yang tersenyum kearahnya. Sasuke melambaikan tangannya kemudian memesan es krim.

“Es krim coklat ukuran Raksasa…kalau bisa pake tempat…atau mangkok besar di belakang itu.” Sasuke menunjuk mangkok kaca besar yang ada di belakang penjual Es krim.

“Baik! Silahkan…” Si penjual bersemangat.

Sasuke berlari menuju tempat Naruto sambil membawa Es krimnya.


Sudah diam saja…’

“Naru-chan…aku sudah beli Es krimnya…”


Naruto melihat Es krim yang di bawa Sasuke dengan mengkok kaca besar. Naruto meitikkan air matanya saat teringat Gaara.

“Sudah jangan menangis…Gaara bilang kau suka makan Es krim coklat sampe sakit perut kan?”


“Aku tahu…Gaara bilang semuanya ke aku…kita khan…” HUEEEKK ‘Temen baik…”


“Ayo makan…”

“Ya…Makasih Sasuke-kun…”

Merekapun makan Es krim coklat itu bersam-sama.

HIK HIK Aku juga mau Es krim coklat…” Gaara melihat dengan pandangan ngiri dan marah karena barusan Sasuke menjilat pipi Naruto yang berlumuran Es krim. “GGRRRRR! I am gonna kill you!”

“Orochimaru-sama bagaimana ini? Sepertinya polisi sudah mulai mencurigai usaha kita.”

“Kimimaru…juallah barang kita yang tersisa dengan setengah harga.”


“Orochimaru-sama…” Sakon dan Ukon berlari sambil berteriak. “Sepertinya klien kita yang bernama Jimmy yang telah memberi Informasi kepada polisi.”


“Sudah kuduga…”

“Adaapa? Kabuto?”

“Rasanya saya pernah melihat wajah Mr. Jimmy itu.”

“Maksudmu…” Kumo bertanya dengan wajah bloon.

“Kalian ingat mahasiswa yang sering kita kerjai? Dan kita tembak saat di ruang fakultas Teknik?”

“Uchiha Sasuke? Dia masih hidup?”

“Sepertinya begitu…”

“Kabuto kau tahu sesuatu tentang Uchiha Sasuke?” Orochimaru bertanya dengan nada serius.


“Ceritakan sekarang juga padaku segala sesuatunya.”

“Uchiha Sasuke…mahasiswa fakultas Kriminalitas,mempunyai seorang kaka yang menjadi anggota kepolisian, bernama Uchiha Itachi.”

“Bagaimana degan orang yang berharga untukknya…misalnya keluarganya?”

“Kedua orang tuanya sekarang sedang ada di Luar Negeri, Pacarnya bernama Uzumaki Naruto…”


“Ya! Mereka beru bertunangan beberapa hari lalu.”

“Bagus Kabuto. Kalian semua pergi! Bawa Uzumaki Naruto kesini dan pancing Uchiha Sasuke supaya mau menggantikan Tunangannya dengan dirinya sendiri.”


Naruto menyiapkan makan malam bersama Tsunade.


“Hm? Ada apaNaruto? Sepertinya ada yang sedang kamu pikirkan?”

“Ya…” Naruto meletakkan 3 piring di atas meja ‘Aku…Tsunade Baa-chan…dan Jiraiya Sensei’ gumam Naruto.

“Ada apa Naruto? Ceritakanlah kalau kau mau…” Tsunade duuk di kursi goyangnya, kemudian Naruto berlutut dan meletakkan tangannya di pangkuan Tsunade dan juga kepalanya di atas tangannya.

“Apakah Baa-chan ikir Sasuke-kun benar-benar suka padaku?”

“Kalian sudah bertunangan kan? Kenapa kau masih ragu?”

“Kupikir Sasuke-kun bisa mendapatkan pasangan yang jauh lebih baik daripada aku…tapi kenapa dia memilihku ya?”

“Naruto…perasaan orang tidak dapat di paksakan…Sasuke bertunangan denganmu berarti dia mencintaimu. Aku dapat melihatnya dari tatapan matanya saat melihatmu.”

“Emangnay ada apa dengan tatapan Sasuke-kun?”

“Hahaha…kau memang masih lugu Naruto. Saat Sasuke melihatmu… tatapannya terlihat sangat lembut dan penuh perhatian. Mata tidak pernah berbohong…”


Tsunade mengangguk.sesaat kemudian terdengar suara pintu di ketok.

“Ah…mungkin itu Jiraiya-san. Naruto mengundangnya makan malam sama-sama kan?”

“Ya! Biar aku yang bukakan pintunya, Baa-chan duduk saja.” Naruto berlari keluar dari dapur dan membuka pintu.

“Jiraiya Sense…I?”

“Selamat malam Uzumaki Naruto…Perkenalkan nama saya Kabuto.”

“Ada perlua apa ya?” Tanya Naruto ramah.

“Kami ingin anda ikut kami sekarang…” DUUAKK! BRUKK! Naruto terjatuh setelah lehernya di pukul oleh Kimimaru.

“Bawa dia!”

“APAAAA?” Sasuke memukul meja saat Itachi memberitahukan apa yang terjadi pada Mereka sedang berada di rumah Naruto.

“Tenang Sasuke…tenang…” Itachi berusaha menenangkan Sasuke.

“Tenang? Kau bilang tenang! Kau suruh aku tenang sementara kita tidak tahu apa yang terjadi dengan Naruto!”

“Kami juga sedang memikirkan hal itu Sasuke-kun.” Neji membantu Itachi menenangkan Sasuke.

“Apakah tidak ada petunjuk sama sekali! Tsunade bachan!”

“Tidak…waktu itu seseorang mengetuk pintu, Naruto bilang akan membuka pintu. Kami mengira yang datang itu Jiraiya yang saat itu Naruto undang untuk makan malam bersama kami.” Tsunade menangis.



Apa maksud nada bicaramu itu?”

Kau jangan bicara dulu, itu hanya akan menambah masalah.’

Maksudmu aku hanya menambah masalah untukmu? Fine!”

Mau kemana kau?’ Sasuke bertanya pada Gaara yang beranjak pergi.

Mencari Naru-chan! Lebih baik aku yang pergi mencarinya dari pada orang seperti kamu yang tidak mau mendengarkan pendapat orang lain dan tidak punya otak.”

Apa maksudmu?’

Kau punya otak tapi kau tidak dapat menggunakannya dengan benar. Coba kau pikir siapa yang bisa berbuat seperti itu? Selama ini Naru-chan tidak pernah berbuat sesuatu yang dapat membuat seseorang dendam padanya!”

GAARA?’ Sasuke melihat kemarahan yang sangat di mata Gaara.

Kau lupa Sasuke? Aku kakak angkat Naruto, dan aku juga mencintainya. Bahkan lebih dari cintamu padanya! Kau malah bicara seolah kau segalanya tentang Naruto? Kau bilang aku hanya menambah masalah untukmu? Aku hanya ingin memberitahumu kemungkinan dimana Naruto berada!”


HUH! Kalau tahu begini…aku tidak akan menyerahkan Naruto padamu.”


kemungkinan terbesar Naruto sekarang berada di tempat Orochimaru. Kakakmu itu mulai menyelidiki masalah Narkotika ini kan? Sepertinya mereka menyadari bahwa kamu yang membocorkan masalah usaha mereka pada polisi, dan salah satu anak buah Orochimaru yang bernama Kabuto terkenal sangat pintar mencari data kan?”


HUH! Ternyata kau ini memang tidak berguna.” Gaara terbang dan menghilang.

Sasuke segera mengambil kunci mobilnya dan menyambar jaketnya.

“Sasuke kau mau kenama?”

“Menyelamatkan Naruto, dan…Aniki tolong kau kumpulkan beberapa anggota kepolisian dan segera susul aku ke Orochimaru’s Present.”


Sasuke segera memacu mobilnya sampai dia mengerem mendadak ketika sesosok makhluk meloncat ke depan mobilnya.


“Aku ikut! Jika tidak aku tidak tahu bagaimana menjawab sapaan Gaara saat di alam kematian besok.” Shikamaru meloncat ke dalam mobil.

“Hm…” Sasuke mengangguk dan segera memacu mobilnya kembali.

“Jadi…ini tempat orang-orang yang membunuh Gaara?”

“Eh? Shikamaru…kau tahu?”

“Jelaslah…Mereka itu memang sudah kurang ajar tapi tidak kusangka mereka dapat membunuh orang.”

“Gaara pernah buat masalah dengan mereka?”

“Kau bercanda ya? Kau tahu sifat Gaara kan?”

“Jadi…benar dia pernah buat masalah dengan mereka…” Sasuke melihat ke arah Shikamaru yang dengan wajah seriusnya menatap bangunan di depan mereka berdua.

“Tidak pernah deh kayaknya.” GUBRAK! Sasuke reflek terjerembab melihat wajah Shikamaru yang berubah seperti orang blo’on.

“Apa pernah ya? Kayaknya ga’ pernah deh? Pernah! Engga’ pernah! Pernah! Engga’ pernah!”

“Ah…sudahlah…” Sasuke melangkah mendekati pabrik milik Orochimaru Pelan…pelan…pelan…pelan…iringan lagu pink phanter.

Sasuke memasuki bagian depan Pabrik, terlihat beberapa mobil pengangkut barang dan beberapa kotak box. Di dalam ruangan tersebut ada dua jalan, pintu sebelah kanan dan kiri. Setahu Sasuke pintu sebelah kanan pintu yang pernah dia lewati bersama Kabuto dan itu jalan dimana ada ruangan tempat pembungkusan Narkotika, jadi hanya ada mesin.

Hello SasudarakuMy brother”


Jangan teriak gitu dong…”

Huf…huff…untung aku ga’ teriak beneran. Cuman teriak dalam ati.’ Sasuke menengadahkan wajahnya dan melihat Gaara yang sedang tisuran menirukan gara The Little Mermaid di atas sebuah mobil pengangkut.

“Hei! Kau kenapa? Wajahmu seperti orang yang baru liat hantu aja.”

“Hehehe…tidak apa-apa kok.” ‘Emang barusan liat hantu’ batin Sasuke. “Oh ya Shikamaru…kau pergilah lewat pintu sebelah kanan dan aku akan melewati pintu sebelah kiri ini.”


Hei kenapa kau memilih pintu kiri ini?”

Kalan pintu kanan hanya ada tempat pembungkusan Heroin kan? Mungkin jalan ini bisa menuntun kita ke tempat lainnya.’

Bagaimana dengan Shikamaru?”

Aku rasa dia aman. Aku menyuruhnya memilih jalan kanan karena kupikir dia bisa mengumpulkan data dan bukti yang lebih banyak.’

Tapi…kayaknya…ga’ bakal berhasi deh.”

Maksudmu?’ Sasuke bingung melihat Gaara terbang sambil mikir.

Melihat sifat Shikamaru…mungkin ga’ ya? Dia mau melakukannya?”


Shikamaru itu sifatnya cepat berubah. Jangan-jangan dia menjadi tidak berminat setelah berpikir kalau pekerjaan ini membosankan.”

Ya… kita liat aja nanti.’

Sasuke memasuki sebuah ruangan yang luas dengan banyak box disekitarnya. Sasuke mengedarkan pandangannya sampai matanya terpaku pada sebuah tiang besar di tengah ruangan.

“NARUTO!” Sasuke berlari menuju Naruto yang terikat di tiang itu dengan mulut di bekap.

“Jangan terburu-buru begitu…” Kumo menghalangi jalan Sasuke dan meninjunya,untung reflek Sasuke masih ampuh. untung…untung….

“Selamat datang Mr. Jimmy…atau lebih baik kupanggil Uchiha Sasuke?”

Orochimaru berdiri di samping Naruto yang sedang terikat. Naruto mengeluarkan air mata dan menggelangkan kepalanya berusaha berkata pada Sasuke untuk lari.

Seketika itu, semua anak buah Orochimaru mengelilingi Sasuke dengan membawa berbagai peralatan pemukul baseball, tongkat hoki, kunci inggris, tang, besi, dll, dll.

Sasuke jumlahnya banyak banget lho…sekitar 1…2…3…4…5…30 orang deh…kayaknya…”

Aku tahu…’

Bagaimana? Kau bisa mengatasinya?”

Berdsoa sajalah…’

Ya tuhan semoga Sasuke kalah dan babak belur, sekalian saja kalau mau dicabut nyawanya… sehingga saya punya teman buat pergi ke surga…”

Terserah lah…’

Sasuke mengambil sepotong besi yang tergeletak di samping kakinya dan membuang jaketnya.

“Lihatlah…Naru-chan. Bagaimana tunanganmu itu mati.”


“Apa? Kau mau bilang sesuatu?”

“………………” Naruto menangis.

“Kau tahu? Aku sedikit iri pada tunanganmu itu. Kau sangat manis. Setelah tunanganmu itu pergi ke neraka kau akan jadi milikku. Kau juga bersalah karena menolak untuk bergabung denganku dan kau tidak mau menjadi milikku.”


“JANGAN DENGARKAN DIA NARUTO!” Sasuke berteriak sambil menghadapi rombongan yang terus-menerus menyerangnya. Gaara hanya dapat melihat Sasuke berkelahi dengan perasaan geram.

GRRR! Sialaaaaaaaannnnnn! Di saat begini aku justru tidak dapat melakukan apapun.” Gaara melihat ke arah Naruto. “AH! BAKORO jangan ganggu adikku…mau gua bunuh ya lo?”

Orochimaru melepas kain yang membungkam mulut Naruto.

“Tolong…jangan sakiti Sasuke, aku akan bergabung dengamu dan menjadi milikmu…Just let him go, don’t hurt him.”

“Sudah terlambat Naru-chan…dia terlalu banyak mencampuri urusan kami. Tapi aku akan mempertimbangkan tentang dirimu.”

“Please…biarkan dia pergi…” Naruto semakin menjadi-jadi nangisnya.

GGRRRRR! Gemes akuuuuu!” Gaara terbang ke arah Sasuke dan langsung masuk ke dalam tubuh Sasuke. Seketika Sasuke merasakan badannya dingin seperti mau beku sampai akhirnya kesadarannya hilang sepenuhnya.

SORRY Sasuke, aku ambil alih tubuhmu untuk sementara.”

Gaara mengambil gerakan kuda-kuda. Gaara memiliki gaya berkelahi sendiri ?. saat anak buah Orochimaru menyerang secara bersamaan…




Huufft” Gaara menetralisir nafasnya ? “Mampus koe, wani nantangin gue.”

Naruto melihat ke arah Sasuke dengan mata melotot dan Orochimaru juga tetapi matanya hampir keluar. “Gaara…nii-chan?”

“HAH” Sasuke ‘Gaara’ melihat kearah Naruto dengan terkejut. “Naru-chan?”


“HAH!” Gaara terkejut saat Orochimaru menyeret Naruto-yang masih terikat tangannya-keluar pabrik. “Tungguuuu!”

Gaara keluar dari tubuh Sasuke dan seketika itu juga Sasuke mendapatkan kembali kesadarannya.

“Kejarlah dia…aku rasa kau lebih berhak sekarang.”

“Gaara…HEH Baiklah!” Sasuke berlari keluarpabrik disusul Gaara. “Berhenti kau brengsek!.”

“HUH! Aku masih belum kalah Sasuke…aku masih punya Naruto. Aku akan membawanya sebagai sandera.


Beberapa saat kemudian bersamaan dengan datangnya rombongan polisi, sebuah kapal datang dari arah laut ps. Perbatasan tempat pbrik Orochimaru itu deket ama laut.

Sasuke mengambil pistol yang di pegang Itachi dan menembak pengemudi kapal itu.


“Wwuuuiiihh…kena coy, padahal dari jarak segini jauh.” Itachi bengong, sementara Sasuke melompat ke atas kapal yang kali ini dikendalikan Orochimaru. Disusul Gaara.

“Cepat tangkap semua yang ada dalam pabrik!”Itachi memberikan perintah pada polisilainnya.


Saat semua rombongan masuk ke dalam pabrik mereka semua tercengang karena semua anak buah Orochimaru sudah terikat dengan tali tambang dan terlihat Shikamaru sedang merekam mereka semua dengan Handy cam yang dia ambil entah dari mana.

“Yoo! MEN! Kok telat seh?”


Sasuke naik ke dek dua dimana tempat Orochimaru berada.



“Kau sampai juga Sasuke?” Orochimaru menarik Naruto hingga Orochimaru dapat melingkarkan satu lengannya di leher Naruto dan tangannya yang lain menggenggam pistol dan di arahkan ke pelipis Naruto.

“Jangan coba-coba lakukan.”

“Aku bisa saja menarik pelatuknya sekarang, bagaimana menurutmu? Sasuke?”

Sasuke bergerak ke samping sedikit demi sedikit, agar Orochimaru tidak menyadarinya. Setelah berada tepat di samping Orochimaru, tepatnya di depan Naruto Sasuke mencondongkan badannya ke depan sedikit dan menendang Orochimaru tepat di pelipis kirinya.

Naruto terlempar dari genggamannya, tetapi Orochimaru tetap memegang pitolnya. Sasuke menangkap badan Naruto.

Sasuke AWAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!” Gaara memberi peringatan saat Orochimaru mengarahkan pistolnya pada Sasuke dan penarik pelatuknya.

Sasuke melompat ke samping sambil membawa tubuh Naruto yang masih terikat. Peluru pistol hampir mengenai Naruto tetapi Sasuke membuat tameng dengan badannya sendiri sehingga Lengan kirinya tertembak.


“Sa…Sasuke-kun…HAH! Darah…”

“Aku tidak apa-apa Naru-chan…” Sasuke menghapus air mata Naruto.

“Mengharukan sekali…aku jadi pengen muntah! Lanjutkan kisah kasih kalian setelah kalian sampai di neraka.” Orochimaru mengarahkan pistolnya kearah Naruto dan Sasuke. Gaara menggeram kesal. “Sampai jumpa, dan selamat tinggal!”

Sasuke dan Naruto menutup mata. DORR!

UKH” Sasuke terkejut melihat apa yang terjadi, begitu pula Gaara. Orochimaru jatuh tersungkur di depan Sasuke dan Naruto.

“HUH! Kamilah yang seharusnya mengatakan hal itu.” Neji berdiri dengan memegang sebuah pistol di tangan kanannya dan bergaya seperti seorang koboi yang meniup asap pistolnya. “Ffuuhh..”


“Hai Naru-chan dan Sasuke-kun…aku mencuri satu pistol Itachi tadi…” Neji nyengir kuda.

Sasuke kau tidak apa-apa?”

Ya…aku baik-baik saja Gaara. Hei! Kenapa wajahmu? Kusut amat,amat aja ga’ kusut.’

Maaf…aku tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa.” Gaara melihat Sasuke tang terbaring di pangkuan Naruto dengan lengan yang terus mengucurkan darah segar.

Jangan begitu…kalau kau tidak ada aku pasti udah mati tadi. Ingat? Saat kau mengambil alih tubuhku dan menghajar orang2 itu?’


Mereka terlihat lucu sekali…’


“Haahahahahahaha!” Sasuke tertawa terbahak-bahak bersama Gaara.

“Sasuke-kun?” Naruto bengong.

“Ah…Naru-chan…ada yang ingin aku katakan…”


“Gaara ada di sini…”


“Dia yang telah mengalahkan semua anak buah Orochimaru dengan mengambil alih tubuhku.”

“Gaara nii-chan…ada disini? Dimana Sasuke?”

“Disampingmu Naru-chan. Di sangat rindu padamu dan ingin menyampaikan sesuatu.”


“I Love You Naru-chan.”

“Gaara nii-chan…”

Naruto menangis dan Sasuke berusaha menenangkannya sementara Neji mengendalikan kapal.


HAH! Orochimaru?” Gaara kaget melihat arwah Orochimaru yang keluar dari tubuhnya yang sudah jadi mayat. “Nyaaaaaaaaaa…” Gaara mupeng. “It’s my turn…”

“Gaara kau mau kemana?” Sasuke bertanya saat Gaara mendekati arwah Orochimaru.

“Gaara nii-chan mau pergi?” Naruto menengadahkan wajahnya melihat ke arah dimana Sasuke juga melihat.

Lihat itu Sasuke…?”


Yup! Dan sekarang aku akan memberinya pelajaraaaaann…”

Hei Gaara…boleh Request?’


Bisakah kau buat dia menderita? Cabut uratnya, kuliti dia, dan peras darahnya?’



Gaara menyapa Orochimaru yang sedang bingung melihat dirinya yang transparan sekarang.

“Yoo…Mantan Boss!”

“HAH! Kau…Gaara?”

“Yup! Ternyata Bos tidak melupakanku ya? Memang ya Bos jadi manusia itu kan harus bisa mngingat orang lain dengan konkrit, konkrit, dan konkrit GILA BOS! Cool banget ga’ sih gaya gue?”


“Sekarang aku ingin memberikan hadiah karena kau membuatku bekerja di tempat seperti pabrikmu itu, membuatku bertemu dengan anak buahmu yang jelek-jelek itu, membuatku mati, menculik Naru-chanku an terakhir kau melukai saudaraku.”

“EEEHH?” Sasuke melongo mendengar Gaara mengatakan hal itu. “HAH!” Sasuke kaget dan mulai menghitung.






Prang…buakk…mampus lu…mate’ koe…rasakan…wing zero serang dia…buuuum…duar…klontang…ctar…jedebbuuumm…cring…brrrrmmm…brrmmm….soguuuuuunnn…ngeeeeng…krompyang…wwuusssshhh…gabruk…duaaaakkk…BUMMMM…

Huuufff…”Gaara menarik nafas. “Selesai sudah” Gaara nyengir melihat arwah Orochimaru berada di bawah telapak kakinya.

“Haaahahahahah Bagus sekali Gaara…”

“Sasuke-kun apa yang terjadi?” Naruto membantu Sasuke untuk duduk dan menempelkan punggungnya pada tembok kapal.

“Gaara menghajar arwah Orochimaru sampe’ babak belur.” Sasuke masih tetep ngekeh samapai akhirnya Sasuke melihat cahaya merah dan biru di atas kepala arwah Gaara dan Orochimaru.

“TIDAAAAAAKKKK!” Orochimaru berterian saat cahaya merah membawanya menghilang.

Sasuke berusaha berdiri. “Jadi kau akan pergi Saudaraku?”


“Gaara nii-chan…ada di sini kan? Aku ingin bilang kalau aku sangat sayang sama nii-chan.”

Katakan Sasuke kalau aku juga sayang padanya dan bilang padanya jangan lupakan aku.”

“YA!” Sasuke menghadap arah Naruto dan memeluknya. “Gaara bilang dia juga sangat saying padamu dan jangan lupakan dia.”

“Ya…” Naruto menangis.

Sampai jumpa lagi Sasuke, saudaraku…”

“Sampai jumpa lagi Gaara, saudaraku…” Sasuke melambaikan tangannya mengikuti tubuh Gaara yang terbang di bawa oleh cahaya biru, Narutopun melakukan hal yang sama seperti Sasuke.

“Jadi…dia sudah pergi Sasuke?” Naji bertanya sambil tetap focus pada kapal.

“Ya…” BRUKK! Sasuke pingsan.

Sasuke membuka matanya dan melihat Naruto dengan wajah sedih. Sasuke menggerakkan tangannya dan meraih wajah Naruto dan kemudian menghapus airmata Naruto.

“Hei! Jangan nangis dong…”

“Bagaimana aku engga’ nangis…kamu udah pingsan 2 minggu…”


“Kami pikir kamu udah mati kehabisan darah. Neji-san berkata kalau aku harus menemanimu terus dan berbicara denganmu, tapi kamu engga’ bangun- bangun juga.”

“Maaf…” Sasukemanghapus air mata Naruto yang semakin banyak mengalir…’ “Maafkan aku ya?” Sasuke berusaha duduk dan memeluk Naruto.



Sasuke dan Naruto memerah saat tahu kalau semua temannya berdiri sambil menatap mereka berdua yang hampir berciuman.

“Kethahuan Shashuke…GENIT.” Itachi menggoda Sasuke sambil berlalu pergi.

“Awas…jangan keterlaluan ya?” Neji ikutan.

“Naruto-kun…hati-hati ya?” Hinata berkata malu-malu, lalu keluar.

“Yo! Ganbatte kudasai yo!” Shino tuh.

“So sweet…” Sakura…

“Di suitin coy!” Lee

“Ayo…obat nyamuk pergi dulu…” Ino

“Bentar aku mau nyoba camera yang baru aku rancang. Dan juga handy cam…mau ngerekam adegan mereka siapa tahu dapat dijual ke sutradara film percintaan terkenal.”Shikamaru…

“Akhirnya saudara-saudara sekalian…pasangan kumpul kebo kita berhasil melakukan malam pertama kumpul kebo mereka…” Kiba

“Huuuaahahahahahhahahah!” Semuanya.

“KALIAAAANN” Sasuke memerah dan memeluk Naruto lagi, kemudian menciumnya dengan lembut. “HEEM?” Sasuke broke the kiss.

“Ada apa Sasuke-kun?”

“Rasanya ada perasaan ga’ enak neh…”

“Aku ambilkan air ya?”

“Ya…” Naruto beranjak keluar kamar. “Ada apa ya?” tiba-tiba Sasuke merasakan udara yang sangat dingin menerpa badannya yang masih nyut-nyutan itu.

Hello Sasudaraku”

“HEH?” Sasuke membalikkan badannya dan berusaha apa yang ada di balik badannya, lebih tepatnya SIAPA? Saat berbalik dilihatnya Gaara nyengir kuda.

Hei Sasuke…saudarakuaku minta izin sama penjaga alam kematian agar aku di beri waktu untuk menikahkan Naru-chan dengan orang baik-baik, yang pasti bukan kamu!.


Jadi kita akan bertemu terus sampai aku menemukan calon yang cocok untuk Naru-chan. Sebab kita kalau punya tanggung jawab harus sampai tuntas, tuntas, dan tuntas…GILA! Cool banget ga’ seh gaya gue?”

“OK Sasuke…breath…breath…tutup mata…tarik nafas dalam dalam dan…” Sasuke membuka matanya saat wajah Gaara close-up di depan wajanya.



The End