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Thursday, February 12, 2009


A/N: Well...I have finally finished this piece. It took me two days to write it. I know that may not seem like a lotbut compared to how long it normally takes my to write a story.... Ugh (though it is a long story...) The sad thing is that I really dislike this one... -Sigh- I know I said that about "The Annoying Ten" but I can really feel the disappointment in this one. Hopefully you guys like it though! ^^ I sincerely hope you do! Please read and take a little time to review!! Your reviews mean so much to me!! I read everyone of them and each one inspires me a bit more! Thank you guys once again!

By the way I just want ot warn you once again of major Sasuke OOC-ness in this one. I tried to write it as though he was just opening up to Sakura this once and then after he had released all these pent up emotions he kind of went back to his usual self...Let me know if it worked or not XD I guess this is why they call it Fanfictions!

Disclaimer: I really don't think I need to do this but, alas, I do not own Naruto, nor any of it's characters. I'm just a simple fanfiction writer....


Sakura was extremely confused. She was a modest kunoichi, but she knew she was relatively intelligent. Therefore the feeling of perplexity wasn’t one she was particularly used to. And yet here she was racking her brains for some sort of answer.

What...? What is he doing?’

Sasuke stood across from her with his hands buried deep within his pockets. His expression was one of complete indifference, almost boredom. Sakura briefly wondered if he was feeling alright. Did he know what he’d just done? It was so incredibly far from anything he would ever do, but he was there, and he’d done it. Didn’t he even realize the enormity of the situation he had just placed them in?

He’s lost it. It’s the only explanation’


“What?” She asked, snapping herself out of her thoughts.

He cast her an expecting glance.

“Oh. Right...well I...” She spoke softly, as though deep in thought.

Why is he doing this? There’s gotta be a reason. I know him and he just wouldn’t do this for the fun of it.’

“Sakura.” He spoke again, only this time his voice contained a hint of impatience.

“Why?” She asked him the simple question with a firm voice. She just wanted an answer from him. Sakura wasn’t about to dance around the subject or stay in the dark.

His next words cut her deeply. She could feel something inside her jerk and her breath was pulled away from her.

“It’s convenient.”

She couldn’t help the gasp that escaped her lips. She could feel the stinging in her chest and she knew exactly what it was. Sakura Haruno was no stranger to heartbreak.

Convenient? He’s only doing this because it is convenient for him? He doesn’t even care about what this is doing to me...It is just a simple way out. I’m just his backup, his last resort.’

“Sakura.” He said her name a third time, no longer masking the irritated note in it. He wasn’t expecting her to take so long with her decision. The pinked haired girl had always followed him around; even when he left to join Orochimaru, she’d hunted him down. She was his number one fangirl. Therefore the very idea that she’d hesitate was unthinkable.

“I...I have to go Sasuke.” She stated quietly. She couldn’t stand this anymore. She needed to be away from him and think. Her mind was overflowing with the memory of what he had just done and she needed to go.

She turned slowly and walked off the bridge and began the short walk to her apartment. His words were still resonating in her ears as she replayed the moment over and over again. She arrived home and immediately headed for her bed. She was so emotionally exhausted, she just wanted to feel the small amount of comfort her bed offered.

As she lay under the covers crying and drifting off to sleep, her last thoughts had been about the words Sasuke had spoken that had marked the start of this whole disaster.

Sakura. Marry me.”

* * *

The next day, Sakura worked furiously at the hospital. She was still hurt and her heart had not forgotten the blow it had suffered the day before. She threw herself into her work, doing whatever she could to keep her mind on healing and away from the day before.

With all the work she’d been doing, she hadn’t even noticed how much chakra she’d used. She just kept pushing herself forward.

“Sakura. You need to stop. Go home, rest and come back tomorrow afternoon.” Tsunade said lightly touching her shoulder.

Sakura knew she should listen to Tsunade. The woman had been a medic nin for years and she was Konoha’s Hokage, however she couldn’t stop. If she stopped she’d have to deal with her problems. And she was just to upset to face them.

“Sakura! Are you listening!? What you’re doing is dangerous!” Tsunade snapped, grabbing her shoulders.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop shishou.” Sakura muttered. She carefully pried her arms away from her mentor and turned back to her patient.

“Sakura.” Her teacher voice was infinitely gentler. “It’s time for you to rest. I don’t know what’s happened, though I have a pretty good idea who might have been behind it. But whatever he’s done, you can’t let it affect you like this! You cannot heal others until you’ve healed yourself Sakura. Now go home.

“Hai, Tsunade-shishou.” The girl said softly. She could feel how much the drain of her chakra had taken out of her.

She took off her medical coat and trudged out of the hospital doors in her scrubs. Outside, she discovered the stormy weather that was currently hanging over Konoha. One could smell the rain that was threatening to escape from the clouds and spill over the village.

I’ve been inside all day... I never even knew about the weather. I really did stay too long at work today’ She sighed. She felt like a completely different person after her conversation with Sasuke. She no longer felt like Sakura Haruno, the independent medic nin and teammate of the city’s best ninjas. She just felt like someone had trampled all over her heart and squeezed the life right out of her.

She had stopped paying attention to where her feet were taking her and just let them lead her. She found herself on the same bridge she’d been on just a day before. She looked over the railing and saw her reflection in the water. She looked just like she felt.


She closed her eyes and sighed. The thing she’d been running away from had caught up with her and was now staring her in the face. Literally.


“Have you thought about what I asked you yesterday?” He got right to the point and didn’t waste any time.


“Sakura. You never gave me an answer.”

“I know.”

He waited for her to continue but she remained silent.

“Do you have an answer for me?” He pressed on. He was getting annoyed at her clear avoidance of his question. Sakura finally snapped.

“No! I don’t! I don’t have an answer for you! You can’t just spring this on me and expect me to have an answer for you! Especially when you only asked because you thought it’s be convenient for yourself. You didn’t even consider my feelings! You left us! You betrayed the village and now that you’re back you just think you can demand anything you want! I’m not the same girl you left behind Sasuke. You can’t just walk all over me like this anymore! So no! I don’t have an answer for you!”

Overhead, Sakura could hear thunder rolling. The storm that had been hanging over the city had finally begun.


“No Sasuke! No!”


“Why are you doing this?” she whispered.


“ can be a real...jackass sometimes you know that Uchiha!?”


“You never change! You’ll always be the same cold hearted bastard! I begged you to stay! I begged you not to leave! But you did. You left left us behind! And now that you’re back you just expect everything to be the same? My heart was broken! Don’t you understand?”


“And again! You have just trampled all over my heart! You want me to marry you because it’s convenient?! Marriage is about love and commitment and happiness, but you don’t care about that at all! You just see it as something you need to do to accomplish your goal. It means nothing to you! And apparently neither do I! You only asked me because you assumed I would say yes. Convenient for Sasuke. He can just marry some fangirl and get it out of the way!


“Heh..” Sakura laughed bitterly. “ Silence...After all I tried to give you...the only thing you could ever ever give me was silence. Well that’s not enough for me Uchiha. Don’t you understand...? I can never look at you the same way as I used to.”

Tears were stinging her eyes by this point. She bowed her head and stared at the ground, fists clenching at her sides. She refused to cry in front of him. She wouldn’t give this man, who had called her weak and annoying countless times, the satisfaction of seeing the truth behind his insults. She pushed forward and continued to say what was on her mind.

“Before you left, I looked at you and I saw a boy who was strong, who had suffered through so much, but still had the strength to go on even after what had happened to him. He was someone who protected me whenever I needed it. He fought and trained and I thought that maybe, just maybe together as Team 7, we could all help him achieve his goals because for one second I thought that’d maybe he had learned how to accept people, that we had become friends. That’s what I saw when I looked at you. That’s why I always chased after you. I admired you more than anyone.”

Sasuke remained silent, unsure of what he should say to her. He couldn’t tell her that the things she said were lies, because they weren’t. He had always assumed that she had simply followed him around because of his looks. He never imagined that she could possibly hold such deep feelings for him. He did feel like a jackass. But he chose the stay silent and let her finish everything she needed to let go of.

“But now...when I look at you...the only thing I see is a cold hearted insensitive jerk! A-and I-I wi-will n-ever ev-ever m-m-marry you!”

Rained started to fall, showering the pair. As the water rolled off their bodies, Sakura finally succumbed to the tears she had tried to hold back with her entire being. She had failed in shielding her pain from his empty eyes. Sakura desperately shook her head, she couldn’t let him see this. She prayed with all her soul that the rain would hide it from him. She turned around and ran as quickly as she could from him. Her need to run as far away from him as possible was the only thing on her mind. Despite her exhaustion, Sakura just ran as fast as her feet could carry her, away from the source of her pain. Away from the man who had shattered her heart and yet who still had a firm grasp on it.

Why do I let him do this to me? Why can’t I just let him go?” She racked her brain, searching for an answer as she sprinted home.

Because you love him” her inner stated simply.

Sakura shook her head, shaking away all traces of her inner personality. Though she knew she was right, she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. She wouldn’t let those thoughts affect her. She just couldn’t handle it. She was just one girl after all. She could only withstand so much heart break and disappointment before she broke completely. And Sakura was broken.


Sasuke waited until she was finally out of sight before he exhaled the breath he’d been holding.

That had been one of the hardest things he’d ever had to suffer through. He’d never known that she had been hurt so deeply because of him. The truth was that he’d never wanted to marry just any girl. He cared for Sakura. He just couldn’t show it.

After what had happened to his clan and the ones he’d once loved, he’d kept a solid wall around his heart. He couldn’t just tell people how he felt about them. It wasn’t that he never wanted to let the ones closest to him know. It was just impossible for him.

When he came back to Konoha he’d known that there would be bitterness about his departure. It was no secret. That’s why he’d kept his heart under even closer guard. He couldn’t show others the feelings within him, for he knew they would be hard to accept. He’d left them. How could he be sure that they wouldn’t reject him? That they wouldn’t accuse him of lying? He wouldn’t be able to handle it.

He had lied when he’d said that he had severed his bonds. They were within him all the time.

The proof of wounds inflicted by his departure was now running as fast as she could away from him. And she was the one he’d wanted to keep close to him.

“Hn.” He muttered. He was frustrated with himself and her. He knew that she cared about him. He knew it. And it was clear to him that he cared for her. But between the two of them, one had yet to let go of wounds inflicted by the betrayal of the other and the other had yet to let go of his cold persona for even a moment to help heal the girl’s heart.

He hadn’t lied. It would be convenient for him to marry her. She just hadn’t stayed and listened long enough to learn why. Well he’d make sure she found out one way or another.


Sakura ran home and collapsed on her doorstep. She didn’t even have the energy to pick herself up and unlock her door. She just lay her head on her arms and let all her pain seep out of her. Sobs racked her body.

She knew it was stupid to sit there in the rain on the cement, but she was broken. She didn’t even spare a thought to her well being, she was too hurt to care.

Suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms pick her up, with one arm beneath her knees and the other around her shoulders. She suddenly found herself, no longer crying into her own arms, but into a warm chest. She felt the arms pull her closer to the man holding her and cradle her gently there.

Sakura slowly opened her eyes and looked up to the man. Her eyes widened in realization.

“Sasuke? What are you doing? Put me down! Put me down right now!” Sakura was furious that he even had the gall to touch her. What the hell did he think he was doing? She struggled against him, flailing her arms and her legs.

He simply tightened his hold on her, willing her to stop thrashing around. Everyone in the village was aware of the girl’s strength, including Sasuke. Holding her still was no easy task despite her fatigue. But, she eventually gave up her struggle and just continued to weep into his chest.

When her sobs died down he slowly put her legs down and reached for her hand. He pried open her fingers and gently took the keys to her apartment out of her hand. He walked to the door and opened it. Sakura made a move to walk through the door herself but she was soon swept up into Sasuke’s arms again.

“Sasuke...I can wa-“

“Just be quiet Sakura. You’re exhausted”

Sakura silenced her protests, ashamed to appear so weak in front of him.

He walked into the living room and softly placed her onto the couch.

He knew he had to tell her what he’d been struggling to say for years. He just needed the words.

Sakura I-“

She quickly cut him off, not wanting to hear any of what he had to say.

“Thank you Sasuke, but you really didn’t need to do that. I was perfectly able to-“

“I could see that. Curled up on your front step, too tired to even stand.”

“Well it’s been a long day! You could have just stayed out of it!”


“You know what? You can still stay out of it! You think that by carrying me through a door gives you the leverage to do whatever you want?! Get out Uchiha! I don’t want you here! LEAVE!” She was yelling now. She was still angry and upset about everything that happened earlier. Tears were beginning to build up in her eyes but she willed them not to fall.

“I’m not leaving Sakura.”

“Wanna bet?!”

“You should really just learn to shut up and listen. It’s annoying.”

“...” Sakura looked away and now stared at a stray thread on her couch.

“I didn’t lie you know.”


“Earlier. I didn’t lie.”

Sakura didn’t understand now. Was he trying to make this harder for her? Was he here to rub it in?

‘“About what?” She spat out.

“Marrying you being convenient. It would be.”

What?! Is that why you’re here?! To try and convince me to agree to your stupid question? I won’t marry you because it’s convenient! I mean it Uchiha! Get out of my house right now!” Tears rolled down her cheeks. He didn’t even listen to her when she had just spilled her heart out in front of him. She quickly got off of the couch and bolted past him to her bedroom. She locked her door and fell onto her bed trying to contain the sobs that were racking her small frame.

Sasuke ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

She’s just making this harder than it needs to be. Stubborn girl.’ He walked to her bedroom door and lightly rested his head against it.

“You’re still not listening Sakura.”

“Damn straight I’m not! Why should I?! All you ever do i-“

“It would be convenient,” Sasuke said, cutting off her muted replies from behind the door, “because if we were married I’d be able to see you whenever I wanted.”

Silence was heard behind the barrier separating the two before the Uchiha suddenly heard a muffled


Sasuke shrugged. He was struggling with something within himself. “You’re always on my mind and it’s annoying as hell not to be able to see you when I want to. It’d be convenient for me be able see you everyday.” He said in a voice that suggested that it was the most obvious thing in the world

Sakura was shocked. She silently counted how many words he’d just spoken. Thirty-one. Thirty-one words and two sentences. She suddenly burst out in giggles.

Is...Is she laughing?!’

“What?” Sasuke snapped. He’d just opened up to her and she found it funny?

“N-nothing Sa-sssuu-kee. just said o-over 30 w-wwords!” Sakura continued laughing. It was even harder to hear her reply between the door between them and her infuriating giggles.


Calming down Sakura wished he would continue what he’d been saying. She slowly padded to her bedroom door and opened it just a crack. “So..In what other ways would it be...convenient Sasuke?”

He glanced over at her and smirked. She’d just been laughing at him, but now she wanted him to go on.

She’s such a girl.’ He thought to himself, but the trails that her tears had left still stained her face.

“Well...” He began while cautiously moving forward, “You never call me Sasuke-kun anymore. It bothers me. It’d be convenient cause then you would. It’d definitely be less annoying.”

“Oh really? Anything else Sasuke?” Sakura said softly. She was slowly beginning to open up to him again.

He nodded, taking the last few inches that separated the pair. He gently brushed he tears away from her face.

How many times has she cried over me?’

She was about to ask what he was doing when she found herself incapable of doing so due to the pair of lips that had lightly attached themselves to hers. Sasuke was kissing her extremely softly, almost as though he was unsure whether it was acceptable. Her eyes widened before slowly closing. She lightly kissed him back before he pulled away.

Green eyes looked into onyx eyes before she wrapped her arms around Sasuke’s neck and pulling him forward forcefully. She smashed her lips on his and kissed him with all the pent up feeling she had. Sasuke responded with just as much force.

After the young couple had separated for air, Sasuke began to speak.

“It’d be convenient, because then I’d be able to do that whenever I wanted to.” He stated confidently.

Sakura laughed quietly before kissing him again. She had definitely misunderstood his intentions the first time, but she knew now what had really been going on in his head.

Suddenly Sasuke spoke, back to his usual short sentences. “So do you have an answer?”

Sakura thought for a moment before answering. “Yes. I do have an answer...And it’s no.”

Sasuke’s eyes widened a fraction and he searched her eyes for any hint that he’d done anything wrong.

Hi eyes revealed the question he hadn’t the courage to voice.

“You’re going to need to work a bit harder and a bit longer to win me Uchiha!” Sasuke narrowed his eyes sharply, while Sakura laughed before pressing her lips to his again.

Sasuke delighted in the feel of her lips against his and thought to himself:

So be it.’

~ Two Years Later ~

“Sasuke! Will you please answer the door?” Sakura shouted from their bedroom.

“Hn.”He muttered. He was beginning to question his decision. The woman’s nagging never ended.

“Sasuke!” Sakura whined “The door!”

Sasuke groaned and trudged to the front door. He opened it and groaned again.

“Teme! It’s been a while! How’ve you been? ” Naruto’s voice could be heard from across the apartment

“...” Sasuke wordlessly turned around and walked back into the living room.

“OI! Teme! I asked you question jer-“


“What did you call me?!?! You should be glad that I’ve finally made it back home. The very same home I had to drag your traitorous ass back to three years ago.”

The glare he received could have only been conjured by an Uchiha.

“Heh heh heh. Whatever teme! I forgive your lack of enthusiasm at my return!” Naruto stated, while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.


Naruto’s face suddenly acquired an angry twitch. He yelled through the house, being sure to get as close to his best friend’s ear as possible.

“Sakura-chan! Where are you?!”

“Naruto! You’re back!” Sakura rushed into the room and enveloped the blond ninja into a warm hug. Naruto had been gone for two months on a mission and though he was irritating and loud, everyone (yes, even Sasuke) had missed him and his antics.

“Naruto come into the kitchen and I’ll make you some ramen, Sasuke could you quickly run to the store and pick up some milk? We’re out.”

Sasuke crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes vehemently.

“Please?” Sakura looked at him silently pleading. She’d be busy all week at the hospital and this would be her only chance to catch up with her friend.

“Hn. “ He muttered as he grabbed a few dollars from his wallet and made his way to the door. As he passed his loud mouthed best friend the blonde whispered quietly


“Shut up Dobe.”


He returned quickly and was just in time to see Naruto off.

“Bye Naruto! See you soon okay?” she called out to him.

She turned around and began to clean the kitchen

It’s now or never Uchiha. So do it now.’


“Yes Sasuke?”

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder.

“What are you doing Sasuke?” Sakura giggled happily.

He stayed silent and slowly reached into his back pocket, pulling out a little black box. He brought it in front of her eyes and opened it, asking her a silent question.

He could hear her intake of breath and she gently took the box out of his hands.

“Are you...Are you..?”


She turned around in his arms and looked him the eyes. She suddenly smiled the most brilliant smile he’d ever seen. She enveloped him and a tight hug and buried her face into his neck.

“Is that a yes?”

Sakura suddenly squealed and entwined her arms around his neck before jumping up and wrapping her legs around his around his waist. She locked him in a bruising kiss that left both of them dizzy.

“Of course it’s a yes Sasuke-kun.”


“And why would you want to marry me?” She asked playfully.

Sasuke smirked and kissed her lips before answering her question.

“Because you are the biggest inconvenience I’ve ever met.”

The End.

A/N: So there it is...I hope you liked it! I'm sorry if you didn't...don't're not the only one XD (Damn you Sasuke OOc-ness!! You ruin my fics!) Still, reviews are always always appreciated. Especially right now. I've been feeling so stressed lately with school and you're reviews always make me feel a bit better. Even just knowing that people are reading. You have no idea how comforting it is. Well anyways....Thank you for reading!!!!!! -hands you a cookie- Hope you liked it!!!

Music Is Love: The Sasuke x Hinata Playlist

Author: raesigns

A/N: I saw a Song Mix drabble series for Soul Eater, so I thought it'd be fun to do this. Basically, you choose a pairing from whatever fandom you like, open up your music player, put it on random and write a small drabble for the first ten songs you hear. You only have the length of the song to write.

Keep in mind I cheated a little bit. x3; Don't we all, though? And I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes and OCC-ness. I was racing the clock. Literally. xD; Also, be advised there's a tiny lemon in there. It's not explicitly graphic, though. xD Don't worry.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor do I own the songs included here.

1.] "Victims Of Love" by Good Charlotte

"S...Sasuke?" her whisper came out raspy and forced. Her eyes strained to see the figure towering over her; it was blurry, but she couldn't mistake the Sharingan eyes that glared down at her.

"Idiot. I warned you that you'd get hurt," Sasuke knelt down by her side and placed a hand on her arm. "Can you move?"

"I...think so," she moved to sit up, but winced when her stomach lurched in pain. Agony painted her delicate features. Sasuke couldn't stand that pitiful sight. It happened again. He didn't protect her and now she was hurt.

It happened again...

2.] "Tongue Tied" by Faber Drive

Sasuke peeked shyly from beneath his blue-black bangs to Hinata, who sat across from him. He fought back a blush, mentally berating himself that Uchiha men do not blush. But when Hinata noticed his gaze on her, she smiled at him. He was rendered speechless for a moment.

"H-Hi, Sasuke," Hinata whispered softly and then she returned to her studies. Sasuke was tongue-tied, embarrassed and he was blushing. Damn it. His brother wouldn't let him live this down.

3.] "Teardrop" by Massive Attack (WARNING: Lemon! Skip if you don't like lemons.)

A harsh gasp escaped Hinata's lips. Why did she let him do this to her again? She tried so hard not to be tempted by his alluring eyes, but she fell into his trap anyway, like an oblivious rabbit.

"D-don't...Sasu--" she bit back a moan as he sunk into her again, his Sharingan eyes clouded over with a mixture of emotions. Through the haze, she tried to decode them. How did he feel about her right now? Did he love her?

Before she could find the answer, she was taken over by an incredible high. All of her thoughts vanished. She couldn't catch her breath. She was clinging to Sasuke's shoulders like it was a lifeline. She didn't notice when she rasped out his name. When she fluttered back down from the high, she felt so tired.

Sasuke smirked at this, "Exhausted already?"

Hinata looked away, embarrassed by his teasing. Mistake number one. Sasuke's lips suddenly ravished her neck. Her hands automatically went to his head, fingers whispering through his blue-black hair. In the midst of their love-making, Hinata realized one thing.

Love was a verb.

And that proved Sasuke loved her very, VERY much.

4. "Coming Out Strong" by Ana Johnnson

"Wait, Sasuke!" Hinata cried out, her eyes wide with shock. His Sharingan eyes locked with her Byakugan eyes for only a moment. Sasuke's expression hardened; he didn't look too pleased to see her. Hinata wasn't bothered by this. All that mattered was that he was here.

He was here right in front of her, so close but far away.

Hinata panicked when he turned away and upon instinct, she ran after him. Hinata reminded herself that she'd find Sakura and the others later. Right now, her main prioirity was catching Sasuke.

She would take him to a lighter place than where he'd been. And they'd come out stronger than before. She'd make sure of this.

5. "Sweet And Low" by Augustana

Sasuke was surpised and unhappy to see Hinata. She should be with her group, not here where it's dangerous. There was no telling when the enemy would strike. He turned away, intent on leaving her; he hoped that she'd have the common sense to ignore him and return to her squad.

His hopes were dashed. He could feel Hinata's presence closing up behind him. Sasuke's eyes narrowed. That idiot...that clueless, little idiot. Was his life worth the risk? He didn't want her to get hurt. But here she was, chasing him.

'If the worst should happen,' his glanced over his shoulder, knowing Hinata would be able to see him with the Byakugan, and mouthed, "I'll carry you home."

6. "All Around Me" by Flyleaf

Hinata hands reached out to touch Kiba, only to meet with thin air. She could barely see anything in this dense smog; not even the Byakugan could see through it. She was at an extreme disadvantage. The enemy, Sasuke Uchiha, decided to ambush Hinata and her team. It all happened so fast, Hinata couldn't put together exactly what events transpired after the ambush.

All she knew that she was within a dense, purple-colored smog she couldn't see through. Her hands started to shake like leaves. Sasuke was somewhere around here, stalking her like a snake preying on a mouse.

Hinata felt a feather-light touch near her neck. Her hand reached out to rub it. What was that? And this feeling? She could feel Sasuke's presence all around her. It was suddenly hard to breathe in this thick air. She turned around and saw red.

The red eyes of the Sharingan.

7. "Memory" by Sugarcult

Sasuke knew this realationship would fall apart before anything could happen. However, Sasuke couldn't bring himself to break things off with the shy, yet strong-willed Hinata. He already fell in too deep and he knew she had, too. It was tearing up his heart. She deserved so much better. Even that blonde-haired idiot.

"Sasuke?" he heard her voice. He turned around and saw her walking up to him, all gussied up for their date. "Are y-you ready?"


Hinata reached out to take his hand, her fingers interlacing with his. Sasuke knew this moment would forever be etched into his memory.

8. "Already Over" by Red

Sasuke couldn't believe he fell so hard for her. He hated himself for that and most of all, he hated her for making him feel this way. Her presence never left him, to the point where it was suffocating him. Yet, he couldn't run away. He was in love with her.

His hands balled into tight fists. He was so in love with Hinata Hyuuga. He didn't know how or why this happened to him of all people. He wasn't sure if Hinata knew of his feelings for her. No, she probably didn't. She was still hung up over Naruto, who remained clueless of her love for him to this day. What an IDIOT.

He would break Hinata's heart someday...and when that happened, Sasuke would make sure to be there for her. He'd give it all to her. He'd pick up the broken pieces of her heart and put them back together. All because he loved her. When he was done, he'd say to her,

"Your 'relationship' with Naruto was already over."

9. "When It Rains" by Paramore

Dark clouds rolled over the blue, peaceful sky. Thunder rumbled softly, announcing everyone below that rain would soon pelt the earth. Hinata had a different interpetation of rain. When it rains, it meant the sky was crying.

It also gave Hinata an excuse to shed tears. The rain would veil her tears while she poured her heart out to Sasuke. The rain didn't stop when she clung to him. It showed no indication of letting up, even when Sasuke's lips captured hers. The rain only stopped when Hinata's tears ran dry.

10. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

Sasuke could hear Hinata's lovely voice in his dreams, singing to him. He didn't know why his mind projected such an image, but at the moment, he didn't mind it. Her voice was soothing to him.

"Everytime we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss," he felt her soft fingers touch his face, lips nearing his. She closed the distance for a couple moments and then leaned away, "I'll wait for you, I promise you, I will..."

The music, not something he was used to hearing, was gentle. Nostalgia hit him hard, making his heart feel heavy.

"I'm lucky we're in love in every way, lucky to have stayed where we have stayed" Sasuke felt his lips moving. Was he singing along? How idiotic. Uchiha men don't sing. But this a dream. No one would know. Right? Besides, it made him feel...dare he say it?

"Lucky to be coming home someday..."


Sometime with you RurixItachi hentai

Author: Alucardsblood

Warning: Contains O.C. stuff, swearing, nudity, and hard core Hentai.

It was great day that day.

“Ruri!” a woman with long white hair called.

A man with long black hair walked by.

“Itachi have you seen Ruri?” the woman asked.

“Oh Okami, she’s asleep in my bed” Itachi answered.

“Ok thanks” Okami said, smiling.

Itachi nodded, and walked to the kitchen. Okami walked to Itachi’s room, and inside to see a girl with long brown hair asleep on the bed, with a smile on her face. She smiled, and walked over sitting on the bed next to the other girl.

“So beautiful” Okami whispered, running her fingers throw her hair,

“Mmm” Ruri moaned, softly in her sleep.

“Ruri wake up, its time for breakfast” Okami whispered, in her ear still running her fingers throw her hair.

“Hmmm?” Ruri moaned, softly slowly opening her eyes.

“I made breakfast, I thought you might be hungry” Okami said, smiling down at her.

“Mmm that sounds good” Ruri said, sitting up.

Okami smiled, and kissed her on the lips, then got off the bed,

“I’ll be in, in a minute, Danna” Ruri said, smiling.

“Ok” Okami said, walking to the door, and out shutting it behind her.

Ruri got out of bed, and got dressed, then tied her hair back walking to the door then out smiling.

“Morning Ruri. bSleep well?”/b a man with green hair, and one half of his body white, and the other black asked.

“Yes very well Zetsu, and you?” Ruri answered.

“Mmm yes I did. Very well” Zetsu said, smirking.

“Hey Zetsu, you really need to keep Okami, from screaming so loud when you fucking, fuck her for Jashin’s sake” a man with silver hair growled, walking up to them.

“You tell her to keep it down. I love making her scream out my name” Zetsu said, smirking.

Ruri blushed hard, and walked to the kitchen.

“Look what you made me do. You made me scare her off, because you can’t take a little screaming” Zetsu growled, walking to the kitchen.

“A little screaming? Are you fucking crazy? She keeps everyone up!” Hidan growled, following.

“Oh just shut up. I don’t want to hear it anymore” Zetsu growled, walking into the kitchen.

“No I’m not going to shut up about it” Hidan growled.

Everyone in the room looked at him. Ruri blushed, again as she ate her pancakes. Okami looked at her then Hidan.

“Hidan what the fuck are you bitching about this time?” Okami growled.

“You and you’re screaming, when you’re fucking him!” Hidan snapped, pointing at Zetsu.

Okami blushed hard, and growled throwing a knife at him, hitting him in the shoulder.

“Piss off!” Okami snapped.

“Oww you bitch!” Hidan snapped, pulling the knife from his shoulder.

Ruri gave Hidan a death glare, and was about to say something when she was cut off.

“You’re damn right I’m a bitch, and I’m damn proud of it, so go fuck yourself!” Okami snapped.

Hidan only growled, and walked out of the room. Everyone else watched him go, then went back to eating as if nothing had happened.

“Ruri don’t you get to go with Itachi? When he goes out for some time away from here” Okami asked, smiling sitting down next to her.

“Yeah it’s going be great, to have Itachi, to myself for once” Ruri said, smiling as she took a bite of her pancakes.

“You to have fun, and don’t let anything bother you ok” Okami said, smiling.

“We won’t Danna” Ruri said, smiling.

Okami smiled, and got up walking over to the pancake.

“Zetsu would you like some pancakes?” Okami asked, turning to him.

“Yes please. And some of your sweet ass too” Zetsu purred.

Okami and Ruri giggled.

“Pancakes first, sweet ass later” Okami said, putting some pancakes on a plate, then walking it over to him.

“Thank you. Mmm now come here” Zetsu purred, pulling her on his lap smirking,

Okami giggled.

Itachi finished, and put his plate in the sink.

Ruri when you’re done, meet me in my room, so we can pack” Itachi said.

“Ok I’ll be right there” Ruri said, smiling.

Okami smiled, and leaned back on Zetsu as he ate. Ruri smiled as she watched Okami, and Zetsu. She finished her pancakes, and got up walking over to the sink putting her plate down, then walking over to Okami.

“Bye Danna, see you in a few days” Ruri said, kissing her on the lips.

Okami kissed back for a moment, then pulled away.

“Ok be careful, and have fun” Okami said, smiling.

“I will Danna” Ruri said, running out of the room, to Itachi’s and her room.

Ruri walked into the room smiling, and over to the closet looking inside to find some cloths. Itachi walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Mmm some time away, with you” Itachi purred, kissing her neck.

“Mmm I know, I can’t wait” Ruri moaned.

Ruri pulled out some cloths, and carried them over to the bed, then grabbed a suitcase from under the bed, putting it on top of it and, opened it putting the cloths inside. Itachi walked up behind her again, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him. She giggled, and turned to him in his arms.

“If we don’t pack we won’t go, and won’t get to be alone for a few days” Ruri said, kissing him on the lips.

Itachi kissed back, only to have Ruri pull away.

“You’re right” Itachi said.

Itachi and Ruri finished packing, and walked to the door and out.

“Bye everyone!” Ruri called.

Several good byes could be heard, coming from the kitchen. Ruri and Itachi smiled, and walked to the door. He opened the door for her.

“Thank you” Ruri said, walking out.

“You’re welcome” Itachi said, following,

“After a hour of walking they walked into town, and heading for the Inn.

“After we put our stuff in the room, can we go to the park for a while?” Ruri asked walking into the inn.

“Sure” Itachi said following.

Itachi walked up to the front desk.

“A room for two” Itachi said.

A woman tuned ,and smiled.

“Of course Sir” the woman said.

The woman got down a key, and handed it to him. Itachi payed, and walked to the hall Ruri smiled, and followed close behind. They walked to the room, and he unlocked the door opening it to let her in. Ruri walked in followed, by Itachi who shut the door behind them. She put her thing down, and walked over to the bed.

“This is a nice room” Ruri said, looking around.

Itachi put his things down, and walked over to her pushing her back onto her back, and pinning her down.

“Mmm I know, but it’s even nicer with you in here” Itachi purred, moving closer to her.

“You remember the last him you pinned me down, right? Ruri asked giggling.

Itachi froze for a moment.

“Oh I remember, but you wouldn’t do that to me now, would you?” Itachi asked, with a bit of worry in his voice.

“No I was just teasing” Ruri answered, giggling more.

“That’s not funny” Itachi laughed.

“Then why are you laughing? Hmm?” Ruri giggled.

Itachi didn’t answer, and only smirked as he leaned in kissing her on the lips. Ruri wrapped her arms around his neck. He licked at her bottom lip, asking to enter. She gladly opened her mouth, letting him in. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, licking at her.

“Mmm” Ruri moaned, into the kiss.

Itachi broke the kiss, and moved his hand up, and down her body slowly, making his way to the bottom of her shirt. He slowly moved his hand under her shirt, and up to her breast.

“Mmmm” Ruri moaned, louder as he started to play with her nipple.

“I-Itachi more” Ruri moaned.

Itachi stopped, and pulled her shirt off, then unhooked her bra pulling it off, and throwing it, and the shirt to the ground. Ruri watched him closely as he pulled her pants, and panties down throwing them to the floor, as well. Ruri watched, closely waiting for his next move.

“You know what I haven’t done in a while?” Itachi asked, smirking a bit.

Ruri only shook her head no.

“Mmm this” Itachi purred, moving between her legs, binding down and licking at her entrance.

Ruri gave out a gasp, then a moan.

“Yes I remember now, it has been a while” Ruri moaned, smirking.

“Mmm” Itachi purred, licking deeper

Ruri moaned louder and louder as Itachi, licked deeper and faster. He started to rub up, and down her inner thigh. He licked deeper and faster making her moan even louder, throwing her head back a little.

“I-Itachi I need you deep inside me, please” Ruri moaned loudly.

Itachi stopped, and sat up.

“Beg for it, and I might just think about it” Itachi purred, smirking.

“Please Itachi, I need you so deep inside me, make me scream out your name” Ruri begged, sitting up crawling over to him.

Ruri pulled his shirt off throwing it to the floor.

“Please I want you so bad” Ruri begged, pulling his pants off, then throwing them to the floor.

“I’m so hot, so wet please” Ruri beg, pulling his boxers down slowly.

“Mmm, I’m really starting to believe you, but I want you to beg more” Itachi purred, smirking.

Ruri smirk and grabbed him, pushing him down on the bed hard, and crawled over top of him.

“I begged enough Uchiha, now give me what I want” Ruri order. lustfully.

“Ride me hard” Itachi purred, lustfully.

Ruri smirked and lifted her hips, and placed Itachi’s length at her entrance. Itachi smirked, and thrusts up, before she could bring herself down onto him.

“Ahh Itachi!” Ruri moaned loudly.

Itachi grabbed her hips, and lifter her then thrusts her down, as he thrusts up.

“Aahhh!” they both moaned, loudly.

Ruri put her hands on his chest, and started to thrusts her hips with his thrusts, they matched speed and pace, both of them thrusting harder and faster, moaning louder and louder.

“Ahh God, Itachi, so good it feels so good!” Ruri moaned, louder throwing her head back.

Itachi thrusts harder and faster, reaching up grabbing one of her breasts messaging it.

“Fuck Ruri, it feel so good being so deep inside you, aahhh!” Itachi moaned loudly.

Itachi started to slam into her, making them both scream out in pleasure. He kept his rhythm and pace, for an hour more.

“I-Itachi I’m going to cum!” Ruri screamed, out in pleasure.

“Me too!” Itachi moaned, loudly.

“Aahhh!” they screamed, as they both came, at the same time.

Itachi shot his hot seed deep inside her, while Ruri came on his hips, along with her own. She collapsed on his chest, panting too tired to even pull her self of him. He panted hard, finding what strength he could, and pulled himself out of her slowly. Ruri moaned, and panted on his chest.

“I love you” Ruri panted.

“I love you too” Itachi panted.

They both grabbed the covers, and pulled them over themselves and quickly fell asleep, panting still.

A couple days passed, and they returned to the base.

“We’re home!” Ruri called out.

Okami came running up, and picked the girl up in her arms, hugging her.

“I missed you, did you two have fun?” Okami asked, kissing her on the cheek.

“I missed you too Danna, yeah we had a lot of fun” Ruri answered, kissing her on the cheek.

“So was the sex great?” Okami whispered, in Ruri’s ear smirking.

Ruri giggled and blushed a bit.

“Oh God yes” Ruri whispered, back.

Itachi smiled a bit, and walked to his room. Zetsu walked up behind the two teen girls.

“Why don’t you ever pick me up like that? Don’t you love me as much as her?” Zetsu teased.

Okami giggled, and put her down.

“I think Itachi might be missing you already, I need to hug and swing, my little uke around, so he won’t be so jealous” Okami teased smirking at Zetsu.

Ruri giggled.

“I bet he is, have fun you two” Ruri said, giggling more as she ran to Itachi’s room.

“Uke? Who you calling uke?” Zetsu teased, walking over and picking her up off the ground, and crushing his lips to hers.

Okami giggled into the kiss, and wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his hips. Ruri ran into the room, and jump on Itachi how was sitting on the bed.

“Miss me?” Ruri purred.

“Always” Itachi purred.

Ruri kissed Itachi on the lips gently, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he kissed back.



Author: Boyue

Naruto and its characters © Masashi Kishimoto

Boyue’s Note: This is done for a challenge on the LeeGaa LJ community. The rules are “put your media library on shuffle, and hit play, then write a fic around the first song you come to.”

Inspired by “What Sarah Said” by Death Cub for Cutie.


“He’s still in V-fib.”


“Vitals still dropping.”

“Come on… Clear!”


“Come on! Come on, Lee, you’re stronger than this! Clear!”

“Doctor… He is gone.”

“No… Lee! God! GOD!”

Gaara scrunches his nose as the janitor passes by with his cart full of chemicals. A sick nine-year-old has thrown up in the waiting room. His puddle of vomit marks a 5-inch diameter that no one dares to cross. The stench of the vomit is nothing compared to the acrid smell of 409 sweeping across the white tiles. A nurse jogs across with her hands full of patients’ charts. Her stethoscope hangs around her neck like a tasteless scarf. A young newlywed paces nervously back and forth in a confined circle, as if by pacing his wife will make it out of the ER alive. An old man pushes himself through the crowd with a metal walker. He keeps his eyes on the floor as he walks mostly due to the lack of strength in his neck muscles; he is too old and sick to hold his own head up. A teenage girl slumps against the plastic orange seat; she holds her broken wrist with a hand. She stares uninterestedly at the muted television mounted on the upper corner of the wall. An infomercial salesman advertises a new painless hair-remover. The irony is that he is hairy as an ape.

Gaara walks past the vending machines and wonders if it is wrong for a hospital to sell sugar-filled drinks and high calories snacks, and if anyone actually ever buys them. He takes a seat by the front entrance just as a group of interns clock in to start their fifteen-hour shift. They give him a look before they head to the locker rooms. He takes off his coat and throws it on the next seat so no one will sit close to him. He rubs his eyes, stained to a brighter shade of red than his hair. He blinks, hoping the moistures will freshen up his dried-out eyes. He comes up with empty-handed in the tear department. He feels out the heavy bags under them; he must look like a raccoon now more than ever. He leans his head back, lucky that that is where the wall stands. He closes his eyes for a short moment to rejuvenate his exhausted self. He has handled too much today and there are still too much to do.

Someone places a gentle hand on his shoulder and stirs him from the brief moment of guiltless tranquility. He opens his eyes and sees Sakura standing by him.

“Gaara,” Sakura whispers, “I am so sorry.”

Gaara squeezes his eyes and clenches his teeth. An ounce of emotion threatens to escape the tight container. He takes a rationed breath, releases the tension in his body, and looks up at Sakura in her pink scrubs. She emits a soft sigh; her eyes a noticeable grieving red. Gaara looks away and purses his lips shut. There are many questions he wants to ask; many people he wants to blame. But instead, he keeps his words in his chest. He gives a nod of his head - a quiet ‘thank you’ that his mouth is at a loss to utter.

“He went very peacefully,” Sakura says. She swallows a gulp and clears her throat with a cough. She rubs his shoulder and lingers besides him for a moment longer. “If there is anything you need, please let me know. Right now, you should go home and get some rest.”

Gaara nods again. His vocal cord refuses to make a sound since he has screamed enough today to last him for years. Sakura turns around; she slips through the corridor that leads her to the ICU and goes straight back to work. That’s the way it is in a hospital. People die day in and day out. Even if it’s a friend that has passed, they can only mourn for so long before they must return to their professionalism and try to save another life. It’s a cold and emotional way of living.

He wants to take Sakura’s advice and go home. His legs, however, can’t find the will to budge. He crosses his fingers and presses his back against the plastic seat. He looks to the piles of dated health magazines next to him and wonders if anyone cares to read them. Does anyone actually take the advice to do 30 minutes of exercise a day? When someone walks out of the hospital, is it really a life-changing experience or do they go back to living their lives as they always have? People, Gaara realizes, come to a hospital to be treated, not cured. They don’t want to be saved. Maybe it’s because they know they will die eventually. In that sense, Gaara has to correct himself: the hospitals work to prolong lives, not save them.

Gaara glances up to see the Chief of Medicine walking toward him. Her white lab coat stands out and makes her look like an authoritative angel gliding through a sky of monochrome colors. Her heels thump on the dark-grey carpet. One of her hands is tucked inside the coat pocket; the other holds a metal clipboard. She looks down at Gaara; her expression firm and composed.

“Hey,” she says, “I heard about Lee. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Gaara looks at the people besides him waiting for treatments. If Sakura and Tsunade have the time to talk to him, why don’t they use it to see the patients? They need their help more than he does. Their words of comfort are useless against the cancerous grief invading his cells. He stares up at Tsunade’s bosoms and wishes she will wear something more appropriate for a medical professional. He looks down at his wrinkled maroon dress shirt. A button on the cuff is missing.

“I know it hurts, but… it’s just his time,” Tsunade says with a deep breath. Her bosoms expand and lower as she breathes. “Don’t let this doubt yourself.”

Gaara takes his eyes off the Chief. He lets out a low breath and licks his lips. His tongue is moist but his throat is dry. Tsunade shrugs her shoulders in a deep sigh. She walks away without another word. Gaara watches her go as he wonders how many deaths have she dealt with during her career. He wonders how many people she has saved and how many she has killed; and of those she has killed – how many were her mistakes and how many were fate. He wonders if a person can ever become numb to death.

The waiting room is an interesting place. Strangers gather together over injuries and pains; yet, no one tries to comfort another person. No one ever says to someone else, “I’m sorry you broke your leg” or “Good luck with that stomach flu”. They occupy themselves with selfish thought, believing that they deserve to be seen before the other people. It’s the reason why Gaara hates being in a waiting room. The collective smug in the air is what makes the place so gloomy all the time.

A nurse puts down a thick stack of files on the counter of the Nurse Station. A pig-tailed girl bounces playfully up and down in her chair until her mother gives her a smack on the wrist. A chubby man wheezes loudly on the other side of the room; sweat stains his tank top. A surgeon comes out of the corridor and walks to the pacing newlywed. He places a hand on the husband’s shoulder and shakes his head apologetically. The husband lets out a loud sob, clasping his hands over his head. He finally stops pacing and sits down on the chair, sobbing quietly into his laps. That is another reason why Gaara hates the waiting room. There is more bad news than good news. They aren’t just waiting for treatments; they are waiting to be told they have leukemia or an inoperable tumor, or kidney failure, or heart disease or all of the above. They are waiting to be reaffirmed of their own mortality.

“Ex-excuse me, Doctor?” a nervously intern says. He hands over a chart. “The patient in 301 has developed an infection and we need to know what you want to do.”

Gaara looks at the chart dangling in front of his face. He lowers his head and stares at his shoes. He wants to tell the intern to find someone else to be a hero as he is incapable of saving anyone. He couldn’t even save his lover-turn-patient. All he could do was watch the numbers on the monitor plummet and know that each rapid beep took Lee further away from him. He has lost patients before; but it is the first time he has ever watched someone die.


He uncrosses his fingers and takes a long breath as he gazes up at the egg-white ceiling. He closes his eyes at the illuminating fluorescent lights. He wants to stay seated but he remembers what Tsunade said about not doubting himself.

“Let’s go,” Gaara says as he picks up his lab coat tossed on the seat and puts it on.


Boyue’s Note: This is the fourth story of mine in which Lee has died. Why do I keep killing Lee? Well, I think in a LeeGaa relationship, it will hurt Gaara more if Lee dies than vice versa. I think Lee will be able to keep Gaara’s spirit alive in him and move on while Gaara will sulk now that he has lost another person he cares for.

I am bad with titles and endings.


11:30 PM

Home sweet home

Author: PiratekitAG

A/N: So, this one-shot will not follow the Naruto time line for Shippuuden. Because in all honesty, I'm sort of getting tired of Naruto. They keep killing off the rad guys -_-

This is a one shot fan fiction, for Richroxy7. A Naruto/Akatsuki friendship story ^-^

* * *

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Naruto.

* * *

Naruto sighed, as he stared at the ceiling above him. He had been living at his new home for almost a two years now, and there where still some things he had to get use to.

He squinted his eyes in annoyance as another bomb sounded off, not that far from his room. Sighing once more he stood from his bed.

Leaving his room, he walked throughout the hallways. He frowned as he approached the place, where the bomb had sounded from earlier. Really, although these guys had been marked as villains to many, he had come to see them as his family; with family came love, acceptance..and annoyance. Smirking as he reached the scene, he thought back to how he had come to be here.

* * *


* * *

Naruto looked at the river below him, he had been traveling with Jiraiya for almost three years now. At the moment, he was taking a break as Jiraiya looked around in the town not far off.

Yawning, he stretched as he looked at the scenery around him. He had just spent three hours straight training, and after mastering the move he had been practicing. He was getting rather bored, Jiraiya was doing who knows what at the village. He would have simply gone down there and dragged the old pervert back, but being a ninja of his word. Naruto wasn't able to do that, as he had promised Jiraiya he would stay in the immediate area. Well, that and Jiraiya threatened that if he came down, he would no longer be taught any new Jutsu's.

Hearing a noise to his right, he turned his attention in the direction. Coming from the foliage around, an annoyed looking Jiraiya stepped out.

Naruto titled his head to the side as he studied his troubled mentor, “What's wrong with you,Ero-sennin ?” He questioned.

Jiraiya leaned against a nearby tree, before looking over at Naruto . He was quiet for a few moments, before pulling out a previously hidden piece of paper.

Naruto studied the paper from where he was, noticing the signature he looked at Jiraiya strangely. “You got a letter from Tsunade? How did that affect your mood, did she turn you down again?” He questioned.

Sighing Jiraiya looked at Naruto in annoyance, “It has a lot, it turns out we won't be returning to Konoha anytime soon.” he stated. "Also, No she didn't turn me down" the last part was said in annoyance.

Naruto quickly rose into a standing position, “ What do you mean we can't go home!?! I've been training all these three years, I need to get Sasuke back!” He shouted.

Jiraiya sighed, rubbing his ears to try and lessen the pounding, from the youths yell. “Exactly like I said, Idiot. You can go back if you want, but it will only end in your life.” He stated.

Naruto was about to argue, before the words registered in his mind. He stopped and looked at Jiraiya blankly, “What do you mean? Why would I get killed if I go back?” He questioned, he had always been abused from the village. But he still had friends, and adopted family there. Fear struck him suddenly, and strongly. Lowering his hand to the seal on his stomach he frowned, had they found out, did they abandon him too?

Jiraiya, who had previously been looking up at the sky, saw Naruto's face and figured what he had been thinking.

“They didn't abandon you, but they have been given orders that if they contact you in any way, they will face punishment” he stated, seeing Naruto's confused expression he continued. “ Danzo, and the ANBU black root have taken over most control on the city council. Although most of our ninja population, along with Tsunade were against the decision. With the elders agreement with Danzo, they can't do anything. But if we enter that city, even with Kyuubi's power, your as good as dead.” He finished.

Naruto thought it over for a moment, before sighing rather loudly and dropping to the ground. As he sat on the ground he thought of where they might be going next. Deciding it would be best to voice his thoughts, he turned to Jiraiya and began speaking. “Where are we going now? What are we going to do?” he questioned.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto surprised at how he was handling the situation. Shrugging his shoulders, he answered:

“I don't know yet, for now we can rest in this city” he stated, while pointing in the direction of the city he had previously been in. “After that, we will just take it one step at a time, until we find somewhere else to go.”

Naruto nodded numbly, before standing and brushing the dirt of his pants. Turning to Jiraiya, he gestured back to the city ahead with his head. “Well, then lets go. I'm hungry anyways.” he replied with a smirk. Before starting off in the direction ahead.

Jiraiya nodded, although Naruto couldn't see it, before following behind him. The reached the town rather quickly, and found somewhere to eat.

As Naruto stuffed his face with food, Jiraiya was observing the scenery around them as he thought on the current situation.

The town they were currently in while small, was rather busy and crowded. They could probably hide here for awhile, but if he knew the elder Konoha council, as he did. They would know that he somehow knew of their plans and find some way of getting Naruto and ending his life.

Frowning, he sighed. He really didn't have a clue where they could go, and wouldn't be found. It would be almost impossible with both of their faces being well known.

He was brought from his thoughts, as a hand landed on his shoulder. Turning to the owner of the hand, he smirked .”Hello Pein, What brings you here?” he questioned.

A man in a black ninja outfit, with multiple piercings throughout his body, and red hair. Nodded towards Jiraiya, as he took the seat next to him. “Nothing, just browsing. What about you?”he asked.

Jiraiya stretched and turned to face his old student completely, "Trying to figure out a problem, you know, thinking about life." he replied. Although many thought he was an enemy with Pein, or had at least lost contact with his old students. He was at good terms with all of them, that were still alive. Although this particular student, had taken a different route in life then what Jiraiya had hoped, Jiraiya as always, held nothing against him. As long as he didn't hurt any of those under his protection, then he had no problem with it.

Jiraiya was pulled from his thoughts, by Naruto's voice. "Ero-sennin, who's that?" Naruto questioned, as he carefully looked over the newcomer whom was sitting by his teacher.

Jiraiya sighed, "Naruto, this is Pein. Pein this is Naruto." Naruto looked Pein over cautiously before nodding towards him in greeting, he then went back to his meal.

Pein looked shocked at the name, before he hummed as he thought. "Is he the cause of your problems, he is the container of the nine tales no?"

Jiraiya looked at Pein cautiously. Of course, he knew somewhat of what Pein had been up to with his organization he frowned. "Maybe, why?"

Pein chuckled, as he took a sip of his drink. "Don't worry Jiraiya, I have no plans to take the nine tales out of the boy." he replied.

Jiraiya nodded, "Fine, It isn't him more like narrow minded seniors. That need to be put into retirement and have their power taken away" he grumbled.

Pein smirked, "What do they want to do?"

Jiraiya frowned, as he looked down at his drink. "Kill him, they think he is threat to Konoha, although he has saved it countless times."

Pein scoffed, as looked Naruto over once more. "That's ridiculous." he replied. This is why he, and Konan had taken to being on their own. Instead of belonging to a village, who had their views darkened for a long time.

Pein turned his attention away from Naruto, and back towards Jiraiya. "I can take him, We have room at the base." he stated.

Jiraiya took a sip from his drink, before humming in thought. That might not be a bad idea, he himself could just return to Konoha stating of Naruto's death. While Naruto really went and stayed with Pein. Although, it may not be the safest thing, it was the best option they had. Besides that, Pein was never one to judge others for what they may have inside them. Hell, he had some of the most feared villains staying with him, and working under him.

Finally, after a few moments of thought. Jiraiya nodded, "That would be good." Turning away from Pein and towards Naruto, Jiraiya spoke to him. "Hey Naruto, I have a place of where you can go" he stated.

Naruto looked up from his food, he had been listening to their conversation the whole time. Although, he really wanted to go and get Sasuke. It could wait, after all he needed to be alive, in order to capture someone. Along with that-He knew of this Pein guy. Jiraiya had told him about him, a few months back. Maybe he could learn something from him, and gain some new jutsus.

"Yeah I heard" he replied, before shrugging. "Its fine with me."

Jiraiya looked shocked for a moment, Naruto chuckled. "What? You guys weren't exactly whispering your conversation." he stated.

* * *

End Flashback

* * *

Not to long after that, Did Naruto Part ways with Jiraiya and head back towards the base with Pein. Naruto had kept in contact with Jiraiya every few months. But other then that, he kept no contact with anyone else from Konoha. To everyone else, aside from Tsunade, he was no longer among the living.

The first few months that he had come back to the base with Pein, had been torture. He was being constantly tested by the other members of the Akatsuki. As a test, so they said.

He snickered at that thought, as they say, Sometimes what use to be your enemy, can easily become your friend.

"What the fuck to you find so amusing?" Came the annoyed voice a Hidan.

Naruto glared at the man, "Your face, it always just cracks me up." Naruto replied.

Hidan glared at Naruto, in which Naruto ignored before leaving the chaos behind and going back to his room.

'Home sweet home' He thought with a smirk.

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Desert Rose

Author: Danyu amerikajin

WARNING: This Fan-fiction is Sexually Explicit. It is intended for readers 18 years of age or older.

Shikamaru Temari Pairing.

Characters and Settings by Masashi Kishimoto.


Note: (( I hope you like the style this one is written in I tried to do it a bit different this time writing from the point of view of each character I recently finished The Twilight series and I couldn't help but try to imitate Stephanie Meyer's style. I hope you like it. Please Read and Review))


I couldn't help yawning. It was a big one and my eyes watered sleepily because of it. As I continued to stare up at the slow moving clouds, I put my hands behind my head and continued my day dream. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and enjoyed staring at the soothing darkness for a few minutes. Suddenly I could see a figure in the distance someone that smelled like...the desert. I opened my eyes as my heart gave a tiny jolt "That’s way too troublesome" I said out loud knowing that no one would hear me. I sat up and sighed. I stood up and slid my hands in my pocket I know what the truth is but I've spent so much time avoiding this kind of hassle that I can’t believe it would be so easy for it to come from the most unexpected source.

I started the long walk to the gate, no rush though. As usual I kept a slow and steady pace. It took a few minutes to start passing through the busiest part of town, and as expected I heard some familiar voices.

"...Double the toppings today old man..."

It took some control to fight back my smile, I shook my head you would think that a ninja would know not to be so predictable all the time. I felt the small tick of my heart again. I could feel an all too familiar and troublesome feeling begin to rise in me. Heh I suppose I don’t have any right to talk.

As I continued toward the gate I ignored everything else on the way sighing at the feeling that was beginning to get stronger inside me. Too troublesome the stronger it became the harder it was to ignore almost as if I were ...anxious. Finally I made it to the gate and I could smell the same scent as the person in my daydream I let the corners of my mouth curve up slightly then I managed to fight it back and replace it with my usual expression No need to let her know what I'm really thinking, or feeling.

"So your back again then?" I said in an indifferent tone eyeing the loose ends of the black headband that weaved through her golden hair. Her back was too me and I kind of enjoyed the view as she turned the windswept by her and the scent wafted straight at me. Desert flowers an extremely exotic scent so inviting that it even managed to sap my composure for the slightest moment. I managed to regain my composure just before she got turned all the way around. As I caught a glimpse of her face I felt that same twitch of my heart again.


I fought back the sudden feeling of relief that swept over me as I let my eyes take in my usual "guide". I took a step toward him. I suddenly wanted to say a million things to him. They all flashed in my mind so fast they overlapped each other and confused me for a second. I pushed them all aside and placed a hand on my hip deliberately cocking it to the side in an attempt to show off I suppose it was an almost subconscious maneuver I had never even wanted to attempt before. "I could say the same to you Shikamaru" I said with my most whimsical tone it came out impossibly short of what it sounded like in my head and I stood plainly again. I let my eyes lock on his and I felt my heart give a harsh twitch in surprise. I froze; his gaze was so intense despite himself that I was always shocked when I stared into them. I inhaled a deep breath quickly recovering from my pause and blinked curling my lips into a tiny smile.

"So are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to take me where I need to go?" I said in a playfully mocking tone failing again in my attempt at a cute voice. I stepped toward him again looking very slightly up at him. I saw it again the scenario that played out despite my protests so often in my daydreams. I always looked up at him slightly just before I ... I shook my head so slightly it was hopefully unnoticeable and fought back the burning in my cheeks as I stepped to his side.

"Well let’s get going" I said coolly as I slowly started moving forward. I inhaled another subtle deep breath as he quickly turned to walk with me. I glanced over at him for a second. I really wish he wouldn't act like everything was such a pain. I looked away as he looked over at me. I could feel that burning starting to creep up again, even from the side his face was strangely distracting. I took the time to really look at it as we walked. He wasn't what you would call drop dead gorgeous. I know I’ve seen guys who were so much better looking I couldn't even look at them twice. Still something about him made my cheeks burn it was nothing like those guys you see with no shirt on in the magazines. This was more realistic and no less intense. Why though? I began to question myself. He’s always complaining and he’s a pain, he’s pretty average looking no more than a little above average at the most. So why does it make my blush just looking at his face. I felt my heart give a fierce twitch and quickly looked forward. I crossed my arms in front of me and this time I couldn’t hide my blush. I know why, but how could that have happened without me even realizing it until just now. I looked down at my arms and they were crossed resting over my heart now. I quickly dropped them and shook off the blush. Just because I knew it doesn’t mean he should...yet.

"So where are we going Shikamaru?" I asked fixing my eyes on him again, this time carefully trying to ignore the feeling that my realization was beginning to generate. I suddenly felt an urge to touch his cheek but I suppressed it quickly. I felt my arms beg to touch him. Grab his arm; hold his hand touch his face. I crossed them over each other again and looked down at them for a moment. I could feel a burning in my cheeks again as I stopped walking. I could see him turn toward me. I only had a second to make my decision but it was far to embarrassing to say here in the street. I laughed at myself Geez I'm a Suna Jounin one of the sand siblings once feared...well that was mostly because of Gaara but the point is why this is so embarrassing. I made up my mind and raised my eyes to him

"Shikamaru will you follow me?” I asked trying to look up at him from under my eyelashes, my attempt at flirting I suppose I just hoped it would increase the chances of him accepting. I waited impatiently for an answer I swear if he says it’s too troublesome I’m going to slug him so hard. The impatience built up in me and I clutched my hand in my cross armed grip. Suddenly I was very aware of the burning in my cheeks.


I watched blinked slowly in time with the flutter my heart made when she looked up at me from under her eyelashes it wasn't fair that something so ridiculous would work in real life, perhaps even better than it does in the movies. I looked at her for a minute before I noticed that she was blushing. I ran through some thoughts in my mind for a moment. Then I blinked Ha so much for being a genius, it doesn’t matter if I can win every battle I’m ever in and beat everyone I play in Shougi no amount of planning could help me now. I let all this sink in and sweep over me very quickly. Finally I let out the softest sigh I could manage which was difficult considering the increasing difficulty of breathing and my heart rate.

"Alright Temari, Lead the way" I said finally and then I could feel a burning in my own cheeks I wondered if it matched hers. I started down the street following her I tried to figure out what she was thinking as we walked a fool’s errand to be sure but it was something I felt was important in this situation. As much as I hate doing troublesome things it’s even worse when I don't know what I'm about to do. Luckily my attempts at deciphering her thoughts passed the time and when I broke my concentration we were standing at a door. I recognized it instantly it’s the door to the place she stays every time she comes to Konoha. Why would we have come here though? I blinked clearly whatever it is she wanted me to follow her for is something private. I almost smiled if she did decide to turn on me being inside would be beneficial to me. I laughed at my own thoughts and shook my head as Temari gave me a confused glance. She opened the door and I stepped inside looking around. Of course it looked identical to the last time I was in here, last time it was a very brief visit though. I turned as I heard the click of the door latching.

"So what is it Temari?" I said finally letting my curiosity get the best of me.


I stood in front of the door looking at him for a moment I had thought in through in my head on the way over. Knowing him he'd probably prepared for any scenario that involved me attacking him. I had planned to tell him how I feel but even in my mind it never came out quite right. I mulled it over a few more times in my mind. I blushed and glanced aside slightly for the slightest second. I know what I have to do both of us are so focused on words I couldn't take the chance of him mistaking my intentions. So I slowly stepped toward him. I could feel my feet lighten a bit as my heart began to race. I breathed deeply and it only took one more step to get to him. As soon as I felt my body press against his my arms around his neck and I leaned in slowly deliberately pressing my lips to his. It felt like I were inhaling pure heat and my lungs seemed to want more, I inhaled deeply as my heart raced. Although my lungs wanted the heat that poured from him now they protested greatly. Desperate not to break away from it I took a deep breath through my nose and took in his scent. It was pleasant like a meadow. As I closed my eyes I could envision us standing in a meadow surrounded by trees a cool breeze touching my skin as the heat of his breath flowed into me. Then I felt his lips begin to move against mine. His arms claiming a place around my waist I crushed my body against his with new enthusiasm. Suddenly my mind was racing I had prepared for him to stop me, to protest even push me away. Nothing had prepared me for him to embrace me. I inhaled another breath of his intoxicating heat; the meadow scent was greater now. I felt the ground vanish and a slight thud before I opened my eyes. My hair began to pull at the ties in it. I reluctantly broke away from the kiss keeping my body pressed against his. I swept my hand through my each ponytail and my hair fell smoothly in appreciation. I swept it back and looked into his eyes again. They were as intense as usual but there was something else in them now, something that made me long for the heat of his breath again. I crushed my lips against his again eagerly and began to run my hands into his hair. I continued to inhale his heat and scent as my fingers weaved through his hair and paused as they tangled in a tie that held his single ponytail. I smiled in the kiss and slid it out quickly I opened my eyes seeing his hair, with it down he came significantly closer to looking like one of those guys in the magazines. Then my cheeks burned again as I considered seeing him with his shirt off. I finally broke the kiss pressing my finger to his burning lips I sat up realizing I was setting right on top of him. I smiled an anxious smile and swept my hair to the left leaning in I kissed his jaw near his ear.

"Can I take off your shirt?" I asked in the most seductive tone I could manage this time it sounded just like I had intended. I gasped as he wrapped his arms around me and rolled quickly suddenly claiming the top. He quickly stripped off the dark green vest and stripped off his shirt and fishnet. I gasped again as I took in his surprisingly toned body. I ran a finger up his abdomen to his chest then up as high as I could, He started to lean in and with a new found intensity I weaved my fingers into his hair and pulled him to me pressing my free hand to his firm chest I blushed a darker shade. I felt him pull away from me and I gave him a look of longing from under my eyelashes. He seemed to lock up and then I wrapped around him rolling again to reclaim the top position. I gave him a triumphant mischievous smile and quickly untied my headband tossing it aside I began to remove my sash. As it slid off I placed my free arm across my chest and looked down at him blushing. I could see the look in his eyes the same look that forced me to inhale more of his intoxicating breath but his eyes were locked on mine. I smiled and slid off the robe, ignoring the thud as my fan fell to the floor under it, leaving me in a bra and shorts with fishnets up to my knee on my right leg. I smirked and leaned toward him so that my head was out of reach of his and eyed him mischievously as I pressed my chest against his then I slid my body up his and held my lips just off his. I inhaled deeply as I leaned toward his ear and whispered.

"Can you help me out of these shorts?" I asked then I looked into his eyes again from under my eyelashes.


I inhaled sharply my senses still trying to catch up to the overload of sensations that I was feeling. I nodded and wrapped my arms securely around her rolling over so that I was on top for the second time. I looked down at her carefully and slid my body of hers carefully pressing my fingers under the band of the skin tight shorts that hugged her hips. I quickly slid them off her and looked up as she tugged on the band of my pants. I eyed her and cautiously removed them. I slid my body back over hers and whispered "Are you su-" Before I could finish she snatched my head securely between both her hands and crushed her lips against mine. I tugged against her grip gently but the combination of her lips and body against mine was too much to resist so I surrendered and ran my fingers up her side sliding them over her shoulder and down her arm. She broke the kiss and leaned toward my ear

"Are you ready?" she asked biting her lip and looking up from under her eyelashes.

I eyed her as my heart stopped sputtered and raced again. I moved in a haze as the last of the fabric the separated our two bodies was removed and looked down at her. He eyes were locked on mine yet again and it was as if her entire body were blushing now I swallowed hard and leaned down against hers feeling my body burn fiercely as I felt her bare chest press against mine. I crushed my lips against hers and Ran my finger tips softly up her side. I could feel the arch of her body and I smiled at the low moan that filled the still unbroken kiss.

She looked up at me "Shikamaru can I?" she looked extremely embarrassed. "Can you let me on top I want to try something" she said looking up at me shyly. I smiled and surrendered control over to her. She rolled us and sat up sliding down my body. I looked down toward her and started to protest as she wrapped her fingers around my erection. I tensed as she slowly slid her lips down it. I gasped as my heart stuttered again. She slowly moved her lips in rhythm down it. I breathed in time with her movements and before I knew it I could feel myself losing control. "Temari I’m going to..." I said too late as I looked down at her she winced and closed one eye. I watched her swallow something. Then she looked up at me playfully "Yuck" she said slowly sliding her body back up mine. She reached her lips toward mine. I pressed a finger to her lips and smiled. "My turn" I said deviously and I slid my body down hers "Shikamaru you don’t ha- ah" I cut her off by sliding my tongue against her "lips" I slid my tongue up until I caught a smaller piece. I placed my lips around it and hummed against it. She twitched in response and her breathing became labored I could feel the hint of a moan on her breath. I continued to hum as I slid two fingers into her carefully slowly humming and moving in rhythm with her breaths. She twitched and arched repeatedly until she could no longer hide her moaning. I continued until I felt her clench her thighs and seize a handful of my hair. I quickly slid my body up hers and was greeted by her crushing her lips against my hard. I eagerly wrapped my arms around her and she whispered in my ear again "please, please Shikamaru I can't wait anymore" she said through heavy breathes.


I panted as he looked down at him my whole body was already aching and I could feel his erection pressed against my navel I reached down trying to guide him into me and felt the tip press lightly against my "lips" I bit my lip as he lined himself up and paused "Are you ready Temari?" he asked with a caring tone. I panted and kissed him again. "Yes! Please don’t make me wait anymore" I panted again and I felt his erection sliding slowly into me I gasped slightly then I felt him hit something. I gripped him tightly and whispered into his ear "be gentle" I said carefully and then I felt him thrust a bit and my eyes widened I gasped kissing him to disguise the moan. I closed my eyes and could feel tears in the corner of my eyes. I opened then again when he stopped "Temari are you alright?" he asked and I nodded kissing him tenderly now "Yes I’m fine Shikamaru" I said lovingly "please don’t stop" with each thrust it began to feel better and slowly I started to moan. "Shi" I said taking a deep breath and arching slightly "ka" I winced in pleasure "Ma" I moaned loudly "RU" I said arching my back deeply I felt the warmth of my body flare and I could feel him inside me tense simultaneously "TEMARI" I heard him moan even through the haze that my body tingling created. I smiled up at him as he pulled out of me and lay next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as His fingers gently grazed my hair and his arm crossed my body.

"Shikamaru” My heart raced anew "I, I love you" I said eyeing him as I spoke. Then I smiled up at him "I think we found something you don't find troublesome" I said with a teasing tone.


My entire body tingled as I looked down at her and ran my fingers through her hair. I froze as she said it and replayed the words in my mind. Then closing my eyes I smiled "I" I looked down at the top of her head and kissed it "Love you too Temari" I said smiling "I have known it for a while now I’m just glad that I don’t have to try and convince myself that it isn’t true" I closed my eyes as I kept my arm around her and ran my fingers through her beautiful hair. "So can I keep you now, My Desert Rose" I said connecting the person in the darkness under my closed eyelids finally with the reality. In this situation I would much rather take the reality than the dream.

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These Boots

Author: Arid Tundra

DISCLAIMER: Naruto isn’t mine

A/N: Well, here goes my first Naruto fic and my first ‘proper’ lemon. So please tell me if there’s OOC or if this is really horrible or there’s already a story exactly like this in this fandom. I modelled Naruto’s job after that of a Go-Go dancer, though I don’t know if he really is that. But whatever. I don’t know the drinking age and stuff like that in Konoha so I just made it sixteen and as a result made all of the Rookie Nine sixteen and over. In this fic Sasuke never left to join Orochimaru.

WARNINGS: Mansex (male on male), a song called Smack My Bitch Up (in case that offends you, but it’s just awesome song.)

The thing was, Naruto was positively broke.

The missions he had done when he was a Genin had gone a long way in putting him in a not-good-but-not-bad financial situation, and he had actually had some money to buy things that he wanted, not only things that he needed. He’d been pretty comfortable for a while, buying every flavour of ramen in the local shop like he had wanted to do since the age of five, getting a bed that didn’t feel like a layer of gravel with a sheet spread over it and fixing up the parts of his apartment that had been thoroughly trashed for a long while. He felt that he’d been very mature with his money and should be commended.

And then he had gone on that training trip with Ero-sennin and everything had gotten shot to hell. It was fine during the trip itself; Ero-sennin, being such a popular author, had an above average amount of money to spare (though Gama-chan had been mysteriously emptied every now and then) and they were too busy training out in wooded areas and travelling around most of Fire Country’s hot springs to have a very big hotel bill. They had also eaten ramen most of the time because it was cheap (though he definitely wasn’t complaining.) The only thing they really wasted money on was alcohol (for Jiraiya, though Naruto had managed to get the man to buy drinks for him when he was drunk a fair few times) and the living conditions had been fine in the opinion of a ninja.

Then they had gotten back to Konoha... and Naruto had found new graffiti decorating his apartment and two broken windows, but not much else wrong. He had actually been amazed and gleeful at the small amount of damage – maybe the villagers were warming up to him and there were only a few radicals left? When Jiraiya ran off again Naruto had been fine for about a week, Gama-chan fat enough to keep him fed and clean and pay for some new glass, but then he had walked into the kitchen one morning and found that all his ramen was gone. He’d shrugged to himself, and confidently strolled over to grab Gama-chan and go to the store – when he saw to his horror that the frog was empty.

After just gaping in shock for a while he had decided that he had better visit the Hag and go on a mission or two. When he was finally given entrance into the Hokage’s office (the receptionist had been too busy talking on the phone to do anything else, let alone talk to the Kyuubi brat) Tsunade had greeted him happily and then informed him that the only available missions at the moment were D ones. Even having a tantrum didn’t cause Tsunade to suddenly discover a higher-level mission hiding among her other papers. After a thoroughly unsympathetic ‘bad luck, little Genin, there hasn’t been enough missions to go around lately’ he had been kicked out onto the streets quicker than he could say ‘you’re a terrible Hokage, hag!’ (Well, actually he had gotten the chance to say that. Then he had been forcibly evacuated by one hell of a punch.)

Now, this is when a normal person would think, it’s time to get a job flipping burgers and/or mooch off friends and family members. It definitely wasn’t like that for Naruto. He knew he wouldn’t get employed because people mistrusted him due to the Kyuubi thing and because of his infamous pranks. He was an orphan and also pretty damn sure that none of his friends would give him more than a couple of dollars or a plate of food. Tsunade would be the richest person he knew but he didn’t feel like crawling back to the Hokage Tower after his swift dismissal. Sasuke had his inheritance – but as if he would ever give money to the dobe. He had been on his way home, rubbing his sore cheek and thinking dark thoughts because it seemed the right thing to do, when he had walked past an unlit neon sign.

It was a place he had walked past almost every day for years on his way home. As such he knew it quite well. It was a small nightclub, squished in between a boarded up shop that had been in that same state for as long he could remember and a crumbling apartment. The dark sign was a simple affair, just the clubs name in block letters and underlined twice. He had made sure never to walk past it when the place was actually open. He had been in nightclubs with Ero-sennin before and had liked the freedom and anonymity, but those ones hadn’t been in the slums like this was.

That day, walking past the heavy wooden door, a scrap of white had caught his eye. There was a piece of paper stuck to the door. All these years, he had never seen anything attached to the dark, scratched wood, so he stepped forward and squinted as he read the notice. It was a job advertisement.

“Eh, let’s see... I can’t dance... I’m not at the legal drinking age... WHAT A GOOD WAGE!”

And he was sold.

“Kakashi-sensei, we have a mission right? Tell me we have a mission!”

There was a pause, and then Kakashi’s one visible eye slowly took on the half-moon shape that signalled he was smiling. With bated breath Naruto waited. Surely Team Seven must have a real mission now, after a month of doing D’s and C’s? He was bored out of his mind, and he was sad to say that his job was the most exciting thing in his life right now.

“Well, Naruto...”


“I can tell you...”

“Tell meee!!”

“... that we do...”

A gasp.

“... not have any missions.”

Naruto promptly fell flat on his face. “ARGH! You bastard, don’t put me in suspenders like that!”

“...Suspenders, dobe?”

“I mean in suspense! Don’t put me in suspense, Kakashi-senseeeeeiiiiiiiii!”

He, Sakura and Sasuke were at the bridge, which they had all arrived at just half an hour earlier. After so long with Kakashi as their sensei they knew that when he said seven he really meant nine, and as such they all arrived at around eight thirty. He had been playfully flirting with Sakura while Sasuke stood to one side, arms crossed as he stared into the middle distance. It was weird seeing him wearing that new outfit of his – without the presence of the katana Naruto wouldn’t have identified him as a ninja but a gay pirate, and Naruto would know what a gay pirate looked like.

He did work in a gay bar, after all.

It was his dirty little secret. He had managed to get the job after lying about his age (though he was sure the owner knew perfectly well that he was only fifteen but just decided to ignore that fact) and getting some dancing lessons from his fellow workers. The owner had made it clear that the only reason he hadn’t turned Naruto away when he had applied was that he was apparently ‘delightfully smexy.’ Whatever that meant. After a week of training and giving himself a different look (so he wouldn’t be recognised as Konoha’s most surprising ninja or the Kyuubi-reincarnate (snort)) he had started his work. He definitely had enough ramen nowadays.

“Okay, guys. We’re training today.”

There was a groan from Naruto, a huff from Sakura and a roll of the eyes from Sasuke.

“Well, in that case I’ll go to the hospital. Have fun Sasuke, Naruto.” And with a wave of the hand Sakura walked briskly away. By the time Naruto had turned away from her retreating form Kakashi had vanished and Sasuke was making his way to the training grounds.

“Oi, bastard, wait up! Let’s spar!”


“Yesterday was just a fluke. I’m gonna thump you! Let’s use only Taijutsu today! We haven’t done that in a while!”

“Fine. And you don’t need to shout everything, moron.”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, BASTARD?!” Naruto grinned victoriously when the Uchiha’s left eyebrow gave a telling twitch. It was his dubious honour to be the one of the very few people in Konoha that could get Sasuke to show any sort of emotion that wasn’t complete indifference. He had definitely grown colder in the years that Naruto had been away.

“Hn.” In his revenge, Sasuke sneered pointedly at his head, and Naruto’s hands flew up as though to protect the helmet-like hat that he wore to cover his dyed hair. It was stupid, but Naruto planned to quit his job anyway after he became a Chunnin and as a result got more missions.

“Shut up! It’s not like I enjoy wearing this thing!” When he had started to wear the hat he had told his team that it was because some kid had decided that it would be fun to put a huge hunk of bubblegum in his hair, and as a result he had to cut it out (he didn’t trust anyone near his head with a sharp object) and thus ruin his hair. They seemed to buy it, but now that he had been wearing the hat for almost two months they were getting a bit sceptical. Sasuke didn’t make it a secret that he thought Naruto looked like an imbecile.

They reached the training ground, a simple dirt clearing, and fell into their respective stances. “Alright!” Naruto yelled. “Taijutsu only, no techniques! And don’t you dare use your Sharingan asshole! Go!”

Half an hour later they were sprawled out, panting, on either side of the clearing. Naruto grinned to himself as he stared up at the sky; it had been a good fight, Sasuke only winning by a small fraction. It was strange – he felt that his movements had been different than usual, not his normal jerky but powerful style but something more graceful. He gave a thoughtful hum to himself. Maybe dancing was actually good for something?



There was a silence, and it dragged on for so long that Naruto rolled to the side and stared expectantly at his rival. Sasuke had a funny look on his face as he stared back, and Naruto felt the hairs on the back of his neck prick up.

“Whaaat? Why are you staring, Sasuke-bastard?”

“Hn. It’s nothing.” And Sasuke turned and got to his feet, but not before Naruto saw the very slight dusting of pink on his cheeks. Naruto frowned in consternation as he watched the Uchiha walk away, too lazy to get up just yet. What was that all about?

After a few seconds of thought he shrugged to himself and lumbered to his feet, feeling sated and lethargic after the good spar. He had long ago come to terms with the fact that he would never be able to solve the mystery that was Sasuke. Seeing that the bastard was turning into just a small spot in the distance Naruto ran after him. It wasn’t like he had anything to do except go to work at eight thirty, so why not annoy his stoic team mate?

“Hey, wait up! Let’s go get some lunch!”

“Not ramen.”

“Aww, are you sure?” The look Sasuke gave him spoke volumes, and he chuckled and gave the Uchiha a hard slap on the back that sent the poor boy into a coughing fit. “Just kidding! We can go wherever you want! I’ll even pay for my own food! Aren’t I kind?!”


“Whaaat? That’s a good thing!” The look that he received this time was clearly a think-of-all-the-times-I’ve-shouted-you-ramen one. Naruto grinned, unperturbed. It was amazing that Sasuke had even agreed to eat lunch with him in the first place without Naruto having to beg for about half an hour; he could survive. He was sure he could get Iruka to go with him to Ichiraku’s later on anyway.

An hour later, a considerably fuller Naruto strolled alongside his team mate as they walked aimlessly around town, just enjoying each others company (well, Naruto liked to think Sasuke enjoyed wandering around with him whilst being talked at, but the non-expression on his face gave nothing away.)

“… and then I told the Old Hag that she’s an awful Hokage and that I could do better, cause, you know, that’s the truth, and then she punched me in the face so hard that I fell out of the door! Don’t you think that -”


Naruto paused in his chattering, turning around in tandem with Sasuke to see Kiba and Akamaru running up the road towards them, a red-faced Hinata being dragged behind him. “We’ve been looking for you everywhere!” he cried, cheeks a little flushed with exertion as he stopped in front of them. Beside him Hinata was looking at a point somewhere over Naruto’s shoulder, blush hot on her cheeks.

“Huh, what is it?”

“You know how it’s Chouji’s birthday today?” At the blank looks from the Uzumaki and the Uchiha Kiba rolled his eyes and carried on. “Yeah, it’s his birthday. Anyway, he’s turning sixteen so we’re gonna go to dinner and then a nightclub and you guys are invited! It’s gonna be a guy’s night out, no girls! Well, except for the dancers…” At this Hinata’s blush somehow became even brighter.

“Eh? If it’s a guy’s night out then why is Hinata with you?” Naruto asked, cocking an eyebrow and then giving a bewildered frown when Kiba gave a little cough, cheeks considerably pinker. “… Um. Anyway, I’m soooo sorry, but I can’t go tonight! I have stuff to do!”

“As do I,” said Sasuke tonelessly.

“Aww, come on! It’ll be great! We’ll go to Chouji’s favourite barbeque place, and my sister told me about this club that’s supposed to be really awesome, and tonight they have dancers! You don’t wanna miss it!”

“U-Um, and Ch-Chouji will be very pleased if you go…” Hinata said quietly, finally looking Naruto in the eyes using what looked like a large amount of willpower. Feeling sorry for her (and still oblivious as to why she was always nervous around him), he jumped forward and grabbed her hands in his, making her squeak and blush all the way out to her ears.

“I really want to go, but I can’t! I really do have something important to do! I’m so sorry Hinata! Say sorry to Chouji from me, okay?” Only when he finally got a jerky nod out of the flustered girl did he release her. “Anyway, Sasuke-bastard will go! He doesn’t have anything to do tonight!”

“Don’t assume, moron.”

“Aww, come on! Pleeeeaaaase? You have to loosen up, and what better way to do it than to go to a club?”

“Naruto’s right!” Kiba announced with a canine grin. “You need to get laid!” Hinata promptly fell over, Sasuke raised an eyebrow, and Naruto started laughing loudly. “What? It’s true!”

“Yeah!” Naruto turned to peer at Sasuke with big eyes. “Come on, Sasuke. For me?” For a long moment they just stood there, Sasuke staring back with that funny look in his eyes that he only had around Naruto, and then the Uchiha gave a ‘fine’ sigh. “Woo! Good on you Sasuke!” The avenger was rewarded with another slap on the back. “Get the details, okay! You guys have fun! I’m gonna go find Iruka! I’m hungry!” And with a quick salute he was dashing off in the direction of the Academy.


He had just finished his eighth bowl of ramen and was feeling good. With a happy sigh he leaned back as far as he could without toppling the stool over, grinning over at a softly smiling Iruka. “Thanks for the food, Iruka-sensei! I haven’t had Ichiraku’s in ages.”

The scarred Chunnin raised an eyebrow. “We came here two days ago.”


This proclamation startled a laugh out of Iruka, and the teacher grinned at him, reaching out a hand as though to ruffle his hair and then stopping short as he remembered the hat. “You’re still wearing that, Naruto?”

The Genin in question chuckled nervously, one hand rising to rub the back of his neck. “Ah, yeah! My hair still looks reeeally stupid!” Seeing Iruka’s knowing look, he quickly drew his hand back into his lap and grinned rather nervously. “Um, anyway! Thanks for the ramen! I have to go now, bye!” And he was off.

When he reached his apartment it was eight o’clock, so he quickly changed into casual clothes (faded blue jeans and a plain back t-shirt) and strolled nonchalantly to work, trying to blend in and not catch the attention of any patrolling ninjas. He was disappointed that he couldn’t be there for Chouji’s party, but he would make Sasuke tell him everything tomorrow. He couldn’t imagine Sasuke actually heeding him and Kiba and having sex – that would be so… weird. Or something. The thought of it made him feel sort of like he did after drinking week-old milk. Anyway. What a funny coincidence that the club the others were going to for Chouji’s birthday had dancers tonight too…

He arrived at the back of the club at eight thirty on the dot and gave the door three sharp knocks before standing back and waiting for Hatori to let him in. Soon enough, the big door creaked open and Naruto was greeted by a cheerfully grinning Hatori. The nineteen year old was dark and lithe, a head taller than the blonde, with short dark hair that he parted to the side, dark eyes and wraith-pale skin. Naruto thought he looked like a poor mans Sasuke. His appearance, however, definitely didn’t match his personality.

“‘Ruto-chan! You came!” He was grabbed by the wrist and dragged into the dimly-lit building before being pulled into a fierce hug.

Chuckling slightly at his co-worker, Naruto hugged him back lightly. “Of course I did, ‘Tori-chan. I come every Wednesday!”

“I’m just happy to see you, ‘Ruto-chan! Come on; let’s get you out of that stupid thing!” And he promptly tore Naruto’s hat off and then started tugging at his shirt. Knowing better than to get in the way of the teenager, Naruto simply lifted up his arms and watched as Hatori threw the shirt and hat into a corner of the room, grinning like mad. “Pants now!”

This was one thing Naruto would never agree to, even if he knew the flamboyant teenager was only being what he thought of as ‘friendly.’ “‘Tori…”

Hatori pouted. “Well, it was worth a try. I don’t know why you bother though ‘Ruto-chan, your outfit is so skimpy anyway! I’ve seen so much of you already!”

“Yeah, well you can look, but you can’t touch!” Naruto said firmly, crossing his arms and watching as Hatori pouted even more exaggeratedly. Then the two grinned at each other and laughed uproariously as they made their way to the changing room.

By eight fifty they were prepared for the opening of the bar at nine. While Hatori went out to talk at the bartender Naruto surveyed himself in the floor length mirror. He didn’t look radically different, but he certainly wasn’t easily recognisable. His hair was dyed a red similar to that of Gaara’s, but his was fractionally brighter. Coloured contact lenses turned his eyes a bright, poisonous green and makeup applied meticulously by Hatori covered up his whisker marks. The idea was that people would focus on the brightness of his hair and eyes instead of his familiar face.

Tonight he was wearing his normal ‘Cowboy’ outfit. He wore knee-high light brown leather cowboy boots with spurs at the heels that jingled slightly when he walked. Faded blue denim short shorts, the hems purposefully ripped, covered him only just enough to make sure he wasn’t flashing. The outfit was topped off by a tight white wifebeater that had been ripped short so it ended just above his belly button, revealing a fair amount of the V of his abs. The outfit probably would have looked even more fitting with his natural blonde hair and blue eyes but it wasn’t like he looked bad. The patrons definitely seemed to approve of him, judging by the amount of tips he received.

Naruto and Hatori amused themselves in the back rooms, talking and playing cards, waiting until nine thirty when they would start their shifts, which was until midnight on Wednesday. When the time came they walked to the door and Naruto tweaked his outfit as Hatori did the same to his black leather and mesh one, the clothes along with his look and some thick eyeliner giving him a very goth feel. With all those features and his lanky frame, he looked like a half-starved bondage slave. Naruto was his opposite, the cheery and cheeky sun-bronzed, pseudo-wholesome farm boy, and together they could cater to most of the clientele.

Naruto opened the door, swaggering into the crowded club and swinging his hips whilst Hatori slunk out behind him, the very fact that he was trying to ‘sneak’ making him noticeable (as planned.) As he strode through the crowd a path was cleared for him that led straight to his table, and he gave a foxy grin in thanks.

He reached his table, which was just like every other small, dark wooden table in the room, except his wasn’t varnished and had a gleaming pole built through the middle. There was one chair pushed underneath that he could use to step up, but he ignored it and instead glanced to one side, looking through his lashes with a sultry smile at the men that stood there, watching him raptly.

“Would one of you like to help me up?” he purred, just a hint of tongue poking out from between pouted lips. There was a pause, and then one large man, obviously well-muscled under his tight shirt, stepped forward with a leer. The other men watched closely, jealous, as he wrapped large hands around Naruto’s lithe waist and picked him up like he weighed nothing, setting him on the tabletop. Naruto let the man keep his hands at his waist for a few moments too long, and just as he was sure that the man was about to break the rules and do some touching (it was an unspoken rule that everyone could look but no-one was allowed to touch) he gave a roll of his hips, causing the mans’ grip to loosen, and then stepped forward out of the circle of his arms, throwing a wink over his shoulder as he slid his hands up the pole.

And then the next song came on, the normal lights were turned off and the strobe ones and the blue ones that illuminated the bar were turned on - it was business as usual. There was no sort of routines that they had, no real signature moves. The owner was always saying that anything went, as long as it was sexy.

It was around eleven thirty, and Naruto was swinging his hips in short bursts to Rihanna’s Pon De Replay, when the door was opened and seven just-legal boys made their way inside. He had just stamped one boot, the spur giving a short jingle, and then dropped into a hip roll (much to the pleasure of the men he was currently facing) and was starting to swing his hips to the beat again when he heard the familiar voice with his Kyuubi-enhanced ears.

“Holy shit, it’s a GAY BAR?!”

Oh, fucking hell.

“Kiba, you idiot! How could you not have realised?!”

Holy shit on a shit sandwich. That was Neji… and he was willing to bet Chouji’s whole birthday group was here too. After all the trouble he had gone to, to keep his secret a secret! Thankfully, even as his brain ran around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off, his body moved for him. He was glad he’d danced to this song a few times before. He hooked one leg around the pole he was facing and jerked his pelvis to the beat so he was pretty much humping the thing, sliding gradually around the pole to the right until he had a good view of the doorway, which was deserted as all the patrons were packed in close to their favourite dancer. Keeping his eyes lidded, he peered through his lashes.

Sure enough, there all seven of them were: Chouji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, Sasuke, Shino and Lee. They were all wearing expressions of shock (barring Shino, who had the emotional capacity of a small rock.) As the shock wore off, Shikamaru just rolled his eyes and muttered his catchphrase, Kiba and Lee looked terrified, Chouji was still gaping, and Sasuke and Neji were… looking at him?

He breathed out a curse. Of course the two boys that possessed Doujutsu’s must have noticed him, or at least thought he looked familiar. After all, users of the Sharingan and the Byakugan excelled at spotting the smallest of details whether or not they were actually using their kekkai-genkai. Deciding that it was a good idea to turn his face away, he stepped swiftly around the pole, sliding sweaty hands slowly down it as the song trailed off. He took some long, deep breaths in the short pause between that and the next song, both to cool off and to calm down. All he could do now was carry on and pray that they would just dismiss him, due to the fact that it was so unlikely for the straight and rather perverted (not to mention clumsy) Naruto to be a dancer in a gay bar. No-one knew he was gay (he himself hadn’t known until Ero-sennin, an expert in such things, had pretty much beat him into accepting it) and he liked it that way.

The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up started thumping through the speakers, and Naruto gave a quiet sigh of relief. This was a song that he knew and liked – all the better to help him focus only on the music and ignore certain unwanted visitors. It worked for a while, losing himself easily in the beat of the music and the throb of the strobe lights, but during the slower middle part of the song, as he body rolled slow and sensual with his back against the pole, throwing his head back and exposing the glistening expanse of his throat, he caught a flash of white out of the corner of his eye. It took him a bit to realise that it was Neji’s eye – they were still here? Shouldn’t they have run away screaming by now?! As the song reverted back to its original tempo he turned so that he was griping the pole tightly, resting his forehead on it with lips slightly parted against the gleaming metal, eyes half-lidded. He slowly circled his hips, switching directions with the beat, trying not to be obvious about the fact that he was searching the club for his friends.

Kiba, Chouji, Lee and Shikamaru were all taking refuge at the bar, relatively free from the churning mass of bodies that were the patrons of the nightclub. A bag of chips had appeared in Chouji’s hand somehow, and he was stuffing them down his throat as though he hadn’t eaten for weeks – comfort food. Shikamaru was slowly sipping at a bottle of beer as he watched with a glint of amusement in his eyes as Kiba downed shots and forced Lee to do the same.

Next Naruto looked in Neji’s direction and found the boy watching him. Not his eyes, but his body. Naruto was well past of the point of being self-conscious nowadays, but the fact that it was a close friend watching him almost hungrily (and since when was Neji even gay?), well – that was a tad unsettling. And standing beside him, watching Naruto with equal if not more intensity, was Sasuke in all his lily-white skinned and hair-so-black-it-was-blue glory. Startled by his own thoughts, Naruto’s eyes blinked fully open whilst he was still looking in the bastard’s direction. Huge mistake.

For a moment they just stared at each other, Naruto’s hip rolls turning into rather clumsy pelvic thrusts under the scrutiny. After what felt like an eternity Sasuke’s lips twitched into a smirk and as Naruto watched in horror as the damn Uchiha mouthed the word ‘Dobe’ at him.

He was frozen in horror as Galvanise by The Chemical Brothers started playing, and Neji was looking between him and Sasuke with an expression of shock as he realised just who the red-headed dancer was. The damn Uchiha was still smirking at him, and Naruto gaped for a little while more before deciding that he would confront Sasuke later, preferably whilst not dressed in his skimpy outfit.

A song later the lights were turned on again, the DJ making the track fade slowly out. This time Naruto stepped down using the chair, making sure that his legs looked as long and graceful as possible as he did so. He strode towards the back of the club, grinning and tossing winks at the men he passed. When he was finally out of the suddenly cloying atmosphere of the dance floor he heaved a sigh, leaning back against the closed door as he hung his head, breathing slowly. Usually he had fun at work, but the night had just been plain stressful.

When he felt that the strength had returned to his limbs he pushed himself away from the door, heading into his own small room which contained all the supplies he needed to dismantle his outfit. Shutting the door behind him, he sat in front of the vanity and took his contacts out, putting them back in their case while he ran warm water into the sink. He was just dampening a flannel in preparation for taking off his makeup when the door swung open. Expecting Hatori, he turned around with a smile on his face, which fell when he saw his visitor.

It was strange to see Sasuke in normal clothing. He wore tight black jeans, black trainers and a navy button up shirt, loose at the collar to reveal a V of milky pale skin. The gay pirate costume was long gone. Any of the patience Naruto may have possessed was long gone, too. Why the hell had Sasuke bothered to follow him here when he was just gonna stand and stare?

“Well, what do you want, bastard? Gonna blackmail me or something? Talk!” Usually he didn’t really care about it, but right now Sasuke’s stoic tendencies were really pissing him off. “If you’re not gonna say anything, just get the fu-”

His words were cut off when a pair of lips met his.

For a few long seconds he just stood there, frozen, as Sasuke slowly leaned away, eyes dark and unreadable. He opened his mouth, and then closed it and gulped, completely at a loss as to what one was supposed to do or say after suddenly being kissed by their life long rival.

“S-S-Sasuke?” His rather hysterical thought was that channelling Hinata seemed to be the way to go. Maybe he could write a handbook.

“Naruto.” His name was breathed out, purred against his lips, and he shivered at the sound of that sultry voice wrapped around his own name. In his peripheral vision he saw Sasuke taking the wet flannel from the vanity before feeling the slightly rough material against his cheeks. He stood absolutely still as Sasuke slowly washed all of the makeup off his face, as though the Uchiha was a skittish wild animal that would run off if he so much as twitched. And then all the tan makeup was gone and he let out a shaky breath as pale hands reached up to caress the marks decorating his cheeks. “Better.”

He gave a squeak as Sasuke swooped down and licked him, tracing each mark slowly with a gentle tongue as hands grabbed onto his hips. His breath was coming out in little pants, groin tightening uncomfortably as his head spun, brain unable to process what was happening. It was all too sudden, too unbelievable, but his vocal cords weren’t working at the moment so it wasn’t like he could actually voice any of his concerns. All too soon the tongue was drawn back into its owner’s mouth, and Naruto was just about to demand Sasuke kept going when he paused, a blush hot on his cheeks. Since when had he started enjoying this anyway?!

Sasuke chuckled softly (presumably at the look on his face) before leaning in again. The kiss was as chaste as the last one, and Naruto was at once relieved and disappointed at the slow pace. It seemed Sasuke had decided he was disappointed because all too soon he felt something wet poking at his mouth and he opened without thinking, half-closed eyes shooting fully open in shock as he realised it was Sasuke’s tongue.

Even though he had travelled around with Ero-sennin for so long and was thus exposed to a lot of things that a fifteen year old really shouldn’t be, he had never seen the appeal of tonsil hockey. Why on earth would you want someone else’s tongue in your mouth? And most of the time people seemed to drool all over their chins and get out of breath and it just looked really, really uncomfortable and unhygienic.

This was swiftly changing his opinion.

It was hot. His whole body felt like it was on fire as Sasuke’s tongue licked into his mouth, sliding against his own as it quested further into him, the slight friction causing a mewl to fight its way out of his throat. He could vaguely feel Sasuke’s hands buried in his hair, and somehow the image of that - pale hands clenching desperately at his bright locks - was surprisingly erotic. As he felt Sasuke’s tongue sliding against his own once more, he gave himself over with a groan, moving his own appendage to hesitantly touch the Uchiha’s as he flung his arms around Sasuke’s neck. He could feel small dribbles of saliva running down his chin, but that was just a minor distraction as Sasuke opened his mouth wider, licking against his own tongue, slow, luxurious drags swiftly melting into desperate, dirty little kitten-licks. And then Sasuke sucked on his tongue and a strangled moan rumbled out of his chest at the same time that the Uchiha groaned out what sounded like a garbled version of his name.

The kiss went on and on, until Naruto, who hadn’t yet mastered the art of breathing through his nose whilst kissing (maybe due to the fact that this was his first proper kiss), pushed Sasuke away and rested his forehead on the other boys shoulder, panting heavily, cheeks flushed and pupils dilated under his half-closed lids. Sasuke’s hands lost their grip on his hair, the left migrating down to rest on his hip and the right curled around the back of the neck as they breathed in tandem.

After a short while Naruto found the strength to lift his head up, looking blearily over Sasuke’s shoulder until his widening eyes fell upon a truly horrible sight. Neji stared right back at him, and judging by the flush on his cheeks he had been there for a while. There was movement behind him and Hatori’s head popped into view over the Hyuuga’s shoulder. For a moment he just gaped, and then his mouth lifted into a devious grin and he waggled his eyebrows at the red-faced Uzumaki.

Sasuke, probably feeling the sudden tension in Naruto’s body, looked back over his own shoulder. The slight twitch of his body, which Naruto only felt because he was almost pressed against him, was the only sign that he was startled.

“What?” Naruto blinked at the possessive tone the growl held, feeling Sasuke’s hands tighten their grip on him.

“That’s… you’re Naruto?”

A small nod.

“The dancer.” The rest of Neji’s words were lost to him as he saw Hatori, still looking over Neji’s shoulder, miming giving a blowjob. Blushing to the very tips of his ears, Naruto looked down at Neji’s feet, wishing the ground would swallow him whole. Was there such a thing as Invisibility No Jutsu?

Suddenly Neji’s monologue was interrupted by a sharp slap, Naruto’s head shooting up and Sasuke giving a quiet, evil little chuckle. Seeing the palm that was hovering by Hatori’s side and the scandalised look the Hyuuga was giving him, Naruto could only assume his friend had done something horribly invasive. ‘Tori-chan did have a small spanking fetish. Actually, he seemed to possess every fetish known to man, and also took unholy joy in wearing his bondage slave outfit.

“Come on pretty boy; let’s give these two bunnies some room. Maybe you can ask them for a threesome after a while, when they feel that their sex life has gotten repetitive? You might have to wait a few years, though…” Neji’s wrist was yanked into a firm grip, and as Sasuke and Naruto watched, the spluttering and red-faced Hyuuga was forcibly dragged away. “You can join that friend of yours, the one with the bugs. Actually, maybe I’ll accept his proposition. I wonder what he can do with those things…” and Hatori left, slamming the door behind him, but not before making the two boys still in the back room feel thoroughly sick.

“I keep thinking of him as this harmless, flamboyant girly boy, and then I remember all his weird fetishes…”

“Shut up, dobe.”

“Ah.” And as he remembered the position they were in, what they’d just done and felt he saliva drying on his chin, his blush came back full force. “Ha ha, am I, um, ruining the mood?”

“Hn… I’m sure you can make it up to me, moron…” Naruto shivered as a tongue slid slowly up the shell of his ear. “Come with me.”

How could he disagree?

The mood was definitely ruined.

They had finally reached Sasuke’s front door, and in the time between the kiss (god, the kiss) and when they arrived Naruto had gotten progressively more nervous. What the hell were they even doing? Since when was Sasuke gay? Since when was Sasuke gay for him?

“Um, Sasuke?”

“What?” The lock clinked open, Sasuke not opening the door but instead glancing over his shoulder at Naruto.

“Ah…” Now that he had his attention, Naruto was at a lost as to how to continue. Sasuke sighed at his bewildered expression, pushing the door open.

“I want you.”

“E-Eh?!” The blush was back full force.

“Look, Naruto…” Sasuke’s cheeks were slightly pink, “I’ve liked you for a long time. And now that I know you’re definitely gay, I can finally have you. Be with you. If you don’t want this, tell me now or just shut up and get in here.”

He blinked. “Wow Sasuke, that’s the longest thing you’ve said to me in three years!” A huge, stupid grin found its way onto his face, and Sasuke rolled his eyes at him as he led them into the house.

“Idiot, you’ve been away for three years.”

“Exactly!” He laughed boisterously for a moment, and when he met Sasuke’s eyes again the Uchiha had an expression on his face that could be described as a fond half smile. It was sort of creepy (because it was so unusual) but mostly nice.

“You haven’t changed…” and before he could work out if that was a compliment or an insult, he was grabbed by the wrist and dragged into Sasuke’s house. As soon as the door was slammed shut he was rammed up against the wall, the passion from before suddenly returning twofold as Sasuke’s mouth crashed into his and the pale body pressed flush up against his own tan. After the Uchiha had devoured his mouth for a while and he was mewling and panting with his pleasure, dazed and flushed, Sasuke jerked his hips forward and Naruto had to rip his lips away so he could let out a cry, stars bursting behind his eyelids.

Sasuke’s grip on his hips was so tight that he was sure there’d be bruises tomorrow as the Uchiha panted heavily, head bowed, and rocked into him again. This time they both groaned at the friction, and Sasuke kept moving his hips in vicious circles against Naruto’s in some strange parody of the dancing that the blonde had been doing earlier in the night, nibbling and sucking on the long stretch of tan neck as he did so.

“A-Ah, Sa-Sas’ke, ‘m so close…”

And the Uchiha promptly detached himself. His eyes shot open, and Sasuke smirked as the ‘WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??’ came through loud and clear.

“Naa, dobe… I’ll get you off soon enough.” Naruto found himself being dragged around again and thrown backwards onto a double bed, landing with limbs splayed wide, panting. He stared up at Sasuke who was watching him hungrily, pale cheeks flushed and lips swollen. “I love your outfit. Save a horse, ride a cowboy, right?”

Naruto was well past the point of being embarrassed. “You said you would get me off, so do it already, bastard.”

“Undress.” The word was an order. Naruto had always known Sasuke had a superiority complex, but damn. Still, he decided his best course of action would be to comply. Huffing, he stood up on slightly shaky legs and took off his singlet, throwing it at the Uchiha’s head with a smirk which dropped into a scowl when the asshole dodged it. He was reaching down to take off his boots when he received his next order (that bastard.) “No, you can keep those on.” Sasuke was positively leering now. A blush was once again on his face as he took off his short shorts instead, trying to pretend that he was alone. It worked when the shorts got stuck on the metal spurs, and after struggling for a bit, growling curses, he just ripped the damn things off and straightened up to look at the still-clothed Sasuke.

“Why am I the only one naked?” he whined, resisting the urge to cover himself up as Sasuke stared. “Look at my face, asshole!”

“Because I’m the seme, of course.”

“YOU WHAT-” his shout turned into a strangled gasp as the Uchiha snaked a hand around his erection. “Who said – haa – that you could be seme?”

“Don’t worry dobe; I’ll still respect you afterwards.” The bastard was smirking again.

“You are – nngh – such a dick.” Sasuke pumped him smoothly, thumb slowly circling around the head as he leaned in, latching onto his neck. He found the pulse point and gave it a lick before lightly biting, worrying the skin in-between his teeth as Naruto moaned. By the time Sasuke pulled back a sizeable bruise had been created and he was putty in the Uchiha’s hands.

Leaving him panting on the bed, Sasuke walked off somewhere, but he was too breathless to complain. Less than a minute later he was back, this time fully undressed and holding a tube of some sort in his hand. Naruto felt his whole body flush as every inch of the pale skin was bared to him. Sasuke stared back at him for a moment until getting on the bed, crawling up between his splayed legs. There was no warning before he felt a lubed finger making its way into his ass, causing him to tense up at the new, uncomfortable sensation. His breath sped up as the finger inched in further, and in one moment of hysteria he imagined Sasuke with five metre-long fingers on each hand.

Just as the feeling was about to become truly painful Sasuke swooped down to lay the tiniest of licks right on his slit. Even that small sensation sent shocks through his hypersensitive body, and he gave a gasp, back arching, which caused the finger to slip in entirely and start moving around as Sasuke stretched him more. Again he felt like he was about to reach the point of pain and again Sasuke gave his dick the tiniest of touches, a feather-like run of his fingers along the underside. A second finger was slowly inserted in beside the first one, the Uchiha lightly dragging one fingernail around the head of his cock to offset that bit of almost-pain. They continued on in the same fashion until Sasuke was scissoring his fingers and Naruto felt his brain had melted as he thrashed around, knuckles white as he gripped the sheets.

Apparently finally satisfied that Naruto was well stretched, Sasuke slid his fingers out of Naruto’s hole and crawled up to take part in a messy, wet kiss, both of them flushed and panting, eager for the main event. With what looked like a gargantuan amount of effort, Sasuke pushed up and off the bed, dragging a weakly protesting Naruto with him, the spurs on his boots jingling as he stumbled against Sasuke, who led him over to an armchair set against the bedroom wall and then promptly sat on it, legs spread and flushed erection standing out starkly against his pale belly

“W-What are you doing, Sas’ke?” His question was sort of answered when Sasuke grabbed his hips and dragged him so he was almost straddling the Uchiha.

“I want you… to ride me.” Sasuke’s voice was low and husky, a flush high on his cheekbones, chest rising and falling rapidly as he panted. Naruto blinked, his hazy mind taking a little while to comprehend.

Nodding, he let Sasuke guide him into position with the hands that were still on his hips. Legs straining a bit, he lowered himself slowly down, giving a sharp intake of air when he felt the tip of Sasuke’s cock against his entrance. He moaned and rocked so that it slid along his wet crack, the Uchiha giving a loud gasp of his own before grabbing his hips to still him and sliding just the head of his dick into Naruto’s hot passage. They both moaned, panting breaths warming each others faces, and then Sasuke continued slowly lowering him down.

He was only half-filled by Sasuke’s cock when he panted out a strangled ‘stop!’ The Uchiha froze and Naruto took deep breaths, getting slowly accustomed to the feeling of being stretched around somebody else’s dick. After a little while he steeled himself and with a harsh motion impaled himself completely, the two groaning in unison as hot muscle engulfed hard, pulsing flesh. Clutching at Sasuke’s shoulders he took deep breaths, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. He knew Sasuke was holding back, and for that he was grateful. Being stretched for the first time was an… interesting experience.

“H-Haa, Dobe, c-can I move?”

In answer to Sasuke’s near-desperate question Naruto braced his boots on the floor either side of the chair and gave a small rock of his hips. He still wasn’t sure how he felt – judging by the way Sasuke gave a strangled moan, though; the Uchiha was definitely enjoying it. Deciding to experiment a bit, he shifted around, trying different angles, until the head of Sasuke’s cock pressed onto something deep inside of him that caused bolts of pleasure to surge throughout his body and a moan to fall from his lips. He levered himself up, spurs clinking as he shifted his feet, until only the head of Sasuke’s cock was inside of him and then he fell back down almost viciously, Sasuke shouting out his pleasure and Naruto mewling desperately.

He moved his hips in small, hard circles, finding a rhythm where he ground down after every full revolution. Sasuke’s head was thrown back as he panted and moaned at the sensations, and if he wasn’t so out of breath Naruto would have made his mark on that pale, unblemished stretch of skin. He shifted himself a little and rocked down once again, crying out as the new position caused Sasuke’s cock to not just graze against that spot that sent sensation rocketing through his body but press directly on it. Sasuke looked at him again, and Naruto saw himself reflected in the dark eyes, cock bobbing with every movement, boot-clad tan legs long and graceful as he slammed his hips down to meet Sasuke’s thrust once more.

Panting and whimpering, he leant towards the Uchiha, desperately wanting to kiss him but knowing that he would probably suffocate. He compromised, just his tongue emerging to stroke against Sasuke’s in mid air. He heard Sasuke’s breath speed up even more, crying out and throwing his head back as he gave a vicious thrust into his tight channel, strings of saliva forming and breaking between them as Sasuke gave a long moan of his name. The sound of his own name falling from those lips and the feeling of warmth that bloomed inside of him as Sasuke climaxed sent him over the edge, and he came on Sasuke’s stomach as he stuttered out the other boys’ name.

Gasping, Naruto leaned forward, slumping bonelessly against Sasuke, who lifted a heavy hand and ran it slowly through his red spikes before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. Smiling at the small actions, he sighed in content as his heartbeat slowed and his limbs regained some of their strength. After they had both rested he got slowly to his feet, Sasuke’s limp, come-covered cock slipping easily from his body, trickles of come slowly making their way down the insides of his thighs. What with the dancing, the confessions and the sex, Naruto was beyond exhausted and collapsed face first onto the bed, careful not to put any pressure on his aching ass.

A few seconds later he felt the bed dip down and an arm fling itself over his torso. He turned his head to see a smiling Sasuke, and gave him a lopsided grin back. It wasn’t long however, before Sasuke’s kind smile morphed into his usual smirk.

“You’re mine now, dobe.”


“So you can’t work at that club anymore.”


“Don’t worry; I have enough money to provide for my wife.”


“You’ll just have to give me private dances from now on.”