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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Wish

Author: Sugoi Panda Rose

Summary: -Oneshot- I should have protected you, but I failed. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not being the person you needed, I’m sorry, I wish you were here, here with me. Naru x Saku.

Genre: Romance / Angst


Scene/ Time Change



Thoughts / Dream

:Sound Effect:

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Sakura grinned at Naruto and hugged him, ‘Naruto-senpai, we made it! We have finally graduated from the academy!’

Naruto returned the hug and grinned at her, ‘Sakura, remember the promise you made me. You have to stop calling me senpai when we both graduate’ Said Naruto, ruffling Sakura’s hair.

Fine, but if you make me this promise. Naruto, promise me! That we will always be together, no matter what, we will be best friends to the end!’ Said Sakura seriously, holding out her hand.

Fine, together, forever’ Said Naruto shaking Sakura’s hand.

I stared at the picture of you, of us. It was taken the day you left me, you left us. Why can’t I shake this feeling of loneliness? I miss you, I miss us….

Hey Naruto, today we have our first mission as a team! Aren’t you excited?’ Asked Sakura cheerfully.

I guess, I am just disappointed that the rank of the mission is only D ranked….’Replied Naruto.

What, were you expecting an S ranked mission?!’ Yelled Sakura.

Oh no, of course not Sakura-chan…..

You made me, me. I am eternally grateful for that. I would do anything to repay you, even sacrifice my own life. But you bet me to that……

Naruto get out of here! I will take care of this!’

No Sakura, we are in this together! It’s no turning back’


Sakura and Naruto fought many enemy ninja for many hours, they both were extremely tired at the end. Naruto turned his back for one second and an enemy ninja leapt towards him, kunai in hand.

Sakura leapt infront of Naruto, using acting as a human shield. Her eyes widened as the kunai went straight threw her heart.

She coughed out blood and fell to the ground, Naruto quickly killed off the ninja who stabbed her.

Naruto, sorry. Sorry I was too weak, I should’ve trained harder, I should have been smarter, I should have been better’ Whispered Sakura weakly.

No Sakura! Don’t leave me! You promised me, you promised me you would never leave!’ Screamed Naruto holding her cold body.

Naruto, you have to learn to say goodbye to things, even to the things you hold most dear to you. You know that if I could stay then I would. You were the only one who cared for me, the only one who loved me’ Whispered Sakura.

Sakura weakly kissed Naruto on the cheek and weakly smiled. She slowly closed her bright now lifeless green eyes, her body fell limp. She was now dead….

Naruto returned from the mission miserable and almost lifeless. He swore to himself, he would never lose anyone dear to him again, never again!

‘I’m sorry Sakura! I should have been stronger, smarter, better….. I wish, I wish I could turn back time and save you, I wish…..

K.I.A., killed in action….

Sakura Haruno, 1984 – 2000.

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