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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home sweet home

Author: PiratekitAG

A/N: So, this one-shot will not follow the Naruto time line for Shippuuden. Because in all honesty, I'm sort of getting tired of Naruto. They keep killing off the rad guys -_-

This is a one shot fan fiction, for Richroxy7. A Naruto/Akatsuki friendship story ^-^

* * *

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Naruto.

* * *

Naruto sighed, as he stared at the ceiling above him. He had been living at his new home for almost a two years now, and there where still some things he had to get use to.

He squinted his eyes in annoyance as another bomb sounded off, not that far from his room. Sighing once more he stood from his bed.

Leaving his room, he walked throughout the hallways. He frowned as he approached the place, where the bomb had sounded from earlier. Really, although these guys had been marked as villains to many, he had come to see them as his family; with family came love, acceptance..and annoyance. Smirking as he reached the scene, he thought back to how he had come to be here.

* * *


* * *

Naruto looked at the river below him, he had been traveling with Jiraiya for almost three years now. At the moment, he was taking a break as Jiraiya looked around in the town not far off.

Yawning, he stretched as he looked at the scenery around him. He had just spent three hours straight training, and after mastering the move he had been practicing. He was getting rather bored, Jiraiya was doing who knows what at the village. He would have simply gone down there and dragged the old pervert back, but being a ninja of his word. Naruto wasn't able to do that, as he had promised Jiraiya he would stay in the immediate area. Well, that and Jiraiya threatened that if he came down, he would no longer be taught any new Jutsu's.

Hearing a noise to his right, he turned his attention in the direction. Coming from the foliage around, an annoyed looking Jiraiya stepped out.

Naruto titled his head to the side as he studied his troubled mentor, “What's wrong with you,Ero-sennin ?” He questioned.

Jiraiya leaned against a nearby tree, before looking over at Naruto . He was quiet for a few moments, before pulling out a previously hidden piece of paper.

Naruto studied the paper from where he was, noticing the signature he looked at Jiraiya strangely. “You got a letter from Tsunade? How did that affect your mood, did she turn you down again?” He questioned.

Sighing Jiraiya looked at Naruto in annoyance, “It has a lot, it turns out we won't be returning to Konoha anytime soon.” he stated. "Also, No she didn't turn me down" the last part was said in annoyance.

Naruto quickly rose into a standing position, “ What do you mean we can't go home!?! I've been training all these three years, I need to get Sasuke back!” He shouted.

Jiraiya sighed, rubbing his ears to try and lessen the pounding, from the youths yell. “Exactly like I said, Idiot. You can go back if you want, but it will only end in your life.” He stated.

Naruto was about to argue, before the words registered in his mind. He stopped and looked at Jiraiya blankly, “What do you mean? Why would I get killed if I go back?” He questioned, he had always been abused from the village. But he still had friends, and adopted family there. Fear struck him suddenly, and strongly. Lowering his hand to the seal on his stomach he frowned, had they found out, did they abandon him too?

Jiraiya, who had previously been looking up at the sky, saw Naruto's face and figured what he had been thinking.

“They didn't abandon you, but they have been given orders that if they contact you in any way, they will face punishment” he stated, seeing Naruto's confused expression he continued. “ Danzo, and the ANBU black root have taken over most control on the city council. Although most of our ninja population, along with Tsunade were against the decision. With the elders agreement with Danzo, they can't do anything. But if we enter that city, even with Kyuubi's power, your as good as dead.” He finished.

Naruto thought it over for a moment, before sighing rather loudly and dropping to the ground. As he sat on the ground he thought of where they might be going next. Deciding it would be best to voice his thoughts, he turned to Jiraiya and began speaking. “Where are we going now? What are we going to do?” he questioned.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto surprised at how he was handling the situation. Shrugging his shoulders, he answered:

“I don't know yet, for now we can rest in this city” he stated, while pointing in the direction of the city he had previously been in. “After that, we will just take it one step at a time, until we find somewhere else to go.”

Naruto nodded numbly, before standing and brushing the dirt of his pants. Turning to Jiraiya, he gestured back to the city ahead with his head. “Well, then lets go. I'm hungry anyways.” he replied with a smirk. Before starting off in the direction ahead.

Jiraiya nodded, although Naruto couldn't see it, before following behind him. The reached the town rather quickly, and found somewhere to eat.

As Naruto stuffed his face with food, Jiraiya was observing the scenery around them as he thought on the current situation.

The town they were currently in while small, was rather busy and crowded. They could probably hide here for awhile, but if he knew the elder Konoha council, as he did. They would know that he somehow knew of their plans and find some way of getting Naruto and ending his life.

Frowning, he sighed. He really didn't have a clue where they could go, and wouldn't be found. It would be almost impossible with both of their faces being well known.

He was brought from his thoughts, as a hand landed on his shoulder. Turning to the owner of the hand, he smirked .”Hello Pein, What brings you here?” he questioned.

A man in a black ninja outfit, with multiple piercings throughout his body, and red hair. Nodded towards Jiraiya, as he took the seat next to him. “Nothing, just browsing. What about you?”he asked.

Jiraiya stretched and turned to face his old student completely, "Trying to figure out a problem, you know, thinking about life." he replied. Although many thought he was an enemy with Pein, or had at least lost contact with his old students. He was at good terms with all of them, that were still alive. Although this particular student, had taken a different route in life then what Jiraiya had hoped, Jiraiya as always, held nothing against him. As long as he didn't hurt any of those under his protection, then he had no problem with it.

Jiraiya was pulled from his thoughts, by Naruto's voice. "Ero-sennin, who's that?" Naruto questioned, as he carefully looked over the newcomer whom was sitting by his teacher.

Jiraiya sighed, "Naruto, this is Pein. Pein this is Naruto." Naruto looked Pein over cautiously before nodding towards him in greeting, he then went back to his meal.

Pein looked shocked at the name, before he hummed as he thought. "Is he the cause of your problems, he is the container of the nine tales no?"

Jiraiya looked at Pein cautiously. Of course, he knew somewhat of what Pein had been up to with his organization he frowned. "Maybe, why?"

Pein chuckled, as he took a sip of his drink. "Don't worry Jiraiya, I have no plans to take the nine tales out of the boy." he replied.

Jiraiya nodded, "Fine, It isn't him more like narrow minded seniors. That need to be put into retirement and have their power taken away" he grumbled.

Pein smirked, "What do they want to do?"

Jiraiya frowned, as he looked down at his drink. "Kill him, they think he is threat to Konoha, although he has saved it countless times."

Pein scoffed, as looked Naruto over once more. "That's ridiculous." he replied. This is why he, and Konan had taken to being on their own. Instead of belonging to a village, who had their views darkened for a long time.

Pein turned his attention away from Naruto, and back towards Jiraiya. "I can take him, We have room at the base." he stated.

Jiraiya took a sip from his drink, before humming in thought. That might not be a bad idea, he himself could just return to Konoha stating of Naruto's death. While Naruto really went and stayed with Pein. Although, it may not be the safest thing, it was the best option they had. Besides that, Pein was never one to judge others for what they may have inside them. Hell, he had some of the most feared villains staying with him, and working under him.

Finally, after a few moments of thought. Jiraiya nodded, "That would be good." Turning away from Pein and towards Naruto, Jiraiya spoke to him. "Hey Naruto, I have a place of where you can go" he stated.

Naruto looked up from his food, he had been listening to their conversation the whole time. Although, he really wanted to go and get Sasuke. It could wait, after all he needed to be alive, in order to capture someone. Along with that-He knew of this Pein guy. Jiraiya had told him about him, a few months back. Maybe he could learn something from him, and gain some new jutsus.

"Yeah I heard" he replied, before shrugging. "Its fine with me."

Jiraiya looked shocked for a moment, Naruto chuckled. "What? You guys weren't exactly whispering your conversation." he stated.

* * *

End Flashback

* * *

Not to long after that, Did Naruto Part ways with Jiraiya and head back towards the base with Pein. Naruto had kept in contact with Jiraiya every few months. But other then that, he kept no contact with anyone else from Konoha. To everyone else, aside from Tsunade, he was no longer among the living.

The first few months that he had come back to the base with Pein, had been torture. He was being constantly tested by the other members of the Akatsuki. As a test, so they said.

He snickered at that thought, as they say, Sometimes what use to be your enemy, can easily become your friend.

"What the fuck to you find so amusing?" Came the annoyed voice a Hidan.

Naruto glared at the man, "Your face, it always just cracks me up." Naruto replied.

Hidan glared at Naruto, in which Naruto ignored before leaving the chaos behind and going back to his room.

'Home sweet home' He thought with a smirk.

A/N : T.T I think that sort of sucked XD It was harder then I thought it would be..SORRY!!

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