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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Desert Rose

Author: Danyu amerikajin

WARNING: This Fan-fiction is Sexually Explicit. It is intended for readers 18 years of age or older.

Shikamaru Temari Pairing.

Characters and Settings by Masashi Kishimoto.


Note: (( I hope you like the style this one is written in I tried to do it a bit different this time writing from the point of view of each character I recently finished The Twilight series and I couldn't help but try to imitate Stephanie Meyer's style. I hope you like it. Please Read and Review))


I couldn't help yawning. It was a big one and my eyes watered sleepily because of it. As I continued to stare up at the slow moving clouds, I put my hands behind my head and continued my day dream. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and enjoyed staring at the soothing darkness for a few minutes. Suddenly I could see a figure in the distance someone that smelled like...the desert. I opened my eyes as my heart gave a tiny jolt "That’s way too troublesome" I said out loud knowing that no one would hear me. I sat up and sighed. I stood up and slid my hands in my pocket I know what the truth is but I've spent so much time avoiding this kind of hassle that I can’t believe it would be so easy for it to come from the most unexpected source.

I started the long walk to the gate, no rush though. As usual I kept a slow and steady pace. It took a few minutes to start passing through the busiest part of town, and as expected I heard some familiar voices.

"...Double the toppings today old man..."

It took some control to fight back my smile, I shook my head you would think that a ninja would know not to be so predictable all the time. I felt the small tick of my heart again. I could feel an all too familiar and troublesome feeling begin to rise in me. Heh I suppose I don’t have any right to talk.

As I continued toward the gate I ignored everything else on the way sighing at the feeling that was beginning to get stronger inside me. Too troublesome the stronger it became the harder it was to ignore almost as if I were ...anxious. Finally I made it to the gate and I could smell the same scent as the person in my daydream I let the corners of my mouth curve up slightly then I managed to fight it back and replace it with my usual expression No need to let her know what I'm really thinking, or feeling.

"So your back again then?" I said in an indifferent tone eyeing the loose ends of the black headband that weaved through her golden hair. Her back was too me and I kind of enjoyed the view as she turned the windswept by her and the scent wafted straight at me. Desert flowers an extremely exotic scent so inviting that it even managed to sap my composure for the slightest moment. I managed to regain my composure just before she got turned all the way around. As I caught a glimpse of her face I felt that same twitch of my heart again.


I fought back the sudden feeling of relief that swept over me as I let my eyes take in my usual "guide". I took a step toward him. I suddenly wanted to say a million things to him. They all flashed in my mind so fast they overlapped each other and confused me for a second. I pushed them all aside and placed a hand on my hip deliberately cocking it to the side in an attempt to show off I suppose it was an almost subconscious maneuver I had never even wanted to attempt before. "I could say the same to you Shikamaru" I said with my most whimsical tone it came out impossibly short of what it sounded like in my head and I stood plainly again. I let my eyes lock on his and I felt my heart give a harsh twitch in surprise. I froze; his gaze was so intense despite himself that I was always shocked when I stared into them. I inhaled a deep breath quickly recovering from my pause and blinked curling my lips into a tiny smile.

"So are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to take me where I need to go?" I said in a playfully mocking tone failing again in my attempt at a cute voice. I stepped toward him again looking very slightly up at him. I saw it again the scenario that played out despite my protests so often in my daydreams. I always looked up at him slightly just before I ... I shook my head so slightly it was hopefully unnoticeable and fought back the burning in my cheeks as I stepped to his side.

"Well let’s get going" I said coolly as I slowly started moving forward. I inhaled another subtle deep breath as he quickly turned to walk with me. I glanced over at him for a second. I really wish he wouldn't act like everything was such a pain. I looked away as he looked over at me. I could feel that burning starting to creep up again, even from the side his face was strangely distracting. I took the time to really look at it as we walked. He wasn't what you would call drop dead gorgeous. I know I’ve seen guys who were so much better looking I couldn't even look at them twice. Still something about him made my cheeks burn it was nothing like those guys you see with no shirt on in the magazines. This was more realistic and no less intense. Why though? I began to question myself. He’s always complaining and he’s a pain, he’s pretty average looking no more than a little above average at the most. So why does it make my blush just looking at his face. I felt my heart give a fierce twitch and quickly looked forward. I crossed my arms in front of me and this time I couldn’t hide my blush. I know why, but how could that have happened without me even realizing it until just now. I looked down at my arms and they were crossed resting over my heart now. I quickly dropped them and shook off the blush. Just because I knew it doesn’t mean he should...yet.

"So where are we going Shikamaru?" I asked fixing my eyes on him again, this time carefully trying to ignore the feeling that my realization was beginning to generate. I suddenly felt an urge to touch his cheek but I suppressed it quickly. I felt my arms beg to touch him. Grab his arm; hold his hand touch his face. I crossed them over each other again and looked down at them for a moment. I could feel a burning in my cheeks again as I stopped walking. I could see him turn toward me. I only had a second to make my decision but it was far to embarrassing to say here in the street. I laughed at myself Geez I'm a Suna Jounin one of the sand siblings once feared...well that was mostly because of Gaara but the point is why this is so embarrassing. I made up my mind and raised my eyes to him

"Shikamaru will you follow me?” I asked trying to look up at him from under my eyelashes, my attempt at flirting I suppose I just hoped it would increase the chances of him accepting. I waited impatiently for an answer I swear if he says it’s too troublesome I’m going to slug him so hard. The impatience built up in me and I clutched my hand in my cross armed grip. Suddenly I was very aware of the burning in my cheeks.


I watched blinked slowly in time with the flutter my heart made when she looked up at me from under her eyelashes it wasn't fair that something so ridiculous would work in real life, perhaps even better than it does in the movies. I looked at her for a minute before I noticed that she was blushing. I ran through some thoughts in my mind for a moment. Then I blinked Ha so much for being a genius, it doesn’t matter if I can win every battle I’m ever in and beat everyone I play in Shougi no amount of planning could help me now. I let all this sink in and sweep over me very quickly. Finally I let out the softest sigh I could manage which was difficult considering the increasing difficulty of breathing and my heart rate.

"Alright Temari, Lead the way" I said finally and then I could feel a burning in my own cheeks I wondered if it matched hers. I started down the street following her I tried to figure out what she was thinking as we walked a fool’s errand to be sure but it was something I felt was important in this situation. As much as I hate doing troublesome things it’s even worse when I don't know what I'm about to do. Luckily my attempts at deciphering her thoughts passed the time and when I broke my concentration we were standing at a door. I recognized it instantly it’s the door to the place she stays every time she comes to Konoha. Why would we have come here though? I blinked clearly whatever it is she wanted me to follow her for is something private. I almost smiled if she did decide to turn on me being inside would be beneficial to me. I laughed at my own thoughts and shook my head as Temari gave me a confused glance. She opened the door and I stepped inside looking around. Of course it looked identical to the last time I was in here, last time it was a very brief visit though. I turned as I heard the click of the door latching.

"So what is it Temari?" I said finally letting my curiosity get the best of me.


I stood in front of the door looking at him for a moment I had thought in through in my head on the way over. Knowing him he'd probably prepared for any scenario that involved me attacking him. I had planned to tell him how I feel but even in my mind it never came out quite right. I mulled it over a few more times in my mind. I blushed and glanced aside slightly for the slightest second. I know what I have to do both of us are so focused on words I couldn't take the chance of him mistaking my intentions. So I slowly stepped toward him. I could feel my feet lighten a bit as my heart began to race. I breathed deeply and it only took one more step to get to him. As soon as I felt my body press against his my arms around his neck and I leaned in slowly deliberately pressing my lips to his. It felt like I were inhaling pure heat and my lungs seemed to want more, I inhaled deeply as my heart raced. Although my lungs wanted the heat that poured from him now they protested greatly. Desperate not to break away from it I took a deep breath through my nose and took in his scent. It was pleasant like a meadow. As I closed my eyes I could envision us standing in a meadow surrounded by trees a cool breeze touching my skin as the heat of his breath flowed into me. Then I felt his lips begin to move against mine. His arms claiming a place around my waist I crushed my body against his with new enthusiasm. Suddenly my mind was racing I had prepared for him to stop me, to protest even push me away. Nothing had prepared me for him to embrace me. I inhaled another breath of his intoxicating heat; the meadow scent was greater now. I felt the ground vanish and a slight thud before I opened my eyes. My hair began to pull at the ties in it. I reluctantly broke away from the kiss keeping my body pressed against his. I swept my hand through my each ponytail and my hair fell smoothly in appreciation. I swept it back and looked into his eyes again. They were as intense as usual but there was something else in them now, something that made me long for the heat of his breath again. I crushed my lips against his again eagerly and began to run my hands into his hair. I continued to inhale his heat and scent as my fingers weaved through his hair and paused as they tangled in a tie that held his single ponytail. I smiled in the kiss and slid it out quickly I opened my eyes seeing his hair, with it down he came significantly closer to looking like one of those guys in the magazines. Then my cheeks burned again as I considered seeing him with his shirt off. I finally broke the kiss pressing my finger to his burning lips I sat up realizing I was setting right on top of him. I smiled an anxious smile and swept my hair to the left leaning in I kissed his jaw near his ear.

"Can I take off your shirt?" I asked in the most seductive tone I could manage this time it sounded just like I had intended. I gasped as he wrapped his arms around me and rolled quickly suddenly claiming the top. He quickly stripped off the dark green vest and stripped off his shirt and fishnet. I gasped again as I took in his surprisingly toned body. I ran a finger up his abdomen to his chest then up as high as I could, He started to lean in and with a new found intensity I weaved my fingers into his hair and pulled him to me pressing my free hand to his firm chest I blushed a darker shade. I felt him pull away from me and I gave him a look of longing from under my eyelashes. He seemed to lock up and then I wrapped around him rolling again to reclaim the top position. I gave him a triumphant mischievous smile and quickly untied my headband tossing it aside I began to remove my sash. As it slid off I placed my free arm across my chest and looked down at him blushing. I could see the look in his eyes the same look that forced me to inhale more of his intoxicating breath but his eyes were locked on mine. I smiled and slid off the robe, ignoring the thud as my fan fell to the floor under it, leaving me in a bra and shorts with fishnets up to my knee on my right leg. I smirked and leaned toward him so that my head was out of reach of his and eyed him mischievously as I pressed my chest against his then I slid my body up his and held my lips just off his. I inhaled deeply as I leaned toward his ear and whispered.

"Can you help me out of these shorts?" I asked then I looked into his eyes again from under my eyelashes.


I inhaled sharply my senses still trying to catch up to the overload of sensations that I was feeling. I nodded and wrapped my arms securely around her rolling over so that I was on top for the second time. I looked down at her carefully and slid my body of hers carefully pressing my fingers under the band of the skin tight shorts that hugged her hips. I quickly slid them off her and looked up as she tugged on the band of my pants. I eyed her and cautiously removed them. I slid my body back over hers and whispered "Are you su-" Before I could finish she snatched my head securely between both her hands and crushed her lips against mine. I tugged against her grip gently but the combination of her lips and body against mine was too much to resist so I surrendered and ran my fingers up her side sliding them over her shoulder and down her arm. She broke the kiss and leaned toward my ear

"Are you ready?" she asked biting her lip and looking up from under her eyelashes.

I eyed her as my heart stopped sputtered and raced again. I moved in a haze as the last of the fabric the separated our two bodies was removed and looked down at her. He eyes were locked on mine yet again and it was as if her entire body were blushing now I swallowed hard and leaned down against hers feeling my body burn fiercely as I felt her bare chest press against mine. I crushed my lips against hers and Ran my finger tips softly up her side. I could feel the arch of her body and I smiled at the low moan that filled the still unbroken kiss.

She looked up at me "Shikamaru can I?" she looked extremely embarrassed. "Can you let me on top I want to try something" she said looking up at me shyly. I smiled and surrendered control over to her. She rolled us and sat up sliding down my body. I looked down toward her and started to protest as she wrapped her fingers around my erection. I tensed as she slowly slid her lips down it. I gasped as my heart stuttered again. She slowly moved her lips in rhythm down it. I breathed in time with her movements and before I knew it I could feel myself losing control. "Temari I’m going to..." I said too late as I looked down at her she winced and closed one eye. I watched her swallow something. Then she looked up at me playfully "Yuck" she said slowly sliding her body back up mine. She reached her lips toward mine. I pressed a finger to her lips and smiled. "My turn" I said deviously and I slid my body down hers "Shikamaru you don’t ha- ah" I cut her off by sliding my tongue against her "lips" I slid my tongue up until I caught a smaller piece. I placed my lips around it and hummed against it. She twitched in response and her breathing became labored I could feel the hint of a moan on her breath. I continued to hum as I slid two fingers into her carefully slowly humming and moving in rhythm with her breaths. She twitched and arched repeatedly until she could no longer hide her moaning. I continued until I felt her clench her thighs and seize a handful of my hair. I quickly slid my body up hers and was greeted by her crushing her lips against my hard. I eagerly wrapped my arms around her and she whispered in my ear again "please, please Shikamaru I can't wait anymore" she said through heavy breathes.


I panted as he looked down at him my whole body was already aching and I could feel his erection pressed against my navel I reached down trying to guide him into me and felt the tip press lightly against my "lips" I bit my lip as he lined himself up and paused "Are you ready Temari?" he asked with a caring tone. I panted and kissed him again. "Yes! Please don’t make me wait anymore" I panted again and I felt his erection sliding slowly into me I gasped slightly then I felt him hit something. I gripped him tightly and whispered into his ear "be gentle" I said carefully and then I felt him thrust a bit and my eyes widened I gasped kissing him to disguise the moan. I closed my eyes and could feel tears in the corner of my eyes. I opened then again when he stopped "Temari are you alright?" he asked and I nodded kissing him tenderly now "Yes I’m fine Shikamaru" I said lovingly "please don’t stop" with each thrust it began to feel better and slowly I started to moan. "Shi" I said taking a deep breath and arching slightly "ka" I winced in pleasure "Ma" I moaned loudly "RU" I said arching my back deeply I felt the warmth of my body flare and I could feel him inside me tense simultaneously "TEMARI" I heard him moan even through the haze that my body tingling created. I smiled up at him as he pulled out of me and lay next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as His fingers gently grazed my hair and his arm crossed my body.

"Shikamaru” My heart raced anew "I, I love you" I said eyeing him as I spoke. Then I smiled up at him "I think we found something you don't find troublesome" I said with a teasing tone.


My entire body tingled as I looked down at her and ran my fingers through her hair. I froze as she said it and replayed the words in my mind. Then closing my eyes I smiled "I" I looked down at the top of her head and kissed it "Love you too Temari" I said smiling "I have known it for a while now I’m just glad that I don’t have to try and convince myself that it isn’t true" I closed my eyes as I kept my arm around her and ran my fingers through her beautiful hair. "So can I keep you now, My Desert Rose" I said connecting the person in the darkness under my closed eyelids finally with the reality. In this situation I would much rather take the reality than the dream.

A/N: Yes I am alive and I'm sorry for the Extreme Delay in Perfect Vision but hopefully this will help make up for my continued abscence Ive been very busy, I hope you like it. Please Review.

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