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Sunday, May 4, 2008

free download Naruto Manga Chapter 398

how to download?

copy that site and paste it with opera transfer...

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open your opera, then click tools on panel. after that click transfer. paste and go the site at the 'quick download'.

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Konoha Hidden Village

Konoha gakure is te most village that have many great ninja
The most interesting man in this village are Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Naruto
The best team is The Nine Rookie of Konoha
The good team work is 12 Rookie Ninja

Yondaime: Namikaze Minato

Fudge it!

Okay people. Or.. Manga readers.. more specifically, online manga readers. I'm sure everyone sort of glazed over the spot where Shizune seemed a bit overzealous in bugging Tsunade about Naruto. I thought that scene was a bit random, since they had already

Spoilers bitches!

confirmed that Sai was going to be on Naruto's team. Shizune just pestered Tsunade with question after question about Naruto. So you can draw two conclusions.

Shizune cares for Naruto, but in that family/friendly sort of way.

Or, if any of you can possibly figure out that I love obscure pairings...


NaruShizu is canon. Kiss my firm brown Asian ass.

Fudge it!

Author: SeikoTuNeR

Heavy and thick rain pounded endlessly on the village of Konoha. Dark stormy clouds gave a roar quickly bringing a flash of light, illuminating the dark village for a brief moment.

A lone shinobi slowly walked down a puddled path in extreme effort not pass out before getting home.

Rain. Water. The supposed bringer of life. Life's first attempt was said to have started in a puddle.

Uzumaki Naruto snorted at the notion. Who gave a crap what the experts say. He hated rain. It got in his hair, made other people sick, who would in turn sneeze on him, and it just plain dropped his mood.

And the leaks. Dear heavens have mercy the leaks in his apartments pissed the shit out of him. He'd fall asleep with his mouth open and would almost choke on the disgusting water that went through the roof, the glue that held the roof on...


Naruto kicked his door open (he never locked it) and gave a quick scan and a sniff from his nose to see if anyone was in here. Sakura's familiar scent floated in, and so did Iruka's, though Iruka's scent was stale and old. Most likely from when he was there yesterday.

Naruto hadn't seen Sakura in what seemed like weeks. But she cared enough to show up once in a while to make sure he was still alive and had food.

Tonights meal (or breakfast, it was 3 in the morning) was some sort of concoction of vegetables, meat, and a side dish of rice.

Far to lazy too warm it up, (along with avoiding the smell that came with heating up stir fried) he shoveled it all down.

It was cold, the taste was probably a little stale, but it was great compared to the shitty rations ANBU personal got for distant assignments.

Perhaps knowing that it was personally made by an old friend made it better, but still.

Rations sucked fish sauce.

He looked over to his right and notice a small box. He opened it and looked inside to find a strawberry vanilla slice of cake. Naruto winced. Did he just flake out on Sakura's birthday?

Naruto finished up his meal and cleared everything away. He pulled off his foot wear and looked irritably at his calloused foot. He flicked the bottom of his foot, slightly chuckling at the fact that he couldn't even feel the flick.

He tore off his clothes and armor, almost zombie like and head towards the bathroom. He glanced at his calender and there in his tiny print read “Sakura's Birthday!” He sighed and made plans to get her something eventually

He turned the water on and stepped in.

As the ice cold water hit his body, he didn't even flinch. He lathered himself off to get rid of the sweat, the musk and the overpowering smell of blood.

But blood never really went away. It was always there, with its metallic coppery taste, its smell that just couldn't be described, the way it ruined all of his clothes, the way it always got stuck underneath his fingernails..

He hated blood more than he hated rain.

Naruto made his short journey from the bathroom to his room in a slight daze. He leaned against his table to pull his undershorts out, but he just stayed there.

He noticed something that hadn't been there before.

It was a picture roughly three years old. He had just come back with Jiraiya and was hopping around with Sakura and Kakashi.

Kakashi, as usual, had his head in his book walking slightly behind Naruto and Sakura. He seemed to be talking about something to Sakura, whom oddly enough seemed interested.

The picture was a rather good close up, no blurs or odd beams of light shining.

He studied his face for a long time.

It didn't look at all like it did in the picture. He had this brilliant tan and sparkling blue eyes. His face had more of a circular shape, and his hair just seemed to scream spunk.

His reflection looked down right evil. His eyes were dull shade of blue, his hair drooped down, seemingly loosing its ability to defy gravity, his tan was gone, and he had light bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.

He thought about how many people he had killed in a span of two years. He couldn't remember. He used to keep exact memories of every person he's had to kill in the name of Konoha, for his own guilt trip. But recently, his memories of them had begun to fade.

He wasn't sure if he was happy or not.

He hadn't had a nightmare in a long time, and he had always personally welcomed them. He felt normal with them.

Naruto hated to kill. Even those who deserved it, whose lifestyle begged for it. He hated it more than blood and rain put together. But he was supposed to not only accept it, but do it as many times needed.

He tried to remember his childhood 'Ninja Way'. He couldn't recall it right now, but he had a feeling he was breaking his own oath.

He wasn't an official ANBU squad member, but a trainee. Tactics, techniques, mind games, communication were drilled into his brain all during missions. He could tell he was being brainwashed into their thinking, but he fought it.

Now that he thought about it, his superiors actually told him all ANBU are modified to an extent. To keep them from hesitating or some crap like that.

He watched with some foreboding sense of curiosity as a single drop of rain water went from his eye down to his chin. He irritably looked up at the link only to find it wasn't there.

It was a tear.

As another one slid down his cheek he glanced at himself confusedly. He was in more of denial than anything else.

He was miserable. He hated being a shinobi. He hated early mornings and late nights. He hated watching the life leave the eyes of his new statistic. But he couldn't quit. He was a man of his word. He never quits.

But he missed his friends more than anything else. Before heading off into ANBU he was just starting to finally getting to know everyone more.

He learned Shikamaru was a fantastic Go player.

He learned Neji vented by not only pushing his body in training, but by watching porn.

Lee owned every gaming system in history (even though he hardly played them since he graduated)

Chouji ate everything in sight (he had already guessed that before he started talking to him)

Ino loved watching cartoons.

And Sakura loved strawberry vanilla cakes for her birthdays.

But he knew deep down that his problems now would pale in comparison to being a Hokage. With that position, he wouldn't be the one killing or loosing touch with his friends, he'd be the one choosing who gets to kill with the possibly of sending his own comrade who just might get killed on the damn mission he sent them to.

Naruto chuckled darkly.

“Fuck the free world.”


On a typical Wednesday afternoon, Tsunade wasn't hounded by work. When she had first got the job, things were so hectic because of the recent invasion from Sound and Sand. Buildings needed to be constructed, newer safety measures were being implemented to keep civilians and younger nins in training safe, beefed up security, and better qualified Chuunins. There were countless others that kept her up into the wee hours of the morning, if it hadn't been for Shizune, Tsunade was sure she'd go insane. Speaking of Shizune, she hadn't seen her the past couple of days. Shizune had left her a note saying she was taking a leave of absence... still.

But back to her old busy schedule, that was almost 5 years ago. Things still were a bit uptight, but it wasn't anything that strangled her from when she got up till she dropped on her head unconscious.

She sat in her chair mulling over an individual that she didn't want to admit, but missed dearly with a dose of growing concern.

Uzumaki Naruto had jumped Jounin status and went straight into being recruited into the notorious ranks of the ANBU. She had never really cared for the group, with their merciless training, strict code of constant vigilance, it all irked her. She knew they were needed and important, not to mention under her direct authority, but she never really got along with them. She used them for her purposes and that was that.

But ever since Naruto had been recruited, her annoyance with them only grew. Naruto, ever the ambitious one, gave it a nights sleep and joined. Over the past year, she'd seen less and less of him. Her most recent visit with him had infuriated her the most.

He looked so bone dead tired. His smile was so pathetic and slapped on, she wanted to smack him across the room and yell at him to act normal. She knew he was nearing a breaking point, and she couldn't do much to help. Even though she had authority over the ANBU as a whole, she had no power over who was to be recruited (though she could recommend) and couldn't strip someone of their membership unless under extreme circumstance.

Naruto was hardly ever home, so she couldn't even talk to him enough to even try to suggest the idea of leaving the damned thing. She tried to stop thinking about but her eyes wondered over to a picture of him and Sakura almost over a year ago. The difference between the picture and her current vision of Naruto made her shudder.

There was a knock at her door that gave her more of a shock than it should have.

“Come in.”

The door opened and an ANBU member walked in and removed her mask. She had a young but stern face, with hair that one couldn't describe any other than the color purple that went down to her back. Her armor hid her body well, but other than that, she was one of ANBU's top members.

“Bizen Sayoko, to what do I ow the pleasure?”

Sayoko was the only one who didn't annoy her. Maybe it was because she was female. Tsunade wondered if she was unconsciously sexist.

She blamed Jiraiya.

“Hokage-sama. We have a bit of a problem.”

Her elegant eyebrows rosed a notch.


“Uzumaki Naruto has been missing for two days.”

Tsunade rose to her feet, already having a sick feeling pitted in her stomach.

“Two days? Why haven't I been notified before?”

Sayoko pulled out a small stack of papers from her pouch.

“These were a couple of messages that got routed to Shizune-san. A number of people didn't know she was on a leave.”

Before Tsunade could figure out what to do they both noticed two familiar chakra signatures nearing the door.

“Uzumaki!” Sayoko had whirled around and was glaring daggers at Naruto.

“Bizen?” Tsunade noted that he looked a tad healthier from the last time she saw him. And then of all people, Shizune was standing next to him.

“Uzumaki-” Tsunade cut her off.

“Naruto, where have you been these past two days?”

Naruto looked from Tsunade to Bizen, and figured talking to Tsunade was a better choice. Bizen didn't look too happy.

“I sent a personal letter to you .. two days ago. You never got it?”

Sayoko clipped voice went across the room.

“And you didn't even notify your superiors as well? What of your ANBU responsibilities?”

Naruto's almost carefree demeanor disappeared and he went cold.

“According to article 4 section 1, I don't have to tell you that I quit and was only to send my resignation to Hokage-sama.”

Odd loophole it was, she couldn't really fire anyone, but they had to notify her if they wanted to quit.

Tsunade went around the table and took the papers from Sayoko, who at the time seemed to have lost it. She found his resignation and his letter.

His print was irritatingly small, but at least legible.

Tsunade-sama :

I'm going to leave for a few days. I don't know how to put it, but I can't really deal with the ANBU right now. I hope you don't think of me as a coward for quiting the ANBU, but maybe I'll tell you the crap thats been going on in person.


“You.. you quit? Why? You have so much potential and power..”

“I didn't want to anymore. That's all. You don't need to ask a bunch of questions about it.”

“Bizen.” Tsunade called out, “I believe you can go now.”

There was definitely more to Naruto's relationship with her than they were letting on.

“Yes mam'. Hokage-sama, Shizune-san..” She gave a short bow but her eyes lingered on Naruto longer than they should have, but nothing in her posture or eyes gave anything else that would have revealed her intent.

She put her mask on and walked out.

Tsunade put a stern front and said in her most authoritative voice “So you quit?”

He impishly scratched his head.

“Uh yeah..”

Tsunade quickly embraced him, gently, she didn't want to crush him. Yet.

“Thank God. The last time I saw you, I thought you were dying.”

Naruto slowly returned the hug and enjoyed the experience he was denied a great number of times in his life.

“I was. That's why I quit.”

Tsunade let go and tried to hide the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Aw? Was the big meanie Hokage actually worried for little ol' me?”

Putting her extreme relief aside, Tsunade grabbed him from the neck of his shirt and threw him out the window.

“Fucking haaaag!”

Tsunade than averted her attention to Shizune who busied herself by scrummaging through the papers she put on the desk.

“Shizune? You've been with Naruto these past couple of days?”

“Hai. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean any harm..”

Tsunade laughed. “Are you kidding me? I'm glad. Give him another year with ANBU I'm sure he'd have snapped. And I'm sure you showed him a good time?”

Shizune gave a short chuckle. “Course. He's so old but.. theres so many things he hasn't done or seen. With all that raging inner kid in him, it surprised me the whole time how he seemed to question me on everything he saw. You forget sometimes, with the way he acts, that he's been alone his entire childhood.”

“Hmm.” Tsunade looked thoughtful.

“But what exactly did you two do? If I didn't know any better, I could have sworn he was holding your hand on the way in..”

Shizune looked surprised herself. “ I honestly don't know. We were fine just walking along side each other, but when we got close to your office, he started tensing up and when he saw Bizen he grabbed my hand.”


“I know.”

Naruto climbed his way though the window, huffing and puffing, and pissed to no end.

“Damn it! Do I look huge and have white enormous hair?”

Shizune and Tsunade laughed at him, which only irritated him further.

“Not fair. I didn't even see it coming!”

“Its okay, Naruto.” Shizune cooed. “All in good fun!”

Naruto's eyes bulged out.

“Good fun? Good fun is watching a movie or video taping Kakashi get chased around by a herd of women, not getting thrown out of a 24 story building at 100 miles per hour!”

Still laughing, Tsunade figured today was a day and herded Shizune and Naruto out the door.

“C'mon, brat. We're going to my place. Then you can tell me everything thats been happening to you.”


Gyea! Ground breaking NaruShizu stuff. Sort of. Not yet I suppose. I hope you all enjoyed this. I don't know how much effort I'm going to put into this since I really want to finish Blondie, but this idea's been buggin the shit outta me since I started on Blondie.



Author: DarkenedxPhoenix

Hinata groaned as she laid in bed, and ice pack on her head. Her and naruto been doing training with rocks to test her byakugan and he'd accidently gotten one through it, conking her on the head. She suddenly sat up and wrapped her arms around naruto, who was sitting beside her, waiting of her to wake up, and proclaiming her love to him. They both turned red when they realized what she'd done, as he awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, patting her back.

'That's...nice hinata...' he said, grinning as though she were a little child. She shook her head, turning deep red. Hinata let out a slow sigh, hating the dream she had, although it was rather lovely. Her and naruto were out a date and he'd proposed, at said point she glomped him and said she loved him after he put the ring on her. She stared him in the eye, steeling her resolve. She'd already said all she had to do was make him realize she wasn't suffering from a concussion.

'No..naruto I...I uh..I really do love you...' she said quietly. "I'm not suffering from a concussion...' He stared at her for a minute.

'Well..h-hinata...' he stuttered a little. "...I like you too...' he said quietly, embarrased a little. She turned even darker red. She slowly leaned her head towards his, and ever so slowly, did he lean his head towards hers. Their lips met, and the kiss was awkward at first, ending up in both of them freezing. Suddenly, Naruto felt a slight nibble on his bottom lip, and he opened his mouth, allowing her tongue to enter his mouth. She ran her tongue across his teeth, then pushed it against his. He pushed back as they started rubbing tongues. After a minute they pulled away, panting slightly, both of them dark red.

'Ano...N-Naruto?' She asked, blushing deeply as she looked away from him.

'What's wrong?

"Well...I want to...' She stopped, turning darker red, stuttering the whole time. He continued staring, waiting patiently for her. "I want you..inside me...' she whispered quietly, to the point he could barely hear her. Naruto stared at her for a second, not knowing what to say.

"Well I...I guess I must've hit you harder than I thought..' he said, examining her head. She shook her head and looked at him.

'Please Naruto..' She begged, making him blush deeper. He finally nodded after a moment, receiving a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you..'

Hinata reached out and grabbed the zipper of his jacket and slowly slid it down, siding it off of him. Then she reached for his shirt, slowly pulling that off too. At this point she froze, staring at him. All his training had certainly paid off she thought to herself as she stared at his well toned body. It was then she noticed the sound of a zipper going down, which just happened to be attached to her jacket. She let him slip off her, and he stared in shock at her hidden bust. Shaking his head a little, he reached for the fishnet. She pushed his hands away, and slowly, sexily, pulled it over her head, tossing it across the room.

Naruto had never seen this side of her, but had to admit he enjoyed it thoroughly as she leaned against him, giving him a slow passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, clad in nothing but a bra and her pants, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, he skin tingling wherever he touched her. His hands slowly slid up her back, unclasping the bra and she broke the kiss long enough to let him side it off of her. At this point, he pushed her slowly onto her back, his hand sideways, pushing against the middle of her collarbone. She let him lay her back and slowly he moved his head to her breast, taking it in his mouth and slowly sucking on it.

"Ohh...Naruto...' She whispered quietly, a small wave of pleasure radiating where he was lightly sucking on her. His other hand slowly took hold of her other breast, begining to massage and squeeze it. His tongue started making little circles around her nipple, teasing her a little, before moving to the nipple. He flicked his tongue across it, making her squeak in surprise. He rubbed his tongue against it, sucking a little harder, drawing a soft moan. He drew back his head, letting it fall from his mouth with a pop. He switched over to her other breast, giving it the same treatment. She let out another soft moan, and let out one of disappointment when he pulled his head away, letting it again fall from his mouth with a slight pop.

He moved down to her pants, slowly pulling them off of him, letting them fall into their small pile of clothes. Then he grinned, taking her panties in his teeth and gently bit down, pulling them down her long, slender legs with his teeth, causing her to giggle and blush at his actions. He moved back up, noticing with a grin she had shaved. Slowly moving his head down to her, spreading her legs a little and slipping his tongue in her, making her squirm.

'That feels weird..' He started to slide it back out of her. "Nonono, don't do feels good...' She said quickly, before his tongue completely left her. He slipped it back inside her, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her. He found a small nub and ran his tongue across it, causing her to jump and gasp again. "Do that again naruto..' she whispered, and he obliged, running his tongue across it, causing her to moan softly, gripping the sheets tight in her hands, pleasure radiating from the spot. He slipped two fingers in her and slowly started pumping, drawing another moan from her. He sped up, licking at the small nub, occasionally drawing away from her clit to lap at her wetness that began to drip out of her.

She moaned again, trying to move down a little and push his fingers deeper inside of her. He added a third finger, starting to stretch her a little, and pushed hard against the nub, licking at it, and trust his fingers as deep in her as he could, feeling her walls close around him and squeeze his fingers tight. Hinata squeaked and moaned, her back arching as a small amount of liquid shooting out. He continued lapping at her, enjoying the taste, until she was relieved of the liquid. Hinata meanwhile laid there, panting slightly.

'That was amazing Naruto-kun..' she panted out at him. He grinned at her.

'Have you ever tasted down there? It's good..' he said, sounding like a child with a bowl of cake mix. She shook her head, and opened her mouth to his fingers, slowly sucking on them, finding a sweet taste that she couldn't exactly put the words together to describe. Naruto blushed as she continued sucking on his fingers. Finally she opened her mouth, allowing him to draw his fingers out. She sat up, flipping him on his back, and instantly went for his pant, undoing the zipper and pulling them them off, his boxors following. She stared at his erection in surprise, it being bigger than she expected. However, she pulled his legs apart a little, and took him in her hand, holding him at an angle she could take in her mouth.

"You don't have to do that Hinata..' he said, watching her.

'I know naruto-kun...but I wanted to..' and with that she took him in her mouth and gave a hard suck, causing him to gasp and his head to hit the pillow with a muffle thump. She licked at the head as she took as much of him in her mouth as she could and started pumping her head up and down, drawing a load moan from him.

"Uhhh, that feel great..' he whispered out to her. She was personally glad he was shaved, not wanting to press her nose into his hair and she gave a hard suck, causing him to jerk a little. She kept pumping fast and his next moan was louder. "I'm gonna cu-' was all he got out before it turned into a moan. She finally took as much of him in her mouth as she could, resisting her gag reflex as she felt the warm gooey substance shoot down her throat. He went stiff, moaning, as she held him her her throat, waiting for him to finish. He finally did, and she took her mouth off him, wiping away some of her spit.

He laid panting, and after a moment he sat up, switching places with her. He positioned himself at her entrance, looking at her. She nodded at him and gasped when he pushed into her, tears leaking from her eyes almost instantly. He leaned forward, kissing away each tear until they stopped.

“Tell me when...' He said, knowing she was in a good deal of pain. She laid there for a second, before finally nodding. He slowly moving inside her. She clenched her eyes shut in a mixture of pleasure and pain when he started moving, feeling herself being stretched by him. She moaned loudly as he started to speed up a little. He leaned forward, sucking on one of her breast, using his other hand to support him as his tongue flicked across her nipple, occasionally switching to the other one.

'Faster...' she panted out, throwing her head back and clenching the sheets. He started pumping faster, his panting getting louder and turning into moans. Hinata felt something building inside of her, as waves of pleasure fired off through her body.

'Hinata..I'm cumming..' he grunted out. He sped up a little more and she felt his hot seed fill her up to the point that it spilled out a little around him, and leaked down her ass and onto the sheets. This was enough to push her over the edge and her muscles tightened around him, squeezing him as she screamed his name, her back arching as her orgasm took over. She bucked a little for a minute or two, before finally stopping, and collapsing onto the bed. Naruto collapsed beside her, rolling her on her side, as he laid beside her, sliding out of her as he went soft.

'I love you...' She whispered, still panting a little as she leaned forward, kissing him lightly.

'I love you too..' He whispered into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist holding her close to him, praying that this moment would never end. Praying to be able to hold her like this, in his arms, forever.

Dream Twice A Dream

After much persuading of my little ni-san, he finally convinced me to write NaruHina. I never knew he liked the pairing that much, although the pictures of Naruto and Hinata on his door with the writing, “Only access to NaruHina lovers.,” would be explained. Anyhow, after much brainstorming and being forced to listen to love songs for three entire days, an old little nightmare has spiked up my imagination and voila! My very first NaruHina ficlet, I did write a threesome on this but my ni-san said it didn’t count. –Pouts-

Rating: M, just in case. Crackfic!

Genre: Romance/Humor

Pairing: NaruHina all the way/ Slight, but really slight, Sasuke x Kakashi

Naruto and Thomas (My little ototo-san): Finally!!

Gaara: -Growls- Do we really have to be here? –Motions at Sasuke and all the others-

Me: I’m afraid so, I didn’t tortured anyone mentally for days.

Thomas: Shut up, TSOH-nee-chan, hurry up and start the fic already!

Me: I totally adore you, dear. –Sarcasm dripping off every word-

Thomas: Yeah, yeah…

Naruto: Let’s begin, dattebayo!

Summary: Hinata and Naruto just happen to dream the same dream. Only why does Hinata likes it a lot more then Naruto? Also what happened to his clothes? NaruHina R&R

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, dattebayo!!

Dream Twice A Dream

Author: Troubled Spirit Of Hell

Inside a little apartment in the middle of Konohagakure, a certain Kyuubi vessel was twisting and turning in his sleep. Tangling himself further in white cotton sheets, Uzumaki Naruto’s electric vibrant blue orbs were squinted shut. Beads of sweat sliding down his temples, clenched fists gripping in the covers, once in a while whimpering. No doubt the poor blonde was having a nightmare. Probably the one were the demonic container was locked in a room with a very horny Orochimaru. Then again, everybody would be freaked out if they dreamed that.

Being the curious people that we are, the author decided to granted the beloved readers, that certainly would leave a few reviews after they have read this story, a little peek. By the way, that was a huge beg from my part…

The sun was shining radiantly, little blue birds were whistling tones, almost no clouds were in the heavenly blue sky. Although Shikamaru would be disappointed after discovering that fact, but hey, it’s not his dream, so we don’t practically care. In the distance children were playing and screaming and laughing joyfully and gleefully. I don’t really understand why this would be a nightmare. I am with the right person, am I not?
Blonde unruly hair.

Whisker marks on his cheeks.

Electric blue eyes.

Nope, not Sasuke Uchiha. So I’m probably right. Weird, I wonder why he would be tossing with a horrified look on his face?

Back inside the dream. Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha were on a wide open field, which existed out of unnaturally green grass and a few randomly placed oaks and beeches. We decide to discard it as camouflage, because they are ninjas and ninjas use camouflage. Anyways, the raven-haired avenger was standing there, arms crossed over his masculine chest, scowl present on his features and black charcoal eyes blazing with annoyance.

The pink kunoichi, otherwise know as Sakura, was smiling widely, her shiny teeth were reflecting a bit of the sunlight. Which added to some more irritation on Sasuke’s part, it’s just not his day, uh, night, uhm, dream, whatever. Sakura’s emerald eyes were shining with eerie and joy, when she took another step closer to the avenger. She placed her hand on her chest and calmly opened her mouth, glancing at the Uchiha with hope and adoration.

“Sasuke-kun, onegai, would you…”

However, before she could finish the, in Sasuke’s opinion, dreaded question, he quickly replied, “Iie.”

Sakura pouted and in her childish innocence and curiosity, she asked, almost in fear, “Why not, Sasuke-kun?”

He merely growled, slouched his shoulders and responded swiftly, “Not interested, now, do you want me to request a restraining order? Because I know it was you that was groping my ass during that mission.”

Green eyes widening, cheeks flushing in a shade that would rival Hinata’s blushes, Sakura immediately retorted, “Demo, Sasuke-kun, I didn’t even sleep in the same tent.”

The sole survivor of the Uchiha massacre twitched slightly, because it was Kakashi that was sleeping in the make-shift bed next to his, great, now he felt like he was going to gag any moment. Desperately in an attempt to break the awkward silence that indulged and to keep Sakura’s eyes off his ass, Sasuke quickly asked:

“Where’s that baka ?”

His slightly obvious attempt of dislocating the attention off him has failed, because it seemed Sakura had taken an interest in feeling up his butt with her eyes, Sasuke quickly hid after an out of nowhere sprouted tree with squirrels and apples.

The sun was shining radiantly, little blue birds were whistling tones, almost no clouds were in the heavenly blue sky. Naruto Uzumaki was walking down the streets of Konoha, grinning like the obnoxious idiot he is and we all adore with a passion. I mean, the kid has his own anime show, how cool is that? As I was typing earlier, the blonde was strolling down the streets in an attempt to break Kakashi’s records at being late. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the terrified and fascinated looks he received from the people.

Paying absolutely no attention to the staring bystanders, he continued slouching further, Naruto glanced at the beautiful clear sky above him and smiled, today, he decided in his mind, he would ask Sakura out on a date and she would, like in any picture perfect dream, say yes and immediately declare her hate towards Sasuke and they would share some passionate loving! Luckily, this is a NaruHina fic for a reason, so don’t flame, yet.

His bright ocean blue eyes were glancing at a single sheep-like cloud, that was slowly drifting towards nothingness, in it’s quest to reach, well I’m not a cloud expert, so don’t ask me. Naruto did notice that his sandals were a bit dirty and painful, since he constantly felt little grains of sand scorch against the flesh of his feet. Once again, the clueless Kyuubi container continued his little walk towards his much beloved and much hated teammates. Since, this is Naruto’s nightmare, we have decided that Kakashi was playing strip poker with Itachi and Kisame in the Akatsuki hideout. Ignore the drool of the authoress.

It also was a bit chilly, Naruto thought absentmindedly, but nonetheless the blue-eyed sweetheart quickened his pace, while a woman screamed, pointed and fainted with saliva dripping from her chin, the girl was later identified as TenTen. He rose a blonde eyebrow, looked away when Neji was glaring at him, just before he saw him covering up his eyes and yelling his lungs out with the oh so innocent sentence:

“My perfectly opaque eyes with a glint of grey and a slice of almost invisible lavender!” How Neji has known to describe his own eyes like that remained a mystery to mankind. I say he’s a vain male, but that’s just my opinion.

Naruto shrugged and left the center of Konoha, where most people were covering up their eyes and some were just jumping up and down, which faintly reminded him as fangirl behavior. His blue eyes scanned the horizon, he then put his hands after his neck and innocently walked towards the field where Sasuke was trying to prey Sakura’s hands of his assets.

The pink haired female was chasing the black eyed avenger with a look of lust, her arms straight in front of her, like she was trying to embrace Sasuke, the raven haired male just ran for his beloved virginity and in a, rather, stupid attempt to save his buns from being touched by unholy hands. Sasuke was a bit of a narcissist in his free time, because he needs to be something else then emo, I mean, drop the cliché! He just is dark by nature... Insert a “yeah, right!” from Sasuke-haters and random Naruto-loving people..

“Ohayo, Sakura-chan, Sasuke-teme. Oi, where’s Kakashi-sensei?” Naruto asked disappointed that he couldn’t break the record, his eyelids closed a second before he revealed his bright blue orbs again.

Sasuke and Sakura stood still for a moment, with their backs facing their blonde teammate, the male was pondering over the question, while the female was still lustfully staring at the said male’s ass. Seriously, the avenger was going to demand a restraining order from Tsunade after this horrible dream was over. Their hair fluttered by the small breeze and they still didn’t look at Naruto, leaving him a bit alone.

Finally the pinkette said in her usual cheerful mood, “I think he’s on this super special and super dangerous mission that could unchain a civil war, might our beloved sensei fail!” One fist was triumphantly raised in the air, because she replied faster then her adored Sasuke-kun.

-Meanwhile, somewhere hidden in the darkness-

“Royal flush.” A deep voice exclaimed rather enthusiastic, when he laid a set of cards on a wooden table.

“Kuso.” Another male voice swore, faintly the sound of an unzipping vest could be heard.

Itachi grinned and Kisame laughed silently, while he went with a hand through his unruly blue hair. Itachi, who was shaking another card out of the big sleeves of his black cloak, swept the cards together and started dealing again. Kisame just waved the Jounin vest of Kakashi in front of his one visible eye. The silver-haired ninja growled and pouted like a child, making the female and gay half of the audience; awww.

So the game continued again…

-Back to our clueless leading star-

Slowly, almost in slow motion style, Sasuke and Sakura turned around, a few hairs were blown in their eyes, quickly adjusting their line of sight, they both gasped at Naruto. Sakura promptly passing out, much similar to the way TenTen fainted in the village, a rosy blush covering her cheeks, green eyes closed and a content smile on her face. Sasuke felt more like hurling and puking his lunch out in a desperate attempt to forget this rather uncomfortable sight.

Heavily breathing the raven haired nin said to a disgruntled and confused Naruto, “ Dobe, put on some fucking clothes!”

Blue stones widening faster then you can say; Hinata loves Naruto, you stupid idiotic fool!, he quickly glanced down and let out a yelp of surprise. There he was in all his male glory, totally nude and the real reason that it was so cold was explained. His hands swiftly covered up his more, uhum, private parts and he dashed away at a speed that would rival Lee’s. Leaving a shocked Sasuke behind, with a black eyebrow arched and a disturbingly green blush decorating his cheeks.

“No amount of therapy will ever make this up.” He whispered into the silence, hands in front of his mouth, preventing his lunch to escape.

Naruto ran away towards his trustworthy and presumed safe apartment in the hope to get some decent, orange, clothes and get dressed. Until he heard a husky voice from right behind him. Turning around he gulped down some saliva, before he tried to tiptoe away from the blonde and quite drunk Hokage.

“Ohayo, Naruto-kun.” Screw modesty, the blonde thought frightened, if he didn’t sprint for his life, he wouldn’t make it out as a virgin.

Out of nowhere, a pair of arms were wrapped around his naked waist and a hand was touching his manhood. He felt the blood rush to his cheeks and slowly turned his head, cracking his neck in the progress. Shizune and Anko were just behind him with very seductive smiles.

“I-I d-don’t d-date o-older wo-women!” He shrieked in fear for the two, actually three, female shinobi.

Then lightening struck, even if it was an abnormally pretty and quite sickening perfect day. Orochimaru, the Orochimaru, from Sound village, arrived with his loyal bitch, Kabuto, trailing behind him in a sexy, revealing, female nurse costume. Inwardly Naruto hurled, blue eyes widening to extremes, almost to the point were they would pop out of his head and fall on the dusty ground. Anko was pinching his ass and Shizune was purring in his right ear. Just before Tsunade, who was slurping from a bottle of chocolate flavored sake, approached with a doggy collar in her free hand…

He woke up screaming, next to his one-person bed, sheets clutched in his hands and totally covered in sweat. He was shivering and shaking violently and twitched horribly with his left eye, trying to get up on his feet, the blonde nearly fell down on his ass again. Naruto absentmindedly rubbed his fist in his brilliant blue eyes, adjusting his vision. Only to see the poster of his favorite band right in front of him again.

“Oh my Kami, I hate, totally hate, abhor, loathe, detest, hate that dream!” He yelled out in anger and frustration. Steadily, one of his hands grabbed the fabric of his orange pajama top near his chest area. Calming his raging and frightened heart.

Never, ever, would he watch the Icha Icha Paradise movie with Kakashi and Jiraya again.

-Meanwhile in the compound of one of the most prestigious clans of Konoha-

“I’m going to kill you, Itachi!!”

-Gomen ne, wrong clan. Meanwhile in the other compound of one of the most prestigious clans of Konoha-

A small and fragile Hinata Hyuuga was sleeping peacefully in her king-sized bed with orange sheets, which had weirdly Naruto’s head embroidered on the center. One hand was clenching a handful of smooth silk, while the other was underneath her short blackish blue hair, white eyes closed and a smile present on her angelic face.

I guess, you readers want to know what happens in her dream, right? Well, I could skip this part and go immediately to Kakashi’s dreams for some hardcore action, but I don’t think you guys would appreciate that and I don’t want to receive, in a whisper-like tone, flames.

Hinata was laying down on the grass in the training area, panting heavily, well endowed chest going up and down by the steady movements of her breathing. She was sweaty and the shirt underneath her big furry jacket was soaked in the said fluid. Her shoulder-length midnight blue hair was a total mess, not that she cared, really. Her pale lavender eyes were directed to the sky, to a cloud that was drifting by, somehow the cloud remembered her of Lee’s head. That can’t be right…

Slowly lifting herself up her own feet, she leaned on her favorite beech, hand seeking support on the twisted stem, inhaling a lot of air with the gesture, she pressed her whole body against the tree. Hinata sighed when she felt the warm sunrays on her pale face, the thought of Naruto crossed her mind, cheeks flaring up and coloring a nice, almost impossible, shade of scarlet, she quickly hid behind the beech.

It was quite obvious that the shy, loveable Hyuuga heiress had a small, almost non-existing, crush on the Kyuubi container. Well, small was an understatement, let’s say her love for the demonic vessel rivaled the intensity of thousand burning suns! I’m so going to become a poet after this. Anyways, Hinata couldn’t even think, let alone speak to the blonde male without blushing, stuttering and stumbling away, so the girl could pass out in admiration.

“Hinata-chan? Are you behind that tree?” Hinata’s white with slight lavender eyes widened to extremes and she covered her face in her petite hands.

“Oh my Kami! Oh my freaking Kami! It’s Naruto! It’s Na-ru-to! Oh my freaking Kami!”

In her head, thousands of little Hinata’s were running around with documents and important papers flying around in the pinkish gray room, aka her brain. The mini-me’s were all dressed up in white blouses and black skirts, except one, that one was dressed up in a big ruby red coat stuffed with white fur. This specific specimen was the head-Hinata and was very different from the stuttering, shy beauty.

“Alright, bitches! What’s going on?!” The woman demanded, scoffed and crossed her arms over her extremely beautiful coat.

One of the minor Hinata’s raised her hand, blush decorating her cheeks and a little sigh escaping her lips. The large heiress arched a perfectly blue eyebrow, glanced at smaller one and groaned softly, indicating that she may answer.

“Na-Naruto-kun is h-here, Hina-sama.” The tiara-wearing woman squealed in delight, jumped up and down on the bouncy dark pink floor and flashed a victory sign.

Her white stones flashed dangerously when the other girls were just staring at her with clueless expressions on their faces. Growling the “leader” started screaming obscenities and one Hinata’s mini-me’s shot her with a tranquilizer, such was the phenomenon of the inner beings, look at Sakura… Anyways, the real Hinata was still in a state of shock, especially since Naruto has purred her name in such a sexy and totally seductive manner.

The bluenette shyly turned around, glancing for the blonde kitsune with her gorgeous milky pools, only to be disappointed that she couldn’t find him. Slumping her shoulders a bit, Hinata hugged herself, nails digging in the fabric of her beloved warm jacket. Biting her bottom lip, she once again wanted to lean against the beech and have some X-rated fantasies about the blue-eyed Hokage-wannabe.

A hot sensational breath tickled her right ear and the heiress started to blush at another shade of undiscovered red, the familiar voice then whispered into the sensitive flesh, “Ohayo, Hi-na-ta-chan.”

Every syllable well pronounced, Naruto started to wrap his bare arms around her waist, she felt like drooling, fainting and other fangirl-related matters. Hinata needed to reassure herself to not pass out, no matter what and she also had to remember breathing, she felt like she was going to burst. Still, it was Naruto hugging her from behind and she was still Hyuuga Hinata, the shy, stuttering blue-haired white-eyed Hyuuga heiress. Someone was playing a trick on her and the only one who could do that was…

“Kiba-kun!! D-didn’t I-I tell y-you t-to not d-dress up l-like Na-Naruto-kun an-anymore?! Y-you k-know h-how I l-love h-him!” Turning around, escaping from the clutches of the so-called dog-lover and screaming her lungs out in one second, the heiress’ orbs widened to the moment were they would burst.

Naruto-kun was totally naked, from his little toe to the most spikiest blonde hair on his head, he was butt-naked, absolutely unclothed and staring at her with lustful blue eyes. Hinata couldn’t help herself anymore and she decided to take a peek from down there…

“Holy bunny! It’s HUGE!” Her mind yelled out in ecstasy. The brown-haired Akamaru fan would never do that, especially not to her.

“Well, Hinata-hime, I loooooooooove you too. Besides, do I look like Kiba to you? Putting that aside, do you like what you see?” Naruto’s voice sounded a lot more mature and also husky and needy.

Weakly nodding, the girl looked dumbfounded at the naked whisker-marked male, while he wrapped his arms around her again. His skin was so soft, she thought, when his hands were cupping her cheeks. She wondered how he got his tanned skin so soft and silky.

Out of nowhere, Deidara jumped from a big clay bird, that exploded randomly in the air, he stood next to the lustful demonic container and the shy heiress with a tube of lotion in his hands. Cloak and blond hair swaying due to the wind, he held up the tube with the white cap and a Cheshire grin curled up his lips.

“L’Oreal, ‘cause I’m worth it, un.” Deidara then randomly disappeared at fast as he came, also on a clay bird. Naruto didn’t seem to pay any attention at all to the one-eyed Akatsuki member and started to kiss her rosy plump lips.

“Hinata-chan,” he whined, “I want you so badly, I could just do you, right now.” His breath was like steam on her warm scarlet cheeks.

Something awakened inside of the bluenette, probably the leader of the mini Hinata’s, her white eyes turned into little pink hearts and she started to jump up and down again. All the other mini-me’s started to slap their foreheads and shake their heads, blue hair swaying around. The tiara-wearing fury then whispered into a black mechanical speaker…

“Come to Hinata-sama!” The sentence blurted out of mouth, Hinata blushed even more and Naruto just grinned like the orange fox he truly is.

In a mere moment, the blackish blue-haired girl was just in her panties and navy blue fishnet shirt, sitting on top of Naruto’s naked chest, because he already was nude, so not much undressing from his part. Her hands were tugging at his blonde hair, clear blue eyes staring straight into white eyes, a blissful smile was on her features, while his foxy grin remained. Kami, she adored this boy and he would goddamn know it.

A rush of adrenaline took over her body, in fact it was leader Hinata, but we will describe it as an act of bold courage, because being overtaken by an imaginative female you would sound a bit idiotic. Her mouth crashed on Naruto’s, her hands were wondering on his chest, touching his pink nipples and her lips were slowly devouring the blonde’s ones. The bluenette then felt his lean arms around her legs, she was still sitting on him after all and her arms were starting to go underneath her own blue shirt.

Conveniently Hinata was wearing her favorite black leather bra, with her matching leather black panties with the white skulls on them. Why would a goody two-shoes like the heiress were those? Because I typed so, ha! Anyways, the white-eyed girl was still kissing Naruto, now her tongue was in his mouth and she heard some moaning noises escaping from his mouth.

“In your face, Sakura-chan!!” The inner Hinata roared with a kitsune-plushy in her arms. Normal Hinata then regained her composure and said with the accustomed stuttering, “I-in y-your f-face, Sa-Sakura-chan.”

Just when the bluenette was going to give Naruto a French kiss, he would never forget under any circumstances, not even when Gaara would stuff him full with sand, Temari would whack him over the head with her enormous fan or Kankuro would poison him with his most deadly venom. I just named them, because the sand siblings deserve to be in this fanfic. The kunoichi had just scratched the shinobi’s back with her sharp nails, which made him scream out in pleasure, Hinata was leaning in for the kill, until…

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Or translated in Hinata’s not so innocent mind, “ I’m tormenting you! Wake up! I’m tormenting you!”

Growling in unknown anger, the heiress grabbed the black alarm clock and threw it out of the window, Hinata just had a perfect aim. Too bad for Neji, who was accidentally walking underneath the said window, he got chunked in the head by the piece of machinery.

Grumbling loudly, the blue-haired girl tossed the covers over her head, clutched on her Naruto-plushy, what?, you didn’t think that inner Hinata made that stuffed animal up, did you? The heiress then closed her pale lavender orbs, prayed to the heavens for her Naruto-kun to be safe and that the rest could burn in hell, for all she could care.

One thought staid on her mind for a little longer though…

“I absolutely love that dream!” Inwardly, Hinata pushed inner Hinata away, jumped up and down, squealed, smiled blissfully and flashed a victory sign.

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Damn Her

AN: FF is being a bitch and my dashes and stuff aren’t working the way they should. So, yeah.

Kakashi only had sex four times in his twenty-nine years of life.


Damn Her

Author: AmfAnnie

He was sixteen year old (very hormonal) boy when she had butted in his squad, a fifteen year old bossy bitch.

(God, she was such a bitch)

First, she mimicked his hairdo (almost, and it didn’t MATTER if she never knew him, she mimicked his hair do.), then she wore a skirt and a fishnet shirt instead of the ANBU uniform.

A fishnet.

Who wore a freaking fishnet and a skirt when the person in question was the only female in the twenty men ANBU squad?

She did.

(Every guy had a freaking nosebleed just when she walked by.)

And the worst of it all, she didn’t respect him.

She wouldn’t bow down to him and she didn’t use the honorific san, or kun.

(Like half the girls in the village.)

So he started picking on her.

(She was just like picking on Obito, so much fun.)

And Anko was not the one to be picked on.

Anko, you’re so flat you should give up the ANBU and become a ironing board.

Because her eyes glinted evilly and she made a face, the face you put when you say you know more than what you’re saying.

And boy…

Kakashi, a teeny weeny bird told me you dreamed of me. Wet your sheets much?

…did she know.

He really tried to hit her. He really tried to hit her.

But somehow he managed to trip.

(It was on a bench. At least that's he thinks. But it was probably Ibiki just beeing a son of a bitch and playing with his freaking wires again.)

And he managed to fall on her.

More precisely, on her chest.

(Face down on her breasts. So subtle.)

And she never laughed as much as there.

(Kakashi, is… Is your mask dripping blood!? Oh my god! Hahahah! So you ARE a pervert!)

But his hormones got the best of him and with a sudden movement and some kisses, they made it right there, in the mission’s room.

Anko was polite enough to let it ‘slip’, instead of putting up a sign, and Kakashi was polite enough to show calmly the hickeys he had made her to his friends and to Iruka, whose nose dripped blood every time Anko said something to him.

When his colleague got sick, (someone had poisoned his food with three packages of laxative) he was paired with Anko.

(Why with her!? There are so much better ANBU out there!)

(You didn’t say that when we were in the mission’s room, Kakashi. Actually, it was more like “God, Anko you’re so tig-“ Ouch, stop elbowing me!)

Since Anko was still learning, and since Kakashi was one of the best, she was put up with him, to “get things balanced”.

The mission was simple, kill two men, get rid of the evidence and come back.

But there was a huge, huge problem.

The tent.

It was way too small.


(…What is it now?)

(Don’t me touch there, damn i- Ka-KAKAshi!)

The night was spent quickly and the new rumors of the new night spread quickly.

(Just like her legs.)

A trail of purple-ish marks could bee seen around Anko’s neck and torso.

(No wonder, with that fishnet, everyone could see everything.)

And Anko would smile naughtily and lick her lips whenever she was around Kakashi. And even the Third, (may he rest in peace) couldn't understand why.

The truth was, she was great at keep secrets.

Anko had a very troubled childhood.

No one would say, if they saw her in a bright mood, all sunshine and butterflies. Well, and some, um, blood, but she had loved it.

(Putting Orochimaru aside, her childhood had been wonderful.)

Whenever she could, she would visit the Third, (because the man was kind to everyone) and would find the Fourth 'by accident'.


(Ah, Anko-chan, how's life been doing?)

And then she would smile like one hundred things had happened at the same time and answer to him: (I like you, you know, Namikaze-sama?)

Anko still laughs today whenever she thought of the Fourth - she had a major crush on the guy.

(May he rest in peace as well.)

And somehow, Kakashi found out.

(They were ten by then, he was already his sensei.) Anko would usually roam around his team. So he met Anko and asked her what was like to be in love.

(You don’t know!?)


(Well, it's like when it's raining on a summer day and you go outside and play in the warm rain.)

But even that explanation wasn't enough.

(...I don't understand.)

And Anko, being Anko, grabbed him by his collar and kissed him on his lips.

(That's love, love.)


He grunted and walked away, a scowl on his face. He was upset because, damn, that had felt good.

And he knew she knew.

They met again, and this time it was her that asked him what love was.

(They were nineteen, and Anko had met Orochimaru in a mission. She was depressed for a time.)

And it was his turn to answer.

(Love is love. Is whatever you like, it's a feeling that can't be explained but that can be felt. Do you feel that, Anko?)

(...Never did.)

(Let me show you then.)

His team was still happy and relaxed.

He still read the same book from five years ago.

Everything was fine.


Not everything.

You see, there was this girl, Ayame, that had seen Kakashi's face once. She had almost fainted from a nosebleed. (This fact was unknown by Kakashi.)

And Anko found out.


And she hadn't been too quiet about it.

So, Team 7, being Team 7, (Well, Sasuke was only in it thanks to Naruto and some whining by Sakura, so annoying.) thought that maybe if they joined Anko, they would see their sensei's face.

Well. It worked.

But only for Anko.

So, it was a normal day for the cell. They were eating warm ramen, all happy and relaxed, when Anko popped up, kind of angry.


Kakashi sweat-dropped - (Hello, Anko. How have you been doing?)

He was just lucky that his mask had been able to cover the dirty smile on his face.


The girl came into her view, panting and chirping.

(Gomenasai, Mitarashi-san! Here's your Mis-)

(I didn't order Miso, damn it!)

The girl bowed down, begging her forgiveness once again, until she saw who was next to the Mitarashi.

(Kakashi-san! Can I get anything to you? On the house!)

Anko couldn't believe.

She was flirting with him.

In front of her face!?

You're in, bitch.

While mouthing the words BACK OFF, SKANK, HE'S MINE and glaring with such force at the waitress, she turned to Kakashi.



(Have you been having sex with the ramen chick?)

The three children sharpened their ears. Even Sasuke was interested.

(What? No.)

(Good. You better not.)


Anko smirked and left a note on his jounin jacket pocket, before leaving to somewhere unknown.

The team started asking questions, as fast as they could, while Kakashi opened the paper. The piece of his skin that could be seen turned red and, blabbering incomprehensibly that his house was in fire and he had to leave, he 'poofed away'.

(How did he know his house was on fire?)

(He didn’t, dobe.)

(Then why did he left?)

(Naruto... We'll tell you when you're older, ok?)

Sakura and Sasuke nodded while glancing at each other.

(It's official, our sensei is a pervert.)

The last time Kakashi had sex was yesterday.

And I’ll have to upload this very soon because I can see Anko is starting to put up that look on her face again.

‘Cause KakaAnko is good for yer health. :D

Birthday Suprise!

A/N: I can’t take all the credit for this one kiddies! Half the story belongs to mah good ol’ pal DeejKakashi! XD this was one really bad msn convo I thought would make an interesting fanfiction! This is an Anko/Kakashi, fanfiction! YAY! XD I really am not gonna put a lot of effort into this one at all because I am not quite sure what to think of this pairing. They are cute together, but I am not sure they really could make it work! This whole story just began quite innocently it was Oct 24...Anko’s birthday, I was jut telling my buddy that when it turned into an R.P. session, which quickly went south...My online V. Was taken from me! T.T eeewwww! I still can’t believe I did that! (Feels gross)

Disclaimer: I do not own Anko, Kakashi or anything having to do with Naruto!

Birthday Suprise!

Story by Kannami and DeejKakashi

October 24

Just Outside of Konahana

Anko and Kakashi leapt gracefully from branch to branch towards their village. Their last mission had been a stunning success, proving to be easier than their Hokage had originally thought. Anko looked back at the ninja following her and smirked. “What a waste!” she suddenly halted on a branch, sending Kakashi behind her a hand signal to stop. The silver haired Jonin froze automatically preparing for something to jump out of the foliage. His hand hovered over his kunai pouch, his finger’s itching for battle. Anko sighed dramatically and jumped off the tree branch onto the forest floor. “Relax Kakashi!” She landed gracefully onto her feet and just as quickly plopped down on her rear resting her back onto the tree trunk in a not-so-lady-like manner.

Kakashi Looked down on her from the tree branch.“Yo Anko, why are we stopping here? We are only ten minutes at most from the village?”

The violet haired ninja began meddling around in her pockets for something. “Are you questioning me Hatake?” she smiled to herself as she pulled a Dango out of her pocket. “There you are!” Kakashi shook his head and leapt off of the tree branch, landing next to her.

He brushed off his knees and straightened his back “I guess.” He glanced at the Kunoichi lazily with his available eye. Anko frowned as she shoved her sweets in her mouth.

She pulled the skewer through her teeth. “Your ruining my break.” She sighed loudly and threw the bamboo skewer into a tree trunk. “I am team leader, you shouldn’t be questioning me. You forget I am a Special Jonin, your only Elite!” she pulled another Dango out of her pocket and rolled her eyes. “Besides what do you care about what time we get back, your always late anyway.”

The Copy ninja shrugged and paced around one of the trees. “I just kinda wanna take a shower and get home.”

Anko picked at her teeth with the end of a skewer. “Quit your whining! The sooner we get back, the sooner we have to report to Tsunade, and the sooner I get a new mission! I Want to take today off! Just one day out of the year, so quit whining and lay off.” Kakashi reached into his pouch and pulled out his infamous Icha Icha book.

The silver haired Jonin half glanced at his team leader before he began reading. “Why today? What’s so special about today? You could just ask for tomorrow off when we get back.” Kakashi leaned against a tree trunk.

Anko leaned her head back against the tree and closed her eyes.“Its my birthday today, I just wanna relax here.”

Kakashi turned the page in his book with his thumb. “Alright I guess we can make up some story about being assaulted by sound nin, I’ll let you take care of the details.” Anko stood up and brushed herself off.

She smiled in a way he just didn’t trust. “What? Your not gonna offer to get me something for my birthday Kashi?” She walked over to him and snatched his book away. Kakashi reached frantically for it. “What? You want this?” She dangled the book in front of his nose. Kakashi grabbed for it, but Anko pulled it away before he could touch it. The silver haired jonin closed his eye.

He put out he his palm wantonly. “Please?” Anko grinned as she flipped through the pages of his book with her thumb.

She stopped every no and then to glance at the pictures and laugh to herself. “Why should I? What am I gonna get if I give it back to you?”

Kakashi smiled nervously beneath his mask as he scratched the back of his head. “Uhhhh, What do you want?” He prepared himself for the worse as a huge grin spread across the Violet haired ninja’s face.

Anko laughed manically and pointed to his face.“Take it off!”

Kakashi sighed, stood up and brushed himself off turning his back to her. “NO WAY! You can keep it!” Anko’s grin fell. She threw her hands on her hips.

Anko pushed her lip out. “Fine I’ll settle if you just take your pants jacket and shirt off! Fair enough?”

Kakashi rolled his eye and sighed again.“Why does it always come to this?” He shrugged and began unzipping his jacket. “Fine, but I am leaving my boxers on!” Anko gave him a look of disappointment.

She walked around him so she could get a better view. “I guess that’ll work.” she pointed as his pants “Now strip!” she waved his book around. His head drooped as he began stripping. She smiled victoriously. “That’s right! Take it all off!”

The copy ninja pulled his shirt off and stood in front of her. “There you happy? Can I have my book back please?” He held out his hand as the Kunoichi walked over to him swinging her hips a bit more than usual. “What are you doing?” Kakashi froze as she ran her finger down his chest. He shuddered as goose bumps covered his skin. The silver haired ninja smiled nervously under his mask. “Uuuuuuh.” his brain lost all train of thought.

Anko ran her tongue slowly across her lips. “OH! You know you like that!” She laughed and gently slapped his package under his shorts.

Kakashi rose his eyebrow.“Your bad!” he grabbed her shoulders firmly and held her just far enough away from him. “You just wanna make me horny don’t you?”

She brought her hand to her face and giggled, a small blush spreading across her face. “Oh Hellz yeah I do! How could I not!?” She grinned and brushed his hands off her shoulders. She said his name low and dark “Kasssshi” he wiggled uncomfortably in his stance. Anko fed off of his nervousness. She pulled herself to his chest and whispered in his ear. “I could make it worse.” she breathed on his neck. “Som much worse.” her words trailed off as she breathed heavily into his ear. “If you want?” she pulled away and looked at him in the eye with her pouty face. She reached with her right hand in between his legs and grabbed his inner thigh.

Sweat began to drip from his brow as he nervously pushed her away. “Noooo!” He shook his finger at her, like a parent would to their child. “No you!” he frowned.

Anko smiled and held in her laughter as she pointed down at his shorts. “That! Says you want me too!” She couldn’t hold it in, and burst out laughing. Kakashi looked down and noticed that his shorts were a bit tighter than usual. He put his hands over himself in a futile attempt to hide his shame, but the damage had already been done. Anko bent over and slapped her thigh. “Come on Kakashi! That was way too easy! Gimme a challenge!” She began laughing so hard tears began growing in her eyes.

Kakashi’s cheeks bean to grow pink as embarrassment grew across his face. “You know, your asking a porn freak here.” Kakashi pointed at his book that was just barely poking out of her pocket. “I am not really that hard to turn on.”

Anko snickered and straightened up and put her finger to her lip. “Awwww! Its so much fun making you squirm though!” she grabbed his shoulder and pulled herself up close him letting her breath warm the back of his neck.

Kakashi squirmed and began uncomfortably rubbing the back of his silver hair again. “Your really bad Anko!” he swayed around in his stance. Anko fell to her knees laughing and Kakashi fell backwards, the shock twitching through his limbs. The Kunoichi rolled along the forest floor laughing. Kakashi sat back up against a tree trunk, blushing wildly. “Its not funny!”

Anko stopped laughing stood up, and brushed herself off. “I think it is!” she reached her hand down and helped her subordinate up. Kakashi took her hand graciously and stood up. She chuckled to herself. “I guess that puts me at one and you at nothing!” She smiled. “I win!” Kakashi frowned at her. The kunoichi danced around a bit, shamelessly. “What? Can’t stand losing can you?” she grinned.

Kakashi sighed and reached around grabbing onto her hip with his left hand, and slapped her ass with his right. Anko gasped and attempted to pull away. “How dare you?” Kakashi grinned. “Anko, I think it’s a tie!” Anko’s face contorted into an expression he could not identify. He released her from his grip.

Anko grinned.“Thats it! Your getting it now!” Anko slid her fingers down his sides, while tracing her tongue slowly down his neck only stopping at his shoulder to give him a couple gentle love bites. The Copy ninja quivered. Anko breathed over where she had just licked. Kakashi squirmed even more. “Kashi, I think I still win.” she bit his ear seductively just to prove her point.

The silver haired ninja smiled under his mask. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Anko stepped back as he reached around her, sliding his hands down her back to her rear, pulling her close enough to feel the throbbing “bump” In his shorts, hard against her thigh. She gasped as he breathed softly into her ear. “Are you sure about that now?”

The violet haired kunoichi Grimaced as butterflies rose in her stomach. “I WON’T LOSE HATAKE!” she snickered loudly, throwing her head back. “This is MY game scarecrow!” She folded her arms and scowled at him.

Kakashi grinned menacingly. “I think I already won!”

Anko’s face grew red.“OH! Its only just begun!”

He shook his head dramatically. “I don’t know about that!” He grinned. “Lets see the score here.” He looked at her in his grip. “You have my boner against your thigh and my hands are on your ass. I mean damn, how am I not winning?” Anko glared at him defiantly and grabbed the elastic of his boxers and slid her right hand down his firm ass and squeezed while sliding her other hand down his front over his pelvis. He quivered as she touched him.

Her smile curled. “BAM! 2 for me, one for you! I still win!”

Kakashi shook his head. “Oy!” He sighed loudly. “I didn’t want to have to do this...” He grimaced and began slowly peeling away his mask. Anko gasped as Kakashi’s mask hit the forest floor. He smiled at her reaction. “What?” he snickered.

Anko shook her head in disbelief. “Your-your mask is gone!” Kakashi grinned and licked her, tracing his tongue down from her earlobe to her chain mail. She shook. “No way!” she gasped as he began sucking on her neck and grinding himself against her thigh. “What are you doing?” she choked.

he moved his lips from her neck and began working on her earlobes. “I believe we are tied again!”

Anko pushed him back, tearing quickly out of his grip. “Not for long!” she laced her fingers around the elastic on his boxer shorts and quickly ripped them away from his body, leaving him completely exposed. His face flushed pink and faded just as quickly.

He grinned in a way he was not suppose to. “You just sealed your fate!” Anko chuckled and grabbed his erection, yanking him forward softly. “Noooo!” Anko cackled as he protested. He lunged forward and she quickly avoided.

She dropped the tattered remnants of his boxers to the floor. “I will WIN Hatake!” He smiled arrogantly. “Don’t look so cocky! I am fully clothed!”

Kakashi grabbed her shoulder and spun her around into his chest. “I can fix that.”

She laughed. “Good luck with my chainmail!” He rose an eyebrow. “Your gonna need it!”

He grinned pulling her into him with one arm. “Oh really?” He rose his right hand up and charged a small amount of Chidori on his finger tip. Anko’s face contorted to shock as he ran his finger along her chainmail.

“What are you?” she gasped in awe as her chainmail fell to her feet. “HEY! That is so cheap!” She shoved him off of her. “At least I still got my coat!” She wrapped up herself in her coat like a giant burrito and pulled a camera out of her pocket, quickly snapping a picture of his package. Anko cackled. “I can’t wait to show this to Kurenai!”

Kakashi shook himself of and lunged at Anko. “Gimme that pic!”

Anko tore away from him. “NO WAY!” She hide the camera behind her back. “If you admit defeat, that I beat you, I’ll think about it!”

The silver haired jonin shook his head.“HELL NO!” He reached over and tore off Anko’s coat. She quickly grabbed her chest and turned away. “Ha! All you got is your skirt! I am gonna win!”

Anko desperately wrapped herself up in the scraps of her trenchcoat. “That was expensive you know. You WILL buy me a new one!” she stuck her tongue at him defiantly and whipped her camera out, taking yet another picture. “I think Tsunade would like this!”

Kakashi’s face went white. “Don’t you dare!”

Anko smiled so sweetly it was disgusting. “OH! I dare!”

Kakashi ripped the tattered remnants of her trenchcoat away from her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her forcefully feet. “Lets make this fair, shall we?” Anko fidgeted nervously. He ran his free hand over her belly and down to her skirt, ripping it away from her body with tremendous force. He looked at her with a shocked expression spread across his face. “You went Commando??”

She folded her arms, covering her exposed chest and frowned at him. “SO?” She glared at him defiantly as a blush spread across her face. “What’s it to you?” He stepped in closer to her as She stepped back. “Errrrm!”

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear. “It looks like we are having sex now!” Kakashi smiled big as Anko blushed violently and looked away. He shoved her back against a tree. “Its too late to turn back now!”

Anko slid her hands down his sides to his hips pulling him into her. “You sure your up for this big guy?” she eyed him over carefully.

The silver haired jonin rose his eyebrow. “Are you up for it?” he pushed himself into her pelvis, grinding against her. “It really doesn’t matter even if you aren’t!” He grinned. “Its gonna happen now!” He held her pinned to the tree with one hand on her shoulder, grabbing himself with his free hand. “Yep! Here we go!” She moaned as He thrust himself up into her. Anko panted as he began to move back and forth. “This feels good!” he groaned and grew a rather serious expression on his face. Anko ran her fingers down his sides to his rear and grabbed him roughly encouraging him on further. Kakashi held her close to his body and pulled her away from the tree and on to the forest floor so he could get better leverage.

Anko moaned as she felt the ground hit her back. “Faster!” She dug her fingernails into his back carefully so as not to draw blood. She moaned low and bit his shoulder to stifle herself. Kakashi huffed brutishly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and began following his movement in a rhythmic fashion. She panted harder as he pounded into her. “FASTER!” she demanded in between breaths.

He laughed. “I can only go so fast!” Anko grimaced and released her arms from around his neck and put them behind her head, pushing off of the ground and flipping Kakashi around so he was on his back.

She grinned like a wild cat.“We are doing this my way!” He smiled as she placed her hands on his chest and began to rise and fall onto his shaft at a tremendous speed. She thrust her hips into him violently. His moaning grew louder along with hers. He panted and grabbed her hips directing her more accurately.

He panted harder. “You win!” she laughed and wrapped her legs around him as he flipped her onto her back. She lifted herself up and licked his nipples. He Huffed and dove into her faster and harder. Anko gasped as Kakashi swung his head back making his hair look wild(A/N: -Er XB). The Kunoichi grabbed onto his silver hair screaming she came.

Anko’s face was flushed. “I told you I’d win!” she panted. Kakashi’s face turned pink as he reached his climax. With one final thrust he came, exploding inside of her. Anko sat up as he pulled out and collapsed on the forest floor. “You didn’t just...did you?”

Kakashi closed his eyes and smiled. “Sorry about that!”

Anko frowned and slapped his head. “BAKA HATAKE!”He smiled and used her lap as a pillow. He gave her a Dopy smile. She sighed. “The real worry is how the hell are we suppose to get back to the village with no clothes.” Anko looked down at him resting on her lap. He was sleeping soundlessly. She shrugged. “I’ll just bitch at him when he wakes up.” She leaned back against a tree and let her worries fade from her mind.


Sorry about the craptacular-niss of this fiction! Yes this will just be a Oneshot unless one of you dirty readers can convince me otherwise! (Cackles) probably not gonna happen! Well pls R&R and let me know what you think! I would very much appreciate it! Flames are welcome, I might laugh at them though! If you have some advice on how it is I can Improve I would love that! Always looking for ways to Improve! Well I am done spewing my words at you! R&R and I hoped you enjoyed reading my trash! (And Deejkakashi’s garbage too!) XD

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Aku Anak sekolah, bukan 1 SMA

Language: Indonesia

Aku Anak sekolah, bukan 1 SMA

Author: Arisu91


Pagi hari, Naruto udah sibuk berlarian dari Jalan Sudirman sampe gerbang sekolah menengah pertama ‘Akhirnya Bisa Lulus Juga’ (WTH?? Judul ato jadul??). Gerbang hampir aja dikit lagi ditutup, kalo aja Naruto tadi gak salto…

Dari gerbang, Naruto langsung ngeloyor ke kelas 2-I. Ketika sampai di depan Pintu, Naruto mau masuk gak jadi, soalnya ternyata udah ada guru super ngiller bin galakz namanya Ibu Zaleha. “Buseeeet…Seumur hidup gue benci pelajaran matematika..!!”, batin Naruto. Gak ada cara lain, akhirnya Naruto masuk ke kelas pas si Ibu lagi ngejelasin rumus-rumus super ribet (A/N: Ini fakta, Guru matematika gue kalo ngejelasin pelajaran, gak pernah ngeliat ke wajah murid-muridnya, pasti ngehadap ke papan tulis sambil nulis rumus-rumus ribet, mengoceh gak jelas, kadang-kadang kambuh, de el el). Naruto pun langsung duduk di bangku kedua dari depan.

“Telat lu, kemana aja baka?” bisik Sasuke yang merupakan teman sebangkunya, tak lupa ia menambahkan kata-kata ‘manis’ di akhir kalimat.

“Sorry, gue kesiangan ney, adek gue ngajak berantem dulu tadi pagi…” jawab Naruto.

Setelah sang guru sudah lama mengoceh –yang membuat Naruto hampir ngorok-, akhirnya berpaling pada murid-muridnya dan bertanya, “Dapat dimengerti?”

“Mengerti…(padahal gak ngerti)” jawab murid-murid.

Teeeet… teeeet… (A/N: suara bel sekolah nulisnya gini ‘kan?)

“Ya sudah, pelajaran ibu sudah selesai, kita bertemu lagi hari Jum’at dan kemudian ulangan…” lanjut sang guru sok tau itu.

“Ya, bu…” Jawab anak-anak (daripada diamarahin? –itu fakta-). Guru itu pun berlalu lintas menuju kelas lain, kelas 2-H.

“Temme!! KUSO!! Dasar guru sialan!!” Seru Naruto.

“Huss, orangnya masih di deket sini tauk!” ujar Sasuke.

“But, nyang diomongin si dobe ntu bener!!” seru Sakura membalikkan tubuhnya. Ia duduk sebangku dengan Hinata letaknya persis di depan bangku Sasuke dan Naruto.

“You’re right, troublesome banget gak sih?” seru Shikamaru. Letak bangkunya jauh dari mereka sih, tapi suka banget jalan-jalan pas lagi gak ada guru.

“Hhh… apa boleh buat, waktu ‘ntu kita udah ngadain acara protes segala ‘kan, ke BK? Tapi kita hanya di kacang mahalin!” Gumam Sasuke mengeluh.

Tak lama kemudian KM kelas kita, Shino, mengumumkan bahwa Guru pelajaran selanjutnya tidak akan hadir, karena… ya… katanya sih, pantatnya kesenggol becak tadi pagi di pasar…

“WHOOO! Akhirnya!! Gak ada guru juga!! Event sekali seumur hidup!!” Seru Naruto, lagi.

“Gak gitu amat kalee…” timpal Sakura.

“Ng? Betewe, Hinata-chan kemana? Hari ini gak masuk, ya?” tanya Naruto. Dasar goblok, Hinata gak ada dari tadi nyadarnya baru sekarang??

“Loh? Hinata kan hari ini sakit,” timpal Tenten tiba-tiba.

“Ya, tadi pagi dia sms ke gue, katanya sakit demam” lanjut Sakura.

“Hooo…” ujar Naruto. “Eh, Shikamaru, bawa MP4 kagak? Gua pinjam dong!”

“Ada tuh, ambil aja di kolong bangku gue,” jawab Shikamaru. Naruto tak tanggung-tanggung langsung mengambil MP4 Shikamaru di kolong bangkunya.

“Doyan amat sih lu, Nar, ngederin musik?” timpal Sasuke.

“Ye… namanya juga hobi…”

“Eh, Nar, bawa komik BLEACH gak??” Tanya Sasuke. (A/N: Sorry, bagi yg gak suka BLEACH, tapi de facto-nya… GUE SUKA BANGET BLEACH!! Anime Naruto, Gundam SEED, and Bleach ‘ntu lagi terkenal-terkenalnya di sekolah gue!!)

“Ada, nih. Makan tuh sekalian! Gw udah puas bacanya!!” seru Naruto sambil mengeluarkan komik BLEACH vol. 30. Payah lu, Nar. Masa beli komik bajakan? (Padahal authornya juga kadang-kadang beli… eh, sering denk…)

“Buseet… ini buku loe beli? atau loe nemu di tengah jalan? Ampe rusak gini, loe bacanya sambil guling-guling apa??” timpal Sasuke kaget.

“Yeee… seru tuh ceritanya. Cerita seru mana rame kalo dibaca sekali…!!” Sasuke yang sweatdrop, langsung ngebaca komik itu dengan penuh nafsu…


Di tempat sepi, seperti biasa orang-orang itu berkumpul di kantin sambil jajan dan bergosip yang gak penting…

“Wuoyy!!” seru Naruto. “Hinata-chan hari ini kan gak masuk, gimana kalo kita jenguk aja!?”

“Hmm… boleh juga sih, tapi gw gak tau rumahnya dimana…” Timpal Sakura. “Masalahnya, dia belum pernah ngajak siapapun ke rumahnya…”

Naruto yang lagi makan mie goreng pun bingung, “Ng? ‘Fehati gak hada ‘fada nyang tau ‘umahnya hia hong!”

“Kamu kalo ngomong makanan di mulut abisin dulu, ampe gak jelas gitu…” Sabda Kiba.

“Slurrrppp…” Naruto pun menghabiskan mienya dalam sekejap, dan menghela napasnya. “Hhh… gw bilang, BERARTI GAK ADA YANG TAU RUMAH DIA DONG!!”

-gempa sesaat-

“Buseet, TOA berjalan…” Lanjut Kiba.

“Berisik, baka!!” Seru Sasuke sambil menutup telinganya.

“Tenang aja, aku tau kok rumahnya dia…” kata seseorang di belakang Naruto. Yang lain pun langsung mengalihkan pandang menuju seseorang itu. “Hehehe…” Orang tersebut langsung mengeluarkan pose nice guy!

“Beneran ente tau??” tanya Sasuke penasaran. “Lee?”

“Tahu kok!!”

“Tau dari mana??” timpal Sakura mengetes IQ nya (karena kadang-kadang gak bener gitchu).

“Yee… orang rumahnya sebelah rumah aku! Ya jelaslah gw tau!!” Teriak Lee.

“Hah…?” yang lain pun pada bengong mendengar pernyataannya, dengan memasang wajah tak berkualitas. Lalu serentak, “KENAPA GAK BILANG DARI TADI?!”

-Gempa diiringi tsunami… dan sekalian diplototin Bapak Kepala Sekolah, Yondy..-

“Hei, ada apa ini-ada apa ini??” Tanya KepSek kita, Yondy.

“Eh, bokap-” Naruto akan memanggil babenya tapi nggak jadi, soalnya mulutnya dibekep sama Yondy. “Begini, Pak… err, Kepala sekolah. Kita mau negejenguk temen, pak.”

“Hoo… yo wes, ojo seru-seru… (Ya sudah, jangan rame-rame)” Sabda Pak Yondy kemudian berlalu menuju ruang guru.

Gw lupa… di sekolah kan kudu manggil bokap bapak, gw benci hal berbau formal… batin Naruto.

“Ya udah, Gimana kalo kita ke rumahnya pulang sekolah?” tanya Shino dengan kalemnya.

Bersumbang… eh, Bersambung denk…

Author (zimshuver4ever) as TokekmaTI

TokekmaTI: Nah, mulai sekarang gw pake talk show ah…

Naruto: Huu!! Gak bener tuh bikin ceritanya!! Sejak kapan babe gw jadi orang jawa, hah??

TokekmaTI: Rahasia perusahaan…

Yondy: Huaaa!! Gak bener!! Masa’ gw jadi KEPSEK?! Kan harusnya Tsunade!!

Tsunade: - tau-tau muncul - Hoo… kalo gw perannya nanti, chapter two..

Yondy: Emang loe jadi apa?

Tsunade: Rahasia perusahaan…

TokekmaTI: Nah, minna, anyway, R&R ya!! Gw tunggu!! -Membungkuk…-


TokekmaTI: Sabarlah nak… nasib telah menentukan, nasibmu adalah AKU!! Hohohohohohohohohohoho!!

Yondy: -evil glare- Kau…

TokekmaTI: Ap…?



Naruto: Gak ngerti masalahnya… ikutan ah… RASENGAN!!

TokekmaTI: GYAAAAAAA!! #&#!! NAPE LOE JADI IKUT-IKUTAN?? Gw juga punya jurus… Rasakan ini, FUUTON: RASHENSURIKEN!!


TokekmaTI: Huehuehuehuehue…

Tsunade: Nah, semuanya… sementara panggung sudah retak, hancur, dan tak berbentuk, mari kita akhiri saja. Nantikan chapter selanjutnya, dan jangan lupa Review, yaaa!! –senyum mempesona-

Neji: Kok gw belum muncul yah?

Tenten: Tauk nih, gw juga baru muncul sebentar banget…


Background music:

Balonku ada lima…

Rupa-rupa warnanya…

Hijau, Kuning, kelabu, merah muda dan biru…

Jadul… kenapa jadi lagu GINIAN??

Chap 2

Rumah Hinata

“Ya udah, Gimana kalo kita ke rumahnya pulang sekolah?” tanya Shino dengan kalemnya.

“Wah, ide bagus tuh!” seru Naruto.

“Kalo gitu, kayaknya gak mungkin semuanya bakal ikut gw, siapa yang bisa ikut?” tanya Shino dengan wajah meyakinkan, amin...

-Di Rumah Hinata-

Akhirnya, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Shino, dan Lee pergi ke rumah Hinata. Loh? Kenapa tau-tau jadi mereka yang ikut? Soalnya anak-anak merespon..

Shikamaru: Ogah, ah...

Choji: Pulang sekolah mau langsung ke Restaurant!!

Tenten: Huh... aku ada latian Tari balet (lha?)...

Kankuro: Males, perut gw lagi mules...

Temari: Ada kencan...

Kiba: Salam aja bwat Hinata-chan, aku mau main PS 2!!

Ino: Belum ke salon..

Nah, begitulah segelintir komentar yang mereka lontarkan pada Shino. Shino hanya menggelengkan kepalanya, maklum, semalem habis dugem... (gak nyambung).

Back to da story..

Mereka pun akhirnya sampai di rumah Hinata seketika (naek apa? Kok cepet banget??). Lee pun langsung menunjukan rumah Hinata di sebuah komplek. Walaupun punya narasumber yang SULIT dipercaya (Lee), tapi tetep aja nyasar sampe 10 km.

“Gile loe?? Beneran ini rumah Hinata-chan?! Buseet... gedongan!” Seru Naruto. Dasar ndeso, kayak gak pernah liat rumah gedongan.

Lee pun hanya mengangguk. “Ya, tak salah lagi...” jawabnya.

“Aku bunyi’in belnya, ya...” tawar Sasuke. Ia pun menekan tombol bel.

Ting nong... ting nong...

Tak lama kemudian, seorang pemuda dengan model mata yang sama seperti Hinata menyambut mereka dengan nada monotone, “Ya? sapa?” tanyanya sambil membuka pintu.

“Um... kami teman-temannya Hinata. Kami ingin menjenguknya...” sahut Sakura. “Anda... Neji, ya?”

“Darimana kamu tahu?” tanyanya balik.

“Well, Hinata sering cerita...” lanjut Sakura. Neji pun heran, akhirnya ia mempersilahkan mereka masuk dan kemudian mengantar mereka sampai di kamar Hinata. Hinata sedang berbaring di tempat tidurnya dan tertidur.

“Sshhh... Jangan ribut. Kalian jangan membangunkannya, ia baru saja minum obat,” kata Neji. Biasa... orang kaya(k monyet), biasanya tutur kata dan kosakatanya kabangetan sopannya.

Kemudian Neji meninggalkan mereka di kamar Hinata.



Mengheningkan cipta, dimulai...

Naruto dan yang lain hanya melihat sekeliling, kamar cewek, pastinya rapih. Naruto yang bosan, akhirnya memalingkan pandangannya pada cewek yang tidur di atas kasurnya dengan tenang. Ia mendekati Hinata, dan duduk di atas kasurnya. Ia mendekatkan wajahnya pada wajah Hinata.

10 cm...

8 cm...

6 cm...

5 cm...

3 cm...

OMG... What just the –piip- he want to do??

Sasuke, Sakura, Shino dan Lee langsung tercengang ngeliat Naruto. “Naruto!! Loe mo ngapain??” Teriak mereka dalam hati. Mereka langsung masang ekspresi wajah tak berbobot, alias HokCai (bolohok sembari ngacai)...

Doki... doki...

Doki... doki...

GULP! Yang lain langsung nelen ludah karena wajah Naruto udah makin deket ama wajah Hinata.

1 cm...

Naruto berhenti mendekatkan wajahnya ke wajah Hinata. Dan berkata, “Oy, jangan pura-pura tidur terus!! Bangun!!” serunya.

“Hah?” wajah yang laen tambah HokCai...

Hinata membuka matanya. “Naruto-kun, kok kamu tau aku pura-pura tidur?”

“Hehehe...” tawanya.

“Apaan nih?! Kagak ngerti!!” teriak Lee.

“Loe gak nyadar apa??” tanya Naruto trying-all-act-cool.

“...” Kata Shino. Shino! kamu gak usah pake dialog!! Nyape’in authornya aja!!

“Maksudnya?” tanya Sasuke balik.

“Hinata itu dari tadi pura-pura tidur!!” seru Naruto.



Nothing much to say about this. It was a prompt from one of my betas. The Characters were Kyuubi/Hinata and the word was Boots. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.


../\...\/ …/\..



Author: Keotalf

The man pushed up against the rock, propelling himself forward. It would’ve been impossible to determine most people’s identities if they were cloaked the way he was: Thick Leather Boots, Dark Black Cloak and a Fox mask. In fact, only a handful of people knew where he was in the first place. He had volunteered for this on his own, desperate to be of use anyway he could. That was his mantra: I need to be useful. I need to be useful. I can’t be weak. I NEED to be useful.

He recalled when the war had started, just a few months ago. Iwagakure, rash as ever, declared war against Fire and Sand. Even though they were out matched and out manned, every person in the country was willing to fight to the death. That was the examples they had seen anyway; Stone ninjas ruthlessly attacking the borders for days, only for each one of them to die.

It had been a gruesome site for the ANBU like him when they arrived. There were bodies everywhere: shinobi AND civilian, destroyed, smoking buildings and medic nins lining the streets. Those ANBU ended up as clean-up crew. Healing Konoha-nin and taking prisoner Iwa-nin. Naruto remembered seeing a boy stuck in the rubble, looking at him with pleading eyes. He was disgusted when he remembered that he had to think twice about whether to save the child or continue onwards. It was a miracle that Rain and Grass had stayed neutral this whole time, otherwise there would’ve been a slaughter on one side or the other.

He was out now in the front lines because he’d asked for it. He was part of a small team: Fox-Deer-Bird. Really, the names of the group weren’t particularly menacing, but they were definitely one of the strongest. Between Hinata’s ability with Long Range Combat and defense, Shikamaru’s Mid range skill and strategy and Naruto’s abilities with tracking, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, they were some of the strongest Konoha had to offer. The group stopped as the figure in the deer mask slowed to a halt. He turned to the bird and asked her, “I think we’re close to a hot spring. Could you try to check?” With a nod and a turn, the woman looked around through the canyon.

Sometime later, she nodded again, and they took off running, this time with her leading. After a short time of leading them through the labyrinth of rock, the sun beating down on them, they found the spring. The spring itself was relatively small, but there were also small amounts of vegetation growing a few feet away. The clearing itself was large enough to properly house them and almost had a natural “ceiling” due to the rocks above.

It was about evening when somebody next spoke. Shikamaru and Hinata were preparing to rest while Naruto guarded them. It was then that Hinata spoke.


“Yes Hinata?”

“I have something to say.”


“I-I love you Naruto-kun. I’ve admired you ever since we young. I’ll understand no matter what you’ll say. I just needed to tell you.”

Naruto sat on the rock next to him, staring in disbelief. Even Shikamaru was stunned for a moment at this revelation. Naruto was more surprised by the action itself and by how little Hinata stuttered. Soon, Hinata sat and lay on the ground to sleep and Shikamaru followed suit, while Naruto turned toward the opening to the clearing to think.

In all honesty, he wasn’t quite sure what to think. A woman that he’d known since childhood had just confessed her love for him. In addition, she claimed she didn’t care for his reaction, but he knew she was lying. To him however, it was the action that counted. He was entirely confused about the situation. His feelings for Sakura had greatly changed and he never had a real love life. He supposed that he would have to decide soon enough and there was only one other person he could consult.

Retreating deep into the confines of his mind, he dug through the sewers of tangled memories and forgotten dreams. He trudged through to the prison, and by that time his boots were covered in ilk. He marched up to the Bijuu’s cage, ready to ask advice, a now familiar action.

“I know you heard the exchange Kyuubi. This is probably the most important thing I’m going to ask you. I desperately need help.”

“Exactly how many most important things have you asked me for? How desperately do you need relationship advice?”

At this there was only silence while Naruto thought this over. What seemed like an eternity was less than a few seconds.

“Please Kyuubi. I don’t know what to do.”

The great beast sighed.

“Look kit, follow your instinct. It will always leads to the best choice.” At this he sneered. “Always.”

Naruto immediately looked up from his thoughts, only to realize that it was nearing dawn. He quickly woke the others and they continued on their way. The travel there was uneventful, but there was an undeniable air of tension. Hinata was too busy worrying about what Naruto would think and Naruto just thought; unable to reach a conclusion he wouldn’t have regrets about. When they’re reached the cliff that overlooked Iwagakure, Naruto decided that he would have to make his decision sooner or later, so why not sooner rather than lat-KLANG.

The sound of metal crashing against metal and metal against rock sounded, alerting them of their attackers. After hearing a rumbling Naruto flipped to the side in order to dodge the ninja quickly rising below, the ninja’s hands met only with a rain of Senbon. Shikamaru and Hinata were busy preventing the ninjas from rising up the cliff face, and Naruto was defeating the ones foolish enough to try for close range combat. Soon enough, the earth around the cliff began rising up around them and closing them in. Naruto recognized the technique and shouted to Hinata, telling her to use her Kaiten. Immediately, both he and Shikamaru dived towards her and hugged the ground as the earth around them shattered and the rocks below caved in.

Soon Naruto and Shikamaru were falling down to what was now a plateau, preparing to defend themselves properly. Sure enough, the ninja were now desperately attacking; many of them attempting to surround them, while a hail of rocks fell from above. Immediately, Hinata began destroying the rocks with Chakra while Shikamaru formed hand seals. Rat-Ram-Dragon-Tiger SUCCESS! He finished his technique, defeating a great amount of enemies, their own shadows killing them. They all fell down, split evenly front and back as if they stood upon giant blades. What the shadow manipulator did not expect when he turned to smile at his companions, was a lance greeting him. The blade lodged itself deep in head, past his forehead, entering his brain. The man only took two steps before falling face first to the ground, driving the pike through his own head, killing him instantly.

The look of satisfaction on the man’s face was only temporary, for seconds after the pike was thrown, he was torn apart by a raging wind. There was no time to morn for someone lost in battle, especially when the battle was still going on. It took Naruto and Hinata a moment to realize that their companion was truly dead. There was no time for a reaction, however, it made Naruto realize that they might die. They might be defeated here, but he wasn’t ready to let that happen. He immediately shouted, trying to get Hinata’s attention. As soon as she answered, he said what he needed to say: “I love you too.” In the seconds of distraction that followed after, the only rock she missed (a relatively small one at that) fell from directly above her with enough force to knock her unconscious.

At the sound of the rock impacting, he turned around to see her. He knew it wasn’t possible that she was dead, she was stronger than that. He finished with his current enemy and immediately ran to her. He immediately snapped deep into his mind, right in front of the Kyuubi Cage. He looked up into it, only to see the fox grinning ear-to-ear. Before the words left his mouth, the fox spoke. “Sleep kit. I’ll protect her. Don’t worry about anything.” Naruto couldn’t help but take solace in the beasts words and was immediately back outside. He felt himself slipping, losing control. He didn’t care though, he thought everything would be all right. He felt assured even as 5 Tails were released and he lost control.

That group was never heard from again, but Shikamaru’s body was found some days later with Hinata’s close by. She was found covered in blood, gore, sweat and every other liquid imaginable, articles of clothing shredded nearby. Her body was fragile and her neck was broken, meaning she had probably fought to the death. Only one person knew what had happened, and he was long gone.