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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Beginning of Something Good

Disclaiming something! - Don't own the characters but I partly own the thought for this one shot. ... I think it's gonna be a one-shot. Hehe I can be pretty out there sometimes. I don't know if I want it to be a one-shot or more until after I finish the first chapter. So I’ll tell you in the end. Contains some random make out stuff and maybe some other stuff. Not so sure yet though. It's for someone I know so the pairing is his fav. Haha. Oh god I’m scared. Haha Even though I have no clue how this pairing works out. I don't like it! But, nooooo he just can't suffer with one little yaoi story. That's what I wanted it to be but since it’s more or less for him I may as well have it so he'll enjoy it. -Blushes-

The Beginning of Something Good
Author: Gaaras-left-hand-man

That was different. Normally it was him who started it. He liked it when she took charge and did that. Her body was telling him that he was doing all the right things to it. His tongue traced lines on her lips. She gently pushed closer to him. Something entirely new. She parted her lips slowly, gaining him entrance. He explored her sweet tasting mouth. She traced his chest with her forefinger and kissed him passionately. He broke away for two seconds, his blonde hair covering his eyes slightly.

"Temari, what ever happened to Shikamaru?" Naruto asked quietly. He wanted answers to some pressing questions. Why was he the one lucky enough to have this kunoichi? How the hell was he better then Shikamaru?

"He can't give me what you can, Naruto-kun. He can't pleasure me and he defiantly can't match your glory." She whispered, sounding conceited and seductive. How had he lasted this long with her? She was so cruel yet so...

He smiled at the compliment and pressed his lips to hers again. His began to caress her back as she lowered her hands farther down his chest, playing with his bellybutton.

He looked up, hearing his name being called. His dazed eyes glanced up at the one calling him. The girl looking at him was stunning if anything. Her blond hair caught in the sunlight, her dark turquoise eyes flashing menacingly. His head shot up in shock. She was less then a foot from his nose and he squeaked, covering his mouth quickly. He blushed and mumbled something incomprehensible and looked her in the eye. They were cold but held something deep in their midst. Greed? Loathing? Contemptment? It was the kunoichi from sand. Who ever knew what she was thinking?

He stood and she watched him. They were on a very 'important' mission. How delivering tea was important, Naruto didn't know. He studied her short dress and the chain mail that covered her shoulders and left leg. Her pale beauty astounded the blond boy. He had truly spent too much time with Jiaraya as he found himself longing for her. He simply reached his hand out for hers, staring straight ahead.

Temari's hand darted forward two milliseconds before his took it. She began pointing ahead, at an unseen enemy probably. Naruto sighed and looked to where she was pointing. Three shinobi from Konoha were walking up the path in front of them. A blond girl, a lazy boy with a poof of hair and a man with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. A chubby boy stuffing his face came bounding behind them, "Hey guys! Wait up!" He was calling.

"HEY! Shika! Hi!" Naruto yelled to the group. Shikamaru looked up and sighed. Naruto was always so full of energy. He brightened at the sight of Temari walking towards him. He smiled softly and Naruto looked between them. What was he missing?

They drew closer to each other, the two groups looking between the other. They decided to stop and have a break together. Shikamaru and Temari sat off by themselves. Naruto watched them, not really following the conversation around him.

"Naruto. Oy, Naruto. Are you listening?!" Choji asked Naruto, knocking him out of his reverie. Naruto looked up in shock.

"Hunh? Oh uh yeah." He spluttered out, looking away from the couple by the tree. Ino sighed.

"So now you're an emo robot fighting monkey?" Choji asked. Naruto looked at him, a perplexed expression written over his face.

"A what?"

"An emo robot fighting monkey. That's what I asked you and you said yeah." Choji laughed. Naruto's face reddened. He didn't think spacing out with this group was such a good idea.

"Oh. Sorry guess I’ll have to pay more attention." Naruto stuttered, blushing more deeply. He could be such a fool.

Why he was remembering this now, he didn't understand,

His sigh made her stop. She looked him in the face, a pout spreading over her lips. He moved his hand to her cheek, stroking it gently. He lowered his gaze and sighed again.

"This doesn't feel right, Temari-chan. I don't want this, not now." Shikamaru groaned as she moved her hand farther down him. Her pout became more pronounced as she played with his partially naked body. "I mean it Temari. Stop."

"Oh. But why, Shika-kun?" She nibbled seductively on his ear lobe, making her voice sound hurt but seductive. He set his face in a hard line and pushed her away.

"Because I just can't. Not tonight. I have important work to take care of tomorrow and I’m really not in the mood now." He stood, grabbing his shirt from the floor. She took a chance and rushed forward, bringing him down onto the bed. He gasped at the feel of cold metal around his wrist. She brought his hand up and latched the other end of the hand cuff to the bed frame. He struggled to get up but she was on top of him, already stroking his exposed chest.

"Temari! Stop! Stop right now. You know this is classified as rape if you do anything to me. You can go to jail. Get off me." He bucked, trying and failing to get Temari off of him. She clamped her teeth around his nipple and he gasped. She sighed after that and put her hand up to the cuff, the tiny key in her fingers.

"Why do I have to stop?" She asked innocently. He glared at her. He was not finding this funny in the least.

"Just let me go. I don't like this." He said in a cold tone. He was surprised that she did actually unlock the metal on the bed and then from around his wrist.

"Can't we just go a little farther?" Her voice was pleading now. She couldn't hide it anymore. He shook his head and sat, then stood. He grabbed his shirt again and left the room, leaving her to her shame.

"I'm not coming back, either." His voice said from the door to the hall. Her eyes clouded with tears. She detested her dominant side. It always got her into trouble.

Naruto's mind kept wondering as he began getting harder. His thoughts went to Sasuke, his knight; Sakura, his goddess; Kakashi, his mentor; and Iruka, his savoir. He couldn't help but think about them. They were the most important people in his life. Why wouldn't he think about them on a night like this? Because he was with the devil. He could only think of the happiness while being with the devil.

He stopped kissing her neck, stopped responding at all. She looked up at him, her eyes pale in the dark. Her face spelled confusion. Naruto looked into those eyes before speaking.

"I'm done. I don't like this anymore. I want to go home." Naruto whined. Temari just stayed there. Unable to move, even if she wanted to. He couldn't have just said what she thought she heard. He couldn't have said to stop. Could he? "Temari, move." She had heard correctly. Her body moved back on its own. She didn't like this. It seemed too much like deja vu. She blinked as he stood up. He hauled on his clothes and stepped over to the door.

"W-why?" She managed to whisper. He looked back at her, his face grave.

"I just can't do this. It feels to wrong." He was thinking about all those he cared for. He needed someone that would benefit him. Someone who truly cared about him.

"Sasuke? Hi. I need to talk."

I think that'll stay a one shot. There you go Ryan-kun. I'm sorry that I put in that last line. Hehehe -guilty smile- I really made Temari look like a slutty bitch in that one. I feel bad. I love Temari so I don't know why I made her like that. This was probably a really sucky one. Tell me in a review what you think of it. I will give you cake if you do. XD

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