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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blades of Konoha

Disclaimer: If you think I own Naruto or Tenten, your stuff is stronger than mine and I need the name of your dealer. If you think I own these situations, you’re not completely smashed, and obviously need to order more inebriating liquid(s).


Blades of Konoha

Author: RasenganWhereTheSunDon'tShine


Three kunai lodged themselves into the red centers of three targets.



Yet another tree fell over, a deep spiral pattern gouged into what was left of the mutilated stump.

With a tired sigh, Tenten slowly walked over to the weapon-strewn trees in front of her, feet trudging through the dusty grass of the training ground. Her clothes were smudged with dirt and grime, her hair in disarray, and the fading sun glinted of her exposed, sweaty arms. With another sigh, face set in a grumpy frown, Tenten started dislodging her many pointy objects of death.

She stopped, however, at the small laugh of her training companion. Turning slightly, she let out a small huff of annoyance, which only served to push the blonde into full-blown laughter.

“You look cute when you’re grumpy, Ten-chan.”

Tenten tried to be annoyed with Naruto, like Sakura always was, but she just couldn’t help feeling happy when he was around. She smiled as she felt his eyes on the back of her neck, no doubt with that special twinkle only his had. She had always loved those eyes of his, those endless pits of blue that could see into her soul.

With a small chuckle at her lack of focus, he silently walked over to her still form. She didn’t even notice his presence until she felt his strong arms press against her stomach, his hot breath leaving droplets of moisture against her neck.

Tenten’s breath caught in her throat. She loved it when he held her like that. Just being in Naruto’s arms, feeling his muscular chest against her back, just made her feel… safe, like she was drowning in comfort.

Eyes half lidded, Tenten managed to wiggle around enough to plant a quick kiss on Naruto’s smiling lips. She giggled softly as he nuzzled her neck with his nose, kissing her collarbone. The giggles turned to moans as he started suckling on her skin, moving to the top of her breast.

Before she lost herself, though, she managed to pull away from his roaming lips. It took every ounce of self-control not to start ripping his clothes off right there in the training field.

“N-not now, N-Naruto-kun. I’m s-still all sweaty. L-Let me at least get cleaned up first,” she managed to breath out, her mind barely functioning after what he had just put her through. With a soft smile, he just pulled her small form closer.

Leaning slightly, he whispered in her ear.

“Where going to get sweaty afterwards anyway, why bother getting clean now?” His tongue darted out of his mouth, grazing her earlobe. He could feel her body shiver at his touch.

Tenten couldn’t take anymore. Grabbing a handful of his black T-shirt, she pulled his face around, her lips claiming his. Her eyes closed by themselves, and she could feel her tongue graze his upper teeth, taunting him. Before Naruto could react, she pulled away, and licked his earlobe, gaining the same response from him. Grabbing tightly to his shoulders, she leaned forward.

“We can’t very well do it here, now can we?”

With a seductive grin, Naruto reached out with his chakra. In a bright flash of yellow light, the couple appeared in Naruto’s bedroom.

Not wasting any time, Tenten pounce on Naruto, plunging their lips together, her tongue exploring every part of his mouth as they kicked their sandals off. Naruto gladly obliged, and soon their tongues were battling for dominance. When the kiss broke apart, both pairs of lips were red and swollen, and there was a small trail of spittle at the corner of Tenten’s mouth.

Grabbing her waist, Naruto flopped her down on the bed, eliciting a yelp as he landed on top of her, though it was quickly stifled by her moans as his tongue flicked across her exposed neck. He continued to suck and nip at her flesh until he pulled away a few minutes later, leaving a flustered Tenten releasing a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

As she looked into his twinkling eyes, she could only stare as she tried to regain her breath.

“I love you, Ten-chan.”

Shocked out of her revere, she quickly pressed her lips against his, gently biting his lower lip for a moment, before letting her head drop back to his bed.

“I love you more.”

With a brilliant smile and a mischievous gleam in his eyes, Naruto rolled Tenten over him, until she was straddling his stomach, barely unaware of his throbbing erection. Slowly unbuttoning her shirt, he whispered, “We’ll see about that!”

With a small giggle, Tenten helped him wiggle the shirt over her shoulders, revealing her black, lacey bra. As soon as her shirt made it over her head, she felt his lips meet hers, felt the warmth of his love flow to her stomach. She could feel the heat building inside her, and longed for more.

Naruto’s hands roamed her back, even squeezing her rear, which only made the heat grow. Slowly, tantalizingly slowly, his hands move up towards her bra strap, and with speed that only came with practice, unbuckled the only thing between him and her perfect breasts, all the while continuing their passion-filled kiss.

Relinquishing his hold on her mouth, Tenten could feel him move along her cheek and down to her neck, lingering on the junction between her neck and shoulder. She moaned, urging him towards her pert nipples. Smiling into her flesh, Naruto let his mouth trail lower, his tongue stopping just above the pink of her breast, prolonging the agony. With a frustrated sigh of ecstasy, Tenten arched her back, forcing her breasts into his face. Moaning, she felt her nipple being enveloped by wetness, pulled deeper into his mouth as he sucked harder. Her back arched further and her toes clenched as she felt her other breast in his hand, her pebbled nipple being twisted between his thumb and forefinger. Letting out a cry, she could feel her orgasm coming.

She let out a sigh of disappointment as her lover let go of her breasts, moving to her navel instead. She could feel his tongue on her stomach, sliding back and forth, as he unbuttoned her pants. With a quick motion, Naruto pulled her pants and black panties down to her ankles, and Tenten removed them completely with a soft flick of her foot. Smiling slightly, she spread her legs as she felt his lips move to her inner thighs, exposing her drenched pink folds to him.

Moving up once more, his tongue danced around her wet sex, taunting her. Unable to take the longing, Tenten grabbed a fistful of his hair, pushing him between her legs. As his tongue snaked around her opening, she could feel electricity shoot down her spine, the heat inside her building exponentially. She felt his tongue suddenly shoot inside her, squirming wildly, and, with a scream of passion, felt herself climax as her body writhed at the waves of pleasure washing over her.

Naruto felt his face smashed against her wet folds as she came, he could taste her as she exploded hot liquid into his waiting mouth. With a small smile, he lifted his head from between her legs, his golden hair sliding from her limp hands. As she lay panting, he shrugged his jacket off, and then lifted his sweaty shirt over his head. Throwing the damp clothing on the floor, he gently kissed Tenten on the cheek, savoring her content mewl at the contact. Making soft cooing noises into her ear, Naruto lay down beside her naked body, kicking off his pants, which landed haphazardly on his dresser.

“Do you want to keep going?”

Eyes still half lidded, Tenten turned to her lover, laying a quick peck on his lips, tasting herself along with him. She smiled slightly.

“D-Don’t ever stop!”

With a chuckle, Naruto removed his last article of clothing, slowly leaning in to capture her mouth in his. He felt his lips part to allow her total access to his mouth, which she gladly accepted. Hanging on every moan, he moved his body over hers, giving her a view of his pulsing member for the first time. With a smile, she gently pushed him onto his back, his manhood standing straight in the air. Moving her body down, she positioned herself so that her breast barely touched the head of his penis.

“You did me, so it’s only fair that I do you.”

Before he had a chance to respond, Naruto felt his member being pushed into her mouth. Wet saliva trailed down as her head bobbed faster and faster, going lower each time. He could feel himself in her throat, her slick lips softly pressing at his pelvis every time her head lowered. He could feel his manhood growing harder with every motion she made.

With a stiff moan, his member stiffened, jerking as he released a torrent of his seed into her mouth. Tenten’s eyes widened slightly as she tasted his hot semen, before swallowing the wildly spraying liquid. When the spurting died down, she let go of Naruto’s member, seductively licking a stray trail of white leaking from the corner of her mouth.

Taking advantage of her moment of stillness, Naruto once more wiggled his way onto Tenten, pressing her into the bed as he panted, propping himself up on his elbows. He kissed the tip of her nose, smiling, which earned him a longing mewl. Smiling wider than every, he positioned himself over her, the head of his penis rubbing against her wildly dripping sex. With a small nod from Tenten, he slowly pushed himself inside her, no more than an inch at first. He pulled out just as slowly, giving her time to adjust to the feeling. At Tenten’s moan of desire, he began thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

She could feel her muscles tense and relax, the rhythmic pumping between her legs, the wave of bliss flowing through her body. It was almost too much to bear. Her entire body seemed to heat up; she could feel her slippery skin sliding against his, sweat pouring off her flesh. He drove himself into her, faster, harder, each time greater than the last. With a final scream, Tenten succumbed to her orgasm, her body bucking wildly. Feeling the walls of her member constrict around him, Naruto let loose his own climax, filling her with the wet heat of his seed.

As both collapsed onto the bed, utterly spent, they remained joined. After a few moments, Tenten felt Naruto slowly draw his manhood out of her. With a content sigh, the two lovers turned to look at each other, smiling. A soft “I love you,” was exchanged, and the two felt the other’s hot breath against their face before falling asleep, exhausted.



Three kunai lodged themselves into the red centers of three targets.



Yet another tree fell over, a deep spiral pattern gouged into what was left of the mutilated stump.

Back at the same training field, Naruto and Tenten were training once more. Feeling the heat of the sun begin to fade, Tenten looked up to find the first stars peeking out of the inky gray. Turning to Naruto, she noticed that he was staring right at her.

She knew that look in his eyes.

With a winning smile, she sauntered towards him, deliberately swinging her hips with each step. Grabbing on to his chest with one hand, she wiggled her fingers down the front of his pants, where she could feel his member hardening.

With another seductive smile, she gently squeezed his erection and said, “What do you think about going to my place so I can help you out with that?”

Flashing a foxy grin, two shadow clones poofed into existence next to the original, and in unison they said, “I guess you’re going to have to help all three of us, ne Ten-chan?”

With a giggle and a blush, Tenten let herself be swept into the arms of the love of her life, and they all disappeared in a bright yellow flash.


A/N: There it is! The FIRST Naru X Ten oneshot lemon EVER published on FF! SQUEE! If you liked my first story, send me reviews! If I don’t receive reviews, I’ll have nothing to bake cookies with! And if I don’t get my cookies, I’ll HUNT EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME! Thanks! I hate it when people don’t edit their work. As such, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. If there’s something wrong with my story, TELL ME! Thx! - Peter

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