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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Summary: Since when does the Uchiha Prodigy wear jewelry? Especially a locket? And what happens what happens when someone opens it to find who’s inside?
A/N: Second yaoi fiction. (Yes, yaoi, NOT slash.) First Naruto Yaoi fiction. Dedicated to: Pinay_cherry, my bestest friend on Gaia online. ‘Cause she rocks my socks!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto or any of it’s characters. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto-sama. Although, I’m in the thief’s guild in Oblivion (a video game)... You never know... But really! I don’t (unfortunately).

italics = Naruto’s POV
underline = Sasuke’s POV
Normal = Third-person POV
(These only apply when it’s for a whole paragraph.)

The Cotton Candy Collection’s By: Rikotsu-sama
o0 Locket 0o

“Today is the day that you are going down, Sasuke!”
My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Remember it. Because this is my story.
Sasuke Uchiha. Cold, mean, and a traitor. He left Konoha over five years ago. I’ve disliked
him all my life. He just recently came back to Konoha, but nothing has changed
between us.
Naruto charged. Both men disappeared. They re-appeared, both unharmed across the
muddy forest path.
Naruto Uzumaki. A dobe, stupid, weak, and horribly annoying. The drop-out of the
Poof. Naruto had used his Shadow Clone Jutsu. “Rasengan!” he screamed.
Black eyes ablaze with cold furry, a ball of lightning appeared in Sasuke’s hand. “Chidori!”
he screamed in response.
‘This is finally my chance!’ Sasuke thought, ‘This time Kakashi isn’t in the way to interfere.’
‘No matter how strong Sasuke has become, I have become stronger.’ Naruto lead himself
to believe, whether the assumption was correct or not was a different matter.
We then charged at one-another. I was able to dodge his Rasengan, with the exception
of a ripped shirt and my necklace torn off.
Before Sasuke could take action towards the small golden necklace laying in the mud
another hand picked it up.
“Since when do you wear jewelry, Sasuke?”
The other man examined the necklace carefully, noticing it was a locket in the shape of
a heart he gasped.
“And a heart-shaped locket no less?” Naruto questioned mockingly, opening the locket.
It was like looking in a mirror. But, somehow I knew that it was a picture. Of me!
Naruto burst out laughing, despite the situation he was in. “Don’t tell me Sasuke. You’re
gay?” Naruto laughed in a sarcastic tone.
Silence. Sasuke picked himself up from the mud, and walked in front of the blonde.
As Sasuke neared Naruto he stopped laughing, and a glare shot Sasuke in the chest.
“What’s so ridiculous about me being gay?”
“Just the fact that you’re not!” Naruto tried not to laugh, but failed miserably.
Sasuke gave Naruto a defiant stare, one that said something like this: “I’m-serious-Ireally-
Naruto took a moment away from his laughter to look at Sasuke. He caught the stare
and asked, “Wait. You’re actually gay?”
“Since action is more efficient than mere words, I’ll show you I’m gay.”
Before Naruto could say a word he felt warm lips cover his own. He did not pull away,
for the fact that he liked this strange sensation of warm-fuzzy-ness that was covering his
entire body.
An awkward silence was held between the two when the lip-lock had ended.
“Wanna go fore Ramen?” Naruto asked shyly.
Who ever said Sasuke couldn’t wear jewelry, anyway?

o0 Fin 0o

A/N: Just a lame lil’ one-shot. Hope you liked it. Please review!
-Riri P.S. Bankotsu in a bow-tie!

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