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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ello everyone!! Been a while, huh? Since 7.20, huh? Well... I’m back! :D I’m glad you all liked my fiction Cherryblossoms so well! So here you go: the prologue/recap of Cherryblossoms’ new sequel: Hazy.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, or any of their characters. I claim storyline, writing and idea.

WARNING(S): Fluff, insanity, language, mild violence.

NOTE TO THOSE WHO READ CHERRYBLOSSOMS: Most of this prologue is a recap of Cherryblossoms, but the end is not. If you wish to just read the new stuff that’s fine, but I’ll start doing a small recap of the previous chapter at the start of each chapter, so the new part will be at the start of chapter 1 (when I write it)! You can skip reading this if you want, or if you want to refresh your memory of Cherryblossoms this would be good to read! :D Enjoy!

By: Rikotsu-sama

o0 Prologue/Recap 0o


It was heavenly, almost dream-like. Sakura could feel her heart beating
faster and faster; not willing to slow. It was a rare occurrence, no. A one-ina-
million occurrence to be invited to have dinner with the Uchiha Sasuke.


She seemed to float all the way over to his house, even though that he had
informed her the day before that they would not be alone, in fact there
would be two other people there...

“Come in.” Sasuke ushered Sakura in after she reached his doorstep.

“Okay, thank you.” She answered. Something was defiantly wrong.

Sakura stepped into the Uchiha mansion and to her left was a amazingly
beautiful sight that stunned her. Three short candles in the middle, and a
few by the sides of the short table. Cushions on opposite sides of only two of
the sides of the rectangular table. Expensive hand-painted china silverware
and plates were place on the table along with crystalline glass goblets.

Sakura could not believe her eyes, it was just as she had imagined it, but
better. Wait. Why was it like she had imagined it?

Sasuke was behind Sakura as he took her jacket off her and hung it on a
hook. “Do you like it?” He asked her casually.

“Where’s Kakashi-sensei and Naruto?” Sakura asked, ignoring Sasuke’s
question completely.

“They aren’t coming.”

“Why?” She turned to look at the raven-haired man behind her.

“I didn’t invite them.”

“I thought you said...”

“I lied.”

Sasuke was clearly starting to get the nerves. He was sweating slightly and
his face was beginning to get florid. “I uh... Wanted to...”



It took a second to pick apart what Sasuke had just said. When she finally
picked it apart she stood there more stunned than ever. Did Sasuke just ask
her out?

“So... Will you go out with me?”

The words she wanted to yell to the word would not come. No matter how
hard she tried to make herself scream them. Action. That’s what she must

In less than moments the small space between them was no more and their
lips were as one.

“I take that as a yes?” Sasuke chuckled after the kiss was over.


Now things were not as blissful, but still very happy.

It was Sasuke’s and Sakura’s anniversary, and just when they had finally
gotten together the cherryblossom trees were in full bloom. The couple
slowly licked away at their ice cream cones as they watched much of Konoha
running around, skipping with joy.

You could taste it, breathe it, hear it, feel it. The happiness in the air, the
auras of joy emanating from each and every person in Konoha...


Sakura turned from where she had been writing in her diary on the bench to
see the ever-hyper blonde boy rushing towards her.

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto exclaimed upon stopping in front of Sakura.

“I’m going to watch the stars tonight after todays festival activities with
Hinata-chan! Do you and Sasuke-b-... Do you and Sasuke want to double
date with us?” Naruto asked cheerfully.

Sakura happily agreed.

“Are you okay, Sakura-chan? You’re pale.” Naruto pointed out, putting a
hand to her forehead. “You don’t have a fever...”

“Naw. I’m fine, Naruto. Don’t worry about me.” Sakura replied.

“Try takin’ a nap! That always helps me get better!” Naruto suggested before
waving and running off.

First thinking of how stupid the idea was, Sakura took his advice, despite being
sixteen and way too old for naps.


“Uh, sorry, Naruto if I’m intruding. But Sasuke-kun couldn’t come, is it okay
if I just stay? I’ll leave if you want me to...” She gestured to the stairs down
from which she had come.

“No, that’s fine. You can stay.” Naruto answered cooly, much unlike him.

“Are you sure?” Sakura took another look around the elegant balcony.

“Where’s Hinata?”

“She isn’t coming.”

Sakura gave Naruto a suspicious look. “But I thought you said-...”

“I lied.”


“I lied. Me and Hinata-chan broke up yesterday. Actually, I broke up with
her. I like her, but I just can’t-...”

Sakura smirked and stated coolly, “You talk way too much.” She then closed
the remaining distance between them and kissed him.

Sakura shut her eyes tighter and thought, ‘Oh thank god. It was just a

She slowly opened her eyes to see that, at that moment, she really was
kissing Naruto!


April 5

Dear Diary,

Nothing happened yesterday, at all. I didn’t see Sasuke-kun or Naruto at all.
Nothing! Maybe they’re avoiding me?! I don’t know what I would do if I lost
Sasuke-kun and Naruto! I mean, Naruto is annoying, and perverted sometimes,
but... Y’know he’s my teammate, right? I’m supposed to care about him.... right?

I waited two years for Sasuke-kun to come back, and then it turned out that
the reason he came back was because of me! What would happen if I left
him for Naruto? Sasuke-kun is the type to get jealous, maybe he would even
go to the extent of killing Naruto!

I don’t want that! Oh my god... Tears are rolling down my face just thinking
about it...

But I don’t have time to be dwelling on that. I need to think about choosing!
Naruto or Sasuke? Sweet or Lustful? Gentle or Compassionate? Cute or Hot?
Thoughtful or Protective? I don’t know what to choose... They obviously both
love me... But which one deserves my love?

Love you,


April 6

Dear Diary,

I fear that my time to choose is being cut short. Nearing is the end of the
festival, and I fear I may loose both of them if I do not choose before then...
Why am I crying? You can’t see that I’m crying because of the spring rain
today... The only way I’m keeping you dry, diary, is by my black umbrella.
It’s like the sky feels my pain and weeps my tears. But that’s just wishful

I love him... I can’t believe it myself, but I love him. Who, may you ask? Naruto.

I love him. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, during work. He’s
always been there for me, my shoulder to cry on when Sasuke left, a hand
to help me up when I’ve fallen... Someone to hold me tight when I need a

Now, my love for Naruto is just the same as my love for Sasuke. Sasuke’s
never really been there for me, but he’s protected me on numerous occasions
in the past, not to mention loved me passionately for the past year...

Speaking of which, tomorrow is our anniversary. I wonder if he’ll remember...
But I think I need to think for at least one more day before I have my final

See you tomorrow,
Sakura Haruno


Sakura tossed the small leather book onto her bed after writing a short entry
about meeting Naruto in the park to apologize as she grabbed a long jacket
and hurried out the door.

The night was crisp, so Sakura flung on the jacket as she hurried along her
street as fast as she could go in the high heeled boots she had on.

“Shit! I’m going to be late!” Sakura cursed under her breath as she entered
the park almost half an hour later. She hurried down the puddle-splattered
walk ways and up the long flights of stairs to the private balcony that she
had bought for herself and Sasuke the previous year.

“Dammit! I’m late!” the pink kunoichi cursed again as she reached the last
flight of stairs. She stopped at the top of the stairs and what she saw did not
surprise her. Empty. She was the only one on the balcony.

Sakura sat in one of the chairs by the edge of the balcony and looked out
across moon-lit Konoha. It was sparkling, and Sakura could only imagine the
joy of being with one’s lover at that moment.

“So. Why did you call me here?” the voice from behind her caught Sakura off
guard and she let out a small squeak of surprise.

She turned to see a very handsome Naruto dressed in a classic black suit
with a yellow rose corsage. His hands were in his pockets and he looked disappointed.

“I... I...” Sakura mumbled “I wanted to say that I was sorry for rushing off
on you a few days ago... I wanted to make it up to you by buying you ramen,
if that’s okay with-...”

“You talk way too much.” Naruto commented slyly, leaning down and kissing
Sakura lightly on a lips. The kiss was teasing, but it was the start of so much
more... Something, astonishing.

And they lived happily ever after... Or so we think?

-End Flashback-

Not even a day had passed since Sakura had chosen Naruto over Sasuke. In
fact, it had only been half a day. A nervous Sakura now paced back and forth
in front of the young Uchiha’s door.

She lightly rapped on the door after ten minutes of pacing. A few moments
later, the raven opened the door.

“Sakura. Come in.” Sasuke invited.

“No. No, I think it’d be better if I don’t.” Sakura said nervously. “Um...
Sasuke... We need to talk about... us.”

“That’s a break up line. What is this about, Sakura?” Sasuke demanded dangerously.
“I think it’d be” -she paused to swallow- “b-better if we didn’t see each other
anymore.” She winced, looking away, digging her own fingers into her wrists
almost drawing blood out of fear.

“What?! Do you love someone else? Who is he?!” Sasuke demanded, grabbing
Sakura’s arms roughly.

“Yes, and I’m not going to tell you.” Sakura answered, staring into now blazing
onyx orbs.

“Tell me, Sakura! I have the right to know!”

“It’s none of your business, Sasuke!” Sakura screamed, wrenching herself
out of Sasuke’s grip, “Now leave me alone!” She ran. As fast as she could,
back to where she felt welcome, back to the someone she knew she could

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