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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Santa i've been naughty christmas speical

hello everyone merry christmas sorry this story came like allot later than exspected i do that to yall allot don't i anyway this story is a christmas gift that i give to u my fans for reading my fic (and right in time christmas is almost over) anyway some of you may know i am athiest and don't believe in the whole god ..."junk" but i still celbrate christmas its just too fun any way let me get yall to ur reading once again look at the warning!!

This fic contain pedofolic content, strong sexual themes and desciption this story has sex!! in it so get over it

Santa I’ve been naughty
Author: reesey boy1169

Here I am sitting in front of the fire place waiting for Santa for all you nonbelievers who say its is a waist of time you are wrong! Santa does exist, although I never seen him before. I know that he is real.

Anyway the reason I am here waiting for Santa isn’t because I want to prove he is real, cuz he is. Its because I’ve been a very bad girl this year and I want to try and reason with Santa.

I asked Naruto last week if he knew anything that he knew of that might help me win Santa’s charm and what he said confused me a little. He that that a bondage suit and a dildo would do the trick. Me only being ten years old had no idea what that stuff was, but Naruto was nice and helped me. He showed pictures of these objects in some magazines that had naked girls in them.

It was very difficult for me to get my hands on that stuff though. I had to make the bondage suit myself keeping the picture Naruto showed me as a guild to how it looked. I’m not sure what was the point of the suit though I mean it barely covered me and there was a big hole in the middle of the crouch showing my pee pee whole. The dildo was a little easier to get though luckily my mom had one in her dresser, but it stuck worse than rotten eggs so I had to wash it a little.

So here I am waiting for Santa with a bondage suit on and a dildo in one hand. I heard a click click click on the ceiling. I squirmed in excitement I couldn’t believe I was about to meet Santa. I heard something fall down the chimney and sure enough it was Santa in his traditional red suit and holding the bag of toys.

Santa didn’t see me I was hiding in the corner Of the room where the light switch was, waiting for the right time to confront Santa.

Santa put down his bag seeing the cookies I left for him. O yeah I almost forgot I crushed up some pill that Naruto gave me into the milk I think the pill’s name started with a “v” I am not sure once again I am only ten.

Santa ate the cookies in a hurry and chugged down the milk wiping his snow-white beard. He turned back to his bag and pulled out a box coal. I knew it was my time to move.

I flipped the lights on Santa was startled and turned around and saw me. He had a shocked look on his face as I said, “Santa please I know I have been a naughty girl this year but I can make it up to you!” I smiled on the inside I said that line in the perfect what did Naruto call it “seductive tone”.

Santa was shaking his head at me, “ho ho ho little girl what in the world are you doing?”

“Santa I’m here to be on your nice list!” I pulled a wire that was connected to my index finger a chain wrapped around Santa’s legs and arms immobilizing him: he fell to the ground.

I leaped on top of him sitting on his crouch where I felt the pill taking effect. Santa struggled His belly jiggling. There was no way he was getting away from me.

“Little girl please let me go I need to deliver the presents.” He pleaded. I laughed at the thought of letting Santa go before I am done was done. I was getting my doll.

“Santa come on I know you want to I mean explain this.” I undid his pants big black belt and reached into his pants. I pulled out Santa’s large pee pee. It felt warm in my hands I could feel the blood pulse through it. I rubbed his thing against my cheeks knowing it should have felt wrong, but I am only ten 3.

Santa moaned real loud, “please little girl stop this! This is very naughty!”

“I would quiet down if I were you Santa wouldn’t want my parents to wake up would you?” I smiled I knew I had him beat. Santa would never want to be seen as a sicko not ever.

I moved around a little bit on Santa so that my face was right above his pee pee and my pee pee whole was right above his face. (Naruto called it the 69 position) I stared at Santa’s thing for a few more seconds and put it into my mouth. It was the weirdest thing I ever tasted. The skin on it had a salty taste and there was something sweet coming from the hole at the top. I put it as far into my mouth without gagging and moved my tongue around it making sure I tasted ever spot.

I looked back a little, I saw Santa with his eyes closed, and his face redder than his suit. He was clearly enjoying this. I took the dildo that was in my hands and shoved it into my pee pee whole.

O how it hurt as I put it inside of there, but it also felt weird in a good kind of way. I shoved the dildo all the way in and I left it there and focus more on Santa’s birds. I pushed my head up and down over it all the while making my tongue touch every spot.

Then I stopped and took Santa’s thing out of my mouth and turned around so that I could look at Santa. He had a very hazy eyes he clearly wanted “something”. I knew I had persuaded him and I would be on the nice list now.

“Santa so am I on the nice list now?”

“y-yes Mougi as long as I get to do something before I leave.”

“ok!” I grinned and undid Santa’s chains, freeing him he got up and quickly pinned me against the couch in that was right in front of the fire place

“so Mougi you like being naughty ?” Santa said grabbing the dido that was still lodged in my whole and pushed it in and out.

“yes yes Santa I do!” I said what Santa was doing felt even weirder then when I put it in. I remember now that Naruto said Santa would act a little crazy, but I never thought like this.

Santa stopped pushing the dildo into me and quickly dropped his pants and underwear. I looked at that hairy thing that pointed right at my cat. Santa had just put the dildo into my butt sending a great pain down my backside.

“does it hurt little girl?” Santa said with a happy look., As he continued to put the dildo more and more into my butt. O-Santa it feels so weird!” was all I said as he pushed down on me more his thing went into my wee-wee. It felt weird (in a good way) now the dildo that Santa stilled pushed in and out of my butt was hitting something that made everything tingly.

Santa kept pushing his body against me, his bird going further inside of me. It was tingly all over everywhere. Santa started to go faster his belly full of jelly flapping against me. He trusted one more hard time and I felt him pee into me. However it felt thicker than regular pee.

Santa releaved pressure one my chest and shoulders allowing me to move my arms. Santa moved his head down to my crouch where he pressed his lips against my pee pee hole that still had the “pee” in it. I felt tingly then Santa put his tongue in and found a spot that made me go almost crazy. A big rush of sensations hit me then a big gush of pee came out of me. Santa licked all of it up happily.

Santa got up and put back on his clothes. I laid they’re taking one last look at Santa’s birdy before he put his pants on.

“ho ho ho little girl well you certainly have changed my mind,” Santa put the box of coal and took out a present and put it under the tree.

I smiled some tears coming out of my eyes I was so happy, “thanks Santa!”

“Ho ho ho no thank you Mougi Santa hadn’t had any action in years,” Santa waved shooting back up the chimney.

I laid on the couch and dreamed of sugar plum……..


The next morning Mougi’s parents found her on the couch. She of course told them what happened and the parents pressed charges against Santa.


Santa is being charged with 1st degree rape, 2nd degree child molestation, 1st degree child abuse, and a parking ticket? However because these crimes were committed in Japan Santa only got 2 days prison (where he picked up the nick name ho ho)


The toys companies’ are suing Santa for everything (finally)


Naruto was surprised as hell when he found out Mougi achilly did it. Naruto laughed up until he got raped (again)


Kakashi and Tsunade “read” twas the night before Christmas that night kakashi had enough “reading stamina” to read the book three times (Tsunade was asleep halph way through the second)


Neji was raped by tentacles that came out of a Christmas tree

(Tenten had no comment)


Itachi finally got Sakura’s forehead under the misotoe (Sakura thought he was Sasuke again and had sex with again)


Zohestel had sushi with Reese (I wish lol)

Merry Christmas!!
And for all the other poeple out there happy hoilydays (don't want to be offencive)

well this is my fan info part where all i tell u about my latest ideas naruto gets shadow cloned raped chapter 5 is going ok i am finished with the first rape scene and i guess i should say those who hate to see kibs get hurt should take precaushion when reading as for another fic i am dry right now it should come to me soon though i have writen some thoughts and first pages but nothin big any way that is it bye for now and happy new years

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