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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kissing the Wind

WARNING: This is very much a lemon. (Erotic fiction ment for adults) Some of you will recall that I wanted to make this little out-take from the mainstream story. well here it is. I've kept the really dirty language to a minimum, as I think it is kind of out of character for these two. This is just for fun. (Even more fun than the normal fan fic) I certainly don't own either Naruto or Sakura. I hope those of you who are a bit perveted like me find this entertaining and still believable.

Kissing the Wind
Author: Highspeed0516

Erotic Exerpt

After an hour and half or so, the hospital late shift began to usher everyone out. Naruto felt heartbroken, even a little betrayed as the last person left and he made his way back to his recovery room for one more night’s stay in the village he loved so much. Sakura-chan had not shown up. He began to wonder if she were in any danger. He thought about sneaking out of the hospital to find her. But Shizune was in charge of security, and knowing the state of alert the village was in over him, Naruto knew he couldn’t risk it. As Naruto gingerly changed into his pajamas without turning on the light. He still had to be careful not to disrupt the bandages on his legs, he considered sending a shadow clone. He had almost gotten around to putting his night cap on when a voice from the corner of his room made Naruto instantly fall into a defensive fighting stance.

“I’m sorry if I worried you, Naruto-kun,” said a voice that sounded sweeter than honey to Naruto. It was Sakura’s voice. His heart skipped a beat.

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto sighed in relief.

They rushed to hold each other. Sakura’s embrace caused Naruto to breathe deeply, and he relished in the scent of her hair. She smelled of fresh spring flowers after a hard rain, and the warmth that radiated from her body blanketed him in comfort like the softest of quilts.

“I’m so sorry!” Sakura continued with a slight crack to her voice. “I wanted everyone to know. I needed you to be sent off, not thrown out.”

“Sakura-chan, you didn’t have to . . .”

“But I couldn’t bear to come myself. I was so afraid. I was afraid everyone would be able to see right through me; see how much I’ve fallen for you! I needed you all to myself.”

“Sakura-chan . . .” Naruto said as he cupped his hand along her jaw line. Then he kissed her, and the touch of her lips to his seemed to set the whole inside of his body aflame. This time their kiss was gentile and controlled. They waited for each other, tasted each other. Sakura inhaled deeply, taking all of Naruto’s breath with it. She leaned on him gently as she threw her arms around his neck, and together they toppled onto the bed. Naruto relished the feeling of her weight pressing into him. She was real. This was no dream. Or was it a dream come true?

Sakura broke the kiss and stood up, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Slowly, she walked over to the window and peered out, facing away from Naruto. Her hands gripped the window sill tightly, and in the light of a moon that was nearly full, Naruto realized her cheeks were glistening with teardrops.

“Hey, Sakura-chan,” Naruto said, sitting up. “What’s . . .”

“Its not fair!” Sakura blurted with a cracked voice. “Why? Why now? Now, when I finally understand my feelings for you . . .when this time . . .this time I can love someone who would love me the way I need to be loved. If only it hadn’t taken me so long . . .”

Naruto sat up and reached for Sakura’s hand. Slowly, he pulled her into his lap, and she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest. He rocked her gently, and rubbed her back as she cried. She was wearing a new Kimono, but he could feel the bandages on her back where he had scratched her while under control of the Kyuubi. She had already warned him not to apologize, but still . . .

“I mean,” Sakura sniffed, “we didn’t even get to go on a real date!”

Naruto almost laughed. After all they had been through, she was worried about that?

“Sakura . . .”

“Now I’m going to be left with nothing but my memories again.”

Naruto cupped her face in his hands, gently brushing away the tears with his thumbs.

“Then lets make it a good memory,” said Naruto. And then he kissed her. Naruto reflected upon how easy and comfortable it felt to kiss Sakura now, even though this time the salty taste of her tears made for a slightly new experience.

Sakura broke the kiss and placed her forehead on Naruto’s. She began to laugh in between sobs as she slowly composed herself.

“You are right, Naruto.” she said with a soft chuckle.

Naruto tried to hide his confusion, but knew he was doing a poor job.

“I do always cry too easily.” Sakura explained. “I’m sorry.”

Naruto shifted uncomfortably as he tried to figure out what he should say. His burns still hurt in some areas, especially on his legs.

Sakura shot to her feet.

“Oh! I wasn’t hurting you, was I?” she asked worriedly.

“Its nothing,” said Naruto. “It felt good to have you close.”

Sakura smiled. In the moonlight he could see her cheeks flush the same color of her hair.

“Naruto,” she said. “I do want to leave you with a good memory.”

Even in the low light of the room Naruto could see a glint in her emerald eyes as she pulled the window curtains closed, then began to undo fasteners at her neck and along one side of her scarlet Kunoichi uniform. With a mischievous smirk on her face, she let the garment slide off of her to pool at her feet. This left Sakura standing in form-fitting black sports-apparel. As Sakura crossed her arms and began to lift off the top, Naruto croaked a half-hearted protest.

“Sakura-chan! You . . . we can’t . . . not here!”

Sakura did not stop undressing. “This whole wing is still evacuated until you leave, Naruto. We won’t be bothered.” Sakura seemed to be enjoying the irony of how the precautions helped her in this situation. Naruto wasn’t sure he was quite as amused.

In a moment Sakura stood before Naruto in a simple but practical set of black bra-and panties. The moonlight coming through the window highlighted her muscular form and flat belly. Naruto swallowed as she crept gracefully up to him, playfully pushed him over, climbed on top of him, and kissed him softly.

Sakura was positively intoxicating. Naruto had absolutely no defense against her as she took control of all of his senses. His eyes were closed, so he could not see. He felt her warm breath on his ear as she broke the kiss, and he could not hear. Without her lips on his, his mouth went dry, so he could not taste. As she worked the buttons of his pajama-top loose he could not breathe, so he could not smell. As she kissed his neck, and then his chest, the shivers that worked their way down his spine made him go numb, so he could not feel. Somehow, he did feel her hand work its way south of his belly button, and Naruto snapped out of her spell.

“Sakura-chan, wait!” Naruto gasped. “Just how far do you intend to go? Don’t you think we are moving too fast?”

Sakura locked her gaze on his. Her eyes were aflame with a hunger he had never known existed within his teammate. Then she gave him her answer breathlessly, one word at a time, between a barrage of wet kisses, while her hands caressed his spiky hair.

“Naruto . . . mmmm . . .I . . . need . . . this. Ah! . . . I . . . need . . .you. Please!”

Naruto wasn’t satisfied. This wasn’t like Sakura, he thought. How would you know? Another part of him wondered. Conflicted, he gently pushed Sakura away from him.

She moaned in protest, but seeing he was serious, some of the hunger in her eyes was replaced with warmth and gratitude.

“Sakura-chan,” Naruto said. “We don’t have to rush this. If this is going where I think it is, its not a choice you can take back.”

“Thank you, Naruto.” Sakura said, sitting up. She sat on the side of the bed, and Naruto could no longer see her face. But as she spoke, Naruto could hear her worry, sadness, and heartache in every word. “I really do love you.”

Naruto smiled. He was about to say, “I love you too.” When Sakura continued.

“We are ninja. Our lives are full of hard choices. I want so badly to let everyone know how I feel about you, but I’m forced to act casual, because its professional. I never considered what it would be like to live like that, even when I . . .” Sakura stopped. She looked embarrassed.

Naruto thought he understood what she was going to say, but it didn’t matter. Sasuke was Sasuke, and Naruto understood he would always be a part of who Sakura was. Naruto was more concerned about the bandages that he could now see on her back from this angle. It was that reminder that he had hurt her again that hurt him more than anything. He took her hand in his.

Sakura turned and lay on him again, looking him directly in the eyes. She was close enough that her hair hung down and tickled his nose and forehead.

“Don’t you see, Naruto?” Sakura said in a low voice. “There is never a guarantee we will make it through the next battle, or even the next day. Our enemies are strong, and they won’t stop until they are defeated. Even training can be dangerous. We . . . we don’t have the luxury of time. We don’t even have the luxury of love.”

With this last point, Sakura brushed two fingers lightly against his lips, tracing them before she kissed him softly. Naruto felt hypnotized. At that moment, any resistance he still had was scattered to the winds.

“Make love to me, Naruto.” Sakura pleaded. She leaned in close to his ear, and the warmth of her breath made his skin crawl. She purred her next words. “And don’t hold back. You know I won’t. That’s our way of the ninja.”

She kissed him again, and hard. Naruto’s world spun. Sakura’s legs straddled his torso and clutched him tightly as her hands flew to his chest and ripped open his button-down pajama shirt, scattering buttons. Naruto’s hips bucked as Sakura’s body slid down across his loose fitting pajama bottoms. He had already been erect, but now he was so hard he feared his manhood might break off if Sakura made any sudden movements. The feel the soft silky material of her bra pressed against his chest sent another shiver down his spine. As she began to nibble his left ear and press herself even closer, Naruto lost all inhibition.

Naruto clutched Sakura to him as he sat up at a slight angle, and kissed Sakura’s jaw-line and neck. He kissed and gently suckled a pathway across Sakuras throat to where her neck was joined at the shoulder, and was encouraged by the response. Sakura sighed deeply and her head rolled to the side, inviting him to stay and bathe that area with his tongue. Soon he was kissing the middle of her chest, with his arms around her lower back. He felt her arms around his shoulders, and she was running her fingers through his hair as her back arched and her hips tilted into him. He felt a warmth between her legs that radiated onto his belly and beckoned to his loins.

When he found himself staring at her cleavage, he stopped. Nervously, he met her eyes.

“Its ok, Naruto,” Sakura said in an amused tone. “You can touch them.”

Warily, Naruto reached out a hand. He was convinced that at any moment he was going to get a lump on the head for what he was about to do. He closed his eyes and pressed his hand into her right breast. Naruto thought it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt, even if it was through a thin veil of lacy black material. When nothing painful happened, he opened his eyes and pressed his other hand into breast’s unattended twin.

Naruto’s eyes met Sakura’s and he saw that even though she smiled at him wickedly, she was blushing.

“You like them, Naruto?” she asked.

“Oh, yes!” Naruto said eagerly. “This is . . . amazing.”

Sakura seemed pleased. “What are you waiting for then? Take off my bra.”

Naruto obediently circled his hands behind her back as he buried his face in her cleavage. Sakura’ bosom felt so warm and soft, and the smell of rain-washed flower petals dominated his sense of smell again. It wasn’t long before Naruto realized he had a problem. Sakura’s bra was fastened by some sort of mysterious mechanism, and Naruto tugged at it futilely.

“Uh, Sukrah-chun” Naruto said, his voice muffled on account of his mouth still being tucked away into the still largely unexplored territory of Sakura’s chest. “How do you . . .?”

Sakura giggled. “So useless. Here, let me help you.”

In one expert motion Sakura popped her bra free, and Naruto’s eyes widened at his first look at his love’s exposed breasts. They were supple and firm, and they didn’t intimidate him like the old-lady Tsunade’s or even Hinata’s. Her nipples were small and budding.

“Woah-ho!,” Naruto said as he eagerly caressed Sakura’s exposed breasts. He pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and Sakura whimpered.

“Gently, Naruto.” Sakura instructed. “That’s right . . . Oh! Yes, do it like that.”

Naruto greedily took a nipple into his mouth and began to suckle Sakura. Naruto moaned hungrily as he experimented with different amounts of pressure. He made sure each nipple got equal treatment, and the results pleased him.

“Ahhhhh!” Sakura gasped as she clutched his head to her. “That’s . . .Yes, bite it again! Oh! A little harder. Mmmmmmm.”

After a moment Sakura placed her hands on Naruto’s shoulders and pushed him back down. She kissed him softly, then kissed his neck in the same way he had done for her. She taunted him with small moans as she kissed her way to his broad muscular chest. She rolled her body off him and slightly to the side, and when she took one of his nipples into her mouth it was as if someone had flash frozen his lungs. One of her hands toyed with the small amount of chest hair he had, before it slid down over his belly just like before. This time he did not resist as the hand dipped slowly beneath his pajama bottoms.

Naruto felt his stomach tighten as Sakura took hold of his cock in her small, soft hand. Her tongue circled his nipple one more time before she raised her eyes to watch his response. Naruto closed his eyes and sighed in ecstasy as Sakura’s fingers toyed with the tip. He could feel those beautiful jade eyes on him as his hips bucked, and his back arched when she began to stroke him.

“Sa - ku - ra - chan!” Naruto breathed.

At first, she tugged too hard.

“Let it slide through your hand,” Naruto instructed. “Ah! Ha! That tickles!, a little harder.”

Naruto clawed at the mattress when he suddenly felt lips near his belly button. He held his breath as she playfully peeled back his pajama bottoms. The cool air on his fully naked body made Naruto shiver, but he wasn’t cold long. Naruto watched nervously as Sakura grabbed a pillow and slid the lower half of her body off the bed . Sakura regarded his penis thoughtfully, and appeared to be taking her time to examine every detail. Meanwhile, she continued to slide her hand up and down along its length. Sakura wiped something wet and sticky off of the tip with a finger, and without hesitation, tasted it. Naruto forgot to breathe, and was making small coking noises. Was she going to . . .? Naruto thought he might die if she did.

“Mmmmm. Not bad.” she said coyly.

Naruto nearly panicked as Sakura took his cock into her mouth without the slightest hesitation. The warm, wet feeling of her lips wrapped around the tip of his member nearly sent him over the edge right there. Her tongue slipped over the tip, and Naruto groaned deeply from somewhere at the depths of his soul. Sakura seemed pleased.

Sakura was pleased with the obvious pleasure Naruto was in. His body writhed under the motion of her mouth and tongue. After so much pain he deserved it. But this was going to be a challenge. Naruto was so big! Sakura had nothing else to compare it to, but she couldn’t deny feeling intimidated by the size.

Sakura moaned slightly and this seemed to set Naruto off even more. He gripped the mattress and sheets tightly as she licked up and down the underside of his shaft. His legs went ridged as she took his balls into her mouth and playfully stroked his shaft at the same time. She teased the blond curls that framed his rod with the tips of her fingers.

“Sakura! Sa- Sakura!” he called. “Oh! Yes! Can you . . .I mean if you can . . .”

Sakura giggled as she peered up at his nervous blue eyes.

“Can I what, Naruto?” She teased.

“You know . . .” he said, “suck it deeper? ”


Sakura gave the shaft another long, slow, lick to tease him, and she gave him her most mischievous smile.

Sakura worked her way back up his shaft and then tried to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. Her jaw hurt and she felt tears come to her eyes as she gagged. It was just so big! But Sakura wanted . . .needed to please him. She pumped chakra through her throat, allowing it to relax and expand. Then it became much easier than she had thought.

She slid Naruto’s cock down her throat all the way to the base. She moaned deep in her throat and Naruto cried out. He actually whimpered as she began to suck and bob her head up and down on his cock faster and faster. Sakura thought the helpless noise was cute, and it encouraged her. Every so often her lips would smack against the tip and she would pause for another deep breath. Sakura marveled at the feel of his manhood filling her mouth and throat, and relished in the taste of him. She began to wonder dimly if she would know if he was about to come, or if would tell her, but she was distracted as the heat between her legs gave way to wetness. Without even thinking she had shoved her dampened panties aside and slid a two fingers into herself. She moaned deeply in private relief, but it was Naruto’s touch she longed to feel.

The pillow she was kneeling on began to slide away, and it was becoming difficult to keep a rhythm, and her jaw was beginning to cramp. If only the bed was a little bigger.

Then Sakura had an idea. She slid her panties off and tossed them aside. Then she climbed back onto the bed and placed her knees on either side of Naruto’s head. Sakura clamped Naruto’s cock between her breasts and let the now lubricated member slide between them as she gave her jaw a rest. She tossed her hair and peered over her shoulder at Naruto as she sat lightly on his chest. She had hoped he would know what to do, but he was just staring at her innocence with an awe-struck look on his face, and Sakura felt herself flush with embarrassment.

“Please, don’t stare like that, Naruto.” she said. “If you don’t want to . . .”

Naruto snapped out of it. “Of course I want to Sakura-chan! I have to return the favor, right? I just . . . I’m not sure . . .”

Sakura felt a finger glide along her moist labia. She felt her body shudder in response.

“Naruto!” she squeaked.

“Is this? . . .” Naruto asked.

“Yes!” Sakura barked.

The finger brushed the nub of her clit, and Sakura collapsed forward. She felt even more embarrassed at the thought of her naked ass in the air like this. She took hold of some sheets as Naruto slid his finger inside her. She bit down on one of her knuckles as Naruto slid a second finger in and began to explore with them. She could feel him probe. He began thrusting and twisting with his fingers, and Sakura found herself trying to catch her breath.

She gasped and gulped, and when she felt three fingers sliding around in her depths, she thought she might explode. Finally, she felt Naruto’s hot breath against her clit as he took her into his mouth and began slowly licking and sucking her . . . her . . .

“Yes! Naruto! Eat it! Eat my pussy!”

Sakura shocked herself at her choice of language, but an animal instinct within her had taken over and she no longer cared about anything but telling Naruto exactly what she wanted, and how good it felt.

And it felt sooooo good! His tongue darted into her depths, and the moistness of it and the motion of it nearly drove her insane. She used that energy to return to sucking his cock. She cradled it in her breasts as much as she could. His hips bucked in response, and she pressed her hips down, pressing her womanhood into his face.

Sakura cupped his balls with her hands as she took his cock into her mouth once more. From this reverse angle, it somehow seemed even easier to go down on him. She flicked her tongue out to tickle the base, and Naruto began to breath rapidly. His soft moans caused vibrations that ran though the very core of her being. A new heat began to build in her loins. It scared her. She didn’t want to let it go. What was this feeling? The thought of losing all control was embarising, and then it happened. Wave after wave of electric energy racked her body. She felt drained as her legs clamped down around Naruto’s head. Just as Sakura thought she might collapse, Naruto grunted.

“Sakura-chan . . . I . .. Ah! Uh! Arrrrrrgh!”

Naruto’s cock erupted like a volcano, spraying Sakura’s face and breasts with white, hot stickiness. It shocked her, she wondered for a moment whether or a not she should be mad, but then she laughed. In fact, she found it strangely erotic. The sticky goo was sort of a trophy and a testament to her love-making skills. The bitter salty taste wasn’t that bad either, and Sakura slowly sucked Naruto clean before finally allowing herself to collapse.

Naruto lay panting for several seconds, enjoying the view while he caught his breath. Sakura’s womanhood had a strange beauty to it. The thin pink folds crowned by a thin strip of rose-colored curls was so much more than what was described in Ero-Senins’s dumb books. He was still relishing the taste of her as Sakura slowly turned herself around on the small bed. She warmed him like a blanket as she lay her head down on his chest for a moment. He closed his eyes and focused on every place that her body made contact with his as he rubbed her back gently along the spine. Her toes on his ankles, her arms under his shoulders, her soft breasts pressed against his stomach, her smooth stomach on his . . .

Naruto felt himself growing erect again, and so did Sakura. Keeping her body pressed to his, she gave him that wicked smile again as she straddled his stomach and gazed down at him with her powerful jade eyes. Keeping her eyes on his, she leaned in close as if to kiss him, but stopping short. She let him feel her breath on his lips, and made a show of licking hers but did not kiss him. A hand drifted back to stroke his cock, and Naruto had to bite his own bottom lip. She slapped his dick playfully against her tight, round ass cheeks until Naruto grew so hard he thought he might have this erection for the rest of his life. Naruto offered up his last best defense.

“Sakura-chan, wait. This memory will already be so amazing, are you certain . . .”

“Naruto,” interrupted Sakura. “Do you want me?”


Sakura positioned her warm wetness over his cock and grabbed a handful of spiky hair on the back of his head as she pulled his face close to hers and repeated her words.

“Do . . You . . . Want . . . Me?”

Naruto swallowed and nodded.

“Then, like I said before . . . Don’t . . .Hold . . .Back!”

Sakura lowered herself onto him as she emphasized each of those last three words.

Sakura’s face contorted as if she was in pain, and Naruto worried that he would not fit. She was so incredibly tight, and as her satin walls enveloped his member Naruto was afraid he would come right then and there. Somehow, he held back. Something seemed to give way within Sakura, and she cried out sharply.

“Sakura-chan, are you . . .?”

“I’m fine” Sakura panted. Slowly, she began to gyrate her hips on top of him. Naruto lost all sense of time. He arched his back to try and meet her as she bucked her hips. Her tight, wet center pulsed around his shaft as she moved. She pressed her hands into his chest to hold herself up as she rode him faster and with more intensity. Naruto was stunned. He moaned deeply while Aakura panted and began to cry out over and over again.

“Ah! Oh Naruto!” She called. “ I-eeeeee! Yes! This is so . . .so . . good!”

Naruto tried to respond, but could only moan his agreement. It wasn’t long before Naruto figured out the right timing in which to arch his own hips to meet her, and the slapping of their bodies grew louder. It invigorated him.

Sakura leaned forward and pressed her breasts into his face, and Naruto eagerly suckled her in response, but he could only manage one at a time. Sakura moaned louder as she fondled the other one herself, holding it in place while she bounced higher and higher on his shaft.

Naruto palmed Sakura’s firm ass with his hands and pulled her to him each time their bodies met. Sakura repeated the word “yes” along with Naruto’s name again and again until finally Naruto felt her body spasm and her legs clinch him around the hips. She collapsed onto him, panting and sweating.

“I love you . . .Naruto” Sakura said before kissing him deeply.

“And, I love you, Sakura.” Naruto said. “But we’re just getting started.”

Indeed. Naruto was not done with her yet. He gently rolled Sakura onto her side without sliding out of her. With one arm Naruto supported Sakura’s leg to help maintain their union. Then, concentrating a vortex of chakra in his cock in the same way he would in the palm of his hand for the rasengan, Naruto began to cause his member to vibrate in a circular motion at an extremely rapid pace.

Sakura’s eyes grew wide. She inhaled deeply, but could not exhale. Naruto was barely moving his hips as he lay close beside her, but she felt shockwaves shooting from her loins up her spine. Naruto’s little technique stimulated her clit and made a wet schlucking sounds within her. She dug her nails into his back, desperately trying to find something to hold onto as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her body. She had an orgasm. And then another. And then another. It was on that third one that at last she cried out.

“N-Naruto! Oh my! Uh . . uh! Naruto! Please! I can’t take it!”

Naruto sneered at her with lustful eyes. “You don’t like it, Sakura-chan?”

“No! I mean, yes! Nevermind, just don’t stop!”

Careful as to not send them both tumbling off the bed, Naruto rolled himself on top of her. Sakura felt secure and safe as his weight pressed down on her. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he began to slowly grind his hips into her. The vibrations he was putting through her combined with his slow thrusts made her squirm. She clawed at his back. She moaned deep within her soul. It was a primal sound that surprised and embarrassed her.

Naruto’s body began to slap against her faster and harder. His girth stretched her. His length penetrated all the way to her core, and when he sucked gently on her neck again, Sakura felt her hips arch and her body spasm for a fourth time. She began to apply her own chakra through her vaginal walls, trying to squeeze Naruto with everything she had. The pleasure was so intense Sakura’s vision began to blur and sparkle as if she was drunk.

Suddenly Naruto began to shake and quiver as he continued to slam his body into hers.

“Naruto!” she screamed. “Uh . . Naruto! I need you to come! Come inside me!”

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto moaned. “I . . . uh . . . we can’t! You’ll get . . . “

”Don’t worry about that, damn it!” Sakura gasped. “Trust me, I can handle it! Now come! I can sense it building in your system already! Let it go! Come for me, Naruto-kun!

The bed creaked and groaned with their love making, and Sakura feared the power they were using would break the bed itself. The vibrations in Naruto’s cock slowed, and Sakura felt her lover stiffen.

“Ahhhh!” he cried. “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Oooh!”

“Yes!” Sakura begged. “Give it all to me!”

Sakura felt a new warmth flood her depths and it set her free. Her world began to spin, and she felt her body shudder once more in response. Naruto kept thrusting for several more seconds until he collapsed onto her.

They were both panting, and drenched in sweat. They held each other despite being hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. Sakura wished they could stay joined like this indefinitely, but eventually, Naruto slid out of her. Naruto pulled the covers over them, and looked her in the eyes.

“Thank you, Sakura-chan.” Naruto said. “That was amazing. I promise there will be more memories like this to make.”

“I know, Naruto-kun.” Sakura said. “I know.”

Exhausted and with nothing left to say, the two lovers drifted off to sleep, right where they both felt they should always be, snug in each others arms.

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