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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Love and Life Are a Fickle Thing

Summary: High school is hard enough, but to throw love and real life events in the mix? You’re just asking for trouble. Prologue is ‘I Don’t Want to Love.’ You may want to read that first. NaruHina, SasuSaku, and more.

Warning: Deffinite OCC, some strong language, some sexual humor, may be some sexual situations, blah, blah, blah.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…-sniffle sniffle-
Author: False Tears 'N' Fake Smiles


Sophomore (15): Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Gaara, Matsuri(She got moved up a grade but she is still 15), Kiba, Riki, Shino, April, Riley, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Yuki, Sai.

Junior (16): Neji, TenTen, Lee, Reed, Kankuro, Temari(She got held back she is 17)

Love and Life Are a Fickle Thing

Memorable First Day in High School

A beautiful, silent morn-


Interrupted by an alarm clock


Now she would have to get up and turn it off.


Thus the creation for it.


Too bad this alarm clock will never see the light of day again.


A pale-eyed girl, normally shy and timid(sometime0, roughly chucked her alarm clock at her wall. Making it shatter in a million pieces.

Finally. Some peace and qui-


This alarm clock just had to be persistent. It seems that it was still going off. It was just really slow and quiet.

You could just feel the deadly aura coming from the girl. She walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She had bed-head and dark circles under her eyes.

‘Perfect way to start off the first day of school.’ she thought bitterly.

She grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower. That always woke her up.

After a quick fifteen minute shower she got out and grabbed her make-up bag with all the things she needed to get ready in the mornings.

She walked back to the mirror and looked in it.

‘Much better.’

She brushed her teeth and walked to her bed.

She grabbed her clothes and made sure to lock the door. Though she was pretty sure her dad wasn’t up.

She put on her under garments and then her tripp pants. They were white and black with chains. She put on a tight black shirt that said ‘I’m Sotally Tober.’ After that she got on her tripp gloves. She put on her socks after that. She put on her ‘Bullet For My Valentine’ jacket. It had bullets in it in the shape of a heart.

She sat at her desk and put on the eye-liner and silver eye-shadow while facing the mirror. Her hair had dried and she just brushed it to get the knots out.

Now when you look at her, one word would come to mind: Trouble-maker. But she was a nice girl. Sure a few pranks here and there, but she wouldn’t murder someone. I mean, all her friends wore the same stuff. You could say that was their style(Her dads reaction was also a plus). They were, like the outcasts. Hot and sexy outcasts, but outcasts all the same. Though her friends I’d have to deal with some fan-boys/girls.

After she got finished brushing her mid-back length blue hair she put on her shoes. She paused and listen. She could here a persons deep breathing.

Her dad.

Her cousin, Neji, was at his girlfriends house. He spent the night.

Most parents would find that too dangerous. Like they would do ‘stuff’. But they weren’t like that. Neji was too responsible.

She grabbed her book bag and put on her vans. She also grabbed her soccer bag. Though some things in there really weren’t for soccer.

Like the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, eggs, streamers, and spray paint bottles. But we’ll get to that later.

She climbed out her window onto the roof and breathed in the fresh air. She took out her cell phone. She looked at the time. It was five.

‘Okay, Neji is probably on his way to Sakuras’ with TenTen. If she is even awake.’

She smiled.

One, because of the thought him trying to get her up.

Two, because she was going to Sakuras’.

Three, because who was at Sakuras’.

Hinata was so busy in her own little world that she almost walked of the roof. Her room was on the second floor. They made their attack into like a second room and she got it all.

But back to falling. She latched onto the water pipe and thanked kami-sama that she didn’t fall. That would have hurt later.

She climbed down the black orchid bush that led to the attic.

When he got to the ground she smiled again.


She started walking and got down to the corner before someone called her.

“Silver-eyes!” She smiled. She knew only one person who called her that. she turned around and smiled more with a blush.

There was her boyfriend running down the road.

His golden hair was a little messier that usual and his black tripp pants were a little lower that they should be, showing some of his orange boxers. Hinata blushed a little harder when she noticed. He had an orange shirt on and it was a little wrinkled. You would have to actually pay attention to his shirt to know what it said.

It was supposed to say ‘If you can read this, put me back on my bar stool.’ But since it was supposed to be said by a drunk, its writing was all messed up.

He was trying to put on his jacket while trying to get his jacket on, at the same time trying to eat a chocolate pop-tart.

Ah, same old Naruto.

“Naruto-kun. How are you this morning?” she smiled warmly. She didn’t stutter anymore. Only when she got embarrassed. Which did tend to happen a lot.

She only got a yawn as her answer. She giggled and he blushed.

He smirked and grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss. But before she could think what happened he pulled away.

He started to walk while towing her behind. He looked back just in time to see that she figured out what happened. She blushed at least ten shades of red. He smiled.

He loved it when she blushed.

“So you ready for this year’s?” his eyes glinted. She knew he wasn’t talking about school.

“W-well,” she stuttered from the kiss. “Y-you and Sasuke-san d-did make t-this y-years a little hard. I mean how are we supposed to-” she was cut off by someone knocking them over.

They all tumbled over to the ground. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Naruto and Hinata were kissing. Their hands not really resting in the right places.

If you know what I mean.

They jumped up and blushed immensely. They turned their heads to the side though when they heard an ‘ow.’

Right there, on the ground, was TenTen. She was rubbing her back. Her hair was out of her normal two buns and she was wearing green tripp pants and a green shirt with a black jacket.

“God, couldn’t you guys be more gentle?”

“No.” They both said and laughed as she pouted. Hinata bent down and helped her up. They saw Neji casually walking to them.

“Sup?” He said.

Naruto growled.

“We have to go!” he yelled. “We cant’ be late to Sakuras’. Teme will be me up thinking it was me who made us late.”

“It was I.” Neji said.

“Damn right it is.”

“No, you said ‘it was me’. It’s said ‘it was I’.” Naruto just growled.

“Okay, relax Naru-chan. We’ll go.” Naruto blushed and ‘hmph’ed at the nickname that TenTen always calls him.

Neji snickered while Hinata tried to hold in her laughter. Naruto just stomped away.

“Hinata, did Hiashi wake up?” Neji asked while they followed the fuming blonde.

“No Neji-niisan. He did seem a little suspicious when I went to sleep at eight though.” Hinata answered.

“Well, wouldn’t any parent. Mine thought me and Neji were trying to do stuff. I think they actually spied on us for an hour. Though they would have only heard us sleeping.” TenTen put in.

When they finally reached Sakura’s it was five-fifteen. Naruto was already inside yelling at Sasuke. He was wearing close to what Naruto was except a different color. So was Neji. Sakura was wearing close to Hinata and TenTen. Ino, Choji, Gaara, Matsuri, Kiba, Ricki, Temari, Shikamaru, Sai, Yuki, Lee, Reed, Shino, April, Kankuro, and Riley were all there. Wearing close to what everyone else was wearing except different designs. Despite their looks, some of their personalities were their own. (A/N: Damn that is a lot of people!)

“Okay,” Sakura shouted. “We get it Naruto! We need to hurry and it wasn’t your fault you were late. Damn! Hinata how do you handle him?” Sakura turned to her. She just blushed and looked down.

“Well now that we got that settled can we please head to the school? Troublesome.” Shikamaru put in.

“Fine, fine. Come on.” Sasuke said.

They were all just lucky Sakura’s parents were out of the country.

They headed outside and started towards school. Most people would find a bunch of teenagers walking down the road at five-fifteen a little strange. Good thing most sane people did not go to work at this time. Or were asleep. So they were safe from prying eyes and calls to the police.

It’s happened before.

When they got to school they got into position to here the plan once again.

Though Shikamaru was reluctant to say it he got ‘persuaded’. And I mean a few hits by his girlfriend Temari. After muttering a fw curses and some words that sounded like ‘damn troublesome women’ he started in his natural lazy voice.

“Okay, here’s the plan,” they all sweat dropped. They already knew that. “Hinata, Shino, Kiba will go to the auditorium. Ino, Choji, and I will go to the cafeteria. Gaara, Temari, Kankuro will go to the classrooms and ‘decorate’ them. Neji, TenTen, and Lee will go to the staff room. Riley, April, Reed go to all the lockers that are being used. Riki and Matsuri will go to the locker rooms. Sai and Yuki got to the kitchen. And use that imagination of yours. Naruto, Sauske, Sakura,” They all turned to the trio. “You need to go to the roof and take the spray paint. Take the lift. You are the main attraction, don’t be troublesome and mess up.” That earned him a pout from Naruto, a glare from Sasuke, and a crack of some knuckles from Sakura.

“Oh and don’t forget to go to the power box.” Shikamaru put in.

They nodded which led to confused glances. But before they could ask Shikamaru interrupted.

“Okay let’ split up.” And with that, everyone left and except the trio. Sakura was a little worried. Sasuke was to but of course being an Uchiha he wouldn’t show it. This was the first time they were alone with him since the ‘break-up’ plan. They looked over to Naruto to see that he was in his own little world but then he spoke up.

“Thanks guys.” He spoke in a whisper. They looked really confused.

“Huh?” They both said.

“You helped me and Hinata get together. So I’m saying thank you.”

“It was nothing Naruto. We just wanted to see you happy. Even if it meant hurting you on the way. Sorry about that, but you’re too stubborn to actually see what was in front of you.” She had a hopeful look on her face.

“Hn.” Do I even have to say it?

Sakura hit Sasuke without looking at him and kept her face the same.

“Thanks Sakura. But we should get going. Like Shikamaru said, we are the main attraction. Nothing new there. Oh and Sasuke,” he looked over Sasuke who was cradling his head. “LEARN A BIGGER VOCABULARY!!!” he yelled.

“Shut it dope.” He said.




Sakura got fed up with it so she hit them both. They cradled their now hurting heads and looked up with pain-filled eyes.

“Thank you. Now let’s get going.” With that she headed up the steps to the school and up to the steps that lead to the roof. Sasuke and Naruto were right on her trail carrying the spray paint.

(With everyone else.)

Hinata, Shino, and Kiba headed to the auditorium with the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, water, and balloons.

Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru went to the cafeteria and with the silly string.

Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro went to all the classrooms with the buckets, water, glue, tacks, chocolate pudding, and itching powder.

Neji, TenTen, and Lee headed to staff room and brought the i-Pod and i-Pod home that was scheduled to go off at a certain time. It was hidden. They brought the pudding mixed with glue, a net, and a lot of feathers. After that, they headed to the principles office with the same stuff.

Reed, April, and Riley went to all the lockers that were being used, bringing along whipped cream, pudding, spaghetti, apple sauce, and mashed potatoes.

Matsuri and Riki headed down to the boys and girls locker room while carrying the spray paint that stays on for days, water, and food coloring that stains.

Sai and Yuki headed to the kitchen and grabbed the bugs, food coloring, worms, itching powder, glue, and a mystery ingredient.

(With Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura)

They Headed up the three stories and made it up to the roof. They got onto the lift and started to lower the lift. When the got to the middle of the building. They started talking. Well, mostly Sakura and Naruto. Sasuke would either stay silent ot he would ‘hn’ or ‘aa’.

They took the longest of everyone. So when they were all finished the watched and made conversations. Shikamaru was leaning on Temari, asleep. She didn’t really seem to mind much. They were going out. Actually everyone was.

Sai and Yuki were back to back. Sai was drawing and Yuki was writing. Perfect couple.

Ino and Chouji were talking. They went out together when they got into a big fight. Chouji kept saying Ino cared too much about her looks and she kept saying that with all the grease he consumes he’ll end up in the hospital. He ended up losing a lot of weight. He was still chubby, but it was cute. She toned down on the make-up and hours she spent in the bathroom. He commented she looked beautiful like that and they started going out.

Neji and Tenten were making out. They just got into a fight one day and ended up kissing. All their friends just blinked twice and started talking about something else.

Sasuke and Sakura have been going out the longest. Since like sixth grade. And they were sophomores. Four years. Not counting the little ‘break-up’ when they got Naruto and Hinata together. They were just helping out their friends. Completely different than an actual break-up. No one knew how they started going out. Sakura wouldn’t even tell Ino how. They just said it was nothing. Odd…(A/N: I’m gonna keep you guessing for a little bit…heh heh…)

Gaara and Matsuri were just long time friends and started going out last year. She was a year younger though.

Everyone knows how Hinata and Naruto went out. Sasuke and Sakura helped them out. (A/N: Read ‘I Don’t Want To Be in Love.’)

Kiba and Riki meet last year at school. They just clicked.

Lee and Reed meet at their fighting classes and she beat his butt. That was all he needed to go and ask her out.

Kankuro and Riley meet through Matsuri. Her and Matsuri are cousins.

Shino and April meet in the weirdest place. The gardening club. But the weird place was when they were looking for bugs. Weird…

Well when it was seven o’clock, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura finally made it down to the front of the school. They all looked up to the front of the building. There, right in the center of the building was a message.


All around the message was a spiral design. It was colored as a rainbow. They all smiled, the consideration being Sasuke, Neji, and Gaara who just smirked and Shikamaru who looked bored.

By the time they double-checked everything it was seven-thirty. Which means school started in thirty minutes. They went down the street and washed their hands and got coffee and donuts. The worker glared at them and looked ready to yell but didn’t kick them out at least.

They were all talking about the pranks.

Naruto pulled Hinata aside and started talking about going out Saturday.

“Hey Hinata,” she looked up to his face and stopped laughing at something funny he said. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something.” He hesitated and didn’t say anything.

“What is it Naruto-kun?”

“Hinata I-”

“Hey dobe, we have to go. People should be in the courtyard by now.” Sasuke interrupted him and he slapped his forehead with his hand. He mumbled a ‘never mind’ and stalked off looking very pissed.

Hinata just looked confused, shook her head, and caught up to him and grabbed his hand. He looked down and she smiled warmly. He smiled back but it looked like he was thinking of something so it didn’t look right. She just shrugged it off.

They made it to school to see all the school population minus the teachers there. It was seven-fifty-five, so that meant the teachers would be there in five minutes.

Everyone looked their way when they heard the chains. They started to whisper and point and they just went to their regular spot. Under the shade of an old willow tree. It has been their spot since they could remember. It started with Sasuke and Naruto and then Sakura. Those three were the core of this group. They held it together. And that means in times like these. Were they are blamed again. Even though the kinda were to blame in this one. But either way, they always got away.

But there was always one problem.

“Sasuke-kun! Naruto-kun! Neji-kun! Blah, blah, blah!” all their names were called.

Fan-girls/boys. The true nightmare.

They just ignored them. Luckily, the glares and looks kept them away. That’s when the teachers came.

First it was the principle followed by every other staff member. They looked at the building then their eyes landed on the group. You could just see the accusation in their eyes.

They just sat their and started talking about a concert. The principle went up the steps and opened the doors.


It’s like they were waiting for something. Which no one was surprised by. They did something last year, but no one ever proved it. It happened in every school, and the minute they moved up a grade, it stopped.

Suspicion was needed. It wasn’t because of the looks.

The students filled in like nothing was happening but you could see the edge on everyone. They were keeping their guard up. To bad nothing that happened last year is going to happen this year. They all smirked when the last student went in.

They got up from the ground and headed inside.

First stop: Auditorium.

The Gang sat in a far off corner. Luckily no one sat with them. They all sat in the center area. There were three rows of chairs. Left, right, and center. They sat on the left, while the other students occupied the center and right. Some where on the bottom left. They were the lucky ones.

Tsunade, the principle, started talking. Giving a speech about school conduct, behavior, blah, blah, blah. The best was yet to come. The only reason the gang didn’t fall asleep. Even Shikamaru(A/N: APOCALYPSE!). Though he did sleep a little bit in the beginning(A/N: -mutters- never mind…).

“And so I conclude with…” she was cut off by a snapping sound. Because right before that, Kiba cut a unnoticeable string and every water balloon they had in the net fell on every student on the right side and center of the room. Also on the stage with every staff member and the principle. And when Sasuke pushed a button, chocolate sauce and whipped cream splattered Tsunade, the staff, and all the students in the first ten rows.

This was just the beginning.

After Tsunade yelled and cursed a bit, school actually started. The gang had classes together. Lucky all their classes were like college classes. You are probably wondering how the sophomores get classes with the juniors. Well, all the sophomore-in the group of course- took advanced classes. Which put them in junior classes. So it wall worked out.

The only class they didn’t all have together was their electives. Which were in the same period. Ironic.

The first class was homeroom.

Nothing. The students were spared.

Then all the students went to whatever class they had next. For the group it was biology with Kakashi. For once he was not late(A/N: APOCALYPSE!). Mostly because Tsunade pushed him in though(A/N: damn! Foiled again!).

But it made everything easier.

The group walked to the back. When the class was ordered to sit, they didn’t even know what was coming.

When the whole class sat there were screams. Some chairs had tacks, chocolate sauce, and water.

The students who didn’t scream got up, but it was too late. When they tried to get up the bottom of whatever was on the lower part of their bodies ripped. Some were lucky as others weren’t. Some had little openings while some had no bottom pants at all. What a shame.

The other part of the class just stared. They visually relaxed. Bad time to relax. In a matter of seconds they all started to itch. They couldn’t stop. Do i even have to say it. ITCHING POWDER!

When the teacher sat down he jumped right back up. There were tacks in his seat. Bad move standing up though. when he did, he landed on a string which caused two buckets to fall. Water and chocolate sauce. All over Kakashi.

He looked up to the only calm ones in the class.

Narutos’ group.

“Hmm…” Kakashi started. “Well look at that. you guys are the only one not you have an explanation?”

Sasuke spoke up. What he said made the group laugh and smirk.

“Yea, actually we do. We tend look before we sit.” As I said, they all laughed and smirked.

So the prank was pulled, right?


When the kids got to their lockers they either got splattered with mashed potatoes, spaghetti, apple sauce, pudding, or whipped cream.

In P.E they got sprayed with the spray paint that doesn’t come off for days. And when they were done with P.E, all their clothes were died in different colors. People walked around in pink shirts and yellow pants. All different colors.

When the teachers went into the staff room, a net was released and glue and feathers fell on them. They looked like chickens. The same thing happened for the Principle.

The best part was when the i-Pods would go off at random times and rack music would sound through the whole school. it came from the staff room and the principles office.

Then lunch came.

The students either sat down right away or went to get their lunch. The group just leaned against the wall by their table. When Naruto said he was hungry Sai grabbed his arm. He gave him a look that said don’t do that.

“Just out of curiosity,” Shikamaru said. “What did you put in the food?”

Sai and Yuki smiled sadistically. It made everyone want to shiver. Some of them did.

All that was heard next were squeals, screams and the sound of spiting out food.

“Well there was the itching powder, worms, bugs, glue, food coloring, thus explaing the weird colors and…” Yuki trailed off. She started at the people with their mouths open. Everyone’s jaw dropped. Peoples mouth were different colors. As in blue, green, pink, yellow, and some were even neon.

“The hell?!” Naruto shouted. He looked over to Sai and Yuki and they just looked smug.

“You guys don’t want to know.” this time everyone shuddered.

That wasn’t it though. Some student tripped over a wire and silly string and confetti went off. It covered everyone, even the gang. What was that going to hurt though?

Well it was finally the end of the day. Everyone was so thankful for this. But we didn’t want to have them leave without a farewell gift, now did we?

So in the middle of the last period the power went out and the fire alarm went off. The gang grabbed their stuff and followed the other students who had nothing with them.

The whole school was in the courtyard when it happened. The message on the front building had attachments to it. In a circle around it, streamers and confetti exploded and some fireworks went off around it. The whole school was in awe. It looked amazing. Even he staff was amazed by it. By the time everything was done, school had been done. The gang got to leave because they had all their stuff.

“I think we outdid ourselves on this one, ne?” Naruto asked as they all walked to his house. He lived alone in a mansion, but you’ll find that out later.

“Dobe,” Naruto was about to yell but Sasuke kept talking. “I have to agree with you.” He smirked and they hit knuckles. The whole group looked pleased. It was another Naruto/Sasuke brother moment. They haven’t seen that since Sasukes and Sakuras plan to get them together.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the neck and prceeded to give him a noogie while telling him something else.

“That was a good idea to put the attachments on the sign. You outdid yourself Naruto.” He said with a smirk. Naruto got out of his hold and they started to play fight. They were already at Narutos’ house. The rest went in and they stayed outside.

They fought for a while and then decided to rest in the grass.

“This years going to be good. I can feel it.” Naruto said out of nowhere.

“You may be right there Naruto. You may be right.” Sasuke said.

“I know I’m right.”

There was silence again.

“Hey Sasuke?”

Sakura called them in after a while saying they were going to watch a movie.

“This year is going to be perfect. What could go wrong?” Naruto asked Sasuke who just ‘hn’d in response.

Well, before you say how boring this is. I just put this chapter up to show how fun and smooth their lives are. Next chapter comes problems. You could say this is a filler chapter. I’m just showing how their lives go from good to bad to good to worse. Hence the title ‘Love and Life Are a Fickle Thing’. Please review and I will try to update soon.


Sasukes, Sakuras, and Gaaras head snapped in the direction of Naruto. They looked at him with fear and anticipation. They knew what this could do.

His eyes were wide. The eyes that were once filled with happiness and mischief were now filled with fear, and happiness. It’s like his mind wouldn’t pick an emotion.


“Naruto, can we talk?”

“I’m not going back, you can’t make me!” Naruto screamed into his face.

“I’m not here to take you and I’m not here to talk about that,” Naruto looked confused so he continued. “They found the guy Naruto, and they found the will.”

Narutos’ eyes went wide with fear and anger.

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