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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Ok guys. Here’s another oneshot lemon. Obviously, I lied to you guys again. I guess I’ll just try my best to upload each request every 2-3 weeks. For Whitefang16

Naruto & Tenten
Author: Buzz Of The Leaf


Naruto ran frantically towards a log standing towards, while his clone poofed away. He held his hand out and his jutsu hit smack dab in the middle of the log, leaving the log sliced in half on the ground. He panted heavily with sweatdrops running down his face.

Meanwhile in the distance.

Lee was doing push ups and whatnot, while Tenten was throwing her ninja tools at Neji.

She held up her scroll and threw it up in the air, unraveling as it goes up. She jumped and grabbed the end of the scroll and spun up. Ninja tools started flying towards Neji.

Neji closed his eyes and concentrated. He kicked his leg to one side picking up dust in the air. He started his rotation, deflecting all of Tenten’s tools. Neji stopped and saw tools all around him.

“We should stop for the day. We’ve been training for hours now. Let’s rest for a bit.” Neji stated.

After awhile, Tenten saw that her teammates were into a deep nap. She heard something and turned towards that direction. She started running and stopped and stared.

Naruto collapsed and opened his jacket and took off his black tee leaving him half naked. Tenten saw that Naruto had been training for awhile since he had sweat all over him. For some reason, this turned her on.

Naruto continued training.

“Kage bunshin no jutsu!”

Tenten gasped and continued staring at lots of half naked Narutos.

“We’re gonna fight to the death, so bring it on!” Naruto yelled at his clones.

From the view she had, it looked like a bunch of ants clumped up together. Lots of white smoke kept appearing, leaving two left. They both leaped towards each other and punched each other in the face making them fly and hit the ground. Naruto panted more heavily now, while his clone dispersed into smoke.

Naruto grabbed his water bottle and poured most of the water onto himself. This definitely turned Tenten on and she started rubbing through her pants to her womanhood. Naruto’s body was glistening and reflecting the sun off of him showing off his body even more.

Naruto suddenly heard something and threw a kunai in that direction. His kunai was deflected by another. Tenten jumped down and walked towards Naruto.

‘His body looks sooo hot right now,’ Tenten thought.

Naruto looked surprised as Tenten ran her finger around his shoulders. She pushed him onto the stump behind him and started licking his water-covered chest.

“Ugh…..Tenten……” Naruto moaned.

His wet hair started dripping water onto her brown hair. A tent started growing down there and Tenten noticed and started working down towards it, Naruto moaning and loving every second of it. She started unzipping his pants and he gasped as his hard member hit the rushing cold air. She started to lick his tip and underside making Naruto moan. She took the whole thing in and started bobbing her head in time with Naruto’s thrusts. Naruto leaned back and grabbed the stump with his claws.

‘Hey Naruto! Liking that BJ she’s giving ya!’

‘Oh… yes!...I mean… Shut up!’ He broke the connection with Kyuubi.

Tenten continued sucking his member. He gasped loudly and spurted out his seed into Tenten’s mouth. She licked it up around her mouth and got up. She started to undress. Naruto pumped while she did this and soon after they were both undressed. Tenten jumped onto Naruto and started a moist kiss. They both closed their eyes and battled with their tongues and explored every nook and cranny inside their mouths. Naruto soon broke the kiss and sat Tenten down on the stump. He started kissing and licking her neck, moving down to her exquisitely shaped breasts. He cupped her left while sucking on her right. He licked her nipple making it hard, and continued onto her left breast. While he was licking her breasts, he worked his fingers at her womanhood. He started thrusting in roughly making Tenten moan loudly. Naruto brought his head up and started a kiss again, muffling her moans as he thrusted his fingers in.

Soon, she spilled her juices onto Naruto’s fingers. He brought them up to his mouth and sucked on them. He positioned himself at her womanhood and decided to tease her. He rubbed his hard member against her clit continuously.

“Stop…..teasing…..Naruto!” Tenten moaned.

“Fine. If you want it that way.”

He shoved his member in, and inch at a time. His hair brought more water onto her body. He figured she was ready for it all, so he shoved it all the way. Tenten screamed lightly, but soon was muffled again by Naruto’s mouth, bringing them into a kiss again. He thrusted in hard and deep each time. She continued her muffled screams, and after a while…

“Here it comes!” Naruto yelled.

He spilled his seed into her and fell next to Tenten panting hard. Tenten got on top and pecked his lips.

“We should get ready before anyone sees us.” Tenten noted.

Little did they know that Neji and Lee were actually watching them with fully hard members.

That’s it. Hope you guys like it!


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