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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sakura's Discovery

Sakura's Discovery
Author: Rinkotsu

I guess this could count as the third installment of my series of funny stories. Sakura goes over to TenTen's shop/house and hears Naruto and TenTen discussing...something. I dunno. I think I went insane in my head worrying about the tornados (yes plural) that could/was plaguing the ATL.

Disclaimer: I have yet give you a reason to sue me lawyers...lets not give you one now.


Sakura pouted as she walked through the streets. While she was glad that Sasuke finally loosened up after pranking/torturing Naruto, he still denied her request for a date. He claimed that he had to prepare counter measures against Naruto if he ever decides to retaliate. Sighing, she decided to do something constructive for once and take Kakashi-sensei's advice and find something else to contribute to the team. While both Naruto and Sasuke were big ninjutsu users, Sasuke used taijutsu and Naruto used summoning arts. While she was learning how to be a medic, she could use some genjutsu and some taijutsu. But some how this wasn't enough. So she decided to learn kenjutsu. After walking around looking for a ninja shop, she found one.

“House of Blades? How...creepy...” She shook her head and entered. The shop seemed deserted as nobody was at the front counter, but she could hear voices in the next room. So being the nosy person she is, she quietly crept over the door and listened in.

“Oh wow Naruto its so big!”

She nearly fell over when she heard that. 'Wasn't that TenTen' she asked herself.

“I know right?” There goes Naruto. Her mind started to race as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on. To make matters worst, the only thing she could think was logical, her inner self supplied.


She decided to listen in more to figure it out.

“So how long is it?”

“About 9 to 10 inches, give or take. I haven't had it measured it yet.”

“How in the hell did it get so big?”

“Your asking me?”

“Well it is yours, isn't it?”

Sakura blushed heavily as she pictured what she was talking about. Its not possible, she told herself, but there was rare cases of men being that long. She idly wondered if her Sasuke was that long.

“Can I...”


“Can I touch it?”

“No way, it might go off if you do!”

“Its that sensitive?”

“Maybe I dunno, it has a mind of its own.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well sometimes when I pet it, it likes it, and wants more, but sometimes when others touch it, it goes off.”

“Well we won't know until we try.”

“Err...go ahead, but I warned you...”

There was a silence as Sakura heard something. It sound like rubbing, which made her blush more.

“Oh wow, its muscles tense up in my hand then relaxed. Is it suppose to do that?”

“I dunno, it never happened like that before.”

“Well...what are you to do with it?”

“Well I-” Sakura had heard enough as she passed out from blushing too much. Unfortunately she fell forward and opened the door causing panic.

“Sakura!?” TenTen exclaimed...then she saw the passed out girl. “Sakura!”

Sakura awoke a few moments later. She opened her eyes and saw the concern looks from Naruto and TenTen.

“Glad for you to join us in the world of the living, Sakura!” Naruto said jokingly.

“What happened? Where am I?”

“You passed out from the heat, I guess,” TenTen said. Then she frowned, “What were you doing anyways.”

“Um...I came over to find a weapon and I heard some talk-” Her eyes widen, “Ohmyfeakingodyoutwoweredoingit!” TenTen blinked, confused, but Naruto from dealing with Konohamaru heard what she said.

“We did not do the dirty deed, even thought I'd be the lucky one if she said we could,” Naruto said cheekily, causing TenTen to blush, “However we were talking about Mr. Snap.”

She blinked, “Whose Mr. Snap?”

“My Venus Fly Trap of course!” He pointed in the corner. She looked and saw the giant plant sitting in the corner...glaring at her.

“ come that plant is glaring at me?”

“Oh Mr. Snap is a Nin-Plant. I feed him some of my chakra and old kunai for food and he gains more human qualities. Thusly the muscles in his leaves.” To make the point, the plant flexed his muscles.

“Oh...” Sakura said, “Well let me get home, I'm sure my mom is getting worried.”

“Okay. See ya Sakura!” Sakura left the room, and went home. TenTen looked at Naruto. Naruto looked at TenTen.

“Wanna do it?” She asked bluntly.


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