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Monday, February 16, 2009

Naruto: The Broken Bond (Xbox 360)

Russian version (the text).

Naruto: The Broken Bond - the continuation of a very exciting game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. If the first part was basically an attempt to build an interactive retelling of several dozen anime series Naruto, the latter has become more independent project, which was non-linearity, first-person view, the opportunity to travel with the team. His �colleagues� can now be directly invited to the arena and work together to mutuzit enemies. The fighting became even more fantastic with lots of special effects and absolutely insane bosses. Of course, the main charm of this project (like its predecessor) is simply gorgeous graphics.

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Part 1

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Part 1

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Naruto: The Setting Dawn 2.3

NTSD uses a 3 button fighting system. The 3 buttons are:

By pressing the Attack button, you do a normal punch, by pressing Attack more than once, you perform some combo. It is possible to Attack while running and jumping. When you are standing on (by) a weapon or another object, you can pick it up, by simply pressing the Attack button. With the Jump button you can jump... this is useful to evade attacks and for some characters it's a way to move faster. The Defend button is used to block punches and attacks to minimize their damage.

Now to perform special attacks, you need to press these 3 buttons, combinated with the moving buttons in the right order. You can look up this combinations for each character here. You also need enough chakra, else it won't work. Chakra regenerates by itself. The speed of the regeneration is individual by each character. To speed up the regeneration, you can charge chakra by pressing the buttons shown below.

There are some moves, that every character can (will be able to) perform:
Chakra Charge- Defend, Jump, Attack (to regain chakra)
Quick Recovery- When hit into air, press Jump
Replacement Jutsu-Press Jump when Hit

For the entire move list visit:

This site

To Download this game just click here

Naruto Battle Arena M.U.G.E.N

This is the first Naruto Battle Arena Mugen

For Download just click here



NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 (PAL)(Wii)

Genre: Fighting

Developer: Tomy Corporation
Publisher: Tomy Corporation
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Region: PAL
Released: 02.2009
Continuation of the first part of the game Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

Database of the game short, but just know that there will be play 2 on 2, ie 2 players play against 2 players will be new characters in the first part of them were 25 and 35 in the new-new storyline. (In the first part of небыло Jeju and Kiby, and in that they have one)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: Phantom Fortress (PSP Game)

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: Phantom Fortress was released in North America on June 24, 2008 and was released in Europe on July 8, 2008. In this Naruto game, you can equip skills and items to four characters of your choice. This release is the full non-modified version of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, and contains the three characters that were removed, which includes The Third Hokage, Shizune and Kabuto. Both removed stages and the game’s Story Mode are now present as well. Additionally, movesets have been updated. Gamers can also select the characters to use Japanese or English voices. Jiraiya and Naruto can use Rasengan, Kakashi can use lightning blade and Sasuke can use Chidori without the use of a secret technique.

While some characters retain their old techniques, others, such as Neji, have theirs upgraded. The game contains an original storyline involving moving up a haunted castle in the sky to the 99th floor. Each floor has several “blank” rooms where the users place randomly generated scrolls to determine the type of action that will take place in the room. The scrolls include Battle (a player vs. CPU fight) and five mini game scrolls: Tree Climbing (Naruto dashes up a tree and dodges broken branches), Shadow Possession (style button pressing), Amusement (slot machines), Riddle (answer Naruto trivia) and Clone (the shell game where you try to follow the real clone). Non-blank rooms include Treasure Rooms, Healing Rooms and Drama rooms (where the story progresses and cut scenes take place). Other game modes include Vs. CPU and a wireless battle mode where you can fight against a friend using only one UMD (but two PSPs).

This Game have 18 part of download.... you must download all the part of this game and then unzip all the part after that you can install to your computer....


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