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Sunday, May 4, 2008


A/N: Yay first contest winner fiction!

Warning: Yaoi (SasuNaru)!!! And there is also a small amount of KakaSaku. You have been warned.

Dedicated to: BlackVampire14 (contest winner!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of it’s characters (unfortunately).

And I don’t own the song “Missundaztood” by Pink.

italics - flashback
‘italics’ - Sasuke/Naruto “talking” to Inner Sasuke/Naruto
‘bold’ - Inner Sasuke/Naruto


By: Rikotsu-sama

Sasuke’s P.O.V.

Whispering. Oh, how I hate the whispering. It’s all so annoying. I know
they’re talking about me, about what I said. How could they think I was lying?
Why do they still follow me? Stalk me?

I might be the way
Everybody likes to say
I know watcha thinking about me
There might be a day
You might have a certain way
But you don't have my luxuries
And it's me I know
I know my name 'cause I say it proud
Everything I want I always do

Here’s what happened:
“Oh, please Sasuke-kun! Be my valentine!” One girl pleaded, whilst shoving
a frilly card in my face.
“No! Sasuke-kun will be my valentine, right Sasuke-kun?” A blonde decided.
“Oh shut up Megumi! You don’t know anything!” The first insisted. This was
just the beginning of a huge cat fight. I just walked away.
A few girls that were not involved in the cat fight followed me. They were
the shy ones, but I could see the small cards held in their hands.
“So, why is it, Sasuke,” A voice from a low branch of a nearby tree coaxed,
“that you never accept any of the wonderfully sweet gifts and cards these
girls poured their hearts into for you?” The voice was male.
“They’re all annoying,” I replied.
“Tisk, tisk, tisk Sasuke. Stop lying.” It was Kakashi.
“Tell me, Sasuke. Why is it that you never seem to be on the right track with
girls?” Kakashi continued his interrogation. This wasn’t going to work. No
way was I going to tell him the real reason that I reject all those girls.

Lookin' for the right track
Always on the wrong track
But are you catchin' all these tracks
That I'm layin' down for you

“What business is it of yours, Kakashi?” I growled at him.
“None, but I think your fangirls may like to know.”
“Then I have no business here.” I began to leave.
“Ah, I see. Is it that you’re gay?” I froze. My heart skipped a beat. I turned
to glare at the man that had supposed such a preposterous idea.
“Bull’s eye.” Kakashi chuckled, giving me a look that said
“I am not gay,” it seemed like I was growling a lot.
“Uh huh and I’m not your sensei.”
“You’re not. It’s been three years since you were my sensei, Kakashi.”
“Oh, so it has. Bad example. You get my point though. You’re gay, and
there’s no denying it.”
“Oh really? What proof do you have of this?” I pointed out.
“None, but the look in your eye right now and those few fangirls that happened
to be following you moments ago are proof enough now.”

There's a song I was listening to
Up all night
There's a voice I'm hearing
Saying it's alright
When I'm happy I am sad
But everything's good
It's not that complicated
I'm just misunderstood

I turned to see three horrified fangirls giving me this look (lots of looks today)
that said ‘Sasukekunhowcouldyoubegay?’ That’s all the proof I needed
to know that my secret was out. Damn.
I wanted to run away. Just hide from the world. Now that that secret is out,
the girls won’t adore me anymore. Like I care, one less annoyance, but...
‘But what?’ demanded inner Sasuke.
‘I don’t know! Get out of my head!’
‘It’s because he will soon find out you’re gay, huh?’
‘No! Of course not! Why would I care if he knew I was gay? He doesn’t matter
to me in the least.’
‘You want him.’
‘You need him.’
There might be a day
Everything it goes my way
Can't you think I know I'm superfly
I might see a world
In a world inside of you
Then I might just say goodbye
And it's my name I know
I say it loud 'cause I'm really proud
Of all the things I used to do

Naruto’s P.O.V.
It’s been a week since I heard that Sasuke was gay from Sakura. She was
weeping all over about how now she never had a chance to be with her beloved
Sasuke. I still don’t understand why women get so emotional.
We’re out having a Genin team “reunions” as Sakura-chan likes to call them
since we’re all over twenty now and Kakashi-sensei technically isn’t our sensei
anymore. They’re just when Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Sasuke and
me all go to one of our apartments or houses for a game of cards and dinner.
Then the guests usually stay the night.
Tonight we’re at my house and Kakashi is dealing Blackjack. Sakura-chan
wants to play Truth or Dare after this. We agreed. What a stupid thing to
agree to. The whole Sasuke’s gay thing is still nagging at the edges of my
mind like a mouse on a fresh block of cheese.
‘Why do you care if Sasuke-baka’s gay or not?’
‘I don’t. I just...’
‘You just what?’
‘Want to know... I guess...’
‘You like him.’
‘You want him. It’s so obvious.’
‘Ha! Knew it.’
‘If you want to know so badly, why don’t you just plain out ask him
if he’s gay?’

Well it's the wrong track
Looking for the right track
And are you catchin' all these tracks
That I'm layin' down for you

“Ha! Blackjack!” Sakura shouted, flipping over her card to reveal an ace. Her
other card was a ten.
“Baka...” I muttered.
“Come to mama, cookies!” Yes, we were betting with chocolate chip cookies.
Very good homemade chocolate chip cookies, if I do say so myself. I just
made them that night.
“Hmph.” Sasuke grunted.
“Ah, well you win again, Sakura.” Kakashi-sensei sighed, sweatdropping.
“Truth or dare time!” Sakura announced, pushing back her chair and defiantly
standing up.
We all groaned and sighed. “Oh, c’mon guys! It’ll be fun!” Sakura insisted.
“Sakura, how much have you had to drink?” Kakashi asked, giving her a
strange look.
“Uh...” She shoved a bottle of sake off the table. “Not much... hick!” Sakura
then stumbled over to the couch and sat down.
Sakura-chan has been getting drunk a lot since she found out that Sasuke’s
gay. I guess that’s her way of dealing with the pain. Pretty stupid, even by
my low standards.
“Fine, let’s just get this over with.” Sasuke growled, following sakura and sitting
down at the other end of the couch.
Kakashi and I followed both sitting in large arm chairs around the coffee table.
Sakura apparently had kept the sake bottle, so she was going to use it
for Truth or Dare. Sakura spun first and it landed on me. Joy.

There's a song I was listening to
Up all night
There's a voice I'm hearing
Saying it's alright
When I'm happy I am sad
But everything's good
It's not that complicated
I'm just misunderstood

“Truth or Dare, Naruto?” Sakura asked me.
“Truth.” I answered.
“So... Naruto... What girls do you fancy?” Sakura said quizzically.
“You of course, Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan. But all of you already knew
both of those.”
Sakura sighed, defeated.
Sasuke’s turn to spin. He spun Kakashi. “Truth or dare...?” Sasuke groaned.
“Dare.” Kakashi answered.
“Fine... I dare you to... Drink all of Naruto’s sake.” Sasuke answered lamely.
“Fine.” Kakashi guessed, running off to get all my sake. My poor, poor sake.
He came back after only a few seconds with seven bottles of sake in hand.
Noooo! My sake! Noooo! He gulped down the liquid rapidly. We were all staring
at him. How could he drink all that alcohol that fast?!
“There!” He said, defiantly, swaying in his seat a little and hiccuping once in
a while. Fantastic, now half of us are drunk.

There's a song I was listening to
Up all night
There's a voice I'm hearing
Saying it's alright
When I'm happy I am sad
But everything's good
It's not that complicated
I'm just misunderstood

Kakashi-sensei’s turn to spin. Turning, turning, turning. Spinning, spinning,
spinning. That bottle was starting to make me feel sick to my stomach. Finally
the sake bottle stopped and it was pointing at Sakura.
“T-truth or dare?” Kakashi mumbled.
“Dare... hick!” Sakura replied.
What an interesting conversation between two drunken jounin. Very interesting
indeed. Their words were slurred and mouths hanging open slightly. I
just hope they aren’t going to throw up all over my carpet.
“Okay, I dare you to...” A pause. “kiss me.”
“Ex- hick! Excuse me?”
“You were the one who- hick! Wanted to play this- hick! Game in the- hick!
First place!”
“Fine. Hick!” Sakura finally agreed as she stepped over the coffee table,
which was hard in her mini tight mini skirt, and kissed Kakashi lightly on the
Sasuke and I just looked at them. Disgusting, the both of them. After one
kiss Kakashi pulled her close and even though it’s been a few minutes Sakura
hasn’t gone back to her spot. They’ve been making out. Very disturbing
if you ask me.
My turn to spin. I spun, and was once again beginning to feel sick because of
all it’s rotations. When it stopped it was pointing towards the only other sane
person in the room. Sasuke.
“Truth or dare?” I asked wearily. It was nearing three A.M. and I have work
tomorrow! Great.

Lookin’ for the right track
Always on the wrong track
But are you catchin' all these tracks
That I'm layin' down for you
There's a song I was listening to
Up all night
There's a voice I am hearing
Saying it's alright

Sasuke’s P.O.V.

“Truth.” I answered.
“Okay... Uh...” Naruto began.
I know what he’s going to ask me. I never thought I would ever have to say
it to his face. Not him, anyone but him.
“Sasuke, are you really gay?”
It was sticks and stones, breaking my bones, knives cutting up my heart,
strings being tied around my voice box to me.
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I licked my lips and finally
was able to grumble, “Yes...” in a very small voice.
His eyes looked like a ocean of surprise with a single pool of happiness.
“Mmm!” Came a muffled voice from the now tipped over chair where Kakashi
and Sakura are making out. I’m never going to look at them the same, especially
seeing them now.
‘Just go!’
‘And what would I do?’
‘Kiss him of course!’
‘What if I mess everything up?’
‘Now you sound like a girl, worrying about petty details.’
‘No buts!’

I was taken for granted
But it's all good
'Cause I'll do it again I'm just misunderstood
eah, I'll do it again I'm just misunderstood
Yeah, I'll do it again I'm just misunderstood
Yeah, I'll do it again I'm just misunderstood

Before I knew what I was doing I was in a lip lock with Naruto. He didn’t
seem to mind what I was doing, since he didn’t struggle. I couldn’t stop. His
lips were moist and tasted of ramen, sake, and a tiny hint of ginger. Delicious,
now only if I could get him to eat tomatoes.

Naruto’s P.O.V.

He... He’s kissing me! Every part of me wants to shove him away, but my
body won’t listen. I would blame hormones, but I’m not a teenager anymore.
His lips were soft and tasted of tomatoes and cinnamon. What does
he eat anyway? I’d like to know.
I’d like to know everything about him. Everything.
I realize now. He was just misunderstood.

o0 Fin 0o

A/N: Hah. Hope you liked it, BlackVampire14! Just a lil’ oneshot I whipped up, but it was entertaining. And I made it nice and long with out any trouble. I seem to be getting better at that. -Riri P.S. Please review! Reviews make Riri happy!

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