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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hazy Chapter 2

Eh... DX sorry!! I got so caught up in the last school year and stuff that I’ve been neglecting my fanfiction... badly.... I finally got my Wii, the Halo 3 beta happened, and I got completely obsessed with video games again... But you guys really don’t care about my boring life... So, here’s the next addition to

Hazy: Chapter 1 - Information.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, or any of its characters.

WARNING(S): Fluff, insanity, language, mild violence.

[PAIRING(S)]: {NaruSaku} -- Don’t like it? DONT READ IT.

By: Rikotsu-sama
o0 Chapter 1 - Information 0o

“What?! Do you love someone else? Who is he?!” Sasuke demanded, grabbing
Sakura’s arms roughly.

“Yes, and I’m not going to tell you.” Sakura answered, staring into now blazing
onyx orbs.

“Tell me, Sakura! I have the right to know!”

“It’s none of your business, Sasuke!” Sakura screamed, wrenching herself
out of Sasuke’s grip, “Now leave me alone!” She ran. As fast as she could,
back to where she felt welcome, back to the someone she knew she could


Blood-lust engulfing his eyes, Sasuke watched the cherryblossom med-nin
disappear in less than an instant. As the dusty trail settled, the Uchiha
turned and was swallowed up by his house once more. Ignoring the steaming
kettle on the stove and the T.V. he had left on in the living room, the raven
scurried up the stairs and to his room.


He could not see the floor through the rubble, the crushed picture frames
and the ripped clothing. All mementos of their relationship had been disposed
of. What was he to do now? Cry? Scream? No. None of those fit
him at all. There was only one thing that the Uchiha needed to know now.
“Who is he?”


Naruto heard his front door open and slam loudly. The next thing the blonde
knew, he was pounced on and his shirt was quickly becoming damp, along
with long, painful sobs. His arms quickly circled around the girl’s lithe waist,
and he was whispering “Shhh...” and “It’s okay...” in her ear.

When the majority of the sobs and tears had stopped, Naruto lifted Sakura’s
chin up so she was facing him. Her cheeks tear-stained and eyes blood-shot,
Sakura was a mess. “What’s wrong, Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked tentatively,
Sakura had said something about telling Sasuke about... them today.

It took a few minutes for the pink-haired girl to reply. Her words stifled by
sobs, she managed to say, ‘I told Sasuke, and now he’s mad at me’; or
something to that affect. He patted her on the back, and stroked her cherryblossom
hair in an attempt to calm her down. He failed, only succeeding to
calm her down a fraction. She continued to sob in his arms for well over
twenty minutes, all the while, Naruto was trying to think of ways to make
her stop crying. Any man who could make her cry this much must mean a
lot to her... Maybe even more than he meant to her.

‘I have to do something about this,’ Naruto thought to himself, ‘I have to
talk to Sasuke and find out what happened. I know its a risk, but its one I
have to take, for Sakura’s sake.’ Seeing her sobbing in his arms was heartbreaking.

As soon as her sobs slowed, so did her breathing. Naruto held onto her until
he was sure Sakura was fast asleep. He carried her to his bed and softly
placed her there, head on one of his many velvety pillows. Hopefully she
would not wake until he returned.

The blonde ninja slipped out of his home silently, so as not to wake Sakura.
It was still mid-day, and in the middle of the shopping rush. Women and
children bustled through the streets in search of good deals on whatever
supplies were needed for that night’s dinner. Naruto wove his way through
the crowds and finally ended up at the entrance to the Uchiha section of

Walking through the already-open double doors, Naruto wondered in the
back of his mind if Sakura was the one who left those doors open. Sasuke
was not one to neglect the order of his home, or the entire Uchiha district.

He continued on without another thought on the matter, for it was not of importance
at the moment. He walked through many of the still blood-stained
alleys and streets leading to Sasuke’s house. Luckily, the bodies of his dead
family had been cleaned up and buried on the other side of the district. Each
with their own marked grave.

The last few remaining petals from the cherryblossom trees still fleeted
across the ground as Naruto knocked on Sasuke’s front door. The door
quickly flung open to a broken Sasuke. His arms and legs were scratched, no
doubt self-inflicted after Sakura’s announcement. His eyes were blood-shot,
and his hair was messier than usual. All of these aspects about the ravenhaired
boy were very unusual. He must’ve taken the news badly. Very, very badly.

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts when Sasuke snarled, “What do you
want, dobe?!”

“I was just wondering what was up with Sakura,” Naruto replied, “She came
running to me crying about half an hour ago, said something about telling
you something and you being mad at her. Did you say something mean to
her?” He thought it best to act as though he wasn’t the guy Sasuke had lost
Sakura to. As much as Naruto wanted to flaunt it in his rival’s face, Sasuke
was also his best friend, and that could ruin their friendship for a very long
time, if not forever.

“Why would she go to you?! I would’ve thought she would’ve gone to her
new boyfriend for comfort,” Sasuke growled.

“What?” Naruto choked, “Sakura got a new boyfriend?! Since when?” Naruto
was surprised at his own acting ability as a look of pure shock covered his

“How the hell would I know? She just came up to me saying the ‘I think it’s
better if we don’t see each other anymore’ crap and that she was in love
with someone else. I guess I must’ve blown up at her when I heard that she
preferred another guy over me.” Sasuke’s eyes saddened as he went on. Naruto
never knew that Sasuke ever had anyone mean that much to him.

“Well you must still mean a lot to her,” —Sasuke looked up in Naruto’s cerulean
eyes as those words passed his friends lips and caressed his own ears
with gentle comfort— “because she was crying for at least twenty minutes
about it. Maybe you still have a chance against whomever she chose over
you; maybe she chose him over you since you were so over-protective and
controlling about your guys’ relationship...”


Sakura awoke near two hours later. ‘That confession must’ve taken more
outta me than I thought.’ Sakura thought to herself, looking at the clock. It
read 5:37 PM. She sat up, feeling the soft satin sheets beneath her she
looked around, trinkets and pictures were scattered around the room messily,
even though she knew that that was only the case in here eyes. Naruto
kept his souvenirs from their many missions and pictures with his friends in
order almost obsessively, each had its own spot and angle, although to an
untrained eye it just looked like random piles of junk. His past with friends
was very precious to Naruto considering his childhood. She giggled as she
found the original picture of Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke, Naruto, and herself
when they had just started Team 7. As she started reminiscing about the
days when she only had eyes for Sasuke and another man was out of the
question, she glanced at the doorway to see a blonde man leaning on the
doorway looking at her mischievously, only to look back at the photograph in
her hands. She took a double take and her gaze rested the blonde man’s sky
eyes. She smiled back at him as she set the picture back down on the
slightly dusty table.

She ran up to the man clothed in orange and black with the sun-drenched
hair, smoothly kissing him on the cheek and hugging him tightly and lovingly.
“Heeeeey! I was wondering where you were, Naruto-kun!” Sakura
greeted, holding out the ‘e’ on ‘hey’ for emphasis.

Naruto smiled down as his new girlfriend hugged him, snuggling her head
into the crook of his neck. “Have you now?” He replied in an almost teasing

As Sakura leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips, the memories of his
own words, whether they were fake or real, towards Sasuke came flooding
back again and again...

“Maybe you still have a chance against whomever
she chose over you...”

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