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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Music Is Love: The Sasuke x Hinata Playlist

Author: raesigns

A/N: I saw a Song Mix drabble series for Soul Eater, so I thought it'd be fun to do this. Basically, you choose a pairing from whatever fandom you like, open up your music player, put it on random and write a small drabble for the first ten songs you hear. You only have the length of the song to write.

Keep in mind I cheated a little bit. x3; Don't we all, though? And I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes and OCC-ness. I was racing the clock. Literally. xD; Also, be advised there's a tiny lemon in there. It's not explicitly graphic, though. xD Don't worry.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor do I own the songs included here.

1.] "Victims Of Love" by Good Charlotte

"S...Sasuke?" her whisper came out raspy and forced. Her eyes strained to see the figure towering over her; it was blurry, but she couldn't mistake the Sharingan eyes that glared down at her.

"Idiot. I warned you that you'd get hurt," Sasuke knelt down by her side and placed a hand on her arm. "Can you move?"

"I...think so," she moved to sit up, but winced when her stomach lurched in pain. Agony painted her delicate features. Sasuke couldn't stand that pitiful sight. It happened again. He didn't protect her and now she was hurt.

It happened again...

2.] "Tongue Tied" by Faber Drive

Sasuke peeked shyly from beneath his blue-black bangs to Hinata, who sat across from him. He fought back a blush, mentally berating himself that Uchiha men do not blush. But when Hinata noticed his gaze on her, she smiled at him. He was rendered speechless for a moment.

"H-Hi, Sasuke," Hinata whispered softly and then she returned to her studies. Sasuke was tongue-tied, embarrassed and he was blushing. Damn it. His brother wouldn't let him live this down.

3.] "Teardrop" by Massive Attack (WARNING: Lemon! Skip if you don't like lemons.)

A harsh gasp escaped Hinata's lips. Why did she let him do this to her again? She tried so hard not to be tempted by his alluring eyes, but she fell into his trap anyway, like an oblivious rabbit.

"D-don't...Sasu--" she bit back a moan as he sunk into her again, his Sharingan eyes clouded over with a mixture of emotions. Through the haze, she tried to decode them. How did he feel about her right now? Did he love her?

Before she could find the answer, she was taken over by an incredible high. All of her thoughts vanished. She couldn't catch her breath. She was clinging to Sasuke's shoulders like it was a lifeline. She didn't notice when she rasped out his name. When she fluttered back down from the high, she felt so tired.

Sasuke smirked at this, "Exhausted already?"

Hinata looked away, embarrassed by his teasing. Mistake number one. Sasuke's lips suddenly ravished her neck. Her hands automatically went to his head, fingers whispering through his blue-black hair. In the midst of their love-making, Hinata realized one thing.

Love was a verb.

And that proved Sasuke loved her very, VERY much.

4. "Coming Out Strong" by Ana Johnnson

"Wait, Sasuke!" Hinata cried out, her eyes wide with shock. His Sharingan eyes locked with her Byakugan eyes for only a moment. Sasuke's expression hardened; he didn't look too pleased to see her. Hinata wasn't bothered by this. All that mattered was that he was here.

He was here right in front of her, so close but far away.

Hinata panicked when he turned away and upon instinct, she ran after him. Hinata reminded herself that she'd find Sakura and the others later. Right now, her main prioirity was catching Sasuke.

She would take him to a lighter place than where he'd been. And they'd come out stronger than before. She'd make sure of this.

5. "Sweet And Low" by Augustana

Sasuke was surpised and unhappy to see Hinata. She should be with her group, not here where it's dangerous. There was no telling when the enemy would strike. He turned away, intent on leaving her; he hoped that she'd have the common sense to ignore him and return to her squad.

His hopes were dashed. He could feel Hinata's presence closing up behind him. Sasuke's eyes narrowed. That idiot...that clueless, little idiot. Was his life worth the risk? He didn't want her to get hurt. But here she was, chasing him.

'If the worst should happen,' his glanced over his shoulder, knowing Hinata would be able to see him with the Byakugan, and mouthed, "I'll carry you home."

6. "All Around Me" by Flyleaf

Hinata hands reached out to touch Kiba, only to meet with thin air. She could barely see anything in this dense smog; not even the Byakugan could see through it. She was at an extreme disadvantage. The enemy, Sasuke Uchiha, decided to ambush Hinata and her team. It all happened so fast, Hinata couldn't put together exactly what events transpired after the ambush.

All she knew that she was within a dense, purple-colored smog she couldn't see through. Her hands started to shake like leaves. Sasuke was somewhere around here, stalking her like a snake preying on a mouse.

Hinata felt a feather-light touch near her neck. Her hand reached out to rub it. What was that? And this feeling? She could feel Sasuke's presence all around her. It was suddenly hard to breathe in this thick air. She turned around and saw red.

The red eyes of the Sharingan.

7. "Memory" by Sugarcult

Sasuke knew this realationship would fall apart before anything could happen. However, Sasuke couldn't bring himself to break things off with the shy, yet strong-willed Hinata. He already fell in too deep and he knew she had, too. It was tearing up his heart. She deserved so much better. Even that blonde-haired idiot.

"Sasuke?" he heard her voice. He turned around and saw her walking up to him, all gussied up for their date. "Are y-you ready?"


Hinata reached out to take his hand, her fingers interlacing with his. Sasuke knew this moment would forever be etched into his memory.

8. "Already Over" by Red

Sasuke couldn't believe he fell so hard for her. He hated himself for that and most of all, he hated her for making him feel this way. Her presence never left him, to the point where it was suffocating him. Yet, he couldn't run away. He was in love with her.

His hands balled into tight fists. He was so in love with Hinata Hyuuga. He didn't know how or why this happened to him of all people. He wasn't sure if Hinata knew of his feelings for her. No, she probably didn't. She was still hung up over Naruto, who remained clueless of her love for him to this day. What an IDIOT.

He would break Hinata's heart someday...and when that happened, Sasuke would make sure to be there for her. He'd give it all to her. He'd pick up the broken pieces of her heart and put them back together. All because he loved her. When he was done, he'd say to her,

"Your 'relationship' with Naruto was already over."

9. "When It Rains" by Paramore

Dark clouds rolled over the blue, peaceful sky. Thunder rumbled softly, announcing everyone below that rain would soon pelt the earth. Hinata had a different interpetation of rain. When it rains, it meant the sky was crying.

It also gave Hinata an excuse to shed tears. The rain would veil her tears while she poured her heart out to Sasuke. The rain didn't stop when she clung to him. It showed no indication of letting up, even when Sasuke's lips captured hers. The rain only stopped when Hinata's tears ran dry.

10. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

Sasuke could hear Hinata's lovely voice in his dreams, singing to him. He didn't know why his mind projected such an image, but at the moment, he didn't mind it. Her voice was soothing to him.

"Everytime we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss," he felt her soft fingers touch his face, lips nearing his. She closed the distance for a couple moments and then leaned away, "I'll wait for you, I promise you, I will..."

The music, not something he was used to hearing, was gentle. Nostalgia hit him hard, making his heart feel heavy.

"I'm lucky we're in love in every way, lucky to have stayed where we have stayed" Sasuke felt his lips moving. Was he singing along? How idiotic. Uchiha men don't sing. But this a dream. No one would know. Right? Besides, it made him feel...dare he say it?

"Lucky to be coming home someday..."


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