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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NaruHina (1)

Language: English

Hinata and Naruto were fighting Sasuke (don't ask me why...).
But they were both pretty beaten up already. Hinata fell on her knees because she was tired because of the pain.
"Hinata! Let me help y-" but Naruto was cut off by Hinata. "No Naruto... I won't give it up. Just like what you never do. Please, believe in me! Then I'll be fine!" Hinata said.
Suddenly, Sasuke threw kunais to Naruto but Naruto didn't see that.
Hinata jumped in front of Naruto and took all of the damage and was about to fall on the ground when Naruto catched her.
"Hinata... Why did you do that!?" Naruto said a bit angry, not too angry.
Hinata coughed blood and smiled a little to Naruto, then started to talk: "It's because.. I... love.. you...." then she closed her eyes. Naruto's eyes grow wide and filled with tears. "Hinata... Damn it..." he whispered to himself. "I SWEAR THAT I WILL AVENGE YOU, HINATA!!!" Naruto screamed while the tears were rolling down his cheeks.
Sasuke started to laugh.
"You moron. True mens don't cry and-"
"Shut up!" Naruto interrupted (spelled good?) Sasuke. "You don't know what love means! And you will never understand!".
Sasuke got angry and shouted back:
"IDIOT! You're the one who doesn't understand it! I did have a family... We lived really happy, until the day my brother killed my clan..." he whispered the last words so Naruto could barely hear it.
"You're right. I don't understand how it is to have a family. But now... I have someone I love. And I will protect her until the day comes that we'll die together!" Naruto shouted.
Red chakra started to come out of Naruto's body.
"This isn't good..." Sasuke muttered to himself.

Did you like it?
Part 2 will come out sooner or later or veeeeeeeeeeery later... Just kidding. It will come out VERY soon. XD

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