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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Help Me Find My Light (A NaruHina one shot)

Language: English

Why does this always happen? Every time Im near him...I loose myself...
Its been really cold lately, which is weird since were next to a desert. I dont mind it much, but apparently the two girls i'm talking to do.
"Arghhh, this chill is killing me!" Ino whined, hugging herself.
"*sigh* If I was in Sasukes arms I wouldnt be this cold." Sakura gushed, getting starry-eyed.
"You go ahead and dream Billboard-Brow." Ino retorted.
I sighed quietly, not wanting them to think I was annoyed at their fighting, even though I was. I guess- scratch that- I know I should speak my mind more, but I just cant for some reason. Im not even really sure how I ended up walking to the ramen shop with Ino and Sakura.

When we arrived, the heat of the little shop allowed us to shed our winter jackets, and attempt to warm up. Apparently we werent the only ones who were trying to get cozy. There were only a few seats left, so we hurried over, and grabbed a seat. We ordered our ramen, and while we waited I heard the chair next to me move as someone took a seat.
"Whew! It feels great in here old man! Ill take a pork ramen please!"
I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see the boy I had liked for years, Naruto Uzumaki.

Ino nudged Sakura, and they both snickered seeing me next to him. I knew my face was turning red, and to make matters worse, he looked over at me with a confused face.
"Are you getting sick Hinata? Your face is turning red."
I thought I would melt if I stared into those crystal blue eyes any longer, so I looked away, and felt my face warm up even more. Sakura shook her head, and looked at Ino, who sighed. A lot of people know about my feelings for Naruto, but no matter what I do, I dont think he notices me at all.

"I-Im fine, t-thank y-you, N-Naruto-kun." I stammered, never taking my eyes off my ramen bowl.
Uhhh, okay then. He grinned, rubbing the back of his head.

~After Lunch~

We were walking to the mall now, and on the way, Ino looked at me questioningly.
"Why do you like that baka Hina-Chan?"
I could feel my face burning up again.
"Because," Sakura began, "Its been years since you first started liking Naruto, and pretty much everyones realized it but him. We just want to help~"
"OI! Hinata, wait!"
I turned around to see said-baka running down the street down the streets to me.
"Naruto?" I blushed, wondering what he wanted.
He stopped in front of me and put his hands on his knees, breathing heavy, "H-hang o-on!" he gasped, holding up a finger.
"Naruto, you realize you just ran like four miles right?" Sakura pointed out.
"Y-yeah b-but I had t-to give Hinata...this!" he wheezed, holding up my purple pen
"You d-dropped it at the r-ramen shop."
"You ran four miles to give her a pen?!" Sakura asked, holding her head in her hands.
"I think its cute." Ino whispered to her.
"You d-didnt have t-to do that N-naruto-Kun." I insisted, feeling my face cool down.
"Yeah but, you always said that this was your favorite pen." He replied, his breathing back to normal.
"You r-remember that?"
"Of course I do, I always listen to you, why wouldnt I?"
"Arigato Naruto-Kun" I smiled.
He grinned back, "Well, I gotta go, Ill talk to you later Hinata!"
He ran back off in the direction of the ramen shop, waving back at me.
At that moment, the sun came out from behind the clouds, warming us upbut I didnt care. The only sunlight I need has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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