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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Simple Mistake

Language: English

Hinata walked down the streets of Kohana happy to be out of the house. She was tired of being a disappointment and always felt better when she was out. She heard a loud shout from a head of her. She looked up in horror to find Naruto and Sasuke on top of one another K-kissing?!?! She took a step back.


Then she turned around and headed for the forest crying.


She heard a voice from behind her, but she kept running.


Shouted Naruto trying to get his feet untangled from the mess of rope that caused him to trip and land on Sasuke.

"GET OFF OF ME IDIOT!" growled Sasuke.

This was the second time he had been violated by this...this retarded piece of monkey crap and he wasnt going to let him sit on top of him and try to untangle the rope he tripped on.

"DAMN IT SASUKE!" yelled Naruto pointing an accusing finger at him "NOW HINATA THINKS I'M GAY!"


Naruto just ruined it. he was planning to ask Sakura on a date ,but now Naruto had made the mistake of being clumsy today.

"Damn it Naruto." Muttered Sasuke who ran off to find Sakura.

Naruto however was still hopelessly tangled in the mess of rope he looked in the direction Hinata had ran his eyes filled with sadness.

Kiba, tired of Narutos stupidity, finally told him how she felthow she always felt.
Naruto looked down in anger "Sasuke." he muttered

He whipped out a kunai and cut the rope.

"HEY!" yelled the store keeper who had watched the scene from his small store.

"I'll pay you back." Naruto yelled over his shoulder running after Hinata.

Hopefully it wasnt too late.

"Damn kids and their homosexuality." muttered the old man returning to his shop.

Hinata ran as far as she could go, until she tripped.

Still crying she looked at her ankle it was tangled in the roots of an old tree, and it was most likely sprained.

She heard Naruto's shouts not to far off.
She wouldn't let him see her like this she didn't want to be weak anymore, at least not in front of him.

Brushing away the tears streaming down her face she cut the root entangling her.

She knew what she had to do.
If Naruto was gay then she would do anything just for him to love her.


Naruto searched wildly for Hinata.

"Damn it were is she?" he muttered
Still searching he fell over something on the ground.

"Damn it I dont have time to be falling over crap!" He exclaimed

He quickly got up and found it was a person he tripped over.

"Eh? What are you doing here?"

'How did Sasuke get here so fast? he thought

'This is my chance.' thought

Grabbing Naruto's collar she pulled him down to eye level

"S-sasuke?" stuttered Naruto

She pulled him closer and kissed him letting go of the transformation as she did so.

Naruto pulled away, "Sasuke what do you think your do- H-hinata?"

She looked away shyly.

With a blush planted brightly on his face he said, "I'm...not that good at this kind of stuff...but-"

Kneeling down to eye level again he hugged her from behind.

Surprised she looked into his eyes.

He leaned in close and whispered "Im not gay."

Title: A Hearts Long Painful Journey (A Naruto Hinata Love Story) Ch 1 Unusual Visit

"AHH!! HOT HOT HOT!!!" Naruto yelled, fanning his tounge. A bowl of steaming ramen sat in front of him.

"I warned you! Here." The man behind the counter said. (a/n I can't remember his name =P)
He handed Naruto a cup of water, who gulped it down to cool his throat off.

"Eh, sorry about screamin'. I've gotta learn to be more careful." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head.
"Don't worry about it. Eat it when it-" The man started, but stopped when he saw Naruto lifting a large clump of noodles to his mouth, and blew on them gently.

"Or you can do that." He said, shaking his head, and walking off toward the back.

Naruto finished his ramen, and put some money on the table, and walked off.
"Heh heh, now that I'm full, I can go train!" He said, putting his hands behind his head, and walking off to his normal training spot in the woods.

*C'mon! It's almost perfect!* Hinata thought, backing up away from the tree she had been kicking.

*Focus all your chakra into what you're hitting with, and make a mental image of what you want.* She closed her eyes, and crossed her fingers.

She saw herself kicking one of the branches of the tree. She ran threw the kick over and over again, with every repition winding her chakra tighter into her left leg.

She snapped her eyes open, and dashed forward to the tree. She pushed herself up, barely bending her knees. She grabbed a branch in her right hand, and threw her left leg over to a thick branch.

*Release the chakra!* She let the chakra unwind in a snap. It gave her leg an extra boost when she impacted with the branch. The chakra she had wound around her leg doubled back to her, and she used it to keep her self balanced on the branch she held onto.

She hung there for a second, then yelled, and pumped more chakra into her leg, and pushed it through.

She heard a dull *crack* and smiled. Hinata spun so she was holding the branch with her left hand, and dropped to the ground.

A few feet in front of her, the branch she had kicked lay. It was fairly large, and it had a long crack down the middle.

"Hmm. Need to fix that." She murmmered to herself as she walked over to it, and began to absorb the small amount of her chakra that hung onto the branch.

"Hinata! That was amazing!" Naruto yelled. She had been where he normally trained, and he kinda wanted to see what she was doing. He had seen her snap the branch off the tree.

"N-Naruto!" She stuttered, stepping back, feeling very exposed in the clearing.
"H-how long have y-you b-been watching?" She asked, stepping back again, and tripped over the branch.

She uttered a small cry before hitting the ground hard on her butt. Hinata's legs were bent across the branch, turned log, and her eyes were shut. She had brought one hand out to brace her fall, and the other came up to her head.

"Ow." She muttered to herself.
"You okay?" Naruto asked walking around to her side.
"Y-yeah! Just....Just a l-little fall." She said turning her eyes from him.

She tried to get up, but when she put pressure on her left leg, a pain shot up her leg to her hip. Hinata sat back down, blushing.

"Hurt your leg? Can you stand?" Naruto asked, looking at her leg.

*What do I say!?*
"Ano...I'm fine. Over, over worked m-my l-l-eg." She said quietly, kicking the log out from under her leg with her right one.

She tried to stand again, but this time, the pain webbed through her lower body.

She cried out shortly, and was about to fall back again, when Naruto caught her mid-fall.

"No, you're hurt, aren't you?"
Hinata blushed deeper. She was hurt, her ankle had twisted slightly, but it still hurt.

"'s not really...t-that bad." She said, gently lowering her self back to the ground.

"Just need to use chakra to keep some of the weight off" She said, shocked that she hadn't stuttered, or repeated her self at all.

"Well, I'll help you home. It must've took alot of chakra to do that." True, her chakra was almost completely gone, and it was a long way home.

"O-okay." She said, smiling shyly.

He helped her up, then gently wrapped an arm around her waist. She blushed deeply, and Naruto blushed lightly.

"Heh, not exactly usual huh?"
"Not...really." They walked across the clearing, and through a trail Hinata had cut to get home.

"Father's not gonna be happy." She whispered softly enough that she thought Naruto didn't hear.

"Why? Will he be mad that you were in the woods?" He asked, still blushing.

", that I g-got hurt."
"He'll be mad you got hurt! It wasn't your fault!" He yelled, causing Hinata to flinch.

"Ano...I really shouldn't have been away in the first place."
"Oh. But still, he shouldn't be MAD you got hurt!"
*How on earth did I end up in this situation?!* She thought frantically.

"Will you be okay? Was it just a sprain? Or did it break?"
"Either a bad sprain, or broke. I hope it's sprained." She whispered.
"He'll be even more mad if it's broken huh?"
"Yeah." Naruto stopped walking, jerking Hinata slightly.
"Well then, I'll check." He smiled widely, and tugged at her to sit down.

She did, and extended her leg, not really sure of what he was going to do.

He gently took her leg, and felt her ankle, and took notice everytime she flinched. He saw that the bone was slightly out of place.

"'re not gonna like this."
"It's broken. I'm so clumsy."
"Nah, I can put it back in place, then it would just take a few healing jutsu's and it'll be good as new!" He smiled.

His smile fell, and his face was serious.
"Well...I would have to twist it back in place. Then push the bone in. It hurts." Hinata sighed.
*Either I let Naruto put it in place, or be yelled at by Father.*

She sighed, and ripped off a peice of cloth, wrapped it into a small rectangle, just big enough to fit between the top and bottom row of teeth.

"Do it. I can preform the jutsu's." Hinata shook slightly. She hated pain, but it would be over soon.

"Alright, I'll count to three, and on three, I'll move it. I'll try and be quick." He said, then took her ankle in both hands.
She put the cloth in her mouth, and bit down gently.

"Ok, ready?" She nodded, and closed her eyes.
"One...Two..."He looked up at her, then back down.
"Three!" He yanked her ankle over to his right, and pushed it in roughly.

Hinata bit down on the cloth hard, and still managed to cry out quietly. She could feel a tugging at her ankle when he turned it. She had felt that once before, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Then she realized, that Naruto was using his chakra to ease the pain. She opened her eyes, and looked down at him.

Sure enough, blue chakra surrounded his hands, and her ankle.

She took the cloth out, and said,
"Thank you, Naruto. I'll do the healing, and then you can go train like you wanted to." She said quietly.

*When did I get this much confidence around him! I've never...felt like this before!*

"Oh, don't worry 'bout that. I'm healing in completely now." He smiled, and let her go.
"There, try and stand." Hinata got up slowly, and put wait on the leg.
A dull throbbing was all that she felt.

"It's better, thanks." She looked at him, and into his eyes. Normally, she would have snatched her head away from him, but this time, something was different.

Naruto didn't know how to speak anymore. She had just looked at him, and now he could barely breathe! What was happening to him? Hinata had always been shy and quiet, and this was probably the most time he had spent with her.

"Uh, I should be getting home. Bye Naruto!" She said, and ran off through the trail.

As soon as she was out of sight, Naruto shook his head violently, and mentally cursed himself.

"Gah! What is wrong with you!? She was hurt, you helped her, that's all! I need to go home." He jumped up in the nearest tree, and made his way home.

He needed to clear his mind, and get some sleep. And when he got home, he did just that. Well...he slept that is.

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