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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Single Lavender Rose

Language: English

It was a nice, quiet, February night, well, February the 14th, to be exact. Valentine's Day.

Hinata Hyuuga had finally accepted the fact that Naruto hadn't gotten her anything for Valentine's Day, and so she started on her long trek home from the deserted park where Naruto was supposed to meet her. "Naruto-kun...where are you?" She whispered, as she watched her breath file out in little plumes in front of her.

She had just reached the sandbox when something glittering in the moonlight caught her eye. She turned towards it and stared in bewilderment. "A-A rose? Who's it for?" Hinata didn't usually pry in other peoples' stuff, but she wasn't in a great mood and curiosity had taken over her senses.

Carefully she reached down and picked up the light lavender rose. But when her hand touched it, she jumped in astonishment. "The r-rose! It'!" She raised it up to examine it closer. Something had been carved on the side, but it was blurry, as if the maker had been in a hurry and left out half of the letters. Her mouth formed in a tight smile.

If only Naruto-kun could have gotten something like this...She stopped. What is she thinking? They aren't going out or anything! So why does it matter? It doesn't. She decided. Naruto-kun had just asked her to meet him, he had the right to change his's not like it mattered...right?

She tucked the rose safely away in her woolly pocket of her coat and started on her way home again. When she reached the end of the playground, she couldn't help but turn asround. She knew Naruto-kun wouldn't be there...but, there's always a slight possibility...Her eyes scanned the perimeter of the swings and the rest of the deserted old school yard. She sighed. Who was she kidding? Of course he wouldn't actually come, not when he could go to Sakura's...

Hinata turned around and nearly ran right into the person standing in front of her.

"Hey Lady what cha doin' out here all by yourself?" A man with a dark gray suit on whispered in her ear, his breath ranked of stale bread and rotted fish.

"I-I-I'm waiting f-f-for m-my b-b-boyfriend!" She said as fast as she could. Naruto-kun isn't my boyfriend! What am I saying? She thought, angry for dragging Naruto-kun into this.

"Oh, is that right? Well, maybe you should come with me a while. I really know how ta treat a lady!" He started to yank on her arm and Hinata felt like she was going to faint from fright. Tears streaming down her face she started struggling as hard as she could, trying to get away from this creep!

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing to Hinata-chan?!" A voice Hinata had not been expecting filled her weary ears. Her heart soared with hope. Naruto-kun! Is it really you?

"Are you her boyfriend?" the man snickered. "Hmph, you don't seem like much."

"Er, you better watch yourself! Hurt one hair on Hinata-chan's head and I'll kill you myself!"

"N-N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata screamed. He's here! He's here! He came!

"Well, we'll just see how tough you really are!" Hinata suddenly felt a sharp object pressing down on her neck. She stopped moving.

"Agh! Hinata-chan! Don't worry! I'll save you, beleive it!" Hinata's heart seemed to completely stop, as the world started turning black, she saw Naruto-kun defeat that creep and his arms reaching out to catch her.

"N-Naruto-kun..." She whispered.

"I'm here Hinata-chan!" He said, and that was the next to last thing she heard before the darkness completely engulphed her. "I-I love you, Hinata-chan."


When Hinata woke up, she was in her room, and the alarm clock, though blurry, seemed to read 5:00...P.M.! Without thinking Hinata rushed over just to make sure. "F-Five o'clock?! How long have I been asleep?" All of the sudden she realized she wasn't alone.

"Hinata-chan! You're okay!" An estatic Naruto-kun yelled running over to give her a surprisingly gentle bear hug.

"Her cheeks flushed. "N-Naruto-kun!"

"Hinata-chan! I was so worried about you," He pushed her out so he could look at her neck. "Hinata-chan..." His fingers lightly stroked a bandage, that she just realized was there, on her neck. "He almost..He was going to..." His face took on a look of pain, although it was clear Hinata was the one hurt.

" came! Last night, you finally came! I was so...happy...that you came..." She looked away as she felt her cheeks turned even brighter.

A cheesy grin apeared on his face, "Um, about that.." Hinata felt her face drop, about what, Naruto-kun? "Well, you see, I had to get you the BEST present, beleive it! But, I accidentally lost the present...then when I found it I didn't have enough time to engrave what I wanted on then I had to get ready and by time I was, I had already lost it again..." He looked at her, a light blush apearing on his face. "I'm sorry I lost your present Hinata-chan."

She looked into his soft blue eyes, hers filling up with fresh tears. "Oh Naruto-kun!" She gave him a bone crushing hug, holding him with alll her might, afraid to let go.

"Hinata-chan...I'm sorry I ruined your Valentines Day."

She looked at him startled. "But, you didn't ruin my Valanetines Day. In fact, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had a Valentine's Day at all." She smiled. She suddenly felt a slight draft on her shoulders and realized that she was in her bra and underwear. "EEK!" She shreiked and grabbed her coat and practically threw her arms through it. When she looked back at Naruto-kun, she realized his face was even redder than hers...odd. That's when she felt the weight of the lavender rose she had found at the park last night. She pulled it out to examine it in the daylight.

As it sparkled and shimmered, Hinata saw Naruto-kuns face brighten. "That's it Hinata-chan! That's the present I got you! See," He turned it over where the writing was, then he turned it upside down. "I accidnetally wrote it upside down, hehe."

Hinata slowly read the writing, "To Hinata-chan, Love Naruto. I hope you have the best Valentines Day ever! Beleive it!" She smiled. "Naruto-kun,"

"Huh," he looked at her. "What is it Hinata-chan?"

She pulled his head down to her height, "I love you Naruto-kun!" then she slammed her lips into his. A few seconds later, she felt Naruto-kun return the kiss.

"I love you too, Hinata-chan!"

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