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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'll Always be here

Language: English

As the wind grew harsher and colder, the young ninja stood a distance away from him. Even far from here she could see the look on his face. It was a look that broke her heart, almost sending her into a shower of tears.
It was a look of...what? Many things actually, all of which weren't happy in the least.
Look of, hopelessness, loneliness, and well a look that basically said "I give up".
I wish...I wish I could help...but I just feel so helpless.
Hinata felt a horrible sinking feeling inside as she watched a single tear fall down his face.
Sighing she walked away slowly, before giving once last glance toward the sad Naruto, who surprisingly didn't notice her this whole time.
Yet another thing that crushed her so...

"Ramen ramen ramen!" Naruto cheered, running toward the ramen stand with great speed. The sun was out and bright, and he knew ramen was the perfect thing now, especially since this morning.
Naruto had no money to buy ramen today, and he felt himself get even more depressed, that is...till he went outside.
After getting ready for the day, he opened his door to see an envelope on the mat. Out of curiosity he picked it up and opened it to reveal...MONEY! And lots of it!!!
Holding the money tightly he cheered, "YATTA!" It was then he noticed a small piece of paper fall of of the envelope and gently flow to the floor.
"Nani?" he murmured, bending down to pick it up.
"I thought you could use some money for ramen, since you eat it everyday and love it so much...I hope this helps with other things to.
Signed, a friend.." Naruto read aloud.
A friend? Who could have written this for him?
A smile crept on his face. Sakura-chan! Maybe she wrote it!
Naruto you're late!
Naruto your really slacking off!
Such a baka Naruto!

The smile instantly vanished.
No...she...she'd never do that. As much as I hope for it, she never do something like that for me. She's to focused on pretty boy Sasuke, Naruto thought angrily.
I mean nothing to anyone.
Wait, I do! I must mean something to someone for anyone to even do something like this for me!
Despite being small, this was such a great feeling for him...that..he meant something to someone. That...someone here didn't view him as a monster, or idiot.
So now he arrived at the ramen shop, banging the money on the counter.
"I'd like 10 beef ramen today old man!"
"Right away Naruto!" the chef spoke brightly.

Hinata felt a smile make its way to her face. He seemed so happy. And just because he got ramen.
But I know, she thought. I know he is still sad underneath...he smiles at times, but mostly to hide the pain he is going through.
Naruto-kun...I wish I could help more. I may...I may not be able to get rid of all that pain that's hidden within you but...I can at least soothe it, as best as I can.
"10 more beef ramens!"
Hinata felt her smile widen, as she sighed and walked away.

"Why are you so happy?" Sasuke asked Naruto as he hungrily slurped up ramen.
"Oh,nothing!" he replied, keeping the wide smile plastered on his face.
Yes. He was happy, and for a good reason too. The money was just the beginning. Every day he would somehow find many gifts on his door mat, like candy, packs of ramen, baskets of fruit, stuff like that. Despite his extreme curiosity of to who was sending these gifts at the same time he didn't care. Someone cared about him! That was something better then all these gifts combined.
Someone cared.
Not only did the fact that he was receiving these gifts everyday prove someone cared, but the notes did as well. Yes, with every gift, came a small,but kind, note.
Here's a gift...You really deserve them...and although I can't erase all your pain, I can help make you happy. To me, it's really amazing and great to see you smile. I want it to be that way forever.
Signed, a friend.
As he walked away from the table he murmured to himself quietly, "I wish I knew who you were exactly...friend..."
Sighing he continued walking toward his home, wishing he knew who this friend was.
She felt herself smile was she watched him walk away smiling.
Hinata, your doing good, she thought. He's...he's happy.
Seeing him happy, definitely made her happy.

"What are you doing?"
"Ahhh!" Hinata screeched, almost dropping the basket of ramen and fruit. "K-kiba, what are y-you doing here?"
"Oh, just randomly coming to see if he was awake, he has training today after all. But more importantly..." he got right in here face with a smirk. "What are YOU doing here?"
"And why do you have that basket of fruit and...ramen hm?"
Hinata grew more nervous by the second, "I-i well...I..."
Kiba started laughing, "Hinata! Calm down!" He backed up smiling. "Naruto kept blabbering on to people about how some unknown person was bringing him gifts every morning. And he didn't know who.." Kiba said. "But well..*smirk* Guess I know who now."
Hinata gasped, "Kiba, please don't-"
"DON'T WORRY!" he interrupted. "I'm not going to tell..."
Hinata sighed in relief.
"That's really nice of you too." She looked up surprised as Kiba spoke. "You giving him gifts, it's really nice. You're showing him there's someone out there who cares. That's something he really needs."
Hinata nodded. "I...I just hate seeing him sad.."
"Yeah, well, despite how kind this is...I think you should tell him you are the one who's been leaving him gifts."
She gasped and shook her head furiously, "No! I can't Kiba!"
Kiba sighed aloud, "Fine fine...I think it be better if you did...but fine. I'll see ya later Hinata."
Hinata watched as Kiba walked away. She let out a breath and but the basket down, along with the small note.
These gifts were ok and all but...what was she going to do tomorrow?

==Next Day==

Naruto rubbed his eyes, still feeling tired. Though he managed to sit up in his bed.
Today..what was today?
Today was..
Yes! It was Naruto's birthday!
For awhile he sat there with a happy smile...till he realized.
It didn't matter that it was his birthday. No one cared, no one celebrated, why should he look forward to it?
"It..doesn't matter..." he mumbled, feeling the hot,wet tears flow down his face as he mumbled over and over, "it doesn't matter.."
Though despite his depressed mood, he wiped the tears away and went to get ready for the day. He knew he couldn't stay cooped up in his house for long.
After his headband was on he sighed then tried his best to smile. A fake smile, but a smile none the less.
As he opened his front door he sighed once more...that is, till he looked down.
"NO WAY!!!" he screamed.
Tons of gifts...and food, all over his doorstep. There were nicely decorated packages, and fruit, with more ramen. Even a cake! He couldn't believe it!It was just so amazing!
In his extreme happiness he almost forgot about the envelope that was placed in the middle of it all.
Opening it he read,
Happy birthday Naruto. I hope you like the gifts..and..I hope they make you happy. I know I can't completely rid you of the loneliness and unhappiness. But I want to try my best to do so. Others may not celebrate this day. They may glare at you, and make you feel like you don't belong..yet...yet you hang on. You smile everyday, always try your best, and never give up. I truly admire that about you. So with these gifts, celebrate the day that an amazing, talented, and bright ninja was born. Happy birthday once more.
Signed, a friend.
Naruto smiled widely.
Well, whoever you are, friend...all this means more to me then you know, Naruto thought, holding the note close.

Hinata walked silently through the forest toward the fields. It was a beautiful day, perfect for his birthday too. She hoped to herself that the gifts she gave him today made him happy. She hoped so desperately that he was happy TODAY, on his birthday.
She had meant every word on the note..on every note in fact.
Sighing once she leaned against a tree, and gasped.
Several feet away, sat Naruto. He had a cloth set out, and appeared to be having a picnic with all the food she had given him today. She hid behind the tree and watched as the blond smiled happily, and took a bite of an apple, then slurped up ramen.
As he took a deep breath he laughed happily, causing her to smile as well.
He was happy, and that made her happier then she had ever known.
"So what's up?" a voice spoke behind her making her jump.
"N-Naruto-kun!" she cried out. She glanced back to see the picnic area empty then looked back at the smirking blond.
"So Hinata, whatcha doing?"
"Uh..well I was g-going for a walk, Naruto-kun." Hinata stuttered.
"Oh well, I'm celebrating my birthday and eating some food someone got me..thing is I don't know who."
Hinata went along with it, trying not to stutter as much. "O-oh, really?"
"Yeah." he spoke, pacing a little, "Someone has been leaving me these gifts every morning. And this morning TONS more then usual...since it's my birthday." he explained.
"That's great Naruto-kun."
"Well, wanna eat with me Hinata?" he asked.
Hinata felt her heart almost stop. Eat with Naruto??
"Uh..s-sure." she managed to squeak out.
As they sat down he handed her some cake which she slowly took while blushing.
"Cake is good huh?" he asked happily.
"Oh. h-hai." she replied taking a small bite of the cake she had made.
It was silent for awhile, except for the faint breeze that blew, making the trees' leaves rustle about.
Naruto looked at Hinata with a smile, "Thanks Hinata."
Hinata gasped and blushed, looking away. "F-for what?"
"For eating with me of course!" he replied still smiling.
"Oh, h-hai." Hinata said.
"Annnnnnnd..." he mumbled.
She turned with question and gasped to see Naruto right in her face, which instantly grew red.
"Thank you for all the gifts Hinata."
"What?!" she asked, falling back.
"Kiba told me Hinata."
Curse you Kiba, she thought in frustration.
"You have some cake on your face." he spoke, sliding a finger by her cheek, then licking the frosting off his finger.
She knew by now she had to be redder then a fire hydrant.
And without another word he kissed her, putting both hands on her arms.
As he stopped he pulled her into a tight hug.
"T-thank you for caring means more then you will ever know."
Usually she'd be freaking out in this situation, till she felt her shoulder get wet, and instantly she knew he was crying.
She pulled away with a concerned look and wiped his tears away.
"Sorry." he murmured, wiping his face.
Hinata felt for once the shyness disappear as she hugged him.
"I'll always be here Naruto-kun.."

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