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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Hearts Long Painful Journey (A Naruto Hinata Love Story) Ch 2 Well This Hasn't Happened Before

Language: English

Hinata was walking back to her home, when she ran right into her father.
"Where have you been?" He asked coldly.
"T-training father." She cowered back from her fathers gaze.
"Training? Then show me."
"I-I haven't p-perfected it yet."
"Well show me what you've been doing!"

Hinata winced at the force of his voice, and nodded. She turned, and looked around for a good place to show him. She saw a tree in the distance, and smiled slightly. Hinata walked towards it, glancing back to see her father was following her.

She paused in front of the tree, closed her eyes and crossed her fingers in front of her.

*Focus all the chakra. Imagine it all in my left shin. Then play what you want to happen in your head.* She thought. Her chakra tightened in her shin. She was planning to do what she had done in the forest, not ten minutes ago. Her chakra had began to rebuild slightly, and she had just enough.

Hinata snapped her eyes open, and ran froward. She grabbed the closest branch, and pulled herself up. Her leg met with the limb before she could realease her chakra, and she heard a dull *crack* before she flipped around, and fell to the ground, and sat. She thought the pain before was bad, but this was extruciating.

Hinata cried out as soon as she hit the ground. Her entire leg was twisted around so that her foot was almost flat to the ground.

"That's what you've been practicing?! It's seems to cause more trouble than help, and it isn't one of the Hyuga tecniques! As the heir you need to learn OUR tecniques! Not something that would get your leg broken!"

"Hey cut her some slack!" A voice called from the other side of the tree. Hinata was clutching her leg, trying to ease the pain.

"N-Naruto? I thought y-you went h-home?"
"Well, I did, but then I thought that the ankle would probably pop back out of place." He said stepping out into the open. "Guess I was half right." He looked at her sincerely, causing her to blush, causing her father to fume.

"Naruto Uzimaki! You shouldn't even be here!"
"And you should be more caring to your own daughter. That tecnique is effecting, but you make her so nervous, that she can't preform right!" He yelled, stepping closer to her father.

*Why did he follow me? And why is he yelling at my father? He shouldn't be here, he'll get in trouble!* She thought, though her thoughts were still muzzy.

"She is just that, MY daughter, and the heir of her clan! You have no busniess telling me what I should and shouldn't do. All you are is a demon." He said the last sentence quietly.

"Hrumph, shows just how much you really know. I've heard that all my life, and to tell you the truth, it doesn't effect me anymore." Then he turned to Hinata.

"You okay?" She nodded, wincing when it jarred her leg.
"Hmm...Tsunade could probably help. Since it's too long for you to walk at the moment, theres two choices. I get her to come here, or I carry you." Hinata's eyes widened in shock. Her? See the Hokage because of a broken leg? Surely it wasn't that bad!

"Hinata." Naruto said quietly.
"I don't think that Granny'll be able to get out of the office. Something about paper work. I'll take you there."
"N-no Naruto! You w-were going to t-train before y-you saw me." She started to push her index fingers together nervously.
"And I d-d-don't want t-to stop you."
"C'mon, it's not a big deal, and besides, that's a bad break." He smiled brightly."And I'm sure it hurts. If you want to get that move right, you need both legs. Trust me." He winked, then carefully gathered her in his arms.

"What are you doing?!" Her father yelled.
"More than you are." Naruto said, glaring at the man, then bagan running along a short cut he found to see Tsunade.

Hinata stared in shock at Naruto as he ran through the trees. He was going slower so he wouldn't jarr her leg. She blushed, and buried her head in his chest when her leg turned painfully.

"Sorry, I'll try to her there quick."
"Why are you d-doing this for m-me?"
"Because you're hurt. You need to be healed. Besides, you helped me at the chunin exams." She blushed deeper, and fought to hide it.
"Hey! Tsunade!! I need a favor." Naruto called out from the other side of her office door.
"Of course you do. What is it?" She said, putting her hand up to message her temples, attempting to calm her headache.

Naruto walked through the door, Hinata in his arms.
"Whoa! What happened?" She called, standing up and walking aroung her desk, never taking her eyes off of Hinata.

"T-t-this really nessecary Naruto." Hinata wailed for atleast the tenth time since they entered the building.

"Naruto, what happened? Did something go wrong again with her organs?"

"Hokage, really i-it's nothing." Hinata whispered.
"I j-just broke my leg."
Tsunade sighen in relief, and looked at her leg. She hissed in air, then whistled.

"I suppose you want me to help, eh Naruto?" Hinata let out a soft cry when Naruto smiled, and laughed, shaking her leg painfully.

"Ok, ok. Take her down the hall to one of the spare rooms, I'll be right there."

Naruto nodded, and walked out the door and down the hallway.

"This is gonna be a long day. THE OTHER HALL NARUTO!!!!" She yelled, and saw Naruto pass in front of the door again.

"Yup. NOT THAT ONE EITHER!! Just...wait." She sighed again, and walked out the door

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