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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Author: L'Homme Poubelle

“Ah! NO! Stop it, Naruto-kun, onegai!”

“Shh, Hina, the pain will be gone soon enough!”

“Please, let go of me! Please!”

And there he woke up every night, sweating and feeling a strange urge to vomit.

All of his 19 years, Naruto Uzumaki slept as peacefully as one with a life like his could. Never once had he thought of his fellow ninja, heiress of the Hyuuga clan, in an intimate way. He couldn’t get, couldn’t understand Hinata. In fact, he never tried to focus his attention towards her. Further more, why in the world would he nick-name her?

All of a sudden, the dream, the nasty, never ending dream, where he would ravish the girl against her will came and made him see himself in a new light, one that he found disgusting above anything else. It played every – freaking – night, making him engrossed to the core.

At first, he shoved it off, thinking he would never do such a thing. But in time his confidence shattered. He didn’t know what he’d do or don’t anymore. His mind was pitch black, a total mess.

Naruto got of bed and looked around. He jammed his fist into the nearby wall and cursed loudly.

“I will never do such a thing!” He muttered his mantra, desperately trying to convince himself, but failing again.

The ninja ran outside, ran as fast as he could, silently hoping that his childish action could posses the power to put an end to it all.

Reaching the forest, he climbed up the first tree he distinguished through the night’s black.

Jumping from a tree’s branch to another, he shortly reached the river. Still running, he threw his clothes onto the ground and let himself fall into the cold water, not feeling the temperature.

Naruto floated on his back, watching the sky, wondering how could it be so peaceful when he held a tsunami of emotions inside of him.

He remembered how hard she cried the other day, when he glared at her like it was her fault he kept dreaming such embarrassing, yet cruel and dishonorable things.

The poor girl wasn’t able to move or say a word until her cousin, Neji, came and brought her home. No matter how many times Naruto apologized, she just sobbed and cried and trembled.

“What’s with you, making her react like that?” Neji asked angrily.

A slight movement woke him from his reverie, making the man fully aware of a second presence.

“Who’s there?” he shouted, swimming out of the water. Small droplets poured down his highly chiseled and scarred body. The moon’s rays caressed his skin, making the ninja look more like a Greek god than a human being ever had the right to.

“I’m warning you…Show your face!” Naruto shouted again, crossing the landscape with his view.

A loud thud indicated the place where the unknown person was : behind the large rocks.

“Now I’ve got you!” he said victoriously, making his way towards the said place. “How ‘bout you tell me why you were spying on – Hinata?!”

A look of pure confusion struck his face at the sight of the woman lying on the ground unconsciously.

Having all the years of experience behind him, Naruto understood it was useless to try waking her. He clothed himself fully and raised Hinata in his arms, keeping a tight grip on her to prevent a possible fall during the run.

Uzumaki Naruto had enough brains to comprehend the fact that he wasn’t welcomed around her clan. If he dared take her home, especially at that late at night, he risked not only his head, but a lot of other parts as well.

He figured out that the best way was to bring her to his place and ask Neji to help him with it.

A scream announced Naruto that his unexpected visitor had woken from her unexpected slumber.

He came out of the bathroom, where he was vigorously drying his hair with a towel.

“Um...Hey, Hinata!” he greeted, putting on his goofy smile, although he didn’t actually feel like it.

Her eyes widened.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” He hushed her, seeing that he wasn’t receiving any reaction.

“N-Na…Naruto-kun…” she cried, covering herself with the sheets.

“Hinata, I’m not going to do you any harm…” he replied, lowering his voice until it became a whisper.

“I…I know.” Hinata cried again.

“Then why are you hiding? And most importantly, why were you out at such an hour?” Naruto asked concerned.

“C-C-Couldn’t sleep.” Came her answer from her hiding place.

“Curious, I couldn’t sleep either.” The man sighed.

Hard silence fell.

“Can I see you?” he asked suddenly.

No answer.

“Please?” he tried again.

This time, Hinata raised the sheets a little over her head, just enough for her eyes to be seen.

“Better.” The ninja smiled. “How about a little more?” he insisted. To his shock, she obeyed.

“I believe you’re tired, so I’ll let you sleep. I’ll snooze a bit over there, in the corner.” Naruto offered.

“No!” a high voice struck confusion on both the ninjas. Naruto couldn’t believe his ears and Hinata couldn’t believe herself.

“No?” he asked, doubting he heard well. The situation itself was ridiculous.

“N…No.” she replied.

“Then…?” the blonde tried to end his confusion.

Making it increase, she uncovered the portion of bed next to her.

Hinata’s heart was pounding faster than any normal being’s would have. Her rational self screamed at her to accept his proposal of not sharing the bed or, better, run away from there. But it seemed she decided to screw all the left pieces of reason, all of the sensible, practical voices inside her head.

“You sure?” Naruto whispered. He didn’t quite know why he was using such a low tone.

She nodded.

“Well…Um, okay.” He said, sitting carefully on the bed. Just as slowly, he lowered his back on the mattress and put his head on the pillow.

The Kunoichi wasn’t facing him, but just standing next to her was enough to see how hard she was shaking.

He stretched his arm out to touch her hand. She jumped a little, feeling her face get redder.

“Kami, Hinata! You are as cold as ice!” the man stated. “ And you have a fever!” he continued, touching her forehead.

“I’ll have to keep you warm.” At this, she jumped even more.

“Just for a little while. Neji will come ‘round 4 to take you home.”

“O-Okay…” Hinata whispered.

Naruto hugged her to his chest, using all his chakra to warm her up.

“Ne, Hinata…” he paused. “Sorry for not bringing you home myself. I wasn’t so sure you’d like to be seen ‘round your house in my company.”

Sobs were heard through the darkness.

“Hinata, what is it? Are you still cold?” he asked desperately.

“I…I wouldn’t ever…ever mind…being seen…with you, N-Na-Naruto-kun…” she sobbed.

He was left wordless.

“Wow, I…I guess I didn’t see that coming.” He replied, swallowing hard.

No word had been passed between the tow since then.

When Naruto woke up, the woman wasn’t there anymore.

“Neji must’ve come. Hope she’s feeling better.” He thought to himself while dressing.

A note from Tsunade came, announcing him he had to be present in front of the Hokage immediately.

As he waited for her to enter the big room, he over thought the last events. And then it hit him.

“It’s gone! It really is GONE!” the Shinobi shouted the last word, gripping his fist and making a victory sign in the air.

“I hope it’s not about your marbles, because you’ll need them right away. I’m giving you a new mission. Solo.” Lady Tsunade said, walking in and settling at her desk.

“I want you to deliver this to Sunakagure. Right away.” She continued, handing him a sealed note.

As he took it, Tsunade spoke again :

“I don’t know what’s with you these days. It’s a five day mission, but it won’t take you that long to get there. Use the remaining time to clear your mind.” She said, looking him straight in the eye.

He nodded and left, silently thanking her.

It didn’t take him much to complete it. Until night came, he was done.

“Just a piece of cake!” he thought. But there still was a thing that bothered him.

“It’s back! My dream is back…How come when she was near me, it suddenly went away, and now… Maybe, just maybe thatis the key!” Naruto said to himself.

If there was one thing he wanted more than to finish 30 bowls of ramen in a row, it definitely was putting an end to his internal torment.

“Hey, Uzumaki, wake up!” spoke a voice.

The said ninja just started snoozing, lost deep in his thoughts. He jumped on top of the nearest branch of the tree he was laying his back on and got ready to attack.

Naruto was just about to strike, when he saw that the voice belonged to one of his fellow ninjas : Hyuuga Neji.

“How come you’re here?” the blonde asked, while getting down from the tree.

“Tsunade told us to talk to Gaara.” Neji replied precisely.

“Oh…Wait a minute! What do you mean ‘us’?” the other man said in slight confusion.

“I mean Hinata and me.” He said and sighed. “Look” he continued “I don’t know and don’t have the wish to know what is going on with the two of you. It’s your business and your risk.”

Naruto wanted to say something, but Neji stopped him.

“Let me finish. I’ll go to Sabaku no Gaara by myself and I’ll be back by tomorrow. Hinata is somewhere around here. Go find her and straighten things out.”

Again, the blonde man was stopped before saying a word.

“I do not have the desire to be part of your affairs. Good bye.” And he ran to his destination.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and sighed, watching his figure as it loosed itself in the forest.

“Affairs.” He mocked.

Hinata had her eyes closed, half sleeping, when a simple “Yo!” made her heart jump out of her chest. She wasn’t wearing her jacket, fact that made her more embarrassed. She sunk her face into the ground, knowing she used her life dose of courage the other night.

“Are you still feeling unwell?” the same person spoke, his big grin fading in an instant.

Hinata considered it was enough to shake her head a couple of times.

“Sorry, I couldn’t quite understand.” He replied to her non-verbal ‘no’.

“N-No…” she whispered.

“Say, Hinata, why exactly are you hiding?” Naruto asked, knowing he won’t get an answer.

“If I…If I turn my back, will you get up?” he asked again.

“H-Hai…” Hinata spoke in another whisper.

She turned as well and squeaked when she felt Naruto’s back befriending hers.

“Gomen, Hinata.” He apologized.

“It’s…okay…” she said, a bit more louder this time. Her face lost a shade of red, but her heart was still pounding madly. She sensed it was going to be a long time before her shyness would disappear.

Naruto’s body was as unforeseeable as the last events. His heart was racing as well, a little at first, but as seconds passed, it increased its speed. He was slightly shocked, lacking the capability of understanding what was going on with him, but calming himself by thinking that it must be normal, since he dreamed of her like he dreamed of nobody else.

“Ne, Hinata…My heart is beating a little too fast.” He voiced his thoughts.

The woman froze. Her mind froze. For her, the time stopped that moment and was never going to restart.

“Mine…t-t-too.” She finally replied.

“Are we ill? Or…something like that?” Naruto asked, feeling the need to say something, knowing that their conversation would end if he didn’t.

“Baka.” She sobbed, bitter tears stinging her eyes.

He heard the change in her voice. The man caught her by the wrist and turned her around.

Pain caught in his chest, seeing the tears escaping her eyelids and rolling slowly down her cheeks. Again, he did not understand the reason of the uncomfortable feeling.

Stretching his free hand, Naruto wiped some of her tears with his thumb, but stopped dead in his tracks. For the first time he was mesmerized. For the first time he noticed that the girl facing him was not just pretty, she was actually beautiful, gorgeous.

Hinata inhaled sharply and moved her watery view to his face, watching him shyly, light pink covering her cheeks. And then he lost it.

Naruto lowered his head little by little. Hinata knew what was coming and her mind was bawling at her to back off, but her heart had the last word. She silently prayed not to faint.

His lips brushed against hers. It didn’t even last a full second, but it was enough to send his mind spinning.

“Can I…Can I do it again?” he asked, sensing his face go redder.

Hinata nodded, blushing hard.

He almost touched her lips when he stopped and whispered against them.

“You know…You are my first person to kiss.”

His breath against her lips was the most beautiful thing she ever experienced. Wanting to feel more of it, she leaned in as well.

Their lips touched and remained like that, unmoving, watered by Hinata’s last tears.

Unforeseeable for both of them, Naruto moved his lips against her, creating their first real kiss. It was like his mouth had a mind of her own. He let go of her wrist and entwined her fingers with his. The other went to her face, caressing it sweetly.

Hinata tried to mimic his actions, feeling bolder. The friction between their lips, the way Naruto was caressing her cheek, it was pure bliss.

The Shinobi lowered his weight on her, gently pushing her to the ground.

He tried tasting her upper lip, discovering it had a delicious flavor.

But his sense of reason kicked in, determining him to get off her as fast as his limbs permitted.

“Onegai, Hinata! Dunno what’s gotten into me…” Naruto said, while he slammed his fist into his forehead.

As he was rising off her, Hinata caught him by his sleeve. Her boldness amazed her again. She decided to kill all the timidity in her, all the practical, reasonable nonsense, at least this once to not let go of what she truly wanted.

Hinata pulled him back, making his balance disappear. Naruto landed on top of her whit a thud, taking away both their air.

“Gomen.” He smiled his goofy smile.

“It’s nothing.” She smiled back.

The blonde let his fingers travel through her silky dark hair. Lowering his head, he stopped again.

“Can I kiss you?” he questioned.

Hinata nodded, blushing a bit, but never letting go of her whole heartedly smile.

So he obliged. An idea crossed his mind, while touching her lips for the third time that night. He thought about what the Pervy Sage told him over and over about the ‘art of kissing’, as he called it.

He touched her lower lip with the tip of his tongue.

The new feeling made Hinata produce a little ‘ah’ sound. It created enough for him reach within her mouth. Little by little, he explored it, savoring the experience.

Another little moan escaped Hinata as he went further with the kiss. Again, she tried to mimic his actions, finding them not difficult at all.

Breaking for air, Naruto felt Hinata nestle her head on his shoulder. He raised her face by her chin and look her in the eyes. Impressed by the amount of emotions he found there, he started planting butterfly kisses on her jaw. He traveled towards her neck. There, he lingered longer.

Hinata’s ‘ah’ sounds increased. Her breathing stopped when he bit on the portion where her shoulder started and her neck ended. Apparently, he found one of her sensitive spots.

Naruto left a mark there. His hand left her hair and fell upon the edge of her fish net shirt.

“May I?” he asked, not wanting to ruin the moment by doing something too bold.

“H-Hai.” She replied, blushing again.

Naruto snuk his palms inside the article of clothing, up her flat stomach. After a few seconds, he dared go further. The ninja rested his hands on her bra covered breasts, making her gasp.

“Is it…okay?” he asked, moving his palms a little. He obtained another low moan as an answer, determining him to grow harder. It excited him, for he never thought that the shy Hinata could make such sexy sounds. Hell, he never thought that he would ever be the one to hear them.

Hinata’s hands left the ground and rested on his shoulders. She pushed his jacket down, sliding her hands down his muscled arms. The black haired woman then pulled a little at her own shirt, showing him what exactly she wanted.

Where did all that boldness come from? They both thought the same thing, but deciding the answer wasn’t important at all.

Naruto’s hands grabbed her shirt and pulled it off slowly. He loved what he saw. Wanting more, he reached under her, pecking both her still covered breasts.

He managed to unclasp her bra and brought the straps down her shoulders, leaving a trail of kisses on them too.

Naruto became infatuated with the taste of her skin, the smell of her hair, the way she gasped from time to time, responding to his ministrations.

The moment he tossed her bra away, Hinata became self-conscious. She immediately covered herself with her arms, only to be removed by Naruto a second later.

“I want to see you.” He said, a kind smile on his face, but pure desire in his eyes.

To encourage her, Naruto left a trail of kisses from her navel to her chest. There, we tried fondling one of her breasts. Another sexy ‘ah’ sound told him that he was doing just fine.

Hinata felt as she died and went straight up to Heaven when his hot breathing came upon her nipple. A crazy variety of emotions shook her as he took the little lump in his mouth.

Her hands went to his sunny hair, where she pulled lightly.

Naruto stopped to throw his shirt away and lower her pants to the point where was no longer wearing them. Accidentally, he caught her panties too.

Feeling her nudity, Hinata blushed harder than ever, and so did he.

“Go-Gomen. I didn’t – ”

“It’s…Okay.” She interrupted him. Not getting a reaction, she continued, her voice shaking. “Onegai…”

Onegai. Where did he hear that? Did she ever say it with such a tone?

Naruto’s face seemed to be thunderstruck. Cold drops of sweat covered his forehead, his breathing being caught in his throat.

“Na-Naruto-kun?” she whispered.

“Hinata, what are we doing?” he replied with a question of his own, not looking at her.

She did not answer.

“We must stop. Right now.” He added, unmoving.

“Naruto-kun…” Hinata felt the tears sting her eyes again, but she wasn’t going to let them fall. She wasn’t going to show him how bad she felt at that moment.

“I…I don’t want to…stop.”

He was shocked. She didn’t, no, couldn’t ever understand that it was for her own good. He already knew what was going to happen if they went any further.

“You don’t understand! I’m going to hurt you! Badly. I…I know this because I…I had a dream. Every night I had the same dream. We…Yeah, we must end it here.” Naruto stated, nodding.

“No.” Hinata replied. For the first time, speaking out her mind wasn’t hard at all.

“What do you mean ‘no’? Haven’t you been paying attention to what I was saying? It’s for your own good!” he desperately spoke.

“I don’t care, Naruto-kun. This time, I simply don’t care.” And to prove her opinion, she snaked her arms around his neck, where she entangled them. Hinata leaned back on the ground, taking him with her and kissing the man of her dreams so deeply, so passionately, making him understand that ‘no’ was not an option.

Her palms then traveled over his chiseled chest and muscled stomach. The tips of her fingers went inside his silly orange pants and pulled them down a little. Naruto finished the job for her. It was like he totally forgot all of his arguments against the naked woman he shared a kiss with.

Hinata’s fingers caught in the hem of his boxers.

They broke their intimate kiss, both gasping for air.

“Are you sure?” Naruto asked, looking at her face very concerned, searching for a sign of doubt, but not managing to find any.

The Kunoichi nodded. It was now or never for her. She wasn’t going to have so much courage twice, and she knew it.

Naruto unclothed himself fully, but still wasn’t sure what to do.

“All the way?” he questioned.

“H-Ha-Hai.” She replied, shutting her eyes.

“It is going to hurt, you know.” He tried again, silently praying she won’t change her mind.

“Hai.” She said once again.

Naruto nodded, as to let her know he was starting. He could feel her heart beating like crazy, as crazily as his.

He reached for her leg, and put it around his knee for better entrance. The woman encircled his neck and took one last breath in.

Naruto touched his lips to hers, trying to distract her from the pain that was about to come.

A slight stitch struck her lower area as his tip went in. The stitch transformed into a real ache every second that passed. Although he tried with all his might to go slowly, it still hurt. A lot.

“Gomen ne.” he said, covering her mouth with his as he took away her virginity, thrusting as hard as he could. Naruto figured it was better to do it faster, even though he knew it was going hurt much more.

Hinata screamed into his mouth. This time she couldn’t control her tears.

He let her cry, kissing the tears away and caressing her face in a soothing manner.

She sobbed, but moved her hips.

“Go.” Her shaking voice whispered in his ear.

Naruto nodded once, moving his hips as well. It only produced her more pain, but she was determined to hide it.

He withdrew a little and pushed in again, repeating the movement a couple of times before a low pleasure sound escaped Hinata’s lips.

She tried to move with him, but failed. None of them could match the other’s rhythm. It was still pleasurable, nothing compared to what they ever felt. They were clumsy, inexperienced, but they were in Heaven just like that.

Hinata would hold on to him for dear life and he would kiss and nibble and lick from her ear to her neck.

Naruto tried going faster. And deeper. That made her moans intensify.





“Ah! Na-AH!-Naruto-ku-AH!”

Deeper thrust.

He loved the sounds she was making, loved the smell of her arousal, loved the feeling of intense wetness and tightness he found within her.

Hinata brought her other leg around his knee, granting better access.

Her back started hitting the ground, but she did not care. All that mattered was them and the pure, intense connection they shared. Never in her wildest dreams could she picture this moment. Yet it felt so good, it made her think that possibility of it all being real was equal with zero.

Naruto reached a wild speed. One of his hands fondled her breast, as the other was still holding the back of her neck, supporting him while he was kissing from her lips to her jaw to her neck and then again to her lips.

Her lover’s new movement send her of the edge of the high mountain she climbed the last 30 minutes.

“NARU…” she screamed, lacking the capability of finishing his name, collapsing in his arms.

Na-ru. It echoed in his ears, cramming his hearing. The little slapping sounds of skin against skin became inaudible and so did their ragged breaths.

Na-ru. Na-ru. NARU! And he fell from the high peak.

“Hina…Hinata…” he gasped and spoke into her neck.

Naruto embraced her, holding her exhausted figure as close to him as he could. He finally understood that he, well, he loved her. As childish, ridiculous and stupid as it sound, he loved her.

Naruto smiled ear to ear at the thought of his discovery. It soon turned into laughter.

“I found out something new.” He whispered in her ear. “I love you.”

Through almost closed eyelids snaked big tears. Hinata laughed with all her heart and caught his lips.

“Me too.” She said.

Naruto’s smile widened, if possible. Tracing her swollen lips with his forefinger, he captured them again.

Neji was taking his time returning back. He walked through the woods, not bothering to use his byakugan to find the place where his cousin and fellow ninja where at. Something deep inside him told him it was better not to hurry.

Lost in thoughts of his own, Neji’s eyes accidentally fell upon a sight he never wished to see.

Turning as fast as he could, he jumped from branch to branch outside the forest. Indeed, it was better to let them find him.

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