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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses

Couple: NarutoxHinata

Author: Copied.Luck.



"Yo," A man with his feet on top of his desk, leaning his chair back threatening to fall. His nose was in his book as always as it seems whenever he appeared late.

"You're late Kakashi-sensi," Sakura commented as she handed in homework at his front desk. He peered from his book to catch a glism of Sakura's work. He nodded as approval as she retreated to her seat. The line that formed by itself proceeded forward, following the same routine with similar comments.

"Hey, I was helping a old lady with her groceries. Besides this is the earilest I ever came to class,"

"I'm sure you were," Sasuke murmured as he handed in his paper. Kakashi didn't reply back until everyone was at their seats,

"It's true," Kakashi scanned the room quickly. He spotted two empty desks, one beside the window, the other in the back.

"Hm, plus I don't seem to be the only one late. Where's Hinata and Naruto?"


"Hina-chan! Wait up," A flash of yellow and orange hollered across the hall. Soon in seconds, just like -finger snap- that, the sun-kissed soon-to-be hokage appeared beside the Hyuuga heiress. Her face grew crimson quickly, luckily her violet locks covered her beet red cheeks.

"H-hello Naruto-kun," He nodded in respond, not really paying attention to what she was saying. He unzipped his bloated orange jacket which seemed like a artificial colored marshmallow, revealing his black skin tight muscle with a neon green broken heart in the middle. His orange-green cargo pants hung loosely around his waist, only being held up by his oversized sweater tied tightly around his waist. Hinata quickly skimmed up and down at the fool of a boy. Her cheeks heated up while she looked away. Naruto eyed her carfully before turning on his ipod on, his DJ head phones around his neck. His music blasted loud enough for Hinata to hear it. She tightened her grip on her books, still blushing different shades of red.

"Hinata, looky what I got!" Naruto pulled off her multi-colored wool hat, running off with it. Hinata ran after him, still gripping her books. After she caught up with him -a few doors away from their home room- he looked at her with a pleading look. She heavly sighed, accept his apoligy. The tips of their fingers touch as he handed Hinata her hat, she felt her face heating up. How many times was that today? She mentally cursed at herself for being so shy, and took back her hat. As they reached the doorknob, the Hyuuga dropped her books.

"Lemme' help you with that Hinata," Naruto quickly dove down to pick up her books. In the rush he bonked heads with her.


"Oh! Sorry Hinata. Here,"

"Naruto, We better get to class. Kakashi is probably there already,"

"Ha! Yeah right, he's never there!" He paused in thought, as a ear-to-ear grin crept on his face.

"Hina! This is my favourite song," He claimed as he boomed through the door. He started to dance along to the song, soon singing out the lyrics.

"Nice legs, Daisy Dukes,
Makes a man go (whistles),
That's the way they all come through like (whistles),
Low-cut, see-through shirts that make ya (whistles),
That's the way she come through like (whistles),"

"'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down,
'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down

Naruto continue to sing the song, Hinata continued to gasp. Her mouth was in a perfect imitation of a cheerio. Kakashi-sensi was right behind him, completly amused. A line forming behind his mask, she noted that was probably his smile.

"I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without
leaving my fingerprints out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce,
How do I say I'm sorry 'cause the word is just never gonna come out,
L-o-v-e's just another word I never learned to pronounce"


"Tight jeans, double d's makin' me go (whistles),
All the people on the street know (whistles),
Iced out, lit-up make the kids go (whistles),
All the people on the street know (whistles),"


"'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down,
'Cause I just set them up,
Just set them up,
Just set them up to knock them down"


"I think I should-Oh..Kakashi. Wasn't expecting you here," His nervous laugh erupted around the classroom, failing to stop the chills running down his spine. Kakashi placed a strong hand on Naruto's and Hinata's shoulder. The blood ran from Hinata's face as Naruto sighed.

"Dentention. After school," Naruto groaned already too familier with this routine retreated to his seat. Kakashi nudged the frozen-in-place Hyuuga.

'Dentention, Dentention, Detention. With Naruto. Don't Panic! How would Father think of this? Oh Lord.'

"Hinata? Hinat-" The voices swirled into the mixture of colorful blurs. Panic stirred around her, but as usual it swished pass her mind. I mean really, why should she care right now anyway? She's the one thats becoming unconsious. Really selfish people. Really.


"B-bye Shizune-san," Hinata waved as she exited the nurse's office. The door shut quietly as Shizune hollered best wishes for valentine's day. Hinata murmured to herself more then Shizune a reply. She did get Naruto something..But maybe she shouldn't give it to him. She shook her head, making those thoughts disappear. When she reached her locker to put away her books, she only got to close her locker in a rush since the bell errupted in a high pitch ring introducing the lunch period. The timid Hyuuga was carried away by the wave of stutdents exiting their classrooms heading towards the catfiteria.


"Hina-chan, Happy Valentine's day! It's Valentine's day!" Hinata's friend, Sakura screech waving her hands facaitlly. She hugged her tightly around her neck singing a random tune about all the love in the world and it's corny goodness. She lead her towards a table near the exit. There sat the usual small group of friends, Ino jabbering Shikamaru's ear off; Tenten and Neji slightly talking now and then about random things; Naruto and Sasuke just arguing like always. Sakura nudged Hinata. She whispered something only Hinata could hear, but it did raise a few brows from the sharp eyed people.

"So, did you get Naru-chan a little somethin' somethin'?" Sakura sang as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, nudging the timid and innocent. She giggled, letting the Hyuuga know it was a joke. Hinata bit the inside of her cheek as blood rushed to her face, once again. But even though she paused before she nodded. Sakura took a few bites of her burger before continuing.

"So what is it?" She elbowed her ribs for her to continue. Hinata scooted closer to Sakura and whispered in her ear.

"It's a secret," Sakura bounced up and down on her seat. She squeled and wiggled her butt. She shot Hinata a pleading look for her to continue.

"Ramen and chocolate, it's not great bu-"

"Aww so cute! My two ears of corn are growing up," Sakura beamed taking a sip of coke, the empty sound of the can noticed. Then sniffled.

"You too are growing up too fast," Sakura wailed, fake sobs escaping her. She grabbed her shoulders- shaking her furiously- for dramatic effect, "Stop growing! You here me?! Stop! For the love of humanity!" All eyes lead to them, as Sakura aburtly stopped and pounded her large forehead on the table.

"I take it you're trying out for the play?" Hinata questioned. Sakura raised her head with a evil aura radiating off her. Her eyes was a glare boring into Hinata's well being, giving her chills up and down her spine. A scowl that seemed like it could never be removed crawled onto her face. Sakura snorted. Then all of a sudden her lips curled into a kitty grin while her threating fist transformed into a peace sign.

"Yups, see that was my Saucey glare, right Sasu-kun?" She asked the silent form beside her. Without a respond; not even his signature trademark. A groan excaped her throat before she stuffed down the rest of her sandwich.

"So, you're going to try out for Juliet because Sasuke is going out for Romeo?"

"H-hinata! I'm shocked. How dare you think so lowly of me! But yes," Sakura snickered blushing lightly. Hinata tsked at her playfully. Suddenly the bell rang. Hinata looked down at her tray of food, untouched. Hinata groaned.

"No worries, I'll finish that for you!" Sakura laughed, slapping her back lightly.

"Good luck with Sas.." Hinata thoughts trailed off as she saw two forms alone connected together. She secretly grinned.

She better tell me all the details after school.


"Detention.." Hinata let out a low whimper. It has only been 5 mins but the tension in the room was too much for her to bear. Naruto didn't even arrive yet. Hinata glanced at the clock, biting her lip.

Where was he?!


Hinata's Notes.


After school; Dentention

8 minutes passed.

Still no sign of Naruto.

Where is Kakashi anyway? Wasn't he suppose to be here to watch us?

This is confusing!

I wonder how I'm going to explain to Father.

There's tension everywhere even if I'm the only one here.

I must not panic. Oh no, that already happened!

I'm scared.

This is the type of scene where a crazy murderer goes to a random school to take hostages. But they all evenuatually die, except the single soul that actually killed the killer!

It's too gory and ironic for me! I mean seriously, who're the idiots (no offence) that wrote something like that? The killer gets killed.

You. Suck. (Not the fact that you'll care but I'm pretty moody -as you might tell- since Naruto isn't here because I was going to give him his gift).

But now since he's not here... I'm gonna eat it.

I'm hungry.

Oh, but I wont let myself do it!

What about if he comes in the last seconds?!

... Yeah right..


Hinata's Notes


I think I stayed a little too overtime. This really isn't fair. I don't think I'm suppose to be here anymore.

I suspect they tricked me.

I suspect I'm right.

Although I didn't eat it. Yet.

But I'm leaving.

Oh wait. Someone just opened the door.

I'm scribbling as fast as I can! It's Naruto!


He kissed me.

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