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Friday, May 2, 2008


Title: Sweat
Author: desbutterfly
Pairing: NaruIno
Genre: smut
Rating: MA for sex
Summary: Ino examines the benefits of making Naruto sweat.

She didn’t think she would like it, the sweat.

It had never seemed that enticing when it clung stubbornly to the panels of Shikamaru’s jounin vest, or Chouji’s shirt, stinking up the cramped tent and making Ino long for a stream to push her sweaty boys into until they came up smelling like something more suitable for her delicate nostrils.

But it was different when she could smell it on his skin, feel it slip across her fingers as she dug them into his back and shoulders. For some reason, the smell didn’t bother her so much. Not when the scent was almost overwhelmingly male and heavy with sex and the way it would cling to her hair until she washed it the next day made her remember.

She liked to feel his body heat and strain and redden on top of her, loved the way the small beads of liquid slid down his neck, pooled at the small of his back, or in the hollow of his throat.

She liked to taste it then, her tongue rough against his skin as she took in the salt of him, what she figured his come would taste like if she ever let him release anywhere except inside of her.

And then, when he’d hurry, when he’d finally stop pretending he had control and just drove into her as fast and as deep as he possibly could, she’d lift her legs and hook them around his hips—feel her heels slide on the flesh of his thighs, toes curled tight tight—and twist her fingers into the sweaty blond locks around his cheeks to pull his mouth down to hers.

If her lips were pressed fast to his, she couldn’t scream his name when she came. He’d have to do it again just to get her to shape the syllables—Ah god, Na-ru-to, fuck yes—and then he’d grin and lick the sweat from his upper lip and take her shaking hips in his hands and squeeze…

Ino wasn’t stupid.

She knew how to get exactly what she wanted.


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