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Sunday, May 25, 2008

the inn

the inn
Author: the frozen moon

A young couple walked down the path of a beaten road hand in hand. One had wild and untamed able golden locks that jutted from his head. His counter part had straight long hair its tint was bubble gum pink.

“naruto” the pink haired woman said in a tired voice.

“Hm?” he asked with out opening his mouth. Looking down at her with love in his eyes.

“can we rest at the inn to night?” sakura asked pointing too the small old building just across the path. Naruto smiled slightly.

“anything” he said pecking her delicately on her lips “for my sakura-chan” he said pulling away for their kiss to soon for her tastes.

“Naruto how many times do I tell you that your to good for me?” sakura asked as they walked to the inn which was marked by the two red banners in front of the door signaling vacancy.

“as many times as I tell you that that’s not true and that I love you all the same” naruto said with his ear to ear grin that melted the hearts of any girl that looked at him, that and his 6’1 frame and lean muscular body and drop dead gorgeous facial features.

“then I say that I love you to and we normally end that conversation with this” she said pulling his head down into a full out make out session. Sakura always gets what she wants. “now lets get inside my feet are killing me.” sakura said walking though the sliding door way that was just above the ground in order to keep the dirt out.

“hello welcome to the nas-treverp inn.” said a woman beautiful and extremely busty woman behind a polished oak desk much like the rest of the building. “how may I tell you today.” she asked as the walked up to the desk.

“hello ma’am” naruto said bowing causing the woman to fume that he called her ma’am and sakura to giggle. “we would like two rooms please.” naruto said like normal routine. Sakura frowned slightly and tried to speak up but was cut off by the counter woman.

“oh so your not with her” the woman said leaning over showing off her massive breasts to naruto “well I might just pay you a little visit in the night” she said in seductive tone that could make any man pass out from blood loss or take her right then and there add that with a wink on top. But naruto was immune to her affects.

“naruto why did you ask for two rooms were married now?” sakura asked looking at her husband. Naruto just laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“oh yeah I guess it just kinda slipped my mind.” naruto said as he chuckled lightly in a very nervous manner.

“WHAT!” sakura yelled hitting him on the top of the head hard. “we just got married yester day how could you forget!?”

“not the brightest bulb is he.” the woman asked looking down at the man on the floor.

“better than one that doesn’t shine.” she said in a hush tone before glaring daggers which to sakura were more like bastard swords at her. “if you ever hit on him again or insult him I’ll make sure you can’t move.” she said darkly which was pretty difficult when you have pink hair.

“yes ma’am” she said in fear backing away from the counter.

“good” sakura said smiling “I’d like one room please.” the service lady hander a key with a number on it. “thank you.” sakura said dragging naruto down the hallway.

“that bitch has to be bipolar.” she said out loud. “but dam that guy was hot especially with those whisker marks.”

Sakura opened the door to reveal a large room the only furniture was the large king sizes bed a dresser two night stands and one killer view of the mountains. Sakura threw naruto on the bed causing him to bounce up high. Sakura sighed and turned her attention to the bath room.

“ a bath sounds nice right now.” she said stretching as she made her way to the closed oak door she assumed was the bath room. “wow” was the only word that escaped her mouth as she gazed at the pure ivory marble room. A very large bath was on the far side of the room a door leading to the toilet and sink was carved out of oak. Next to her was a cabinet full of all kinds of bath goodies. Like any other woman she instantly feel in love with the bath room.

Sakura began striping down to her bared essentials and walked over to the full body mirror and began to examine her naked figure. She smiled slightly at her figure long graceful legs let up to a large round and firm buttocks which was the only thing that kept people from saying she was as flat as a bored. Her stomach was thin and muscles were lightly defined so not to betray her feminine physic. She frowned when she looked at her breasts sometimes she wondered why she even wore a bra she always did want giant breasts. Then came the thing she dreaded most her large forehead though her husband seemed to like his words were “its very kissable.” shrugging it off she turned to the tub and began to fill it with warm crystal clear liquid.

After the tub filled up she brought an arm full of lotions and shampoos over next to the tub. She genteelly lowered her self into the warm liquid and let out a calming sigh.

“oww” she heard a groan from the other side of the wall. “sakura-chan were are you?” she heard naruto ask.

“I’m taking a bath!” she shouted smiling slightly.

“oh well I have to go to the toilet.” naruto said from the other side of the door.

“then come in and go” she said rolling her eyes before lowering her face into the water. She watched as the door cracked open slightly allowing just enough room for naruto to slide in his back against the wall his hand was covering his eyes as he slid before entering the separate room to take a relief. Sakura giggled then rolled her eyes. Naruto walked out of the toilet room in the same manner but half way to the other door sakura’s voice rang in his ears.

“naruto were married you can look at me naked.” she said sternly.

“I know sakura-chan but I don’t want to make you mad” naruto said his hand still covering his eyes.

“whats making me mad is your still dressed and your giving me a back rub.” that was all the motivation naruto needed he was in the water before his cloths hit the ground.

“sakura-chan you’re the most beautiful girl I know” naruto spoke as he gave sakura a back rub. Sakura smiled at his words they were pure and had no expectations to beheld in them. Suddenly an idea popped into sakura’s head and an open smile of pleasurable intent spread across her face.

“hey naruto?” sakura asked in a sweet voice.

“yes my sakura-chan?” naruto’s words triggered sakura to free herself from his grip and flip around in the water putting his head in leg lock. “sakura-chan?” naruto asked staring into her wet womanhood in a stunned state.

“I want you to eat my pussy” sakura said smirking. Naruto blinked for a second before he started kissing the inside of her legs teasing her to no end. “naruto” sakura said weakly as naruto’s kisses went up and down her nerves. “stop teasing.” naruto quickly obeyed and liked her lips earning himself an ecstatic moan out of the natural pink haired woman. His tongue dove in splitting her apart. Sakura arched her back almost putting her head under water as she felt naruto’s hot tongue slide its way into her. “oh god if this is what him eating me out feels like I can’t wait for actual sex” was her one thought in her moment of clarity before it was washed over by pleasure. Naruto began to twist his tongue and swirl it this sent sakura over the edge causing her to cry out in her best organism to date. Warm creamy juices splashed naruto’s face as he greedily licked It up.

“mmm sakura-chan you taste so good.” naruto said wiping away the last of her cum. Sakura released him from her leg lock and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“thank you naruto that was amazing” sakura said falling on to naruto’s chest. Naruto smiled and reached for a purple container and squeezed it’s the light pink colored lotion in his hands as he began to rub sakura down with the body wash. He started with her shoulders and slowly made his way down to her small breasts. As he massaged the lotion into her breast she began to moan. “don’t stop” she said making sure his hands continued their work. Naruto chuckled as he reached for more of the lotion and poured it on to her chest causing her to shudder at the cold. Sakura began to moan more and more as naruto massaged her. Naruto began to notice that their was more to grab, still rubbing his wife’s breasts he peered over her shoulder. And there they were in his hands two beautiful C-cup breasts and they looked like they were slowly growing.

“sakura-chan?” naruto asked his answer was a hmm “your boobs are growing.”

“I know” sakura said as naruto continued to massage her still growing breasts.

“do you want me to stop.” sakura shook her head no.

“no it feels Sooooo goooood” sakura said as she moaned again her breasts were quickly surpassing Double D’s causing naruto’s arms to become strain to reach the nipples. “besides I always want giant boobs.” she said kissing him on the cheek.

“sakura turn around I can’t reach your nipples.” naruto demanded in a husky voice that turned sakura on even more. Sakura did as she was told and looked down at naruto’s stiff member easily surpassing every other mans by at least two inch’s and thickness. Naruto looked at sakura’s new breasts and blood was rushing to his penis so fast that it was about ready to explode. Naruto quickly grabbed the bottle and undid the lid pouring it all onto sakura’s still firm breasts, naruto grabbed both F-cup fleshy mountains and began to kneed them as he felt sakura ease her self onto his throbbing member. Some how sakura had managed to fit all of him in her and began to bounce up and down.

“oh god naruto your so big!” sakura cried out as her h-cup breasts bounced up and down as naruto massaged and sucked on the nipples. Naruto began to buckle his hips to match sakura’s amazing speed. Naruto suddenly gasped in pain as sakura’s strong pussy clamped down onto his giant member.

“sakura your to tight.” naruto said in a wincing voice but the pain went by as pleasure passed over it. Pressure began to build in naruto’s rock hard dick. “sakura-chan I’m going to cum!” naruto yelled as his hand still gripped sakura’s still firm and bouncy I-cup breast.

“me too!” sakura screamed as she came to an organism twice has pleasurable as the one before. Naruto groaned as he shot a loud so hard into sakura it made her shot up off his dick. Sakura gasped looking at her hug boobs “wow this has to be the best honey moon ever.” naruto merely nodded in agreement

The next morning a man with blue hair walked out into the service area were the woman sat.

“heres your mail sir.” the man took it and looked down and opened the one envolope. He opened it then hung his head down


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