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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lilac and Lavender Koishii

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto..

Author: caihime-chan

Only this plot, hehe this is my first fanfic to please be nice…

Hope you like it…

Lilac and Lavender Koishii

Naruto could not help but think how Hinata tricked him into marriage. He doesn’t love her. He loves Sakura-chan. He was even hinting on Sakura about a proposal. He had plans for the both of them… even though she still doesn’t love him in a romantic way he still think that they have a chance. But what did Hinata do! She let him get drunk and told everyone, especially Sakura who happened to be the one that found them, that he touched her. Framed him to have touched her which he was sure he did not. She was a good actress alright, with all the tear and sobbing she could fool anybody but not him! So now she was his wife but he promised that he would make her pay. And tonight will be the start of her worst nightmare.

As she was walking to the conference where the wedding would be held she was stopped by her father… “Hinata I wanted to tell you something” Hiashi started.

“W-w-what is it Otou-sama?” Hinata was instantly nervous. Her father was not usually the compassionate one, so she braced herself for insults.

“Well I just wanted to say sorry for all the years that I have neglected your feelings… I know that I was not the best father for you. I treated you like trash and I regretted that. I also do not agree with this marriage that you are pursuing to have, but if this will make you happy… so I wanted to tell you that I’m just here whenever you need me” Hiashi finished and was now hugging his daughter.

“Thank you father” she could not say more as she hold on to Hiashi…

At least now one of her problems is solved so better brace herself with the next one.

Hinata was fidgeting in her dress. She could feel Naruto’s rage emanating from him. She sure could tell that he was really furious. She now wished that she had not agreed with Sakura-chan’s idea. Sakura said that Naruto was to propose to another girl, Naruto told her so. Hinata wants Naruto to be happy but she also doesn’t want to be away from Naruto. So she chose her own selfish intentions and dream.

“Now I ruined even our friendship “she thought sadly, now it’s too late. She was lost in her thoughts that she did not notice the people that were congratulating her.

“Don’t make it look that I forced you into marrying me, we both know that it’s the other way around. I’ll make sure you remember that!” Hinata almost jumped at the sound of Naruto’s voice. His breath was fanning her ear. She could now conclude that she really made the wrong decision.

On their first night…

“Hinata-hime tell me that nothing happened to us that night”, Naruto had a glint of hatred in his eyes as he approached His wife.

“Y-y-you t-t-touched m-me”, Hinata said still determined to hang on to what she previously declared but her resolve was weakening. She was getting afraid, really afraid. Naruto advanced nearer to Hinata so she step back until she was pinned to the wall.

“Liar!” Naruto screamed. What happened next was unthinkable in naruto. He ripped Hinata’s dress and forced her to open her mouth with a kiss. “He’s punishing me” Hinata thought as she felt blood in her mouth. She was hurting but she doesn’t want to stop. If she would give up now she might not have her happiness so she let Naruto do his fun. She just kisses him back to give him pleasure. This change Naruto’s temper and he give in to his nature. He became gentle with Hinata until they were both carried into the point of no return.

“You lied”, said Naruto. And that was the last thing that she heard that night. He left her in the room and went some place away from her. Hinata never felt more hurt. It was not even close to the hurt that she felt whenever her father tells her that she was a failure. Her body was sore (which was understandable considering what they did), her mind was sore, But heck! They’re not even as sore as her heart…

“She’s a big liar!” Naruto hissed under his breath as he gulped down his beer.

Easy kid, she’s not that bad. At least, she’s a virgin when you had her” the kyuubi said snickering.

“Shut up!” he shouted

“Hey! Lie low there; they might think your crazy… I would like to give a suggestion, why don’t you just accept your fate and just be happy with Hinata. The kid’s nice, she might have forced you into marriage but don’t you think that maybe, just maybe... she did that because she loves you. And maybe she really is the one for you” the kitsune explain.

“I don’t care about her anymore” he stated as he gulped more sake, intoxicating him more and more.

Hmp, the way you’re going… you might end up losing something and I’m sure you will really regret this… Don’t come running to me wailing my boy because all you’ll hear from is nothing but ‘I told you so”and with that the kitsune went back into the darkness.

“Dumb fox”, and all went blank to Naruto.

It’s been two months now and Hinata is trying really hard to make Naruto love him. She cooks for him, cleans the house that Lady Tsunade bought for them, serve him like he’s king but still he was not returning any of the affection Hinata wanted him to have for her. Not even sympathy. And they even sleep in different bedrooms. Naruto had not touched her again after their first night much to Hinata’s disappointment. Feeling a little bit dizzy she forced herself to get up to prepare her husband’s things. She entered Naruto’s room silently and went straight to his closet. She piled the outfit that she chose in the couch near his bed and went out of his bedroom, hinata new that he doesn’t want to be disturbed during the morning. She proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Naruto had been awake all the while Hinata was in his room. He watched her as she silently made her way around. He doesn’t know why he’s doing it but he just couldn’t help it. He can’t help but stare at her swaying hips, her slender body. “What are you thinking you Baka You hate her, remember that!” he thought as he get out of bed. He doesn’t like this; it’s as if he is having some perverted feelings towards Hinata. “Hmn… maybe its just because of the morning dew I think, it makes people crazy.” And just to piss her off he chooses a different outfit and disregarded the one she previously prepared. “This is what you deserve”. He had a smirk seeing Hinata’s expression as he walked into the kitchen.

Shocked was not enough to describe her when she saw him in a different outfit but she doesn’t mind if that will make him happy, she will adhere to whatever he wants. “Ohayou Naruto-kun!” she said with a faint smile. “I prepared some bacon and eggs for you; I know kyuubi-chan will like that”.

Naruto did not reply and just ate. He noticed that Hinata was paler this morning but he shook the thoughts away. ”Maybe just a little paranoid” he thought.

Hmn, do I see concern there!?” the kyuubi has sensed him. He ignored him but made a jump when he heard a loud thud. Hinata was on the floor getting paler. He scooped her up and made a run into the hospital.

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