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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Naruto Adventures : Free Download


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This is my first completed game... Well...its not completed yet cus this is just the demo version lol. :P But any way, this is a Naruto game that you can see. ^^
I just love naruto so i made this game. In this game are you doing missions and going on adventures. But you cant jump in it cus im not so good yet that i can make them jump... :(

But if someone can tell me how to jump then you can do it in full version. :D
So plz tell me how to do when i wanna have them to jump. ^^
Oh ye,i forgot to write down that you can throw knifes when you hit ''space''.

Plz rate and comment! ;) Hope you'll enjoy it! :D It is just my first game after all. ^^

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