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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anko's Secrets

Anko's Secrets
Author: Ghetto Anime Princess

I don't own Naruto, trust me, if I did, it'd be called Neji, not Naruto!!! Okay, now talk to you later!! If you can read, you can review! Please do both!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

A Secret of the Fourth

Chapter 1

No one ever knew of us. No one needed to know of us. I mean, it was so obvious. Constantly seen together, even the 3rd knew something. And that's when the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon attacked. I remembered how everyone rushed away to try and protect the village, especially since they were waiting on him. He left me when after the labor, only 2 nurses, and Shizune. He said that he promised to be back in time, enough to look upon his face, and to see me smile again.

But then, the only thing I remember is the building collapsing, killing both nurses, leaving me, my baby, and Shizune. I saw him, covered in so many scars, I practically cried. He said he was going to use it. I told him not to, and I especially told him not to when he said he was going to use it on the baby. But he declined. He used it of course, the stubborn one I knew of, leaving the child in my care. But I couldn't. I don't know why, I just couldn't. It wasn't because he had the Fox, that's just not it. I knew that i wasn't FIT to be a mother. I mean look at me. No one would ever expect me to be his mother. Especially not him. My name is Anko Mitarashi, and my son is Naruto Uzumaki.

"Anko!" She turned around and saw one of her closest friends running up to her with some ramen in a takeout basket as she hurried closer, guys shooting constant looks at her. Who wouldn't look at Kurenai Yuhi, newest Jonin on the block? Who would look at me? No one, because they know not to mess with me. I'm the 4th's and no one else's. The Leaf Village should know this.

"Hey Kurenai," she said with a cheesy grin on her face. "I see you brought some takeout. I thought you'd bail on me since Asuma's been giving you some help with you students. I bet you went over his house, didn't you?" Kurenai blushed and looked away angrily. Her best friend was so perverted.

"Asuma and I are friends," Kurenai explained as Anko started to slurp down the ramen quickly. "Nothing else! And I've never been to anyone's house! Especially not Asuma's!" Anko took a large gulp and turned to her.

"That's not what Kakashi said." Kurenai's jaw dropped as Anko continued walking. "Come on, Kurenai. People always say they're just friends. Then within the next month, you're pregnant." Kurenai rolled her eyes angrily.

"When has that ever happened to anyone?" Kurenai said cruelly as Anko frozed as she swallowed the bit of ramen in her mouth. Kurenai realized it without thinking. "I-I'm sorry, Anko. I didn't mean it, I swear-"

"It's okay, I understand," Anko said continuing. She turned to Kurenai nervously. "H-how's he doing? You know..." Kurenai smiled happily.

"He looks just like him. Naruto seems to have traits from both of you," Kurenai said with a giggle. Anko scoffed and twirled through the ramen with her chopsticks.

"Yeah, spiky hair seems to run in the family. I don't look anything like Naruto. He looks just like Akanaji," she said looking at the mountain, seeing the 4th's face. "There's no doubt that he acts just like him, right?"

"Right," responded a male voice, making both Kunoichi's look up, seeing Kakashi turning a page of Make-Out Violence. Anko sighed and looked away.

"I remember how my Sensei was better than anyone Anko. I always was with him even when we weren't training," Kakashi stated turning another page. "And Naruto is another Akanaji." Anko continued walking trying to ignore all these people surrounding her.

"Spiky Blonde hair and stubborness isn't a bloodline, you know," Kurenai said smiling. "His love for ramen and his perverted mind came from you." Anko shot a mean glare at Kurenai as her fellow friend backed off. She looked at the ground.

"I should have kept him, right?" Anko asked softly, the others looking at her as she entered the Konoha bar.

"You could have if you wanted to," Kurenai explained. "You shouldn't beat yourself up about it so much. You know plenty of others who would have done the same thing."

"Anko, hello."

"What's up, Anko?"

"Anko, what's up?" She walked over to the stand and sat down beside Kurenai and Kakashi.

"Manamaru, hand one over, you know," Anko called at the bartender, as he nodded mixing drinks. He turned back to Anko and gave a grin.

"Come on, Anko. You know one day your going to drink a little too much and you'll be at my place all night," Manamaru exclaimed as Anko reached out and grabbed his shirt, making him gulp. Her face held an evil glare.

"I'm not in the best of moods right now, Manamaru, so I suggest you leave me alone. I've told you just as much as all the other pigs who enter and exit this village every day, that since Akanaji left, no one will have the honor of coming to my house, or me going to theirs," Anko yelled as he gulped handing her a glass. Kurenai watched her chug down the tall glass astonished.

"I hope you didn't drink like that when you were pregnant," Kurenai muttered as Kakashi shook his head, continuing to read.

"Oh no, she stocked up on carbs by eating nothing but ramen," Kakashi explained. "Oh trust me, I was there, and I watched all the flavors she consumed. I can't even count." Anko shot another glare at Kakashi as she groaned hearing a voice.

"It's Might Gai the Handsome Devil of the Leaf Village!" Anko looked at her watch.

"Oh look, it's time to go-"

"Anko-chan! May I say you are looking ravishing today?" she slapped her forehead, hurting her hand by hitting the headband instead.

"Anko, what's up?" she saw Genma standing there smiling at her, making her scoff.

"Oh, put a sock in it Genma," she muttered as his toothpick fell out of his mouth. He stared at her and then turned away to Kurenai, but before he could start, Kurenai held up a hand.

"Don't even think about it," she warned, a Kunai at his nuts. "Say anything, and you won't have any children." Genma's eyebrow twitched in amusement and sat down. You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war, Kurenai.

"Trust me, she's got a boyfriend, Asuma Sarutobi," Anko giggled as she chugged another. Kurenai turned around sharply and shot yet another glare at Anko, realizing she was drunk at once. Her cheeks were bright red and she couldn't sit in the seat very well. Kakashi took the mug.

"What's in this stuff?" he as staring at it. Manamaru winked at him.

"A little of everything. Beer, Sake, and this new stuff from out of the countries, red stuff called wine," Manamaru exclaimed. Gai sniffed it and shook his head.

"If Lee even smelt something like this..."

"Anko? Anko!" Kurenai shook her friend without realizing that she wasn't going to be moving for a while. She was knocked out. Snoring on the bar counter. Kurenai sighed as she stood up, trying to balance Anko on her shoulder.

"I think you better get her out of here before she gets raped or molested or something," Kakashi stated as Kurenai nodded.

"Where'd you get that idea?" Gai asked curiously. Kakashi pointed to the red and second issue of the Icha Icha Books. Make Out Violence.

"See, the main girl character gets kidnapped and raped by who she think is her friend, but then she realizes that she loves her, but then still thinking that she raped her, she tries to resolve it using violence," Kakashi explained.

"SHE?" Kakashi nodded as Genma, Kakashi, and Manamaru raised their hands in unison saying, "Amen brother." Kurenai sighed aggravated.

"I'm surrounded by dumbasses," she muttered as she started out of the bar slowly. Gai-Sensei shook his head.

"Now you've upset her," he stated angrily. Kakashi shrugged as he watched Anko's lazy head bob out of the bar.

"You're lying," Naruto yelled at Anko. She reached out to him, but he shoved her hand away. "You expect me to reach out for you in open arms, and just kiss and hug you? If you're supposed to be my mother, where have you been for the last 13 years!?" Anko's eyes started to water.

"I couldn't take care of you, Naruto. I wasn't old enough, mature enough-"

"So I took care of myself in replace of you. I thought my mother had died along with my father with that beast inside of me, but it turns out she handed me over!!" Naruto yelled as Anko stared in disbelief.

"Naruto, Akanaji wanted-"

"Who's this bastard who supposed to be my father!? Where's he, out partying every night like pervy sage-"

"Don't talk about Akanaji that way! If it wasn't for you, you wouldn't not only be born, but probably dead! Your father is the 4th Hokage!" Anko screamed at him. "He loved me and you more than life itself! That's why he gave it all up!"

"The only person I hate right now is you, Anko," Naruto stated cruelly. "You could have been there when all those people hated me. You could have been there when I was alone. But you weren't. You were out having a goodtime yourself, probably hating me like all those other people."

"N-no, Naruto. I love you, Naruto. P-please, I-I'm sorry, I could ha-have been there, I could have, b-but-"

"Stay away from me."

"Anko! Anko, wake up!!" Her eyes bolted opened as she sat straight up, feeling a terrible pain in her head. She grabbed it, letting out a terrible moan.

"K-Kurenai? What's going on?" Anko asked rubbing her head. Kurenai pushed her back down.

"You were having a bad dream, about Naruto. You kept saying you were sorry," Kurenai whispered softly, Anko's face slouching. "M-maybe you should tell him."

"No! I know exactly what he's going to do!" Anko explained angirly. "He's going to say I wasn't there for him and that I wasn't right. I shouldn't even be his mother-"

"Don't talk like that!" Kurenai yelled at her.

"why shouldn't I? If I was him, I'd do the same thing!" Anko yelled angrily back. "It's not fair, okay? And I deserve everything. All that emotional pain that I inflicted on him, he'll return it all back to me. I just know it." Kurenai sighed as her hand fell to her friend's shoulder.

"Anko, you need rest. Go on to sleep," Kurenai stated as she pushed her back to lie down. She covered her eyes with a hot washcloth and left out, leaving her to doze off.

Kurenai stepped outside the house, seeing Kakashi and Jiraiya.

"We can't tell him, and she won't tell him. So we have to have them together. So they can get to know each other better," Kurenai explained quickly. Kakashi held his hand to his chin thinking.

"For lunch, at exactly 12 noon, Naruto always goes out Ichiraiku Ramen," Kakashi explained, Jiraiya nodding quickly. "That's the only place he eats."

"Ramen's the only FOOD he eats," Jiraiya muttered, "just like his mother." They all nodded. Kurenai smiled quickly.

"I'll convince Anko to go tomorrow, okay?" The three Nin nodded as they all disappeared into the night. "A family reunion is about to take place."

Precious Memories

Chapter 2

The next morning, Anko was feeling well enough to go and get the traffic report for Lady Tsunade. She was walking down the streets and saw Naruto and Squad 7 training. Kakashi was working with Sasuke of course, while Sakura was working on her Genjutstu. Naruto was practicing Rasengan. His hands were getting pretty rough. Anko's face softened. Persistantance is a trait as well.

Naruto formed the sphere, the chakra appearing, he shoving into a tree. He growled and let out a scream on aggravation. He still hadn't gotten full power.

"AH!!!! STUPID TREE!!!!" He yelled angrily, starting to kick it repeatedly. "STUPID, DAMN, TREE!!!" Naruto yelled continuing. Anko giggled to herself. Maybe Kurenai is right. He is loud like me.

Kakashi looked up from Sasuke doing Chidori, looking at Anko. He chuckled, seeing her eyes glued to Naruto's cursing fit.

"Anko!" She looked up instantly, realizing she had been spotted. She started to blush. "You want to meet Squad 7?" She shook her head frantically, giving a quick wave.

"I-I gotta go get the traffic report!" She said quickly, running away. She remembered Naruto's face and that smile. Get rid of the lines on his face, and he was Akanaji's clone. She sighed as she continued to walk. She got the report and started toward Tsunade's house. She was walking down the alley way, where she first met Akanaji. The only difference was that it was raining that day, and it wasn't the best mood for her.

Anko was walking down the market slowly, not caring if she got sick. She was already soaked to the bone, why the hell should she care now? Her parents were dead, not that they liked or cared about her anyway, Orochimaru had betrayed her and now that's the only thing she wanted to do. Kill him, but she couldn't go out and search for him. She was already on thin ice.

She stopped as she saw a group of men in front of her, making her face harden.

"Get out of my way, you pricks," she growled angrily. "I'm in no mood." One of them chuckled evilly.

"We have a lost little girl," he said softly. The lightening flashed, Anko's true appearance showing. "Excuse me, it looks like we have a full grown maiden on our hands." Anko growled as she pulled out a Kunai.

"I said move!!" She yelled. "I will not repeat myself."

"She's a kunoichi too, boss," another stated. "We're in so much trouble," he whispered sarcastically.

"You heard her. Leave her alone," a new voice stated. He stepped in front of Anko, he was really tall compared to her.

"Look who's back from training," one said grinning. Lightening flashed once more, Anko seeing him more clearly. He had clear blue eyes that looked angry right then, and blonde hair was was limp at his shoulders from the down pour. He had on a Jonin vest as well. How come Anko didn't know about him? She was a Special Jonin, but still...

"No worries, guys. This guy is a fraud. No way he can even win," he said, his face hardening. He started to run at the blonde-haired man, a kunai in his hand. "Now die Uzumaki!!!" The man simply formed a sphere in his hand, blue from chakra. Anko paid attention, interested. He thrusted it into the man's abdomen, making him scream as he fell back on the others.

"Rasengan." The other's scrambled up andf stared at him. "Anyone else want some?" They shook their heads frantically and ran away. He turned around and looked at Anko, the rain finally stopped. He had a grin on his face.

"Hey, you okay?" he said with a warm smile. Anko walked passed him angrily.

"I could have dealt with them by myself," she said simply, ignoring his statement. He jogged up beside her and continued walking with her.

"That's a great way to say thanks," he muttered softly, seeing the look on her face not changing at all. "What's wrong? You seem in a bad mood," he said worried. "Anything I can do to help?" she stopped and shot a mean glare at him.

"I don't even know who the hell you are!! How can I just tell you everything!?" she asked angrily, starting once more, him staring at her.

"What's your name?" he asked kindly, making him grin happily. Anko stopped in her tracks and stared up at him. Something told her he was different from other men she knew of. She shook it off, brushing past him.

"Get lost." the man ran up beside her and smiled weakly.

"Hello, Get Lost, my name's Akanaji Uzumaki," he said stupidly. "Would you like me to walk you home?" Anko's glare disappeared and turned into a stare.

"That's the corniest pickup line I've ever heard," she whispered with an actual smile. He gave her one back in return.

"Looks like I made Get Lost smile-"

"My name is Anko Mitarashi," she whispered trying to avoid any new pickup lines. He smiled at her embarrassed. The clouds were gone and there was nothing but the moon and stars.

"You're named after sweets? Well, would you like me to walk you home?" he asked kindly. Anko shot him a glare, but he was unfazed.

"Don't try to hit on me," she explained angrily. "I don't need any more bullshit tonight," she whispered angrily. She suddenly felt his arm wrap around her shoulder in a friendly embrace.

Anko sighed as she continued to walk. She saw all sorts of children running around with their parents. It had pained her to see them in such a way, when she couldn't even approach her own son out of pure fear of rejection.

"Carnival!! Once a year carnival!!" she heard a man yelled. She smiled weakly at the thought of the carnival.

"Anko!! Anko!!!" She turned around, staring at the ramen in her hand, seeing Akanaji run to catch up to her. She smiled suspiciously.

"You seem to be tagging along with me quite alot lately, Akanaji," she asked grinning. "I hope you aren't planning on hitting on me soon." Akanaji gave her an embarrassed grin.

"Trust me Anko. I wouldn't do that!" he lied quickly. "I mean, you'd beat the shit out of me before I would be able to finish the sentence." Anko grinned as she passed the ramen his way. She didn't mind sharing with him.

"Good Boy," she said as she continued to walk. "What do you want me so bad for?" Akanaji said this really fast, but Anko didn't have time to react.

"Would you like to go to the Carnival with me?" Akanaji said with a grin. Anko just stared at him and felt her cheeks start to burn and her teeth slowly started to grit together.

"You just said you wouldn't go out with m-"

"I mean as a friend, Anko. I mean, the carnival comes once a year, and I would really like for you to go with me," Akanaji asked sugarcoating it. She stared at him, still slightly angry.

"You're just trying to add all of this to save your ass aren't you?" Anko asked suspiciously. He grinned evilly.

"Of course! By now you would have me on the ground and a kunai to my throat," he said truthfully. Anko's eyebrow rose in suspicion. Something wasn't right. "Please, Anko." He gave her the face. Not the lip, the face. His eyes just turned all depressed and his grin disappeared. Nobody could resist that. Not even Satan himself. She sighed and nodded.

"I'll go," she whispered shortly, Akanaji's grin returned. as he grabbed her arm.

"Come on, let's go!!"

When they arrived, Anko was yelling everywhere.

"Wow!! Look at that!! The food!!! The prizes!!!! The RIDES!!!!!" she yelled happily, staring at the ferris wheel. "Oh!! Akanaji!! I wanna go on that!!" he chuckled.

"The lines too long, we'll come back when it gets shorter," he explained as Anko groaned. But she stopped and stared. She was acting like a baby.

"That is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!!" Anko said happily. Akanaji looked up.


She pointed to a stuffed little red fox, her eyes practically stars.

"That fox is so cute!! Can I have it? Can I?" Anko begged. Akanaji grinned.

"I had no idea you were into stuffed animals," he muttered, Anko starting to blush.

"W-well, I have a thing for foxes, that's all," she explained sticking her nose up. He grinned.

"It's okay, I'll take you over there if you really want," he said with Anko's eyes lighting up again as she nodded. They went over to the booth, seeing a girl with gold eyes and sugar pink hair. She was chewing a wad of pink bubble gum.

"You guys wanna go?" she asked with a grin. Akanaji nodded as the girl explained how to play.

"Okay, you have to win about 400 points to win that little fox," she started. "But each ballon you want is about 100 points each. Pop them with a dart. You have 3 gos." Anko raised her hand.

"How can he get 400 pts. on 3 tries?" she asked curiously.

"There's a special ballon that green one, which is 200," she explained. "No one has ever popped it before. Impossible." Akanaji grinned as he put his money down on the table.

"Let's go then." He threw the dart pretty hard, hitting the balloon next to the green one. He hit another one, same thing happened. He only got 300 in the first round. Anko frowned and sighed.

"I guess we should just go home-"

"No way," he interrupted. "I'm getting you that fox, Anko." They sat there till the sun started to go down. Anko yawned sadly.

"Come on, Akanaji. Let's just go-" POP!!!!!!! She turned around and the pink haired girl stared, her mouth wide open, the gum falling out.

"Here you go Anko!!" he said handing her the fox. Anko smiled and gave him a big hug. He smiled, slightly embarassed with a dark blush on his cheeks.

"Thank you so much Akanaji!!"

"You're welcome, Anko," he said with a grin. "What are you going ot name it?" She thought hard and grinned.

"Naruto," she said with a smile. Akanaji stiffled a laugh. "What?"

"That's an ingredient in ramen."

She sighed again. She still had that little red fox in her home, on her bed. She closed her eyes sadly and continued onto Tsunade's house.

She entered and handed her the report, her face slightly saddened.

"Anko?" She broke out of her daze.

"Y-yes ma'am?" she asked softly. Tsunade had never seen Anko this way before. Even Shizune noticed at difference in Naruto's mother. Not that many people knew that secret now, except for the older people of the village, but they never spoke of it.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she whispered, Anko nodding. Tsunade dismissed her, Anko heading out the door.

"Hey, Anko! Where are you going?" Jiraiya asked softly, Anko smiling weakly him.

"Just going home," Anko stated, heading toward the door in an instant. Jiraiya stopped her by grabbing her shoulder, turning her around.

"Aren't you hungry?" he asked confused. She nodded.

"Kurenai usually brings me lunch after she's done teaching her class," Anko explained, Jiraiya shaking his head.

"Kurenai told me to tell you she couldn't bring it today. You'll just have to get it yourself," he sang, Anko sighing. She turned around, but then stopped.

"Why can't she come?"the Pervy Sage thought hard and grinned.

"Her two students, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Abarame got into a big fight, so she has to punish them during lunch," Jiraiya lied pretty well. Anko shrugged and continued out the door, leaving the office. He smiled happily. That little brat is going to meet the brat that's his mother. I remember how she used to act around Akanaji.

"Hem, hem." he looked up and saw a pissed off Tsunade. He shrugged.


"What the hell did you just do!?" she yelled angrily. Jiraiya shook his head but this time, she grabbed the front of his shirt, lifting him off the ground with one hand.

"Just tr-tried to put Anko and Naruto together-" Tsunade's eyes widened as she threw him to the ground.

"You completely perverted, idiotic excuse for a SANNIN!!!!" she yelled angrily. "It's forbidden for Naruto to know! The 4th and 3rd wanted it that way!! You don't know how Naruto will react!! He could hate her for not telling him!!!" Jiraiya closed his eyes.

"Oh no, Anko."

"RASENGAN!!!!" he yelled angrily, still not getting full power. "Damn tree!! Damn rock!!! DAMN EVERYTHING!!!"

"Naruto, cursing out the objects that you practice on won't help you get any better, so I suggest you calm down, okay?" Kakashi stated angrily. He shot a glare at his sensei, recognizing the same one Anko used to give to him when he was younger.

"Shut up, you little pipsqueak!!!" Anko yelled slamming her fist on top of Kakashi's spiky silver hair.

"Yeowch!!!!!!! Sensei!!!! Get your girlfriend!!!!!"

"Calm down, you guys," Akanaji said breaking it up quickly. Anko was fuming at the mouth, shooting glares at Kakashi angrily.

"That little brat started it!!!"


Kakashi sighed. How did he and Anko get along now? His sensei's death left her heartbroken, and to make it worse, she wouldn't keep her son, which only made her feel even worse.

"Naruto, shouldn't you head over to Ichiraiku's right about now?" Kakashi asked softly. "You look hungry." A loud stomach growl came from the 4th's offspring.

"Yeah, I am kinda hungry, but I don't want to go all the way into town. I mean, it's just a waste of time-" Kakashi thought hard. How could he trick the little boy into going to Ichiraiku? Pass a hint?

"They say right now is a woman who knows your parents. Her name is Anko, the one that was here a minute ago," he explained, Naruto's eyes brightening immediately. Sasuke and Sakura both looked up at that.


"I'm off to Ichiraiku!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he ran off. Kakashi remembered the same smile that Anko wears to this day. And she say he doesn't look like her.

"Kakashi-sensei!!" he heard Sasuke call. He turned around.


"What was that all about?" he asked suspiciously. Kakashi shrugged carelessly.

"Are you done with Chidori?" he asked softly, Sasuke glaring while he shook his spiky head. "Then get to it." They had just gotten Sasuke back from the dark side. He remembered when he found out Anko had been on the dark side.

"Sensei!! These papers-!! GAH!!!" Kakashi stared down at the pile of folders on the floor. Their mission was to organize the missions based on pass or fail, date, and alphabetical order along with ninja status reports. Akanaji sighed as he leaned over and started to pick up the files.

"You know we have to start over now, right Kakashi?" he asked softly, making his student groan.

"I think we'd do it faster if it was at least Rin here," Kakashi muttered, Akanaji grinned.

"Yeah, I bet you wish she was here," he said with a chuckle, picking up reports and files. Kakashi's eyes widened at the sight.

"Sensei, this is your girlfriend's file," he said holding it up. Akanaji's face turned dead serious.

"She's not my girlfriend, Kakashi, now put it bac-don't open it!!" he yelled snatching it away quickly. Kakashi stared at him.

"Come on, you know you want to look and see what she's really like in her ninja status," Kakashi said with a grin. "This'll be between you and me sensei!" Akanaji sighed as he opened the folder. His eyes traveled across the page, his eyes widening each passing second.

"What!? What is it? Read it aloud!!" Kakashi exclaimed. Akanaji began.

"Mitarashi Anko
Registration #: 011226
Age: 24
Status: Living
Ninja Rank: Special Jounin
Birth Date: October 24
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 45.8 kg
Blood Type: A
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village
Student Of: Orochimaru!!" he said reading down the list. "Orochimaru!? She was taught by Orochimaru!?" he yelled angrily.

"Sounds like you're dating a witch," Kakashi mutter, Akanaji shooting a glare at him.

"As a Special Jounin, Anko is the examiner of the Survival Training Techinique of the Chuunin exam. She was also the former student of Orochimaru.

"As a student of Orochimaru's, Anko was taught many techniques and his curse seal was also placed on her neck which gave her extra power. Several times Anko has attempted to kill Orochimaru after he had returned to the Leaf Village.

"Although skillful, she was no match for him. He took both of her parents most recently. Kokoro Mitarashi, and Keisuke Mitarashi.

"She surrendered herself to the 3rd Hokage and is now a respectable member of the Leaf Village once more. However, she is on very thin ice. She is still out after Orochimaru as well; people say to kill him, some say to rejoin with him," Akanaji finished. Kakashi stared in awe.

"Sir, I think you should break up with her. It says there are still suspicions on her-"

"I don't care," Akanaji whispered softly. Kakashi's jaw dropped.


"I don't care. I don't even go out with Anko. I can't stop being her friend because of what other people think," Akanaji explained softly.

"But Sensei, you could get hurt-"

Kakashi sighed watching Naruto head off. Hurry up before she gets takeout.

"Hey!! Hey lady!!" Anko looked up, seeing Naruto running toward her. Anko thought he was talking to someone else, but was surprised when he called her name. "Hey, Anko-what's-her-face!! I'm talking to you!!" Anko looked up instnatly and saw him sit down beside him with a grin. Ayame giggled. She was one of the few who knew.

"What do you want, Kid?" Anko whispered about to order her ramen.

"What kind, Miss Uz-Mitarashi?" Ayame whispered softly correcting herself. Anko shot an evil glare.

"Chicken and Pork," she muttered. Naruto let out a loud yell.

"That's my favorite flavor too!!!" he said with a grin. Anko smiled weakly, trying not to feel tears in her eyes. Naruto and Anko got the ramen and started to eat. "Hey, Kakashi-sensei said that you know about my parents," Naruto whispered. Anko dropping her chopsticks. "Is it true?"

"Kid, I've gotta go," Anko whispered standing up, slapping the money on the counter. She had to get away. She couldn't dare even think about Akanaji. Let alone tell Naruto about him. "I'm outta here."

"No!!" Naruto pleaded. "Just tell me, is it true?" She closed her eyes, sighing weakly.

"Yes, I knew them both. Your father especially," Anko said softly. She saw Naruto's eyes light up. She thought hard and got an idea. A way for her to spend time with Naruto. "Naruto?" He looked up.


"Come with me, we're going out for a while," Anko said wrapping her arm around his shoulder. "Remember, this is me being nice to you. Like, a friendly gesture. I don't do this often."

Showing Emotion

Chapter 3

"We're going to the ramen shop again, right?" Anko asked happily as she looked up at Akanaji. It was pitch black at night and he was walking her home. They were at her door, and she was about to go in, but he had asked her out. He shook his head.

"No Anko, I mean, know," he whispered, Anko's hazel eyes widening and for the first time ever, her face started to turn red.

"You mean, dinner, kind of date?" Anko asked softly, looking at the dirt on the ground as he nodded.

"This isn't a simple date if that's what you mean. I got reservations at Konoha Fire," Akanaji stated, Anko staring in disbelief.

"I thought you were broke-"

"Yeah, well, Pervy Sage had me hold some of his stuff and his checkbook fell out, so I don't think he'll mind," Akanaji stated happily, Anko giggling slightly.

"I just...I just always expected to be friends," Anko whispered, her voice getting harder to hear. He nodded understanding completely, but he wanted her more than a friend.

"I'm sorry, this might be too much-"

"N-no! No! Everything's fine, it's just that, I never expected this much. Never expected you to ask me out, I never expected ANYONE to ask me out, it's just so hard to take in, and-" Anko's eyes were so wide you could see the whole thing. Akanaji was KISSING her! She never expected anyone to come that close in contact with her. But she didn't know what to do. Her body seemed to move by itself. She slid her arms around his neck as she pulled his spiky head closer to hers, his arms around her waist. He broke away before she wanted to, especially since she didn't taste his tongue yet, making her face disappointed and confused; she was in a daze.

"W-why'd you stop?" she asked in a softly, slightly seductive voice as he let her go. He chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"We have to breath, Anko," he whispered in her ear. "Especially me."

"B-breath through your nose," she whispered as she closed in on him, he stopping her, taking her chin in his hands.

"I think you've had enough for tonight Anko," he whispered kissing her on the cheek lightly. "Goodnight." She stared at the ground as she unlocked her door. Now she was embarrassed. He practically had control over her! He had turned her into a horny teenager before she could even finish her sentence, and he was so calm, so collected, so sexy. She shivered all over at the thought of that. She was actually about to lust over him. She shuddered again.

"Anko?" She looked over to Naruto, who was 13, and was getting pretty tall. He was hitting puberty and well, of course he was getting ready for his growth spurt. She smiled weakly at him and acknowledged him.

"What is it?"

"Where are we supposed to be going?" Naruto asked curiously. She chuckled softly, and continued to walk.

"It was your mother's favorite date of all," Anko stated simply, Naruto turning to her confused. What's this lady up to?

When they got there, Naruto started to act like Naruto, going crazy and all over the place.

"Wow!! This is the coolest thing I've ever SEEN!!!!" Naruto practically screamed at everyone and everywhere. Anko let out a slight giggle. My exact same reaction. They were at the once a year carnival, the same one Anko had gone to with Akanaji.

"I knew you'd like it," she whispered happily. "What ride do you want to go on?" Naruto looked around and instantly pointed to the ferris wheel.

"I wanna go on THAT!!!" he yelled happily. He ran in line and realized it was it was pretty short. "Why is the line so short?"

"We're some of the earliest people here. I mean, don't you want to be?" she asked, Naruto grinning as he nodded his head. They soon came onto the ferris wheel, seating inside of it, starting to go up, practically touching the sky. Anko stared out the window, her mind wandering. Do you think me spending time with him, may actually give me enough strength to tell him the truth, Akanaji? I really hope so. I don't like lying or keeping secrets, which only makes me a hypocrite. Oh Kami, I'm so confused, she thought as she let out another sigh.

"Anko!!" she looked up.


"What was my dad like? I mean, was he really cool? Was he like me? Was he-" Anko accidentally reached out her hand and rubbed his spiky blonde hair sympathetically. Naruto just stared up toward her hand.

"You look just like him," Anko whispered softly. "Not to mention you have his smile and strength. You're his clone. No doubt about that." Naruto smiled, getting affection from someone.

"What about my mom?" Naruto asked softly. Anko's eyes started to water slightly, but she shook them off. She sat back and stared out the window, trying to swallow the bump in her throat.

"She was l-loud, just like you," Anko whispered. "She loved ramen, and grew up to be a Special Jonin." Naruto's eyes lit up.

"What rank was my father?" Naruto asked eagerly. Anko shook her head.

"That's something...I can't tell you right now," Anko whispered to him. She looked up, smiling a warm smile. "But don't worry. I'll tell you eventually."

After they got off the ferris wheel, it was officially packed, and not to mention there were plenty of rides. Anko looked at the booth of which she remembered Akanaji winning the fox. Still the same, and they had a new copy of the fox.

"Hey Anko, let's go over there," Naruto said pointing to the booth. It was the same girl as well. No doubt she would remember Anko and realize that the similiarities between Akanaji and Naruto are not a coincidence.

"N-no!! Naruto-"

"Come on, it won't take too long!!" Naruto said pulling her. "Besides, I want that!!" He pointed at a crystal heart which opened up, so you could place two people's pictures in it. Anko's face softened.

"Why?" she whispered. Naruto turned to Anko and grinned.

"I'm sure you have a picture of my mom and dad somewhere, right?" Naruto whispered softly. Anko's face softened even more. She did have plenty of pictures stored under her bed in an old shoebox. She even had one before Akanaji set off after the Nine-Tailed Fox. It was one of Anko, her hair laying down as she stared at baby Naruto, Akanaji beside her, their faces touching, while a baby Naruto slept in her arms.


"So I want them!!" Naruto exclaimed happily. "I mean, I probably know what they look like, but they are so far in my brain, I can't remember them, but I just want to see them-"

"Okay, go ahead," Anko said stopping his talking. "Go ahead and try." They walked up to the booth, the sugar pink haired girl's golden eyes widening. She grinned.

"Who's this little guy?" she asked eyeing Naruto. Anko didn't say anything as she put her money down on the counter. She tapped Naruto's shoulder. "You out here with your mom?" Naruto looked at her puzzled Anko shooting the woman a "SHUT UP!!!!" glare, making her cover her mouth.

"What'd you say?" Naruto asked, but before the woman could answer, Anko handed him his three darts.

"Here, pretend they are kunai and you'll never miss," Anko stated happily. Naruto gulped.

"I-I'm not good with Kunai. That's more in Sasuke's area, or Tenten, or even Neji-"

"Go ahead, you're father was no better than you are now," Anko explained. The sugar pink haired girl saw Naruto nod as he threw the first dart. On the dot, he hit the very first one, the green ballon. The pink haired girl gave him a smirk.

"You did a lot better than your father," she exclaimed without thinking, making Naruto grin.

"Thanks! You knew him?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Yeah! He came by and won-" Anko covered her mouth quickly and just shook her head.

"Nothing!! Just go ahead and shoot the other two!!" Anko exclaimed as he did so. He got the clear crystal picture frame and held it close to his heart. They were walking home now, consideirng the sun was going down.

"I can't wait to get the pictures!" Naruto exclaimed happily. Anko stopped in her tracks as she reached out her arm, blocking Naruto from going any farther. "What happened-?"

"So, looks like that guy did knock you up, eh Anko?" She growled as she pushed Naruto even farther back. The man looked at Naruto.

"Shut up, Takahata," Anko growled angrily. "Don't speak another word." The man obviously sneered once more and grinned at her.

"Whatever, Mitarashi. Everyone knows he knocked you up at the last minute, leaving the brat behind," he said, making Anko pull out a kunai, running at him. She swung hard, just as a flurry of kunai and shuriken flew right at her. She stopped in her tracks and took several hits, making her yell out in pain. Naruto saw Anko fall to the ground, the shuriken and weapons sticking out of her trench coat and fishnets.

"Looks like you've softened, Mitarashi," Takahata said with a grin. "Having a son seems to have made you weak. Along with you're beloved dying because of that BEAST over there." Naruto's eyes widened at the sound of beast. He remembered Anko's effection toward him. It was because he had killed her lover. The Nine-Tailed Fox! (Not completely. THis is what Naruto's thinking.)

Naruto backed away slightly, Anko trying to sit up.

"Don' Naruto, that...?" Anko whispered dangerously. "Nobody talks about either of them!!" She got up once more and started to run at him yelling. He threw three kunai, she knocking two off track, one heading for Naruto.

"NARUTO!!!" he watching the kunai approach him, he started to move away, but he got struck in the shoulder, the kunai sticking there, making him fly backwards. There was a deafening crack along with the slicing of air. She stood up completely, ignoring the pain, actual tears flowing down her cheeks. Naruto didn't move a single muscle."You bastard, you'll PAY!!!" She was about to start some handsigns, but she was feeling a large amount of chakra. She looked behind her and saw a clone creating a blue orb.

"N-Naru-" The real Naruto stood up, pulling the kunai out of the wound, his hands around the blue orb. The men started to get scared.

"Oh no, boss! It's-"

"RASENGAN!!!!" Naruto ran toward the man and got a direct hit on Takahata, seeing him spin out of control, flying backwards. The other's got up yelling and screaming, dragging their leader away like rats. Anko stood up and ran over to Naruto quickly, ignoring the pain.

"Oh, Naruto, are you okay!?" Anko yelled as she started to hug him. Normally, being the pervert that he was, he would start to smile and chuckle. But from Anko, he got this motherly vibe from her, though he did start blushing.

"Y-yeah, I guess," Naruto whispered scratching the back of his head. Anko unbuttoned his jacket and saw that the kunai was inches from his heart. She smiled wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"I thought it had hit your heart," Anko said softly. "I thought you were..."

"Why do you care so much?" Naruto asked softly. Anko stared at him and gave him another hug.

"You're the only true thing I can remember you're father by...and you're mother," Anko whispered, pulling away. "But still, that doesn't mean much of an answer. You're sorta of like...a little brother to me a way, I guess," Anko lied weakly. He was more like a son-well, he was her son, but still, he was important to her.

Naruto smiled at her.

"Thanks Anko!" he said happily, a frown forming on his face. She frowned back.

"What's wrong?"

"When that kunai hit my shoulder, it hit the shoulder holding the frame, so..." he looked toward the ground beside him, Anko gasping. The crystal was shattered into tiny pieces, impossible to fix.

"I'm so sorry! It's my fault, I didn't stop the kunai, I'm-"

"It's okay. I don't need a corny picture frame to have my parents's pictures," Naruto explained to her. "I'll still take them though." Anko smiled weakly and wrapped her arm around his shoulder once more. Naruto turned to her.

"You sure YOU'RE okay? I mean, you got hit..." Anko looked at all the blood spots on her and some of the kunai were still lodged in her. She smiled weakly as the pain started to come, though she ignored it.

"How about on the way to your house, I'll stop at the hospital?" Naruto grinned.


Telling Him

Chapter 4

"Anko? You here? Anko!" Akanaji called knocking on her door. She looked up and quickly grabbed a compact powder and dabbed some on over the Curse Mark. She quickly grabbed her black bag and opened the front door, Akanaji staring in awe. She blushed and turned to lock the door.

" look..." she turned around and looked into his crystal blue eyes. She smiled weakly as yet another blush crept across her face.

She was wearing a slick black dress that fit snug on her body and her usual spiky haired ponytail...was out and down to her neck. She had on light blue eyeshadow and even some black eyeliner, which made Akanaji stare even harder. Along with black heels with silver earrings and a matching necklace. She was doing all this for him? He was the luckiest man alive! He looked at her neck, expecting to see a curse mark, amazed that it wasn't there. He shrugged it off as he reached for her hand.

"S-shall we go?" she nodded as she steadily walked down her front door steps. They walked to the place, Akanaji quickly feeling guilty because she was in heels.

He stopped walking, causing her to jerk forward slightly, looking up at him. He had on a tuxedo, but the jacket was on his shoulder. His hand was tight on hers.

"Anko, do you want to turn around-?"

"N-no!! I mean...why?" she asked softly. He looked at the ground, making her stare even harder.

"I're in those heels and your feet MUST be hurting-"

"I don't care. Just so you know, I'm trying not to fall in them," Anko giggled slightly. She smiled at his smile. "Now, let's get going. I forgot my coupon for Ichiraiku." Akanaji grinned and chuckled.

"Yeah. I forgot mine too," Akanaji whispered. He looked at his watch and shook his head. "We gotta hurry. If we don't get there in 10 minutes, we don't have reservations anymore!" Anko nodded as she started to try and jog after Akanaji.

They arrived at the restaraunt on time, making them able to get the seat. She just sat there and looked at him in astonishment. This was the BEST place to go if you wanted to go out to eat. They were waiting for they're menus, making them have nothing to do but talk.

"A-Akanaji?" he looked up from the dessert order thing and he answered.


"W-why all of this...for me?" she asked, her hazel eyes looking up and staring into his blue ones. He smiled at her.

"B-because Anko. I love you," he explained, her frowning.

"Please...don't say that. Give me a better reason," she whispered. He frowned.

"Wh-what? You don't believe me?" he asked confused and slightly hurt. "I always mean what I say, Anko-"

"No. My dad. He used to say that all the time to me after he-he hit me," Anko explained. "I don't believe in that word anymore. Love." Akanaji's face saddened as well. He reached over and grabbed her hand gently, starting to stroke it.

"Well. I won't ever hit Anko Mitarashi. Maybe if I play my cards right, you might be Anko Uzumaki." her entire face turned red as the waiter appeared and handed them their menus, allowing them to order. They waited for their food. Anko ordered Gourmet Ramen (obviously) and Akanaji ordered Habachi Chicken with Sushi (I'd like to add is DELICIOUS!!!!).

They got their food and started to chow down. Anko finished eating first as Akanaji started to drink his sake. He placed the glass down and sighed.

"That's a dinner, eh Anko?" he said patting his stomach, though nothing was there. She smiled at him and started to stare at the red napkin. She heard the song, "Heaven" by DJ Sammy on the intercom. Akanaji grinned and reached for Anko.

"You wanna dance?" Anko's entire body turned red. She stared at the table cloth and looked everywhere but at him.

"I-I don't know how..." Anko was stood up completely by Akanaji as he took her by the waist.

"What a coincidence. I can't either," he stated with a grin. "It's a slow song. I can learn those." She gulped and felt his arms slide around her waist, leaning his head on hers. She blushed even harder when he pulled her body up to his.

"Wha-what are you doing?" she whispered softly. Her head was right in his chest, her breathing him in. He smelled so...nice.

"Dancing," he stated softly. She leaned her head into his chest even deeper.



"I love you." she smiled to herself. "And I mean it, Anko Mitarashi."

"I know. I love you too, Akanaji Uzumaki."

"Naruto!!!" He looked up from his Rasengan, smiling at Anko, who had just arrived to pick him up for lunch. He checked his watch and waved to Kakashi-sensei, heading toward his unknown mother.

"Why is he always going somewhere with that lady?" Sasuke asked solemly. He wish he had a sisterly figure like her. Maybe a mother figure.

"They're bonding," Kakashi stated shortly, Sasuke rolling his eyes in unison with a scoff. Sakura was slightly intrigued as well.

"But...he only hangs out with her because she knew his parents. Isn't that using-"

"No children, now get back to training or sit and eat lunch," Kakashi interrupted as Anko's arm wrapped around her son's shoulder and she started to talk to him about something.

"So, Naruto! Where do you want to go today?" she asked grinning. He shrugged and continued with her.

"You wanna go to...Ichiraiku?"

"No, we've been there for the last month," Anko objected as she rubbed his spiky head. She thought hard and smiled at him. "You wanna go to...the market? You know...just look around, maybe play jokes on people..." He grinned and nodded toward her.

"Sure!!" he said with an evil grin. "I love to play jokes on people!!" he said happily. Anko grinned and rubbed his head again. She felt guilt once more. he was right in front of her. Why couldn't she just tell him right then and now?

"N-Naruto..." he looked at her, causing her to be strickened with fear from those eyes.

"Yeah? What is it?" he asked, causing her to feel her heartbeat through her whole body. She could just hear him now. You're-you're my mom? B-but-? How could you? How could you go so long without telling me!? She felt the same tears from before start to build up.

"N-nothing," she whispered softly. He stared at her for a complete moment and seemed to have shrugged it off. he continued on his merry way and, muttering stuff under his breath, singing and laughing. Anko looked at the ground. I'm so weak.

"Thanks for the night, Akanaji," she whispered, reaching for his head, planting a light kiss on his cheek. He blushed all of sudden, making Anko giggle. "I really owe you." He smiled sheepishly.

"I don't think we can do this too often. I mean, Pervy Sage will notice his account dropping like a rock and-" Anko had reached up yet again, pressing her lips against his. His blue eyes widened completely. But Anko didn't seem to be lusting like before. She seemed to be trying to seduce him. She lightly opened his mouth, and licked the inside of it. She pulled away smiling.

He was in the same state she was before, causing him to blush furiously. He couldn't even talk in a complete sentence.


"Payback's a bitch, Akanaji," she taunted happily, opening the door to her house. "Good night." she entered the house, closing the door lightly behind her, but...he caught the door with his foot. He grinned evilly. It sure is Anko.

He entered completely and closed the door behind him. He saw Anko humming to herself as she threw her bag on the bed. She pulled off her earrings and necklace, throwing them aside, the throwing her heels in a corner. She stopped and turned around. Before she could scream, Akanaji had appeared behind her, pushing her back against her bed. She blushed furiously and stuttered.

"A-Akanaji!?" he pressed his lips against hers lightly, causing her to forget everything but him in front of her. She pulled him closer and locked her legs around his waist. She started to moan and she opened his mouth fiercely and attacked his tongue. He let her go and started to kiss her neck, Anko suddenly getting scared for some odd reason.

He continued as his tongue inched everywhere on her neck, Anko trying her best not to moan. He was getting too close... she finally felt his teeth around the back of his neck. She opened her eyes and shoved him off, full force, causing him to fall backwards, off the bed. He let out a yell, and looked up, seeing Anko clutching his neck where his mouth had been. He wiped his mouth seeing a chalky substance. He saw Anko wipe off her neck, a smudged Curse Mark in view.

His eyes widened as she felt actual tears in her eyes and he SAW actual tears in her eyes.

"A-Anko-" She ran to the bathroom less than 4 feet away and locked herself inside it, Akanaji running after her, banging on the door as tears streamed down her face. He had found out.

"Anko!!! Anko!!!! ANKO!!!!!"

"Anko!!" she looked up, seeing Naruto grin at her.


"Help me wait for that lady," Naruto said holding up the red water ballon. She looked and saw Kurenai walking, Hinata walking behind her with Shino and Kiba. Anko shook her head.

"Oh no!! Naruto no-!" he dropped the ballon before she could snatch it. Kiba, Shino and Hinata saw it coming.

"S-sensei!!" (Hinata)

"Sensei!" (Shino)

"KURENAI SENSEI!!!" (Kiba. DUH!!!!!!)

"BARK!!!!" (Akamaru. Who else?) Kurenai's hand flew into the air, catching it as Anko yanked Naruto back from the ledge. he was quirming and screaming everywhere.

"Shush!!" she whispered as stared over the ledge. Kurenai studied the red water ballon and grunted uninterested. With a flinch of her hand, it burst and splattered everywhere. Her eyes shot up in the air where it had descended. She saw Anko's spiky purple hair.

"ANKO!!!!!!" She gulped and backed away into the wall. At least not a wall. It was Kurenai's legs. She yelped and tried to squirm away but Kurenai grabbed her best friend, her eyebrow twitching.

"Are you trying to prank me, Anko?" Kurenai whispered, Anko shaking her head frantically.

"Naruto! I tried to stop him, but-" Kurenai looked over to him, and then back at her.

"N-Naruto? You told him?" she asked loudly. Anko shot an evil glare.

"Shut up!!!" Naruto blinked twice and looked at her.

"Told me what-"

"Nothing," Anko whispered, her mood suddenly falling. Kurenai let Anko go and jumped back down from the ledge. She didn't want to get into that. She rejoined her group, starting a discussion about Naruto being on the roof, Hinata starting to blush furiously.


"Come on. We'd better go," she whispered, starting to stand once more. Naruto merely nodded and followed her quickly, Anko feeling her mood falling even further.

"Anko, please!! Open the door!" Akanaji called through the door. Anko didn't speak and furiously tried to wipe the tears away. Now she can't ever be with Akanaji. Because of that THING on her neck. The same reason her father hit her. The same reason her mother ignored her. It caused every bad thing in her life.

"Anko!!! Please. I...I already knew you were Orochimaru's student," AKanaji confessed. Anko's hazel eyes bolted open. She opened the door, cracking it lightly.

"B-but how?"

"Kakashi and I were sorting files and, yours fell out and it said Student of Orochimaru," he whispered softly. Anko sighed softly and opened the door completely. She wiped her eyes furiously, trying to make it look like she hadn't shed a single tear.

"Then why are you still around me? Why do you talk to me? W-why do you love me so much?" she asked solemly. "My mom and dad even hated me for it. What makes you so different?" He pushed her against the doorframe with another kiss.

"For all I care you could have tried to kill the 3rd. But that's not the Anko I know," he whispered as he stroked the side of her face. "The Anko I know is loud, loves ramen, and loves me." Anko pushed her lips against his once more, attacking his tongue once more. She closed her eyes felt him lift her up and place her on her bed.

He kissed her entire face as he slipped her body out of her dress, tossing it aside. Akanaji started to kiss her chest lightly all over as she kissed his neck. She started to unbutton his shirt, sliding him out of it, making her smile at his muscles. Who would've known?

She felt his head fall lower and lower coming to her entrance. After he pulled her underwear off, he slowly started to lick her in and out of her body, eating her, causing her body to arch backwards in pleasure. She moaned as she felt tears in her eyes again.

"A-Akanaji..." Positioning her feet right, she grabbed his pants with her toes and pulled them down, leaving them both naked. He kissed all over her body again, kissing her neck as he stuck 2 fingers into her body, pumping them in and out of her body. She started to moan even louder as he pulled them out, smiling at her weakly. She was covered in sweat and she was waiting for him to take her.

"You ready?" She nodded at him carefully, just as she felt something hard force itself inside her slowly. She let out a slightly yelp and gripped his back so hard, her nails dug into his skin, her knuckles turning white. He started to pull in and out of her body carefully and slowly so she could get used to him being inside her.

Soon enough, she did and she started to rock with his pace, trying to make him go faster and faster. He started to push himself deeper insider her in a fast pace, causing them both to cum soon enough. She felt her body rise and tighten around him, telling him that she had just came in unison with him, making him fall over beside her. His head turned and gave her a smile.

"I love you, Anko."

"I know, Akanaji."

Anko stared at Naruto as he started toward the training area back to Kakashi. She smiled at him as he started to hear his stomach growling. He scratched his head nervously, grinning.

"Guess we forgot to eat, huh?" he asked to Anko, making her smile. She dropped her bag and opened it up, handing Naruto her box lunch. He looked up at her.

"Here. You didn't eat at all, so I think you deserve it more than anything," Anko stated as she handed it him. She smiled weakly once more and offered it, he shook his head.

"N-no way. That's yours, I'll eat-"

"Naruto. Take it," she whispered softly, causing him to take it reluctantly.

"A-Anko? Why?" he asked softly. Anko gulped down the large knot in her throat and looked up at him. He was growing alright. His birthday had just passed. He was now 14. She swallowed once more as she felt tears falling out of her eyes. Naruto cocked his head to the side, making him suddenly feel guilty.

"What is it? Do you want me to eat it? I will-"

"No, Naruto. I've been hiding something from you. Something that I shouldn't have hid. Something that you deserved to know," Anko sobbed softly. "I've been lying to you. All those things about your parents." Naruto's heart snapped in two.

"You d-don't know them, do you?"

"Yes! I do!" she sobbed. "I-I'm one of them Naruto!!" she sobbed even harder. Naruto's eyes widened once more.


"Naruto! I'm your mother!!" She screamed hugging him tight. "I'm so sorry!!! This is the worst thing I could ever do to you!!!" she screamed into his shoulder. Anko felt something wet on her head, causing her to look up. Naruto was crying too.

"M-mom?" he whispered. "You're really m-my mom?" she nodded as he hugged her back.

"I'm so sorry, Naruto. I'm so sorry..." Naruto looked at her.


"I should have kept you! I just thought I wasn't fit to be a mother. I just knew it," Anko whispered. "If I had kept you, I knew you would have loved me just as much as I do. I've been watching over you your whole life, Naruto. Don't you hate me?" He shook his head.

"No way. I'm the happiest boy in the world."

Tsunade's Approval

Chapter 5

She hugged her stomach harder than she thought she could. Once he found out, he would most likely hate her. Avoid her. Break up with her. These thoughts brought tears to Anko Mitarashi's eyes as they started to glide down her cheeks.

"Anko!" she turned around and saw Akanaji running to her in a pretty happy mood. That only made hers fall even farther. "Anko! Guess wh-? Baby, what's wrong?" She felt the tears start to fall faster.

"Nothing." He frowned at the answer.

"Anko, why would you just be crying for no reason?" he asked his hand gliding down her face, her grabbing it quickly. She pulled it away. "A-"

"Once I-I tell you, your going to disclaim me," she whispered. "Just like everyone else." Akanaji's face turned serious.

"W-what are you talking about-?" Anko remembered that they had been going out for about 2 months now, and they had slept together, several times yes, but that first time was the only one they didn't actually use protection.

"Akanaji...I'm...I'm..." she couldn't even say it. She just flung herself onto him and started to hug him and cry like a baby. Akanaji, in shock, just hugged her back, still not knowing what was wrong with her.

"A-Anko, if you tell me, I might be able to help," Akanaji whispered, Anko starting to cry even harder. People in the middle of the market place were starting to stare.

"Anko!" she stopped completely and looked into his eyes. She hugged him once more.

"Ok-Okay. Okay. I'll tell you...Akanaji," she whispered, "I'm pregnant." his eyes got wide as he picked her up and spun her around out of pure happiness.

"Woo hoo!!! I'm gonna be a dad!!!!!!" Akanaji called as he kissed her all over her forehead. She wiped her tears away quickly, staring up at him.

"But. But aren't you going to disclaim me and the child?" she asked confused. He stopped and stared down at her.

"Tell me why I would do that?" he asked softly. Anko shook her head.

"I've seen it happen so much here in Konoha, I just didn't th-think I'd be lucky enough to be able to stay with my child's father," Anko whispered softly. He hugged her as hard as he could without hurting her.

"Trust me, I would never do that." Anko smiled at him and remembered he was in such a good mood.

"What were you so happy about?" Akanaji grinned evilly as he kissed Anko's forehead once more.

"The 3rd Hokage said he wants be the 4th. But he must discuss it over with me and someone important to me at dinner," Akanaji explained smiling at her. She hugged him tight and gave him a kiss.

"Is that someone supposed to be me?" she asked curiously. Akanaji grinned.

"Naruto! Come on!!" He heard Anko called from outside. He opened the front door and came outside, smiling embarrassed.

"H-hey mom!" he exclaimed before he let out a yell from Anko putting him in a headlock.

"You are late every morning, especially on this IMPORTANT DAY!!!!!!" she yelled angrily, him yelling out of pain and laughing out of enjoyment.

"I-I know, but I never get up on time, but you kn-"

"You need to learn how to use an alarm clock," she explained letting go of him finally. She smiled and gave him a kiss on his forehead before he put on his headband, She smiled faintly at him.

"You think Granny'll let us?" he asked softly, Anko nodding.

"Sure, why not?" she asked grinning. "She knows that I'm your mother and I deserve to live with you, am I right?" she asked as Naruto nodded along with her.

"No way, absolutely not." Naruto and Anko's jaws dropped in unison.


"Why not!?" Anko practically begged, Naruto still amazed.

"Because, those who don't know about you being Naruto's mother will think that Anko's a Cradle Robber," she explained Naruto standing in Tsunade's face.

"Please Granny! She's my mom and I just finally got her after 14 years! PLEASE!!!!!" he begged, Tsunade shaking her head.

"No! You know that the 3rd and 4th Hokage Forbade you to tell him anyway," Tsunade replied coldly. "You should know better than anyone, Anko. Betraying your love's dying wish." Anko suddenly felt guilty as she jumped at Naruto's slammed fists on the table.

"My old man wanted me to know just as much as my mom!!" Naruto yelled angrily. "With all due respect, Granny, I think that you wanted it that way!!" Tsunade's face scrunched up in disgust as Anko grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him down.

"I-It's okay-"

"No it's not okay! She's just mad because my tiny bit of family is here and alive while hers is dead-" Tsunade's jaw dropped as Anko yanked Naruto back with all her might, slamming him back into the chair.

"You know better than to speak to your elder's that way, and I won't allow you to treat the 5th Hokage or whoever that way, do you understand me!?" she yelled at him. He sat back in his chair as her grip on his arm tightened even harder. "Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," he whispered, Anko letting go, turning around back to Tsunade.

"Now apologize," she seethed angrily. He turned to Tsunade and sighed.

"I'm sorry, Lady Tsunade," he muttered as Anko shot another glare, accepting his poor apology. Anko stood up and gestured Naruto to follow.

"W-we respect your descision," Anko said politely. "Come on, Naruto, let's go-"

"You may live with each other," Tsunade stated softly. "I will alert all of whom do not know of you being his mother." Anko froze and turned around.

"Y-you mean-?"

"Yes, you may. Go on and start packing," Tsunade said with a smile. "You're going to be moving in with your mother soon enough Naruto." He got a grin on his face and jumped into the air, screaming. Anko smiled faintly.


"Come on, Anko, you can push this baby out," Shizune explained, Akanaji clutching her hand. "Come on-"

"Just get this baby OUT!!!!!!" she screamed as she felt sweat pouring down her face. She was breathing deeply, trying her best to stay calm, but that pain was the worst thing she had ever felt.

"Anko, it's okay-"

"ARGH!!!!!!!!" Akanaji saw the door open and he looked instantly. He saw Jiraiya, his teacher.

"S-Sensei!?" he breathed as Anko gripped his hand even tighter.

"Akanaji, come on," he explained as Anko gave one final push.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Everything was silent except for the crying of a baby boy. Anko's head hit her pillow like a ton of rocks and her closed her eyes. Akanaji eagerly tried to ignore his teacher for reasons and asked to hold the child.

He cradled the bundle in his arms and stared at it. The infant stopped crying and stared at it's father as Shizune said, "it's a boy." Akanaji was amazed at it. It looked just like him.

"Anko, look at him," he whispered, she opening her eyes carefully. She smiled weakly at him and kissed his cheek. "He looks like-"

"You," she whispered shortly, holding the child herself. she stared at it and cradled him. Akanaji leaned over and her face touched his own. Shizune instantly snapped a picture with a camera and placed it on the sidestand.

"Akanaji!" he finally looked up and saw Jiraiya, anger on his face. "You know what you must do." Anko instantly looked toward him and stared.

"What do you have to do-?" Instantly a roar rattled through the entire hospital. Anko looked at him as Jiraiya passed the 4th his white coat with red flames and he pulled it on.

"Akanaji...please don't..." she whispered. "Me and Naruto..." he looked at he instantly, amazed that she had already named him.

"I'll be back, Anko, I swear it," he whispered as he kissed her forehead and exited with his teacher. Anko watched eagerly as another roar was heard. Akanaji grabbed Shizune's shoulder and whispered a message into her ear.

"So, we staying in my house, or your house?" Naruto asked eagerly, Anko slightly frowning.

"M-maybe we should stay in yours, because...well, my house might be a bit MUCH for you," Anko said trying to explain. He didn't get it. "Um, I'm pretty dirty, when it comes to EVERYTHING." He shook his head.

"So am I!" he exclaimed. "Besides, your house is bigger, right?"


"So then it's settled! We're staying at your house!!" Naruto cheered. "I'm going to pack, you go ahead and make room for me!" He ran down the road toward his house, cheering happily as Anko sighed. Her house was hell to men. HELL. She had dirty underwear and bras in places he'd never guess, along with tampons and pads in the weirdest places. He'd die. Plus she had hangovers every night just about. Beer bottles and wines bottles everywhere.

Anko grabbed her head out of embarrassment and nervousness.

"Oh Kami, I've gotta get home, NOW."

Little Naruto was in a cradle, bundled up as Anko was still aggravating Shizune about why they needed a hospital change.

"Why are we changing hospitals!?" she asked angrily.

"Anko, let's just say it's for the best-"

"Shizune, what's going on that's making everyone so edgy and scared?" But before she could get an answer, before they had even made it down the hallway toward the carriage to take them to the other hospital, everyone heard a loud snap and creak. Anko turned to Shizune once more as she sat up and grabbed Naruto without second thought.

"What was-!? AIIIEEE!!!!!!!!!" The whole floor beneath them gave way and the whole hospital collapsed. Wooden debree and bodies fell to the first floor from the third.

Anko had survived miraculously with Naruto in her arms from her bed. It didn't change it's position at all, so she was safe from harm. Shizune was scratched and hurt under a large support beam, and the other nurses were as good as dead by now. Shizune tried to push off the beam, but she was weak and finally fell into unconsiousness.

"Sh-Shizune! Shizune!!" she coughed as even more rubble fell from the ceiling along with her bed collapsing. She slid out of it and fell to her knees, holding Naruto with one hand. She couldn't move from the labor 10 minutes ago, so she would be stuck there for a while.

She heard something faint, like running footsteps hurrying around. She stared for someone to pass, anyone.

"TSUYO!!!" a young man ran by with black hair and golden eyes, stopping immediately when he saw Anko.

"P-please help me," she whispered softly. "Please." he heard another voice, from a young girl, possibly his little sister.


"PLEASE!!!!!!!" she screamed as he closed his eyes and left her behind, still running down the hall, looking for his younger sister Tsuyo. Anko screamed in pain as a large piece of wood landed on her legs, tears leaking out of her eyes.

"No...please..." she whispered as her head hit the hard floor, her legs going numb. She closed her eyes; she was suddenly really tired. She clutched Naruto tightly, starting to drift into unconsiousness.

"Anko? Anko!?" she smiled weakly and opened one eye, trying to see through the doorway. She saw spiky blonde hair and her face instantly lit up.

"Akanaji!" she exclaimed, trying once more to remove the piece of wood. She saw him pick up the limber with all his might, helping Anko up and holding their son tight in her arms. She couldn't stand at all by herself. Akanaji had to support her legs.

"An-Anko, they didn't move you fast enough," he stated trying to dust her off. He was in worse condition than her. He had scratches and blood blotches all over his body. Cuts and scars everywhere. Anko felt tears in her eyes just by looking at him.

"You told them t-?"

"Yes, the Nine-Tailed Fox is here in the Leaf Village," he explained softly. "My Rasengan...didn't hold it off at all. Anko, I must use it." Her eyes grew extremely wide.

"N-no, please Akanaji, don't-" He placed his finger to her lips, and smiled weakly at her as her tears that had started to form started to fall.

"I must-"

"But you'll die! And then you need to seal it in something!!" she explained, hugging him even tighter. Akanaji looked at baby Naruto, Anko seeing the look on his face and what he was looking. She instantly backed away from him, feeling anger and hate toward him as she fell to the ground, her legs failing her.

"NO! You will not use-"

"I must, Anko. Do you want the entire Leaf Village to die?" he asked softly. "Only something so innocent and pure as a newborn baby will be effective enough toward the Kyuubi." Anko felt tears streaming down her face as he helped her up once more. She hugged him harder as she started to cry even harder.

"But then, I'll have to raise him alone...with the fox inside him," Anko whispered softly. "I cannot raise him by myself, Akanaji. I can't. I only agreed to have Naruto because you'd be there to help. You know how I am, and by myself, I'll probably kill him-"

"Anko! You can!" he explained hugging her tightly. "Please-"

"I'm so sorry, Akanaji," she whispered pulling away from him slowly. "But I can't." He sighed and nodded toward her.

"I will have Kakashi take Naruto to the 3rd Hokage instantly after I pass," he whispered softly. He saw Anko hug her son tighter than ever one last time as he started to perform handsigns. Anko recognized them immediately.


"Memory Sealing Ju-" Anko leaned on him and gave him a kiss right on the lips, causing him to drop his hand from meeting her forehead. She finally broke away from the kiss and smiled weakly at him.

"If you die, I want to remember everything about you, especially that I'm your lover," she whispered as she gave him another light kiss. "I love you so much, Akanaji, and I wish that you didn't have to go."HE sighed. She was denying that he would die. Everyone knows whoever uses the Sealing Techinque dies. It's ashame... He gently took Naruto into his own arms and bid her a farewell with a hug and kiss. As he left the room, he whispered,

"I love you too, Anko."


Chapter 6

All the boys were at the old survival grounds where they usually train with their Senseis. However, it was a Saturday and the guys always get together and just talk about things while just relaxing. Sometimes they talk about whether Shika will choose Temari or Ino, Sometimes they'd ask Lee if there was another girl other than Sakura, sometimes even ask Neji if he really was in love with Tenten like everyone said. But someone was missing today. Naruto Uzumaki.

Sasuke was throwing shuriken at one of the old stumps, trying to hit the same target each time, like Tenten. Shikamaru was under a tree, staring at the clouds while lying on his back, dozing off every now and then, Kiba and Akamaru just gazing up with Shikamaru, Neji was meditating, opening his eye every now and then to see what the other guys were doing, and then there was Lee, punching his own personal stump, counting to 200.

Shikamaru let out a groan as Neji opened a single eye once more. Sasuke was ignoring everyone as Lee perked up saying,

"Where is Naruto? He is never this late!" he exclaimed throwing another punch, Sasuke rolling his eyes, continuing his shuriken practice. Neji rolled his eyes as well and continued his meditation.

"GAHHH!!!!!!!" Neji jumped backwards immediately and threw a punch and hit Lee in the face. He was daydreaming about Tenten at the moment, and actually smiled. Then he opened his eyes and saw Lee right in his face. Wouldn't want to wake up to that, would you?

Shikamaru snickered slightly, seeing Neji trying to regain his breath and a vein appearing almost immediately. Shikamaru grinned and turned away, trying not to laugh once more before Lee massaged his nose.

"Owww!! Neji, why did you hit me? It's only normal for guys to think about their girlfriends! I know you were thinking about-"

"Say another word and I'll throw all your green jumpsuits in the trash," he seethed evilly as Lee gasped and clasped his hand over his mouth. Shikamaru couldn't hold it in any longer and started to laugh along with Kiba and Akamaru.

"Hey, look! It's Naruto!" Shikamaru called as the spiky blonde haired boy ran over and tried to regain his breath as fast as he could. Neji and the others stared at him in confusion.

"Hey you guys!" he exclaimed as he started to catch his breath. "What's going on-?"

"That's what we want to know," Neji said calmly as he leaned back on his arms, his legs crossed indian style. "What's this we hear about you moving in with Anko Mitarashi?" Everyone nodded and grinned at him as he grinned back.

"Well...she's my mom," Naruto stated simply. Lee's jaw dropped, Neji's swore, (caught off guard PRETTY good.), Kiba started yelling with Akamaru barking, Shikamaru just stared, and Sasuke threw a shuriken that missed completely.

"Are you serious-?"

"Yes! Tsunade knew just as well as some of the elders of the village! My dad is the 4th Hokage! But it's ashame that he's gone. But at least I've got mom!!" he exclaimed happily. The guys couldn't believe it.

"So you've been hanging out with that Anko woman," Sasuke said finally speaking, "because she's your mom?" Naruto didn't like the tone of his voice. He dropped the kunai and turned around, recieving a glare.

"Yeah, why?" he asked smugly. "Got a problem with it?" Sasuke shrugged it off and turned around.

"It's just that...if I found out someone was my parent after over a decade when they could have told me at any time, let alone taken care of me..." he looked at Naruto. "I wouldn't even call them 'mom'." There was dead silence all around. Naruto's fist started to shake.

"I'm glad that my mom told me. She could have not have told me at all, and that's why I accepted her. She told me... Besides Sasuke," he whispered evilly. "You're trying to break us up by trying to make me mad at her. You're just jealous because your mom was taken away from you. You don't have to try and take mine." Sasuke threw a shuriken once more, it hitting the stump with a hard thud.

"Whatever, loser." Naruto growled angrily as Lee grabbed his arm.

"Please, Naruto. Tell us about her. What is she like?" Lee asked eagerly. He was really interested for some reason. Naruto thought hard about it and smiled.

"Well...she's really cool. I mean, she acts like a teenager, but is really responsible at the same time. Then she's loud and loves ramen like me. But she says I only get my love for ramen from her. She said everything else is from my father, even my face and hair. The Nine-Tailed Fox too."

"My mom," Lee interrupted. "Was the best. She was the nicest person in the world to me. We both had Chakra Control Syndrome, which meant we couldn't use Genjutstu or Ninjutstu. So she never became a ninja. But then later on, she died from AIDS. She caught it after she had me from a friend who had cut her hand on a knife and it got in her system because she didn't wash the knife. Even though she was sick, she always looked out for me." Naruto looked at Lee sideways. Lee never talked about either of his parents for some reason, especially not his mom.

"My mom," Kiba started with a grin. "She is loud and crazy and always watches out for me! Not to mention she'll beat me into a pulp if I ever do something wrong," he said with a grin. Akamaru barked agreeing as he shrunk into Kiba's shirt with a whimper. "She's so controlling, but I remember when we were little, Akamaru and I, she'd come in and tuck us both in, singing us a song."

"My mom's troublesome," Shikamaru drawled as everyone shot a glare at him for ruining the moment.


"Everyone was talking about how great their mother was and you just say yours was a flat out bitch," Neji explained quietly. He shrugged it off.

"Well, that's one way to put it. I mean, she constantly wanted me to do something, but i mean, she was always like that and she had a reason to. Me and my dad never helped her at all. One day, she sat me down and tried to talk to me saying I didn't have to be like my father to get him to notice me. I understood what she meant, but then she understood that I couldn't change since I had been acting like my father for more than over half a decade. I just never could break the habit. But she's...she's the best mom I've ever had and ever will. She's the only troublesome woman in my life right now and the only one I'll do work for."

Lee instantly turned and looked at Neji. He hated bringing up parents let alone explaining his. He loved listening to everyone elses great mothers. He decided he'd try.

"Hey Neji, what's your mom like?" Neji's chakra sparked, Lee understanding he didn't want to talk about it, but he still egged him on. "Neji, you-"

"None of your business," he shot icily. Lee drew back, all the other guys looking at him, especially Sasuke. No one said a word for a few moments.

"Sorry." Neji sighed as he looked up.

"I...I never knew my mother," Neji explained softly. "She died in labor with me. I was too strong for her. It's my fault she's dead. That's why I cared so much about my father," Neji explained. Everyone was suddenly so silent. Neji had more in common with Naruto. But then again, the only other person who's mother died in birth with them was Gaara.

"I'm...I'm sorry Neji," Lee apologized. Neji gave Lee a reasuring smile.

"Sometimes, I just sleep at night, I know what she looks like. There aren't any pictures of her in the Hyuga Mansion, and...whenever I used to feel bad a night, like if I had a bad dream...I'd see her face and see her smiling at me. I used to wake up crying sometimes because I couldn't ever see her. I still have dreams like that every now and then. I just sometimes wish I could see her more than in my dreams. It used to make me hate everyone who had a mother. That's why I used to always hate Lee and Tenten in the academy. But Tenten's mother is no where to be seen and Lee's mother passed away. I never understood what made you so, 'youthful' when the most important woman in a guy's life is taken away."

"You know it hurts more to feel something that your attached to taken away more than never actually having it," Shikamaru stated, Neji smiling.

"When it comes to posessions. A human being, like a mother or father, or sister or brother is something that is just as bad as having it taken away because you've never experienced what it's like to have one," Neji explained carefully.

"I know what you mean," Naruto explained. "I felt so lost. I didn't even have Mom to guide me. I used to see her and see nothing before. But now if anything happened to her, I'd kill the person who caused it." The guys smiled as Neji looked to Sasuke.

"I've told my story, Sasuke, you tell yours," Neji stated bluntly. Sasuke didn't say anything but continued to throw his shuriken and kunai. Neji's eyebrow started to twitch. "You aren't going to tell it?" he asked softly. No response. Gaara should have been here. He could out do Sasuke in being quiet.

Everyone decided Sasuke wasn't going to say anything after about 3 minutes of dead silence and no answer. However, they were surprised to find out he did have something to say about moms.

"She was the best woman in the world." Naruto looked to his best friend who was panting and held the next shuriken in his hand. "When Brother and Father ignored me, she acknowledged my prescence when no one else did. I wouldn't have mourned as much for Itachi and Father as much as I would for her. It was like she was in my world and I was in hers. I was a Momma's boy, I'll admit it. But I had my reasons to love her as much as I did."

"Naruto!" Everyone looked up, even Sasuke and Neji, to see Anko running over to the guys. She slowed down as she saw Naruto surrounded by his friends and started to blush. She smiled weakly.

"Um...hi? I'm Anko Mitarashi. Yes I was your proctor for the Chunin Exam. You guys did pretty good considering you all made it through," Anko said happily. They just stared as she scratched the back of her head. "Yeah," She threw Naruto a box lunch. "You left it on the counter this morning. You're lucky I didn't eat it." He grinned as he ran over and gave her a hug, embarrassing her even more.


"Thanks for telling me, Mom. I love you," Naruto whispered, Anko's blush disappearing as she merely gave him a warm hearted smile.

"I love you too. But this is your day off before you have to go back to that one eyed freak, Kakashi, so you'd better relax more than ever," Anko stated happily as Naruto grabbed her arm. "Naru-"

"Can you stay here with us?" Naruto asked hopefully. He was dead serious about having his mother there hanging out with his guy friends. She gulped and looked around at the crowd. They were all different, just like Ninjas are.

"Are you sure they don't mind?" she asked carefully. Before Naruto could answer, Lee piped up.

"Of course not, Anko-san. I believe we would be blessed by your presence since you are so polite to ask if you are accepted," Lee said sugarcoating it. Anko smiled at Lee.

"No thanks, Tsunade-sama asked me to go and check up on some things for her. I might have to go on a mission, okay?" Anko stated, Naruto frowning slightly. Anko was pretty powerful, but he prefered her here with him.

He muttered a "whatever" as she gave him a kiss on the head.

"I'll see you at home, okay?" she called as she ran away back toward their home. Naruto grinned as the guys looked at him.

"She doesn't look like a mother up close," Shikamaru muttered carefully. All the guys nodded in unison slowly as Akamaru let out a bark. Kiba looked at Anko running away sideways.

"Yeah, you are right, Akamaru. She does look like she should be a model, if you ask me," Kiba added.

"Yeah, but she's my mom, so don't try to hit on her, got it?" he explained with a grin.

An Old Enemy

Chapter 7

"Naruto, come on! I have to lock the door!" Anko yelled angrily as her son came running out of the house, his forehead protector his hand with his shoe in his mouth. Anko shook her head as he fell over, his face hitting the dirt harder than it should have.

Anko took the key and stuck it in the hole, twisting the lock till it wouldn't move at all. She shoved the key in her trench coat as she wrapped her arm around Naruto's neck and they started toward the survival grounds. Naruto's head cocked the side as he looked at her questionly. She looked back.

"What? Is there some instant ramen on my face?" she asked jokingly. Naruto shook his head as she started to get curious about him. Why was he staring at her like that for? It was creeping her out a lot and Anko usually isn't fazed by many. She scratched the back of her head.

"What is it then? I can't have you staring at me for a long time! It'll eventually piss me off and I'll have to put you in a headlock," Anko said quickly, trying to get a smile out of him. Naruto then looked at the ground. Something was seriously bugging him and she didn't like it at all.


"Why did Dad seal the fox in me? Why did he have to seal it all!?" he yelled angrily. "I-if he hadn't, he would be here and we'd be a normal happy family. That fox didn't have to go inside me at all. That fox didn't have to go in anyone. Why'd he do that?" Anko sighed as she pulled his head closer and planted a kiss on top of it.

"I didn't understand Akanaji's intentions either, Naruto. I didn't want him to use that horrible attack. I didn't want him to kill himself and leave you the burden of having the beast that took so many lives. I know you don't understand, but neither do I," Anko whispered softly. "I didn't have the strength to stop him, I didn't. I just had you 10 minutes before he came after you to use you. I couldn't do anything. I wish I could have."

"W-why didn't you just keep me from the beginning?" Naruto asked softly. Anko's eyes suddenly started to water as her grip on his shoulder started to harden.

"Naruto...I was so irresponsible. I got drunk and had hangovers every day before I had you. I thought I was still a teenager back then. I would have killed you if I had kept you," Anko explained softly. "I did things I wasn't supposed to, not to mention I was hated as much you were considering me being taught by Orochimaru. People constantly asked me why I didn't take my beast of a son. They thought I didn't because I was trying to get on their good side. I really wasn't. I just was the worse person for the job."

"So you did it to protect me...from yourself?" he asked eagerly. She nodded as she let go of his shoulder carefully.

"Every parent has a reason for doing something, not because they wanted. I couldn't have taken care of you by myself. If your father was there, he'd keep me in line and you'd already be here with me. You would have already known," she whispered softly. "Your father's reason for placing the fox in you...I don't know, I'll have to ask him that question."

Naruto laughed as he hugged his mother even tighter. He was glad to have her back after all those years. Living alone and taking care of yourself is harder than you think. He'd rather have his mother there any day.

"Naruto?" Anko suddenly froze and was looking up at a telephone poll.


"Don't move."

"Come on, Anko. It's time to go," Kakashi whispered through the door as it creaked open. Her eyes seemed soulless and empty along with the same black dress she wore on their first date. Anko looked like a porcelin doll on that gruesome day.

Akanaji's funeral.

The young boy handed her the sleeping baby Naruto as she hugged him tighter that anything before. Kakashi smiled weakly at her.

"You could smile for him. He's in a better place, Anko-san," Kakashi offered. Anko didn't say anything as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Kakashi felt a raindrop fall upon his head, realizing Anko must have signaled the rain so no one would see her cry that day.

They arrived at the funeral as they saw the casket of Akanaji Uzumaki, his photo on top with flowers surrounding it. She could hear his voice. Anko! Hey Anko! Anko, wait up!! She hugged Naruto even harder, trying to prevent herself from completely breaking down.

Kakashi looked down at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Kakashi was 14 and was taller than her. Anko dug her head into his shoulder and refused to look at anyone. Kakashi could only stare now at his sensei's grave. He had lost his own father, Obito, Rin, and now Akanaji-Sensei. He really considered he was alone in the world.

" have to'll never be able to go on if you don't say goodbye-"

"He's not gone...he's NOT gone!!" She screamed as she gripped his shirt. The rain couldn't hide her tears now. She let go of him as her knees gave way. She splashed in the mud as a river of tears poured out of her eyes. She could remember everything, everything about him, everything he had done for her, everything he did to her.

"You bastard, how could you be so selfish!? You left me hear alone when you said you'd come back!!" she screamed at the grave. "You promised me. You promised me...I'd see your face again, I'd feel your touch. Now I'm sitting here, staring at your friggin' grave!!! I can't forgive you for leaving me like this. I...I can't..."

Kakashi bent down and cradled her in his arms as she started to wail like a baby. He hugged her tighter than anything as she screamed into his shoulder.

"Anko." She stopped as she looked up to the 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi. She didn't stop crying or sniffling in his presence. She didn't say anything. She put her face back into Kakashi's shoulder, trying to ignore him.

"I understand what you are going through is very painful. Do you wish for me to take away your memories-" Her head swung around at those words.

"No!" she yelled angrily. "I want to remember him...that I was his. Nothing more." The 3rd held out his fist hand and opened it, Anko's eyes starting to water once more.

"He told me to give this to you if he didn't live. He had told me that he wanted one day to take you as his bride. He said that he was already prepared to propose," Sarutobi whispered as he took her slender hand and slipped a sapphire and diamond ring on her hand. "Don't take his death as pain, Anko-chan. Remember him and love him just as much as before."

"But he's gone, Sarutobi. We're separated. How can I love him like before? I can't even talk to him or do anything!" Anko whispered softly. "I feel like a part of me was taken with him. I loved him, Sarutobi. And I couldn't have done anything to save him." Sarutobi placed his hand on her head, smiling at her even though the rain was starting to pour.

"I understand, Anko-chan. But still, you need to live on for Naruto. You will tell him when you want to that you are his mother. Right now, if he found out that you died as well, you would have just done what Akanaji had done." Anko hiccupped as she stared at the ring on her finger.

"Th-Thank you Sarutobi-sama."


"Naruto, don't move at all," Anko seethed quietly. On top of a telephone poll was a woman dressed in anbu attire, her hair silver and shined in the light. She had a slim sword on her back. She was looking at Anko, one of her eyes purple amethyst, another golden amber. She chuckled lightly as Naruto looked around nervously.


"Stop it! Don't make eye contact," Anko whispered fiercely. She didn't move at all. The woman seemed to only have her eyes on Anko. Anko was staring at her feet.

"Mom," he whispered softly so that woman didn't couldn't hear. Her attention then looked toward naruto. He saw her instantly and accidently looked into her eyes. The golden one wasn't the was the purple one. He felt as if he had been punched in the stomach with Neji's 128 palms. Then he felt like she had shoved her sword down his throat.

In an instant, Naruto fell forward in front of Anko, his hands planted to the ground. He opened his mouth and threw up all over the ground. Anko fell down to him and looked.

"N-Naruto!? Naruto!!" she screamed as his head fell limp into unconsiousness. She shook him hard, trying to awaken him, but she simply let his head fall into her chest. She covered his head, realizing he would be awake for a while. Anko glared angrily and growled.

"Ai Kamaira." She chuckled evilly and pulled her sword out and stared at Anko. She wasn't going to make eye contact. She had dealt with her before. Ai Kamaira was a S-Class Missing Nin. And she was after Anko for a reason.

"Akanaji!!" he saw the door burst open and Anko run in, interrupting Akanaji and Sarutobi. Sarutobi sighed as Akanaji blushed nervously.

"Anko, you-"

"Sarutobi-sama, I apologize, but Akanaji can't go looking for this missing Nin alone!" Anko objected quickly. Sarutobi smiled and chuckled.

"He's 4th Hokage material, Anko-chan. I've treated you like my own daughter for longer than you know and I believe you can put trust in me. I'm sure he'll live through this mission to be there for your baby," Sarutobi exclaimed as Anko's jaw dropped and Akanaji's entire face turned red.

"How do you-?"

"I see everything with my crystal ball, and I know everything that's been going on between you two," Sarutobi explained. "I trust Akanaji that he can finish this mission." Anko growled and stared at teh ground angrily. She wasn't used to this. She was actually scared. What if he didn't?

"If you don't put full trust in me..." Anko looked up eagerly. "You may go with him." Anko jumped in the air as Akanaji's jaw dropped.


"I understand that you are scared and nervous as I am about this child she is going to have. You may think this isn't the best thing. You'll both be together and I'm sure Anko's forbidden Jutstu's will be most useful. She can take care of herself, Akanaji." Akanaji sighed and nodded.

"Come on, Anko. We'd better go."

"Akanaji, I know you did't want me to come," Anko explained as they were walking through the forest. "But-"

"I didn't want you to come for your safety, not that I just don't want you here. I love you to death, Anko, and I've never seen you fight before. I don't know how you'll hold off this Missing Nin, Ai Kamaira. It's only natural for me to be slightly nervous," Akanaji explained softly. "I have full trust in you, but then again...I'm not sure."

"I know what you mean. I've gotta show you what I can do!" she exclaimed playfully.

"How touching." Anko's grin disappeared as she started to scan the area in unison with Akanaji. They both drew kunai as well.

"Remember the report. Don't look at her eyes-"

"I know," Anko whispered back. They saw a woman perched atop the tree, her purple eyes glistening in the sunlight. Anko stared at Ai's feet nervously.

"Ai Kamaira, you are now under arrest. You will be escorted by Anko Mitarashi and Akanaji Uzumaki at this time,"Akanaji called out. "You have attacked several Fuedal Lords and Village Leaders and have slaughtered a number of innocent bystanders." Ai batted her eyelashes.

"You know, for a ninja, your kinda cute," she said with a smile. "And you know so much about me? You flatter me so." Anko ground her teeth.

"Stop flirting with him, you bitch!" she yelled angrily up at Ai. Her smile disappeared as she remembered Anko was there as well.

"Anko Mitarashi is your name? I see," Ai stated simply. "This Akanaji is your boyfriend, isn't he? Oh well, I hate those who are taken. I guess I should make him free." Ai disappeared instantly, Anko looking around nervously. That woman was powerful, just by the look of it.

She appeared in front of Anko as she punched her hard in the stomach. she gagged and backed away as she received several blows to the face before she fell to the ground. Akanaji growled and ran at Ai, creating Rasengan in his hand.

She felt the power and pulled out her sword. She yelled as Rasengan collided with it. Ai yelled and shoved the blue orb off of her and Akanaji himself fell backwards. He sat up and rubbed his head.

Ai reached over for Anko and grabbed her face, opening her eyes.

"Awaken my sweet princess...your nightmare has just begun," Ai whispered as Anko's face started to sweat. She was looking into her eyes as she felt like she was falling through them. Genjutstu...shit...Anko couldn't close her eyes if she wanted to.

"Now let's see. Should I corrupt your mind with painful thoughts, or should I kill you using a torture technique?" she asked evilly. She grinned. "Your mind is very painful, especially when you were young. I'll torture you with your old memories, how about that?"

Anko couldn't close her eyes if she tried. She suddenly saw Orochimaru abusing her and controlling her. Then she saw her father abuse her physically and her mother mentally. Anko's eyes filled with tears instantly. She had endured that since she was practically born...seeing everything all over again.

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!" Akanaji stood up and ran toward the two women. He was mad now. No one messed with Anko and got away with it.

"ANKO!!!!" Ai rose her hand and Akanaji heard a highpitched sound causing him to fall to his knees, clutching his ears.

"Not even your ears can stop that soundwave. Your brain will turn to mush before I allow you to interfere," she said as she turned her attention back to Anko. Tears streaming down her face her starting to run faster.

I've endured this pain for as long as I can remember. Yet, I'm still alive. Sarutobi-sama told me before he took me, that you can endure so much hate and pain for so long, you're strong. What ever comes at you and doesn't kill you makes your stronger. I must be strong then, right?

Anko's eyes closed, causing Ai to stare at her in awe.

"W-what the-?" Anko's hand reached shakily for a kunai. She gripped it as Akanaji noticed what she was about to do.

"AAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" Ai staggered backwards from Anko, blood everywhere. Anko had just stabbed her in her eye. She clutched it as hard as she could, glaring at Anko with her only free eye. She didn't seem to be effected by it at all.

"You bitch! My eye! My beautiful eye!!" she screamed as she backed away quickly. "I'll get my revenge on both of you!! Both!!!" She disappeared in a poof of smoke and Akanaji ran over to Anko, the soundwave disappearing.

"Are you okay?" Anko's eyes started to water as her head fell to the ground.

"We failed the mission, Akanaji. We didn't kill her-"

"So what!? You're alive and that's all that matters to me," Akanaji whispered as he cradled her in his arms. "I thought you wouldn't breakfree and-and I thought she would kill you." Anko's eyes grew wide. He was afraid that she was going to die.


"Come on, we'd better tell the Sarutobi about what happened," Akanaji interrupted as he carried her on his back, back to Konohagakure.

"Long time no see, eh, Mitarashi?" she asked, a grin plastered on her face. "Where's Uzumaki?" she asked looking around. Her eyes came to the mountain, Tsunade's face plastered after his. Her face was surprisingly happy. "He's dead, isn't he? Ashame..."

"Shut up!" Anko yelled as she laid Naruto on the ground, standing up. Ai's eyes drew over to Naruto in an instant. She instantly turned to Anko, realizing who that was that was on the ground beside her.

"So, you and Uzumaki had a's too bad he looks just like his father," Ai said as a laugh emerged from her throat. Anko pulled out a kunai and ran at Ai as fast as she could. No one talked about either of them and got away with it.

"SHUT UP!!!!" she screamed as Ai jumped off the top of the pole, landing down on the ground daintly. She pulled out her sword and blocked the kunai that was heading toward her. She looked into Anko's eyes, staring into them, expecting the kunoichi to fall to her knees. Amazingly, she didn't as she shoved her off.

Ai's sword dropped to the ground as her eyes followed Anko. What could she have done to block off her Genjutstu that was strong enough to make a Hokage fall? Anko let out a battle yell as her kunai ran toward Ai's other eye, her dodging miraculously.


"I can see through your little Genjutstu unlike last won't be able to take me down!!!" she yelled as Ai darted toward her sword. Anko started toward it as well, hoping to knock it out of reach. That weapon that she had was strong it held off Rasengan... it was dangerous.

Ai picked it up just as Anko performed handsigns quickly. Ai stepped backwards far enough for defense or attack.

"Forbidden Style:Twin Snakes Jutstu-" Ai's sword fell down toward her, cutting through her chakra aura. It stopped her flow and now she couldn't gather up chakra or use any techniques.

Naruto's eyes flickered open as he looked up, seeing Ai and Anko head to head. He was amazed how quickly his mother had pulled out double edged kunai for each hand and was holding off the Missing Nin. He had never seen her fight, or anything close to a battle except at the carnival, but that didn't count considering she wasn't fighting for his own or her life.

A large clink rattled the whole area, causing Naruto to flinch. One of Anko's double edged kunai was thrown away, but the one that she still held was still holding off the blade. Ai growled at her strength. She wasn't this strong last time.

Naruto pulled himself up as he yelled,

"Mom!!" Her gaze drifted to Naruto as Ai's did as well. Naruto's gaze was directed away from her eyes, remembering his mother's warning about eye-contact.

"N-Naruto!! Go to Lady Tsunade and get ANBU Black Ops here now-"

"That child...I can see his past just like I saw aren't in any of them...for the last 14 years, you haven't been with this child!? How dare he even call you his mother!!" She screeched as she forced Anko off. She staggered as the blade headed toward her stomach, she dodged it miraculously.

Naruto growled as he held up his handsign, bringing forth a clone. Anko felt that aura once more as she turned to him and shook her head.

"N-No Naruto!!! Don't use Rasengan!! Her katana can deflect it!!!" Anko yelled as Naruto stopped immediately. Anko's double edged came back and swung against Ai's blade once more, a large metallic sound shattering everywhere.

"You are no better than all the other fools who gave up their children." Anko's eyes drifted to Ai's, her face hard as a rock, Anko's filled with confusion.


"You heard me. You're no better than my own parents, dropping me off somewhere, leaving me to live on my own in the dark. No one to guide me. I wonder what kind of nonsense you filled that boy's head full of...if I were him, I wouldn't go anywhere near you," Ai growled as Anko felt tears in her eyes. She was right. Naruto was a miracle to accept her like that...

"All those people I killed were the ones who were just like you. Were willing to sleep around and have babies, but not take care of them," Ai seethed angrily as Anko's kunai started to shake in unison with her body. "I killed them for a perfectly good reason. I only kill people like that. Before I was only going to kill you out of defense the first time we met. Now, I'll kill you and take your head with my collection..."

Anko's eyes widened with Naruto's as her kunai snapped straight in two, Ai's blade itself heading straight toward her chest at full force. The sound of her skin being torn apart by that sword was heartwrenching toward the fox boy.

Anko felt an excruiacting pain run through her body as a mountain of blood splashed out of the wound. She fell to her knees as her hands found her chest where the blade was still attached. Naruto knew something was wrong.

"If you and your little boyfriend hadn't been with each other, this might not have happened," Ai whispered as she slowly inched the blade out of her chest, Anko's eyes widening with each slit. Ai's blade was now drenched in her blood as Anko fell on all fours, blood spurting out of her mouth.

"I saved his life," Anko breathed as Ai's head turned to the side. What the hell was she talking about now? She saved him from what?

"What are you blabbering about now?" she growled as Anko's shock-filled face.

"If I had kept him...he would have died. His father...wanted me to...he wanted me to raise him...alone...if I had done so...he wouldn't have gotten this far...he wouldn't have even lived...I told him that I was sorry, that I was unfit as a mother for him...and he understood...besides," she whispered as her gaze shifted to Naruto. "I always watched you from the distance. If you ever felt like you were so scared or so sad, you always felt a presence, didn't you?"

Naruto nodded carefully. He remembered that he always saw her where he was, but he never noticed. The ramen shop, in the market, survival grounds. He wouldn't always see her hazel eyes looking at him. He used to wonder why she was following him in particular, but now he understood.

"I love you so much, Naruto..." Her arms finally gave way as she collapsed into a limp pile, Naruto's entire body shaking at her figure. He felt a pain he had never felt before. It wasn't true. Anko wasn't dead. His mother wasn't dead.

His entire life he spent alone, without anyone to care about him. He thought that...he always felt someone was watching him in a way...a way that he was never really alone. He remembered during the Chunin Exam how she always watched him and looked at him. She was concerned. She loved him.

Now that he finally got her back, she was gone as quickly as he had gotten her. He couldn't take that pain alone. She wouldn't die on him. She wouldn't be with his father. He wouldn't let her leave him alone.

"Mom...Mom...get up!!! Come on, you've gotta get up...MOM!!!!!!!"


Chapter 8

Naruto fell to his knees, staring at her body. She wasn't moving. She wasn't breathing at all. He touched the side of her face, realizing her temperature was dropping. She was dead. She was really gone. Anko Mitarashi, Naruto's mother who he had just gotten, was dead.

His body started to tremble all over as he felt his eyes feel weird. He felt his throat close up and he felt his nose start to run. it was the same feeling when Sasuke almost died fighting Haku in his Crystal Ice Mirrors.

He could feel something smooth and wet, yet tiny sliding down his cheek as if it was trying to mock him. He knew he was crying.

He reached down and picked her up in his arms. Her eyes...looked like they were in a daze, now her skin was starting to turn pale. It was a lie. She wasn't dead...she couldn't be!!

Naruto's shuddered with every sob as he clutched her even tighter, his tears falling onto her face. She was really gone. No lie or ounce of denial would defeat that. She really was...was...

He placed her down gently as he felt a pulse go through him as his eyes shifted to Ai's. Her face hardened out of suspicion. His eyes...they were blue a moment ago...why are they red? she asked herself as Naruto stood up completely. He let out a yell as he started toward Ai. She gripped her blood-coated blade as Naruto ran straight at her.

He swung as hard as he could toward her face, Ai blocking miraculously with her blade, which was shoved backwards. Ai growled angrily as she shoved him off. Naruto had no doubt gone Nine-Tailed Fox.

The red aura around his body grew and grew along with the fox whiskers on his face darkening to show those who didn't see. His pupils became slits in the puddles of blood red irises. His hands grew claws as his mouth seemed to widen with new fangs inserted from the transformation.

"What is wrong with you, boy!? You should be glad I got rid of the bitch!" she yelled as Naruto darted toward her once more, a growl rising from his throat. He attacked again, the blade allowing her to survive it. Ai was forced back once more as Naruto gripped the blade of the katana tight, causing his own blood to cover it as well as his mothers.

"She was my mom, that's why!!" He yelled as Ai tried to shove him off again. His grip tightened, letting her know that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"So what!" Ai yelled, Naruto's face turning blank. It was filled with rage once more as he let go and rose his hand above his head, ready to deliver the final blow to her.

"How DARE you say that-"

"Because!!!" She screeched angrily, Naruto freezing once more. "Mothers are people who are supposed to be there for you no matter what. Not one that shows up because they FEEL LIKE IT!!!" Ai yelled as she threw Naruto off, causing him to fall and roll onto the cement. He rose and looked at her, blood now appearing from her nose from the use of force she had to use to get rid of him. Naruto had his own scratches and cuts. That throw took an awful lot out of her.

"You're wrong. My mother may have came late, but that doesn't mean I don't love her!!" Naruto screeched as he carefully picked himself up. "I'm glad that I had her now and we became inseperable. We loved each other. She was all I had left, and I was all that she had. And look what you've done..." Naruto seethed as he swaggered slightly. "You've destroyed us!!!" He ran at her, growling at his fist rose up in the air.

"I'll KILL YOU HERE AND NOW-!!!!!" A large explosion was heard as clouds of smoke separated the fighting rivals. Naruto was knocked back as he shielded his eyes from the smoke. There were three figures in front of him, he recognized one almost instantly.

"K-Kakashi-Sensei!?" Naruto breathed as his sensei looked over at him with that one eye that was visible. He was staring at Ai's feet, just as Gai had taught him.

"Sit back and relax, kid," the other figure, cigarette fumes surrounding him. The only Naruto could come up with was that it was Shikamaru's sensei. "We've got everything handled now."

"ANKO!!!" he turned and saw a flash pass him and head toward his mother. He saw those solid red eyes that looked like Sharingan, obviously not. That was Hinata's sensei, Kurenai or something...

"Is she going to be okay?" Kakashi asked carefully. Kurenai's hand rose over Anko's chest as tears appeared in the Jonin Kunoichi's eyes. She shook her head as she looked at Asuma and Kurenai.

"I'm so sorry...she's gone."

Anko's eyes shifted around as she started to worry. Where the hell was she? She remembered...Ai's blade digging into her body, inching out to extend the pain she had caused. She remembered she said she loved Naruto so much...then nothing...

She looked around. Everything was misty white color and she felt like she wasn't even standing firm on the ground. There wasn't anything even below her. Everything was just white...she remembered seeing something...

Her eyes darted back toward where she had noticed something, an object of some kind. She slowly started to walk over to, or at least try to considering there was nothing under her being. She could barely see it, as if it was trying to drift away.

She tried to run toward it, trying to catch it. She knew she had to. If she didn't, she felt like something was going to happen. Something bad.

"Wait! Stop!! Please!!!" Anko pleaded as the figure froze. Anko stopped as well, realizing it could hear her. It turned toward her, making her stare at it. She knew what that was...She knew who that was.

"A-Akanaji...Akanaji!!!" She screamed as she jetted toward him. She could see his face. He gave her that sheepish grin she always remembered. She saw his spiky hair just as messy as always. She saw him open his arms welcoming her to him. She didn't stop as she felt hot tears run down her cheeks.

She collided with him, feeling his warmth. Everything was the same. Everything. His touch, his smile, everything. It wasn't a dream that she would wake up from. It was real. It was real. Anko's eyes sprung open.

It was real?

That could only mean one thing in her mind. Ai Kamaira must have accomplished her mission. Naruto was there, unprotected in her mind. She looked up at him, looking into his eyes.

" I-?"

"Yeah, Anko. You're dead..."

"NO!!!!" Naruto snarled, all eyes turning toward him. "She can't be dead! She can't be!! I won't LET her die on me!!" Naruto yelled as his eyes directed back toward Ai's. "'s all YOUR fault!!" He ran at her, his claws bared as Kakashi's eyes hardened.

"NARUTO!" He instantly froze at his name being called so sternly. His eyes floated toward his sensei. "Calm down." He growled angrily at his sensei and shook his head. He was so angry he could barely see.

"No way...she's not going to live...I'll make sure of it...I'll kill her MYSELF!!!!!!" Naruto yelled as he ran at Ai, a clone appearing beside him. Something told him that the Rasengan would work this time, something in his body just said it.

Ai grinned. His mother had explained that the ball of chakra was useless against her sword. She started to run toward Naruto, letting out a battle cry, stopping instantly. Something wasn't right. Naruto let out a yell as he gathered chakra in his hand...that was...


"But how-?"

"What kind of question is that, Anko?" Akanaji asked trying not to sound rude. He gave her a sideways look. "Ai got to you. I saw the whole thing." Anko felt her body start to shake in his arms. She died because her enemy said something wrong. It wasn't the best way to go down at all.

"But, what about Naruto? I died on him...she was right...I'm not a good mother at all," she breathed into his chest as she felt her tears pour onto chest. His attire must have been the same that it was when he died. His white jacket with red flames around the hems.

His strong arms wrapped around her back tightly, as if he was never going to let her go. He really did miss her, but he didn't want to see her this way around him.

"You're a great mother," Akanaji whispered into her ear, making her tears stop in their tracks. "You were there for Naruto, even though he didn't know it. That was all that matters." Anko gripped his jacket once more.

"But I'm not there now!!" she screamed at him, looking him in the eyes. he could see her pain. She didn't want him to be alone again. "I'm here with you! I...I want to be here with you...but Naruto...he needs me..." Akanaji smiled at her as he lifted her chin.

"I understand this. He needs you more than life itself right now. He's heartbroken because you're skin is turning pale. A child needs some kind of parent to look after them...I'm sure as hell not going to be able to, now am I?" Akanaji said, slipping in a joke. Anko gave a slightly chuckle.

"No...but you jsut said that I'm"

"Leave that to me," Akanaji stated, a grin creeping on his face. His hand reached down and grabbed hers, the ring that Sarutobi entrusted her with glowing from an unknown force. He kissed it gently as she smiled weakly at him.

"Akanaji...what are you about to do?" she asked nervously. He placed her hand onto his chest as his eyes closed, him looking like he was praying. Anko was slightly nervous now.

"Akanaji-" His other hand rose and covered her mouth, silencing her instantly.

"Shush..." she felt a sudden warm sensation fall over her body as Akanaji felt his own grin creep back onto his face now. She looked at him, confused and concerned.

"What did you do?" Anko asked eagerly. He shook his head, saying that he wouldn't tell, that it didn't mattered. SHe smiled weakly to herself as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Nothing...I want you to be down there with him...I don't want to see him suffer anymore than I want you to...just tell him...I said I love him...that I want you guys to take care of each other...that I said hey," Akanaji whispered as Anko nodded, feeling her tears returned.

She had finally seen her lover...the one she had mourned over for what seemed like years, yet she still watched her son grow up just like him, look like him, act like him. She was going to leave him just as quickly as she had came to him.

"I love you Anko..." she smiled weakly as he wiped away the tear sliding down her cheek.

"You don't even have to say it." He gave her the final grin that she treasured and remembered. The one that she had held so dear.

"I know...I just want to..."

Ai's sword was pulled out of its sheath and felt the pressure from the red orb. The blue one was the easiest thing to hold off...why was this one so difficult? Why was the chakra red? Why was her sword being pushed backwards?

There was a large snap as Ai's eyes widened in shock from what had just happened. No couldn't be true. It wouldn't dare be true...Her sword was splitting in two. Naruto let out a fierce yell as the blade of her katana was chipped off like scrap metal, causing Naruto to thrust the lustrious orb into her stomach.

The Red Rasengan was thrown at Ai Kamaira so hard, she was forced back harder than the normal Rasengan would have done. Ai's body fell into the river below, telling him that kakashi would send for it later. Right now...he suddenly felt so drained.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit retreated now that his revengeful act was now accomplished. He was regular Naruto now, except he was really exhausted...

"T-take...tha-that..." he breathed as he fell to his knees. He heard a scream causing him to look over to Kurenai. Her face was filled with tears, they were falling onto Anko's body.

"What is it?" Asuma asked curiously. Kurenai gave him a weak smile. She was happy about something. Could it be that...?

"Anko...I've got a pulse...and the color in her back," she breathed as she stared down at her best friend. Naruto tried to crawl over to her with the last of his strength and looked down at her. Her eyes opened weakly as she saw her son, completely tired out.

"M-mom...? You're okay?" he breathed as his tears returned into his eyes. Anko's hand went up and gently stroked his cheek.

"I'm okay...your father said hi," she whispered as she fell into unconsiousness. Naruto's eyes got wide once more as Kurenai shook her head.

"She merely fainted-" there was a loud THUMP as she turned around saw Naruto snoozing, his exhaustion trying to treat itself. Kurenai smiled to herself. Kakashi appeared behind Naruto and picked him up.

"We'd better get them both to the hospital. I'll get Ai's body," he explained as Naruto was passed on to Asuma. Kurenai nodded as she picked up her friend heavily, her and Asuma starting toward Konoha Hospital.

A New Tradition

Chapter 9

Did I make it? I saw Akanaji and then...I opened my eyes again and I think I saw Kurenai and Naruto. I'm unsure considering I was barely consious. But my only question is...where am I? I'm on something soft, and I can't open my eyes right now...maybe I really didn't make it...but if I did...where could I possibly be?

Anko tried to open her eyes once more, feeling a great deal of pain shoot through her when she tried to move her arms. Knowing that she wouldn't get the best feeling doing that, she tried to move her legs. Nothing...

She finally managed to open her eyes, looking up at a bright florescent white light shining in her eyes. She winced as she squinted and quickly searched the rorom. SHe the ceiling of where she was and that was white. Everything was white! What if she was in a nut house!?

No, she just almost died, she wasn't talking to the wall in her bedroom. She must be in the hospital. Akanaji brought her back, yes, but he didn't say in the process her wounds would be healed so easily. She must have been there for a while because she looked around and realized that a calender read October 9th. It had been a good month and a half since she was last awake.

She looked at her side table and saw a flurry of cards, some of them she could recognize right off the bat. She had never had this much attention before in her life. What was making her so special now?

She saw several from Naruto, a few from his friend named Rock Lee, more than enough from the Hyuga Prodigy boy, Neji, and then there were some from Kurenai, Gai, Kakashi, and Asuma. She realized that Naruto wasn't the only person who cared about her dearly.

She remembered how she did start hanging out with Naruto and his friends if they just happened to see one of them. Neji was in the store, buying some groceries with Hinata and they happened to lend a helping hand toward the two Hyugas. After that, they went out for frozen treats and Anko treated them.

She realized that Neji had grown attached to her as well as Naruto considering he didn't have a mother to begin with either according to what Naruto told her. That was so sad in her opinion that he couldn't get his mother back. She didn't mind Neji being around her.

He was just like another Naruto to her, except more serious, but still just as lovable to her.

Lee was another one she had grown to love. His mother was taken by AIDS, which was saddening, but the boy always smiled and was always so kind. Anko always gave him hugs and laughed at how much he sounded like Gai, who was equally polite.

He loved Anko as well and said that she was his mother as well as Naruto's from now on. She laughed and understood that he was dead serious about what he had said, saying that she as now his mother. She believed that boys should never grow up without their mothers there.

She turned her head slightly and saw Naruto, a bandage on his cheek, sleeping his head being held up by one arm, drool threatening to slide out of his mouth. Anko smiled to herself. Could she even talk.

"N-N...Naruto," she breathed as he continued to doze. Some one entered the hospital room when she heard the door creak open. She saw Sakura Haruno standing and smiling at her.

"I see you're awake, Miss Mitarashi," she stated as she saw Naruto continue to snore. She growled as she took her clipboard from the table and smacked him upside the head. He woke up instantly letting out a yell as Sakura gave him a glare. She instantly turned back to Anko to explain her injuries.

"You recieved a massive blow to your heart and your left lung. You were killed in seconds because of that. However..." Anko looked at her sideways. "I don't know how you survived amazingly. Tsunade-sama, Shizune-san and I don't know how we managed to help you live through it. The blood loss was most fatal of course." Anko turned to Naruto.

"Are you okay?" she whispered he gave her the same grin that she used to recieve from Akanaji. He gave her a thumbs up easily.

"Yeah!!" I know...I was exhausted, but I heal faster than most people!" he cheered as Sakura gave him a warm hearted smile in unison with his mother.

"When will I be allowed out of here?" she asked eagerly. Anko wasn't a fan of hospitals since Naruto's birth, and she wasn't going to stay in there longer than she needed to.

"You're allowed out the moment you awaken. I must change your bandages around your chest and then you'll come for a check-up every month to see how your progressing. You're well enough to be out of here, but not well enough to fight. Let Naruto fight your batttles for now." He grinned as he slammed his fist into the air.

"I'll protect her better than myself!!" He exclaimed as Anko let out a small giggle. Sakura shook her head and then turned to Anko.

"As for Ai Kamaira, Naruto killed her with a rare Red Rasengan," she explained as Naruto paused. He remember and he knew that he defeated Ai, he just didn't know how he had done it. Anko's eyes suddenly turned confused and impressed.

"I don't remember that part," Naruto admitted as Anko smiled at him.

"It used to Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra to form the Rasengan. It's amazing how you were even ABLE to do that. How-?"

"I don't know...I don't even remember!!" he exclaimed out of aggravation. He knew he could perform something like THAT, he really wanted to know how to use it on a daily basis in case of an attack.

"It's okay, I'm sure you'll remember it eventually," Anko said with a warm smile planted on her face. Her hand ran through his spiky blonde hair showing affection. She instantly remembered something.

"Your father-"

"I told me already. He said hi, right?" he answered, feeling sad again. He was so close to losing her, she was able to see his dead father's face again, let alone recieve a message.

Her face softened at his, realizing that he really thought he would lose her so easily. It was true that she almost died, yes, but it was scary to think that something like that would actually happen.

Sakura shooed Naruto out so she could change Anko's bandages and then she was ready to go. Naruto signed them out of the hospital and then they were off.

She remembered the date on the calender. It said October 9th. That meant that Naruto's birthday was tomorrow! She was unprepared!! she had just gotten out of the hospital, she was broke, what could she get him for his birthday.

"Hey mom!" she was shattered out of her thoughts as she looked at her son. What was it now?


"What else did Dad say? You were there long enough to hold a conversation, right?" Naruto asked as Anko completely stopped walking. She looked down at him. How long was she gone? She had a conversation, yes a short one, but how long was she really dead?

"Y-yes...He said...he wanted us to take good care of each other, and he said he loves you," Anko whispered as she gripped his hand in hers. He wasn't embarrassed about almost being 15, holding his mother's hand. He WANTED everyone to know that this was his mother.

Naruto gave her a grin. He wanted to hear so much about his father. He had heard he looked just like him, acted like him. Who wouldn't be interested in a person almost exactly like you.

Anko felt a lightbulb go off in her head. It was slightly depressing about what she was going to show him, but she felt she needed to just as much as she did. She never visited it before because she was still in denial back time, she'll go, and she's taking Naruto with her.

She turned and started to pull Naruto in the opposite direction from there house, catching him completely off guard. He stared at her as she paused for a moment.

"Where are we going-?"

"Just follow me," she explained as she pulled him gently, causing him to follow her. He was sure whatever seh was doing was for a good reason. Surely if it was something bad, she wouldn't be pulling him there.

Naruto's eyes widened at where she had pulled him. She gripped his hand even tighter, trying not to lose her own control of where she was. His gaze turned up at her, asking her wiht his eyes. She didn't look at him, so he was forced to ask aloud.

"Mom, why did you bring me here?" Naruto whispered. Anko's grip tightened slightly, trying not to crush his hand. She smiled weakly at him and pulled him gently.

"Come need to see..." He followed her reluctantly. It was like all the color of the area was faded away and dead. Trees had no leaves and everything, even the sun seemed to be blocked off.

They were in the Konoha Gravesite.

Naruto knew his mother had a perfectly good reason for bringing him here, and she was going to tell him why. He hoped she'd tell him why.

Why would she bring him to a graveyard that looked like the apcolypse had just passed, killing everything, barely life existing afterwards?

She continud to pull him as she led him deeper and deeper into graveyard until they finally came upon a single gravestone. Naruto's eyes widened again. Anko felt Naruto grip her own hand.

Akanaji's gravestone was granite, but it had a picture of him on the front with withering flowers from the funeral that everyone attended. Naruto could tell why Anko said he looked just like him...he did.

It was amazing how as if he was looking in a mirror if he could take is whiskers off from the fox. it would be amazing...Naruto looked up at her, seeing her solem face.

"Mom...maybe we should leave now...its making you sad," Naruto stated as Anko shook her head. She had to stay.

"This graveyard..." Naruto looked up at her. "This gravestone...I've never been able to look at it. That's how much I loved him. I never accepted the fact that he was gone...I hated him, I called him selfish because he left me and you behind." Naruto looked at her sideways.

She tried to hate his father because he left them behind, and she couldn't even do that because she loved him so much. She admitted she hated the fact that he had left them...but she couldn't blame him...he should blame the fox...

Inside him.

Naruto's mood seemed to fall. He had techniqucally murdered his own father because of the beast that did so that was sealed inside his body. But then...if that was so, why would his mother have even taken him in in the first place? She hated the fox, but she would never hate him. So...he didn't kill him...

Naruto smiled at his mother, making her look at him sideways.

"What is it now?"

"I want to start a new tradition! To help both of us!!" he exclaimed causing Anko's facial expression to change completely. She smiled at him, an amused look on her face...

"Okay, let's hear it," Anko said slowly. Naruto gave her the widest grin possible.

"From now on...everyday! No matter what!! We will always come here an place a flower on Dad's grave and send him prayers! What do you say?" he asked as Anko gave him a warmhearted smile.

"You know, that's not a bad idea," she whispered as she kissed the top of his head, putting him in a headlock.

"Come on Mom!! I've got a good 15 minutes before I have to go to Kakashi!!" Naruto yelled as his mother started shouting back at him, coming out the door, locking it behind her. He grabbed her hand and started to run, pulling her with him.

They arrived at the gravesite once more, Anko stopping, her hands on her knees, trying to regain her breath. She had an anime vein popping out of her head.

"You know, I have places to be just like you do!! Maybe if you calm down and-" she stopped seeing Naruto had dropped his bag, pulling out a white rose and placing it down on the alter. Anko's face softened as she saw him grin to himself, placing his hand together, closing his eyes, beginning to pray.

Anko pulled her own bag off and pulled out her red rose, placing it down...beside Naruto's. She closed her eyes and began to pray as well as Naruto. She smiled at him, seeing that he was dedicated to his tradition that he had set. He loved going to the gravesite because he felt like he could talk to his father one on one.

Anko looked up at the sky. it didn't seem to dull down here to seemed it was beaming down on that one grave that they always visited. Anko smiled as she heard Naruto chuckle.

"What'd he say today?" she asked softly. He continued to chuckled until he finally opened an eye and looked at her slightly.

"He said you're gaining weight. Get on some diet ramen," Naruto chuckled as Anko felt a vein appear on her head once more along with her fist. She whacked Naruto hard on the head, causing him to yelp. "I didn't say it!!!!!"

"I can't hit your father, now can I?" Anko seethed as Naruto muttered something under his breath about his father being right.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY!?!?!?"

I have risen from the dead. Yes, and no...just kidding!

Long time no see, huh? This story wasn't a hit, but alot of people liked it. reviews from alot of my friends well, one of my friends as showed em that I'm an okay writer. Why am I writing to you guys now out of the blue?

I have something to say!

Okay, It's come to my mind that I'm almost ready to start the sequel to this. But first off, I want to point out...that I know about everything everyone's told me. I know that the 4th hokage's real name isn't Akanaji, I know that Anko was only a kid, I know that Naruto's real mother isn't Anko! There, I've said it and I've known it since I got to the second chapter of this story. If I just quit it because of the facts, that'd take all the fun out of my creativity, and I'd have the get rid of the story all together.

I didn't want to do that because of tiny little facts that some people don't know because they don't look into stuff, they just watch the show, like me! So, I'm sorry for being incorrect...does that make it better?

This next chapter (everything is just about the same thing as it was in the FIRST story) or story, will be more between naruto and anko, so you might have to search for it under...well, anko and naruto. But nonetheless, I'm still debating on that.

Naruto gets back from training with Jjiraiya and he finds out something un expected and unwanted. Well, here you go, this'll explain it maybe a little better.

"Anko-chan!!!" Sakura yelled as Anko looked up, letting go of Genma's hand, watching Tsunade's student run up to her, excitement and happiness on her face. She smiled and put her hands on her hips as Sakura bowed to Genma. "Konnichiwa, Genma-san!"

"What is it, Sakura? Shouldn't you be picking up the traffic report-"

"That's it!!" Sakura interrupted a grin on her face. "Itsumo told me...he's back! He's really back!! Anko's eyes widened as she looked behind Sakura and saw Jiraiya, and a figure appear. Anko felt actual tears in her eyse. She Naruto seemed to have seen her first and walked up and merely grinned at her.

Anko only stared. He had practically changed into him while he was gone. Jiraiya stared at the look on her face while he saw tears run down her cheeks. She ran up to him and hugged him furiously hard, starting to sob. Naruto's hand rose and stroke her back gently. His voice had gotten so deep while he was gone.

"Come on, mom...this is a happy day, why are you crying like this?" he whispered as she struggled to swallow the knot in her throat.

"I'm...I'm sorry...its look just like him now...I couldn't help myself," she whispered as Naruto pulled her away and looked into her eyes.

"I've heard that enough from pervy sage," he said with a chuckle. "It's okay, trust'll get used to it. Just like he had to..." Anko smiled and wiped her tears away as she grinned at him. "You want to go eat some ramen?" Anko ad shook her head.

"I'm sorry, I already...have something plann-" There was a cleared throat as she turned and saw Genma grinning at her. He shook his head.

"Go on Anko. I don't mind, we'll just reschedule," Genma offered as she nodded. Naruto's brow scrunched up in confusion and suspicion.

"What...what's going on...?" he asked in a confused tone. Anko's eyes widened as she suddenly felt amazing guilt and nervousness. There was silence all around. No one dared to speak. "Someone say something...please..." Anko closed her eyes as she felt Genma's hand slip into hers. He was obviosuly brave enough to speak for them.

"I'm dating your mother."

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