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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Author: Itachi Cookie

A/N: Hey, how's it going? I'm just here to give you some details about this. It's more like a Naruto's point of view more than anything this time around. It's an ItaNaru pairing (of course) and it's slightly off character and not in "Naruto world context", meaning that the setting is not around ninjas and weapons and such, but some of the character's story lines are kind of in my words. So, it's revolving in the "reality world" more than ninja world, so, high schools and walking and t shirts with jeans. Cool? Cool.

It's different; just tell me how you think when you're done.

*note: *_*_*_* is your indicator in telling you that the story has switched events.

Don't own Naruto.



I've never tried tasting the rainbow, but I've always heard that it was a pleasurable thing whenever it happened…

I've thought about, and somehow, I had a feeling, maybe, when I get sucked in its colorful grip, I would be filled with a mind blowing rush that my brain would never cease to ease up on. The only way to know what it tasted like was by resizing all of my doubts and keeping a very low eye glance towards…him.

But I would have to agree with myself that I'm not fruity or whatever you'd like to call it, well, not until I had to constantly doubt my sexuality, and that was against the one guy that I had a reserved crush on: Itachi Uchiha. The only senior out of the school's Collector's Committee Club that I kept my eyes open for. The others weren't as great, in the C.C.C. as he was, with a cool tone twice as what Butt Head Sasuke ever has.

Yeah, he was handsome and charming from a far and knew what he wanted, but always had that secretive side to him. One morning, I was walking onto school grounds when out of the corner of my eye I catch Itachi pouring a new kind of flavored Skittles into his hand and eating them cautiously, as if he didn't want anyone else to see him, hah, but I did. Good thing he didn't see me stop abruptly or see me stare at lunch when I pointed him out silently again to myself as he poured more of the pieces of candy and popped them into his mouth.

I enjoyed watching him to the point where I wished to find out what the new candy tasted like, seeing that no one else could get it because it wasn't even in stores yet. Thinking about it (and him) just made my skin curl as my mind drifted into "what if" questions which made a quick heat wave flush to my face. Surprisingly he wasn't looking my way and what I didn't find shocking was that he didn't catch me staring at him randomly from time to time yet, especially when fourth block foreign language came around.

No, I was safe. I always was…

Well, it appeared that I spoke too soon about that. After the last bell rung its dismissal and Itachi and I were the last two to finish a test, I quickly turned paper in and headed for the door until I was totally blocked from the exit by his swift and tall body. He had finished at the same time that I had, turning his paper in as well.

My first move was a vivid jump and I knew for the split second when his lip curled up, I cursed silently in my mind, damn! I knew it! I knew I would get caught! I knew it!

He leaned against the doorway calmly, "hey," he said to me. It was odd, for, he seemed very interested in me, like I could be part of his collections and placed in the Collector Committee Club's glass trophy case; positioned perfectly for every eye.

But I didn't hesitate to play this out all cool like, and escape without ever having any suspicion of which my secret staring and slightly stalking would be put to examination. "Hey. Sup?" Good, good, this is gonna be a breeze Naruto. Just keep pushing on. Play it cool. You got this…

"Nothing much, I've just been watching you for a while and I've gotten to the point where I think you're staring at me from time to time. I believe this is accurate."

Aw crap, I'm dead! NO! Play it cool still. You still got this… "Psh, why would I stare? Even if I was staring, you couldn't prove that I my eyes were on you. I could've been zoning out for all you know," I bounced back, "so this isn't accurate."

It seemed like forever had gone by as Itachi took his time staring me thoroughly, no readable expression. With out notice, he simply agreed, "right, its just estimation." And just as he came quickly, he was gone before I could reply to him…

That was a weird day, for sure, but it only got weirder as the week continued. I could never stop wondering how he had caught me when I can camouflage in my environment, I mean, yeah, back in middle school I had taken the obnoxious and "out there" type of attitude, making it easier to spot me, but now that I have gained awareness (-sort of-) I can control what I'm doing and how to do it slyly. I can't even look at my secret crush without having to the feeling of paranoia eating at me.

He probably plays the same game I do…maybe he's just as sly as I am…maybe he's better, I thought as I ate my turkey sandwich quietly while my friends around me asked why I was so silent. I paid no attention and continued with my mental conversation, Jeez, I just want to look at him once, but…I'm afraid…what if he looks?

Sorta sucked how I wanted to take just one peek at him but scared that he might turn around and we would stare at each other in an awkward way and the mood would be awful. Even if that did happen, what would I say? It seemed like nothing went right…

Friday, the last and the best, today was going to be different; I could tell as I pulled my orange V neck over and slid on my black skinnies. It wasn't until after school, walking home, did I find it different, for, my secret crush had suddenly walked out ahead of me. He never walked home this way, I knew, every time I arrived at school I'd see him walk in from the opposite direction. Was this a trick? I thought as I stopped abruptly as he continued. Maybe I should…follow anyways? Whoa! No way! What if he suspected something? But my feet were already quietly following him down a shady street and into an apartment complex in the middle of town.

Of course, I was hiding in the shadows but I don't think my bright orange V neck was a good camouflage around in the daylight, even as I lurked in the shady areas, oh well. He didn't suspect anything as he turned the corner and another until he opened the door to his room. I followed like the curious boy that I am, I guess I just had to know why he was taking this route home.

The door was wide open and I quickly zipped in and hid in the bathroom to the right of me, hoping that no quick eye movements had spotted an orange blast shoot through. I cracked the door just a bit to catch Itachi go into the cabinets and pull out the biggest jar of colorfully blended Skittles I've ever seen! He must've had some type of candy addiction or something, not even I have a jar full of ramen at home, but I should! It's a great idea!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Crap! My phone was sounding off a new text message. Crap! Oh shit! I have to go! This is bad!

I tried my hardest to cover the sounds with my palm then cut it off but it was too late as Itachi heard the sound and walked over to my hiding place. I wasn't there though when he scanned the area. I had switched rooms before he could completely find me and now, my new place was across into my Crush's bedroom. The phone was still beeping but in the bathroom, seeing that I didn't have time to cut it off, I'd say I am kinda safe. While in here, I checked the room before ducking into the closet.

It was different, tidier than what I had in mind. The only thing that I found out of character was the glasses on his bed set counter. Thick and dorky looking they laid near the red and purple lava lamp, which, was too, out of place. The walls were a solid light purple and the bed sheets were a midnight black, definitely nothing of what I expected, though, none of that mattered seeing that hiding was my best choice. I hid in the closet and stayed glued against the numerous black, red, and dark blue everyday shirts; some of the suits were near the far end, but I thought hiding there would be too obvious…

…Speaking of obvious… Aw damn… my shirt was a highlighter color and would easily be spotted against all the darks. I pulled it off, placing it on a hanger that contained a black shirt and threw that on as I hid in the corner, hoping to not get caught while I watched Itachi walk into his room. Again, he scanned the place then neared towards the closet of which he speculated from the outside. What is that in his hand?

What's that? A bowl was then set near the door and he sat on the bed as if he were waiting for something.

What was in that bowl? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was steamy pork flavored ramen, just waiting for me to slurp down. But I can't leave this spot! But the ramen felt like it was calling my name as it teased me consistently with its tormenting "come to me" smell. Don't leave this spot! You don't need ramen right now!

Oh, but, the aroma was so good!My mouth leaked of drool as I gazed at it, my mind slightly pictured tasting the chewy soft noodles… I just can't take it anymore! Its freaking pork flavored! I need it!

Oh God did I need it.I jumped out of the closet and attacked the bowl in one motion, careful all enough to not spill it on the carpeted floor. I began devouring the noodles as Itachi looked at me with a smirk. "Oops…" I said with my mouth full of noodles while I realized what I'm doing and where I am. Hah, can't keep my cover down when you have something tempting out in front of me.

"You're not as sly as you seem, Naruto" he said.

Not caring anymore I replied, "What are you talking about? I'm slick! You totally didn't know that I was here for five seconds!" I replied back, engulfing the noodles wildly. Wait, that reminds me… "How'd you know that I liked ramen?" I said, stopping and giving him a quizzical stare.

He shrugged, "you're not the only one who's been keeping their eyes open…"

Itachi has been watching me too? I tried not to let him notice too much to keep in what I had left of my secret. "Oh, well, who says I've been watching you?"

"Give it up Naruto," he commented, "say anything you want, but I know that you've had your eye on my ever since Sasuke told you that he had an older brother. That's when you knew about my sign up to the Collector's Committee and chose me out of all the other seniors and juniors there." He paused, "is that my shirt?"

"Uh, oh," almost forgot, "yeah, it is. Sorry. It was part of my plan…" A puzzled silence… "I suppose you want to know why, then? Why I had my eye open only for you?" I asked, already finished with the bowl and sliding it aside. Itachi agreed and I continued with, "I picked you because, well, you're so mysterious…and different. Not like Butt Head Sasuke different, but, pretty comfortable different." I glanced at the thick framed glasses on the night stand, "but I guess, you're not like what I pictured on the inside, heh."

He too looked at the glasses, "those are merely reading glasses. Sometimes I have trouble seeing even though I'm young in age. The lamp was a gift, if you were wondering."

"Figured a bit, heh, soo…why did you keep your eye out towards me?" It was curiosity that led me to this and now curiosity will strike again to retrieve the answer I want.

"I knew that you liked me and I had it in me to forget about you, but something pulled me forward to where I couldn't anymore and it was today where I wanted you to follow me, partly to have this conversation."

Partly? Is there more to this? It kind of scared me and I didn't know what I was going to say to that. Switch subjects… "…Um, so, you're a collector, does that mean that you collect those Skittles in your pantry?"…

We walked into the kitchen where he showed me his precious snack. "Tropical Skittles…" he said after pause.

"O-oh, really?" I wasn't really paying attention, too nervous to think. He shook some out to eat and it was then that I tilted my head, again, in curiosity. I always wanted to know what the Tropical Skittles tasted like…

Itachi looked at me consistently after chewing the candy, "Naruto…"

"Hm?" I replied.

"Do you want to try the flavor?"

Wow, I couldn't believe that he is going to let me try some of his collective candy. He just didn't seem like that type of person. "Sure," I said and without any warnings, the taller boy stepped forward and kissed me with such ease.

My eyes grew in shock as we stilled for a couple of seconds, only to have Itachi push me in reverse until my back was laid flat against the kitchen wall with a slight thud! The push surprised me so much to where I liked the feeling of roughness in his hands. A gasp escaped my lips, leaving Itachi an opening to swerve in with his smooth tongue and explore my uncharted territory.

I've never kissed anyone before…so it sort of sucked, but I didn't hesitate to kiss back as best I could with what I thought would be ok. Little by little and soon enough, my kissing improved some, and with every tongue swerve and each sweet tropical taste I could feel myself begin to drift into finding out what tasting the rainbow really meant. It ended before it could even start; the best taste had disappeared and I scraped my teeth across his bottom lip as he pulled back.

I wanted more, Hell, I needed more, and he was receding from me like he did something wrong! I furrowed my brows, frustration taking over me, why would he do that to me? Jeez, if this is because of our age differences then fuck that! I came this far and I…finally…

I grabbed the older male's shirt and pulled him towards me, then before crashing our lips, I ever so slightly, teased him with my imperfect kisses. I wanted him to want me back, with the same feelings I had! And like that, he reacted swiftly pushing me against the wall again and cooed in my ear words of caution… "I warn you Naruto," his hand was tracing my body through my shirt until his stopped at the hem, his fingers twisting and turning playfully.

I growled at his remark, "Don't caution me."

"Fine." He softly, barely, kissed my ear and my head jerked up, quickly reacting in a, oh god, fashion. "Hmm, you're sensitive," said he as the words dribbled a whisper from his lips, onto the surface of my shock waved skin. The fingers found their way up my shirt, causing the light brushing of the tips to tickle me gently while he found my pink lips again and secured them into another kiss. The touches became heavier with pressure until they were sent to an unknown spot and their mischievous techniques were put to work on my erected nub.

Already huffing out a couple of breaths, Itachi tailed kisses again down to my neck and against my ear, finding another spot where my head jerked up, then rolled back again, giving in to this seductive sensation. I never knew how everything felt until now and as much as the wall was giving me major support for my quivering legs, I wanted to switch… "Itachi…" I breathed.

He looked up, brown eyes now a lighter color, "yes, Naruto-kun?"

That's when I took my only chance to capture him in my mesmerizing blue orbs and lead him backwards, in anticipation for the side of the couch; pushing him down while falling slowly altogether. Throwing the pillows out, I climbed on his lower half and pulled off his shirt ruggedly along with mine, but he wasn't fond of the action as he slipped his fingers through my hair and pulled my head back roughly. The erection in my jeans was consistently increasing and Itachi knew as he smirked at my heated face.

"N-no, Itachi," I pleaded as he placed his hand at the fabric button and loosened it as well as pulling the zipper down. Shit, I cursed mentally even though the release of fabric had eased some of the tension, but the action of my hair being pulled back was partly the cause of having my jeans seem tighter than what the norm was. He sneakily set off into the abyss of what was beyond my zipper while sucking passionately on my collarbone. I was in a dizziness spell over his powering hands and mouth all at once; trying to comply with all of the actions thrown at me by grinding jerkily into his strokes through the Levi's irritating denim material and cotton boxers. He stopped abruptly and I whined slightly as he released his grip with both hands and flipped me over to where he was the one hovering over me instead of vise versa.

Kisses were traded off once more and I was focused on undoing his jeans, but he slid mine off before I could get his. "Ah, hah, Ita-Itachi!" I cried out as Itachi came forth to supply my erection with the attention it previously had. Pumping fluently this time without so much difficulty, the lower half jerked up with every stroke and soon enough, he stopped again. "Jeez," I complained as the hand left, "what now?"

"I think you're ready Naruto-kun," he said as he sunk lower towards my manhood. I didn't know what he was going to do, so, I kept my furrowing my brow on him. Before proceeding onward behind my boxers, he replied, "you'll see." I wish I saw this coming so then I could've been more aware of what happened next, for, he peeled back my boxers and engulfed the entire organ. I cautiously held back and waited until another look was sent to me after I opened my eyes.

It was the signal to go ahead and when it was taken, he began, his mouth surrounding my organ with powerful warmth, careful not to strike me into a quivering shake of which he noticed would trigger the end. The swift gracefulness of his tongue lapped over the peak then trailed down the shaft and there, the action of surrounding the organ with extra heat applied again. My turn, my fingers curled into long black strands of hair, forcing him to bob while I took control in thrusting, lightly at first, only to pick up the pace once I got the use of things.

One…Two…Three… my escape was nearing and I quickly let go of Itachi, but he continued to stay on, sucking and slurping until I couldn't hold it anymore and I released my juices. I sighed all of that energy out and wondered why Ita-kun stayed down. "Why'd you do that?" I asked him while he hovered up and pulled down his pants, revealing black boxer briefs, where underneath it all, his manhood too was suffocated from the constant pull back from the material.

"To taste."

"Hm…what do I taste like?"

"Bitter," he replied, smirking at me.

"Psh, whatever! I bet you taste bitter too!" Arguing had brought back some of my unnoticed energy and I suddenly felt like getting back at him. "Let me try?" The older male raised his brow at me. "Here, I'll show you what I mean." Still quaky, I held my balance as I neared towards his bottom half and peeled the last article of clothing before engulfing the entire erection in my mouth.

Like what he did to me, I mimicked back and got a different response then what I thought would be quick and easy. Itachi was like a solid rock with expressions and it irritated me at how troubling this was. I gotta think of something, and quick! Didn't take me long, for, the next thing I was doing was humming cleanly out of thought onto the erection.

Wow! I should mentally think more often! I thought, watching his head fall back from contact with the hum, a sigh of my name told me I was on my way to victory and with a couple more here and there, I was rewarded greatly. The swirl of flavor blinded me and I didn't think that it would end up the way it did, with the continuous sweetening taste of…Skittles?

"You taste like…" but I cut myself off. I didn't think he should know and that this was mine to keep alone. Good thing he was too preoccupied with retrieving his senses to notice what I said.

The older male had pulled me in and evenly kissed me while we fell upon the cushiony couch; we laid there with arms wrapped in a tangled mess with legs twisted together, comfortably pressed in a lightly coat of glistening sweat and a explosion of taste that still tingled my mouth. He reached up for the couch blanket and succeeded when heat covered our lower side and the calm swishing of the ceiling fan's arms cooled our top side.

And as I laid there alongside my new lover, I realized what had happened today; and I knew that this would take me farther than just staring or stalking. I smiled like a maniac at how today went and began feeling like I was something to Itachi. Maybe I'm part of his collection now? I giggled at the thought, my happiness increasing as I looked into the future. He had already drifted though, so I calmed again, feeling the same tingle in my throat from earlier. Hmm, skittles…

I've never tried tasting the rainbow…

Until now…

And I must agree…

It was the most pleasurable thing when it happened…

A/N: Yo. So what did you think? I know I'm kind of a cheesy writer and I need work on making it better in wording, haha. I guess I just have a lot of cheesy aspects to me which sometimes gets thrown on paper. Can't help who I am, but you can help me improve my story writing. Reviews would be awesome.

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