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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Author : Jigoku Shoujo

Language : English

Summary: Ino falls for Shikamaru and blahblahblah you know how it goes. Starts with Ino’s POV, ends with words with “Friday”

Warning/s: Bad choice of plot but whatever

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. That is why I write in fanfiction. That is why I grieve at night.



Now, on with the story!


Ino’s POV

When did this happen? No, how did this happen? I’ve been crushing on him for a long while ever since I’ve given up on Uchiha. And now, I’m blabbing about it to forehead, while managing to keep up the drama queen attitude. Humph, guess I can’t get rid of it.

Well, no one can blame me, can they? After being stood up by a guy you really admire and then knowing that he has a girlfriend the next day just blows. Even after all those tries of winning him back, he just wouldn’t budge. He really likes her. We are currently ignoring each other, even if it’s hard to bear. Well, alright, not we exactly but he constantly avoids me. Forehead says he just sees me as nothing but a sister and I just can’t seem to get that.

End of POV.

It goes on like this every week. On Fridays, Ino goes into the Ramen shop and finds Sakura and Naruto. Sakura, knowing she’d be there, greeted her and talked about her undying for the young Nara.(lawl. I wrote “undying love”!) Sakura was shocked at first but knowing Ino, she would get over it. She was so wrong. It took her and Ino’s father days to get her out of bed to stop eating all those junk she kept in her drawer. It was a pain but it was worth seeing Ino talk to people normally instead of curling into a fit of tears and rage.

Dealing with Ino’s heartbreak was worse than fighting Tsunade. But even though her tears were reasonable, she was still part of the reason she balls her eyes out.

Before the Uchiha left, Shikamaru was being fed up with her constant praises. He wouldn’t admit that he was jealous. Well, not to people other than himself.

After Sasuke betrayed the village, he saw his chance. He did almost everything he could to catch her. She responded by blushing and started to like him back. That is until Sai came alone and called her beautiful. That was when he fell back to square one.

You see, Ino and Shikamaru planned on meeting a couple of days, on Friday, after Sai called her beautiful. Shikamaru was assigned on a mission to Suna but wanted to see Ino instead. Friday came, the day of their “meeting”, he saw her with Sai again. They were laughing and having a great time. She didn’t mind looking at the time. They looked so happy together. He figured that she wouldn’t want him so he packed his valuables and left for Suna. The very same day, Ino and Sai had a friendly conversation and cleared up the whole Ms. Lovely thing and Ino just accepted it. She knew he was brutally honest but at least he’s honest.

After waiting patiently for the evening, she dressed up and waited for Shikamaru. Unfortunately for her, she stood there waiting until it was 11 pm. She planned on waiting longer until Sai found her.

“Now now, Sai…”

“You’re in denial”

She ended up crying and he took her to her house. Days later, he noticed her usually happy self slowly disappearing and leaving a poor heartbroken girl. He asked Chouji and he contacted Sakura to see if she was ill. Turns out, she was in denial. She couldn’t bear the fact that he left her there without any noticed. She told no one but Sai, Chouji, her father and Sakura.

It took some hard work but she finally started to grow her happiness back. It was beginning to work out well, until Shikamaru came back, hand in hand with Temari.

Ino stood at shock. “So he left me for her, huh?” She had to admit, she had good looks. She was taller, stronger and smarter. She began to feel sad again. Not as much as last time but she still cried for her loss.

She and Sakura would go over about it again and again, but this Friday was different. This Friday she won’t wait for something that’s not coming. This Friday, she’s making a change.

She looked in the mirror and finally told herself that she doesn’t need to be loved by Shikamaru, because she’s already loved by everyone else. And now, Friday won’t be remembered as the day she got stood up. It will be remembered as the day she stopped living in denial and started changing for the better. She started changing for her friends and became someone stronger for herself.


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