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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Captured pink flower

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Captured pink flower

part 1: The result

by: Lizziesdream

Sakura Haruno, the highly skilled pink headed medic ninja from the hidden leaf village, was out of breath. This NEVER happened, but this was different from her usual easy missions. Tsunade, the female Hokage had issued her the top secret mission to escort a girl to the corner of the fire county. At first she had been reluctant, after all she had just returned from a tiring mission to the rain country, the idea of running off again wasn’t high on her to-do list.

“It’s very important you go Sakura” muttered Tsunade, as she propped her head up with her hands.

“They need a medic ninja”

“Then send a different one, im exhausted” she complained, slumping in the brown chair in front of the desk.

“I just got home!”

“Im afraid that you’re the only one with the skills for this mission” she sighed, looking at the stacked paper work in front of her

“But I just got home” she mumbled again.

“Sakura, this is a very important mission that I just can’t send anyone on. You HAVE to escort this young girl back to her village”

Sakura raised a pink eyebrow sceptically, at her teacher.

“Im sure you could send a less experienced for such an easy mission” she yawned, stretching her slander arms above her pink head, arching her back.

“Did I mention that she is a Jinchuurriki” she muttered casually, signing some papers.

“She needs someone that’s alert Sakura, it’s important that she returns safely”

The konuchi rolled her emerald eyes, knowing that her soft heart wouldn’t allow her to refuse.

“Fine, but only this once” she muttered cracking her knuckles sitting up straight in the chair.

“Oh, and another thing, she is on the wanted list for the Akatsuki”

Sakura looked at her teacher with pure shock. That’s why she wanted her to go on the mission, because she was experienced, because S-classed criminals were after the girl.

“I don’t want a medic with limited information going on this mission Sakura, it’s very dangerous”

She sighed, obviously troubled by the thought of it.

“Usually I wouldn’t send you out on this type of mission, its far to risky, but it’s important she gets home. We can’t have her here much longer, it’s making Naruto’s demon restless, and besides, the village will pay you greatly for her return”

Sakura frowned at the memory. The girl had turned out to be a trap, and a very convincing one, leading her and the other ninja’s that were accompanying into the feared group’s hands. Sakura had acted quickly to the change in situation, and had taken the girl and made a run for it through the forest, hoping that she wouldn’t be encountered.


She was halfway through when she noticed the animals. They had all gone.

“Where is everything?” she whispered, stopping on a thick tree branch crouching to keep her balance, her eyes scanning the area, that’s when she realised it.

Chakra signatures, everywhere.

She looked around wildly, trying to figure out if they could be local’s, but something about the chakra was different. It seemed more sinister, if that was even possible. She frowned knowing that escaping the reach of the group would be harder than expected, especially getting out alive.

“Ok,” she murmured, setting the bewildered girl down on the branch.

“Stay here and DON’T move im going in for a closer look to check if this is a safe route” she muttered sternly, focusing her energy on cloaking her chakra.

The small girl nodded and Sakura straightened up, bounding of the branch at a fast pace, trying to keep the scouting to a minimum, hoping that returning back to the girl as quickly as possible would be the result.

That’s when she saw them.

“Fuck” she hissed, landing on a thick branch, crouching low, moving with the swaying tree limb.

The two figures were below her, their bamboo hats like dots in the sea of over grown grass. Their long black cloaks fluttered in the soft breeze, showing the feared red cloud print. Sakura bit her lip, brushing the pale pink hair from her emerald eyes, trying to figure out what to do next. Of course she could just throw some kunai at their pressure points, making the fight easy on her, physically. But somehow, that sort of death didn’t seem to do justice to the feared S-classed crims. They needed to die more honourably that of just blood loss, they should die in battle, fighting someone better than a medical ninja. Sakura sighed, hoping that someone would come and save her, not because she was scared of battle, but her mission right now was to get the girl to safety.

“Are you sure that the medic is out here?” asked the taller one.

“Yes” muttered the other, his voice blank, like a sheet of ice.

The taller one laughed, pulling his hat from his head. He wasn’t just tall


That was impossible; no human could be blue and survive. Then again, thought Sakura, leaning closer, he wasn’t exactly human looking. He actually resembled a fish in some way, like a shark or something; he had blue-ish hair, it sticking up above his head. She leaned closer again, careful not to lose her balance. He had a huge sword attached to his back, strips of cloth bounded around it. He grinned, showing a frightful mouthful of sharp teeth.

“Come out little girlie” he cooed, trying to sound warm and fuzzy but instead sounding even more frightful than his appearance.

Sakura sucked in a breath and jumped to another branch, careful to keep her signature low, trying to get a better look at her opponents.

“What do think we should do with the prisoner?”


“Kill her” muttered the shorter one, he too taking off his hat, revealing long black gloss hair pulled into a low ponytail. That’s when it clicked.

Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame

Sakura suppressed a gasp, covering her mouth with her right hand, biting down hard on the index finger.

“This can not be real” she thought, watching the two men walk through the clearing in the forest.

Even under their long high necked cloaks they looked strong. A muscular frame was present through the material as well as their height and obvious physical power. Sakura frowned, starting to think that the whole world was meant to be taller than her.

“They cant be far” muttered Kisame.

“I agree” said Itachi.

“We should just go home. We don’t need that girl anyway” moaned Kisame

“Sakura is needed to succeed” said Itachi icily.

Sakura cocked her head. Succeed? In what?

What did they need her for? The only thing she could really do was be a medic ninja.

“But, why I heard that chicks a bitch on crack” moaned Kisame pulling his huge chakra sucking sword from his back.

“Bitch?” she thought, her pink eyebrow twitching.

“Who is he calling a bitch?”

“Yeah, that girl is such a whore” he murmured.



She bit her lip, trying to clam her self down.

“WHORE!! SLUT!!!” screamed her inner, the girl ripping her hair out.

“That shark face fucker doesn’t know when to stop”

Sakura sighed softly and mentally punched her, trying to keep her from actually saying something out loud.

“I think we should just get a different medic. This one’s too much of a hassle”

She sucked in a small breath crouching to get a better look through the ever moving leaves.

“No. This one can lure out Naruto, not to mention she has surpassed even her great teacher”

“So there you sharkie bitch” she smirked.

The freakishly tall blue shinobi turned around, his eyes glued to the position where Sakura was crouched.

Oh. Fuck.

Sakura clamped her hand over her mouth, knowing she had just screamed out what she was meant to just think. Cursing to her self she leapt to another branch, careful not to make herself visible.

“Come out now pinkie and we might spare you the loss of you face” laughed the shark like man.

“At least I wouldn’t have to see your face anymore, it makes my eyes bleed” she hissed, her hand returning t her mouth realising she had just said it out loud. Again.

“She’s south” muttered Itachi.

Suddenly, a shower of kunai sliced through the leaves.

“Shit” she muttered, jumping to another tree, the throwing knives following her.

“The only advantage I will have is on the ground” she muttered, dropping from the trees, focusing all of her chakra to her feet, landing onto the ground with a hard CRASH.

“Damn” coughed Kisame.

“And enjoy it” she screamed, pulling all of her energy to her hand, smacking him across the face.

“Who’s the whore now?” she taunted, knowing that she had to get her act together and stop being impulsive. She had already put that girl into trouble by leaving her alone.

“Still you” he hissed, swinging his huge sword at her.

“Damn, his faster than I expected” she thought, her lips forming into a pout. If there was one thing she hated was being wrong.

“You frightened?” he smirked, swinging it skilfully to her again, giving her only seconds to jump out the way.

“Crap-shit” she cursed, feeling a gash on the top of her exposed arm, frowning as the chakra leaked from her body.

“Colourful langue you have” smirked the fish, swinging again.

Sakura frowned harder. She needed a new approach, or she would never win his battle.

“You’re quick, I guess it’s from being a good medic right? Whore” he asked, smiling smugly at the added name.

Sakura’s cheeks began to burn with anger.

“IM NOT A WHORE” she screamed, her energy focusing in her index fingers, smashing it quickly against both of his arms, making the huge sword fall to the ground.

“What the?” he yelled bewildered, staring at his limp arms.

“A perk of being me” she smirked smugly, brushing away the pink hair.

“Well, then you should be suitable for what we need you for” muttered Itachi, walking towards her, his red eyes blazing

“Wh-what?” she whispered, the gaze locked with her own, fear in the pit of her stomach.

“Fuck he’s hot” squealed her inner, jumping up and down.

“Fuck off” she hissed to herself, her eyes not leaving the rich blazing red ones.

“One” he murmured, his voice sounding bored as his eyes burned into her, locking her gaze.


“Two” hissed Kisame

“My fucking”


Suddenly, Sakura slipped unconscious, the blazing red eyes still fresh in her mind.

“She will make a good wall hanging” smirked Kisame, as he pulled all the energy to his arms and secured the sword to his back again.

“But is she really that necessary?”

Itachi nodded slightly, looking down at unconscious konuchi, her pink hair in her face.

“She I the most important thing in this mission, she will draw out Naruto and possibly other high ranked ninjas”

“Is that what Leader-sama wants?”

Itachi nodded.

“She is a strong healer, she can do anything”

Kisame huffed and picked up the girl, throwing her over his shoulder.

“Lets get this girl home”

yes I know its short but its just chapter one, and I honestly couldn’t come up with anything better. and YES I SPELL COLOUR WITH A ‘U’ its coz im Australian and that’s how its spelt. Sorry if this bit sucked ass, im trying to get better


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Part 2: Life

Sakura slowly opened her eyes, the soft light pulsing through her optics as she let out a soft moan of discomfort, her body still limp and weak.

“What happened?” she thought, the memories suddenly flashing through her

“She’s awake” muttered a familiar voice; a sharp jab struck her side.

“Wake up; I need the feeling in my arms back”

“Deal with it” she moaned, her mind drifting away, before another jab hit her.

“Heal me”

Sakura pushed her face down, her lips meeting dirty. Furiously she sat up, spitting the brown sand onto the ground, her eyes landing on the ones of the shark man.

“Nasty” she muttered, lifting her hand to her tongue, noticing the tightly bound rope around her wrist.

“Jeez, went to extremes didn’t we?” she muttered, shifting her hands around so they wouldn’t hurt when she moved them.

“You better just do you’re told pinkie” he hissed, showing his teeth again.

“You’re so demanding” she moaned, lifting her hand to his left arm, focusing on opening the nerves safely, although the thought of crippling them further was nipping in her mind.

“There fish stick”

A growl escaped his mouth as he flashed his sharp teeth, making the medic pull her lips into a tight line.

“next arm,” he ordered, turning to her.

Itachi stood not to far from them, his eyes blazing again. Sakura shifted uneasily. They were treating her unusually well, considering that she was an outsider.

“Do you ever stop staring at me?” she snapped, mainly because she had a headache the size of Mt. Fuji.


“You’re creepy” she murmured.


“Let’s go”

Suddenly Kisame hauled her up again, throwing her over his shoulder.

“Im human” she screamed, feebly hitting his back with her bounded hands.

“Not a sack of fucking potatoes”

“Don’t care”

“We’ll you should” she huffed, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face.

“Why do you need me?”

“Because you’re going to help us”

“Like join you? You must be on crack”

“No, you’re going to be our personal medic. Were going to treat you nice, feed you everyday, take you out on walkies, won’t that be fun? Like our own puppy dog” laughed Kisame, as he suddenly jumped up into the trees, bonding to the branches at a faster pace than most shinobi’s could have possibly master.

“Crap” she squealed in her head as she watched the ninja jump recklessly.

Suddenly, he missed a branch, landing on the floor, running for a short while before stopping, standing in front a door. Kisame kicked the door revealing a dark hall.

Sakura grunted as they walked down the small stair case that opened to a living area.

“Home sweet home” grinned Kisame, pulling Sakura from his shoulder and chucked her onto the tattered couch.

“Wow, you guys live in luxury” he muttered.

“You have no fear in your voice” said Itachi, raising his eyebrow sceptically.


Sakura stared at the man, hate and discomfort still thick in her emerald eyes.

“Are you serious?” she muttered, looking away from him, trying to keep the utter fear and anger masked.

“Fear is a thing of the mind. If you don’t allow your mind to fall into the trap of believing in fear, then you don’t feel it” she explained in a very matter-of-factly voice.

“Do I hide it well?”

Kisame grinned, showing his sharp teeth.

“Scared now?”

Sakura rolled her eyes.


“Your brave, I’ll give you that”

“Why, a compliment from the feared S-classed criminal, gosh im so thankful” she muttered, her voice thick with sarcasm.

“So where is my prison?” she asked slumping on the couch.

“Im tired’

“We have a room ready for you” said Itachi, still staring at her.

Sakura twitched.

“Do you stare at me because you enjoy my beautiful face? Or is it simply because you love watching me being un-comfortable”

He shrugged.

“I’ll take to latter” she muttered, being yanked from the couch and be dragged down the hallway, a door opening and the pinkette being thrown in.

“This is my prison?” she muttered, bewildered, looking around the comfortable room. The walls were wooden along with the floor and a small single bed was pushed against the far wall, a side table sat next to it, with a simple lamp and draw. Across from the bed was a desk with a matching chair and stationary. A small book shelf and wardrobe were nearby.

“Are you messing with me?” she asked, staring at the men.


“That’s someone else’s job” smiled the fish stick.

“Oh im sorry fish stick, I wasn’t exactly talking to you” she hissed, her inner screaming the most colourful langue she could think of.

“Oh, too bad”

“You can come out tomorrow”

“Tomorrow?” she squeaked.

“Yeah, we have to show you to the rest of the guys”

“Their not here?”

Itachi nodded his head backing away from the door.

“Goodnight Sakura”

Sakura stood in the middle of the room, her hands still bound together.

“Hey, weasel-chan” she squealed to the door.

“Im still bound together weasel-chan”


“Bitch” she muttered lifting her hands to her mouth and gnawing at the rope. The door suddenly opened a crack, a bag plopping to the floor.

“Wow, they really are ninja’s” she grinned pulling her bag to her chest and sitting down on her bed, ripping open the bag, pulling out a throwing knife and slitting the rope, flexing the wrist.

“God, if people saw my wrists they would think it’s from bondage or something” she laughed, putting the kunai under her pillow, just incase any freaks (which would be ANYONE in the house) decided to raid her room.

“Ok I need a plan” she thought, pulling her knees to her chin.

“I could make a run for it” she thought, looking around the windowless room.

“But they would amp up the security with me being here”

Sakura sat still, her mind racing. Only coming to one conclusion.

“I have to gain their trust” she whispered, leaning back onto the startlingly soft pillow.

“I guess that’s all I can do, for now”

“Hopefully, this wont be so hard” she muttered, rolling over, her eyes sliding shut.

“But,” she thought, her mind starting to slip.

“Their dangerous, what if I have to kill someone to prove im with them? What if it’s someone from Konoha, what if” she thought, her eyes suddenly flying open.

“Calm down Sakura” she whispered, rolling over, her eyes staring at the wooden wall.

“And part of calming down is to stop swearing” she hissed to herself, knowing that when ever she got scared or worried, her langue came out to bit people in the ass.

“How can you sleep if you’re surrounded by scary men” she muttered, sitting up.

She noticed her graze on her arm. Carefully she lifted her hand and her hand began to glow a soft green, healing the graze in a matter of minutes.

“I need someone to knock me out” she muttered, lifting her hand to her forehead from her arm, pressing it to her skull, making her vision blacken and let her limp body fall onto the scarily soft bed.

“This is my worse nightmare” thought her inner, her voice suddenly disappearing as the strong arm of her unconsciousness pull her away.

“She’s defiantly a feisty one”

Itachi looked up at his partner.

“Yes. You will watch her tonight”

Kisame stopped in his tracks.


“If she tries to escape tonight, you will stop her” he explained.

“We can’t afford to have her escape”

Kisame rolled his eyes and turned down the hallway again, stopping out the front of the prisoner’s room.

“Im going to be here all night” he thought glumly leaning against the wall.

“I wounder how old she is” he thought aloud, unlocking the door and peering in. The pink headed girl was lying on the bed in an awkward position, her arms were spread out and her legs bent a little.

“And she says we’re weird” he muttered closing the door and locking it again.

“Im exhausted” he muttered yawing loudly.

“And im hungry” he moaned, sliding down so he was sitting on the floor.

“She looks developed” he muttered, staring at the wall.

“She’s proberly eighteen” he nodded, leaning his head against the wall he had his back to.

“And damn, she has an attitude”

A soft mutter was heard from her room.

“Why are we treating her so well anyway? She’s not a member”

Kisame shrugged.

“Better leave that to a person with a higher IQ”

He opened the door again and watched the girl sleep for a few more minutes, blushing a pale pinkish-purple when he realised he was acting like a paedophile.


Sakura sleepily half opened her eyes, pain instantly seeping into her skull.

“Ah crap, I forgot that you get a monster headache after” she winced, feeling like she had just done a hard night of drinking.

“Your not very impressing Haruno, hn” muttered a voice making Sakura sit up sharply, bashing foreheads with the person, making her now pounding head return to her pillow.

“Fuck” she winced, rubbing her skull where it had met the other one, sliding her eyes open, meeting a pair of painfully blue ones.

“Uhhh” was the other person managed to mutter, their hand still on their forehead.

“You have a big forehead hn”

Sakura twitched at the comment, her eyes shaping into a death glare

“What. The. Fuck! I have only known you for what? A minute and your already annoying me” she hissed, feeling her energy pour into her hand, the intense feeling of wanting to get violent pumping through her veins.

The person was lean and muscular, like everyone else from the Akatsuki. Their blonde hair came down to their shoulder, pulled into a sort of half up half down ponytail, their hair covering half their face.

Sakura blinked, attempting to calm down, not wanting to end up dead.

“I didn’t know the Akatsuki employed females”

The persons face suddenly flushed red.

“Im not a girl im a guy, hn”

‘Oh” muttered the pinkette, her cheeks turning scarlet.

“Sorry, you just look really feminine”

He turned away, a pissed look on his face.

“Um, why are you here exactly?”

He looked back.

“I took over from Kisame; he was watching you last night” he muttered casually, spinning a kunai around his finger.

“Oh, I found this under your pillow hn”

Sakura stared at him as her grinned triumphantly.

“So Haruno, you going to try anything funny hn?”

Sakura glared at the man sitting on her bed.

“No” she spat, trying to sound brave but the pain of a headache still present her mine.

“How do you know my name?”

“Ah stop talking” she quickly squealed, pressing her palms against her head.


“Because you’re an ass hole that’s why” she hissed, bringing her fingers to her sore forehead and healing it.

“That’s better” she smiled gratefully that the pain was now gone.

The person stared at her with disbelieve.

“How do you know my name?” she asked gingerly again, fidgeting with her hands.

“You kill my partner hn”

Sakura blinked, her face suddenly turning blank.


“Im sorry, I was following orders” she muttered, her voice trailing off.

“Im sorry” she finished, her cheeks flushing uncomfortably.

He rolled his eye, still managing to glare at her.

Sakura took in a deep breath, attempting to calm herself down; she was already scared shitless from all the people she had just met, one of the most dangerous ninjas hating her would be deadly.

“Um, so. What’s your name?” she muttered, attempting to sound friendly.

“Deidara” he muttered.

“Um ok. So now im awake, what do I do?” she asked, hoping she wasn’t stretching her luck by trying to get let out.

“Are you hungry?”

She nodded slightly, trying to keep herself from showing too much emotion; she was after all in a house full of dangerous criminals, one false move and she would be killed.

He got up from her bed and motioned her to follow him.

“This way to the kitchen”

Sakura blinked and followed him, carefully edging out the door, looking down the hallway, half expecting sharp objects to be shot out from the wall and kill her. Or something along those lines.

“What? You too scared to come out of your room?” smirked Deidara.

“N-no” she stuttered, slipping through the door and following him down the hallway that opened to a living area and open kitchen. Itachi was sitting in a chair at the dinning table, his blank face on ,across was Kisame.

“And pinkie awakes”

Sakura rolled her eyes and slumped into a chair.

“So if im to be your private medic does that mean I get to walk around and stuff?”

“With supervision, yes”

She nodded.

“So, what do I do first?”

“Well” muttered Deidara

“He should be here soon”

“Who?” asked the konuchi, her question suddenly answered by a blood chilling scream.

“What the hell is that?” she asked, pulling her hands to her ears.

“He’s arrived” laughed Kisame, getting up from his seat.

“Who?” she asked again, wincing at the scream that was still wailing through the air.

“For gods sake what is that?”

“Hidan” muttered Itachi, his face still blank.

At that moment two ninjas entered the room, one had an orange mask covering his entire face except his right eye with a swirly pattern, the other was tall with a mask that only cover half his face both were dragging a pulpy mangled mess.

“What?” she gasped, staring at the supposed body.

“That things dead, what am I supposed to do with it?”

“Fix it”

Sakura stared at the group of ninjas with disbelief.

“Im a freaking medic, not a miracle worker” she hissed.

“Fix him, he’s still screaming, meaning he’s still alive

“How can anyone be alive after that” she hissed, pointing at the body, the blood making a scarlet pool around it.

Silence, apart from the constant screaming, that she had noticed had turned oddly, and more disturbingly, pleasurable, like he was enjoying being mangled and pureed.

Sakura rolled her eyes and edged towards the body. Blood was pouring from it fast. She examined the mangled pureed mess, mapping out all of the tiny problems, letting her medical side take over, for now. Two pikes were piercing through his abdomen and chest, proberly piercing his vital organs along with various other knives along his legs and arms. She shivered and pulled the pikes, starting to heal the pierced intestines and lung. To her surprise, it had started to heal itself. Frowning, she focused harder, finishing off the tattered body, somehow turning it into a man with a muscular body and silver hair.

“Well that was fun” she muttered sarcastically getting up. Suddenly the man’s eyes opened, revealing a pair of purple irises.

“Fuck bitch, I was almost at the best fucking part”

Sakura stared at the body on the ground.

“You enjoy, pain?” she asked, her voice thick with anger.

“Hence why if fucking didn’t want to fucking heal me you medical whore” he grumbled getting up.

Sakura twitched.


“It’s my job” she said calmly.

“Don’t worry about him. He has this freaky ritual thing where he-“

“Its not fucking freaky fish boy” he yelled, storming out the room

“Oh, is this the new puppy for Tobi” asked the orange faced ninja.

She glared at him.

“Im a puppy?”

“Oh Tobi is so excited. Now Tobi can get injured and not die. Tobi is a good boy” he exclaimed, jumping

“Tobi shut up”

Sakura blinked at the strange ninja.

“Does he always talk in third person?”

They nodded. Sakura sighed.

“So am I doomed to be your ‘puppy’?”

Kisame laughed.

“Yeah, that’s the main idea. We have a medic’s room ready for you soon. But obviously we can’t have you just wondering around by yourself, you’ll run away and we can’t have that. It took a long time to get you here. So we have to take extra precautions.

“Then why are you treating me so well?”

“Because we want you to heal us the best you can. It’s an exchange. We treat you well, you will treat us well” explained Itachi.

Sakura nodded. It made sense, and since most likely she would be here for a while, why not try and be treated better than a normal prisoner.

“Well, now I’ve been mentally disturbed for the rest of my life, im going to go and have a shower” she muttered turning away, remembering that there was a bathroom in her ‘prison’.

“Wait, I can shower with out being watched”

They glanced at each other, as if to see which one they should go for.

“We’ll wait outside”

Sakura nodded and headed to her room, instantly noticing that the guy with the orange mask was following her.

“Hello puppy, im Tobi”

“Hi Tobi, im Sakura, not puppy. That actually sounds really kinky” she muttered, opening the door and walking to her bag that sat on her bed. She instantly blushed when she opened the backpack.

“Uhhh, Tobi right? Can you close you eye’s for a second?”

“Oh Sakura-chan knows my name! Tobi is so happy. But why does Sakura-chan want Tobi to close his eyes.”

“Because Tobi, I have to get my clothing out, which includes my underwear”

He paused.

“Ok, Tobi will look away, but promise not to hurt Tobi while he isn’t looking”

Sakura gave the ninja a strange look as he covered the only eye hole on his mask with his hand. Swiftly, she snatched her clothes, sprinting to the bathroom locking the door after her. It was an average bathroom. She could tell it had once been occupied by a male; the mirror was smashed and smudged. She sighed and stripped down, turning the water on and stepping under, pulling the curtain shut, letting the water run over her sore body, letting the dirt run off.

“I wounder where they get their water supply from, I can imagine getting a water bill” she giggled, turning off the water after she had finished, wrapping the towel around her, tucking it.

“Holy, we didn’t use that much water” she muttered imitating Kisame.

“Meh” she shrugged, turning into Itachi.

“Fuck we didn’t fucking use that much fucking water” she giggled, turning into the foul mouth ninja

“Yeah hn, what he said” she mumbled, turning to the mirror, combing her fingers through her hair, looking at herself

“I should be a professional at imitations” she giggled, turning to her clean clothes, changing into them quickly.

“Oh, Sakura-chan is finished; Tobi was getting bored of waiting”
“Well wait no more, im done. Im tired, im going to go to sleep now” she mumbled, sleepily walking to her bed, sitting down onto it and letting her head crash against the pillow.

“Goodnight Tobi” she yawned, closing her eyes.

“Good-night Sakura-chan”


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