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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Ready

Disclaimer:I don't own Naruto

Getting Ready

written by Rikku9314

Neji paced silently across the simple, barely furnished living room of his team mate's apartment, his suit beginning to wrinkle from being folded in the same places as he walked around. Why did girls always take so long to get ready? Tenten had gone into the bathroom nearly an hour ago and she had yet to emerge. Occasionally he would hear her cluttering around in the small room doing who knew what.

"Hah..." Neji sighed impatiently. He stopped pacing and looked up as he heard the familiar creak of a door being opened.

"Neji, are you being impatient again?" Tenten teased, giving him that adorable look that made him want to wrap her up in his arms.

"...Hn," he replied as he walked over to the slender kunoichi, still dressed in her bathrobe. "You know the awards ceremony for you becoming jounin will be OVER before we get there if you take much longer," he ridiculed.

"Oh, be patient, Neji! All I need to do is get dressed!" She pushed Neji out the door to the bathroom and slammed it shut in his face. Neji tried to hide a smile on his face. Tenten was so cute when she was angry he thought.

He sighed once more and walked over to the small armchair in her living room to wait. He had just begun to daydream when he heard a sharp shriek and the sound of something hitting the ground. He jumped up from his seat and raced to the bathroom door where he flung it open.

Tenten lay huddled on the floor; her legs sprawled out from under her, her hands clutching a red dress. A smooth pool of water was puddled around her, evidently showing that she had slipped on dripping bath water. Next to her lay a fuzzy pink bathrobe.

"Hah! Neji!" Tenten screamed at him before flailing around for her bathrobe to cover herself up.

But Neji had already slammed the door shut and had his hand held up to his nose to stop the trail of blood that began trickling down to the floor.

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