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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Detention Friends


Hello! It’s Death Sword here with my first fic! So be nice.

Disclaimer I do not own Naruto, If I did Sakura would be with Ino, Sasuke would be a slightly – happy emo with Naruto at his side, ready to glomp him.

Detention Friends

Author: Death Sword

“I HATE YOU!” two female voices rang out. Half the school sighed with grief; the other half ran in fear. They all knew what was about to go down.

“You’re always trying to get my Sasuke, PIG!” a pink haired girl shouted. Her jade eyes held a fury of that Kohona High School knew well.

“Oh please! Sasuke obviously loves me! Quit your delusions of grandeur, BILLBOARD BROW!” a platinum blonde retorted. Her eyes were a sky-blue of hatred towards this girl.

Where’s the boy in question you ask? He snuck off 10 seconds into the fighting to avoid any damage to his person. Namely his shirt, from being stretched from the two girls trying to pull him into a hug.

The principal, Tsunade was pissed. She knew the two girls were once friends before Sasuke got in the way. She sighed as she took a swig of sake, and walked over to the door the two were standing outside of, “Sakura, Ino you two are going to detention right now!”

“Stay out of this, YOU OLD BAG!!”


Before either knew what was happening, Sakura and Ino were kicked in the ass straight to the detention room.

“Hello Ladies, what’d you do now?” Kakashi, the detention monitor chimed.

“I guess we over did it a bit Sakura,” Ino said rubbing her backside where Tsunade had kicked it.

“Ya think? Oh well, it got us here, now where were we?” Sakura asked with a different gleam in her eyes.

“Ladies, please control yourselves this time, I don’t want Naruto walking in here and fainting again,” Kakashi reminded them. He smiled as Sakura walked over Ino’s lap, then turned around in his swivel chair to the wall as he pulled out a familiar orange book.


For a while now, Sakura and Ino had been lovers and were to afraid to tell anyone, so he made a deal with them. He would ignore their “behavior” as long as he got paid 5.00 dollars every first of the month and got a Icha-Icha Paradise book and magazine. It cost them 50 dollars each month but Ino and Sakura were happy as long as they could express their love without being judged or in trouble.

Kakashi looked for a sneak peak (always the pervert) and saw Ino’s mouth firmly set on Sakura’s neck, and her hands lost under the cherry blossom’s blouse. Sakura on the other hand was grabbing onto Ino’s shoulders.

“Hey Kakas—WHOA!” Naruto’s eyes were as big as saucers when he saw the sight in front of him problem is, he wasn’t the only one. As the delinquent fell backwards Tsunade and Sasuke saw and were as red as tomatoes.

‘Oh, Shit!’ both girls thought as they detached from one another.

“Well this explains your recent behavior…” Tsunade muttered before her surprised face turned to a sly smile. Sasuke just went back and forth between Ino and Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, and Tsunade’s smile.

“Hey Kakashi…”


“I promote you to the teacher of the Sexuality Alliance Class, and Sasuke, looks like you and Naruto aren’t the only gay couple. Now everyone, I want you to keep it PG, alright?”

Everyone in the room reddened from embarrassment. Whether from being exposed, told to keep it PG, or promoted.


AN: So how was that? Yaoi, Yuri, and AU, please R&R.

Death Sword, over and out. ;)

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