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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand
By: Rainedrops

February 13th
"Lalala..." Sakura sang as she happily walks along the streets of Konoha village. She was granted some free time today and Sakura knew exactly what to do. Today was the 13th of February. Tomorrow would be the 14th... Valentine’s Day. She had to get Sasuke something, and something good. Sakura assumed that Ino would be getting her crush something too, and competition was inevitable.
But what am I to buy? Sakura thought about that for a long time. She couldn’t cook or bake much and she was not going to make chocolate for Sasuke if it wasn’t perfect! Sakura sighed and stuffed her hands into coat pocket. White puffs appeared as she breathed into the cold winter air.
“Might as well get myself some gloves. These old ones aren’t going to do me much good now.” Sakura pulled out her old ones she had stuffed into her pocket earlier. They were very worn out from previous years of use. One of them even has a small whole. She passed by a shop and something caught her eye. There, in the shop window, were pink mittens. Each had an adorable little rabbit embroidered on it. Next to the pink pair was a blue pair, similar in style but without the embroidery.
This is perfect! Sakura thought to herself as she rushed into the store. I’ll get a pair for Sasuke and a pair for myself too! I’m sure gloves would come into use one day and would last much longer than a box of chocolates!
She checked the price tags and thought again though. She only had enough to buy a pair. Either it would be for herself, or for Sasuke. I’ll get one for Sasuke first... After paying for them Sakura couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. She wanted those mittens not only because they’re cute, but because she wouldn’t have to freeze her hands to death. But she let the thought go.
This present will be way better than Ino’s! Sakura thought.

February 14th
Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura gathered in their usual spots to wait for Kakashi-sensei. To Sakura’s surprise, both Naruto and Sasuke had something in their hand.
“What’s that in your hand Naruto?” Sakura asked.
“Oh, this?” Naruto held up the box. “Hinata gave it to me on my way here. Wonder what it is. And Sasuke has a box too. Saw him on the way here with Ino. I guess he got his...” Naruto was cut off by Sasuke’s glare. But, Sakura didn’t need to be told to know that her rival had gotten to Sasuke faster than she had.
Can’t give up yet! Sakura took the package out of her pocket and handed it to Sasuke. “This is for you Sasuke. I hope you’ll like it...” Sasuke remained still and emotionless. Sakura was a little scared. Is he going to refuse my present? But finally Sasuke took the gift.
“Yah...” That was all Sasuke said as he walked off. “I’ll be back in a flash,” he added.
Sasuke had no idea what to do with these presents. He decided just to quickly drop them off at home and decide what to do later. When he was on his way back, he heard Naruto and Sakura arguing again. Instead of walking into their fight, he just waited on top of a nearby tree until they were done. Sasuke didn’t want to get himself involved in their senseless quarrels again.
“How come I didn’t get one, Sakura? What did you give him?”
“Naruto, shut up already! Do you really want to know what I gave him? I gave him a pair of gloves. They were so expensive I didn’t have enough money on me to buy a pair for myself!” She took out her old pair to emphasize her point. “Do you think I can buy anything for you?”
Upon hearing this, Sasuke almost fell out of the tree! He quickly jumped off onto the ground. He couldn’t help blushing as he walked towards Naruto and Sakura.
“Whoa, what’s wrong with you Sasuke? You’re as red as a tomato almost. You got a fever or something?” Naruto asked.
“No it’s nothing,” Sasuke replied in his usual tone.
That day when Sasuke returned home, he opened the two packages. The one that he received from Ino was a box of chocolates. He didn’t really like chocolates but once in a while couldn’t hurt. He looked at Sakura’s gift and the blush came back to him. The thought that Sakura spent her money on him rather than herself surprised him. He slowly opened the wrapping and as he expected, a pair of blue gloves was nicely placed inside. He took them out and put them on. They fit him perfectly, and it was also the right colour that matched his outfit. He couldn’t help but smile a little.

Author's Note: This is my first time writing ANY fanfic! Please give me some helpful opinions to improve! There'll be 2 parts in this story. Stayed tuned for the next part

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters in Naruto.

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