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Friday, May 16, 2008

Naibu no ano Tsukiyo (Inside the Moonlight)

K: UU; We’re sick AGAIN, so we decided we’d better update before we keel over or pass out from exhaustion….

Y: That, and we finally watched the end of Lain (which makes no sense- she’s software?), have listened to Naruto episodes 9-12 (or so), and tried, TRIED to fix our f-ing DivX player (which STILL won’t work… both sob), so we figured we’d write something after thinking up an interesting screen caption for a pic our friend e-mailed us…. both drool at the thought of SasuNaruness

Dai: rolls eyes and winks readers Here’s the screen cap they came up with:

Rock: Ne, Sakura-chan... Let's chat sometime over tea, ne? Ne?

Sasuke: peeks out through door Oro? blink blink

Naruto: offscreen behind the door, his usual orange jacket tied around his waist loosely (so he's looking punkish in his orange pants and white sleeveless undershirt) and is holding Sasuke's hand impatiently Well, is it working! All of us would LOVE fanart of that! Onegai? puppy eyes

Sasuke: whispers fierecely him Urusei- you'll give us away! looks back over his shoulder And yes, it's working- Lee'll drag her around, regardless of what SHE wants, for hours now... hentai grin

Naruto: puts on a grin to match Yosha! leans in to kiss Sasuke

Sasuke: leans in to kiss Naruto

Ino: walks in through the other class door Sasuke-kun are you in- sees them lip-locked WHAT THE F&!

Sasu/Naru: part and stare at her, then state as one Shit...

Dai: bursts out laughing XDDD

Sasu/Naru: blush beet red

K/Y: ANYHOO, on with the story!

Disclaimer: We dun own Naruto-tachi or “In the Moonlight” (from Gravitation). It sucks, we know… UU; UU; (Cuz if WE owned either, it’d be shonen ai heaven! 0 0)

Dedication: To Kandisu-chan, aka ChibiHusky. Arigato for everything! wide, cheesy Yoh grins These are your favorites, ne? (Gomen- no hentai! XP XP too shy to write it!)

Warnings: Shonen ai, randomness, profanity (most likely us, not the fic.. though there COULD be some…), and any other random crap we can’t remember right now cuz’ it’s 12:30 in the morning….

Directions: Insert the lyrics to "Inside the Moonlight" from Gravitation.

Naibu no ano Tsukiyo

(Inside the Moonlight)

Author: Ko-chan to Ya-chan

A young boy sighed deeply, staring out his bedroom window. The harvest moon was round and full, bathing the sleepy ninja village in an ethereal glow. The view was breathtaking, and yet, the boy still found himself troubled. What on earth could be distracting him at a time like this, you ask? Tis’ not ‘what’, par say, but who.
-insert 1st stanza-
The problem was, whenever he gazed upon that bright, orange orb hanging lazily in the sky, he would think of him, and the night much like this that they’d shared together- not as rivals, but as friends, maybe closer. The tangy orange luster reminded him of the other’s choice in clothing, always one to stand out in a crowd. The brilliance of the moon shone like the halo on his golden head, and, he thought, that must prove he was an angel. The stars…

The stars reminded him of the rare, precious moments when he could see those deep, blue eyes of his. The ones he could get lost in for all eternity, and never regret it. Those beautiful, sparkling orbs that he hardly had the chance to see before they closed themselves to him, cutting him off from the sweet, alluring sense of security; of assurance that no matter what, his love would never change for the worse.

The same eyes that burned with a fiery passion whenever he spoke of his dreams. The eyes that would become dull when sad, or light up with the promise of something good to come. The eyes that showed not one speck of hesitation when he’d told him he didn’t hate him anymore, that he was his most treasured friend.

-insert 2nd stanza-
He remembered, as if it had only been a few moments prior- his angel had gazed up at the sky as the stars came out, one by one. They’d been sitting on the roof, trying to avoid Sakura, whom had been after them for leaving the bath in much disarray after a small war over the last of the shampoo. As she stomped around beneath them, the blonde had suddenly stood up, walking to the edge. There, he’d let himself loosen up and closed his eyes, smiling softly as the light wind played across his face.

“I’ve never just sat and enjoyed it before…” he’d commented softly, “I’ve always liked the sun more, ya know?”

He’d turned to him, eyes warm and content, and had asked, “Which do you like best, Sasuke?”

His companion pondered this for a bit, then settled on his choice. “I like both.”

The fox-boy pouted, sticking out his tongue playfully. “Mou- I said one!”

He’d just shaken his head, a small smile tugging at his lips. “Iya- you asked me which I prefer, and I like both. Either of them remind me of my favorite thing, and to me, that’s all that matters.”

Naruto had grinned dumbly, plopping down next to the other. That was when he’d realized he’d slipped.

“And just what would that be, Mr. I-don’t-like-anything?”

There was no use in lying, but that didn’t mean he had to tell the whole truth, either. “Someone I know…”

There had been a small silence, and then- “Well, are you going to tell me who?”

“… Maybe, when the time is right…”

“Oh, so you think I’m not ready to know? Is that it?” the other had growled, taking the offensive.

“It’s not that you’re not ready, it’s if I’M ready to tell…”

“That’s just like you, you jerk… Always dodging the question like that…” the blonde angel had scoffed, then smiled as he leaned against his side. “Then again, that’s what I like about you- you’re always willing to listen to me bitch…”

With that, he’d closed his eyes again, lying back so that his head rested on Sasuke’s thigh. “Arigato, ichiban tomodachi…” thank you, my #1 friend

The raven-haired boy sighed once more, gazing around at the empty room behind him. A best friend… Was that all he was to him?

-insert 3rd stanza-
He thought back to the week after, when Naruto had lusted after a beautiful young woman, only to find out ‘she’ was in town to enter the national drag queen competition. Sakura had made a wisecrack about how Naruto should enter, using his ‘temptation no jutsu’ as a guaranteed win, and they’d all laughed as the blonde had scowled darkly at them. His laughter had been hallow, though- for in his heart, he couldn’t bear to see the other made fun of. The both of them had been scarred emotionally more than their fair share in this lifetime, and neither needed it from their ‘so-called’ friends…

Laughing at him like that- it made him feel like a snake; like a traitor and a backstabber…

-insert 4th and 5th stanzas-
And yet, he’d forgiven him, just like always. He’d plastered that wide, toothy grin on his face, clapping him on the back and assuring him that he knew he hadn’t meant it. Still, somewhere deep inside, he knew the boy was hurting, that the pain wasn’t as nonexistent as he’d claimed it to be….
-insert 6th and 7th stanzas-
How did he do it? How can he bear to hold back his emotions like that, just for the sake of others? How could he go around believing in his dream, when no one else thought it possible for him to attain?

The blue-clad shinobi closed his eyes, pressing a hand to his temples. From somewhere in the back of his mind, his voice of reason echoed with an answer.

/Perhaps it’s because he simply lives life to the fullest each day, instead of sitting there thinking and worrying it away…/

Gazing out the window once more, Sasuke nodded. Yes, that seemed like a good reason. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of the blonde’s book and follow the same path…?

As he slid into bed, the descendant of the Uchiha clan made up his mind…

He would tell Naruto his feelings the next day, and no matter what happened, he wouldn’t worry at all about the outcome…

K: squeals Kawaii! -

Y: nod nod A bit rushed at the end though, aibou…

Dai: T.-; Whadda ya expect? She’s still gotta get up at 7 to watch the anime Saturday morning lineup… Hell, she already missed Kenshin today….

K: UU; Dun remind me… I didn’t watch Thursday’s episode either! turns blue and mopes under her covers

Y: whistles as she checks the clock 2 hours- not bad, considering you nearly fell asleep how many times from the slow beat of the song?

Dai: 13… Just count the keyboard marks on her forehead…

K: sinks further under the covers UU; Urusei, Dai-chan…

Dai: XP Make me!

K: is asleep

Y: --; clears her throat and turns to readers Well, hope you guys liked this (especially you, Kandisu-chan!) and I hope you all review. Aibou’s been down lately cuz’ of the evil technical, mathematical, and relationship problems, as well as the fact she might be getting sick and no one’s reviewed her stories in a while, and if you would be so kind as to do so, it would make her much happier… glances over her hikari

Dai: prodding Ko’s KO’ed form with a chopstick Hey- I know! Let’s scribble all over her face with a sharpie! XD

Y: --; Leave her ALONE, Dai!

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